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Have I found you, flightless bird?

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You found me dressed in black, hiding way up at the back

Life had broken my heart into pieces

You took my hand in yours, you started breaking down my walls

and you covered my heart in kisses

I thought life passed me by,

missed my tears, ignored my cries

Life had broken my heart, my spirit

And then you crossed my path,

you quelled my fears, you made me laugh

then you covered my heart in kisses
Sia- Dressed in Black


The sound of chirping birds woke Wendy the next morning. Lights and shadows danced on the ceiling, leaving her in a dream-like state. The images of the past night were still flickering in front of her inner eye. She and Peter by the beach, standing close to each other, kissing. Peter flying back to the treehouse and Wendy holding onto him tightly. Wendy Darling was convinced this was a dream until she opened her eyes. The impressions and feelings from last night flooded her brain and she knew, she immediately knew it had really happened. Smiling, she stood up and put her new blue-green dress on.

A thump from the window made her twirl and she grinned when she saw it was Peter. "Already up, Wendy-Bird?", he asked and grinned. She laughed and walked towards him. "Oh, so now I'm your bird?" Pan touched her waist softly, his right hand caressing her cheek. "You have always been." And his lips were on hers again, the pair of them kissing passionately in the hidden treehouse. Unconsciously they both moved closer towards the narrow bed until Wendy fell backwards into the bed, laughing and exclaimed: "I just got up!" Peter smirked. The feel of skin, the closeness of another person. Things they had been deprived of so long, human desires that were surfacing now. Still kissing, Peter's hand touched her arms over and over, then moving to her legs. He loved the feeling of Wendy running her hands through his hair. For a brief moment they broke the kiss, only to laugh and Peter caressed her neck with soft, small kisses, making her giggle even more. He held her head in his hands now, kissing her lips again with an intense passion. Suddenly Peter Pan jumped up, leaving Wendy startled on the bed. "What's wrong?", she gasped. "Nothing, it's time for breakfast. You have to meet the lost boys." Pan smiled at her sincerely and reached out his arm, helping her up. Wendy chuckled. He was still a boy after all and changed his mind with the wind. She was mesmerized by his aura today, light and cheerful, yet adventurous. He was beginning to resemble the boy she had met all those years ago at her window again. Maybe what had happened between that first day and yesterday had all just been a bad dream.

The smell of fried eggs filled the air and the earth seemed to be vibrating with the thumping of many feet. Peter was making his way through the jungle to the camp of the lost boys, holding Wendy's hand beside him, who was excited but also anxious about being in a larger group of people again. She had known the lost boys well until her imprisonment yet now she found herself struggling to remember their names. The noises of the camp became louder until the forest grew lighter and revealed a large and round plaza, filled with almost 15 boys. In the center of the circle was a big campfire where a boy was cooking. The hammocks in which some boys were still sleeping, were located at the edge of the camp, almost growing into the jungle. As soon as the boys caught sight of Peter Pan, they went silent and the camp noises disappeared instantly, except the eggs still sizzling in the pan. Peter raised his voice: "Attention everyone! Today we welcome back Wendy Darling, not as a prisoner but as our guest again!" He took her hand and raised it triumphantly, signaling a success to the boys. Very surprised they looked at each other but started clapping.          

Wendy smiled and immediately knew what being in a group felt like again. She felt more human than when she was isolated, more complete. Peter Pan grinned childishly and shouted: "And now breakfast for all of us!" The boys scrambled again and hurried to get everything ready for the morning meal. Pan enjoyed his power over them, being the leader felt normal to him, it was in his nature. Soon all the Lost boys were settled around the campfire on logs of wood and munched on fried eggs and bread, washed down with a special Neverland juice, its ingredients were unknown but it was delicious nevertheless. The lot of them were chatting happily, maybe because a girl was with them again, an exciting change for most of them. Wendy noticed that there were new faces she hadn't seen yet, boys that had come to the island recently and they eyed her very cautious and curiously. While eating, she met eyes with Felix, Pan's most loyal devotee. He glared at her angrily and she looked away quickly. Wendy remembered him as the cruelest and vowed to herself to avoid him at all terms. Peter's hand touched her fingers on the log of wood they were sitting on and they smiled at each other briefly. Never had Wendy thought that her return to the group would be like this, with Peter close by her side. The touch of his hand caused excited tingles in her stomach and suddenly she wanted to be alone with him again. But for now, she was happy to be with the Lost Boys around the campfire, in a safe place, almost a home.

After breakfast, the group split up: Some of the boys left the camp, some stayed and some were unsure what to do. Peter was content, glaring at Wendy almost every second, a happy smirk in his face. "What is it?", she laughed, noticing his gaze. "Nothing, you're just so beautiful, Darling.", he grinned and stroked a dark blonde hair strand of hers and tucked it behind her ear softly. A wide smile spread over her face and her blue eyes gleamed. "I'm your darling now?" "That's your name. You've always been my Darling and you know that." He chuckled. Yes, he was very handsome, Wendy admitted to herself. Even more so when he was happy. Then he had that glow from the inside, that made it impossible not to smile. He's charmed me once again. Peter spoke again, a little quicker this time: "I just remembered something I have to do. I have to go now, but it won't be long, I promise." He looked around to check that no one was watching and then planted a quick but soft kiss on Wendy's cheek. Then he left for the forest but changed his mind and simply began to rise off the ground, glancing at Wendy one last time before he flew off. Wendy stood there, starstruck by the King of Neverland, the boy that could fly.


Peter Pan had finished renewing Neverlands invisible protection borders, a duty he was forced to do every once in a while. It drained his powers a little, but was necessary so that no one could invade or leave his realm without his permission. He stood on a rocky shore now, watching the enormous Skull Rock in the water in front of him. Unable to resist, he flew to the top of Skull Rock and settled there, it was one of his favorite places on the island because he was high up and could see his green paradise. Maybe, he thought, I can bring Wendy up here some time. She'd like it. Yesterday and today were so different. Kissing had brought out a part of him that was buried deep in his soul. A part that had nothing to do with magic. I don't feel like myself, but I feel good so it can't be wrong. She's so different from the Lost Boys. Maybe that's what I need. Pan noticed a tiny blue flower blooming on top of Skull Rock next to him. It was an absolutely impossible place for a flower to grow, yet it was there. He picked it and decided to give it to Wendy. Then he rose from the rock and flew into the jungle, walking his way back to the camp.

Just as Peter wanted to go back to Wendy, he crossed ways with Felix. Ignoring him, Peter kept walking but Felix spoke to him, making Pan stop to listen. Felix spoke quickly, as if there wasn't much time: "Should I put the girl back into her cage?", Felix asked. "She has a name.", Peter snorted angrily. How did he dare to speak of her like that? Felix rolled his eyes: " Fine. Shall I put Wendy back in her cage?" "No. She can sleep in the treehouse tonight.", Peter answered. "Extending her time out of the cage? That is not how we planned it. Don't tell me you've fallen for the girl.", Felix scoffed. He turned his head in disbelief. Shocked, Peter could not quite comprehend that his most loyal supporter Felix had actually dared to tell him this. Had Felix forgotten Pan's authority? Had he forgotten his power? But Peter was too confused to punish Felix. So he spoke clearly and loud: "I haven't fallen for her." Even though he felt a certain way about Wendy, a way he thought was impossible, he chose denial. Never would her tell anyone about his feelings. Besides, he was so much better at lying.

"I'm sorry Pan, it just felt like you're going soft." A fury rose inside Pan, quickly taking over his body and mind. Going soft? Him? He was Peter Pan, the boy that everyone feared, the boy that had done more evil things than anyone could possibly do in a lifetime! He was definitely not going soft, especially not because of a helpless, pathetic girl. He was not that weak. In his anger, he raised his hand and closed it slowly, clutching something invisible in the air. There was a certain pressure but he was strong enough to overcome it, his fingertips were almost touching his thumb. Felix breathed and coughed heavily, then he began to choke, sinking to his knees, his head turning red. His hands were at his throat, trying to remove the invisible grip, but Peter was stronger. Peter Pan smiled devilishly and enjoyed the pain he was causing Felix. He deserved every bit of it. After a minute or so, when Felix was choking so much he could not breath anymore, Peter realized he would die the next second. He also knew that somehow he depended on his loyalty. Felix got the dirty work done, things that Pan himself would never bother to do but were vital. He was more useful that the whole lot of the lost boys together. So he released his grip, not all at once, but slowly. Then Felix fell to the ground, coughing heavily and gasping for air at the same time. He was despicable. Peter smiled wickedly, satisfied with himself. Felix had to be reminded of Pan's power. That Felix was a guest on his island. And that he could end his life just with a wink of his hand. Pan squatted next to him while Felix was still choking and spoke very clearly: "I hope that you won't forget who's in charge here. Neither am I going soft, nor are you allowed to question my authority, my decisions and my power. You will always do exactly as I say. You may have a better position here than the rest of the lot, but don't get cocky, you're just a lost boy like the rest of them." He spat those words out with scorn. He stood up and kicked Felix. "Now get up!", he cried very loud and angrily. Slowly, Felix began to retreat, his lip bleeding from the kick and his throat swollen from the choking. His eyes were dark and angry, but he belonged to Pan, so he could do nothing but look at him with hate gleaming in his eyes. Peter looked at him disgusted and despised him completly. He screamed at Felix: "Now go! Get out of my sight! And lock the girl in her cage!"