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Hur jag fick dig att älska mig

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Asami Sato lived by routines; she’d start every day with a quick shower and then put on some make up before dressing herself in the outfit of the day (that took her at least half an hour every night to pick out). Because of her lack of time (and culinary skills) she’d head down to the small coffee shop just around the corner from her flat.

The coffee shop was fairly cosy inside. It was decorated like most coffee places nowadays; the feel of a rustic wooden cabin with a fire place, fur pelts on the seats and sofas, animal heads and simple and stylish graphic prints adorned the walls, and lots of book shelves full of, well, books and other knick knacks. The coffee and breakfast menu were terrific, the staff nice and service minded but the one thing Asami liked the most with the place, and had no problems at all standing in line cause of it, was the view.

There was this girl Asami has had her eyes on for quite some time now. She was always in the coffee house when Asami arrived in the morning, positioned in a sofa in the far back corner, just visible from the counter. She had short brown hair, sometimes a grey beanie over it, tanned skin and a great set of arms. She also had a white ball of fluff with her every time, either stationed at the girls feet or next to her on the sofa, with its head in her lap. Another thing Asami had notice during her almost creepy glances, were that the girl always read a book, and would furrow her brows in concentration, sometimes she bit her lower lip, and sometimes she would grin brightly and looking so freaking cute it made Asami grin too. Every other day it’s a new book, often in the fantasy genre, like The Lord of the Rings novels, but every now and then Asami would find her reading sci-fi, something from the young adult section or the latest crime novel. None the less it seemed like the girl was a fast reader, or had a lot of free time.

So, it kind of had become a very important point in her morning routine, occasionally stare at the cute girl in the back corner of the coffee house. It was much needed, because it almost every time made her entire day. And sometimes even in the evening before bed, Asami would get all giddy over the fact she was going to see the girl again tomorrow morning.

Today, the girl had the grey beanie on, together with a simple black and blue lumberjack shirt (she always had blue on her, be it tops or shirts or trousers, something were always blue. Must be her favourite colour) and brown chinos. Her dog had its head in her lap, sleeping happily away while being pleasantly scratched under the ear.

‘Awh, she’s wearing that shirt today, it really compliments her skin’ Asami thought while glancing over at the girl.

You should go talk to her. Todays the day Asami!’

Maybe it was. She’d been thinking of introduce herself for quite some time now, but always chickened out right before.

‘I can’t, I have that stupid investors meeting in half an hour…’


‘Ugh, stop it. It’s haaaaaard. And she’s busy right now. And I like our relationship like it is right now.’

‘... no you don’t’

‘shut up.’

“The same as always, Miss?” the cashier asked, a guy with broad shoulders and dark hair and sweet green eyes.

“You know it Bolin, and please, call me Asami. We ought to be on first name basis by now”, Asami replied with a small smile while giving him a couple of notes and told him to keep the change, as always. Bolin grinned back at her, nodding and collected the cash.

“Thanks! Give me a few minutes and I’ll have your order ready!”

“Take your time, I don’t mind waiting.” She glanced back at the girl, who were busy with typing away on a SatoPhone.

‘So she has good taste in tech too.’

‘I’m telling you, you should just go up and talk to her!’

“Here ya go Asami! One large coffee with milk and a mozzarella grilled chicken sandwich to go!” Bolin interrupts her thoughts, holding up a paper bag in front of her face. Somewhat startled, Asami takes the bag thanks him. Before turning and leaving, she takes one last glance at the girl in the corner. 

‘Tomorrow. I’ll definitely do it tomorrow.’

And then tomorrow came, and Asami had planned the whole meeting in to the very last detail. She would arrive at the shop in her best looking clothes that was also appropriate at the office, order a coffee and whatever the girl was having (she would ask Bolin) walk over to the girl and say "one hot [insert beverage here] for the hottie (she would probably go with "the cute girl" in the end, but right now in her mind it was hottie) who hides in the corner" and then Asami would wink and hand over the beverage and ask if she could sit down. They would talk and Asami would come with witty retorts and her mystery girl would smirk that pretty smirk she had and everything would be wonderful and they would eventually end up married. (What? I told you she'd planned it in the very last detail.)

Everything went exactly like she had planned, except for one thing; her mystery girl was nowhere to be seen. The small sofa in the far corner were all alone and the table was empty with no book or mug.

‘Maybe she switched seats...’

Asami started to look around the small coffee shop, but the disappointment became more and more obvious in her eyes as she scanned the place, not seeing the girl. When at the register, not even Bolin would greet her, like he always did. This was the worst morning ever.

She didn't see the girl the day after either, or the day after that. As the days went by, Asami became more and more moody, all she could think about was the stupid, cute, gorgeous, amazing-skin-complexion, adorable concentration face, always head in a book girl from the coffee shop.


After a week and a half, Asami decided to take a day off from everything office related and head down to the garage to work on a new car prototype and hope that could take her mind off of things. That meant she did not have to dress up, so a long sleeved grey henley with the Future Industries logo on the shoulders, a pair of brown baggy cargo trousers that actually was the comfiest fucking trousers of all time, according to both Asami and Kanye (probably not) along with her signature black and maroon Future Industries leather jacket would do just fine.

“Wow, Asami, you look totally different today!” Bolin exclaimed when she got to the counter. “In a good way I mean! You always look good, but it’s nice to see you don’t only own business suits.” Asami gave him a small smile and chuckled.

“Why thank you Bolin, I’m flattered.”

“The same as always?”

“Yeah, I-“ she stopped abruptly when her eyes caught something moving in the far corner.