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The Kryptonian had her by the back of the neck, and like a cat she'd frozen. There was no malice or even an amount of pressure to her skin but the touch had been enough to stop the other woman. The caught woman heard something slip from her mind before making a slow turn back towards the alien herself, watching her carefully. Their gaze was intense, the blue of her eyes having lightened considerably in part to her emotions. The woman was made breathless because of it, her posture relaxing a moment after. She noted the alien woman's sudden relaxation as a mirror to her own. 'oh god' slipped past her lips on an exhale as she felt the kryptonian's fingers knead at her neck and lean closer.

Their noses brushed, eyes having fallen closed or lowered towards the vantage of the other's lips. They stood like that for mere seconds that drew on for eternity. Faces touching at the forehead, ball of the nose and with a turn of the head, at the temples until their center was found again.

The woman’s breathing was audible, a beat that passed in a slow half interval to the charging thunder of her heart against her chest. The alien woman only pressed harder, not enough to be painful but defiantly enough to be felt. The woman’s' hand was at the back of her neck while its twin was suddenly brushing against the opposite side of the column, running up into her hair and disheveling it.

The younger woman lent her head down with the slight pull on her hair, feeling the pressure of the other woman’s nose against her forehead followed by the warm surrounding of her mouth against the plane and then another kiss closer to her hair line. The Kryptonian’s hands fell, both holding the line of the other woman’s jaw and curling back around her head to pull her face up. A trembling series of breaths escaped the shorter woman as strong hands angled their features and a searing mouth sought the other’s warmth.

The younger woman felt as if she was going to fall with the faint tug of the kryptonian’s lips against her upper one. The contact broken, she found her own fingers curling into the waistband of the other woman's pants as a means to simply keep herself upright. The strength of the Kryptonian’s arm slid around the curve of the other woman’s shoulders then, her other hand still toying at the line of a feminine jaw and further tousling the woman's hair. They were kissing again, a deeper interval this time but only with a temporary contact like before.

Their mouths met open and yielding, lips falling closed before tugging at the other's in the midst of broken contact. The younger woman’s hands drifted upward with each kiss, the gentle audibility of their mouth's separations spawning veins of electricity to twirl through her. When her fingertips felt the under curve of the Kryptonian’s breasts she lifted them away as if burned, mouth withdrawing in a hiss of a sound as fingers sought their purchase alongside the contour of the taller woman’s jaw.

Their foreheads were together again, Astra's features lower than Alex's own as she tried desperately to regroup herself with a deeply audible inhale and subservient exhale. Her hands slipped away from Alex's hair, smoothing firmly over her shoulders and down her arms only to fall away at the bend of the elbow and latch onto the other woman's hips. Their bodies shifted then, having drifted apart to catch a breath.

“This is wro-” Alex’s voice was swallowed whole as they were forced back together with a well-placed inward step from Astra, fingers curling around Alex's belt loops to draw the other woman closer. Alex had let her hands fall then, arms jutting out as they gripped at the open lines of the other woman's jacket inverted; she forced the zipper apart and back over Astra's shoulders with an insistent shove. Her breathing had nearly doubled in pace and sound, signaling just how aroused she was becoming and how much faster her heart was now racing. She lent around the taller woman's frame in order to push the object completely off, satisfied when the metal of the pull clacked against the floor.

“Not now.” Astra stepped forward, eyes closed and lips broken. Her expression held a note of desperation mixed with arousal and desire if nothing else than just to be kissed again. When Alex had gripped the line of her jacket she had known there would be no going back now. She let her arms break away from their hold around the shorter woman, forced back with the shield of her jacket Alex was now stripping her of. For a brief moment the air held nothing but the scent of Alex's shampoo as russet locks kissed their way over her skin. “You are mine, fairly I might add.”

She followed the scent hastily, only to be further spurred onward by the warm press of Alex's mouth against the side of her neck. A sentiment she tried to mimic until Alex straightened once more, resulting in the capture of the more intimate skin at the arc of Alex's exposed collarbone. She felt fingers clawing up the back of her neck and over her scalp then, slipping back around to the sides of her face as Alex blessed her visage with small audible kisses from one side to the other. “I don’t even wanna know where you got those gold bars Astra.”

Tiny moans escalated from both of them with a breathless abandon. Astra had brought her hands back to Alex's waist amidst them, slipping beneath her jacket and breaking the seal of her shirt at her midriff with a satisfying snap of plastic buttons against the floor as her nails raked over bare skin. The kisses stopped and Alex straightened again with a quiet sound. Astra felt fingers whisper across the exposed skin below her neck until Alex's hands grabbed at her collar and with a strong pull forced the snap buttons of her under shirt apart with a series of hollow clicks until her chest and upper stomach were exposed.

“I did not steal them, I promise.” Astra grabbed fistfuls of Alex's jacket in her left hand while the right found the zipper. Both pulled in opposite directions, rending the fabric open with a metallic whine. The strength of Alex's hands pressed into the flat of her chest, rubbing up towards her shoulders and back down as the woman forced the exposed gap of clothes wider by locking it up and over Astra's shoulders. Astra tried to lift one shoulder of the shirt and jacket from Alex's body, only to find kisses being rained upon her skin again. With the younger woman's moan, she made a last ditch toss and forgot about the garment as she tried to find the other woman's mouth.

Their bodies were pressed nearly flush against one another; Alex's hands were at her shoulder and around her waist, as if trying to turn her in the midst of her oral onslaught. Astra had an arm around Alex's shoulder, tugging her closer as she finally caught her mouth only to give Alex the upper hand.

Her body twisted naturally from the pressure and bodily movement from Alex, the lip of a couch had caught her in the bend of the legs a split second after and with a cushioned thump of a sound they were both on the piece of furniture. Having been off balance Astra let herself fall, the extra push from Alex, once they'd reached the furniture cushions, had her practically lain out on her back. She arced up, trying desperately to taste the other woman's lips again, arms surrounding her torso but Alex only pulled away. Her weight shifted with the aid of the arm of the couch, one knee lifting up before Alex set herself astride Astra's torso above the bend of her hips.

The position was slightly awkward, Astra shifted with Alex's movement to get flat on her back, hands drifting to the curves of her ass and the underside of her thighs as the taller woman adjusted herself more comfortably. It forced Alex onto Astra's upper-stomach, her body bowing as she hovered over Astra a moment before starting to sit up.

"I want you.” Astra's voice was a dark promise of longing. Her knees bent, the tops of her thighs pressing into Alex's back as the older woman sat up a little straighter so that she might see better. "I have wanted you for so long."

Alex felt Astra's hands slide over her torso before surrounding the fullness of her breasts from over her bra and edges of her crumpled shirt just as Astra's plea broke past her ears. With a breathless whimper and an enraptured expression Alex ground herself against the woman beneath her; her own hands lifted to surround Astra's own, flexing over the thicker lengths with a heady pressure. Trying to convince herself that this was really happening, and reassuring that Astra would have to press a lot harder to even consider hurting her.

"Oh god..." Her words ended in a sharp inward gasp of pent up arousal while her body immediately bent down to capture Astra's mouth in a needy kiss. Her weight fell to the support of one hand that nearly curled into a fist against the arm of the couch, the other occupying itself by curling around a hefty amount of Astra's hair.

Astra's knees opened wider, her torso arcing up against the straddled center of Alex's body. Hands fell to her sides, groping for Alex's shirt as she pulled it up over her back onto the other woman's shoulders. A task she quickly became distracted from as another intense series of open mouthed kisses from Alex began to consume her.

Alex's arousal was starting to shoot through the roof, her need and want becoming hungry and desperate. She felt Astra's hands mold to her sides, flexing at the base of her ribs while Alex grabbed for the prone woman's face, holding her steady, not to mention down, just under her chin and around her jaw and cheek while her mouth ravaged the other woman's with increasingly audible moans from her own lungs.

There was a note of heady frustration that bubbled up into Alex’s mouth from the captive beneath her. She felt fingers curl around her belt loops again and tug hard at her pants as Astra lifted her body up against the throbbing ache between her legs. It was enough to pull her mouth away with a soft cry that only served to turn the tables.

She felt the pull of stomach muscles beneath her and unconsciously braced herself for the ensuing impact from the wooden floor as Astra rolled them both over with a heavy thud and a harmonized groan at the resulting overstretch of muscles from the fall. The taller woman caught Alex’s hands, pinning them above her head. Astra's knees were spread wide, body weight resting heavily on Alex’s hips while its length stretched over Alex’s frame. Bare stomachs kissed with each breath from the both of them, silk and cotton coated curves shuddering from movement and thunderous palpitations of the heart.

“Not fair.” The length of Astra’s hair swept across Alex’s face as the woman hovered above and just out of reach. Despite her position Alex struggled against Astra’s hold enough to try and lean her torso up. Her lips and teeth grazing over the jut of a fair toned chin and the start of her throat. It was a feeling that forced the presently longer woman to arch her body down into Alex’s, head tipping back to further expose the column of her throat to Alex’s feverish touch. A touch that broke away when the younger woman’s voice pleaded with her captor. “Free me.”

Astra couldn’t help but smile faintly, her head dropping as her body pitched forward on her knees and the support of her hands around Alex’s wrists. She nosed the woman’s wrists, before the swath of her tongue brushed across the heated skin followed by the sharper prick of her teeth. She pulled a hiss from Alex who again forced her way up to bite at the hovering start of Astra’s breasts.

“You are free enough my brave one.” She managed to groan. Her mouth moved to the other woman’s palms, whispering kisses over them before nosing at Alex’s other hand.

“Unless,” Astra's tone was a little more serious, the last thing she wanted was to have this moment go sour. “You really need me to let you up.” She breathed her kisses between words, letting them drift across the inside of fingers and across Alex’s palms as the woman groped at her features and mouth gently.

Alex closed her eyes, her shoulders going slack to preserve her energy so that she might strain against Astra’s hold on her in a few moments.

“Uh-mmm...." Her body was trembling, waist already starting an unconscious gyration down against the floor allowing the cut of her hips to roll in tight circles beneath Astra's thighs. Her eyes opened with another bite to her wrist as another breath was sucked in between her teeth. Her head tipped back, eyes trying to focus on Astra’s visage while her sense of smell was suddenly overrun with the other woman’s scent. Alex's brain had faintly registered the serious note in Astra's voice and with it she leaned up and forward against the restraint. Her tongue and mouth relished in tasting and sucking on the intimate curves threatening to spill over the lip of Astra’s bra enough to thoroughly pull the other woman's attention to her completely.

“No… no you don’t have to.” She was still breathing audibly, a sound that was muffled against warm skin and open mouthed kisses.

“I thought you said it was not fair?” Astra’s kisses were extremely intimate, providing a preview of possible things to come. Her lips were nipping at the cushion of one of Alex’s hands at the base of her fingers before her tongue slipped between the digits, teeth biting down on the sensitive webbing between the flexing fingers.

Alex thrust up against her in surprise, a small outcry gasping its way from her throat as she forced her hand to arc open. “N-not fair at all.”

Astra’s teeth closed around the joint of a middle finger, tongue curling provocatively around the digit before welting the skin on either side in a slow drag towards the tip; mouth drifting away to allow her to speak clearer.

“I could just let you go.” She let the warmth of her words travel into the palm of Alex’s other hand, repeating her prior action up until biting her finger and letting it go with a small tug. “According to you it would be fair.”

“I- uhhh- oohh-" Alex was a mess of arousal, her groans had become more audible and her struggle more apparent with the writhing of her body beneath the other woman’s "Astra, d-don't let me go." Alex felt Astra’s chest cave away from her in reflex as she fit her mouth upon the older woman's skin again. Teeth pulled at the patch of her bra, freeing the darker swell of a hardened nipple. She allowed the moist warmth of her breath to wash over the pebbled button before the tip of her tongue flicked against it.

With a reverberating jump, a heavy groan pulled from the depths of Astra's very arousal emptied against Alex’s ear with the bend of her head. Astra wrapped one hand around Alex’s wrists, applying the proper pressure to keep them there. Alex’s tongue was insanely distracting, each caress on her intimate skin was sending spirals of liquid fire into her core. She bit at Alex’s ear gently, tugging on the shell as she heard a small whimper of protest from the distraction and its ensuing pleasure in the other woman. With another shift her mouth fell to the inside of Alex’s right wrist, tongue flattening over the panel of skin as lips curled around the muscle forming a vacuum. Ebbing only when the skin there was thoroughly moistened and red from her affections.

Alex was writhing beneath her, having fallen back onto her shoulders in a relaxed position again. Her hips were still moving in slow spirals that were growing more intent with every kiss and lick. “Astra…” The other woman’s name was a breathless plea, she was melting and the ache stirring in her belly was starting to spread.

Astra tipped her head to the side then, her mouth open and nipping a path down the inside of Alex’s arm. When she heard her name again she bit down against the broader sinew of Alex’s forearm causing the woman’s voice to rise a good decibel as a result. “Again,” she purred in gentle command, her tongue sweeping over the bend of Alex's arm only to fasten onto her bicep.

“Astra,” Alex's voice was thick with a darker intention, as if she were trying to will the other woman into an orgasm merely at the sound of her sexually aroused lilt wrapping around her given namesake. She moaned again, her body bowing up against the saddle of Astra’s legs insistently.

Astra could only ‘mm’, which sounded more like a rolling purr as her body arced with Alex’s own movements, pulling in the opposite direction and essentially away from the other woman. At the sound of Alex's protest, she pivoted around to place a tongue pressed bite at her tricep forcing another outcry from Alex before tugging at the muscle there gently. She kissed the offended spot, red and welted with the ghost of an impression of her teeth only to round over the inner curve of her shoulder.

“Real name.” She breathed, warm and moist over the sensitive skin of Alex’s chest near the side of her bra as her tongue resumed its traces over the gentle curve of skin just above the silken line.

Alex wrenched an arm free with a hard twisting jerk, a second later her fingers wove into Astra’s hair and tugged hard as feet planted themselves on the ground and she slid her body forward underneath the other woman. Their hips aligned and with a playfully erotic intention she pushed her waist upward, digging her shoulders into the floor as her fingers pulled Astra’s mouth to her own by the reins of her hair. “Astra In-Ze.”

Astra felt more than heard her name emptied into her mouth and the heat that it spread in swimming waves towards her core as Alex suddenly fought her for control. Their mouths were at war and their bodies felt heavy and restricted from their disheveled clothes, rubbing against a hybrid of skin and fabric, friction spreading an external warmth that their internal fires only latched onto and helped quicken. Not wanting to come up for air Astra’s free hand circled Alex’s own wrist caught in her hair and tightened. A low groan, a mixture of pain and pleasure bubbled up within the kiss as she pulled, dragging nails across her scalp and strands of her own hair caught in the curve of fingers.

The kiss broke from Astra’s movement, forcing her head to the side as Alex tried to keep the lock of the kiss while Astra turned her head nearly in profile to Alex. The older woman’s hair was being pulled by her own force while Alex simply held on. There was a twist and a small grimace from the both of them before Astra was again free and Alex was pinned to the floor a second time.

They were both panting heavily, aloud and mere inches from one another. The sheer eroticism of their positions was going to do them both in before they even got undressed. Alex’s hands were fists arched towards Astra by the bend of the woman’s wrists as the woman slid further over her body, enough that Astra's torso was completely stretched out over Alex’s. Her hands were wrapped around her forearms, pressing down with a reserved strength as teeth grabbed at the juncture of the woman’s bra. There was a hard tug followed by a muffled click as the woman’s teeth snapped shut, severing the thin line of fabric between the cups which split apart from the lack of tension.

Exposed, Alex’s breasts heaved with her panting, nipples swollen into hard beads aching almost painfully to be touched. “Please…” her voice was softer, open with its need.

“Still want me to let you go?” Astra breathed the words over that erect and darkened skin, nearly panting in time, the 'stretch' of her body remaining a continuous shudder. Waiting for a response Astra moved back to the middle of Alex’s chest, chastely kissing the valley between, letting the flat of her tongue press into her lovers skin a moment after. Alex gasped sharply, her back arcing and forcing the curves of her breasts up into Astra’s mouth. Her head was swimming, a crackling sexual energy rippling over the both of them.

“Y-yes." Alex shuddered, she could not take being unable to touch the other woman; not feeling the play of her muscles and curves, the thunder of her heart and how far it reached, the searing warmth of her skin, Alex wanted to be greedy. “Let me go."

Astra did so, in part, her hands slid down to surround the bulk of Alex’s biceps, fingers pressing and kneading into the skin there. Her tongue was already working down the center of her body, presently circling over and around her solar plexus only to sweep down the dimples of her ribs pulling Alex’s body from the floor again.

“More, please, Astra more.” Alex was slowly being driven mad, her body trembling with need, hands restless and kneading at her palms in agitation.

Astra was kissing her stomach, pulling small patches of skin up until they flushed from white to red. With Alex’s begging she finally let her go, arms grating down Alex’s body with the press of her nails until they surrounded her at the hips. Alex was panting heavily, sharp whines of pleasure pulled from her lungs while her body was left to writhe and twist in response to those welts. Alex thread her hands into the depths of Astra’s hair at the scalp, its length was awash over her exposed torso in varied degrees. When the woman’s mouth closed around her navel, tongue dipping and swirling around the shallow recess the first small explosions of an orgasm threatened to build.

Alex felt her internal muscles throbbing, her body shaking uncontrollably as her arms stretched, nails digging into Astra’s neck and upper back. Astra was literally purring at her, mouth having detached from her navel, it was presiding over the clothed swell of her womb. The vibrations from the noise rumbling up from Astra's throat quickened the gyration of her hips even amidst the hug of Astra’s arm around her there. Fingers curled around the waist band of her pants, tugging and pushing the fly far enough to push the garment and the cotton of her panties down enough to catch somewhere around Alex's upper thighs. The air was frigid against the moistened heat gathered in the dark curls between her legs, forcing chills to ricocheted across Alex’s spine. Her scent was hot and dark, heavy in the air and thick within Astra’s nostrils as she sucked in a sharp breath and let her exhale wash out in a whimper laden groan.

Alex was lost in a mantra of gasping chants in another language, body tightening and arcing almost painfully as Astra began to practically lap at the swell of skin a breath above those damp curls with very slow and hungry strokes. She was so damn close to coming right there but it was –just- out of her reach, which only left her floating in a sexual limbo.

Alex’s outcry was like a growling sort of suppressed scream as Astra pitched her tongue low, dipping inside the molten shallow of Alex’s intimate insides, curling around the arousal made liquid, and sending earthquakes through the smaller woman’s body. With the dying of Alex’s cry Astra could only smile faintly, her tongue pressing deep inside before literally licking -all- the way up from her groin to her throat with a dark possessive sort of growl.

Her lick only served to intensify Alex’s orgasm, her body jerking and bucking against the other woman, her secondary outcry mingling with Astra’s purring sound, forcing her inner walls to contract in painful waves from the vacancy there. Astra's hands were roping their way along her arms, nostrils flaring with the scent of her, lungs filled to capacity with it. Astra stretched her body against Alex’s then, skin against skin, lips fastened to her throat as Alex's head fell back, sucking, biting and moaning at her as Alex was left gasping for breath; deep, nonstop groans escaping with every exhale, the pulse at her throat beating hotly against Astra's mouth.

“Astra…” Alex’s voice was a raw cry, low and trembling with sexual release; head bending to try and kiss or bite at the other woman, fingers curled into her hair and anchored her hold there, mouth finally latching onto Astra’s own in a fierce kiss. Astra’s own soft growls were breathed right into the other woman’s mouth as her body continued to writhe and rub against Astra's with a continual need.

On the death of Alex's first orgasm Astra let her knees go wide against the floor, pitching her hips high and away while forcing Alex’s knees to fall open further, held together only by the pull of the waist line of her pants at her thighs. With the lift of her hips, Astra pinned her own hand between them, fingers pressing inside of Alex with no more warning than the skittering of her fingers against wet skin.

Astra could have died right there from the reaction she received for her efforts.

Alex’s mouth fell open against hers with a sharp grunt, suddenly slack, a heady series of audible cries quickly filling the silence and emptying themselves into Astra’s throat. The sound built and built with each thrust of Astra’s hand, the heel of it digging into the fleshy mound surrounding the hardened bundle of raw nerves. Alex’s knees pressed against the outsides of the other woman's hips, Astra’s own body forcing the hem of her jeans down past Alex’s knees as her legs lifted high enough to allow only the balls of her feet to press into the floor.

The thrust of her hips against Astra was hard enough to rock them both, each surge of her body sending the trident of the other woman’s fingers deeper and deeper inside. Their mouths were still barely connected, her cries building in volume and intensity as she set the pace of her own penetration while Astra’s body answered the urgent movements of Alex’s own by virtually molding herself to the younger woman’s’ frame. Her body serving almost as a human blanket, a second skin, while her hand offered only the minimalist amount of pressure as if fearful she was going to damage the other woman. Alex’s body had, up until this point, been clenching around nothing but itself for endless moments only to suddenly have the nothingness replaced by the stretch of three of Astra’s fingers.

It was a sudden sentiment that nearly pulled tears to the fore of Alex’s gaze. She was overcome with everything, and some feeble part of her realized Astra was suffering twice as much as she was, because she was left untouched and trying to control Alex’s own body. That simply would not do. Alex’s mouth worked into a kiss, the repeated moans and grunts winding their way around it while her hands slipped from Astra’s hair, clawing down her body. Fingers jammed at the edge of pants, making quick work of the clasps before forcing their way underneath the hem and razing over sex soaked curls. With a satisfied noise at her latest discovery, she bit Astra’s lip as the length of her fingers curled their way deep inside the woman.

Astra’s mouth was torn from Alex’s with a sharp cry, her offended lip was quickly tucked back into her mouth, filling her tastes with Alex made liquid and the throb of her lower lip. Her features bowed, hiding away into the crook of Alex’s neck as her body immediately became overran with an incredible shake. She felt Alex work feverishly within her, adding a third finger before the vice of the woman’s legs bit hard into Astra’s sides. The muscles in her upper back flexed and arced hard into the other woman, her free arm circled around Alex’s waist; hips impaling themselves onto her lovers, free hand curling away from Alex's body to clench up so tightly as to leave her shaking to the point of snapping, the audibility of her orgasm twisted into the form of a shattering intake of a gasp of air into her lungs, held in silence.

The sheer force of feeling Astra inside her, the feeling of her own hand as slick walls began to vice in waves just from her touch was enough to send the younger woman the rest of the way over the edge. Her cry started as a low keening sound that echoed through her chest and poured from her lips in a cry of incredible pleasure leaving the nails of her free hand burning into Astra’s back. Astra’s body gave with her sudden exhale, a sharp hiss echoing around that low keening cry of Alex’s, before she was left gasping. Audibly trying to find the breath enough to fill her lungs, holding onto the other woman for all she was worth.

Alex panted hotly for breath, clinging to Astra like her life depended on it. Every other breath ending in a very audible whine as her body tightened around those long fingers in spasmodic waves. She felt Astra’s mouth open against her neck, silent despite the movement of words against her skin before a shudder of an exhale came, like the sputtering of an engine.

Astra’s ears were ringing, her sight gone from her and breath still constricted in her lungs. She tipped her head up, mouth brushing over the stretched column of Alex’s throat towards her chin before finding her mouth, kissing her softly with an echo of affection behind it as her panting was forced through her nose until lips shakily broke away. Alex purred back feebly, gasping for breath and quickly getting lost in their lovemaking, fingers were still moving inside her with a slow and full rhythm that had Alex still gasping and whimpering with each breath, a little shuddering moan escaping her with every little pressing stroke.

Astra just clung to the other woman, her body arcing deeper into the press of Alex’s own hand, leaving another gasp to escape her. Her body, still weak to some degree, shook from the effort as she pressed her fingers deep against the vibration of her throbbing aftermath. She was panting at Alex again, lips gently tugging and pulling at the other woman’s mouth.

“Dear god... you’re killing me.” Alex could only cry out into Astra’s mouth again, her legs were rising high on the woman’s waist and sides, knees tucking closer with each of those circular thrusts. She was delirious with pleasure, her body on fire and responding hot and heavy to the other woman. With a low grunt Alex challenged Astra’s movements with her own. Fingers still buried inside began to move again, deep, heavy and growing more insistent by the moment.

They were going to split each other in two.

Or would have had the sound of the apartment door not opened with a noisy scrape and the reveal of their bodies as the were lights flung on not occurred.

There was a shout from the actual apartment owner followed by a string of Kryptonese flung namely at Astra before Kara’s eyes went wider upon really fully realizing who else was on the ground. There was a bustle of movement, painful noises of separation and the unbidden groan from the couple as they scrambled to stand. Alex distinctly heard Rao shouted a few times and even some expletives as she fastened her pants back together and grabbed for the edges of her jacket pulling it closed while Astra simply adjusted her bra with the leisure a cat exhibits while bathing, pulling her own slacks closed before standing.

A half second later Astra was thrown back to the ground with a blast of heat at her shoulder, flipping her backward, rolling with the motion until she was balanced on her toes waiting for another blow. “Kara.” She warned, seeing the red glow again only to have it obscured by Alex’s frame.

“KARA STOP!” Alex panted, a hand reaching behind herself towards Astra like a tether while the other was held up in front of her like a shield.

“What the actual, Alexandra- why- it’s only been- She’s my SISTER!“ Kara was still in her evening gown, and a caricature of herself as she failed to form a cohesive sentence while she stared down the pair of women wondering if gravity had been altered given the ground seemed to roll and pitch beneath her.

“We were looking for you, you left so abruptly little-“

“Don’t!” Kara’s eyes flared at Astra’s pet name for her, she stared at them then the couch, then the state of their undress and started ranting and gesticulating vehemently in Kryptonese.

Astra was quick to respond shouting something at Kara as she strode forward purposefully in the short distance Alex stood ahead of her, she grabbed her by the jacket and with a sharp cry of surprise from the other woman bent her backward and kissed her thoroughly.

Kara’s rant stopped dead, hands still held aloft as the image burned itself into her brain around the declaration Astra had made to her.

Alex on the other hand struggled only minimally before melting and grabbing at Astra’s hair to anchor the angle of her body so she didn’t end up on the floor. As soon as it began it was over and she was righted forcefully, Astra’s arm wrapping over her chest from behind a she pressed into her possessively.

“What the fuck.” Alex replied around heaving breaths, a hand wrapping around Astra’s forearm instinctively as she looked at Kara for some sense of an answer.

Kara breathed heavily, glaring at the pair before she turned from them with some sense of resolution. Grabbing for the door of her refrigerator and nearly pulling it from its hinges, she grabbed a few bottles of water and nearly stomped back towards the nearest piece of furniture keeping the couch as a sort of barricade between them all. She would need a new one anyway, seeing the cushions thrown about and the frame near the arm broken. She ground out another series of what Alex could only assume were curses in her native language, the tension they caused in Astra only serving to affirm that notion.


“She claimed you.” Kara said haughtily and Alex felt Astra’s grip tighten while she herself stiffened.

“Wait what?”

“She just claimed you Alex, in the name of our gods and asked for sanctuary under my house.”

“We’re in your house how is-“

“Under the house of El, Aex.” Kara drained a bottle, then two.


“Because she’s in my territory and she’s technically married and I’m the oldest female.”

“That bond broke when I died.”
“Your territory?!”

Kara let out an exaggerated sound of aggravation and set her face into her hands as their exclamations melded together. Kara spoke again in Kryptonese through her fingers and Astra answered back easily causing Kara to laugh halfheartedly.

“Okay English please for the non-Kryptonian in the room.”

“She bought you, she won you Alex, staking her claim against all those other people at the gala from all those different cities...” She stressed, finishing her third bottle of water.

Alex blinked, trying to look back at Astra but focused on her sister when she sat back again.

“She didn’t explain that did she.”

Alex shook her head and Astra seemed to falter. “Your tiny cat claimed you.” Astra argued and Alex actually winced at the usage of the mogul’s private nickname. Her point made clear as Kara glared at the both of them pointedly. They remained like that for long moments until Kara sighed and started prying the hairpins from her scalp, tossing each one on the table top.

“Speaking of-”

“She doesn’t want me.” Kara responded though her tone wasn’t as broken as Alex had assumed it would be should her sister to be rejected from her boss. Astra offered a sympathetic response in Kryptonese moving only when Alex squeezed her forearm to get her to let go. Alex zipped her jacket up finally, grabbing a different bottle from a shelf in Kara’s kitchen she always has stashed there before tentatively approaching her sister.

“Kara I’m sorry.”

“She wants Kiera.” Kara allowed waiting for her statement to sink in only to have her sister practically punch her in the shoulder.

“Are you crazy?!” Astra was there in a heartbeat, wrapping around Alex not quite understanding why the woman had resorted to violence, looking to Kara for clarification.

“The Tiny Cat.” Kara punctuated. “Doesn’t want Supergirl, she wants me.”

“But you are the same.” Astra’s confusion was evident as she looked between the pair of women waiting expectantly.

“She doesn’t believe that.” Kara supplied.

“Kara, that’s not very smart.”

“Or trustworthy, you disgrace your true feelings-”

“Look I’m not going to take advice from you, either of you, my territory, my feelings, my life.” Kara threatened, causing the other two women to blink at her.

It was a long moment before Alex finally spoke up. “So what’re you going to do Kara?”