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Journey of Kindness

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Chapter 2

Von waited with baited breath as she watched Nelson closely, not entirely sure if she was winding him up or not.
“You know what; forget I said anything…thanks Nelson.”
Von got up, ready to walk away when Nelson quickly took hold of her wrist, stopping her and urging her to sit back down beside him.
“Hey hang on, look I’m sorry Von.” He said quietly.
Von leaned back against the couch, closing her eyes for the briefest of moments and opening them to find Nelson watching her with nothing but concern in his eyes. He reached over, taking hold of her hand before he gave a warm smile.
“So…how do you even feel about this…the baby?”
“I don’t know Nelson; I didn’t think it was even possible.”
“Have you been to a doctor, maybe it’s a false alarm.”
“It’s not a mistake Nelson.”
“And you told Clive?”
“Oh he knows.”
“And he walked away?”
“I can’t blame him really.”
“Are you kidding me, you’re having his baby Von…you can blame him.”
“I can’t force him to stay Nelson; honestly I’m not even sure I want him too.”
“Why did you decide to tell me?”
“It’s not exactly something I can hide forever…is it, you live with me…you were going to find out eventually.”
“Well, I’m glad you told me.”
“Look, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone else right now, not even Terri.”
“Hey, you know I wouldn’t.”
“Thanks Nelson.”
Von got up and walked towards the door, towards her room.
“Are you keeping it, the baby?”
“I don’t know yet.”
She gave him a half smile before she disappeared in to her room and closed the door.

Nelson ran a hand through his hair the next morning as he made his way in to the kitchen to see Von preparing breakfast.
“Oh, just in time…eggs?”
“Huh, yeah but look, I’ll make them…you sit down.”
“Nelson, I’m not sick.”
“Yeah I know but…”
“Look, please don’t start treating me any differently just because I’m pregnant.”
“What, a friend can’t look out for another friend.”
Von handed him the spoon while she went over to the window, lighting a cigarette. Nelson rolled his eyes as he watched her smoke.
“That’ll have to stop…if you decide to keep the baby.”
Von gave him a death stare before inhaling the nicotine.
“I’m just saying, you’re a nurse…you know the risks to the baby when your pregnant.”
Von muttered something under her breath before stubbing out the cigarette and closing the window.
“Satisfied?” She grumbled.
“I am actually; sit down…eggs are ready.”
Von took a seat as Nelson put the eggs on to her plate; she picked up the fork ready to eat when the feeling she was going to be sick to over. The fork landed loudly on the plate as she got up and rushed out the room, Nelson looking up with worry.
He put the pan back on the stove and made his way to the bathroom, hearing the sound of Von being sick. He opened the door slowly to see her kneeling over the toilet, hands steadying her on the sides. Nelson kneeled down beside her, placing a gentle hand on her back until it was over, as she made a move to stand, she swayed a little, Nelson’s arm coming around her to steady her.
“Hey I’ve got you, come on…let’s get you back to bed.”
Von was led back to her bedroom, sitting down on the bed while Nelson went to get some water for her. She looked up when he came back and handed her the glass.
“Maybe you shouldn’t go in today.”
“I already told you, I’m not ill.”
“No but I know morning sickness can be pretty rough, especially on older…”
“Watch it.”
“I’m just saying, maybe a day in bed wouldn’t hurt.”
“And what do I tell Terri, I’ve never called in sick in my life...she’ll know something’s wrong.”
“I’ll sort it.”
“How, you can’t tell her Nelson.”
“I won’t tell her, I promised you I wouldn’t.”
“Then what will you say?”
“Just, leave with me okay…I’ll think of something.”
Von wanted to argue with him but the truth was she was too tired to even try.
“Fine, I’ll stay in bed.”
“Good, I think it’s best.”
Nelson made his way to the door and stopped when Von called him.
“Nelson thanks.”
“Don’t worry about it, just rest okay. I’ll see you tonight.”
Nelson gave her a small smile before leaving her alone, she removed her shoes before lying back on the bed, wondering what she was going to do about her current situation.

To Be Continued…