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Journey of Kindness

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All Saints
Chapter 1

Offering Von his spare room when she lost her home probably wasn’t the smartest move on Nelson’s part, the pair spent a lot of time at loggerheads when Nelson first began working at All Saints Memorial, and yes they still had the occasional argument but over the last two years they’d found a mutual ground. They led their separate lives, but on the occasional weekend they’d spend the evening just relaxing and watching old movies. Too see Von so relaxed outside of work always made Nelson smile, he cared about her and regarded her as one of his closest friends.

Von was in the utility room emptying some bed pans when Nelson appeared behind her, putting some flowers in a vase for a patient. He noticed that she’d been fairly quiet the last few days and he was beginning to get a little concerned about her.
“So, I meant to ask how your dinner went with Clive the other week…you didn’t really talk much about it.”
“Oh…it was okay.”
“He hasn’t been around much this week.”
“Is there a point Nelson?”
“No I was just…look forget I said anything.”
Nelson left her alone and returned to his duties. The ED was constant the rest of the day, the last patient was a little girl called Sophie who had been involved in a car accident, both her parents killed on impact. Nelson and Von had been helping with the young patient, Von was trying her best to calm the child while Frank, Nelson and Terri attended to her injuries.
“Nelson, give me 10mg of morphine, we need to get her pain under control.” Frank ordered.
“I want my mummy, I want mummy.” Sophie cried.
“It’s okay sweetheart, you’re safe with us.” Von said quietly.
Sophie continued to cry as the others tried to ease her pain.
“We need to get her to surgery now.” Frank ordered.
“I’ve called ahead, they’re expecting us.” Terri added.
Von stood back as Frank rolled the trolley to the elevator, the young girl crying for Von as she was escorted away. Nelson turned to Von who he could have sworn had tears in her eyes.
“Von are you….”
“Leave it Nelson…just leave it.”
He watched her walk away down the hall to the staff room and close the door behind her.
“Nelson…is Von alright; it’s not like her to get so upset over a patient.” Regina said, coming up behind him.
“It’s just been a hectic day Reg…it gets to all of us.”
Nelson offered a warm smile before making his way to the staff room and stepped inside to see Von standing by the sink with her back to him.
“Go away Nelson.”
He closed the door behind him before making his way over to her side, turning so he was leaning against the counter watching her, his arms folded.
“What’s going on with you Von, you’ve been weird for weeks now and this kid…you’ve never let patients affect you before.”
“She’s not affecting me Nelson.”
“Bull…does this have something to do with Clive.”
“Oh not this again.”
“Yes this again, this is me you’re talking too Von. I’m not a complete idiot, something’s wrong with you, or bothering you. I thought we were friends.”
“We are friends.”
“Then talk to me god damn it.”
Von looked up at Nelson when he raises his voice, anger in her eyes.
“My problems are mine and mine alone, don’t interfere.”
Von made a move to walk away until she felt Nelson’s hand on her wrist, stopping her. She took a breath before turning back to look at him.
“Von, I only want to help.”
“Not now Nelson, please.”
He watched her remove her hand from his grasp and walk away, back to work.

It was a few days later, it was the end of a long day in the ED. Nelson was sitting on his couch watching an episode of his favourite show The Walking Dead, the only light coming from the corner lamp in his living room. He looked up when he heard the front door and Von walked though, removing her jacket and taking a seat beside him, letting out a long sigh.
“I really don’t understand why you like this show so much.”
“Are you kidding, zombies…action, suspense, did I mention zombies…what’s not to love.”
Von offered a small smile before taking a cushion from the couch and holding it close to her front.
“Mmmm.” He replied, focused on the show.
“I think I’m ready to talk now.” She said quietly.
Nelson looked at her closely before turning off the tv.
“Oh you don’t have to switch that off.”
“No, you deserve my full attention, when ever you’re ready.”
“The other day you asked me about Clive, well we decided not to see each other anymore.”
“Oh…Von I’m sorry. I thought things were going well with you two.”
Von went quiet and looked away from Nelson; he watched the way she held the cushion tighter against her.
“Von…he didn’t hurt you did he?”
“No, no nothing like that.”
“But something’s happened?”
Von let out a nervous laugh before turning her attentions back to Nelosn who looked nothing but concerned about his friend.
“I don’t even know how it happened, well…I know how; I just…didn’t think it was possible.”
“Think what was possible.”
“Nelson, there’s a reason Clive and I stopped seeing each other. It was more him than me; he made the decision to walk away.”
“But why, I thought things were going well.”
“They were, until…”
“I can’t believe I’m even telling you this I….”
I’m pregnant Nelson…I’m pregnant.”

To Be Continued…