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Kara laid in bed staring up at her ceiling listening to the rain as it continued to pelt her windows. The morning had turned into afternoon and the Danvers' women had eventually migrated from the aspects of her non-existent love life and just how thoroughly Cat had imprinted on Kara, to proper Kryptonian tradition and what would be required of all of them for Clark, only to barrel into the revelation of Astra as Kara's biological mother.

That last bout of discussion seemed more intense than the initial reason for the Danvers' women congregating together. Alex was still touchy with Kara's avoidance and thankfully Eliza had been the perfect filter for both of her daughters to get in a mutual place of understanding, for now.

There had been enough time in the afternoon for Eliza to catch the last half of her convention and she even managed to get Alex to go along, citing something involving a micro-biological seminar that her sister felt she couldn’t pass up.

Kara herself had been thankful for the break in conversation, needing the time to think and settle into the advice her foster mother, and at some points Alex, had provided her on the matter of one Cat Grant. She wrapped her hands around her comforter then, curling her arms under and across her chest creating a cocoon of sorts before letting out a deep audible sigh.

"Rao bless it Kara," she sword aloud, closing her eyes as she allowed her senses to drift. She floated through apartments, thankful most of the city was asleep. She heard a few outcries from the late night fair as well as the responding National City Police realizing they didn't need her assistance. Kara took another deep breath, settling deeper into her bed as her awareness for the city began to fade and allow her to float into unconsciousness.


She startled hearing her name, eyes tightening as she kept them closed in order to concentrate on the whispered sound proper. She heard another gasp, coupled with a whimper before her name broke past her ears again and she sat up abruptly.


In a flourish Kara was up, covers off and mid-way through getting dressed when she heard another series of words strung together in the form of an argument. She froze, pinpointing her senses on Cat's location within the city like a hundred times before.

"Did I stutter? I said get your cheap Chanel knock off shoes and your thrift store bought Burberry from ten years ago and get out." Cat was furious and Kara swore she was shaking given the fluctuation in her voice. There was a sharp crack of a sound and in a blink she was outside Cat's balcony faster than she knew she could fly.

Her x-ray vision supplied her with the secondary figure descending the building floor by floor via the elevator, the image forgotten with a blink as she looked through the open pane into Cat’s living room. The woman in question was already turning from the sink where she had discarded two glasses and was now replenishing her thirst with a clean glass. Kara eyed the amber liquid and remained floating; the self-consciousness of her actions only now pin pricking at the back of her skull. She shouldn’t be here, not as Supergirl, not as anything. She had no claim on Cat's personal affairs, especially in her own penthouse across town, in the company of another woman, on a rainy Saturday night. Just as she decided to tuck tail and bolt Cat’s gasp of surprise nullified her escape, Kara schooled her features as if she had intended to be there getting soaked mid-air, chin lifting in an effort to appear valiant.

“You need a damn bell around your neck.” Cat lectured darkly around a sip of her drink after opening her door.

Kara raised a brow taking a breath to respond just as Cat made a sweeping gesture with her glass. “I assume you caught all that.”

Kara drew another lung full to protest, only to be cut off again.

“Why are you even here right now.” Cat murmured, her gaze narrowing as she turned her glass inward towards the center of her chest as she studied the floating woman carefully from her doorway.

“I was finishing my patrol of the city when-”

“That explains the hair at least.” Cat interrupted once again. “When what? You heard a damsel in distress?” She spoke with an agitated tone amidst her usual staccato delivery when she was perturbed.

“I remembered that James Olsen notified me that your assistant spoke with you about my request earlier today?” She remained floating and professional, keeping her features calm and her eyes just above Cat’s hairline. If she looked one more time at the handprint marring the aura across the woman’s cheek she might do something irrevocably stupid to the figure only just now exiting Cat’s building.

Cat watched her with a skeptical expression, taking another sip of her whiskey. They remained like that for a moment or more until the media mogul acquiesced and turned from Kara making her way back inside the depths of her penthouse, leaving the door open.

“Stop hovering and get in here or something.” Cat spoke into her glass again, settling onto her couch and bringing her legs up into the cushions with her.

Kara did as she was asked, sort of, she floated to the doorway, closing the glass to Cat’s dismay only to spin a few times with her super speed. A heartbeat later and her feet touched the ground inside Cat’s penthouse, body, suit and hair as dry as a bone as she closed the door behind her.

“Neat trick.” Cat stated flatly, eyeing the heroine as she stepped inside, confidence dripping off her in waves as she rounded the living room to come stand directly in front of Cat, hands binding at her lower back by the wrist.

“Should I come back at another time?” She tried, taking her time to survey Cat in her home environment which was a rare instance indeed. Sure there were times that she spent here with Carter, many times in fact, but only when Cat didn’t require her at the office or when she was out of town and didn’t want to uproot Kara entirely. Never with Cat actually in the immediate vicinity unless she was leaving.

“I’m still a little confused at the round about nature of this, request, you have. Why couldn’t you just come to my office-”

“Because this is a private event, with very private traditions and rules that not everyone will be willing to join in or even witness.” Kara interrupted the other woman boldly, her own chin tipping upward slightly. “Ms. Grant.” She attempted politeness despite the other woman’s look of ire at being interrupted.

“There is already a clearly designated open door policy when it comes to my presence at CatCo. So much so that you have rival news outlets with long range cameras set up in the hopes of scooping you when I show up. If nothing else, they get the city abuzz with excitement with my little excursions involving footage of me showing up at your office and having a conversation with you on your balcony that eventually leads to a rebuild the city event or something you seem to benefit from.”

Cat hmm’d in disapproval, she was going to have to see about the surrounding air space of her building, especially her balcony to eliminate that. With a blink she turned her eyes back to Supergirl, watching her as she remained stock still and poised. “What kind of event are we talking about here? You know I won’t be a part of something that harms the citizens of this city,” Cat held up a hand, “not that I think you would. But the cryptic nature of all this pushes past my curiosity into the realm of concern.”

“I need to know I can trust you.” Kara’s expression was very serious, her eyes turning to Cat’s glass of whiskey in her hand then back up.

“Are you worried I’m not of a sound mind or something Supergirl?” She teased, leaning forward and setting her glass on the table nearby before returning to her position on the couch, arms running the length of the back of it and the arm she had bracketed herself between. “I’ve had four sips.”

“And no food.” Kara supplied, moving for the first time nearing Cat who straightened at the sudden proximity of the alien. She narrowed her eyes a moment, running them over Cat’s body in a detached fashion before seeming to relax. “For hours now.”

Cat huffed a breath, countenance darkening. “Either you trust me or you don’t Supergirl.”

“Kara.” She permitted, forcing the inflection of her given name in order to distinguish it from the earthlier sounding ‘care-uh.’

Cat seemed out of sorts for a moment, the other woman had yet to push the more informal usage of her name over her title and with it she sat up straighter. Perhaps the heroine was right, she needed to be useful and not argumentative and wrapped up more in the moments before Supergirl had shown up versus the moment now. She swallowed then and made a small gesture with her hand before -Kara- moved out of her way and back around to the other side of the coffee table once more.

The space vacated, Cat pulled herself out of the cushioned comfort and came to a stand. “Perhaps you’re right.” She allowed, taking note that the other woman did nothing to show she had won the argument. “Kara.” Cat stated her name properly and the sound made the woman in question’s chest tighten.

“Have you eaten?” She started, moving towards her kitchen, tossing a look behind her shoulder until Kara followed somewhat reluctantly. “Do you even eat?”

Kara smirked at the question, following behind Cat until she was at the mouth of the kitchen, remaining outside the area in her same nearly ‘at ease’ stance, content with watching the other woman ill about. “I do, but I doubt you have enough food here to sustain the both of us.” It was her turn to hold up a hand this time as Cat took a breath to protest. “I am fine but I thank you just the same for the offer.”

“You’re welcome.” Cat said quietly as she went about making herself something quick and simple, pulling a coffee mug from a shelf and pouring varied ingredients into the cup. The choice of dinnerware nearly made Kara trip as she moved closer, turning her focus to the edge of her counter that she came to stand beside.

“My cousin is getting married.” She supplied, waiting to see what Cat would do with that tidbit of information. When an egg hit the floor Kara was already there with a paper towel before Cat could even speak.

“Wait, wait, let me get this straight. Superman is getting married, to another?”

Kara looked confused for a moment, tipping her head slightly as she studied Cat who merely gestured at her and forced her brow to rise.

“Alien?” Kara offered and Cat nodded before she shook her head. “Alien to him maybe, not an alien, no, he is engaged to a human.”

Cat grabbed the mug and whipped the ingredients within it absently, tossing it in the microwave before rounding the island and entering Supergirl’s personal space. “Can you do that?”

Kara took a breath to speak only to be shut down again. “I mean are you compatible, do you, are you.” She looked Kara up and down, causing the heroine to take a step back slowly under the scrutiny. “Wait, no I didn’t, hold on I need my recorder-”

“No.” Kara said firmly, taking a full step into Cat’s space this time and pressing her back into the island. “This is not for the consumption of National City and the world Ms. Grant.” Cat had the sense enough to tone down her excitement, hands wrapping around the lip of her island as Kara stepped even closer looking down at her. “This is my family, my only remaining family, my only attempt to show him the proper traditions from our planet.” She straightened fully, finding strength in her convictions. “I will never get this chance again do you understand?”

Cat nodded slowly, eyeing the woman as another thought struck her. “Wait, why isn’t he here asking me this then if these are your traditions?”

Kara let out a sigh through her nose, her shoulders flexing outward and making herself appear even larger than she already was, her answer was stalled by the resounding ping of the microwave, the scent of blueberries causing her nostrils to flare though she hoped Cat merely saw it as agitation instead of what it really was.

Cat didn’t move, not initially, locked in some battle of wills with the superhero in front of her. Kara’s brow rose over her right eye as she waited, only to feel her chest tighten when Cat glanced down at her mouth and wavered a breath closer.

“You should get that before it grows cold.” Kara supplied, thankful her voice didn’t break as she turned from Cat and strode back into the living area as if she owned the place.

Cat blinked a few times, shaking her head a moment later, twisting to get at the microwave. She grabbed a small pot-holder and a fork, pulling the mug from the microwave and making her way hurriedly back into her living room. When Kara turned she nearly ran right into the woman, in her surprise Cat dropped her mug, which Kara caught effortlessly between them with a burst of her super speed once again. “You are very excitable Ms. Grant.”

The woman swallowed, looking at Kara’s hand around the mug, amazed as ever when she saw the woman’s abilities on display. She reached out then, attempting to take the mug only to have Supergirl keep her hand as a barrier between Cat’s grasp and the ceramic. “It is going to burn you.” She urged, drawing the mug close to her before blowing a short burst of frosty air onto the mug and its contents, offering it back on the flat of her palm like a tray to the other woman.

“Thank you.” Cat responded, tentatively taking the mug only to find it a perfect temperature. She stood in the other woman’s space another moment, eyeing her up and down again with possibility only to blink and break away retreating to the safety of her couch again, sitting on the edge of the furniture this time as she regarded the superhero and dug her fork into the concoction.

After a reverent bite and Kara refusing to sit down Cat drew a deeper breath, finishing a second bite before looking at the other woman more directly. “May I ask a few questions, off the record?”

“I can not promise an answer, but you may ask just the same.” Kara agreed setting her hands at the small of her back to keep Cat seeing them fidget.

“Fair enough.” Cat swallowed a third bite, watching Kara eye the mixture a moment before she pulled her legs up onto the couch again, tucking one underneath her body. “You said show him proper traditions, may I ask what that means exactly?”

“He was not old enough to experience them.” Kara responded easily enough, studying Cat carefully.

“I thought he was older than you?” Cat forked another bite, chewing thoughtfully as she waited to see if Kara would answer.

“By Earth standards yes, he arrived here first and in essence grew up here from infancy. I however was thirteen when I was jettisoned from our planet and got lost while he made it here unscathed.”

She knew the basics of this to a point, at least from Superman’s perspective of coming to earth as a child. Vaguely her brain supplied her that Supergirl had attempted to tell her a similar origin when she left her atop a cliff that one time but she in her over eagerness had barreled through that when the woman let it slip she was Superman’s cousin.

“So how old are you?” Cat mouthed around another bite, clearly intrigued as she never spoke around her food.

Kara actually smirked, lazy and only on one side of her mouth that never quite reached her eyes. “I will tell if you will Ms. Grant.” She encouraged watching Cat’s eyes widen at her banter amidst the seriousness of their discussion. The heroine turned her features to the side slightly, her smirk growing as she raised both brows in an attempt to get Cat to take her bait.

Cat herself chewed thoughtfully, going so far as to get her fill of another bite as the pair stared one another down. She shifted her jaw thoughtfully, tipping her own features in similar fashion to Kara’s. “Off the record?”

Kara’s brows rose impossibly higher and Cat knew she had her, her own smirk growing on her lips with the satisfaction of winning that particular round. To her merit Supergirl nodded slowly. “Perhaps it will build an additional trust between us for what this meeting is actually about.”

Cat pursed her lips forward at that, abandoning her now empty mug to the coffee table before leaning back into the couch cushions once more, hazel eyes surveying the whole of Kara’s frame once again before she resigned herself to her fate. “My own children don’t know my age, Supergirl.” She punctuated the woman’s title and all she could think to do was bring her arms to cross under the ‘S’ at her chest firmly.

“I am fifty.” Kara revealed, her chest jutting out slightly as her shoulders squared themselves with that little olive branch she offered, waiting patiently for a reply while internally her mind was screaming and dancing about trying to be noticed.

Cat seemed honestly taken aback, she hadn’t expected that and swallowed accordingly. She knew the woman looked to be in her mid-twenties, and no doubt she was to some degree even if she physically was twice that number. There was a sadness that spiraled through her chest then, rooting itself into her lower abdomen as she considered Kara’s condition, what she should have been, how she should have grown. How cruel the universe seemed to be to this woman and despite all of it she never showed, at least outwardly, the level of resentment others of her ilk had. Perhaps being so much younger than the rest that had become stranded here had tempered that in her. Though a part of Cat wondered if those feelings and buried memories would surface in Supergirl. She swallowed at the implication, heaven help them all if she turned.

“Ms. Grant?” Kara tried one more time, her pose faltering as she stepped closer as the woman became wound up in her own thoughts.

With a blink Cat turned her eyes back to the other, a new appreciation for her settling amidst that rooted sadness. She tipped her head in consideration, making a flippant gesture with one of her hands. “Fifty-two.”

“Impressive.” Kara offered genuinely, the ghost of her smile remaining as Cat merely rolled her eyes.

“Indeed. Now, is it alright if I have a drink, something light while we discuss this, event you seem so desperate to have me provide you.” She hid the rise of her emotions at their minute revelations of truth with flippancy, gesturing to her bar nearby. “Get you anything?”

“I do not feel the effects.”

“Lucky you.” Cat drawled, pushing up and rounding her coffee table again.

“Bottled water.” Cat almost couldn’t contain her laughter saddling up to her mini-bar and mixing herself a drink before prying a bottle from the lower fridge tucked inside the bar and offering it to Supergirl.

“Here.” Cat moved past her, expecting the woman to relinquish the bottle from her as she passed. “Now,” she took a sip of her own drink wincing at the mixture as she would have preferred her whiskey from earlier. “What exactly is it that you can only utilize my help with?”

Kara easily removed the top of her water off, taking a thorough swallow of the cold liquid before meandering to a chair nearby. When she went to sit on the arm of it Cat gave her a sharp look over the rim of her glass and she quickly corrected herself, lowering herself on to the cushion edge before downing nearly half the bottle in her hand.

“You have to understand, and I mean honestly understand me when I say this event is a very private affair, invitation only, no media coverage-”

“You’re not even going to let me cover it?!” Cat gaped sitting forward quickly, causing Kara to give the woman an exasperated look.

“Not live.” She amended, giving Cat a pointed gaze. “I need to ensure my cousin agrees to all of this as it is ultimately for him and his bond mate, but I was going to give you exclusivity.” Cat let her hands fan out over the couch cushions again in the way that always made Kara nearly choke at the office with her wanton display.

“Limited exclusivity. Anything you print, any picture you take, all of it will have to go through me or my cousin or both.” She punctuated watching the wind in Cat’s sails falter a bit. “When I asked if you understood where I was coming from earlier, perhaps I did not make myself clear enough. This will be a very dangerous event not just for you but all the rest of us. When one is to break it down you are going to have a very vulnerable superhero, his bond mate and their families along with very close and personal friends, not all of them human. Not all of them revealed as aliens either. In one single location.”

The further and further she got into the weight of the situation the more Cat began to wonder if Supergirl had really thought this whole ordeal through. If it was as dangerous as she was implying why have the event at all, it was just asking for trouble to occur wasn’t it?

“May I have a proper example of a guest or two? Just to get an idea of what or who exactly I’m dealing with here.”

“You have heard of Gateway City and Gotham?” Cat nodded, taking another tentative sip of her drink. “Then you are familiar with at least two, Wonder Woman and Batman.”

“Okay wait, just wait Kara.” She huffed out a breath. “You want me to throw a sort of coming out gala for Superman, here in National City, invite all of his super friends and tell no one but those individuals about it so they can all what? Share war stories and wish the couple good luck? This is a bad idea, you yourself have enemies a plenty in this city, with more coming out of the wood work every day and now you want to take all these much more established individuals and line them up? My god if I had half an evil mind even I’d consider storming that castle.”

Kara looked visibly upset listening to Cat, she finished her water, pushing up from her seat in order to place it back on the mini-bar, keeping her back to the other woman as she let her words settle into her bones. Perhaps her idea was flawed, severely, but this was important, at least to her. Alex promised a proper compliment of hand selected DEO agents she could trust; even Eliza had been excited about the prospect of seeing Clark again. Not to mention any number of his friends that she had already had the pleasure of encountering one or two times before. Diana had been a frequent visitor when Kara was in her mid-teens to the farm when Clark had been too busy saving the world.

The heroine was so lost in her second guessing that she didn’t notice Cat’s approach until it was too late, the woman’s hand coming to rest on her shoulder causing Kara to tense superficially. She nearly whirled on the woman, cape bunching at her opposite side from the movement as she looked over her shoulder at Cat’s hand then up to her face expectantly.

“Sor- I’m sorry.” Cat actually stammered, removing her hand almost instantly but not backing away. “I’m just trying to understand how or why this idea is such a good one.”

Kara let out a dark sigh through her nose, turning her features away from Cat to stare at her own warped reflection in the mini bar’s backsplash. “I am the oldest surviving member of our house,” that was partially true, Astra was technically but she had died and risen from the proverbial grave and all the responsibility she may have held died with her with her rebirth. Now it all fell on Kara’s shoulders, and she felt their breadth wasn’t wide enough.

“It is a great dishonor among my people not to participate in this tradition, it can doom the bonding and disgrace the house legacy.” She informed the woman who remained within arm’s reach behind her. “C-Kal-El does not understand, he has never had to answer to his Kryptonian lineage.”

“Kal-El?” Kara closed her eyes, she was just revealing all sorts of secrets with this wasn’t she. Maybe Cat was right, this was a bad idea, one wrought from a dead world that she was still desperately trying to cling to.

“Superman.” Kara corrected, turning to look at Cat full force and seeing the woman straighten with the brunt of her gaze. Cat gave it right back to her, the weight of this situation seeming to wrap itself around the mogul like a heavy blanket. She shifted her jaw again studying Kara openly, tipping her head back to seem on an equal footing with her as they locked eyes.

“Why is this so important to you specifically? Shouldn’t he be the one wrapped up in all this, or his future…?”

“Bond mate.”

Cat eye rolled slightly. “Right ‘bond mate’,” she repeated with another flippant gesture, reaching past Supergirl to place her now empty glass on the minibar top.

“I told you I am the oldest-”

“Member of his family from Krypton, but why are you so invested Kara?”

Supergirl shifted uncomfortably, glancing past Cat before the clearing of the other woman’s throat pulled her attention back down. She fisted her hands together, locking them behind her back again, straightening her frame to appear confident once more. She was already this far gone, why not envelope the queen of all media into the real thick of it. No point in asking her to host this particularly impractical secret benefit if she couldn’t handle a little brunt truth, right?

“He will be the only remaining member of my own family, when I wish to announce my own bonding-”

“You want him to be as invested as you are in order to provide you a proper legacy for you and your bond mate like you’re attempting to provide one to him. Right?”

Kara tipped her head at the other woman, watching her features carefully before giving a slow nod. “It,” she started, swallowing the rise in her emotions down. “It is very important to me as the last daughter of Krypton and the house of El.”

Cat seemed struck with the severity of the statement, and Kara’s body language was not helping the situation in the slightest. “Last daughter?” Cat shook her head confused. “I thought, I mean.” She gestured up and down at Kara’s body, making a small circular motion near her abdomen. “Aren’t you?”

Kara raised a high brow, glancing down at herself and self consciously smoothing her hands across her lower abdomen with a weighted reverence. “Just because we might be compatible with humans does not make any offspring we have Kryptonian.” She looked up at Cat through veiled lashes, causing the woman to back up a half step at the intensity. “Nor am I even sure it is possible to begin with seeing as I do not have anyone who might be able to direct me to answers in that department.” She swallowed again, straightening her skirt away before lifting her head once more, looking down at Cat across the bridge of her nose. “Another thing my cousin may have to endeavor to provide me insight on in the future but seeing as we are different genders according to Earth standards even that may not be correct.”

“Now.” Kara drew in a deep breath, obscuring a sniffle with the action as she crossed her arms over her ‘S’ again. “Seeing as I have provided you with -substantial- amounts of exclusivity points not only concerning myself by my cousin as well, do you still feel this is a hopeless and ill-advised endeavor or are you willing to help me?”

Cat studied the heroine in front of her, having seen her run the gamut of emotions from one side to the other and they hadn’t even gotten into the depths of what all would need to be included with this particular gala. There would be a thousand people to call, disclosure agreements, legal contracts, all manner of things in order to protect the anonymity of the guest list, not to mention keep on the down low enough not to arouse the interest of any number of individuals bent on any kind of vendetta or intent to do harm to those invited. This would be the biggest exclusive that she couldn’t directly report of her life. Already her mind was whirling a million miles an hour, forcing the constriction of her blood vessels in her head into overdrive.

“I want something in return.” She coaxed from somewhere deep, setting a hand on her hip and digging in where she stood.

Kara blinked at her dispassionately, as if she had been expecting the question all along, marveling only at the length of time it took for Cat to get to that point from the moment she arrived to now. “So I had assumed.” She murmured, waiting patiently for the media queen to make her request.

“I want your secret identity.” The words were fluid and without stutter, even if Cat’s heartbeat belied her anxiousness at the demand. She still harbored some whisper of a thought that the woman in front of her was her own assistant, but given her behavior here tonight she was now firmly planted in the belief of that being near to impossible. Her assistant wasn’t this tall, this bold nor, this intense.

Kara drew a slow breath inward, her hands fisting beneath her biceps, making the muscles there appear larger as she straightened impossibly taller. “You could have asked my true name and it might have been easier, much more dangerous of course but still..” She fretted, eyes raking over Cat’s frame as she considered that option before leveling on her eyes again, waiting for Cat’s to meet her own before she dared continue. “Off the record?” She questioned, one eyebrow arching into her hair line as she waited. “You realize that will put my family, my loved ones and you in jeopardy should my enemies find out.”

‘Are you sure.’ Was what she was really pressing. They could continue in blissful ignorance of who Kara really was in Cat’s life, though already she was wondering how she was going to maintain her job and everything else if she agreed to Cat’s request.

Cat stood her ground, weighing her options as she studied the heroine looking down at her, equally challenging and determined to get what she wanted all the while protecting herself in the long run. “Let me think about it then. Perhaps if something of a better alternative comes along I’ll ask for that. I am going to be surrounded by other super heroes from around the world aren’t I?”

Kara nodded pointedly, studying Cat’s features openly. “You have until the night before the gala then. After everything is planned and set in stone then you can ask for your return favor and I will grant it. I swear it on the House of El.” She spoke reverently, mostly for show in an almost juvenile attempt to impress Cat who seemed dumb founded for a full half second before nodding.

“Alright then.” Cat held her hand out. “I won’t draft any legal documents or papers with a pledge like that, so this will have to serve as the signature.”

Kara smirked openly again, uncoiling one arm to grasp at Cat’s hand, her grip initially caused Cat to gasp though the woman answered back with a strength Kara wasn’t even aware the smaller woman had in her as they shook on their agreement. Their hand hold lingered far longer than the closure of a business deal, namely on Kara’s behalf as she relaxed her grip and turned her hand in Cat’s own, thumb coming to rub over the back of her hand adoringly until Cat snaked her hand away, pulling Kara’s focus back up to her features which were ever so slightly flushed.

Kara cleared her throat then, returning her hands to fists beneath her biceps and regarding the other woman, her brain suddenly supplying her with Alex’s pet name for the woman. Her head tipped curiously, seeing the flush not only on her skin but across the edges of her aura and how in this fleeting moment she did indeed seem tiny what with Kara’s posturing. Only then did it strike her as to what she had been doing the entire time since crossing Cat’s threshold.

It made her throat bobble with the implication and her eyes dilate at the sudden awareness of her behavior. She was courting, or at least displaying like she was courting and for a half second was fearful she had gone beyond just physical displays of herself and her prowess in response to the other woman who had been here before her. She swallowed carefully, eyes darting to Cat who was looking at her expectantly, causing her to swear internally, clearly she had missed a question.

“Sorry?” She attempted, keeping her features in check even as she felt the heat of her blush rising up across her chest towards her throat.

“I asked what exactly this auction was and why you were on the block.”

Kara swore again in her mind, tightening her fists as she looked down at Cat, telling herself to stop it immediately, while another part giggled maniacally. She drew a deep breath then, gesturing to the couch behind Cat once more. “Sit down, this may take a while. Unless you need to go to bed or something. The hour has grown rather late.”

Cat raised a brow at the shift in Supergirl’s demeanor, eyeing the woman skeptically for aa moment before turning towards her couch. “By all means, let’s get this all out so we can start planning.”

When Cat turned, Kara looked heavenward, saying a silent prayer to Rao as she took a seat opposite her within the chair; it was going to be a very long night.