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Hur jag fick dig att älska mig

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She felt relaxed when she woke up following morning. The rays of the sun streamed through the big factory windows, exposing the tiny dust particles floating around in the quiet room. Asami opened her eyes just to get blinded by the crispy white sheets she’d been tangling up in during the night, but as her green eyes adjusted to the warm light she slowly come to realize two things; one, this was not her bedroom and two, there was someone else in the bed. Eyes wide and heart beating hard she sat up! …just to remember she's at Korras. It's Korra sleeping on her stomach next to her, with strands of dark brown hair covering her closed eyes, and mouth slightly open. Korra had her arms under the pillow she was sleeping on, the light blue top had ridden up, exposing a well-defined back full of relaxed muscles and scars. Asami, who had instantly calmed down when she remembered where she was, lay back down onto the mattress, looking at the tanned piece of cutie with a tiny blush on her cheeks and a smile on her lips.

‘It wasn't a dream this time.'

She couldn’t help but to let her fingers travel lightly across the pink scars on Korras back, standing out like a sore thumb. Those from all the surgeries were smooth and straight while those from the accident were rough and uneven on the otherwise soft skin. Last night, before Asami fell asleep, Korra was lying on her back with her arms around Asami, and she wondered if Korra was still hurting now ten months later. Her finger followed a particular long scar, going from the spine to her side.

"That tickles", a raspy dark sexy voice murmured next to her, and when Asami looked up she was met by a pair of very sleepy blue eyes behind those brown locks, along with a small smirk playing on the lips. If Asami was standing, her knees would have probably become jelly by just that look. ‘How can someone look so gorgeous and have the sexiest freaking voice ever just waking up?’

“Yeah? How ‘bout this then?” she started to scratch her nails gently across Korras back. The girl sighed in content and closed her eyes.

“Mmh, yes much better…” she yawned big and wide. “What time is it?”

Asami lifted her head some to glance at the digital watch on the night table. “7:47.” That made Korra frown back at her. “That is way too early for waking up…” the girl groaned and pushed herself up with those strong arms and turned to lie on her side, her front to Asami. “C’mere, I need more cuddles”, she said with that same raspy voice and Asami scooted closer, turned as well so she had her back to Korra, while said girl wrapped her arms around Asami’s waist and pulled her closer. Unintentionally, Korra nuzzled into her neck and planted little pecks here and there, sending shivers through Asami’s body.

'Best feeling ever.'

Next time Asami woke, someone was stirring around in the bed. Asami put a hand over the arm around her waist and squeezed tightly, not wanting to let the other girl go. But it wasn't Korra who had moved around, and the next thing Asami knew, a wet, rough tongue started licking her in the ear.

"Nrgh, stop it." She didn't get to open her eyes before the tongue were all over her face instead. When it finally disappeared she heard a small chuckle from behind.

“She wants to cuddle too”, Korra whispers into her ear, taking Asami’s hand, lacing their fingers together. Opening one eye, she saw the white fluffy dog walking in a circle in front of her on the mattress, before laying down close to them, her head on her front paws, glancing back expectantly at Asami with big brown puppy eyes. The hand which wasn’t holding Korras, moved to stroke Naga’s head and under her chin. The canine seemed to really enjoy the treatment and rolled over on its side too, stretching the legs and closed her eyes.

“She’s so adorable…” Asami murmured under her breath, still petting the dog affectionately. She could get used to waking up like this every day for the rest of her life.

“Just like you”, raspy voice said while nuzzling closer. “But you smell way nicer.” Asami lifted her head some, to look over her shoulder. “Is that so?” she asked, trying to contain the butterflies from taking over her whole body. But it was hard when Korra had that stupid beautiful grin plastered on her face that could cure all existing diseases and bring world peace and always made Asami’s heart to beat unregularly. Korra had propped herself up on her elbow now, and slowly leaned in, grazing her lips lightly against Asamis. “Yeah…” Korras eyes fluttered closed as she took Asamis lower lip between her own. “And even though Nagas’ kisses are great; they don’t stand a chance against yours.”

Asami smirked. “Are you always this smooth when you wake up?”

Korra chuckled and kissed her again, longer this time. And one kiss became another, and the hand which had been busy petting the dog was now busy stroking Korras cheek, holding her close. Yes. She could definitely get used to this. The kisses were lovingly and caring, the lips soft and a little play full, curiously exploring the other.

Before they could get any further though, a loud whining filled the room. Korra pulled back slightly, eyeing her best friend who had started yet again to shuffle around on the mattress, probably feeling left out. Naga made that grumpy sound again and walked over their legs to push at Korras arm impatiently.

“Alright, alright! I’m coming, just let me wake up first”, Korra said to the dog. Naga barked back at her. Korra rolled her eyes. Asami was confused.

“What’s the matter?”

“She wants to go out and pee. Usually Bolin comes over for her morning walks.” Korra sighed a little and sat up.

“I can do it”, Asami shrugged and sat up as well. “If I can borrow some clothes, I can take her out on a run while you freshen yourself up.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I always run on Sunday mornings anyway. It could be fun.”

Korra smiled brightly at her, and moved in for a series of happy and a little sloppy kisses. “Thank you, ‘Sami. I really appreciate it”, she said when she was done. Asami answered with another kiss. She knew they should really get out of bed, but damn those lips were addictive, and it didn’t take long before Asami was on top of Korra, fingers tangled in brown locks and arms around her waist.
They stayed like that for another minute or five, until Asami was strong enough to pull back with a grin so big her entire face would probably be sore tomorrow.

“Please hurry back to me”, Korra whispered against her lips, eyes full of joy.

“Don’t worry, I’ll run like my ass is on fire”, Asami chuckled, brushing away strands of hair from Korras face.

“Just don’t burn it, cause I really like your ass…” Korra smirked as Asamis eyes went big as tennis balls when she squeezed her rear.

“Oh, so who’s checking out who now?” she raised an eyebrow and sat back up again in Korras lap, dragging the girl up with her.

“Can you blame me? It’s always right in front of my eyes like all the time! And I don’t mind having a view like that.”
Korra looked at her with the most innocent eyes that only puppies could do, and Asami wanted to push her down on the bed and kiss her like there was no tomorrow. She didn’t though. But she did laugh a little and gave Korra a quick peck on her lips and got off the bed. Or, she tried to get out of it. A firm hand held on to her hip, while the other had sneaked its way around her neck, pulling her forward to meet those brilliant set of lips once again.

I guess Naga has to wait a little bit longer…