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Part Two

It had been very cold, the last few mornings, cold enough to force her out of bed early a few times to turn up the heat. But this morning, she was toasty warm, and she luxuriated in the feeling. The scent of freshly made coffee reached her nose and she smiled sleepily at the unfamiliar sound of a cat's throaty purr. Why am I so warm? she began to wonder sleepily. She wanted to ignore it, she really did, but finally she cracked her eyes open to check.

One look, and Leona found herself shocked wide awake. Anna lay close in front of her, and Leona's face was snuggled into her very impressive, if thankfully t-shirt covered, bust. She could feel the warmth of another body behind her, and turned over as best she could to look. Uni was pressed up to her back, and Leona could feel the points of Uni's nipples against her back. Both girls purred softly in their sleep, sweet little smiles on their faces.

Disturbed by her movement, Anna's eyes slowly opened, cloudy with the remnanys of dreams. Leona could feel it as Uni stirred from her sleep behind her as well. "Good morning, Boss," Anna said sleepily, and smiled at her.

"I had to use the bathroom last night, and when I went by, I saw you shivering in your sleep. We can't have you catching a cold now," Uni said to Leona quietly from behind.

Leona blinked at them, her mind still a bit sleepy and her face marked by a bright red blush. "No", she said quietly, "I guess not." She carefully slipped out from between the two of them, pulled her sweats from the floor, quickly dressed and then headed for the kitchen for coffee and breakfast. And some time to think.

It was totally innocent, Leona thought as she sipped her coffee. Had to be. There's no way they could know how mixed up feeling I've been about the two of them. Even before now, I've looked at them and admired both of them. She shook herself. No, it was all completely innocent and I have to get off this train of thought, right now!

Leona's eyes suddenly got wide as saucers as the two catgirls, hair sticking up and garbed in tight T-shirts, little panties, and nothing else strolled sleepily by her. They grabbed some clothes from their bags and then cat-walked their way back to the bedroom. Leona groaned quietly and put her head in her hands.

It wasn't that Leona didn't really try to stop them from sleeping with her, it was just that they were sweetly firm: If the Boss was cold, they were going to do something about it. She tried using an extra blanket, she even tried to put the two of them in the bedroom and took the sofa bed herself. All that resulted in was a sleepless night on a uncomfortable mattress, and the two catgirls followed her out there, anyway. Three people on a small, uncomfortable mattress was her limit. Finally, Leona just gave in. Once she accepted them in her bed, the catgirls moved on to the next step.


Over the next few weeks, Leona found herself reminded of the old Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times." Not only was there a new crime wave going on, but her home situation was getting a bit stressful.

When Anna and Uni came out dressed in their first set of "sleepy-time outfits" Leona had protested loudly. Of course, Anna and Uni just offered to TAKE OFF the offending black lace bra and panty sets and accompanying nighties, so she quickly shut up. Of course, that was just the tip of the iceberg, as each evening the catgirl pair appeared in yet another even more racy outfit. Leona didn't know how much more her poor nerves could take.

Leona sat at her desk, and tried to concentrate on her work. It wasn't very easy, as Anna and Uni were hanging around her desk and offering to help her in any way she needed. Leona tried not to think of any indecent requests. After they asked her the fifth time "Are you SURE you don't need anything?" Leona snapped. Pulling out her gun she pelted them with rubber bullets until they were both curled into little balls.

"I DON'T NEED ANYTHING!" Leona finally roared, loudly enough to be hear across the building. Both Anna and Uni uncurled, oddly smiling up at her happily. "What are you smiling at?" Leona asked sourly.

"It's nice to see our cranky boss back," Uni said simply.

"Yeah, we were getting worried," Anna commented.


They're former erotic dancers, Leona thought wearily later on, of course they were used to wearing outfits like that. She sighed softly. They probably don't even realize that they're driving me nuts. She smiled a bit as she looked off into the distance, thinking 'Thank god they went home early today! Maybe I can actually get some work done.'

Rerika sighed softly, watching Leona sitting at her desk, no doubt consumed with her deep, policewomen thoughts. "Do you think the rumors about her and the Puma sisters are true?" she asked her friend Suzuna.

The blonde shrugged, sitting by her dark hared friend. "I don't know," Suzuna answered, "but weren't the rumors started by her own squad? If anybody would know, it's them."

Reika sighed mournfully. "I wish she had noticed me," she admitted.

Suzuna looked at her friend in surprise, then she smiled sweetly. "Leona isn't the only fish in the sea," she said suggestively to her friend. Reika looked up in surprise, and Suzuna winked.

Back at the apartment, Uni frowned as she looked thoughtfully over the closet full of lingerie. "What do you think we should wear tonight?" she asked.

Anna sighed. "It doesn't matter!" she complained. "Why doesn't Leona notice us?" she asked plaintively.

Uni made a triumphant sound. "I know! We will have to break out the heavy artillery!" she exclaimed, even as she reached into the very back of the closet and pulled out two itsy bitsy, teeny weenie thong bikinis!

"No, I don't think that's it." Anna said thoughtfully. "Maybe we're going about this all wrong." she said, her eyes widening.

"What do you mean?" Uni asked, trying on the thong. Anna blinked at her for a moment, her train of thought derailed temporarily.

Anna shook herself. "Maybe subtle doesn't work with Leona. Why don't we just try telling her how we feel about her?"

"But how?" Uni asked, turning and admiring her mostly exposed butt in the mirror.

"I think I have an idea." Anna said with a devilish grin. She brought Uni over and began whispering in her ear.


Leona tiredly stumbled into the parking garage, only to run into the one person she really didn't want to see today: Squad Leader Brenten. He smirked a bit as he walked over to her.

"Is it true that you and the Puma sisters are..." he stopped, as Leona leveled her pistol at his face, a mildly crazed expression on her face.

"Finish that question and die," she said to him very coldly. He gulped so hard his adam's apple bobbed up and down like a yoyo.

"I just wanted to say," he said gruffly, "that it's all right by me, kid. And if anyone gives you any grief, send 'em my way."

She sighed softly and slumped against her bike, "Sorry, it's just that nobody believes me when I try to tell them that there's nothing going on between the Puma sisters and me!"

Brenten smiled down at her, and gently ruffled her hair. "Not if Anna and Uni have anything to say about it," he said with a little smile, and then he walked off, cheerfully whistling 'the Wedding March' out of tune.

Leona watched him go, and wondered what, exactly, he had meant by that. She shrugged it off, got on her bike, and rode off.

Leona wearily parked her bike in her apartment's garage and then shuffled her way to the lift. It was broken, of course. She climbed wearily upstairs and with a sigh of relief, she unlocked her front door, and staggered in. The sweet smell of cooking food and soft, romantic music greeted her. She followed the scents to the kitchen, where she found the lights dimmed and the table set for a candle lit dinner for three.

She heard a soft sound behind her, and she slowly turned. Anna and Uni stood in the doorway, dressed only in matching corsets, garters, panties and stockings. The corset's cups held their breasts up, but left them mostly uncovered, and Leona found a blush crossing her face. "What..." she started, when Anna shushed her gently.

Uni stepped up and took Leona's face gently into her hands. She leaned forward and firmly kissed Leona on the lips. Before Leona could recover, Anna stepped up and tried to outdo Uni's kiss. Leona could barely stand when they were both done.

"You can kick us out if you want, Boss." Anna said softly, still holding Leona's face in her warm hands. "We love you, and since you weren't getting the message any other way..." she then shrugged.

"We've loved you a long time, Leona" Uni continued, "even back when you were only chasing us around."

"Why do you think we never killed you back then?" Anna asked.

"Yeah, we had lots of chances." Uni continued.

"Remember the Red Commandos?" Anna reminisced.

"And back when we kidnapped..." Uni started.

"Hold it, hold it, you clockwork ditzs!" Leona cut in. They both stopped, looking wounded. "Did you just say you love me?" Leona asked very quietly.

They both just nodded, silently.

"So what do we do now?" Leona asked them quietly. Both catgirls exchanged cautious smiles, and began to move in on Leona.

Uni snuggled up to Leona's side. "We missed you while you worked..." she started.

"... and we're very glad you're home." Anna finished, snuggling to Leona's other side. "We made you a surprise dinner..." she said.

"...and we have another surprise for you afterward." Uni said with a broad grin. Leona looked back and forth between the two catgirls.

"Dinner can wait." Leona said firmly. Anna and Uni bodily picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. About two hours later they staggered back out and salvaged what they could from the burnt remnants of dinner...

The End

Author's Note: the romance between the Puma sisters and Leona is mostly the product of my own very overactive imagination. Having read the original Dominion, Tank Police series, there is a bit of sexual teasing between the Pumas and Leona, but they do that to everyone in that series.

In Dominion:Conflict, they spend most of their time driving poor Leona right up the wall, including at one point trying to eat pieces of her mini- tank! But they are very endearing, in their fluff headed way, and become surprisingly good police officers.

Dominion, and Dominion:Conflict, are almost different worlds, despite having the same characters. That's why I primarily chose to deal with the second series, rather than try to explain how they inter-connect. And I still don't know where Buaku disappeared to.

I haven't included too much of the other Tank Police officers, just some short cameos of various members, wherever I could. I wanted to do something fun with Leona's squad, and I kinda had to include Brenten.