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Project X Zone: Fates Intertwined

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Running was all she did that day.

Running to help her sister, running away from the Glass City's police force, running to stay alive.

Revenge was all he wanted.

Revenge for what a former friend and comrade put him through, revenge fuelled his training everyday.

Faith didn't notice that she ran into another world until she crashed through a window of a gym. She looked around, perplexed, posters on the walls of luchadors and the word revenge wrote over them.

Then she noticed him, a man focused in his training.

'Must not have heard the crash' she thought. 'I'll try and stay out of sight'

"Hold it" the man shouted, back still facing her. "Who are you and what are you doing in my gym?"

He turned to face her, glaring eyes fixed on her. Faith introduced herself to him but she felt uneasy, she didn't want to make herself sound crazy by saying that she came from another world. The man had other ideas.

"Are you another on of Killbane's lackeys?" he demanded. "If so, then you shall be crushed like your boss will be by Angel de LaMuerte"

Faith tried to explain that she didn't know who Killbane was but Angel was not having it.

She sighed. "Fine, if you wanna duke it out, then lets duke it out"

They exchanged blows for what seemed like hours, until they felt something ominous approaching them.

"Hmm, what have we here?" a female voice hummed. "New toys to play with or fresh ground hamburgers?"

"Show yourself" Angel bellowed, his blood boiling. And with that a woman appeared from the stairs.

"My, my, what anger." She teased. "Come and unleash it on a demon, Mr Angel"

Faith couldn't let her former opponent fight her alone, "Angel, let me help, she's too strong for you all by yourself"

Angel grunted in disbelief but he knew she was right, someone with this much power couldn't be beaten by going solo. "Fine, but don't get in my way"

With Angel on point, they went to the demon as she called herself. The pair fought as hard as they could, whittling her down but before they could deliver the decisive blow, a male voice was heard.

"Millenia, did you really have to run off through the portal...." He cut short when he saw the surroundings.

"Ryudo!" Millenia shouted. "Why did you have to interrupt now?"

"It isn't the time for fighting the first person you see." Ryudo scolded. "We need to get back before...."

"Before what?" the three of them spoke at the same time.

"Before that happens" Ryudo pointed towards the entrance where three people stood, two men and one woman.

"Killbane" Angel seethed when he saw him. Faith looked towards Ryudo and noticed that he recognised the other man.

"Melfice, brother" Ryudo grimaced. Millenia licked her lips, enjoying the prospect of finally devouring the horns of Valmar.

"Well, well" the woman smiled. "Seems we are are little bit too early for the entourage"

"Entourage?" Faith asked.

"Yes my dear." The woman replied. "The son of the Tempest and his retinue"

"No, you can't mean" Ryudo stammered, fully realising who she was referring to.

"Ah, how fortunate for me" She smiled. "A former comrade of his. I'll crush you now before he even gets here"

"Not gonna happen, lady" the Geohound resolved. "I won't stand here and let you"

Millenia, not one to miss out on any fun, joined Ryudo, more for her selfish reasons.

Angel and Faith decided to join in, more for his revenge than anything else.

The woman laughed,and summoned cloaked soldiers, while Killbane called for some Luchadore gang members and Melfice summoned some eye drones and stone birds.

"Alright, pick your targets and you'll be fine" Ryudo instructed. "Just try to not get surrounded"

The other three nodded and set forth for the enemies.

"Shit," Angel groaned. "How many of these fucking things are there?"

"Too many," Faith replied, out of breath from countering another enemy.

"Just hold on a bit longer" Ryudo called. "If my hunch is correct we'll get reinforcements soon"

"Your hunch?" Millenia quizzed. Before she could continue, a blast opened up the window where Faith arrived, and a group of people entered the gym.

"Not the gym I was expecting," a man in black and red armour stated. "Was expecting more equipment."

"Now's not the time, Shepard" the blue armoured man sighed. "We have company"

"Well, well" the woman spoke, getting the group's attention. "The entourage is here"

The young engineer recognised the voice and could feel the anger rising. "YOU!"

"It would be nice if you used my name, Son of the Tempest" she hummed, revelling in the moment.

"Shayne?" Kiara warily asked. "Who is she?"

Shayne ignored her and grabbed his weapon.

"Kiara, save the questions" the older engineer ordered. "He's not going to listen in this state."

"O-Okay" she stammered as she equipped her gauntlets. 'What's gotten into you?'

On the other side of the room, Ryudo told them to focus on whats in front of them, talking can be saved for afterwards.

The people who haven't seen this wondered what transpired in Shayne's past, but decided not to voice their questions. While the ones who had travelled with him before just prepared for combat

After clearing the luchadores, Angel and Faith fought Killbane, with a bit of help from a conduit and a treaure hunter. The gang boss left without saying a word, leaving the saint with a bad taste in his mouth, indicating that he'll be back at some point. Ryudo and Millenia, with some other groups in tow, defeated the stone birds and eye drones. Melfice was defeated by a group effort by them assisting a dragoon and swordsman. 

"Bah, he left before i could get him" Millenia grumbled.

"Millenia, stop thinking bout the horns" Ryudo sighed.

Millenia sulked as they continued to push towards the woman.

Everyone else bar Shayne and Kiara dealt with the cloaked soldiers, so the pair could deal with her themselves.

"You'll pay for what you've done, Bitch" Shayne yelled, power visible to everyone. "I'll make you suffer"

"You won't, cause I, Gemini, know that you can't control your power" she gloated.

After the pair defeated her, Shayne collapsed to his knees, his power subsiding.

"See, told you so" Gemini taunted. "You gave it a good go though but its time I split this party in half."

"What do you mean?" Shayne inquired.

She laughed, and pulled out what only two people would recognise.

"No" Kiara stammered. Shayne's jaw dropped.

"Say Bye-bye!" She waved gleefully as she shot the Project at the group, causing them to disappear.