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Kara and Cat were comfortably lain out on the floor, the storm outside providing a wonderful symphony of calm that harmonized with the low crackle of the fireplace across the room from them. Lunch had been an amusing experience, mostly for Kara. Cat had been nestled more in the astonished realm what with the other woman’s food intake. They had finished the first little meal course and out of her own curiosity Cat had pushed until Kara had relented and said she was still hungry. Five servings of chicken, with sides and half a chocolate cake later Kara finally assured Cat that was full enough for now. As it was, Cat had brought over a small tray of munchables just in case Kara found herself to be peckish again. Their conversations had been relaxed, the pair of them casually discussing the simple basic elements about the other akin to the Proust questionnaire. Tame and unobtrusive, yet considering how much the pair dealt with each other on a daily basis it seemed oddly intimate and personal.

Kara reached over and snagged another morsel of food, stretching back out on her side, propped on her elbow facing Cat who was pressed against a chair of pillows, one leg folded inward with the other propped up on the ball of her foot. She took a long sip of her wine, setting the glass off to the side while Kara stuck to water.

“May I ask you something?”

“Still feel you have to ask?” Cat looked amused, head leaning back against her throne of pillows. Kara smirked faintly in response, fingers toying with themselves as she looked back up at the other woman.

“It’s a little more in depth than asking your favorite swear word.”

Cat chuckled and made a gesture for the other woman to continue.

“Why haven’t you opened the box I gave you?” She continued to watch the other woman and the rolling shifts her aura continued to amaze the Kryptonian with.

Cat hummed at the other woman’s curiosity on the matter, unsure how she knew she hadn’t opened the object but she did just the same. “You told me I needed to be sure about who and what I wanted.” She started reaching for her wine again. “It felt wrong to keep it, if I wasn’t going to choose Supergirl.” The other woman’s title echoed into her wine glass as Cat watched her reaction.

Kara drew in a slow audible breath through her nose, gaze never wavering as she let the weight of Cat’s implication settle between them. She shifted her shoulders, adjusting her weight as Cat put her glass back on the nearby table.

“So, no second date?” Kara mused, causing Cat to let out a small laugh.

“Technically this is our fourth, if,” she punctuated the word, “you count breakfast the first time, that night you showed up and then the gala last night.”

Kara nodded, her slight smile remaining in place as she considered all that. “I did bring flours this time.”

Cat hummed again, her hands slid to the carpet, aiding in pushing herself up as she stood. “Don’t go anywhere.” She uttered, passing the other woman on her way to the hallway and up. Kara heard her move around upstairs, stopping only for a moment or two. As she made her way back Kara sat up, curling her legs up beneath herself just as Cat came to stand in front of her again.

In one hand was the velvet box as she looked down at the other woman. On instinct Kara held out a hand, helping the other woman back to the floor easily as she folded her legs underneath her body until their knees were touching.

“It’s important to you isn’t it?” Cat guessed, seeing Kara’s heart rate escalate along the cords of her neck.

Kara gave a small nod, eyes on the box another moment before she chanced a look back up at Cat.

“Maybe you should have it back regardless.” Cat suggested, toying with the box before holding it out to the other woman.

Kara licked her lips looking at the box as she took another deep breath. “No.” She exhaled with the finality of her statement, looking back up to the other woman. “It’s for you, I meant for you to have it.”

Cat tipped her head slightly, watching Kara closely, once again feeling the certitude in her tone usually reserved for when she wore the suit. With a small nod she thumbed the edge of the box, drawing it closer to herself until she could open it. Kara watched carefully as the box split, revealing its contents as Cat’s moth made a soft ‘oh’ shape. “Kara, I can’t.” Were out in a rush before she could even look up.

Kara scooted impossibly closer, hunching her shoulders forward slightly as she glanced down at the object then back up. “Yes you can,” she assured as Cat pulled the crystalline sliver from its velveteen confines, the chain pulling free as well. The weight of the metal was next to nothing in her hand compared to the sliver in her palm.

“No this is, this is yours, from your home.” Cat tried again, knowing somehow of its origin the moment she had looked at it. Already she was pushing against the sensation burning at the back of her eyes as she saw Kara’s crest reflected back at her from across the top of it.

“And I gave it to you, for all that you did for my family and for me.” Kara moved then, hooking a finger around the chain where it draped down Cat’s hand, lifting the living crystal away as she pushed onto her knees and made her way behind Cat.

“The only ones strong enough to break this chain are of the house of El.” She spoke with a quiet reverence as she draped the necklace around to Cat’s chest. Cat herself remained still, reaching up tentatively to grasp the crystal and press its warmth against her skin as Kara pulled the chain tighter. “It twists three times, then unlocks, you’ll hear the click before it releases.” Kara locked the necklace, smoothing it around Cat’s throat before coming back around into view as Cat picked up the sliver and looked down at it again.

“What is it exactly?” Cat questioned quietly, watching all manner of colors reflect back at her as the light caught the opaque crystal as she turned it over in her fingertips.

“A living crystal.” Kara supplied watching Cat closely. “We used them to essentially record things.”

“And this one?” Cat inquired, smoothing it down against her chest before turning to look up at Kara.

“My journey here.” Kara allowed cautiously, working her way back around and getting comfortable again on the floor in front of the other woman.

“Kara I can’t.” Cat urged, feeling the crystal warm to her skin, the stone itself almost seeming to drum against the beat of her own heart.

“Consider it one more surprise.” Kara offered, studying Cat openly, watching the severity of the impact her gift had settle on Cat’s shoulders. “It’s better than the watch Kal-El gave Olsen to keep them connected.” She tried for humor, though the amusement never quite reached the other woman’s expression.

Cat sat looking down at the object, once again running her fingertips across it, watching the colors in it flare to life before she reached up with her free hand and pushed at the corner of her eye with the wetness gathered there.

“It’s beautiful, thank you.” She started to say that she didn’t deserve it but tucked that away and instead reached out to the other woman.

Kara scooted closer and with a gentle push, turned over as Cat pulled her into her lap, looking down at the younger woman with a quiet reverence, fanning her hair out across her thigh.

“You’re very welcome Cat.” She reached up, touching the pendant, watching it come to life again between them with a small smile. They sat like that, relishing in each other in silence for an indeterminate amount of time until Cat stifled a yawn.

“What else are you doing today?” Cat murmured gently, toying with Kara’s hair as she waited for her answer.

“Nothing planned.” Which was true, she’d only intended on dropping off the flours for Cat and attempting to sort her two selves out and somehow present all that to the woman then leave. With that seemingly resolved to a certain degree, for the moment she was free and clear.

Cat smirked at the open ended tone and gently nudged the other woman in order to get her to sit up. She stretched languidly and then pushed herself to a stand, offering a hand to Kara. With a slight brow arc Kara grabbed Cat’s hand, using her own strength to hoist herself up. Cat curled and tangled their fingers together before pulling the other woman with her. Wordlessly she pulled Kara across her apartment, back up the stairs and down the hall to her bedroom. She strung Kara along with her before turning around, setting Kara’s hand at her waist where its twin soon joined.

“Don’t move.” She whispered, fingers easily prying the other woman’s jeans apart with a small noise of surprise from Kara that made her stop. “Trust me?” Cat was already threading her fingers between the other woman’s jeans and underwear, dusting across her skin.

Kara swallowed visibly and could only nod as she felt her skin prickle to attention. Cat grinned and worked the article from Kara’s hips and down. “Take these off,” she ushered before stepping back, taking her touch with her as she disappeared into her closet.

Kara let out a rush of an exhale and eased her jeans off the rest of the way, draping them over a chair, already tugging at her shirt edges in some semblance of modesty coupled with self-consciousness.

When Cat emerged a few moments later she couldn’t help but take the sight in, stepping back over with an extra sway in her hips. She let her eyes roam across the exposed tone of Kara’s legs and the nervous pull of her fingers against the edges of her shirt.

“How can you be so self-conscious looking like that.” Cat asked rhetorically before looking back up at the other woman.

“It’s not how I look so much as who’s doing the looking.” Kara whispered, refusing to look down even as Cat reevaluated her body again, causing her throat to flush red.

With a small amused hum Cat thwapped at the other woman’s chest with what she was holding. “Put these on Supergirl.” She stepped away, leaving Kara to catch the overly worn set of clothing that she nearly dropped anyway as she was smacked in the face with Cat’s own shirt.

With a slight flail of movement Kara pried the article from her face, only to see the stretch of Cat’s back as she shrugged into an oversized and rather threadbare university shirt. She moved over to the lounger then, setting on the edge of the cushion before working on the leggings she still had on.

“Are you just going to stand there?” She questioned without looking up from her task. The words themselves seemed to kick Kara into action. She pulled on the sweatpants Cat had procured for her, the waist band barely rounding her hips as she started to move closer only to be assaulted again with Cat’s leggings.

“Thought you were fast.” Cat teased, and no sooner was the last word out of her mouth, Kara was in front of her.

“I can be.”

Cat glanced down, hand tipping at the cut of Kara’s waist where her skin was exposed, internally smiling to herself at her choices. She reached out then, smoothing her fingertips across that line, watching the play of muscles before looking back up. Kara for her efforts remained still, even if Cat’s touch seemed amplified across her waist, causing the muscles there to tense involuntarily. She took note of the slight jump in Cat’s pulse at her neck and wavered closer.

“You’re not the only one full of surprises Kara.” Cat swallowed feeling the pulse of the crystal at her chest again before she stood. “I haven’t slept since before your little party.” She fisted at Kara’s shirt, turning her around as Cat moved around her. She knelt on her bed, still holding onto Kara until the other woman’s legs pressed against the edge.

“And I don’t want you to leave.” She tugged on Kara’s shirt until she crawled on the bed with her. Once assured Kara was following Cat let her go, scooting backwards until she was against all the pillows across her headboard. Kara on the other hand didn’t stop, urging Cat’s knees down, letting her stretch her legs as she crawled over her. She stopped only when they were nearly nose to nose, glancing to Cat’s mouth then back up as she leaned closer.

Their mouths almost brushed until Cat caught Kara’s face with her hands, nudging and teasing her features with the end of her nose. “Think you can sleep in the middle of the day?” She teased, feeling Kara nod slowly before she filtered her fingers back into the depths of her hair. “Good,” she whispered before letting their mouths meet. She felt Kara’s inhale in her chest, pulling the woman closer until she eased her body down against Cat’s own.

Cat tugged gently at Kara’s mouth before tipping her head back and separating the pair. “You are impossible.” She breathed, already feeling her hips lift upward in response to the deliciousness of Kara’s weight settling against her.

Kara smirked, tasting her bottom lip before nudging Cat’s nose with her own, balancing on her hands effortlessly. “Can’t help it.”

Cat laughed gently and pushed at the other woman’s shoulders, throwing her off balance. “Get in here already.” She moved over, pulling the expensive plush of covers aside as Kara rolled off her completely and clamored under the covers as Cat herself scooted down into their depths. Kara scooted lower alongside the other woman, pushing the pillows behind her as she got comfortable only to have Cat surround her torso and yank her closer with a small noise of surprise. Cat in turned hummed her appreciation, eliciting another uncharacteristic noise from Kara as she nuzzled into her chest.

“It’s okay.” Cat murmured, curling closer. “I won’t grope you.” She felt Kara laugh internally before her body relaxed. “Much.”

Kara swallowed the rise of desire Cat had stirred inside her before gently wrapping an arm around the other woman’s body. She pulled in a deep breath, letting her senses hone in on the other woman’s heartbeat and breathing until much to her surprise she found herself drifting to sleep.

That was how Carter found them so many hours later, having returned from his grandmother’s house early due to some function she was invited to at the last minute. Thankfully Carter had left her down in the lobby which she vacated as soon as he informed the doorman once he was safely inside. When no reply to his calls had come from upstairs he had simply invited himself up as per usual. He stopped short upon seeing more than one person in the room and when he edged closer his whole face seemed to light up with the realization of just who was exactly wrapped around his mother. With a gasp of excitement, he clamored up into the bed with the two women, startling them awake with a few noises of surprise until his voice stopped them both dead.

“When did you start dating Supergirl?!”

Kara was sitting bolt upright hand at her chest at having been startled awake, she wasn’t usually such a deep sleeper. Cat was in a similar position, settled on her hip as she leaned her shoulder into the headboard. She saw how dark it was outside and wondered how she had managed to sleep so soundly. The pair looked at one another then Cat to Carter while Kara waited looking at the other woman while keeping her bouncing son in her periphery.

Cat glanced back at Kara with a ghost of a smile before shifting into a more comfortable position, pulling one of the other woman’s hands to her, kissing the back of her knuckles in front of her son before smiling much more openly.