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Hur jag fick dig att älska mig

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The time was 12:45 and Asami Sato was late. It wasn't because she couldn't find anything to wear, she'd already picked out a pretty, maybe a little simple but easy on the eyes red dress along with her black leather jacket and sneakers. And it wasn't because she overslept or took too long of a shower, she woke up at seven that morning, and she was nervous. So, so nervous for reasons only her heart and sub conscious knew, and to get her mind onto something else, Asami started to tinker. You see, when Asami tinkers, everything else kind of disappears, it’s just her and whatever it is she's playing with in a world where such silly things like time and feelings didn't exists. Luckily, Asami got a very sweet text from Korra at 12:30. Sure it wasn't optimal to shower and get changed in fifteen minutes, but its Asami Sato we're talking about, and optimization is her thing.

Now she was racing down Republic city's streets to make it to Yue Bay. Good thing her father taught her how to drive when she was tall enough to reach the paddles. Weaving through traffic effortlessly, Asami made an otherwise twenty-minute drive into a twelve-minute drive and as she pulled up to the curb, Korra was already there with a lopsided grin on her lips and Naga sitting beside her.

“No wonder the sky is grey today; all the blue is in your eyes!” Asami said as she leaned over the passenger seat, looking over her shades. She had taken the cab today, since it was summer in the air quite nice weather. Korra snorts and rolled her eyes at the cheesy pickup line.

“You know, the line would be even better if it actually was cloudy out”, Korra replied with a smirk.

“Okay, how ‘bout this then; If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber.” Asami grinned widely when Korra started to laugh and got a small blush on her cheeks.

“You’re such a dork…” Korra said quietly, still smiling. “You got a really nice car”, she then added, looking over the red cabriolet. Asami got out of the car, went around it and bent down and hugged Korra tightly. Best. Hugs. Ever.

“You look great”, Korra said with her kind voice.

“You too.” Korra wore a light jeans blue shirt, a pair of very tight grey chinos who must have taken her quite a while to put on, and a marine blue jacket which lay in her lap.

“We better get going, so we don’t be late for… wherever we’re going.” Asami questionably glanced over at pretty blue eyes while opening the passenger door and folded down the seat for Naga so she could sit in the back. The white fluff hopped happily inside, sitting down on the leather seat, tongue out looking at her owner expectantly.  Her owner on the other hand, looked rather apprehensive at the passenger seat. Asami noticed it and immediately knew why. The car was lower than regular cars, which meant Korra would have some troubles getting into it without help.

“Is it okay if I help you get inside?” she asked, very careful with the way she said it. Asami knew Korra wanted to do everything herself, like the accident had never happen and probably cause it made her feel more independent, and Asami understood that. But Korra also knew when she should ask for help, so she nodded in appreciation, and Asami brought one arm around her back and the other hooked under Korras knees. And as she picked her up, Korra put her arm around Asami and for a very short moment, nuzzled into Asamis neck. It was a gesture Asami had not been prepared for, and it made her own knees weak and she almost dropped them both to the ground. She didn’t though, fortunately.

Both seated and fastened, Korra finally told them where they were going.

“The Republic City Art Gallery.” That was… unexpected.

“You want to buy some art?” Asami asked curiously.

“No. We’re gonna make it ourselves!” Korra grinned widely as she leaned back into the chair and let the eyelids fall and the wind to catch her hair. She looked really beautiful. And all Asami wanted to do at that moment was to stop the car and kiss her. In the rear-view mirror she also saw the white fluff looking just as content as her owner.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the grand art gallery. It looked more like a greenhouse than a gallery, the whole façade made entirely of glass. A lot of people made their way into the building, which made Asami to wonder what was going on. Had she read anything about an event at the art gallery this Sunday?

Maybe it is some auction here today?

Korra said you were going to make your own art, remember? And by looking at that huge sign by the front entrance I would say it’s for charity.’ She gazed at the sign. ‘PAINTBALL FOR CHARITY – all proceedings will be donating to Aang’s Children’s Hospital.’

“We’re going to paint with paintball guns! And it’s for a good cause too!” Korra couldn’t hide her excitement, she shouldn’t either, it was really intoxicating and that’s one of many treats Asami loved about Korra.

She got out of the car, helped Korra into the Blue Peasant, took Naga’s leash and walked into the big building. Asami had only ventured to the art gallery if there was some fancy dinner to celebrate the Mayor or fundraiser parties. She didn’t get to see much of the art, always having to mingle and make new connections and putting on a face for potential future investors.

Like Asami had anticipated, it didn’t take long before they went in for the gallery director himself came to greet them.

“Miss Sato! How lovely to see you, are you here for the paintball event?”

“We are, yes”, she smiled sweetly at the older man, who gave them a quick presentation of today’s event.

Here was the deal; you could either pay to shoot at a larger canvas with other people, and that piece would be put up at the hospital later. Or you could buy you own, smaller canvas and shoot at, and those would be auctioned off at the art gallery. The smaller ones cost more than the big canvas where you could choose the price yourself (most people paid a lot anyway).

"What do you want to do Korra?"

"The big one, I like the idea that little kids are going to see my masterpiece."

"Alright, two guns for the big canvas please." Asami took out her wallet and handed the man thousand Yuan's.

"Thank you for your contribution, Miss Sato", the man replied sincerely and followed them over to the table with available paintball guns. He then directed them to a stand where a woman was standing with the colourful ammunition. Korra picked every shade of blue they had (surprise!) and some orange, green and yellow. Asami picked bright blue, purple and hot pink for herself.

The canvas was huge in both width and height, and even though most of its space were already occupied with others colourful creations, Korra found a spot big enough for them both to play around with.

“After you”, Asami said and let her gun lean onto her shoulder, hoping she looked like a Bond chick or just really badass.

Why thank you, Miss Sato”, Korra smirked and gave her a little wink. She took aim and fired three shots at the white space, splatting it with blue and yellow. “Spirits, this is so awesome!” she exclaimed and went absolute berserk with the gun. ‘Such goofball…

Not wanting to let Korra have all the fun, Asami fired a couple of rounds too, and like Korra said; it was so awesome. She soon realized that with the precision of the gun, she could do shapes. After some more field testing, Asami did the world’s most iconic icon; a smiley face.

“Woah, that’s kinda cool! I wanna try that!” Korra had this amazed look in her eyes, and she’d been grinning ever since they started. Asami would pay a million Yuan’s just to see that for hours. Not as well shaped like Asamis, Korra did what you could clearly tell a smiley face with its tongue hanging out.

“Hey, I want to try something, do you mind if I pay for one of the single canvases?” Asami asked with a great idea in mind.

“Sure go ahead! I’ll be here holding the fort from people trying to paint over our awesome smileys!” Korra replied with her lopsided grin and gave her dorky salute and Asami just had put her hand into the oh so soft brown hair and ruffle it up, making her look even more gorgeous (‘how is that even possible?!’) and wonderful.

Walk away now before she sees your blush you stupid dork!’

Asami abruptly turned around, all red in her face and walked back to Mr Art Gallery Director, handed him another thousand Yuan’s and picked out a rectangle shaped canvas. After a quick google search and some carefully drawn pencil lines, she started by following the line to form the pattern. She had also added some yellow paintballs to the mix as well, because yellow is a pretty colour. An hour later, or was it longer? Asami was finally satisfied, right about when Korra came over.

“You… you painted Raava.” She had never seen Korra so… speechless before. The painting was indeed the Spirit of Light, in bold bright splashes of colour which made the painting feel alive and full of hope. Just like Korra.

“She reminds me of you. You like it?” Asami asked her nervously.

“It’s beautiful.” Korra gazed at the painting, her eyes wide and ice blue and full of admiration. “You’re amazing, Asami.” Korra put her arm around her waist and gave her a sideway hug. “And really pretty…”

She said that last part so quietly that Asami almost didn’t catch it, and after she said it, Korra gently squeezed her waist, which made Asami to jump. And that’s when Korra discovered that Asami is very ticklish and would very much use that to her advantage later. She didn’t get to comment on her discovery when Mr Art Gallery Director came and interrupted them.

“Miss Sato, this is magnificent! This piece will certainly bring in a lot of money to the children’s hospital”, the man said to a still blushing Asami from previous intimate moment of having Korra so close.

“I’m just happy to contribute to a great cause”, she managed to say.

“I wouldn’t be too surprised if it went for the most Yuan’s, it’s the by far the best painting I’ve seen today.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

The Director left them, and Korra had the admiration in her eyes again. “You feeling ready to leave?”, Asami asked after a while, when she had finished putting her signature at the bottom of the painting. She could clearly tell by the way Korra tried to drag her eyes from the painting that she did not want to leave without it. She eventually sighed and wheeled herself back a few paces.

“Yeah, I’m kind of hungry. And I think Naga would like a walk too.” She took one last glance at the painting before grabbing Naga’s leash and rolled towards the exit.

I think you broke her.

What? No I didn’t! She just really liked it! Maybe Raava means something to her…’


A car drive and acquiring of some takeout later, they ended up on a park bench in the middle of the park. Korra had brought a tennis ball which she threw so Naga could fetch it. To their left were a football field that was divided into two smaller fields and currently occupied by 7 year olds in red and green jerseys running in a swarm after the ball. It was adorable, Asami wasn’t even sure they knew what goal they were supposed to score in.

“I need to pee!” exclaimed a blond boy in a way too big jersey that went to his knees.

“Me too!” another said, and suddenly all of them needed to pee. The only one left on the field was the teenage judge, while both teams ran to the restrooms. Asami and Korra chuckled at the judge who just stood there, scratching his head.

“At least they all decided to go at the same time. Back home, I judge a game like this when some of the girls started to pick flowers in the meadow next to the field.” Korra grinned widely. “That’s the best part about kids. As long as they have fun, they don’t really care about winning or losing.”

“Or eating with their whole face?” Asami couldn’t help mocking her, Korra literary had curry sauce everywhere. “Here, let me help you…” she took out a napkin and moved a little closer to clean her cheeks, and her eye landed involuntary on Korras great set of lips. They were slightly open as she gently swiped the napkin over them, making Asami wish that it was her lips on Korras, not the piece of paper. Glancing up, Asami saw that Korra eyes fluttered down at her own lips. It seemed to Asami that they had the same thought.

Great minds think a-like. Now kiss her already!’

Sitting so close to each other, all Asami had to do was to lean forward to capture those soft lips. Gathering all her courage, she was just about to do it when the big ball of fluff came running, putting her paws up on Asamis lap, dropping the soaked tennis ball at the same place and licked her face.

…Not quite the kiss she had in mind. And as the intense moment disappeared, so did Korra, who had moved a bit away while dragging Naga off of Asami. Scratching the canines head and trying make her cool down a bit and maybe trying to hide the scarlet blush on her own cheeks.

“I’m sorry, she’s always like this after running around without the leash”, Korra explained to Asami. “It’s getting late, maybe we should head home soon.”

Asami, maybe still in shock, just nodded her head slightly. It was so close. Too close. Dang it! If she would’ve just be like 0.995 seconds faster (she calculated it out later when she got home) she’d had at least got a very very, brief kiss. Not much but still a lot.

“Asami? You coming?” Korra had already moved over to the wheelchair, tossed all trash and now sitting and waiting for Asami to move.

“Oh. Uh, yeah yeah.” She got up from the bench and most of the walk was Korra talking about something Bolin did the other day, it was hilarious and Asami laughed at how the silly that guy is sometimes.

“My flat is not that far away”, Korra said when they arrived to the car. “I think I’ll walk the last of the way, or well, roll.” She chuckled while rubbing her neck. Asami was a little (okay a lot) disappointed, but she understands, it’s tedious getting in and out of the wheelchair all the time.

“I had a really great time today Korra. Thank you for everything.” She leant down so she could hug Korra, and take one last sniff of her scent, so she could remember it until tomorrow morning.

“Drive safely, text me when you get home.”

Korra turned around and went the other direction, turning her head every now and then to get one last glance at Asami.

Asami sighed deeply as she got into the car and started the drive home.

There’s always a next time though. And I get to pick the venue. And it’s gonna be so great, Korra won’t know what hit her. Which will be me.’