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Hur jag fick dig att älska mig

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"Are you sure this is how you want to spend your last date? I mean I'm obviously coming along but what happened to the bold and confident Asami Sato I know that always gets what she wants?"

"She chicken out okay?! And this is something Korra really likes and I read that you're supposed to go with your friends to these things and the tickets are for free anyway-"

"Wait, what do you mean they are for free?" Kuvira got up from the bed and went over to the walking closet where Asami had already spent twenty minutes in, looking for a particular piece of clothing. "And what the fuck are you looking for?"

"AHA!" The furthest down in a corner she finally found the bright polka coloured sports jersey. She knew she had kept it all these years.

"Future Industries helped with the funding's for new stadium, in return the company got a part of one section", she replied with a shrug.

"WHAT?! Did Bataar knew about this?"

"Of course, we split the tickets between the two factories." Bataar was, except for Kuvira's fiancée also Asamis head of design at Sato Tech, and a much needed help whenever Asami wanted to ball some new ideas. They were classmates during her brief university time and that's how Asami and Kuvira met. "He probably didn't tell you cause he didn't want to spend every other Saturday watching football."

Kuvira grumbled something she didn't quite got as she pulled on the hideous polyester jersey that was Republic FC United's home uniform. Red and white stripes wasn't her thing to be honest, but she wanted to look the part (she read that too). She found Kuvira in the kitchen trying to find something edible. Realizing she's at Asamis place, she settled with a beer and handed one to Asami as well.

"So, are you going to tell me why you inviting us all to your last date and chance at having a relationship with the girl you been talking none stop about for the last two months?" Kuvira asked sternly as Asami absently scratched at the paper label on the beer bottle.

"She moved away K, I'm 98% sure of it now."

Kuvira sighed loudly and face palmed herself. "This again Asami? I told you, you can't know she did that cause of her dog!"

Ever since their second date last Sunday, Asami had went over that last almost kiss scene in her head so many times now, and all could think about was whether Korra had moved away from Asami before Naga had interrupted them or not. It was a millisecond of the whole moment, but it still made Asami feeling unsure about herself. Korra had been her usual happy goofy self the whole week, not mentioning that awkward ending of their date at all, so maybe she didn’t move away? Or maybe she did and pretending it didn’t happen because she doesn’t want to hurt Asamis feelings? Ugh, her brain sometimes.

Long story short Asami freaked out and thought their last date would only be something friends would do. Hence the idea of going to the football derby between Republic FC United and Yue Bay (which also happens to be Korras favourite team). She had asked Kuvira and Bataar to join them and knew Bolin would be at Korras place watching the game with her that Saturday (yeah, she hadn’t told Korra yet, she wanted it to be a surprise) so they would be a little group of friends, going to the game, as friends. Friends. She could do that. Be friends with Korra. She’s been friends with her for two months already and now she couldn’t think about a life without her, even if it meant it was strictly as friends and nothing more. She can get over it. Eventually…

“I don’t know, K, she hasn’t really said anything, or done anything that would tell me she feels the same. Maybe this is for the best.”

“Or maybe you’re just overanalysing everything, like you always do.”

“You wanna go to the stupid game or not?” Asami argued with a frown. Kuvira held up her hands in the air. “I’m just trying to help you out. But if this how you wanted, which I doubt, so be it. I support you.” Kuvira clinked her bottle against Asamis and took a long sip. “Well, we should go get your kryptonite and head to the stadium, Bataar will meet us there.” Asami rolled her eyes at her but took the empty bottles and put them in the sink, taking care of that when she gets home tonight and together went down to her garage.


Just by standing outside Korras door, Asami could hear people on the other side screaming of laughter. She knocked three times hard and waited patiently. A few moments later, Korra opened the door, both surprise and a little horrified when she saw what Asami was wearing. Korra herself was wearing a navy blue sports jersey with white details and boyfriend fitted jeans, and of course, socks with pizza slices on them.

“Asami! What are you doing here? And what in the Spirits name are you wearing?!” a pair of wide bright blue eyes asked as they stared at the hideous (Korras opinion (okay Asamis too)) piece of clothing Asami had on.

“I want to have our third date”, she said, looking as serious as she could while Korras eyebrows shot straight up.

“Wha- Now?”


“B-but uh…”  Korra glanced over her shoulder, then back at Asami. “I’m guessing, since the odd choice of clothing, that you want to watch the game with me?” Asami nodded her head expectantly. “Just uh, Bo’s here too, so-“

“Perfect! You get five minutes to get your things and I’ll meet you both downstairs.” Again, Korras eyes went big as saucers.

“Oh, we’re not watching here?”

“Nope. I brought two of my friends to tag along too, so you know”, Asami said with a big grin that made Korra chuckle at little and confusingly scratching her neck.

“Alright, we’ll be down in five minutes”, Korra said and smiled at her before rolling back into the flat and yelled at Bolin to get dressed.

When the two besties and Naga came out the front door, all three greeting Asami properly with warm hugs and licking in her ear (Naga did the licking part) and shook hands with Kuvira.

“So… Where exactly are we going?” Bolin asked after a few moments of silence in the car.

“To the game, where else?” Kuvira replied with a smug grin.

“Wait. We’re going to the game? Like, going to the stadium and watch it?” Asami laughed at Bolin’s hilarious puzzled face.

“Yes, Bolin, we’re going to the stadium to watch the game.”


“How did you even got tickets?! They’ve been sold out for months!” Korra questioned though couldn’t hide her excitement.

“My company gets a couple of tickets for every game, and I thought it could be fun to actually go to at least one game.”

“This is the BEST DAY EVER! YOU’RE SO GREAT ASAMI”, Bolin screamed in the backseat and then started whisper frenetically into Korras ear, making her blush so hard.

“Shut up Bo!” she muttered back and pushed him away and turned her face to the window until Kuvira started a conversation about football that went on for the rest of the ride.

The parking lot was already filled with cars and people in heading towards the big stadium, having either wearing navy blue or polka coloured clothes and neckers.

Following the crowd of the cheering fans, that only became more and more as the Stadium entrance grew closer, they soon met up with Bataar and someone Asami had not invited.

“Why did you bring her?” she asked, pulling at her best friends’ arm.

“Oh, like I would miss the chance of meeting your girlfriend, ‘Sami”, Opal interrupted with a snicker.

“She’s not my girlfriend!” Asami hissed, her face red as her top. Opal pretended she didn’t hear her and went straight for Korra, who just looked very amused at the blushing dork before switching her gaze at the girl who had caused it.

“And you must be Korra! I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Korra chuckled and sported her signature lopsided grin on those sweet and perfect lips. “You must be Opal then. I’ve heard a great deal about you too actually.”

“Of course you have, you’re nobody until you’re talked about, right?” she winked at a slightly confused Korra.

“Uh, sure. This fur ball here is Naga, and this is my friend Bolin.” Korra, and especially Asami watched as Opals confident gaze flew away and got replaced by a stunned, wide eyed stare instead. Bolin was like a mirror, having the same dumbfounded look on his face as well. He was however the first one to actually talk as he raised his hand for a wave and said “Hello”. Opal tried to shake off the weird feeling that was fluttering inside her, but only got a huge huuuuge blush on her cheeks.

‘Oh this is so amazing...

“What’s the matter Opal? Seeing something you like?” Asami couldn’t help to grin wickedly at the girl who always makes fun of her for stupid things over the years. Oh sweet revenge.

“h-hi”, the girl stammered, still blushing.

As hilarious it was, Kuvira didn’t have the patience to stand outside and wait for her baby sister to make a fool out of herself while the game was about to start and started to push them all to the right entrance. Before Asami could go any further though, Korra gently tugged at her wrist.

“Hey ‘Sami, are you sure you want this to be our third date?” The question startled Asami. ‘Why would she ask that?? Shit, did I just do a terrible mistake?!’

“I just thought it would be the two of us, but this is great too. I just wanted to confirm it”, Korra said quickly when Asami looked like she had made the worst decision of her life.

“I’m sure, Korra. But um… maybe we could have dinner at your place afterwards? And watch some Netflix?”

Good save, Sato. Maybe you even have a chance of scoring tonight.’

“And chill?” Korra smirked when Asami swatted her arm playfully. “It sounds great.” She smiled and together went through the special door, because of Korras wheelchair and followed the rest of the group to find their seats.

It really was amazing seats, at least Asami thought so, but both Korra and Kuvira seemed very pleased to sit in the very middle on the long side of the field, and in the middle of the stands. The wheelchair had been put away in a locker just inside, and Bolin had lifted Korra with ease to a seat next to Asami and himself. Opal had snuck in before Bolin to sit next to him, which Asami didn’t mind at all. On Asamis left sat Kuvira and Bataar.

So, the game then. It was fun to watch. For about five minutes. But Asami realized quickly that it was so much more to look at than the boys on the pitch. The crowd on the bleachers were all kinds and types of people. Some old, some very young, mostly men but a lot of women too. Some was very into it and others just leaned back and read the news on their SatoPhone. The polka colours were clearly the most worn, not surprisingly maybe, and every now and then you could see a navy blue top or scarf.

Asami also noticed that Korra was one of those people that expressed her feelings very loudly, using her whole body to show it. At one point, Korra was almost on her way down to the seats beneath them, so angry at the ruling on the field. It was adorable. More often than not, she also saw that Korras puts her left hand on full display, as in Asami could easily take it and hold it.

It’s right there! What are you waiting for?’

‘What if she doesn’t want me to?’

‘Are you serious? JUST TAKE IT DAMMIT’

She glanced up at those beautiful turquoise eyes who was concentrating with following the ball.

Do what Nike says and just do eeet!’ trying to be so causal as she possibly could, Asami moved her hand slowly to place it over the tanned one, when said tanned hand went up high in the air as Yue Bay scored. Her pale hand did an awkward U-turn and went upward instead.

Asami didn’t try taking Korras hand for the rest of the first half of the game.

“I’m gonna go get some snacks and beers before the line becomes too long!” Bolin announced and stood just before the half time.

“I’ll come with you!” Opal exclaimed and went after him. The score was currently 1-1 and the head judge blew his whistle at precisely 45 minutes, since there weren’t any major disruptions.

“You having a good time?” Asami asked Korra as the players left the field and music began playing in the loudspeakers. Korra grinned widely at her, pure excitement in her blue gorgeous eyes and that kind of said it all.

“The best! The game is so much better live than it would ever be on my lousy TV back home”, Korra chuckled. They talked some more about the game Asami really hadn’t paid much attention to, but Korra didn’t seem to mind. Instead she explained the basics and what to expect of the second half when Bolin and Opal came back, hands full of beers and hotdogs and snacks for everyone. Of course ended Bolin and Korra up fighting for the last hotdog, just as the big screen to their left switched to show the audience with a heart frame and Sixpence None The Richer’s classic song Kiss Me started to play. The crowd cheered on the couples that was shown, screaming when they kissed.

Huh, a kiss cam. I didn’t know they did that on football games…’ Eventually, the camera hit the two wrestlers on Asami’s right, and Korra had Bolin in a headlock while trying to reach the hotdog.

Asami chuckled at the scene as the rest of the stadium started to laugh. ‘Stupid goofballs. Korra even look great on a big ass screen… Oh and that realization in Korras eyes are so priceless, I hope I can find this online later. What is she doing now?’ She watched the Korra on the big screen telling Bolin something while hearing someone beside her saying “Sorry bro, this one is reserved for someone else.”

Why is she moving away from him? Oh look that’s me! Wait, why am I on the screen, and is that Korras hand on my cheek? Is she leaning in…’

The last thing she sees before the hand on her cheek turned her head around are Korra leaning in closely and when her eyes followed they were caught in blue ones for less than a second and then those wonderful lips pressed against hers. There were loud shrieks all around where they were sitting, but that was only like a low rumbling in Asami’s ears in comparison to how loudly her heart was hammering in her chest. The kiss was over as fast as it started, much to Asami’s dismay. Korra was still so very close to her, the hand still on her cheek, caressing her gently.

“Oh sweet baby Raava please tell me someone put that on the internet”, Asami heard Opal say, but she didn’t care because Korra was smiling at her and chuckled at the comment and it made her laugh a little too. Korra dropped her hand from Asami’s cheek and leaned back again, and without thinking Asami took her hand, intertwine their hands together and stayed like that for the rest of the game.


“Wow, I’m so full. Are there any marshmallows left?”

Asami chuckled at the goofball next to her. After the game Asami had drove everyone home and then went to a super market for some grocery shopping (ice cream and candy that is, they ordered a pizza too) before arriving at Korras flat. Now, all stuffed with pizza and ice cream and various sorts of candy, the girls were snuggled up in the sofa watching another episode of Buffy. It was one thing which had been on Asamis mind for a while now, and Korra must have noticed because she asked “What are you thinking about?” Asami lifted her head from the comfortable shoulder to look at the brunette.

“Today”, she said with a big smile on her lips. “and uh… about what happen during the half time…” Korra smirked.

“Yeah? Did you have a particular moment in mind?”

“I do, yes.” Asami felt her heart beating hard in her chest for the second time that day, her body all giddy by just glancing quickly down at Korras lips. Her cheeks and neck felt hot from blushing, but she didn’t care anymore and move so close she could manage without touching her.

“Show me.”

Asami wasted no time to kiss her coffee shop sweetheart. It was long, and soft and sweet and soon evolved into more kisses, and she finally got to twirl her fingers through the brown soft hair. Korras own hands had sneaked its way around Asamis waist and was gently tugging at her to straddle Korras lap, which she very much concurred to. Asami felt Korra nibbled at her lower lip and pushed her tongue over it next, making Asami to open her mouth to let her in and wow. Why hadn’t she done this earlier? Hours later (read: five minutes, maybe less, probably a little more) the kiss broke, both panting but full of happiness.

“I really like kissing you”, Korra murmured quietly against Asamis lips, pressing their foreheads together.

“I really like you”, she replied, and was met with a new smiling kiss.

“I really like you too.”

Korra stroked her fingers gently in under her top, making Asami shiver by the warm touch. 

“And not to sound like a creep or anything, but you should really take this top off and perhaps burn it”, Korra tried to look serious but when Asami chuckled she couldn’t hide her smirk.

“Are we… dating full-time now?” Asami asked instead, feeling a tad embarrassed but she needed to know for sure.

“I would very much like that.” Korra stole another sweet kiss. “And I would very much like it if you stayed the night too.” Realizing what she just said, she added quickly “To sleep, of course. I just want to keep cuddling with you for the rest of the night.” It was everything Asami wanted to hear at that moment and it wasn’t like it was anything waiting for her at her own apartment anyway…

“Sounds wonderful.”