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Hur jag fick dig att älska mig

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One day every year The Future Industries car factory turned into a small amusement park for all their workers and families. It was a way to welcome new employees and to have a fun day the with their family. It was a day Asami hold dearly, especially now when both her parents were gone and the company was the only family she had left.

They had a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, and they had turned the test track into a go-cart racetrack for the kids (so, a lot of different car rides). There was cotton candy stands as well as different food trucks and various games like shoot a hoop, whack a mole and ring toss. But the best part of the day, was the rubber turtleduck race. You see, the factory had a small creek that went right through the area, so they let people buy lottery tickets (all proceedings went to the employees relax- and lunch areas) which would hold the number of their turtleduck. Then in the afternoon, they released the whole bunch in the creek and let them race down the stream to the finish line. It was different prizes every year but Asami made always sure that it was something a middle class family would enjoy, as well as her engineers and higher up staff.

Holding the winning turtleduck, Asami couldn't help but to grin like a little moron. Partly because the lottery ticket belonged to a little girl whose father worked on the assembly line and had just won a two-week full paid vacation anywhere in the world for her whole family, and partly because the the number was actually same number Korra wore on her football jersey. ‘always number one, huh.

It's been two weeks since their first Taco Friday date, Asami and Korra had their regular get together every morning and sometimes Asami came over to Korras place if her evenings were free or Korra had asked. Their friendship may still be new, but it felt like she'd known Korra for ages already, she knew all about her quirks and what made her tick and favourite anything. And Korra had seem so much lighter since the date, and sometimes she’d even flirt with Asami spite the fact they weren’t on a date.

It was hard too, hanging out with Korra so much. Mostly because every time they did, Korra would hug her (she gave the best hugs in the world, you know, like a really tight squeeze that said ‘I really care about you’ type of hug that lasted for seven Mississippi’s or whatever) and occasionally play with Asamis hands or somehow always be close to her and Asami would fall a little deeper into the rabbit hole of love. But she would wait and put her feelings aside until Korra was ready.

Looking down at the rubber turtleduck and its number again, she quickly decided to give it to Korra after work. They didn’t have anything planned together this evening, but she could be spontaneous and just show up at her flat without a reason, right?

You’re so far down that hole…

Shut up.

Since it was only four in the afternoon, and Asami knew Korra would not be home until at least six thirty, she made her way back to her office to get some work done. Or so she thought at least. Just as she was about draw a straight line on the almost finished blueprint, the door to the office was thrown open followed by a high pitched “ASAMI YASUKO SATO!”. Asami got so startled that the line got everything but straight and continue its black inky path over the oak desk. Why did she use a fucking sharpie?

She didn’t need to look up to know who had been scaring the shit out of her, she only had one friend that would make an entrance like that.

“Fuck! Opal what the hell! Ever heard of knocking?!” Asami said angry while trying to rub off the black ink from the desk. She just smeared it out, making it look even worse.

“Uhm you would know I was coming if you’d answered your phone!” Opal, a short girl with short black hair and also known as Kuviras little sister, pain in the ass or Asamis least favourite friend (okay, so maybe Opal was a great friend that Asami held dearly but seriously, this girl just loved to make Asamis life like Vaatus ten thousand years of darkness).

“I’m working!”

“You haven’t answered for the last two weeks! And I know you’re not working that much, I’ve seen your schedule (why the hell did Asami send Opal her schedule?) and I know you’re been talking to Vira so who are you seeing?” For the first time since her arrival, Asami glared up at Opal.

“Way to jump to conclusions, Ope. I’ve just been busy.” Asami would be more than happy to tell the world about the girl who she and Ellie Goulding can’t get out of their minds, but there is nothing to tell yet. Especially to Opal. ‘Except that you’re in löööööööööv-‘

“Yeah, what about this Tuesday?” Opal had a way to interrupt her thoughts whenever they were spiralling away (a lot like someone else she knew…). Or maybe she just liked to hear her own voice.

“What about it?”

“I called you to see if you wanted to grab some lunch, during the lunch hour but you didn’t even pick up!”

Tuesday? What did she do on Tuesday lunch…?


Asamis Tuesday morning:

“And that’s how I became The Southern Water Tribe’s next Top Model”, Korra said with her signature lopsided grin, not long followed by a smack on her arm from a laughing Asami.

“So you went from getting caught trying to smuggle in Bolin’s fire ferret into a bathhouse to becoming a Top model in just one night?”

“Okay I maybe spiced it up some on that last part, but its only because I want to impress you.”

“Oh, then you could just flex your arms at me and I’ll be puddle under the table hanging out with Naga.” Asami made a small wink and now it was her turn to get a playful smack on the shoulder. She had gone from sitting in the chair on the other side of the table to sitting next to Korra in the sofa in those short couple of mornings after Taco Friday.

Out of nowhere, a loud weird noise erupted from the counter to their right, along with an annoyed "Aww, man! Not again". Bolin let out a heavy sigh just as the coffee machine started leak water.

"Bo, what’s up?" Korra asked him.

"This stupid machine need some serious fixing is what's up!" Bolin exclaimed, throwing his hands up in defeat.

“What’s wrong with it?” Asami couldn’t help to ask, always curious about everything mechanical, technical or electrical.

“It must be a leakage or something, cause the water won’t flow like it used to”, he said, and Asami took up her SatoPhone checking her schedule. No meetings until after lunch, good. She put the phone on the table and moved over to the machine.

“May I take a look?” She asks Bolin who just looks at her wide eyed before glancing briefly at Korra.

“I uh… yeah sure, I guess?” he said, shrugging and took a step back so she could have a look.

Two hours later, Asami had not only managed to take apart the machine, finding the problem, coming up with a so good fix that the machine was like new when she finished, but also helping out Bolin work the machine by regulating the water flow at the same time. Asami loved every little bit of it. Rolled up sleeves and hair in a messy ponytail and tools in her hands, this is what she was made for. And the best part; every time she glances over at the girl on the sofa, a pair of mesmerizing ocean blue eyes met hers along with a big, just as amazing smile and it made her heart skip a beat. Starting to put the chassis of the machine back on her phone started to ring.

“Hey ‘Sami”, Korra called out to her from the corner. “’Opal Your Most Endearing Friend Beifong’ is calling you”, she continued, reading the name of the screen questionably. ‘Thought I put her as most annoying friend…’

“Let it go to voicemail, I’ll call her later”, Asami replied and screwed the chassis back on.


“Oh, right, uh. You know that coffee place just across the street from my flat? Their espresso machine broke down, so I kind of fixed it.” Opal rolled her olive green eyes.

“Why am I not surprised…”

“It was really fun! I haven’t seen one up close before, and the look on Bolin’s face when I asked to take a look was priceless and Korra was so cute and asked questions on what I was doing –“

“Korra? Who’s Korra?” Opal interrupted and… shit. SHIT.

“A friend. I have coffee with her every morning, she’s just a friend.”

Did I say that too fast?’ Opal lifted an eyebrow and had that smug fucking smirk on her face.

“Just a friend, huh?”

You’re so screwed…’


“I KNEW IT!” The girl ran around the desk and grabbed Asami by her shoulders and shook them. “So who is she?! TELL ME EVERYTHING!”

“Ugh alright, I’ll tell you!” Asami said wrenching out of her hold. “If you promise to stop nagging me about those texts.”


“Opal.” Asami stared her down until Opal rolled her eyes again.

"Fine, I promise. Now spill!"

And spilled she did. Just the important parts, like who Korra was and they had only gone on one date so far, and that Korra wanted to take it slow, which made Opal laugh hysterically for some reason.


"Do you not know yourself? The Asami Sato I know would jump the chick faster than the speed of light."

"I would not!" Opal gave her skeptical look. "This is different! I really like her, Opal. Like, really, really like her." Asami sat back in the comfy office chair and looked at the smudged line of ink on the table and wondered how she even got in this position in the first place.

"So, how are you guys doing it? Can she even have sex? Like, she's sitting her wheelchair and you-"

“WE ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING! And that's none of your business."

"And yet you send me dirty texts..."


Opal smirked and hopped up on the desk as Asami glared her down. "How did you get in here anyway? I'm pretty certain I told security not to let you in..."

"Oh, you mean Atsuki? Such a sweet guy. No boyfriend material, but exceptional in other areas", Opal replied with a wink and smug grin. Ugh. Asami made a mental note to switch the entrance security. “Anyway, are you busy or do you wanna grab a coffee or something?” Opal continued, and Asami realized she wouldn’t get anything done now anyway and she could really use a cup of coffee right about now, so she accepted the offer and together they went out to the closest coffee shop.

It was nice though, Opal can be a real pain in Asami’s bum, but when Shorty cooled down, she’s actually quite fun to be around. And most of Asami’s crazy adventures would not have happen if it wasn’t for Opal. She was easy to talk to, not so uptight like her older sister.
The time went by fast, and feeling a bit hungry, Asami took the way by Narook’s and picked up some noodles before heading straight to Korra’s flat. Knowing the access code by heart, it didn’t take her very long until she stood outside Korra’s front door. A quick knock and hearing Naga approaching from the other side, Asami opened the door and went in.

“Korra?” she said to what looked like an empty flat, except for the big fluffy white dog licking her left hand.

“Asami?” she heard Korra surprised voice coming from the bathroom. Looking into the big really cool bathroom, she saw Korra sitting on a plastic stool next to the tub in only a sports bra and dark blue shorts, and she looked just as surprised as she sounded. “Did we had something planned tonight?”

“No, but I thought I could surprise you. I brought food”, she replied and held up the bag with the noodles. “If it’s alright with you?”

“How can I say no when you bring food?” Korra chuckled. “Not that I would mind you showing up without any either.” She was doing it again. Flirting with Asami like it was nothing and wasn’t in just her underwear and Asami totally wasn’t a blushing dork right now (it was way worse).  

“But I was just on my way taking a bath, and it can take a while…” Korra said rather awkwardly, rubbing her neck. ‘Spirits, she’s so freaking cute when she’s nervous.’

“Oh, but I can help you!” Asami replied excitingly.

“…Really? You're not-“

“Yeah! I can shampoo your hair and massage your scalp and we can drink some beer, or do you have some of that red wine left? It’ll be like a girls’ night!” At first, Korra just gave her this questioning face with her mouth slightly open, but then she chuckled again and shook her head.

“Will you help me down in the tub?”, she asked Asami who said something weird like ‘I WOULD LOVE TOO!’ and went out to the hallway to hang up her coat and bag, and put the take out on the kitchen island. When she got back, she was met by a very, very nude Korra.

She’s naked! SHE’S FUCKING NAKED! SHOULD I LOOK?! Wow she’s hot… STOP! TURN THE FUCK AROUND!’ Asami turned around, closing her eyes so hard it hurt.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry Korra I didn’t think you’d be naked-“

“Hey, calm down Asami”, Korra said brightly, not even fazed by the awkwardness. “We’re both girls, its nothing you haven’t seen before. And you know what they say: You’re not best friends if you haven’t seen each other naked.”

“You’ve seen Bolin naked?” Asami asked, turning around but with her eyes still closed.

“Uhm… Okay maybe it’s more of an unwritten rule between girls.” It made Asami laugh a little, and slowly she opened her eyes again, internally deciding on (or trying, at least) just looking at those beautiful blue eyes instead of that incredible body.

“Hi”, Korra said quietly with a small smile on her lips, and a little blush came creeping up onto Asami’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry… I kind of forgot the whole ‘you being naked while bathing’.”

“It’s alright, I know people in the Republic are prude, we’re not like that in the South. But to be honest I was a little nervous at first, you’re not just anyone.”

I will never get out of this fucking rabbit hole.’

“You’re not just anyone either, Korra.” It didn’t feel as awkward anymore, Korra always made everything seem so easy. “So, um, how do you want to do this?” Asami asked, pretending she wasn’t blushing.

“If it’s too much to ask, could you lift my legs into the tub so I can slip into the water myself?”

“Of course.” Her legs were still sweaty from the rehab and workout, but the skin felt smooth and nice. Korra scooted as far as she could get to the tub, and Asami carefully eased her legs in, and then let Korra hold onto her arm as she slid down into the warm and foamy water.

“Spirits, this is nice”, Korra sighed and relaxed. “Oh, how did the family day go?”

“It went great! And it was actually why I came over in the first place!” Asami went out to get her handbag with the rubber turtleduck and hold it up so Korra could see the number on it.

“This little guy won the turtleduck race I told you about this morning”, she explained as she sat down onto her knees next to the tub.

“Of course he won, he’s got my number on!” Korra replied with a lopsided grin. “And it's super cute too.”

“I know right? And its squeaks if you squeeze it!” As Asami told her that, Korra’s face went from grinning to horrified in 0,2 seconds, and when Asami’s hand started to squeeze the toy, she screamed “DON’T!”. At first Asami was confused about Korra’s behavior, but that changed drastically when the big white fluffy canine came bolting through the door. Jumping out of her skin, Asami dropped the rubber turtleduck into the tub and not soon after, so was half of Naga.

“NAGA GET OUT!” Korra yelled at her dog while trying to push the big, and now wet dog out of there. Naga got hold of the poor turtleduck (who was squeaking like a crazy turtleduck), and Asami got a hold of the dog and pulled her out of the tub. All dripping wet, the canine decides it was a very good idea to dry herself, and started to shake her body while the water splashed everywhere. Running out of the room, Naga left Asami a soaking mess on the stone floor.

“She really likes squeaking toys…” Asami heard Korra say from the tub. She glanced over the edge, and sees the brunette trying to contain a laugh, and it makes Asami sputter out one of her own and for probably ten minutes or more they were laughing so hard tears are falling on their heated cheeks.

When the girls finally calmed down, Asami got up and looked over her wet clothes.

“You can take the towel behind you and dry off some, and there’s clothes by the bed if you want to borrow”, Korra told her, and she greatly accepted the offer. In a pair of light grey sweatpants that was too short for her, and an oversized top, she helped Korra out of the tub (not without sharing a beer and shampooing her hair first) over to the sofa where containers of noodles and season two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was waiting for them.

“I finally have a time and place for our second date”, Korra said after taking her last bite of food. Asami’s heart jumped in her chest. “This Sunday, one o’clock. You need to pick me up so bring your car.” Korra smirk mysteriously at her, and Asami knew it was no idea to even ask what they will be doing, but whatever it was, it would be amazing. Because it always is with Korra.