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Hur jag fick dig att älska mig

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As said before, Asami lived by routines, but it was not like that just a couple of years ago, when she was still studying at one of the most prestigious universities the world had to offer. She could easily sleep through all morning lectures, if it was anything theoretical, and then be up all night to tinker with new inventions and prototypes. She loved going to the university though, hanging out with peers just as bright as she (well, not that bright, cause Asami was a brilliant genius like no other, but you get the point), spending the weekend after finals in a frat house partying for 72 hours, testing out new ideas and having heated discussions with her professors so long that it took the whole lecture (much to her fellow students pleasing). Asami wanted to try everything, and do everything and feel everything.

But then, her second year of trying to do everything, her father died. And she was left with a multi-billion Yuan company. Not wanting to let the board take care of it while she was still studying, and since it was her father’s last wish, she dropped out of the university and became the new CEO of Future Industries without the degree in mechanical engineering Asami had envisioned, but who cares? She already knew everything she needed to know about running the company her father started so many years ago.

Was it like she had always imagined it? Except for all the tedious paperwork and early morning meetings, she would say it was better. But here’s where the whole routine and planning part of Asami started. Realising she would be able to do actually everything now and even more, she also realized she’d be dead by the age of 40 if she didn’t contain herself. (Okay, maybe it was Kuvira who made her realize that, but whatever). So, she started to plan her weekdays and made sure to get time for Asami-time as well as Asami-and-friends-time, though those times were more often on the weekends. It could happen unexpected things, like trying to flirt with a cute brunette in a coffee place, or a project that had went over its estimated time schedule and would be in need of her attention.

Hence, the Asami Sato Daily Routines were born. They mostly involved her mornings and evenings, and lunch hour, and had been more or less the same since she implemented them. That was until three days ago. Four, if she counted that unexpected mission ‘Flirt with coffee shop girl’, which she didn’t. (She totally did). Now, Asamis morning routine went something like this; Asami would get up a whole wooping fifty minutes earlier every morning, take a shower, put on her face and clothes and excitingly hopping her way down to the cosy coffee house just next to her building to spend thirty minutes of her time for breakfast with cute coffee shop girl. Or Korra. Just Korra. Korra. Oh shut up.

“Wait wait, you’re actually telling me you were bored one day when you were sixteen and just ‘happen to make the first SatoPhone’? At the age of sixteen?” Korra said and gave her that dumbfounded stare Asami had been seeing a lot these past three days every time she told Korra something about herself (she loved it). And it had been quite a lot of questions too. “When I was sixteen my mom taught me not to talk with my mouth full…”

“Not so sure you learnt it very well…” Asami grinned and started to laugh when Korra threw a napkin her way. For every new day spending time with Korra, Asami had been very good at not behaving like a crazy person and blurt out stupid things. Well, for most parts at least.

“And I wouldn’t say playing in the national football team is not impressive for a sixteen-year-old either”, she continued, thinking back to their previous conversation the day before. Football is one of Korras biggest passion in life, and she got a full scholarship to the University of Republic City to play for their already successful ladies team. She did decide however to take a sabbatical year from school after her accident. Asami wasn’t sure why, but she could guess.

“Oh shush, it was only the U19 team…” Korra replied waving her off like it was nothing, although she did have a faint blush on her cheeks. “And it wasn’t like I helped anyone by kicking a muddy ball around.”

“Do you miss it? Playing, I mean.”

“I do. Although I don’t miss all the running, I hate running, but I do miss the kick of adrenaline you get when you hear people chanting your name. And my teammates, I wouldn’t be that good without them.” One thing Asami like about Korra; she was always very humble.

“You hate running, but still you play a sports that’s more or less ninety minutes of just running?”

“Hey, I never said I was logical!” Korra exclaimed with one of those adorable lopsided grins so Asami had to take retreat behind her coffee cup to hide the blush. She could tell by the look Korra gave her shortly after that she had seen it.

As she finished the last of her coffee, Asami glanced at her clock, and much to her dismay it was time to leave for work.

“So, I was thinking…” Korra said absently while rubbing her neck.

“About what?” Asami replied and started to thread her arms through her jacket.

“About those date proposals.” Asamis hand went through the jacket so fast she hit the empty cup so it went flying across the table. Luckily, Korra managed to grab it before it smashed on the floor.

“Oh”, Asami said, trying to sound casual and like that didn’t just happen. “I kind of forgot about that.” (She hadn’t, it was all she thought about).

“So, you’re not interested anymore?” Korra looked disappointed.

“No! I mean yes! Yes, I’m still interested.” ‘Seriously Sato, get it together.’ “You uh, you had a date in mind?”

“How ‘bout tonight? Maybe short notice –“

“No, tonight is fine! It’s great, I can do tonight!” Korra looked surprised by her eagerness, but she did chuckle a little.

“Great. I was thinking you could come over to my place and we could cook some dinner together. How does that sound?”

It’s sounds like the worst idea ever; you don’t cook for shit.

“As long as I get to pay for the groceries, I say its sounds lovely”, Asami said smiling back and totally ignoring the voice in her head.

“Awesome, I’ll text you the details! And I’m pretty sure you’re late for work so you should get going.”

“Shit! Yeah I really need to go, I’ll see you tonight!”

 Rest of the day couldn’t go any fucking slower. And it did not help that her schedule was filled to the brim with meetings. Long, tedious meetings. Somehow, Asami pulled through, and it was Friday, which meant the whole building finished work at five which meant Asami also finished work at five. This gave her a couple of hours before her first date with Korra to become as sexy, yet classy and desirable as she possibly could. So the most important question in the world right now were: What the hell should Asami wear?

Of course Asami already picked out four different outfits for the occasion, but she still couldn’t decide which one. Standing in just her underwear, she heard the front door opened and closed, followed by a “Okay, I’m here, show me the money!”

“Bedroom!” Asami shouted back, and shortly after Kuvira entered.

“What’s the sitch?” Kuvira asked while looking over Asamis clothing choices.

“Cooking dinner at her place.”

“Really? Then you should definitely skip everything cotton and polyester.”

“Oh shut up! I’m can cook pretty well!” Kuvira rolled her eyes.

“Boiling eggs doesn’t count ‘Sami.”

“Ugh, just help me, please?”

“Alright alright. What do you know about her?”

And this is what Asami knew about Korra so far; She is twenty-one years old, her favourite colour was blue (yes, Korra actually told her that like it wasn’t obvious), she lived by herself with Naga, her oldest and best friend (don’t tell Bolin). Two hours every day she spent at the rehab centre, and another hour or two at the gym since she needed her upper body strength now more than ever (Asami didn’t mind that one bit). Every morning, Bolin would show up at Korras flat and wake her up, and while he took Naga for her morning walk Korra got dressed and jumped into ‘The Blue Peasant’ (her wheelchairs frame were blue, but the peasant thing Asami didn’t really get) and follow Bolin to the coffee shop. Saturdays was spent in its entirely on Korras sofa in her flat, watching the Premier League, the highest football league for men in United Republic.

Korra was so full of life and happy smiles and laughs and cute lopsided grins and seemed like the most worriless person in the world, and it was intoxicating being around her, like an addiction she didn’t want to stop. Asami had never felt so alive because of someone else before.

“Marry her. Right now Asami”, Kuvira said after the storytelling. “Saving a kid like that… wow.”

“I know! And now I really want to make a good impression so let’s get back to the clothing choices”, Asami whined, holding up dress number two. It was a dark red one, knee length, more to the simple and functional way, but still had that ‘oomph’ she wanted.

“Forget about the clothes, go like that! She can’t say no to that!” Kuvira nodded at her, still in her underwear.  

“I do have a long black coat…”


“No! What about this one?” Asami held up a maroon chiffon shirt, and a pair of black tight jeans.

“Not the shirt, we want you to look like the girl on fire, not literary be the girl on fire.” Kuvira moved to the walk in closet. “Wear this”, she said and tossed her a stylish red top. “Its casual like the occasion, yet showing off your arms and a little cleavage.”

Korra wasn’t the only one with a good set of arms.

“When are you leaving?”

Asami looked at her watch. “Like now? I need to buy the food we’re going to cook”, she said while jumping into the outfit.

“So, what’s for dinner?”

“Korra texted me the list earlier, but I didn’t have time to look it through.” Asami picked up her phone on the desk and opened the message as Kuvira looked over her shoulder.

“Uh… chocolate fondue with vegetables and mayo with sprinkles on top?” There were several ingredients on the list that did not made any sense in Asamis mind. Like the five chocolate bars and mayonnaise.

“Maybe it’s a southern thing?”

 Whether it was a southern thing or not, Asami didn’t really have time to think about, because all her brain capacity was occupied with thoughts about the evening. The text Korra sent earlier told her that the girl lived somewhere along the dock of Yue Bay. At last, Asami thought she was at the right place, even though the building looked like an old warehouse, brick walls and industrial windows, the balconies and front door gave it away. As she skimmed through the list of the resident’s names, Asami realised she didn’t know Korras last name. She couldn’t even guess her way to it. So the only reasonable thing to do was to call her.


“Hi, its stalker girl calling”, Asami said with a smirk. “I think I’m outside your building, but I don’t know your last name or the code to the front door.”

“Oh, right! Its 3278 and top floor!”

“Okay great, see ya in a bit!”

They hung up and Asami went in and made her way through the concrete vestibule to the lift, taking her three floors up. There she was met with two doors on either side of the narrow hallway. This time it was simpler to figure out which flat was Korras, since it was the only one with a K on it.

Okay Sato, initiate flirt her socks off.’

She knocked, and almost immediately she heard someone shouting “Its open!” so Asami turned the knob and got greeted by a big ball of fluff and.