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“Ladies and Gentlemen I don’t think we’re going to accept any more bids with our final auction of the night I say, SOLD!” One Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman announced with a crack of a gavel around the hall. “To Cat Grant of National City for five hundred thousand dollars!” Kara was as red as her cape, or what would have been her cape had she worn it tonight as the crowd erupted around her with cheers and whistles. The heroine was dressed in a variant of her Supergirl outfit, designed by one of Cat’s fashion go to's in order to maintain her identity but provide a more extravagant flare to compliment the event for her cousin.

Amidst the ruckus Cat was lead through the parting of various heroes and their respective plus ones towards the stage. Upon reaching its edge Supergirl maneuvered herself over, pulling her gown at the knee with her free hand as she offered a hand to the media mogul. With another round of shouts and cheers Kara effortlessly pulled the smaller human onto the stage with her. Ms. Grant herself was equally fashion conscious, and while she remained in monochromatic tones every element of her complimented the woman blushing furiously at her side.

Diana made her way from the podium down to the pair, offering Supergirl the mic with a whispered sentiment before she stepped down with the aid of a few helpful heroes nearby.

“Hello?” The mic flared to life causing a few chuckles and murmurs towards the heroine before she cleared her throat and continued. “I just wanted to thank you all for coming and helping me give my ‘baby’ cousin the best engagement party one could hope for.” Her sentiment caused another round of laughter and a few shouts from some in the back as she looked towards Clark and Lois.

“With this last donation and all those gathered from this evening, our house, our Legacy can only grow stronger here not only in National City but on Earth as,” Kara faltered momentarily, swallowing around her emotion. “Our home and the home of our future generations. May they be more blessed than we could ever conceive and let them come to know that our hardships are their greatest strengths.” There was another round of applause before Kara nodded to some unseen element nearby, turning her attention to Cat. “I would also like to thank Ms. Grant for helping me provide this event to you all, without her I am sure we would all be out on patrol or some other typical duty instead of coming together and appreciating not only each other but Superman and all he has done.”

There was another round of cheers and applause, the sound almost deafening as James made his way to the stage, handing off the small package to Kara who gave a quiet thank you before turning to the woman. “For all you have managed to accomplish, especially for a human.” She smirked gently, a small bubble of laughter filling the room, she leaned over to Cat murmuring quietly that she did not have to open it now before returning to the mic. “Thank you Cat Grant.” Supergirl began the next round of applause, leaving Cat to bask in the spotlight in a room full of superheroes and aliens. Even Lois Lane stood with Superman applauding her love/hate rival.

“Thank you again everyone, please enjoy the rest of the evening.” With that the event transitioned into the typical fair of any party now that the grander formalities were completed. Kara felt as if she could fly to the moon and back watching the room, only to be grounded with a touch to her bare shoulder instantly pulling her attention.

“What is this?” Cat questioned hot against her ear, following along as Kara ushered the pair of them off stage and into a quieter area where they could talk.

“A gift of appreciation from-“


“Me.” Kara finished watching the other woman intently as she fingered the velveteen box she had yet to open.

Kara looked back to the party at hand, smiling at the festivities and the fact that everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. And why not, this was a welcome distraction to all the mayhem and travesty they all faced every day. They didn’t have to be on display or held aloft by their respective cities, all they had to do was just be in the moment.

“Do you have to stay?” Cat’s voice was a purr against her ear and her smile fell momentarily with the implication.

“N-no.” she cursed herself as she stammered, only now daring to turn her eyes to the figure beside her. “I mean, I do have to make another round of the room and thank people for coming.” She squared her shoulders, straightening her spine as she chanced another glance to her left.

“How long is that going to take Kara?” Cat lingered on the woman’s name, looking away from her to survey the room again and its vast compliment of super heroes.

“Why?” Kara cautioned, feeling the heat of Cat’s skin as she edged closer to the woman at her right.

“I bought you.” Cat’s voice dropped a full octave at the admittance, “I own you.” She teased, feeling the stretch of Kara’s fingertips brushing against the back of her hand.

“Is it not customary for both parties to arrange a time and specific date for these kinds of endeavors?”

“I say I’m going to get my receipt, then I’m going to get what I paid for and make my exit.” Cat purposefully brushed the back of her fingers as she moved away headed for the donation and claims table.

Kara stood there for a long moment, just watching Cat maneuver herself around the room, giving final instructions to all her people. When their eyes locked a moment later across the room Kara swallowed hard and nodded herself forward into action, making her own rounds as quickly as she could.

Nearly thirty minutes later she felt a hand on her mid-back, lithe fingers smoothing over her exposed spine with no more weight than the wind before the touch settled at her lower back. Kara prided herself on the fact that she didn’t jump out of her skin, instead she merely acknowledged Cat with a knowing side-look as she returned to her conversation.

Cat leaned up then, whispering into Supergirl’s hair before offering a warm smile to those around them and quietly departing their company. “Good night.”

Kara watched her saunter away, slipping out of view through a set of balcony doors, a few moments more and she said her own final goodnights, leaving Clark for last. With his departing hug her spoke to her in Kryptonese, giving the woman pause before he ushered her away from him to go join his future wife with the rest of the party goers.

With a deep breath she centered herself, making her way across the room to the open balcony, coming up short as she looked found one Cat Grant leaning forward against the terrace railing, bathed in moonlight. The sight alone made Kara’s lungs cease to function but when hazel eyes turned to level on her she felt as if she was cemented to the spot.

Cat leaned against the terrace, shoes in the crook of her fingers before the soft rustle of a dress pulled her attention. With a slow turn she looked to the open doors of the balcony, only to find her heart in her throat at the picture that greeted her. Kara stood bathed in the warm lights of the room behind her, the half up-do of her hair casting a backlit halo around her features that carried over her entire frame and the dress hugging her curves.

She offered a soft smile, its intention kept secret as she straightened slowly, waiting for Kara to join her. When the woman didn’t move after a moment and then two, she had to stifle the rumble of a laugh that threatened to break past her lips. “Kara.” She murmured, watching the heroine blink away her imitation of a statue and move forward of her own volition again.

“Said all your goodbyes and thank yous?” She questioned with an amused lilt, easily strolling closer to the other woman.

“I am yours.” Kara stated purposefully, hiding her own smile at the stammer in Cat’s gait as she clasped her hands in front of herself, toying with the loops of her sleeves around her fingers. “What did you have in mind so soon?”

Cat swallowed as the pair came to a slow stop in front of each other. “Flying.” Kara raised a high brow, the edge of her smile made visible as she moved beyond Cat’s frame, around her shoulder and behind her.

“That is a very uncharacteristic and somewhat,” Kara leaned close. “Intimate endeavor Ms. Grant.”

“Cat” she whispered, following Supergirl with a turn of her head and a look over her shoulder.

Kara straightened away, her hands having moved to clasp behind her as she made her once around the older woman. “You can do anything you want, whenever you want, wherever you want and you choose to fly, right now,” Kara paused, watching the increase of Cat’s chest rise and fall with each breath. “Where?”

“My penthouse balcony.” Cat proposed as Kara came to stop directly behind her, fingertips whispering across her shoulders and inward down her back, rounding near her hips without actually touching her.

Cat herself tried to remain still as Kara made her way around her body, she felt her chest tighten and her breathing quicken in result as she studied the city lain out ahead of her. Her skin sprung to life with the promise of contact as she felt the warmth from Kara’s hands hover behind her, only adding to the growing pool of warmth low at her waist where they dusted across her waist. She drew in a sharp breath, holding still as she felt Kara step into her, their bodies building up a delicious wave of electricity where they touched.

“Turn around.” Kara’s voice was in her hair, against her ear, down her neck and across her shoulders all at once. Her fingertips danced across Cat’s arms, gently ushering each limb into a perfect dance around her own body as she wrapped one hand around a shoulder, and further back to around her neck, slipping Cat’s shoes from her own hold. “I have these.” She assured as she pulled Cat’s other hand around, palming the limb over her own hip, sliding the weight of it around her waist until Cat’s fingertips pressed into the bare skin of her lower back, forcing a shuttering breath from the heroine to rush out over Cat’s forehead.

Cat reaffirmed her grip, fingers kneading at Supergirl’s neck and fanning out across the heat of her back as she stepped closer into their shared space. “I finally have you.” She revealed, tightening her hold even more.

“Hold on.” Kara whispered, turning her features to the side until her chin brushed against Cat’s temple, when she felt the other woman reaffirm her grasp she tightened her own around the woman’s waist and with a slight bend of her legs pushed off the ground and into the air.

Cat let out a quiet gasp and clung impossibly tighter to the heroine, as they rose into the air and high above National City. Kara took them above the clouds, leaving them alone with the moon and each other. It was if the entire night sky was made only for them, even the reach of National City couldn’t touch them in this moment. She found herself looking up more than once to the woman who held her with such care, so focused on their destination and getting them there as easily as possible. Unable to help herself she wrapped her arms completely around the woman, turning her features down and pressing her cheek into the ravenous thunder of Kara’s chest as they flew.

Kara couldn’t help the smile that broke past her features as she looked down at the smaller woman in her arms, her own hold tightening around Cat’s body as she sped up just enough to cause the other woman’s heartrate to increase and her breath to catch.

“One flight. One balcony.” Kara murmured against Cats ear as she righted them, touching down first before allowing Cat’s feet to grace the faux grass on the upper part of her terrace. She let her arms relax, hands smoothing away to Cat’s sides even if it took the other woman an additional moment or two before she moved.

Cat leant back in order to look at Supergirl, searching her features carefully as trembling fingers found their way to either side of the woman’s face. With little effort she pulled Kara to her, mouths meeting in a tentative kiss.

“Oh….” The sound was breathless against the other woman’s mouth as lips closed around pliant swells with a gentle tug before words wound their way through heady breaths. “I knew you’d feel like this… so soft….” Teeth bit into rose colored skin, forcing a small murmur of a sound from Supergirl in her grasp before Cat continued. “Like velvet.” Came the responding purr from the media mogul as she pushed the heroine backwards into the nearest wall while her shoes clattered onto the concrete.

“We can stop….” Kara stated seeing the shift in Cat's aura, outside of allowing the other woman to manipulate her position against the wall the heroine had made no other motion or acknowledgement of what was going on. Aside from the automatic response her body supplied her without thinking. Her brain fired again as she felt the tease of Cat’s tongue whisper across the underside of her upper lip. “Not go any further...” Kara continued, ensuring that even if it took the entirety of her Kryptonian sense of willpower to follow through, Cat had an out for their current situation. Not that she wanted her to, but it felt wrong not to offer as they got swept up in each other.

The two women breathed each other in, mouths seemingly bonded together, each sharing the same air with every impassioned exhale until they were nearly drunk on it. Kara splayed her hands on the wall behind herself at the level of her hips, fingertips threatening the concrete with the urge to grab hold of the other woman. She had to be sure Cat wanted this, wanted her entirely, this was her boss, her friend, her… this was hers. Or was it just Supergirls’? The dark swirl of her own doubt regarding Cat's affections and who they fell upon pin-pricked her into a sharper focus.

Cat’s hands were in her hair, tugging and curling without restraint, her lithe frame brushing points of contact and leaving behind wakes of electricity that only built up and collided with one another. The energy produced in the air alone from the woman’s heart was palpable enough that Kara could see each beat and resulting reverberation. Ever diligent, she dug her fingers into the wall at her sides, her voice pulling from somewhere deep in the maelstrom serving as her stomach. “I-I know the auction, the flight here, there is no obligation or expectation."

The smile that flickered against Cat’s mouth still bonded with Kara’s made the Kryptonian’s knees weak in tandem with the sensation of having the oxygen drawn from her lungs with the other woman’s inhale. “Really…?” Her tone was incredulous, with a hint of amusement and something else, something far more predatory. “Are you afraid to be alone with me Supergirl?” Her voice had dropped impossibly low in its octave, its formerly playful lilt shifting to a more serious note.

“Yes.” Kara didn’t hesitate even by half a heartbeat before replying. Her voice having become strong and assertive with the singular word and confidence she had in the absolution of its answer.

“Seriously?” The playfulness drained from the other woman, her shoulders dropping slightly with her mind suddenly shifting gears without warning given the heroine’s swift honesty. Her head tipped back, breaking the contact of their lips for the first time since she had cornered Kara.

“Absolutely.” Came out in breathless abandon, feeling the shift in Cat’s emotions, as well as her grip she used the opportunity to surge forward. Hands peeled themselves from the wall, snagging on fabric and crisp lines as they surrounded Cat, hugging her body close with as much restraint as she was able to contain so as not to crush the other woman. Kara sought out Cat’s mouth with her own, licking her way inside with a primitive moan of submission to her own arousal. Only to have the sound answered back by the cause of said arousal, as tongues fought for purchase and Cat’s hands fisted around her dress in an attempt to hold on.

A heady noise bubbled up from Cat’s throat as Supergirl practically engulfed her smaller frame. She felt the ground give way beneath her feet again and tightened her hold with a note of surprise. Supergirl’s mouth broke contact, skidding down the column of Cat’s throat as she flew them over to the couch on the balcony. With the utmost care she laid her out on the cushions, the flow of her gown draped over them both as she ducked her head down prying Cat’s dress further down with her chin.

Cat’s fingers coiled in her hair, tugging furiously as she arched her back upward into the heroine’s mouth.


The world pitched and then stopped completely. Kara lurched almost on instinct, Cat’s skin breaking contact with her mouth with the slow lift of her features. She felt the woman’s fingers flex against her scalp before relaxing, and then releasing her.

“Kara.” Supergirl corrected. She kept her expression schooled, slowly sitting up on her knees astride Cat’s waist. She reached up, pushing her tousled hair away from her face looking down at the other woman before getting up off her.

“No.” Cat said breathlessly, her mind catching up with what she had said, pushing up to a seated position. “Keira.” Cat repeated, quieter, mostly to herself, only then realizing the other woman’s retreat. She was up just as quickly, reaching for Supergirl as she turned from her.

“She is very important to you.” Supergirl supplied, coming to stop at the line of the balcony railing, wrapping her hands around the cold polished steel. "That assistant of yours."

“So are you.” Cat stated in a frustrated tone looking at Supergirl’s back.

Kara smiled to herself looking up to the stars in contemplation, hoping there was a part of Cat that saw her posturing as dejection. She waited another beat before turning her features to the side, taking Cat’s expression in. She offered the woman a small smile before turning back to the skyline. “I appreciate that.”

“But?” Cat interjected, stepping closer.

“I should go.” Kara looked back to Cat then, “you have plenty to think about and I am sure my staying here is just going to complicate that.” A part of her felt horrible, knowing full well she was both Cat’s assistant and the city’s hero, then again, thanks to her super alter ego the pair of them, as 'Kiera' and Ms. Grant, had actually gotten closer. There was a greater part of her that hoped Cat would find Kara Danvers’ someone worthy enough by comparison to rival Supergirl, even if they were the same person.

“You don’t have to leave, not like-“

Kara turned to look at Cat, straightening to her full height again, she swallowed her emotions down and stepped into Cat’s space unbidden, threading her hair through her fingers. “I would rather leave like this than like some secret hidden away.” She saw the ire rise in Cat’s expression and silenced her immediately with a kiss to her forehead. “Not that I would mind being your late night secret.” She felt the other woman relax and nudged her forehead with her chin. “But she might.” She held Cat’s features in her hands, tipping her own down to look at her one more time. “You still have your date with me if you want it, however you want it to be, but I need you to be absolutely sure who or what it is you want, Cat.”

Kara swallowed hard, feeling her chest swell. “Understand?”

Cat held Kara’s hands on either side of her face, letting the woman’s words sink into her very soul before she nodded in affirmation, responding breathlessly. “Yes.”

“Goodnight Ms. Grant.” Kara breathed, stepping back from the woman before floating up and away from her balcony.