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Roomies! A Dominion: Conflict fanfic.

Based on the manga created by Masamune Shirow, the original Dominion series #1-6, and the sequel, Dominion: Conflict #1-6. I do not own any of the characters in this fanfic and in no way do I profit from it. Both of these manga series are available in Trade Paperback for your enjoyment from Dark Horse Comics.


Once upon a time, not all that long from today, there was a not terribly beautiful looking city named Newport. In fact, it was a pretty filthy and overly polluted city, but that's neither here nor there. It seems they had a little problem that was very difficult to solve. A notorious criminal named Buaku rampaged across the city at will, leading the conventional police forces in a merry chase. They never were able to actually catch the wily android, and their considerable efforts to try and do so only gave the city's other criminals the opportunity to run rampant.

Alongside the infamous Buaku was his gang, the twin android sisters named Anna Puma and Uni Puma. The two of them were as heart-breakingly beautiful as they were extremely deadly, two former erotic dancers who had chosen to turn to a life of crime! Seductive and charming, they could con their way out of almost any situation, and if that didn't work, they were also always ready to fall back on their heavy weapons.

The people of the city demanded that something had to be done about them. The Mayor and the members of the city council authorized breaking out what was hoped to be the ultimate deterrent to stop crime: tanks! A new police division, the Tank Police, was formed, with their sole purpose being the arrest of Buaku and the Puma sisters too. Attracting the misfits and other more unconventional officers, the Tank Police were quite successful in keeping Buaku in line, but even they never seemed to be able to catch him, no matter how hard they tried.

Into this situation came a young lady. Leona Ozaki arrived at the Tank Police headquarters from Osaka's traffic patrol, and initially the other officers wanted to send her right back there. She was quiet, polite, and intelligent, and therefore she seemed to be the total opposite of the typical Tank Policeman. However, she showed her true colors soon enough: a intense passion for her mini-tank, Bonaparte, and for the pursuit and capture of the criminal element! Ready to risk life and limb to stop a perp. from escaping.

And, of course, Leona had absolutely no restraint with her ammunition. Within a short period of time, she became viewed in the eyes of the public as the typical Tank Police officer: a gun wielding maniac with little or no concern for innocent people or public property.

Eventually, Anna and Uni were finally brought in, which in turn created a whole new set of problems for them. It seemed that as androids, the creations of human beings, they could not be held liable for their many and multiple past criminal acts! Which left the Tank Police with a interesting little problem: how do they keep two mischief causing androids out of trouble without actually imprisoning them? Thankfully, the two suggested a possible solution to that riddle themselves, as they wanted to join the Tank Police!

Once the initial bouts of screaming died down, Leona found herself saddled with one of the six foot tall blonde cat-girls, Anna. Despite her and Uni both driving Leona crazy on a regular basis, the Tank Police were generally surprised to discover how well the two cat-girls fit right in! Which might mean the Tank Police weren't as far from the criminal element as they might like to think. Or their superiors might hope.

Of course, Anna and Uni joining the Tank Police also created a whole new set of problems, especially for poor Leona...