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Kara stood in the small alcove she used as a makeshift kitchen, smirking as she gathered two coffee mugs from the small dish rack. After another lengthy avoidance on Kara's behalf concerning her sister, Hank had made it a point to ask Supergirl to drop by the DEO after a night of patrolling when he would usually just let her go home.

Little did she know at the time he had already detained her sibling in one cell in the bowels of the DEO, and when Kara came for the little recap of the nights events he stretched the truth over the fact that he couldn't get the cell open when they were testing its integrity. That maybe if she stepped into the adjacent one she could see the reason from the other side. With a clank he had locked the pair of them up, spun his keys around a finger and told the two work it out until he got back. He also threatened if they hadn't by that time then he would simply sit in his office and wait them out.

Needless to say it had been Alex that spoke up first, not exactly dismissing her actions and intentions with Kara but she had come to the conclusion that her behavior and overprotective sisterly instilled thinking were not appropriate when it came to how Kara wished to go about her life outside of Supergirl.

Kara had spoken up then, about Cat and her valiant efforts lately not only with the magazine but on a personal front as well. They talked bout Carter, how he and his half brother now had a dinner night once a month. That of course started another argument about Kara getting too involved with her boss’s son, that it was Cat’s right to raise him in her own way and how it wasn’t Kara’s to be a constant for the boy if she was going to be just an assistant. Her only right was maybe, maybe to spoil him senseless, but even then Alex guessed it would be at some great level of ire on Cat’s behalf. They talked about Clark and his recent wedding announcement, and how that gave Kara her own ray of hope towards life outside being a Superhero and how difficult still that it was for Kara to see Astra as her mother.

They talked for hours, even asking, or more shouting for Hank to leave when he came in to check on them at one point until finally he had been called back into the room some time later to let them out.

Her smile remained as she recounted her morning prior to the sun rising, and the plan the rest of her morning was now going to be devoted to. Kara pulled two eggs from the half dozen carton she had in her fridge, dropping one in either mug on the counter. She followed it with a spoonful of butter she bought, before stirring the contents with a fork. As she reached for the pre-mixed muffin packets she found the flutter of excitement hum in her gut and made a face.

“Stop it.” She said aloud to herself, swirling the dry ingredients into the cups while she grabbed a fork from a nearby cup full of silverware. She tried to beat out the flutters in the cups mixing her minute set of ingredients together.

“It's breakfast... not..” She was talking to herself. “Seriously Kara, get it together you're talking to your self... out loud.” She stopped what she was doing for a moment, took a deep breath and attempted to push the growing swirl in her body to stop.

She focused on her task then, her intention clear as she grabbed the bag of frozen blueberries she had bought from the store the night prior. She tore open the bag with her teeth and stirred equal amounts into each cup. She wasn't sure if she was doing this right but the recipe she found seemed fool proof. It required no oven, no specific measurements, no in depth knowledge of cooking needed. Simple and to the point, not unlike herself in this moment.

“Are you seriously comparing yourself to food!?” She groaned, hands finding the edge of her small counter as she dropped her head. Here she was making breakfast for one of the most unobtainable and revered individuals in town. Especially lately, thanks to Supergirl, and Kara’s own efforts, Cat had become more charitable, at least in the public eye than ever before.

Fund risers and donations, galas and even the occasional ‘rebuild our city’ rally’s were being promoted, sponsored or heralded by CatCo. It didn’t hurt that Supergirl provided her own time or interviews on each matter. Especially the ‘rebuild the city’ efforts. It was the least she could do when she and the varied alien scuffles she got wrapped up in were the cause behind that need to rebuild in some areas.

The more Kara thought about it, the more she realized that if you stripped away the means and manner by which Cat had handled anything in her life, her story was seemingly no different than the rest of the people in the office. In fact, any one of them could be in her place given the right set of circumstances or surroundings.

Granted there were plenty of gaps to be filled as far as the history and depth of one Cat Grant went. The only means of finding anything out about her, aside from that one time with her emails had been the stories told by her own mother, who was rarely forthcoming on a positive front. Former rivals, Lois Lane in particular, but again nothing glowing there on the home front, which then left her children, one estranged and one who had yet to breech puberty. On a personal level anyway, everything else about Cat Grant was provided by other news cronies who had dealt with her over time during her rise to power in National City. Which, when Kara considered what she had read from those sources, the literature supported yet again a single sided opinion of the woman that read as black and white as the text and paper it was printed on.

It had bothered her so much so that now here Kara was, making breakfast for her as a gesture of... well a gesture of something. Kindness? Friendship? Understanding? All of those options seemed good but none really solidified her sudden urge of wanting to get to know the woman better. Which was saying a lot. Aside from Lucy, who knew all the legal aspects of Miss Grant’s life, Kara was probably the closest Cat had to a confidant. She knew everything about her everyday fuctionality, her private connections and her appointments. Her business likes and dislikes and the occasional depth of a personal issue here and there but all of it was very surface level. She drew in a deep breath, pulling herself back into the counter.

“She’s just your boss, it’s not like you’re attracted to her.” Her mind shot that bullet of thought into her brain and watched it ricochet gleefully about with its implications. She lingered on the idea long enough to go so far as to consider how their names would work before stopping herself with the absurdity of the notion.

“Enough just, by Rao stop thinking.” She grabbed the mugs sitting on the counter, wrapped the two cups with plastic and set them in one of her lunch bags with a cold burst of air in it before securing the package with the velcro clasp it had. “Just because Clark’s getting married doesn’t mean you double down on the only person outside the boys that you’ve connected with.” She thought, while that bullet point from a moment prior continued to bounce around with possibilities.

She turned then, shrugged on her jacket, checked for keys, phone, and suit for later. With a nod to herself in the mirror on the wall she adjusted her glasses and made her way out. It wasn't until she was halfway down the stairs that she sighed and rushed back up to her apartment, grabbing the lunch bag off the counter. When she reopened her apartment door she nearly dropped the lunch bag what with Eliza standing in her doorway.

“Kara!” Eliza greeted, pulling the woman into a reluctant hug.

“Eliza...” She cautioned, stepping back from the woman with narrowed eyes. “What’re you doing here?”

“I have the best news.” She was practically gushing and it was making Kara very nervous.

“You're moving here?!” Kara let the words rush from her mouth unchecked, realizing with her foster-mother’s drop in enthusiasm that her guess was much too far off.

“No... what? I’m not even, are you alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine just, uhm been busy lately.”

Eliza pushed the outburst aside, hands coming to rest on her daughter’s shoulders. “I got you... a date.”

Kara blinked, and blinked again. “What?”

“A date!” She beamed. “I was talking with Alex and we were discussing your cousin’s engagement and your moods and things and how the people that've come into your life, have just kind of fallen short.” She nodded, and continued despite Kara's bass impression. “I know that you need an adult, a companion that you can feel free to let your hair down with and enjoy adult things with.”

“Eliza.” Kara started, but her mother would not be detoured.

“I mean there was that guy in college, that barista lady when you first moved here and that thing with you and your boss’s son Abraham?”

“Adam.” She corrected. “And we didn’t have a thing, I just helped him reconnect with his mother and half-brother.”

“Right yeah, I mean even I had a moment there when Alex mentioned him and how you were talking to him in the coffee shop about his mother, she made it sound like you had this huge crush on he-.”

“Eliza!” Kara's shout stopped the woman. “We already had this conversation, now that I’ve embraced being Supergirl dating isn’t really a viable option. Not until I can get a solid handle on it and everything else in my life.”

“Yes I know but I realize after talking with Alex that you are probably just saying that-”

“Right. No. Okay Eliza, the truth is, I'm late for a, uh, uhm, breakfast date of my own making.” She lied, she knew it was a lie, a horrible no good very bad lie but she wasn't going to let that stop her now. “So thankful as I am,” she patted the woman on the shoulder with a tight smile. “Please tell who or what ever it is you found that I was afraid to tell you I was already dating someone or something.”

“Kara.” Eliza's voice was soft as she took a step closer. “If I had known. That makes me feel so good.. -so- good that you're taking the time for yourself and your happiness.”

Kara nodded slowly before gesturing towards the door. “That's great yeah but uhm I'm going to be late and that's never a good impression to make.”

“Oh! Yes, don't let me keep you!” Eliza moved out of the way and watched her daughter's hurried rush down the stairs once her apartment was locked. She would make an additional stop to talk with Alex again as well as inform one Mr. Malverne that she had been mistaken in asking him out on a blind date with her daughter.


The day was starting out nice enough, though Cat could feel the approaching storm. It sent an odd wave of insecurity through her before she shook it off and finally drew herself up from the chair in her bedroom. She had watched the sun rise over her city through the brewing clouds, it was an allowance she had given herself over to the past few weeks now. Ever since Kara had reintroduced Adam into her life. Previously she would never had indulged in such a waste of time but the more she did it, the more centered she seemed to be throughout her day. Every morning was different, and with it brought the promise of new possibilities.

With a deep breath she ran a hand through her hair, it was getting longer now, not unruly, just longer. She took one final calming breath before she drew herself up from her chair, the edges of her silk robe dancing around her legs as she strode barefoot into her closet. Once inside she tipped the full length mirror at its center so she could focus on herself. She ran a brush through her locks, leaving her hair soft and wavy before pulling open the drawers of make up in the island of her closet.

She looked to her hands then back to her reflection while she dabbed her fingertips into the mouth of a silver tube only to drag the tinted crème on her index finger across her lips. A bruised rose color sprang to life a second after, saturating the swells there like ink injected into water. She switched tactics then, opening a small compact and selecting a proper contour brush sweeping mineral powder across her cheeks before switching brushes and powders. Her fingertips dusted across her cheeks with minute corrections followed by a neutral color for her eyes.

It wasn't a vast adjustment in truth, it wasn’t anything akin to an average working day as far as a full face went, but it was enough. She straightened and looked over her reflection a final time before turning away from the mirror and setting about getting dressed.

Any work she had left over to take care of she could easily do at home, this month’s issue had already been finalized and currently it was all in the hands of her employees. Unless some idiot threw a wrench in the whole of it like last month. Then again that individual was no longer with the company so she was quite sure that the only real work she would have waiting for was the final proofs for the lead articles for next month’s issue and her layout approval of the photo-spread from the rebuild rally she’d been a part of that was going to serve as her feature.

Anything else she might have normally had set aside for herself, her assistant had oddly seen fit to take care of for her. Something about everyone, including the boss, needing to have a weekend to themselves without work or deadlines looming.

She hung her robe back up and placed her pajamas in the basket for laundry. She was going to have to keep herself busy today to keep her mind from wandering too far in that direction. Kiera had seemed quite adamant at the idea, so much so that she had taken on nearly three times the amount of her own workload to ensure everything would finalize for the issue this month without Cat’s intervention.

She pulled a pair of tall boots on over her black leggings and stood, smoothing the edge of her dark blue shirt down before shrugging into her last article. She wrapped the edges of the charcoal riding style vest around herself creating a sharp v-line cross the front of her torso. Buttoning a single clasp at either hip she turned profile, taking note of the flare of the vests edges around her hips as they tapered back into tails that dusted along the back of her thighs in an elegant point.

Satisfied she stepped out of her closet, small laundry basket in hand and started for the hallway when she heard her doorbell ring. Given that Carter was at his brother’s for the weekend she knew it couldn't possibly be him. She heard a small knock halfway down the stairs and hastened her pace. Once she made it to the first floor she quickly deposited the laundry basket in the first room across her path before turning to cross the foyer. She unbolted the lock and pulled open her door, her frame straightening back a bit in surprise at the now retreating form of Kara Danvers.

“Kiera?” The confusion was palpable, as was the sudden assumption that things had gone horribly wrong at CatCo for her assistant to be dropping by so unexpectedly.

Kara was already turning around before she was addressed, having heard the door opening behind her. She swallowed awkwardly, her mouth suddenly dry before she finally rushed forward to the landing to close the gap between them again.

“Morning.” She offered lamely.

“Yes, it is morning, still.” Cat stayed in the entry of her door, shoulder pressed into its edge as she studied the blonde in front of her. She seemed anxious and unsure of herself. One hand was gripping one of those cooling lunch bags Carter owned, while the other was dug into her front pocket in a fist. A feat which Cat found somehow to be near impossible despite the visual proof on the subject. She raised a high brow taking note of Kara's jeans that looked painted on and she clearly had on a tank top beneath the thin crew-neck sweater she wore. Its stark white edge was evident where it had been pulled out on her left side at some point.

“What’s happened?”

Kara tried not to stare at the woman who answered the door. On the flight over she had bounced over just what exactly she and Cat were. She had settled on new friends but the lack of depth to that idea just wouldn't sit in her mind. Then she questioned why exactly she felt the need to make Cat breakfast. Some part of her had rationalized that it was better than inviting her out to eat and talk, seeing as that's what Adam had been doing with her on their special nights once a month. The other part was still flailing about aimlessly yelling at her to ask her out on an actual date since she had already lied about being on one to Eliza.

“What?” She shook her head slightly, “nothing. Why? Should something have?” Kara was fidgeting and couldn't seem to focus, or offer more than a near one worded response to the day so Cat tried again.

“You seem rather awake considering the hour today.” Cat started forward out of her home, coming to stand just beyond her threshold. “Is everything alright?”

“What? No. Yes. Wait. Did you change your...” Kara slapped herself mentally and took a deep breath. “Let me try that again.”

Cat merely rose a brow watching the other woman with a confused interest. “Okay.” She drew the word out before crossing her arms over her chest.

“Morning Kiera.”

Kara blinked, wondering what the other woman was playing at until she realized she was literally starting their encounter over. No snark. No reprimand. She offered a small smile of gratitude and took a more confident step closer.

“Have you eaten yet?”

Cat turned her head to the side in the negative. “No. I was just coming down when instead of someone just making their way into my personal space, unlike at the office, they actually knocked this time.”

Kara cleared her throat, wondering if that was directed indirectly at her. Finally pulling her other hand out of her pocket, she adjusted her glasses. “Yeah I considered that but then I figured you might like the surprise factor of someone asking to borrow your kitchen instead of wanting to plead an excuse for a layout being redone.”

“I don't like surprises.” Cat reminded her as she glanced down over her crossed arms and took a step forward in the process before turning her attention back to Kara who seemed much more emboldened than when they were in the office.

Kara let out an audible exhale through her nose, pushing the slightly crestfallen feeling aside, lips twisting slightly she considered something. “So you're saying I should have just busted in.”

Cat let out a sigh and bore her gaze into the other woman. “What do you want Kiera? I have things I need to take care of and you're impeding that process.”

Kara felt the creeping sense of disappointment, her internal insecurity demons supplying her with an 'I told you so' song and dance number in her mind.

Cat watched the flicker of emotion register on Kara's features and felt the pang of guilt swirling in her chest because of it. Regardless she didn't bother to take back her words or her harshness. This was who she was, her abruptness and sharp tongue were both part of that package.

“I made you breakfast.” Kara finally supplied her tone lacking its prior warmth and bubbling excitement.

“What?” Cat's voice was a shadow of its prior self as well. Slightly higher with an edge of complete disbelief.

“I,” she started, clearing her throat and regaining her conviction. “Made you breakfast. I know you don't like surprises but I thought-”

“Why?” Cat was at the edge of her landing then, looking down at Kara in the hallway a step down from her.


“Why did you make me breakfast?” Cat interrupted the other woman again, her lips parted just slightly as she waited for the woman to answer her.

“Because I wanted to.” Kara offered with plain honesty.

“So, you just made breakfast.” Cat blinked and straightened slightly. “And carried it all the way over here?”

Kara followed Cat's gaze behind her before turning back to her and taking another step closer. “Yes. Well sort of. All the way is more like from my apartment near the edge of town and the making part I haven't done yet but...”

Cat let out another breath. “Why?”

“I wanted to.” Kara answered again.

“No other reason.” The older woman’s tone carried a hint of a warning and her answer came in the form of Kara shaking her head in the negative.

“Okay...” She allowed after a long series of moments between them before turning and heading back into her home, leaving the door open behind her.

Kara blinked and watched the backside of the woman retreating, head tipping to the side just slightly before she caught herself, turned her eyes elsewhere and swore under her breath. She heard the sharp crack of Cat's boot heels on the tile floor inside the penthouse until the sound stopped. Looking up she saw the other woman standing in profile, arms still crossed over her chest. She didn't look in Kara's direction but the expectancy filling the woman suddenly jump started her actions.

Kara rushed forward, tripping over the threshold plate a bit before catching herself and straightening up like that never happened. She shut the door and tried not to skip as she closed the distance between her and Cat. Or at least tried, when Kara crossed the line of the stairs Cat pointed towards the kitchen.

“I'll be right back,” and with a turn Cat was off and down the adjacent hallway.

Kara lingered in her spot a moment before making her way into the kitchen. The flutters were back and on steroids and she immediately chided herself mentally to shut up and chill out. She scanned over the kitchen then, locating the microwave with a small sigh of relief. Crossing to it she removed the items from her lunch bag, tossing the object across the counter and out of the way. She placed the mugs in the microwave then, setting the timer a little over two minutes because of the multiple servings.

Cat disappeared down into the hallway and retrieved her laundry, slipping into the specified room at the end of the hallway to busy herself. As she separated her clothes and set them in the washer she noticed her hands were shaking. “What is wrong with you?” She asked herself, tossing in a small packet of detergent before drawing the lid to a close. “It's just breakfast. She probably just wants to take Carter somewhere again without you and he’s put her up to ask like this to get you to say yes instead of asking you directly.”

She frowned slightly at that prospect, thinking she would have to talk to Carter and his growing dependency on her assistant to get things out of her. Until a different voice in her head reminded her that no one had ever made her breakfast. Outside of her son on her birthday, of course. Not just make it, but walk more than halfway across town to hand deliver it ... just because they wanted to.

Back in the kitchen Kara heard the sound of a metal lid being dropped, her brain supplying the task of laundry a moment after, along with the fact that Cat was making her way back. She pushed the button release on the door a second before the beep and urged the cups out by their warmed handles. Careful not to touch the mugs themselves should Cat come waltzing in, she put them on the small island before curling the leftover plastic wrap into her fist and frantically shoving it back into the lunch bag on the opposite counter.

Cat couldn't help but smirk as she saw the blonde stretching across her counters in an attempt to hide the lunch bag behind her coffee pot. She leaned into the entryway of her kitchen and quietly cleared her throat.

With a small jump Kara straightened, lunch bag forgotten. “I uh..” She started, taken aback by the other woman as she pulled herself from the wall and stalked into the kitchen towards the opposite side of the island between them.

“Couldn't find the forks...” It was a truth, she had very little idea if any where Cat kept silverware, Carter had never supplied the answer as she had never asked it and somewhere she rationalized that going through every drawer in Cat's kitchen was akin to digging through her closet or something. Which was why she hadn’t used her x-ray vision either.

“Behind you, middle drawer.” Cat leaned her hips into the island edge, hands wrapping around its sides as she tipped her head just slightly when Kara put her back to her. When she spun around forks in hand, Cat simply blinked her eyes back up as if she had been taking inventory of the mugs in between them and not the curves poured into those impossibly tight jeans.

“Coffee doesn't really count as breakfast Kiera.”

Kara smirked, “Funny.” She offered, scooping up Cat's mug and rounding the island with it and her fork. “Cause Carter mentioned that on most days that's your favorite, as if I wasn’t already aware being your assistant and all.”

“Using my son against me again I see. Really? And here I thought you a very intuitive Keira.” She made a mockish sigh of disappointment.

Kara came to stand beside the other woman. Cup held at the edges and handle wrapped up in her hands, fork tucked between two fingers. “Depends. How well do you like blueberry muffins?”

Cat turned her features but not her body towards Kara, brow raising nearly into her hairline. “You can make muffins?”

Kara proffered the cup. “I dunno, this is my first time trying.”

Cat glanced down to the cup then, noting its contents before she shifted her weight. She reached up with one hand and took the coffee cup and fork from the other woman. She dug her utensil into the mixture suddenly self conscious of Kara watching her so intently. She swallowed the feeling before drawing the first bite into her mouth. Kara mimicked her unknowingly in motion, her own lips parting slightly with Cat's followed by the flick of her tongue over her lips as she watched the woman chew.

Cat could taste the store bought mix, there was always a difference in quality between it and making baked goods from scratch. It was one of the better ones and as she bit into a blue berry she noted their slightly soggy nature, frozen not fresh. As she chewed she tasted the sweetness of pancake syrup coupled with a buttery aftertaste. She raised a brow, glancing over at the rather eager woman beside her.

Kara snatched her own cup then, fork wedged between her fingers as she took a bite for herself. After a moment she nodded at herself and smiled inwardly. Warm, buttery, syrupy blue berry muffin, it was even better than the ones you could buy prepackaged.

“You've never made this before?” Cat questioned, noting Kara's second forkful towards her mouth.

The blonde paused mid way and shook her head no. “I read about it and figured it seemed simple enough so I thought I'd try it.”

“Not bad...” She was genuine in her tease and added a hint of a smile to the fact. “For store bought.” Kara glanced to Cat's mouth as she spoke, following the curves of her lips as they rounded over her syllables.

Cat waited for some form of riposte, only to find the other woman fixated on her mouth. With a slight quirk she stepped closer to the younger woman who completely forgot about her bite as she invaded Kara’s personal space. “Kiera?” She glanced down to Kara's mouth, under the guise of looking into her mug, then back up. “Earth to Danvers...”

Kara blinked out of her reverie and cleared her throat, looking down to her mug then back up at Cat. “Good. No I mean. I'm glad you like it. Sort of. Carter says you're a great cook so I know yours is probably much better but I uh, I figured it would be rude to show up on your doorstep then ask for you to cook.”

Kara tried her hand at humor amidst her ramble with a lame result. "Get your shit together Kara. You’ve seen her mouth a hundred times.” Another voice suddenly supplied that was before she wanted to know what those lips felt like against her own. A voice she immediately told to shut up.

Cat tipped her head to the side watching the range of thoughts and emotions as they flickered across Kara's face. It would be amusing if she wasn't so caught up in wanting to know what exactly was running rampant in the other woman's brain that had caused her to stare.

“Follow.” She figured simple one worded commands might work better for the younger woman rather than attempting to engage her in more thoughtful conversation. With her breakfast in hand pulled herself away and out of the kitchen.

Kara remained in the kitchen for a second longer than she should have been. Her heart was racing as she caught herself again searching over the other woman's retreating form. “Stop. Staring!” She stood stock still, wide eyed in the open kitchen until her more logical side pointed out that she was now alone and yet again was required elsewhere. Her brow furrowing at herself she stepped after the woman and around into the hall.

Not seeing Cat, she noticed the balcony door was open in the living room, leading outside. Following the breadcrumbs Cat was leaving she stepped onto the woman's balcony just in time to watch her walking up into the extended patio space she had nearby. Kara crossed the rather impeccable outdoor suburban garden, coming up the steps and remained standing as Cat sat down on a bench against the opposite side.

“Are you with it now Kiera?”


Cat let out an audible exhale, forking up another bite. She might as well attempt to enjoy the impromptu breakfast even if hers were better. She would have at least used a proper baking pan, though the coffee mug was rather creative and carried its own little bit of charm.

Cat tipped her head, openly surveying the blonde across from her. “Did you strike your head this morning on something? Or is it just the given hour that seems to have thrown you for a loop?”

Kara tried to answer but her first few words ran together in some semblance of gibberish to which Cat hid a smile from behind a bite. “I'm on a date.”

Cat almost choked, bringing a fist to her lips to cough into as a result. “What?” She actually spoke around her food. Cat never spoke around her food.

Kara poked at her breakfast then, suddenly not at all hungry. She drew a breath and put her lower back against the opposite railing.

“I told El…my foster mother that I was going on a date for breakfast.”

Cat set her breakfast aside with a clink of her silverware.

“Excuse me what?” The woman leaned forward on the bench, pinning Kara down. “You told your mother that you were going on a date with me this morning?” Her voice was a dangerous one, rough in the middle and sharp at its edges. Every word cutting into Kara as she spoke with absolute precision.

“No, well yes but I didn't tell her who with.” Kara tried, watching the woman across from her. At that little tidbit of exposition she could have sworn Cat seemed disappointed.

“Do you make it a habit of going on dates without informing the other person? Cause honestly I can see how that might allude to your past failings in your relationship aspects Kiera.”

“No!” She shot back defensively, straightening up from the railing. “And you don't know anything of my past relationship failings or successes.” She was starting to pace now, the sudden impact of what she had told Eliza this morning and how fast that would get around her personal circle were closing in on her.

“Save for one,” She threatened, referring to Adam and that cluster of a mishap. “No I don't, it's not exactly something that I find myself sleepless over in wonder about.”

There was a twinge at the base of Kara's spine at Cat's answer, and a flutter of red around the edges of her heart, a lie. She was lying. “Oh my god... she thinks about...” Kara had her arms crossed over her chest, pacing in the small space across from Cat slowly.

“It's not as if you would have even said yes had I asked you.” The look of shock on Cat's face wasn't nearly as intense as Kara had expected it to be with that statement. “Unless it was strictly business related. Even then you would’ve scheduled it for the office and not today.” Cat’s expression was actually thoughtful, as if she were running some mathematical anomaly in her head to find the answer. Whatever she was thinking it was making Kara anxious with each passing second as more red tendrils sprung to life around the edges of her aura.

Cat seemed struck momentarily, “Kiera wanted to ask me on a date, that's absurd!” The darker side of herself snubbed the idea, immediately arguing that it would be no more than an obnoxious waste of time that she would have to suffer through. While the ever growing opposite voice in her made her speak up.

“You couldn't possibly know that without asking me.”

The scrape of Kara's boots as she came to a stop was palpable and Cat hoped the sudden rise in her heartbeat didn't show when the other woman turned to stare at her for the second time this morning.

“Wanna bet.” Kara finally answered a bit roughly.

Cat raised a brow, her head lifting slightly in challenge as the younger woman’s boldness punched through her anxiety. “So this is how it's going to be.”

“Why did you come here Kiera? You lied to your mother, you lied to me about breakfast-”

“I didn't lie to you.”

“You said you made me breakfast just because. No other reason.”

“The breakfast part yeah that was true. Sticking around and having it with you I was-”

“So you lied.” Cat reaffirmed.

“No I just didn't say everything I was planning-”

Cat stood then. “You lied.” She came within Kara’s personal space. “I do not tolerate liars.”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

Cat blinked and straightened. “Hence the reason why I don't like them. It involves a level of mistrust and espionage.”

Kara scoffed, squaring herself up across from the other woman. “No it involves a lack of control over a situation.”

Cat ignored Kara's assessment of her, daring a step closer so that their arms were practically touching. “Answer. My. Question, Kiera. Why are you here?”

Kara made a face, her arms dropping at the faintest brush of Cat's against her forearms. She fidgeted with her hands, fingers touching and linking absently in front of herself but she stood her ground just the same.


They spoke at the same time and Kara threw Cat a pointed look towards her impatience.

“Supergirl,” she watched Cat scrutinize her with the mention of the heroine. “wanted to see if maybe you would be willing to hold another gala.” The words came out in a rush and clearly hit their mark as Cat backed up a step when she was done.

“Supergirl.” Cat started, clearing her throat softly. “You expect me to believe Supergirl asked you to ask me about some specialty event that couldn’t wait until Monday?” Cat narrowed her eyes, arms crossing tighter over her chest. “Really Kiera your desperation is showing.”

“No. No I would never. I’m being serious.” She was partly, and Cat eyed her intensely. “She asked James, who asked me to discuss it with you because he felt uncomfortable bringing up the idea she had with you.” Cat couldn't help but raise her brow at the tone while the other woman took a breath forcing her exhale slowly through her nose.

“Why didn’t Supergirl just come to me herself?” Cat questioned honestly enough, her aura shifting slightly towards dark blue and Kara couldn’t help but wince seeing it and the minute elements of hurt it provided the other woman at being spoken around instead of to directly. “What could she possibly think was so difficult to have Mr. Olsen discuss with me.”

“A private gala, exclusive invitation only, she wants to raise money for the portions of downtown her last altercation from this week tore apart.”

“Exclusive invitation only?” Cat made a face, her aura shifting again with her confusion and growing irritation. “We just had a rebuild the city rally Keira, did she get hit in the head too hard during her last fight that she’s now suffering short term memory loss? She was there for crying out loud.”

“Shewantstoauctionherselfoff.” Kara’s words came in a rush, and despite the speed Cat understood every single syllable and did nothing but stare at the other woman.

“Supergirl wants to what?” Kara swallowed under the predatory gaze of her boss and fidgeted with her hands in front of herself again.

“Her cousin is going to be bonded and it’s customary to hold an event in their honor as his only family and apparently she wanted to use part of their Kryptonian traditions to raise money for National City.” Kara swallowed, she knew this was a bad idea, even when she had brought it up to Clark. He had no idea about their traditions and really she was just interpreting a portion of that Kryptonian tradition when one announced a bonding that her parents had told her about when she was littler.

It was customary for the family of one being bonded to indeed hold something akin to a gala, and any single members of either house by extension were utilized for raising awareness and desirability of the house legacy by allowing the earth equivalent of a date to the highest bidder. Overtime it had simply become a reason to have a party and raise money that was then donated by the bonding pair as their first duty towards ensuring the future of Krypton together.

Currently she argued somewhere in her mind that this was just another means for Supergirl to help out the people in her city, the fund raising part anyway.

“So, I came over here to see if you and I could work that out for him, her, uhm them. Breakfast was my idea and there was no other reason for it other than I wanted to be in your company to do so without the rest of the office overhearing or something.” Kara made a face. “And I didn't know if you would have come out to breakfast with me had I asked on your day off, especially to discuss the intricacies of some personal request from Supergirl about a gala rife with Kryptonian tradition in public.”

Cat shifted her jaw, keeping the emotions swirling in her in check, or so she thought. Then there was Kara, a woman who had made her breakfast as a form of peace offering to discuss this new prospect concerning Supergirl and Superman. She was right, her ire would have been exponential were the other woman to have attempted to discuss this in a public setting with her where anyone could have eavesdropped on them.

“That's just it Kiera.” Cat finally offered, looking the other woman up and down. “You never even bothered to ask. You simply assumed, like everyone else.”

“I'm asking-”

“No you're feeling guilty now.” Cat considered, part of her admitted she was a touch jealous that Supergirl hadn’t come to her directly, or so she told herself. She would have talked her out of the latter part of the event but given her position in National City it wasn’t all that surprising the woman hadn’t come to her.

“You can say no, I just, I know this is important to her because it involves her only family and she said something about it having to be exclusive due to other people or not so human people she might have to invite.” Kara argued, stumbling over her words as she tried to maintain her separation of self from her other persona.

Cat stepped right up against Kara, her body pitched slightly in profile. “Why do you even care?”

Kara tried to back up but felt the hard edge of the railing behind her. “I'm sorry.” Cat immediately misinterpreted her answer and Kara reached for the retreating woman. “No not for that, I mean yes for -that-” Cat had started to yank her arm free of the other woman's grasp but stopped with Kara's ramble. “I…” Kara flexed her hand around the sinew jumping beneath her touch and slowly let go, smoothing over the line of Cat's shirt that she twisted.

“I'm sorry for not asking you out to breakfast to discuss this.” Cat merely shook her head, her good mood and nature seemingly gone.

“Be sorry somewhere else.” Cat moved past the blonde then.

“Wait a minute.” Kara started after her, a rumble of thunder heralding the on coming storm's nearness.

“No.” Cat turned on her. “You don't get to be sorry here. Not now. The only reason I am even remotely talking to you this moment is because of Supergirl. Otherwise you'd be lucky I didn't toss you off the balcony and hope she came to save you.” Her eyes flared with a dangerous intent as if she meant the words literally. “Go home. Talk with James and the Super Cousins and you can have one of them call me with whatever choice you all make and get me a meeting with Supergirl directly.”

Kara looked struck, her mouth slightly open and her chest painfully tight “But I-”

“Chop chop Keira.” With that Cat slipped away, retreating into her penthouse. “There's a side access around there.” She pointed to a small path just off the balcony, “I'm sure you're more than capable of seeing yourself out as easily as you are at seeing yourself in.”

Kara tensed at the slamming of the glass door with the other woman's retreat. She took a step closer contemplating until she felt the spatter of water on her head. She let out an audible sigh and looked up only to turn her head back down as the blackened sky above her opened up.

“Of course.” She grumbled, running her hands through her hair to keep it off her face as it, along with her clothing, soaked up the torrential downpour.

“Way t'go Danvers.” She kicked at the concrete wall, wincing slightly at the small divot that nicked into the concrete. She stood there for another minute before making her way off the patio balcony and down the side path, closing the little gate behind her. With a sideways glance to the media mogul’s penthouse she shoved her hands in her pockets and being assured she wasn’t being watched she trudged off the edge of the building and flew her way back to her apartment.