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Souls Therapy

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Art; a creative method of expressing emotions. Something you had always been taught, even as a young child. Parents, relatives, friends, and extended family; they would always tell you, “You have so much talent!” accompanied by “You're such a natural!”. These comments spurred your life in art forward, propelling you to finish High School and enter a college of Art and Animation. You had always wanted to go and learn animation, growing up watching cartoons and anime, they inspired you to broaden your perspective of art... But there was a minor set back.




Money has always been an issue for you. You knew, right out of High School you wouldn't have enough to go to College; so with no way of paying for it, you were stuck with a receptionist job at a Therapist office. Not the ideal way you thought to spend your days, but you felt privileged none the less to have the job. Now, we all know that self-insert characters have jobs that have special meaning right? (someone fix the fourth wall, please.) What happened to be special about this one, is it happened to be one of the first – and only – monster and human run therapy offices. This distinctively put you on the monster supporter side, obviously. Not that you minded. They were just like humans. They had feelings, most of them ate, some had kids, and they all had amazing personalities. You probably couldn't ask for a better job... except for the one distraction.


Dr W.D. Gaster, The head monster therapist in the office.


He was – of course, the initial reason you were hired in the first place, him being the one to select you out of the other 20 or so people that had applied. Soon after your work started, you grew a strong admiration for the Doctor. One of those moments is now.


“Mx (Y/N), would you wish to join me for coffee?” you hear the doctor ask, leaning on the counter. You look up from the computer where you currently are in a really heated game of 3D Pinball Space Cadet and sigh,
“Yes, in a minute. I'm just finishing up something really important right now; can I meet you in the staff room?” you ask turning back to the screen where you currently are using your last ball.
“Sure thing (Y/N). but I know you're just playing that game you and the other receptionists do.” he smiles at you then walks off. You snap your head up and look at the doctors retreating figure.

'How does he know that?' you mentally ask yourself, remembering the game on your screen you snap your head back down to it just in time to see the ball fall to the bottom and through the paddles “Fuuuuuuuu!” you hiss out leaning back in your chair. “I was so close to beating the high score too!” you mumble standing up from your seat behind the counter and stretching your arms up. You walk to the side of the counter and unlock the blockade that keeps people from just walking behind the counter, closing and locking it behind you. You turn to give your colleague a thumbs up to tell them you'd be back and they nod, turning back to the computer screen and typing away at the keyboard.


You walk towards the only unmarked door in the vicinity and touch your fob to a black scanner next to it, it beeps and the light turns green, letting you know you can walk in. You open the door and are greeted by Dr Gaster's warm smile, “Ah, (Y/N). I have a question for you.”
“Yes sir?” you ask, pouring yourself a coffee and grabbing one of the cookies left on the counter.
“I understand you are doing this job to earn funds for tuition, yes?”
“Ah, yes sir. That's correct.” you sit down across from him at the round table placed in the room.

“We have started getting more and more adolescent and child patients coming in, and they do not talk or open up the same way adults and seniors would. I was doing some research and found a new way of doing therapy.” he pauses. Taking a sip of his coffee, “It is a form called Art therapy. They say that it can help children with deep-rooted emotions from traumas; as well as abuse, bereavement, and an assortment of mental illnesses can be assisted by art therapy.” he takes this opportunity to sip his coffee again, “Being that children naturally are more creative and artistic than adults, I thought it would be a decent idea to bring into the clinic. What are your thoughts (Y/N)?” you look up from your coffee at this point and look him in the eyes. You set your coffee down then take a breath.

“I think that is a great idea, Dr Gaster – but I have one question?” you ask, shifting your gaze to the floor momentarily
“Yes?” he asks, before sipping his coffee once more.
“What does this have to do with me?” you pause a moment, “Like, I'm just a receptionist, I take calls, make appointments, I phone you guys when you have appointments coming in. What role would I serve in making this decision? Furthermore, how does this relate to my schooling?”
“I thought it would be rather obvious. You are an artist, right?” he questions.
“Uh yes sir, but not professionally-”
“You are creative, and understand colours, and their relation to emotions. Correct?”
“Yes sir, but-”

“Then there is no more to talk about, is there? You would be perfect to assist me.” he stands up from the chair and moves to the door.
“But sir, what does this have to do with my schooling and tuition?” you turn to look at him as he's pushing the handle down on the door.
“I thought that was rather obvious too. I wouldd be paying you to be my assistant.” he gives you a kind smile, “So is it a yes to my proposal?” he asks, pushing the door open slightly.
“Um, yes. I-I'll do that for you. I can help you, with that.” you mumble, taking a bite of your cookie.

“Great to hear! I will talk to you later about it.” he pushes the door open all the way and steps out, “Oh, before I forget.” he says stepping back and looking toward you again, “You look absolutely adorable with that cookie hanging out of your mouth”  he then steps out and the door closes rather abruptly and you are left alone in the staff room... with a barely eaten cookie in your mouth and a heavy blush.

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6 O'clock....” You muse, tapping a pen idly on the desk. Placing the pen back in the pen holder you dial Dr Gaster's extension. You heard the short ringing sounds and then the line being picked up. “Yes?” his voice comes through, sullen and deeper than usual.
“Doctor Gaster. Someone to see you”
“Ah, well, send them in then.” the line goes dead with an audible 'click' and you stand from your chair behind the counter and walk to the room labelled 'Dr W.D. Gaster' and knock. The faint drone of 'come in' is heard through the door and you turn the nob and push it open.
“Oh. (Y/N), it is you.” he says turning back to his desk and gathering the clutter of papers, dropping them in a pile on one side of his desk, “What can I help you with?”

“Well, I was here to discuss the Art therapy thing from this afternoon.” you answer, stepping into the room and sitting in a rather plush chair.

“Ah yes!” he says, with a definite note of enthusiasm he didn't have seconds beforehand, "Where did I put those..?” he says turning back to the desk. You take a moment to peer around the room. It occurred to you that you had never actually been into any of the rooms before. You had always assumed it was like you saw when you were a child, folded chairs, a small table with toys... well it was an adolescent therapist. This didn't seem like it at all. It was more of a hands-on 'talk with me, I will help you' vibe, rather than just a place to vent and then gauged on your mental health, “Ah. Here they are!” he pulls a rather thick folder out of the cabinet behind the monitor and drops them on the desk. He opens the folder and grabs a stack of the paper, “I want you to take a look at these. See if any of it interests you.” he hands you the stack and you notice it's been stapled together. Inside on each of the pages is a different artistic activity, self-portraits, making signs, greeting cards, abstract ideas, etcetera.

“This is a really amazing idea, Dr Gaster! How did you find these? Some of them I've never even heard of? Like the creating a road sign about going forward, for example. So much positive stuff could come out of that!” you say enthusiastically looking up from the booklet of papers.
“Well, the internet is rather a huge asset. And please, do call me just Gaster... we are partners now, right (Y/N)?”
“Alright 'just Gaster'. I guess I can call you that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.”
“(Y/N)...” he sighs.

You have a positively brilliant idea.

“Hey, can't monsters do magic?”
“Yes we can. But why would you need to know-”
“Wouldn't that make you... Gaster the Caster?”

(Y/N)...” he warns.

“Oh Oh! And if you get really good at it... Gaster Master Caster!”
“I swear to what divine beings are on the surface...”
“But, I guess when you were learning you were... Gaster the Disaster Caster”
“That's It.” he blurts, throwing the papers in the air, “I quit for today. I'm leaving.”
“Aww... Do you need some Plaster, Gaster the Disaster Master Caster?” you chuckle as he stands up.

He walks towards you, places both his hands on the chair's arms – caging you in; and ever so silently whispers, his face inches from your own, “I also Have Blasters. So that would make me 'Gaster the Blaster Master Disaster Caster, who needs Plaster After'.” he concludes.
“Oh my God.” you mumble under your breath as he leans away 'that was kinda hot'  you think to yourself, “I could have like, totally just freakin' owned that if I knew that...” you look down at the ground.
“Do not underestimate the intelligence of the Great Gaster Blaster Master Caster.”
“You're gonna need some Plaster After I crack your ego, Ass-ter.”
“I am already cracked obviously (Y/N),” he gestures to his face, “-and that is not a very nice way to speak to your new partner.” he cheekily winks, which is just his iris fading in and out.
“Ahhh hell with it. We can talk about this tomorrow. I have a bird that is probably getting agitated right about now” you mention, waving your hand and heaving yourself from the plush chair.
“Oh, one more thing before you leave.” he gestures with his hand to step forward, “I haven't told anyone else about this yet, I am thinking of keeping it between yourself and I, if that is all right? Until the time comes that we are ready to make this an actual program. Agreed?”

“Agreed” you outstretch your arm, and he his. The both of you shake and you walk out of the office.



“Hey, I'm home!”
“Hello!” your parrot squawks from the living room.
“Hey, Phillip. You wanna come out and play?” you open the cage and he climbs his way over and pokes his head out. You grab his stand and place it in front of the cage, he jumps onto it and ruffles his wings in excitement, “Can I have a kiss bud?” you ask, followed by a kissing noise.
“Kiss kiss?” he says leaning forward and making a 'mwah' sound once it touches your outstretched hand.
“Thank you very much! I'm going to play my music now, is that okay?” you ask, fishing your phone out of your purse. The bird cocks it's head to one side then the other, signalling no, “Awwh, okay. I'll ask later. I'm going to go start supper before mom and dad come home, come on then.” you extend your arm for him to climb on and he does. You slowly bring your arm in a grab the stand again, walking to the kitchen. You place the stand in the back of the kitchen and place him on it, “You want your play stand?” the bird bobs its head and you walk back over to the living room and drag it in, placing it next to the stand. Wiping your hands off on your jeans you chuckle, “Here we go, Phillip. Play to your hearts contempt.” he climbs onto it and immediately starts nibbling a rope ball and yanking it. You leave the Amazon to play (loudly, him squawking in glee while playing with his toy), walking to the cupboard and grabbing some food to start dinner.


After dinner, you load the dishwasher and sit at the table with your parents. Not much dinner conversation had happened. Just the standard 'how was your day'.
“Hey. Mom, Dad. I got something I wanna tell you.”
“Go ahead!” your dad says, looking up from a file he was looking at.
“Okay so, ya remember I told you I told the head therapist, Dr.Gaster, I wanted to do this job for my tuition, right? Well, he offered me another job, being his assistant with some kind of Art Therapy thing. I'm gonna look into it more, I just wanted your thoughts.”
“(Y/N). You're an adult now. You can make your own decisions.”
“I know. I'm just seeking guidance.”
“Just do what you want.” he says, turning his head back to the papers on the table.
“Mom?” you ask turning to her. She doesn't look up, but she shrugs then continues playing on her iPad. “Fine then.” you say, walking out of the room, “Make sure Phillip makes it into his place before 10, okay?” With no responses except a grunt, you continue up the stairs to your room.


You have so much work to do.

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“Good morning!” you walk into the staff room and hang your coat up by the door.
“Ah, Good morning (Y/N)!” Gaster turns away from the coffee pot, “How are you this morning?”

“I'm good. Good sleep. I have some things I would like to show you” it was your turn to pull a rather... small folder out of your bag. You open it up and read from the first page, “In order to become an Art Therapist, you must have an undergraduate degree in Phycology, Fine Arts, Social Work or Communications before attending one of the art therapy programs.” you look up from the page and to the unfazed Doctor, “Basically you need to take an entire other course after University before becoming a certified Art Therapist. “ you conclude, closing the folder and holding it out to him. He takes the folder and tucks it under his arm.
“There is something else I would like to show you; come with me.” he leads you out of the staff room and towards his office, the door clicks shut behind you, “Lady Toriel. Have you heard of her? The mother of little Frisk?”
“Yea, I think everyone would know who the legal guardian of the ambassador is.” you comment while turning a corner.
“Well, she works as a teacher and was rather kind to other monsters and informed them that they would need things called 'certification' in order to achieve much on the surface. Basically the years of learning in crowded facilities and endless work; followed by even more – how do they say it?” he ponders a moment while unlocking his door, “Ah yes, 'hoops'! The schooling followed by more hoops appeared to be too difficult for some monsters so they decided not to achieve those requirements.” he rustles through some papers in the left-hand drawer of his desk and pulls out a very neat full letter-sized envelope with an already carefully opened flap, “Here. Take a look at this.”

You take the envelope cautiously from his hand and pull out the papers. You set the envelope on the desk and start reading the titles on the pages: 'Certificate of assessment for Wingdings Gaster, University level knowledge.', 'Certificate of completion issued to Wingdings Gaster on XX/XX/201X completion of the following courses: Phycology', Certificate of completion issued to Wingdings Gaster on XX/XX/201X completion of the following courses: Social work, Communications.', Certificate of completion issued to Wingdings Gaster on XX/XX/201X completion of the following courses: Fine Arts, English Literature.' You didn't continue reading and just stared at him.

“You completed all of this in 5 years?” you're about ready to collapse from dis-belief.
“Well... no, it took me eight. I have my doctorate in my home office. I was the royal scientist underground for quite a few years. One of the smartest to come to the surface I overheard. Oh, wait, bother. Was that boasting as you humans call it? My. I must stop doing that I am rather sor-”
“Doc, chill.” you put a single finger up to his mouth. He raises a hand to protest,
“But I-”
“Shhhhh.” your finger presses harder to his mouth. You lean in close to his face and whisper, “You are a mighty fine shade of purple Doc. Magic build up? Or is that a blus-” next thing you know. Both his hands are on your mouth and a third ghostly black - but you kinda could see the purple at the edges - hand was moving your finger from his mouth and to your side.
“I-it is not l-like that.” he mumbles looking to the side and avoiding eye contact, “I-I just get ner-nervous when people touch me. It is something I am slightly uncomfortable with.” he removes his hands from your mouth and the ghostly hand evaporates.
“Oh really? I'm sorry. I'll be more considerate.” you cast your eyes aside and fidget your hands together, “So, this means you have all the qualifications... to be an art therapist, that is.” you say after a few awkward moments of silence.
“Um, well yes. And I think – personally as a person who wants to see you succeed, that you should highly consider this course of action; only if you want to though, I would think you might, seeing as you require funds for tuition and what not.” What was this dude talking about? You would have considered the chance anyway. It just meant spending more time with him
“Doc, I'm still young. I haven't exactly figured out what I want to do with my life. All I know is I need money, alcohol is nice, and getting lai-” you find another ghostly hand against your mouth and a blushing Gaster in front of you.

“Do not fin-finish that sentence.” he stammers while turning away from you. He begins to busy himself with some paperwork and you tap you foot impatiently. In a muffled attempt to ask if his 'hand' will move it just gets pushed harder against your mouth. You think of your options: just to stand there and wait it out, attempt to move, or... to lick it. You were really weening on your curiosity, so you poked your tongue out from between your covered lips and lick the palm of his hand. Almost an instant later you regret that decision, but then again... you don't.

You found yourself pushed against the door by some unseen power, it had been gentle. So much you didn't even notice the move... till the face of a very flustered and sexy W.D. Gaster was in front of you, inches away, so close you could..No, “What are you doing?” he murmurs in a low, husked voice.. almost sounding unnatural and.. computerized. You try to answer him but the hand is still on your mouth and it doesn't feel like it will be moving anytime soon, “I believe that was what humans call a rhetorical question.” he confirms as you move your mouth underneath his 'hand', “Do you have any idea what you just did to me. By licking me?” you shake your head underneath his hand, “You have just touched a fragment of my soul in a non consensual manner. Soul touching like that is extremely special. Do you understand?” you nod your head, “Good. Now you will take today off, as I cannot have you around after that. Do not be so worried, I will still pay you as if you were working.” his 'hand' disappears and your head starts buzzing with at least a million questions. So, as a heat of the moment thing, you blurt out the biggest one.

“What colour is your soul?”
“The colour of my hand.” he says, stumbling back to his desk.
“Has it always been that colour?” you ask timidly.
“Get out.'
“I'm just-”
“Get. Out.”
“Gaster, I don't mean-”
“GET OUT” he yells, pointing at the door.

“I Will Not-” you emphasize with a point of your finger, “-be yelled at or treated in such a manner.” You walk towards him, head held high, “Whether it be a superior or a colleague. I do not deserve to be spoken to in such a manner when I am asking a simple question. Or attempting to apologise” you cross your arms, and lean to one side shifting the weight on one leg, putting every valley girls pose to shame, “Now you will apologize to me or I will refuse to work with you; albeit lose my job in the process, but never the less know I left for a good reason. A great reason in fact I-?!"
“Dr Gaster are you available for a- oh I'm sorry. You're busy. I'll come back later.” one of the desk clerks comes in just then, Crissy you thought by the voice.
“Why didn't you call first?” Gaster asks. Glaring at the person interrupting you. All anger and frustration with you – at you, evident in his voice.
“I-I did s-sir. Twice. You never answered.”
“Very well. We were just finishing here.” he turns his glare to you, “You're done here for today. I will speak with you tomorrow.”
“Why bother inconsiderate ass. “ you hiss under your breath, walking out past the clerk. To the staff room and picking up your stuff.


It's 11 o'clock at night. You had spent the greater deal of the remaining morning talking to your mother before she left for work. The afternoon jamming out to some tunes with Phillip. And the evening on your laptop, watching subscriptions till your eyes burned. That's why you were surprised when your phone started buzzing with an 'Unknown Number' trying to call you. At first, you thought it was some telemarketer, but this late at night it wasn't a possibility. So you swiped the little green button and put it to your ear “Hello?”

He-Hey (Y/N)!”
“Alphys! Hey! It's been forever since you called. How's the research project going?” you ask, laying back on your bed.
It's good! We think we've got a m-major break coming up too!”
“That's fantastic! How's Undyne doing anyway.?”
She's out of town with the university sports team.”
“Still so energetic. Certainly not like a fish out of water.” you hear Alphys giggle and snort at the bad joke, “But in all seriousness, I have an important question that I think you'll be able to answer.” there's a short pause as Alphys stops laughing.
“What can you tell me about Monsters in relation to their magic?”


The next day after your shift you're packing up your items into a bag getting ready to leave when you feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn to see Gaster standing behind you and you jump, “What are you doing here?”

“I apologise for yesterday. I truly recognize my actions as wrong and inconsiderate.” he tips his head apologetically and frowns.
“It's all right. I think we were both at fault. I didn't exactly understand how monster's magic worked and how improper it was that I licked your.. um... I want to say hand but I don't know if that's actually what it is. I always kinda thought it was and I just- wait shit I'm rambling. Sorry.” you awkwardly pick up your bag, “So um.. I'll see you tomorrow?”
“Tomorrow is Sunday. You do not have a shift then.”
“Oh. Right. I guess I'll see you on Monday then.”
“About that. I was going to offer to, ah.. take you out for a meal? As an apology for being a complete as- as...” he starts stumbling on his words but clears his throat and begins again, “As an apology for being rather rude to you yesterday; and understanding that the human species like to dress up a little to go out with others. I was going to ask if tomorrow night would work for you. “
“Wait are you asking me out?”
“Platonically, of course.” He tries to defend.
“Mhm, that's what they all say. Well, I'm not one to look a free meal in the mouth. So tomorrow works. Here. Call me.” you reach into your bag and grab a pen, test it on your wrist then write your number and address on a napkin that was left out, “Here. Don't throw it away or anything, stuff it in a pocket.”
“I do have a mobile phone that you could have written that in...”
“I'm too lazy to grab mine out to write down your number. Call me whenever I might answer or not. I always leave my phone for hours at a time.” you throw your pen into your bag, “So, you gonna tell me where you plan on taking me?”
“That is a secret.”

“Aww. So mean. Well then, give me a number. Between one and five. One being fast food or takeout Chinese, three being Boston Pizza or Olive Garden, five that rotating place at the top of that one hotel down town that I can't pronounce.”
“Why do you need to know this?”
“So I know how many minutes before you show up I need to get ready.” his gloved hand meets his face with a loud 'smack'.
“There are no words to describe the stupidity in what you have just said. Surely you must be speaking sarcastically.”
“Maybe. Maybe they're not.” you touch a finger to his cheek as you walk past him, “You'll just need to find out for yourself, won't you?” you give him a wink while pulling open the door.
“(Y-Y/N)! Highly inappropriate!”

“Yes sir, doctor Gaster” you bat your eyelashes and giggle, leaving the room... and an ever flustered Gaster.


There was only one thing left... What to wear?



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Sunday morning. The sun is shining, birds are signing... and on days like today kids like you?

Are sleeping in bed with no blankets. Snoring like an elephant. It's 2 in the afternoon and you aren't awake yet? “WAKE UP!”

“Huh what?” you sit up to see your mother next to your bed, “Oh. Mornin'” you mumble rubbing your eyes.
“Your phone hasn't stopped ringing for the past half hour. I could hear it from downstairs. You might want to answer it.” she turns to walk out of the room, “Oh, also. You really need to remember to leave your door open. It keeps the room cooler.”
“Yeah yeah.” you swing your legs out of bed. Your mother leaves your room, closing the door behind her. Your phone starts ringing again and you answer it. “Hello, (Y/N). Speaking?”
Good afternoon (Y/N). It is Gaster, did you have a good rest?” the low adverbial voice comes through the speaker.
“Oh! Hi Gaster. I did have a good rest, slept a little longer than I was hoping.” you chuckle, unplugging your phone.
Please do not fret. Sleep is an important necessity.” you hear a low laugh on his end, then he continues speaking, “I just wanted to let you know I will be coming to pick you up at 5:45. Please do be ready.
“I am the queen of procrastinating. So I can't guarantee anything G.”
A queen, yes. Procrastination? I would argue against such an accusation. You are quite efficient at your job.
“Did you just subtly flirt with me?” you question.
Oh, would y-you look at the time! I must get going, goodbye!” his voice cracks at the sudden mention of time and the line goes dead with a beep.
“All righty then.” you say staring at the phone screen. You hold your thumb on his number and click 'Add to contacts'. You remind yourself you need to get a photo of him, or a picture that makes you think of him to set for a contact photo. Placing your phone back on your side table you stand up and head downstairs to start your day.


It's 5:30 and you are laying in bed on your laptop. You had a shower an hour or so ago, but never bothered to get out of your robe. Suddenly your phone buzzes. It startles you and you semi roll off the bed in surprise. Picking up the phone you see it's Gaster “Shit.” you say swiping the green button and putting the phone to your ear, “Heyyyyy Gaster!”
Hello (Y/N). I am on my way, I should be there soon according to the map application on my mobile phone.
“You mean Google Maps”
Yes, that. Get back in your lane you inconsiderate moron- oh, pardon me. Someone on the road.
“Wait you're calling and driving? You better be wireless.”
I think it is called blue... something?
“Bluetooth.” you dead pan.
Yes! That is it! Well, I will let you go now, see you soon!

“Alright, bye.” you throw your phone onto your bed. “Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.” you mumble while going through your wardrobe trying to find the outfit that you picked out last night. Then you remembered and checked behind your door, sure enough there it was. “Yesss” you hiss grabbing it and stripping your robe off, throwing undergarments on then your outfit. You grab your phone then run downstairs to the kitchen to grab your wallet.

“Where are you off to?”
“Out.” you say monotonously.
“With who?”
“It's whom. And it's him, the therapist guy. We have some things to discuss and-.”
“Ohhhh you're going on a date!?” she raises her eyebrows suggestively
“Mother no.” you try to find your keys, “This is platonic and strictly business. “
“Looking for these?” she dangles the keys from her finger.

“Yes thank you!” you take them and give her a kiss on the cheek. You throw them in a pile with your phone and wallet. 'I should grab a bag. Or maybe a jacket? Yeah a jacket in case it rains.' you think running upstairs to your room to find something to cover up in when the door bell rings and you hear Philip mimic the 'Ding Dong' sound, “No no no no no” you grab the first cover up you see and go to run down the stairs... too late.
“Ah! You must be (Y/N)'s 'friend'! I'm their mother.” You peek over the banister and almost scream. Is that a CLOAK he's wearing? It actually suits him...
“Hello Mrs. (L/N). My name is W.D. Gaster. Might I ask your permission to step inside?”
“Oh so polite and charming! Come right in.” she looks back up to the banister where you currently are ducked behind. You hear the crisp sweeping sound as he moves toward the seats in the living room, you hear Philip saying 'Hello' repetitively.
“Ah, What an adorable species! What is it called?” you hear him ask your mother. At this point, you race down the stairs into the living room.

“He's a Double Yellow Headed Amazon. His name is Philip and he's my little buddy, isn't that right?” you walk up to him and he squawks,
“Hello!” he says, looking at Gaster.
“Well, say hello to him Doc- I mean Gaster”
“Hello, Philip.”
“Boiiiiii” the Green and yellow bird exclaims poofing it's feathers and spinning its head.
“That's right Philip. He's a boy.” you smile, “Well, shall we get going?” you ask Gaster.

“Yes. You are quite right. It was a pleasure Mrs. (L/N).” he stands and walks to the door, you following behind him. He opens the door for you and you grab your phone and wallet.
“Bye mom, be home later. Bye bye Philip”
“Bye! Bye! Bye!” Philip says taking a break from preening.
“Bye, sweetie. have fun.” she gives you a wink and mouths the word 'keeper' and you could feel your face turn red. You hurry out of the house and Gaster follows behind you.
“May I?” he asks offering his arm.
“What? Oh yeah here.” You give him your coat and he just stares at you.

“That is not what I meant but this is okay.” he walks to the silver car and opens the passenger side door for you. You slip inside and he closes the door behind you. Opening the rear passenger door he puts your jacket in and un-clips his cloak throwing it in on top of you jacket and closes it. He walks back around the car and gets into the Drivers side. You take this moment while putting on your seat belt to look around, “Oh wow. Is this a Chevy Impala?” you ask immediately after seeing the little leaping looking thing on the dash.
“Well. Yes. It is used, but functional. Why do you ask?” he says while turning the key in the ignition.
“My dad has one. It's from like, 2010 though.” you chuckle.
“That is quite the coincidence.” the vehicle accelerates and you start driving.
“You like any music?” you ask trying to start a conversation.
“I am fairly open to a lot of music.” he says turning the corner.
“Would you mind if I plugged in? I see you got an AUX here.” you pick it up.
“No, I do not mind. I would be thrilled to learn of your likes and dislikes, you are extremely fascinating.”
“Well thanks Doc, one sec here.” You open your music app and smirk, knowing exactly what you're going to play you plug in the AUX cord and hit the 'play' button. 'Never gonna give you up' by Rick Astley starts playing and Gaster immediately summons a hand and pushes the power button on the dash.
“Anything except for that.”
“Oh. So you're not that much of an oldies lover. Alright. Let's go with this.” you change the song to one by your favourite band and he presses the play button then the hand disappears,


After some time of listening to music, you decide it's time to break the silence, “So... where are we going anyway?” you ask him as he drives across a bridge.
“You will see soon enough.” he chuckles at the small huff of discontent that you give while folding your arms, “Have you ever considered how cute you are when you do that?” your head automatically snaps to look at him.
“What do you mean by that?” you ask him gently.
“Well, when you exhaled just now, I looked to see if you were okay, and you had the look of a pouting child on your face. It just reminded me of a time long since past.” you see a small smile appear on his face at the thought of that memory.

“Did you ever have kids Gaster?”
“Ehh... well, no. Back when I was a royal scientist I looked after 2 children after their parents were... deceased.” he taps his gloved fingers on the steering wheel, “They were sweet children. They listened well enough; but they did have their tantrums. There was this one time the youngest- oh.. sorry. I was rambling again.” a small purple hue covers his cheeks.
“No! Honestly, it's okay! I'd love to hear the rest of that sometime. Maybe at coffee?” you smile at him.
“W-well, since you asked so politely, I will consider it. Oh. Um we are almost there.” he turns the corner and you realize you're in a familiar part of town.
“Wait, we're going somewhere on the Ave?” you ask, looking around at all the people that come out on a Sunday night.
“Well, not on it per say, just off it, south I do believe.” he muses as you pull up to a traffic light.
“I do know of a single place around here that's open on a Sunday night... WAIT ARE WE GOING TO THE ISLAND?”
“Oh. So you know of this place?” he turns to look at you and you're tearing up. “Oh no! Have I made you cry? Are you okay? Please have a tissue.” it appears from mid-air and he hands it to you with his real hand.
“No, it's okay. I'm fine. I just haven't been there in a couple of years, that's all.” you smile and accept the tissue.
“Oh. That is good. I had thought I truly upset yo-” BEEEP a car horn from behind you is heard and you notice the light had turned green.
“Maybe you should start moving Gaster.” you mumble, dabbing the formed tear from your eye.
“Ah, yes.” he turns back in his seat and accelerates, “But as I was saying; I had thought I truly had upset you and was rather concerned.”

“Your concern is appreciated, but really, I'm fine.” you smile at him. The two of you fall back into silence as he drives further west until you reach a Starbucks and he makes a left hand turn down a one-way street. Driving a block south he makes another left hand turn and pulls into an angled parking spot.
“We are here. Please wait and allow me to open the door.” he steps out of the car and you can't help but notice how much he actually towers over the said vehicle. Closing his door he walks behind the vehicle to the rear passenger door – opens it and grabs out his cloak, “Would you like your jacket?” he asks, fastening his cloak around his figure.
“Nah. I think I'll be good without it.”
“Understood.” he closes the rear passenger door and opens yours, “Here we are.” you turn and place your feet on the pavement, looking up you notice his hand extended, “If I may?” he curtly smiles, you feel a small heat rush to your cheeks.
“Hey, it's my shtick to make you blush.” you huff and he makes a throaty chuckle.
“I am only treating the 'Queen of Procrastination' as any Queen should be treated.” He says as you place your hand in his and stand from the car.
“Thanks.” you say turning to grab your phone and wallet. The two of you walk to the sidewalk and east up the block to a set of stairs. You run up them, being that Gaster takes 2 at a time due to his long legs, “So has anything changed? Like, do they still have waffles? I remember they had ones bigger than my face.”
“They do still have waffles. They are personally my favourite thing there.” he says pulling the door open.

“Sweet, I'll get one of those, but not right away.” you walk through and down the short hall. A chalk board on the right wall details all of that weeks agenda; and the chalk board in front of you spells out in big bold letters 'LIVE UPON THE ISLAND'.

“Heh, nothing's changed.” you look inside the the door way and see the short table protruding from the wall, on the other side a couple of bar stools. You look to the left and there's a long booth that meets at a ninety-degree angle by the window. The long beach board shaped table stretching from one end to the other. Bar stools line the opposing side. Beyond those is the stage; mic stands, amps, rolls of cords, guitar stands, stools. Anything and everything you need to perform is there. You walk through the entrance towards the bar counter and look at the menu, “Oh my God. Gaster! Gaster! They have my old fave waffle.” you excitedly whisper pointing at the waffle board.
“Really? And which would that one be, my dear?” he asks bending over till his head is level with yours, your heart quickens at the pet name.
“It's the Salty Dog! It has pretzels. I looove pretzels. I could eat them all day. The sweet waffle, the salty pretzels... the gooey caramel...” you moan and your mouth waters just describing it to him.
“That one is good. My personal favourite one is the Smore's. The chocolate batter, the marshmallow whip, and the graham cracker crumbs on top.”
“Ohhh you got a sweet tooth now do ya” you wink in his direction, pointing finger guns and he chuckles, standing up straight again.
“Ahh. That is rather difficult to do for periods of time.” he reaches his arms up and stretches. You can't help but take a peek at him, you notice that his shirt rises a little and you immediately look away, “But yes; and there is nothing wrong with indulging in sweet delicacies. Sugar is one of the few magical properties that humans kept.”
“Wait, what?” you ask looking at him.
“Oh look, how about we order drinks.” he puts his arm around your shoulder and guides you forward, “JJ? Are you back there?” a short lady with her dark hair tied in a high ponytail peeks around the corner of the back room and smiles. “Gaster! You're early!” she says wiping her hands on a towel and stuffing it in her front apron pocket, “What can I get for you?”

“I'll have a half of a french press, and for you, (Y/N)?” he smiles down at you.
“I'll start with a cup of ice. And a spoon, if you would please.”
“OH! I remember you! You're Austin's sister!” she says with a smile. A puzzled look is plastered on Gaster's face and you look up at him.
“Austin is my big brother Gaster, I came here all the time with him before he moved.”
“Oh... How interesting. Though, I can not help but wonder how you remembered them out of every other customer? They claimed to have not been here in years." he looks at you sceptically, then JJ jumps in.
“Because they're the only other ice cruncher I've ever seen!” she pours a cup of ice from the machine into a glass and grabs a spoon from the small prep station they have, “Will you be using your tab tonight Gaster?” she asks punching in numbers on the cash register.
“I think for the sake of ease I will.” he smiles and takes his receipt, “We will be upstairs when you're finished.” he smiles and she waves him off with a wink. You grab your cup and the two of you walk up the stairs. You notice he has to slouch a little bit to fit under the roof and you giggle to yourself. You slide into a booth at the back of the shop and you fit into the corner.
“Is this a good spot?” you ask Gaster, taking a spoon full of your ice pellets.
“Yes. This works perfectly.”


Roughly an hour and a half later the place is packed with musicians of all talents, the laughter and music fill the building, giving it a light vibe. At this point, you were starting to get hungry so you turned to Gaster, who was speaking with a floating monster with the appearance of a siren. Pulling on his robe he turns to look at you, “I'm starting to get hungry. I'm gonna go get a waffle.”
“Ah. Please just put it on my tab.”
“I can pay for it.”
“I insist. It is my treat. Buy yourself a drink as well if you would like.”
“You sure?”
“Yes. Now go. Humans must eat.” he shoos you off playfully.

“Okay, Okay. I'm going!” you chuckle. You slip out of the booth and dash down the stairs, side stepping past two people speaking at the foot of the stairs by the sound board. You wait behind a purple bunny and look up at the menu. You already knew you were going to get a Salty Dog waffle, but you didn't know what you'd get to drink. You were really wondering if the sweet tea tasted the same, you decided to get it, as long as it was made with rooibos. If not you'd get the iced hot chocolate. You step up and order your waffle and iced tea, you tell JJ to put it on Gasters Tab and she gives a receipt, you run upstairs to see the Siren monster back at it's table tooting to it's friends. You slip into the booth next to Gaster, “Here, your receipt.” you place the receipt on the table in front of him and he picks it up, looking at the printed side. He nods and stuffs it into a seemingly non existent pocket.

“Are you enjoying tonight?” he asks, propping his elbow on the table, turning his body towards you and taking a sip of his coffee.
“I am! The music is fantastic, and this place hasn't changed much at all.” You lean back into the cushions behind you and sigh. Yet, alas, as irony would have it your phone starts ringing. You look at it to see your moms phone number and pick up, “Hey mom?”

Hey, sweetie. Someone came by, they wanted to talk to you but didn't know your number.” she sounds overly enthusiastic and your mind starts racing.
“Uh... put them on I guess?” you look to Gaster, who is looking inquisitively at you over his coffee mug.
Heyyy sweetcheeks
“Why are you calling me.” you say, sitting upright in the booth, fear striking your heart.
Aww, c'mon babe. You change your number, ya don't reply to me on Skype, and after that hurtful way you broke it off with me. So unfair.
“Go to hell you second rate loser.” you click the end call button.
“Is everything okay, my dear?” Gaster asks, concern evident in his voice.
“Yeah. Everything's fine.” you smile, your heart fluttering again at the endearment. But no sooner after that is your phone buzzing again with your mom's number, “I'm going to go take this outside. Pardon me.” you stand from the booth and dash outside to the patio, “Why do you keep calling me, jackass?”

That wasn't very nice.
"I don't have to be nice.” you quip and the voice on the other side chuckles.
Can't you spare some time for me? I know you always hated going out. How about you come back and we can sit, watch a movie in your room...
“I'm at a meeting for your knowledge.” you sternly tell the... being – on the other side of the line.
Really? Cuz from what your mom said you were on a date.” you could feel the wink crawl up your back.
“And so what if I am?”
That would make you a whore. You dump me and immediately after you go find some other dick to jump. Terrible, you hurt me so kitten.
“Fuck off! You know that's not true. You lying son of a-!” you start shouting, only to have the phone taken from your hand. You turn to see Gaster with the phone to his head.

“Hello? Who am I? I am Doctor W.D. Gaster, and as to return the favour, who might you be? Actually, on second thought, I do not care. Seeing as you are nothing but a low life piece of gum on the bottom of my shoe who I would not hesitate for a second to dispose of with the highest quality acid. Now if you ever so much as attempt to contact (Y/N) again I will find you and teach you how to respect a human being. Good Day.” and with that he hangs the call up, looking to you with an empathetic expression, “Are you all right, dearest? I realized when the male voice came on you were fearful...” he reaches to place a comforting hand on your shoulder, when you start tearing, “Oh-no! Human salt expulsion!” he pats around his pockets.

“Wh-what did you just say?”
“Pardon me?” he looks up, both his hands still on his one pocket.
“Human salt... something or other.” you roll your hand for emphasis.
“Human salt expulsion?” he asks.
“Yeah, that.” You chuckle, “I never heard it said like that.”

“Well when humans cry, they get rid of extra salt. Subsequently, humans that cry more often crave or find themselves eating foods with higher sodium content. “ an awkward silence falls over the two of you for a few seconds, “I do not have any tissues on me. I will go grab you some and see about bringing your food outside. Here please take this.” he un-clips his cloak and drapes it around your shoulders, “just sit here, I'll be right back, I swear by my soul.” he guides you to a table and pulls the chair out. In your slightly disoriented state, you barely notice the kiss that he places atop your head as he briskly walks off.


You sit there clutching the cloak around your frame, you find yourself starting to hum. “Doe, Rae, Mi. Mi, Rae, Doe.” you mumble, “Doe, Rae, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti. Ti, So, Mi, wait no. Doe, Rae, Mi, Fa. Fa, Mi, Rae, Doe. Doe, Rae, Mi, Fa, So. So, Fa, Mi, Rae Doe....” and you continue for a few more minutes, trying to even out your voice. When you notices your voice stopping shaking, you begin to sing the solmization, in no particular scale. “Doe, Rae, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Doe. Doe, Ti, La... umm So, F-Fa, Mi, Rae, Doe!” you excitedly jump in your seat and try it again, ”Doe, Ti, La, S-So.. ugh whats next?'
“Fa, Mi, Rae, Doe~” you hear a sombre voice from the patio entrance sing. You look over and see Gaster holding your plate and drink in his hands, and his summoned hands carrying his food, his coffee mug, another french press, as well as your phone and wallet.
“G-Gaster!” your voice breaks a little bit, 'What- I- how much did you hear?”

“Enough to understand that is your method to calm yourself.” he smiles warmly and sets the food down, “Please enjoy, I made sure there was a little extra whip cream, they never do put enough.” the plate is set down with a light ' thunk'. He pulls a chair out on your side, but doesn't sit down, “Wait, would you like to have your jacket?' he asks, seeing your white knuckles.
“Uh, n-no. I'm okay, i-if it's okay with you that I keep using your cloak that is haha.” you mock laugh, looking down at your plate. You can't really bring yourself to eat, the terrible gut feeling is consuming your mind, you don't feel hungry. All you can think about is the tingling feeling in the palms of your hands, and how heavy they feel...
(Y/N).. (Y/N)!” you see Gaster waving a hand in front of you.
“What?” you ask, looking at him. He pushes his chair away from yours, making room so he can step in.

“Is it okay if I touch you?” he reaches his hand out towards your shoulder, stopping a couple inches away, “ I will not touch you without your given consent.” you nod your head slowly, uncertain of what he wants to do. His hand touches your shoulder and he rubs your back slightly, “Would you like a hug?” he asks. You begin to shake your head, but stop mid-movement and nod vigorously. He slips his other arm in front of you and squeezes you in a tight embrace, you start crying again, “Hush now. It is okay. Whatever that person did to you must have been horrid. It is okay, you are safe.” your body is racked with sobs and un-steady breathing, “Just breath.”
“I- I jus-”
“I understand, you don't need to speak. Relax. Let your body relax. Cry it out, it is natural, this makes you strong, it means you have a soul.” he strokes your head slowly, “You are safe right now, I won't let anyone or anything hurt you, I am here for you.” you pull back and look at him.
“Whenever you may need me.” he smiles a crooked smile and it causes you to crack a small one, “Now, would you like to eat? Here. Have a drink.” he lifts the glass and hands it to you. You grab the straw delicately and take a sip.
“Mmm! This is still really good!” you place it down and turn towards the table. Picking up the utensil set wrapped in a napkin you dig into the waffle, making sure to take a huge amount of the whipped cream, “Oh my God. Gaster, try this, here have some.” you cut another piece and hold it out on the fork, “say 'ahh'!” you inch the fork closer, and his lavender irises cross looking at the food being held in front of him.
“Er, are you sure?”
“Come on, just eat it! Eat it~ Eat it!” you sing-song and he rolls his eyes with a sigh.

“Okay, if you insist. “ he leans forward and opens his mouth, you notice semi-sharp teeth, they close around the fork and scrape the food off. You see him chew and swallow, “That is actually fairly decent.” a light lavender hue comes onto his cheeks. You get an idea to do something funny; once Gaster turns back to his waffle to continue eating, you grab a dollop of whipped cream and try to get some on his face. You succeed!, “(Y/N)!” he shouts and places his fork on the side of his plate. The whip cream landed on the corner of his mouth, and you see a purple/black tongue slither out to lick it up. You giggle and he looks at you, “Trickster human.” he says, in a fake scolding tone. After a few seconds of silence and staring at each other, you both burst into hearty laughter and giggles.

As the rest of the evening turned into night, the two of you made your way inside and played a game of Yahtzee with some of his 'friends'. You stood and clapped along to a couple songs, talked to a few of the musicians, and the rest of the night went well. As you were helping 'Jerry' clean up, you overheard Gaster speaking with JJ, 'oh shit, the taB' you throw the pad of paper that was in your hand into the box and ditch Jerry.

Running down the stairs you scoot by a person standing with their guitar case in the middle of the walk way and start pulling out your wallet. “Oh, (Y/N). Are you ready to go?” Gaster asks, reading over the receipts one last time.
“I said I'd help you pay for that!” you chide, opening your wallet.
“And I said it was my treat. This was not strictly for business anyway. I would have brought you to a much different place if that was the case.” he takes out a plastic card and inserts it into the machine.
“Oh, so you're admitting you lied yesterday.”
“Yes, I am guilty as charged. But you can not deny that you had a great time.” he pulls the card out and gets a full receipt from JJ.
That-” you point to him with a finger,”-is a different subject; but to answer you, yes I did.” He chuckles and places a large hand on your head.
“See how good honesty feels?”
“I SERIOUSLY DID ROLL A FULL HOUSE!” you say louder than you meant to.
“That is what they all say.” he laughs and grabs his cloak from the short table by the door, “I will see you next week JJ.” he says, waving behind him. The two of you walk out of the building, going in the opposite direction of the patio and back down the stairs. The sun has set since the two of you headed inside after your food, the night sky was clouded and you could almost feel the impending storm.
“Damn, it must be late.” you say casually, stretching your hands behind your head a yawning, walking along the road.
“Not extremely late. Half past eleven last I checked. Why, are you tired?”
“Yeah, slightly. Social interaction is so draining.” you whine, throwing your arms around his torso, it escapes you in your sleepy hazed state, but he starts blushing madly.
“W-well! We a-are at the car now, here, allow me.” he opens the passenger door and you sit inside, with a huge sigh. He places his cloak on your lap and reaches across your body to help buckle you in.

“I'm not two.” you say, swatting his hand away and buckling yourself in. You pull his cloak up to your chin and snuggle down into the seat, “But, in contrast... I am two~” you giggle and he closes the door. Walking around the car to his side, he slides in and places your wallet and phone in front of the gear shift, switching the vehicle into reverse he pulls out of the parking stall.


Pulling up in front of your home, Gaster parks and un-buckles his seat belt. He looks to your sleeping form in the seat next to him and can't help but smile. “(Y/N)?” he softly says, shaking your shoulder lightly, you don't stir, “I guess you really are a two-year-old.” he chuckles and opens the door, stepping out of the car. He walks to your side and opens the door. He un-buckles you, grabs your phone and wallet putting them in his pocket, and shimmies his arm behind you and under your legs, “Up we go.” he lifts you, being careful to not knock your head against the car. Summoning a hand, he closes and locks the door, said hand floats ahead to the door and knocks. As he's stepping up onto the step the door's opened by your mother.
“Oh! Gaster, how nice of you to bring them back- are they okay?” she just notices you laying in his arms and he smiles down at you.

“I just could not bring myself to wake them...” he whispers, looking back up to your mother, “Would it be okay if I brought them to their room?”

“Of course. Here, come in.” she opens the door fully and he steps in, “The door with the rainbow coloured paper on the door is theirs.” she smiles and Gaster mouths a 'Thank You', walking up the stairs quietly to your room. He summons a hand to open the door for him and he walks through. He steps over your scattered mess in the centre of your room and lays you on your bed. He pulls the large cloak higher up on you and watches you for a moment, smiling to himself he walks out of your room, leaving the door open behind him. He walks down the stairs quickly and heads for the door when your mother stops him, “How about you stay the night? It's late, and you have work in the morning.”
“I would not want to intrude on your abode Mrs. (L/N).” Gaster bows.
“I insist. You honestly should rest. The boss has to be in tip-top shape, doesn't he?” she smiles, laying out an extra blanket on the sofa.
“Pardon me- but how did you know that-”
“You are (Y/N)s boss? Simple. She said that the meeting was strictly business, and mothers have eyes and ears everywhere.” she chuckles.

“Fascinating. How do you have them everywhere?” he asks.
“It's a saying. Mothers know things when their children think they don't.” she places a pillow on one end on the couch, “Here. Sleep here tonight. It's the least I can do to thank you.”
“Whatever for?” Gaster asks, walking towards the couch.
“For taking care of my little (Y/N).”


Chapter Text

You wake up, the first thing you notice is you're in your own room. The second thing you notice is the foreign weight on your body. Rolling over you feel the weight slip off of you. You sit up to see Gaster's cloak from the previous night, “...what?” you blink a few times, trying to remember last night... last thing you could think was that you fell asleep in his car. Shrugging you haul yourself out of bed and walk to the stairs, you grab the rail and start going down it in a sleepy, morning haze. Padding to the kitchen you get a glass from a cabinet and fill it with water from the fridge. Gulping it down, you look to the living room and see your bird still sound asleep... and a lump on the couch? You place the glass on the counter and walk into the living room, trying to lightly step. Alas, it being dawn still, and the sun barely having risen, you knock your foot on the recliner and it wakes your bird, He lets out a squawk and you see the lump on the couch jump. There, looking dazed and lost is Gaster. He blinks a few times (or what you can assume as blinking, his pupils just disappear) then his eyes focus on you. The two of you have a groggy starring contest, until Philip squawks again, “Good morning.” he turns to look at the bird.

“Happy morning?” you ask, walking to the birds encloser
“Happy Morning!” it preens its feathers.
“Good morning... Gaster.” you say experimentally, not looking at him while you open up the door for the bird to step onto its stand.
“Good... Morning?” he mumbles groggily. You can't help but think this to be more awkward than the morning after a one night stand. From a movie of course.
“Did you... have a good sleep?”
“As well as someone my height would have on a couch.” he says with a snarky tone, scowling at the bird, “Inconvenient Psittacopasserae (Sit-toe-cah-pissa-ree).” he stands from the couch and stretches, you again take notice of his shirt rising, “Intriguing am I?” He hums, giving you a smirk that you honestly couldn't see the actual W.D. Gaster pulling.
“Where is the Doctor, you ain't him. Give him back.” you jokingly say.
“My dear, I am simply not me until I have had my morning coffee.” he rolls his neck, “Mind showing me where your... craft is?”
“It's in the kitchen, next to the sink, the coffee and filters are in the cabinet above it, water is from the tap, just turn the white tab to get filtered... and he's gone.” you see him walk into the kitchen and hear the cupboard doors opening, “You okay Phillip? Did he insult you?” you coo to your little baby bird. He gets spooked and squawks at the slam of the lid to the coffee pot that you turn to the doorway and hiss, “Gaster, be quieter.”
“I would not be up this early if not for that insensitive bird... ” you can hear the drumming of his gloved fingers on the counter as you walk into the kitchen, bird in tow, “Does this thing go any faster?” he breathes.
“Slow down Gaster. Relax, it's only...” you squint at the clock, “se-seven thirty?”
“No, it's Six Twenty-Seven in the morning and I should be asleep for the next 2 hours and roughly 15 minutes.” Your eyes go wide.
“Wh-what? The office doesn't open till 9.. do you live nearby?”
“Oh no my dearest. There are.. plenty of secrets no one knows.” he chuckles a little darkly. You decide to sit at the table, and he stares at the craft with an intense determination.


Several minutes later the machine beeps and he swiftly grabs a mug and pours some for himself to the brim, taking a long drink from it. You get up slowly to grab one too, but he puts his hand up, “Allow me, just sit, relax.” he places his mug on the countertop and grabs an identical mug to his, filling it to the 3/4 mark. He brings both to the table and you thank him. As he sits down at the table you cradle the cup in your hands and smell the fresh, hot smell of caffeine, taking a sip, expecting the smooth taste of coffee you love... you're met with the taste of bitter death itself.

“Fuck!” you exclaim, placing the coffee down, sputtering coughs, “What kind of ratio did you use?”
“My usual,” he answers, taking a sip from his own mug.
“And that is?”
“The amount of water minus 2 scoops.” he casually says.
“GASTER?” you shriek in a whispering way, “I swear, this could give me a heart attack with how strong it is.”
“If you went into Cardiac Arrest my dear I would be more than willing to assist you.” he assures.
“s’not my point.” you stand from your chair, moving to the water tap and running the filtered one, “The point is I need to water this down, I need to water the entire pot down.” You grab out a large thermos and fill it half full of coffee. You put the lid on and start boiling water in the electric kettle.
“It tastes fine to me.” he muses, finishing his cup.
“Not everyone can drink straight acid.” you pick up the electric kettle and pour the water into the thermos. You fill the kettle with more water, putting it back on the base, it continues boiling. You walk to the stove and open the drawer underneath, grabbing out a glass pot and the lid, “I’m making oatmeal, want some?”

“What is that?” he walks over to the stove and leans against the wall.
“It’s uhh... Sliced oats boiled in water?” you shrug, walking to the freezer grabbing the bag of oats out. You pour them into a measuring cup and place it off to the side, “They’re already pre-sliced. I just want the water to boil first.”
“Hmm...” you hear the rumble in his throat, “sounds interesting. I will try some.”
”Really? Great! Could you grab the kettle for me, it just shut off.”
“Certainly.” you see him summon a hand that carries the kettle over.
“I guess that’s one way to do it.” you grab the kettle and pour the water into the pot, turning the burner on, “You can put it back now, please and thank you.” you motion to him, pouring a little bit of salt in the palm of your hand and throwing it in the hot water, “I all ways love that reaction, I don’t exactly remember why it happens though…”

“It has something to do with the ions in the water. Additionally salt raises the boiling point of water, supposedly cooking food faster. Although this fact has been widely neglected due to the need for a high concentration of salt in the water. In summary, it will only make the water boil faster.” he leans on the counter, taking a sip from his mug
”Well look at you Mr.Smarty Pants.” you slap his arm playfully
”My pants are not smart. I am.” he looks at you rather seriously.
”It’s a figure of expression. It’s saying ‘You’re really smart. So smart I want to marry yo-’ Whoa-” he’s blushing and sputtering his coffee, coughing in an attempt to calm down “- dude I’m joking about that last part, and you got it all over the counter.” you huff.
”I-I am rather sorry.” he mumbles, placing his mug on the counter in a place not soaked in coffee, “I will clean it up.” he fumbles with the dishcloth and starts patting the areas dry, rinsing the cloth every once in a while.
“Thanks.” you pour the oats into the pot and turn the heat down to medium.
“Do you by chance have a bathroom? I-uh.. need to clean my shirt” you turn to look at him while stirring the pot.
“Upstairs first door on the right.” you point.
“Thank you.” he hurries off, you hear his footsteps as he walks up the stairs.


Several minutes later, you’re waiting with the covered pot of oatmeal on the table. You decided to play one of those “create a village” games that you haven’t touched in a while. As you idly play it slips past your auditory senses the slight ‘crack’ that is heard in the kitchen, “Pardon me. I did take rather longer than I had planned- (Y/N)?” he sees you idly tapping your screen and mumbling to yourself about where to place things, “Are you okay?” he walks forward and taps you on the shoulder.
“Huh? Oh hey Gas- whoa what?” you take a moment to look at his outfit, he now has a casual button down dress shirt on, his black coat he wears most times, and did he change his pants?
”What seems to be the surprise?” He asks, his brow raised.
“How did you change?” you ask looking up at him
“I went home?” he shrugs
”But, okay. So like, how? It took you 15 minutes to drive here last night, you were only gone for like, 10 minutes?”
“Ah, I just happened to...” his form disappears and appears behind you, “Poof!” you can feel his breath on your ear and you turn to see he vanished again. He reappears in the chair across from you, sitting sideways and crossing his legs, “So, any more questions my dear or are we going to eat this… meal of oats.” he rolls his hand.

“Yeah, just let me grab out some bowls.” you stand from the table and grab out 2 soup bowls, “I prefer these ones, they cool the stuff down faster.” you place them on the counter and grab two spoons, placing them in the bowl. You carry the small stack to the table and set it next to the pot, “You can serve yourself, I’m going to grab a couple more things.” You turn around and open the floating cupboard, grabbing the peanut butter on the first shelf, then you look to the top shelf at the red circular container. ‘I can do this’ you think to yourself starring at the container. You bend your legs and jump… missing the container by a long shot, you reach and reach… till a hand rests on your shoulder. You feel a strong torso against your back and see Gaster’s face above yours, grabbing the red container effortlessly.

“This is what you were attempting to reach, yes?” he places it on the counter, looking you straight in the eyes, “My dear, I understand I am fascinating, but in all honesty, there is no reason for you to exert yourself when someone as… monstrous as me, is around.” He winks.
”Wait, was that a pun?” You realize your mouth was open, you close it.
“I am a… handy --” he summons 6 individual hands and they start spinning clock-wise above his head, “man.”
”Oh my lord the puns.” you giggle, crouching over the counter. He takes a step back and bows at a deep angle.
“Thank you, my dear.” he smiles, standing back up, the hands disappear.
“Okay but like, can you summon anything else? Or is it just... hands?” you gesture vaguely at the spot the hands were just floating.
“The hands are a manifestation of my magic. Thus saying, I can manifest my magic however I wish. Be it flowers,” they appear in his hands, “Birds,” the bouquet of flowers turn into tiny doves and fly towards you, “or bees.” the doves turn to a swarm of bees and you screech a little. The bees disappear and he looks with horrified concern, “Oh my! Are you okay? I’m terribly sorry I had no intentions to scare you to such a- why are you laughing?” he retracts his hand.
“You did BIRDS then BEES.” you wheeze out, “I can’t believe it! HAH!” you fall onto the floor and lean against the cupboard.
“Uhh.. what seems to be so funny?”

“Okay, okay. Get me my phone.” you reach your hand out and do a grabbing motion. He walks to the table and grabs it, handing it to you on the floor. You open up Google and search ‘birds and bees urban dictionary’, scrolling to the second definition (after reading the first and deeming it un-helpful, yet hilarious none the less). You read him the definition and look to his face. If you thought a human could pull off a creeped out face, this guy was ten times better. Both sockets void of the usual lilac pupils, an agape mouth, showing his rather sharp teeth, and an entirely un-moving body. You get up off the floor and tap his shoulder, “You all right there? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.” you laugh.

“Are… are human males really that fragile? ‘bees are enslaved to a single queen their entire life’-” he scoffs, “that being true; humans do not have to be if they do not wish to. They do not have to be married, nor be with the same partner their entire lives.” his voice is exasperated at this point.
“Wowza G didn’t know you felt so strongly about that.” you say, grabbing the red container and peanut butter, walking to the table.
“Well, it is just logical. If you do not want to be in a relationship, do not be in one.” his shoulders shrug as he walks to the chair he was previously sat in, “What is that container anyway?” he asks, motioning to it.

“Oh, it has dark brown sugar. What I like doing is putting some oatmeal--” you take a few scoops and place them in the top bowl, lifting it off the other, “then I put some peanut butter in and mix it up.” you scoop it out onto the pile and stir it with your spoon, “then about 2 tablespoons of brown sugar.” you open the container and grab out the bag, scooping it with the plastic spoon already inside the cylinder, “Then it sort of tastes like an oatmeal cookie?”

“Cookie you say?” he says looking warily at the bowl in front of him.
“Sort of.” you shrug, scooping some of the oatmeal on your spoon, “Try it.” you stick the spoon out to him and he leans forward, opening his mouth and closing it around the spoon. He doesn’t flinch at the temperature, rather he hums in amusement.
“That’s fantastic!” his eyes light up.
“Well then dig in; but first, take this spoon.” You hand it to him and grab the other.

After the two of you finish eating, you excuse yourself to change out of the previous nights' clothes, and to freshen yourself up. After that, you pop your head into your parent’s bedroom and say you’re leaving for work, you see your mom roll under the sheets, then you close the door. Walking down the stairs you look to the living room and see Gaster stroking Philips face, “Oh, hey pretty bird, I gotta go now. I’ll be back tonight, ma should be up soon.” you smile at Gaster, “You ready to go?”

“Of course, let us go.” he gets up and walks to the door, escorting you out much the same way he did the night previous.


After driving for half an hour it’s quarter to 9 and the two of you pull into the parking lot. “I truthfully have never been here this early.” he says, shifting the car into park, “And I’ve only driven here... once? Maybe twice.”
”Really?” you question, un-buckling yourself and pushing open the door, “I’m getting on my last bus by this time.” you step out of the car and close the door.
“Do I even have a key? I think I might…” he walks up to the door and looks at his key ring, “house… car… another place… maybe this one?” he sticks the key in the slot and turns, “Hah! I got it first try!”
“Good job Gaster. But like, why don’t you drive here? Do you just teleport here or whatever?”

“Shh. Not many know I can do that. Please do not speak so casually of it.” He pulls the door open and walks in, you follow behind and to the staff room. You open your locker and grab out your mug. You place it under the coffee machine and grab the reusable keg, fill it with coffee grinds, and place it in the machine, closing the top. You select your size and press start. After a minute the liquid stops pouring from the machine and you grab your mug, heading to the front desk. You see one of your co-workers, Anita if you remember correctly. “Morning!” she looks to the desk and looks in surprise.
“What are you doing here this early?”
“I managed to get a ride this morning.” You shrug.
“Oh, is this part of that special treatment that you’ve been getting?” she sneers, looking on in disgust.
“I beg your pardon?” you place the coffee down on the top of the desk and proceed to unlock the little barrier door.
“You heard me. Don’t think we haven’t seen you slinking off to the boss’s office every once in a while. Crissy saw you just the other day in there with him, and at the end of the day on Saturday he was seen leaving the staff room after you left, and no one sees him entering or exiting there... he just sort of appears.” she gestures vaguely.

“Whoa, hold up.” you place a finger in front of you and reach for your coffee, take a sip and continue, “You have that much time on your hands? Makes me question how well you do your job. Second--” you see Anita opening her mouth and you place a finger up again, “don’t speak, you started this. Second what I do in my off time is my business, and if our boss requests an audience with me while I’m on the clock, then I gotta go see him. That’s just how it works.” you shrug, placing the coffee down again and push the little swinging door open, “Now if you would be so kind as to forget this interaction happened and we can work in peace today. That would be great.” You smile in such a fake way your jaw hurts. She huffs and walks on. You sit in the chair closest to the barrier and sigh, letting yourself dwell on what Anita had said. Were people really speculating about you and Gaster? The thought made you sick to your stomach, taking into consideration what Gaster said last night: “This wasn’t strictly for business anyway.” what did that even mean? Did he have feelings that were nonprofessional? Were your co-workers going to be right? Were they right now? You didn’t know and in a sense… you didn’t care.

(the author should have just left it here but nah)

The rest of the day was… bumpy to say the least. The rest of your co-workers came in when you saw Crissy you couldn’t help but look up at her with a glare. Your workday was slow, taking calls, making appointments, answering questions, playing 3D space pin-ball, glaring when Crissy tried to come up to you with no explanation of course; just your usual run of the mill day. You take a later lunch than usual, mainly based on the fact you wanted to avoid seeing anyone that Anita might have talked to. As you’re grabbing out your food from the fridge you hear a faint pop, it’s certainly less noticeable with the hustle and bustle outside the door, but you recognized it, “Hello Sir.” you say, attempting to keep a professional atmosphere.
“Ah, hello (Y/N). You are taking lunch rather late today?”
“I just… had to take care of something. It took a little bit longer than I had thought it would.”
”And that something was avoiding your co-workers. Correct?” he says, placing the mug down on the counter, “(Y/N), I am aware of what was said this morning. They were completely out of line and you stood correct. Give me the word and I can talk to them.. what was their name? Amy? Anne?” he taps his chin and looks down at you with a kind smile.
“It’s Anita, and I don’t need you to… I can handle it myself.” you stand from your crouched position and turn to heat the food in the microwave.
“You seem rather distressed about it…” he hesitantly reaches a hand out to your shoulder and sets it down easy, “I am trained to notice these things (Y/N) and-”

”I know you want to be here for me. But it makes it real damn hard when most of my colleagues are talking smack behind my back.” you seethe, pushing the microwave door closed and punching in 3:00 on the timer. The box starts whirring and you turn to face him, “And they all seem to be thinking that I’m sleeping with you behind closed doors, or getting ‘special treatment’ and it’s so draining to hear them all talking about it all day. So if you would just… leave me alone.”
“(Y/N)…” he tries lifting his hand towards your face.
“I said. Leave. Me. Alone!” you swat his hand away with a quick slap and the glove slips off his hand. You see him immediately cover the hand, your face turns away, “I- I’m sorry I didn’t mean-”

“It is okay. Everything is all right. (Y/N), look at me.” he waits in silence, “(Y/N). Look at me. Please? I am not mad at all.” Your head slowly turns towards him and you look up to him. You see both his forearms moving slowly and you flinch momentarily, till a gloved hand and a… slightly cold, partially there hand come to rest on your cheeks. Both thumbs come up to brush under your eyes, only just now did you notice you were crying. The ghostly white hand -- you assumed to be the one missing the glove, remains on your cheek as the gloved one combs back your hair soothingly. You keep looking at his kind, patient, knowledgeable eyes as you willed your breathing to slow. “You are okay. Just keep looking at me. Remember you are here and I am not them. I am here for you, and for you alone, I stay.” he pulls you into a tight hug and your face smooshes into his soft shirt. You inhale a deep quivering breath and pull away slightly to look up at him.

“Gaster, c-can you let me go a second and kneel down some?” he obliges

“What is it, my dear?” his gloved hand leaves the top of your head and you take a deep breath. Possible scenarios run through your head. Someone could walk through that door right now, seeing you two. Anita could walk through the door, Crissy could walk through that door, she had a history of doing it before, yet the only outcome you cared about… was this.

”Fuck it.” you whisper with bated breath as you throw your hands around his long neck and press your lips to the thin line of his mouth. You hear a surprised ‘hmph!’ sound come from him and his cheeks are stained a lovely shade of mauve.

“M-my word! (Y/N) I had n-no idea you felt that way?!”

“Why do you think I was so distraught about what they were saying? I have feelings for you... I wouldn’t say love yet but I know whatever these are… they are very unprofessional.” You cast your eyes aside and blush yourself.

“Well… if that is the case…” he stands up, forcing you to break your clasp, “I will need to teach you proper behaviour.” he smirks down at you, “You will start by feeding yourself, you had food heating and it is about to finish.” just as he said that you see the timer hit 5 seconds and you turn to get the food out just as it beeps. The bowl is warm and you place it on the counter momentarily as you attempt to find a spot that isn’t going to burn. Suddenly one of Gaster’s summoned hands grabs the bowl and brings it to the small table, “Grab a fork, you eat and I will talk.” you open the labelled drawer and grab a fork out. Following him to the table.
“So what were you going to talk about?” you ask, taking the plastic wrap off the top of the bowl.
“Speaking professionally. I think we -- as partners -- would benefit if you had some form of education regarding the field we are entering.” he says nonchalantly while you swallow your food.
“But I don’t have that kind of-” he raises the gloved hand.
“I did not finish. Since I, as your partner, have the means to fund the education you would require. I would be paying all tuition fees privately.” you drop your fork and it clatters in the bowl rather loudly.
“But- what- how? ”
“I do not only work as a psychiatrist, my dear.” he smiles smugly, “But aside from that. What say you to that proposal?”
“I- I would have to consider i-it.” you stutter staring at your bowl, “What else do you do? You’re working here all day?” you look up from the bowl and at his face.
“I am not here at all times, and monsters of my species do not… require sleep. It is more of a luxury if anything.” he sighs and slumps backwards, “This is what comedy would call ones ‘Day Job’ if I remember correctly.” he earns a chuckle from you for that comment, “Easiest way to explain is that this is a solid income, and my secondary is more… sporadic.”
“So are you like… a teacher or something where you get paid at one time in the year or like… what?”
“Someday you may see. As of yet, I do not feel comfortable divulging.” he stands.
“A-are you going to do something about Anita?”
“Well… I need not gossip…” he turns to the door, “After all… it is rather rude to speak of someone who is listening.” a summoned hand swiftly opens the door and the brunette stumbles into the staff room.

“S-sir!” the woman squeaks, stabilizing herself, “I- I can explain!”
“Oh, can you? What are you going to explain? Are you going to feed me some story about how you were listening to make sure you were not, ‘interrupting’ something? Or are you going to tell me what I know to be the truth? Whichever you choose will decide what punishment you will get.” the woman stumbles against the door with a fearful gaze.
“I-I honestly d-don’t know what you’re talking about!” her eyes shift to you, by this point you had picked your fork back up and were eating, sure it was interesting but you only had so much time to eat, “What are you staring at? Do something!”
“I do not think it would be in your best interests to be speaking to them, Considering anything you say could be held against you if they decided to sue you for Slander; and I, in turn, could fire you, even if they do not sue. So give me one reason why you should not be packing your items and leaving.” he steps forward.
“W-why are yo-you giving her special treatment!” the woman squeaks. Her hands ball into fists as she looks back to Gaster. You hear a crackled laugh, one that sounded straight out of a horror film.
“I’m not giving them any treatment… unless you would like to be around a… shall I quote ‘Dirty monster’?”
“How did you-?”
“Simple. I monitor the company emails. Best not send defamation using company services Anita. It will get you fired. You may leave now, and I mean leave the property, good day.” he turns away from the cowarding brood.
“B-but sir. How can you-?”
“Did I stutter?” a summoned hand grabs her by the back of her blouse and drags her forward, enough for the door to swing open, “Leave.” he releases her and she scrambles to the door. You hear a distinctive ‘thud’ at the forced closure of the door and hear Gaster sigh heavily. He moves to turn around and you fear to see the expression on his face that was scarring Anita… but were not expecting this.

As his face spun to you, you could almost see the pastel yellow-pink gradient behind him and the twirling flowers, “Have you finished eating? Your break is almost up.”
“I uh… yeah, I’ll be done soon… you um… gonna tell me what that was?”
“That was me firing someone. I feel as if I did it wrong. I have never fired someone before.” he taps his chin, “No, no. I think that was right. I had a right to be angry. Did I scare you?” he walks back over and sits down.
“Umm... no actually. I ate the entire time. I grew up with siblings, so I’ve learned to mind my P’s and Q’s when people are getting in trouble.” you smile politely, finishing your bowl and bringing it to the sink, “Now was there something else you wanted to talk about?”
“Well… I do have to ask… what was that ‘kiss’ you gave me. What did it exactly… mean for us?”
“To be honest… I don’t know.” you walk to the door, but stop before reaching the handle, “Um, I just realized something… I forgot my bus pass today… you mind um.. giving me a lift?” you awkwardly scratch your head.
“As long as you can answer my question~”
“Are you trying to flirt with me?”


“Try harder, you may need a hand with it.” you giggle as he looks on in confusion, “I”ll see you later,” you pull the door open, “sir~”

When quitting time rolls around, you grab the things you need and head out the door to Gaster’s car. He is nowhere to be found, so you lean against it and sigh. “An answer to his question… which question?” you muse to yourself. He could have been referring to the question about paying for your tuition… but he could have also meant the kiss. What even was that kiss? It was kinda spur of the moment… maybe you should forget it happened. It doesn’t really matter, right? Loads of girls have probably kissed their bosses, hell girls in high school had kissed teachers (Not condoning, just saying). So you couldn’t be a whore.. right?

“(Y/N)! Sorry, I had some paperwork to print off due to today's… events.”
“Oh… it’s okay.” you hear the car unlock and you open the passenger side door, throwing yourself into the seat immediately doing up your seatbelt. He throws the binder into the back seat and opens the driver side door, sliding in and putting his seatbelt on too. You go back to thinking in a dazed state about what you would want to answer him with. What if he wanted to know about the answer to his offer to pay for your post-secondary education? You’d need to talk to your parents about it… you’d need to figure out the courses you want, how does he even have that money anyways? What kind of dough is he making? It has to be a lot, for him to offer to pay so abruptly like that.
“(Y/N), you look troubled. What is on your mind?”
“How much do you make? Like who could upright pay for post-secondary like that, you honestly have to be making serious dough.”
“I m not a baker, so I do not make dough.” he says nonchalantly
“No, dough is a term for money.”
“Oh. Then I guess I do make 'serious dough'.”
“But how much is serious dough?”
“Not something I wish to divulge at this time.”


After an awkward silence of driving home, he pulls up in front of your house, “So, do you have an answer to my question?” he asks, turning his head towards you. You take off your seat belt and turn to him.

“I really thought about it… and I think we c-can make this work.”
“Excellent! I’ll get the paper- mhm?!” you pull his face close and kiss him again, his mouth opens and you feel his sharp teeth pressed against your mouth. His tongue slides out of his mouth and you graciously take it in. It tastes like coffee and sweets, you pull away a moment to breath, you feel a hand under your leg then suddenly you’ve slipped onto Gaster’s lap.
“Hmm… yes, my dear?”
“I’m, I’m flattered but-”
“Anything after but is irrelevant.” his cheeks are flaring brighter than they were this afternoon, almost an eerie glow, “Now... shall we continue?"

Chapter Text

An entirely normal Tuesday morning. You woke up to your alarm, headed downstairs and said good morning to Phillip, ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast, got ready for work, and headed out to the bus stop. There was always this elderly woman sitting at the bus stop, everyday, same time. “Good morning! Haven’t missed the bus have I?” you ask, grabbing your pass out from your wallet.

“No. You have not.” she smiles and pats the bench beside her, you sit, “Where were you yesterday. Out sick?”

“Oh, I got a ride from an…” What word would you use to describe him? What words could describe him,”intimate friend?”

“You don’t sound so sure that’s what they are.” she looks to you, grabbing the handkerchief out from her purse, blowing her nose.

“You never miss a beat do you?”

“I’m afraid at my age I can’t afford to skip a beat.” she folds the handkerchief up and places it back into her purse.

“I wasn’t talking about your heart.” you state matter of factually with a smile.

“I was just messing with you. But honestly sweetheart, what is this person to you? Are they and ‘intimate’ friend, just a friend, or maybe you’re smitten with them and you just won’t admit it.” she smiles, touching your arm gently, “Oh look. Your bus. Come tell me what you come up with tomorrow, even though there’s doubts.” she stands to leave.

“W-wait? What do you mean-”

“You’ll see my dear, it’s in the cards.”



You had some walking distance from your last bus stop to the office, so you decide to muse a little about what the old lady said; and what really was your relationship with Gaster anyway? You had… really enjoyed what happened in the car, it wasn’t anything insane… just lots, and you meant lots of kissing. Good tongue, and very heavy petting. You were rather surprised it didn’t go further than that. Gaster more or less told you to leave before making a mistake. Which was a rather… gentlemanly move but, the wild side of you was screaming in agony; and he was amazingly good at working you up too. But what the old woman said stuck in your mind. She had said things in the past that turned out to be true; all ways vague things, like mentioning a delayed bus or saying “someone isn’t going to have what you want.” and it ends up being the local store being out of chips the next day. Whether those are coincidental to the circumstance or, hey, maybe the lady is physic? You had no clue. But whatever it was, you sure as hell were going to do everything in your power to do things right, keep your head down, lay low, just do your work…. or not.


You were about ten meters from the building and someone -- one of you male colleagues came rushing out, “You might not want to go in there.” you take out an earphone and push past him, “No, really, you might not want to go in there.”

“Dude, go away. I’m showing up to work why would you-” then, and only then as you opened the door did you see it. Everyone was in the back, crowded around the fax machine, “hey guys what’s up?” you ask, looking at the group. They all turn to you. And as if a great flood happened they all came running towards you, some in rage, others in disgust; but there was one word, one name that was constant, “SHUT UP!” you shout over them and they quiet down, “What about Dr. Gaster?”

“Is it true?”

“Why would you do that?”

“How long has it been happening?”

All of the questions came in at once, yet a single question stood out to you, “Maybe Anita was right?”

“Whoa, what about Anita? Is this about Gaster firing her or-”

“Nah, no one minds that. She was annoying and bossy anyway. It’s more what she was saying, like no one wanted to believe her-” the male colleague came back inside, “right guys?” the collected staff nods.

“But what is it then?” you seethe through your teeth.

“This.” Crissy says, handing a paper through the hoard of people, finally to the male colleague then to you. You take a look at the faxed black and white photo once and your blood runs cold.


You know that feeling of guilt? But it’s not actually guilt? More on borderline anxiety? Your gut drops, hands tingle, a chill runs down your spine. You feel helpless, even in your own body, own frame of mind? Well, imagine that times twenty. You stare agape at the photo, regretting every decision you had made thus far, “See! I told you Anita wasn’t lying!” Crissy jumps and points, “They’re white as a ghost!”

“Or maybe you should say Gaster~” another one pipes up and they all laugh, even the guy who tried to warn you.

“Can-can we maybe talk this over as civilized creatures?”

Creatures? We’re humans. The only creature here is you.” Crissy says, a couple of other employees nod in agreement.

“Come on guys. This is… this is blackmail against me, a co-worker, and Ga-” you correct yourself, “Dr.Gaster, who’s the boss. It doesn’t seem right to-”

“Blah, blah, blah. All I hear is a suck up whore- OUCH” you punched her… punched Crissy right in the face.

“Oh God. I’m- I’m sorry. Please let me get an ice-”

“Get off her. You dirty monster fucker.” one of the other secretaries push you away, back towards the door. That feeling has manifested it’s self as tears by this point, you look between the employees, at the photo in your hands, and the floor. Making the rational decision… you leave work, not at a run, but a brisk walking pace.


While on the final bus home, you decide to stop one stop early and walk to the near-by convenience store. Before entering, you decide to fold up the paper and stuff it into your coat pocket, so people don’t suspect what you’re about to do. Walking into the store, you greet the man at the till and walk to the back, where they keep the cheap bottles of water. Then you head to the till, “One small lighter, please?” you say, placing the bottle on the counter. He nods and smiles, grabbing one from behind the counter. He scans it through then scans your water bottle, asking if you would like a bag, you say no, he tells you the total, and you pay in cash. Wishing him a good day and grabbing your items, he wishes you one back and you can’t help but mumble, “That went out the window earlier.” while pushing the door open and walking down the strip. You crack the bottle open and take a sip, sighing heavily when you finish. You test the lighter, to see the flame go up, perfect. You duck into the alleyway and behind the local bar. You grab out the piece of paper and unfold it, taking one last look at the picture, you test what direction the wind is coming from and put the paper on the side of the flame, the edge starts to smolder and you hold it a little bit longer till you see the embering where you burned and the slight whisps of flames, dropping it to the ground you wait till it almost entirely burns, then dump the contents of the bottle on it, “Not today. Not ever.” you inhale sharply, the smell of burned paper and ink singeing your nostrils. In you mind, this smell meant the end of your troubles… but this was only the beginning.


The two block walk home was chilling. The wind bit at your face with ferocity, winter was coming and it had never been your season; the cold, the ice, even the shimmering snow was an inconvenience. Making a note to yourself to remember to buy a pair of gloves for the season, you turn down the street to see your dads car still parked out front, that’s an odd thing to see. Walking briskly to your front step you open the door and call out, “Hey mom. I’m back!” You kick off your shoes and walk towards the kitchen, “You wouldn’t believe what happened at work-” as you round the corner you see both your parents sitting at the table starring at a piece of paper, “Uhh… What’s going on?”

“Explain this.” your father picks up the paper, you see the same image from this morning.

“Oh my God.” you cover your mouth, “Okay you guys need to listen and-”

“You were eloping with a monster?” your father says, slamming the paper back on the table.

“Dad no, please! It’s not what you think! If you would just-”

“I trusted him! He was such a gentleman too…” your mother frowns.

“Just listen to me-” you say a little quieter, your voice being drowned by your fathers, directed at your mother.

“I told you it was a bad idea for you to let them go off with a monster!”

“Well they are old enough and should know right from wrong!”

“Guys.. stop it.” you whisper.

“Well Kerstin, maybe if you had been a little bit firmer with (Y/N)…”

“Give it a rest Larry, don’t do this again.”

“Would you guys stop!” you yell, making the bird in the living room squawk, both your parents look to you, “This is blackmail. I got a copy at the office this morning too, well my co-workers did. That’s why I’m home. Second of all-”

“Where is the one you got from work?” your dad asks.

“I burned it. Secondly -- the content of that photo is of no concern to either of you. I am an adult and what I do in my time-”

“You burned it?!” your mother shrieks.

“He’s your boss.” your dad stands from the table and begins to walk towards you, “Isn’t there some sort of… rule or regulation against workplace relationships?”

“Try telling that to the Bex’s, been married 5 years and have offices next to each other. Need to tell new patients who’s door is who’s.” you gesture your hand left and right, “To formally answer your question though, since you hate sarcasm so much. No. There is no regulation against workplace relationships. It’s just frowned upon when it’s two people from totally different areas, and on opposite ends of the business food chain.” your hand drops to your side, “Also, if I may add while you attempt to find words.” you gesture to his agap mouth,”I am pretty sure I will be out of a job soon, due to someone blackmailing me at my place of employment. Even though Dr. Gaster is the ‘top dog’ as they say, he could still be reprimanded, or not given credibility on this matter. Due to some people assuming him to have a biased opinion.” you finish with a huff.

“Was he there this morning?” your mother asks, coming up behind your father, who had shut his mouth and was looking at the ground.

“Not to my knowledge. He usually comes in late on Tuesdays, never schedules appointments before noon.”

“You… should call him dear. He might want to know this happened.”

“Kerstin that’s not going to help.” you walk away at this point and mumble.

“If he doesn’t already.” you fish your phone out of your pocket and walk out of the kitchen, up the stairs, and to your bedroom. Throwing your jacket onto the floor with the rest of your mess and closing the door. You lean against it and sink down -- adjusting your position so you were comfortable. Hearing your parents screaming at each other was a rarity of it’s self, and it certainly affected you. You click on the calling app and select his number, one of the recent ones. Placing the phone to your ear you listen to the dial tone and think of what you’ll say. You hate phone calls, but this was probably one of the fastest ways to reach him. After about 5 rings it goes to a voice-mail message.

“Hello, you have reached the personal cellular device of Dr.W.D. Gaster. Please leave a Name, Number, and brief message after the tone and I will respond when I can.” the tone sounds and you start talking.

“Hey G-Gaster. (Y/N) here… call back when you can. It’s urgent.” you click end and look at the screen of your device. Throwing it onto your jacket you feel the tingling in your hands again, and feel the tears welling in your eyes, “It’s okay to cry now. I’m alone.” you mumble as the tears stream down your face.


Three days. It has been three days since the incident. It’s 4am Friday. You’re laying awake with your laptop propped up on your lap. The day after the incident you got a call from work, asking why you didn’t show up, same thing yesterday, and you expected one today, but certainly not at this hour. You feel your phone buzzing and you fumble around looking for it, to see Gaster’s contact information come up, you slide the accept call so fast the phone slips out of your hand, you catch it and bring it to your ear, “H-” you clear your throat, “Hello?”

“(Y/N). I am so sorry I missed your calls, and never-”

“Responded to any of my texts or emails. Yeah, I bet you are.”

“(Y/N), I need to explain why I was away, if you would just please-”

“No, I’m going to tell you what happened while you went awol. I showed up to work on Tuesday morning and all my colleagues crowded me, finally showing me a photo of us in your car, in front of my house on Monday evening. I leave work and head home. When I return home I am confronted by both my parents with the same photo, they have bombarded me with questions ever since. I’ve hardly left my room since that day and I’ve been trying to call you to help me.” you let a sob leave your mouth, “So do you want to know how many shits I give about where you were? Zero. Non. Zilch.”

“(Y/N), that’s what I’m calling you about. Wh-what happened in the car… it was a precursor to a monthly event that happens with my body-”

“Gaster had a period, exciting.” you dead pan.

“No, no, nothing like that. It’s more like… a rut?”

“So you had a heat? That caused you to leave for 3 days?”

“If you would just let me explain it, please?”

“Fine, fine. You have 1 minute.”

“So, when I myself go into a rut-”


“Whatever is easier for you. I become rather… unpredictable. There are formulas created to assist monsters in this state, but they do not work well when a monster has a strong attraction to an individual nearby.”

“Oh. And that’s me. That’s why you went awol.”

“E-essentially.” you can hear a large sigh on his end, “I deeply apologize for what happened, and take full responsibility for everything you’ve gone through.”

“Go to hell with your apology.” you tap the end call button, and let out a huge sob. The tears on your face drip off the sides and into your ears, you sit up, move your laptop aside, wipe your phone screen on your blanket, then wipe your eyes. You hear a very distinct popping sound and immediately stop rubbing your eyes and look up, ‘What are you doing here.”

“(Y/N), please. Listen to me.”

“Keep your voice down and I will.” you cross your arms, your eyes dart to his hands, “Do you always wear those gloves?”

“Yes. But I don’t see why that means anything-”

“Take them off.”

“I beg your pardon?” he stares questioningly at you.

“I want you to take them off. If you want me to listen to your reasoning behind leaving me alone for 3 days, when what happened is ultimately on you; you need to take them off.”

“But I don’t see why-”

“It’s because I want you to touch me. I want to feel your hand like I did Monday. I never got to see it -- but it felt so, well… nice? Please?”

“I… don’t really like people seeing them. I-I do not think that they would understand.” he fidgets nervously. You had no idea what has come over you, but in seeing him arrive so abruptly after you telling him to go to hell, you held a semi-soft spot at the moment.

“Please sit, Gaster.” you pat the spot next to you.

“Al-all right…” he turns and sits next to you, a respectful distance away. You turn to him, propping your leg in a curled position on the bed while the other hangs off.

“Give me your hands.”

“(Y/N)…” he hesitantly pulls his hands in, curling them into loose fists on his chest.

“I promise I won’t look at you any different. I just want to learn more about you, and it starts with easy things, like this.” you pull up your pajama pants to your knee and point to the huge scar on the cap, “I got that in the stupidest way. I was jumping over a chain, tripped, and fell on the pavement. Oh and this one --” you point to your shin, “I got from one of those little grey power things in an apartment parking lot.” you pull the pant leg down, “So everyone has little things they don’t want people seeing. Most people when they see them they don’t freak out, they’re extremely accepting. So please…” you reach for one of his hands, “Let me see?”

“If you insist… but you must close your eyes.” he says slowly.

“Okay!” you close your eyes. By this point you weren’t even mad at him anymore, you were just… glad he had contacted you, glad he had came, glad you weren’t being abandoned, “Can I look now?”

“Y-yes…” his voice waivers, a static pop coming out along with it. You open your eyes to see his hands, pale white like his face, but with 2 inch holes in them.

“Well then…” you stare in awe.

“SEE I knew that you’d be afraid.” he withdraws his hands again and goes to put the gloves back on.

“Afraid? What gave you that idea?” You quickly snatch his hands up, “I think they’re cool! And they’re like… perfect circles? How does something like this happen?” your thumb starts rubbing the back of his hand, “And the skin is so much different than the skin on your face?” one of your hands lets go of his and extends to his face, “It’s so cool…” both your thumbs start rubbing in unison and Gaster blushes a deep violet.

“I- I created the holes for experiments… they worked rather well but I was mistaken when I assumed my hands could be regenerated…” his sockets shift uneasily, “I don’t know what else to say…”

“You can say nothing and kiss me?” your hand stops stroking his cheek, you place his hand on your chest and lean in, “Would you?”

“I-I um.” his hand curls around your fingers, the free one hesitantly moving towards the back of your head, “I th-think I will.” he leans in the rest of the distance and presses his slightly open maw to your lips.


Your tongue pokes out of your mouth and licks one of his long sharp canines, drawing out his tongue to ‘play’. It shoves past yours into your mouth and you feel his free hand wrap around your torso, his claws scratch your back slightly though your tank-top and you chuckle, “What’s so funny?” he asks, pulling away. Even with his glowing tongue lolling out of his mouth he can form perfect sentences.

“Your claws, they tickle.”

“You seem to be rather the ticklish type my dear.” he slips his hand out of yours, and trails down to just above your hip. Expecting something like that day in the car, or heck even just for it to rest there and you two continue kissing; but no, this obvious adult, this Monster with some form of Doctors Degree, is attempting to tickle you. Key word: Attempting.

“Ahh… what are you doing?” you ask him, raising a brow.

“Aren’t humans sensitive to be touched a certain way in a certain area?”

“Well, I guess?” you ponder a moment, “I guess for me personally it’s more of a way to describe a feeling than an actual action. Like, unexpectedly poke me here-” you jab your right finger at his side, he jumps, “ -I’d describe as tickling. And any tingly feeling at a fleeting touch would- hey” you glare at him. He just poked you. In the side, with a shit eating grin on his face, “Respectfully, Doctor Gaster. You’re an adult, not a child.”

“You did it too, my dear.”

“What are you talking about? I’m like twelve, I can do what I want.” you tease.

“Wait, are you actually? How does human age work?”

“Gas, no. I haven’t had enough sleep for this.” the hand previously on his face had slipped to his shoulder, you pat it.

“But have I been telling humans something strange? They always give me strange looks when I tell them my age--”

“Gaster, please.” you put a hand up, trying to block his face. By this point his grin left his face and both his hands were off you.

“Honestly does it really freak humans out? Hearing my age? It’s relatively young. I am only one-hundred-fifty-six thousand and ninety-three days old. ”

“Haha, you gotta be kidding Gaster…” you chuckle.

“I am not joking.”

“No hush, I really haven’t had enough sleep to do the math on my monster boyfriends-”

“You called me your boyfriend!?” his face lights up in a delicate lilac hue and you mentally slap yourself.

“Shit. Ah… yeah. I did. Um…” the silence continues for some time, him silently looking at you, and a constant screaming in your head.


“427” he says quietly.

“What?” you ask, snapping your mind back to reality.

“I am 427 years old in human years, in accordance with the Gregorian Calendar.”

“You’re older than the country.” you have a short loss of breath at this realization.

“There! That! That’s the look humans give me.” he sort of vaguely gestures to your face, “Why do they do that?”

“Umm, well… humans generally don’t live more than 80 or maybe 90 years…” his face goes from being excited and smiling, to a frown of realization, “But don’t worry! I’m a long ways away from that.” you smile.

“But it will happen some day?” he asks, worry on his face.

“Let’s change to a different topic…” you look around trying to think of something, anything to talk about. Then you spot it, your pillows. You reach for it them and turn back around to Gaster, “Here take this one” you shove the pillow into his chest and he stares in morbid confusion.

“What am I to do with a pillow?” he asks. You stand up and immediately hit him in the face with your pillow, “Why--” he summons five individual hands, “must you do this.”

“Because it’s fun.” You attempt to hit him again, one of the summoned hands catches your pillow, “Okay that’s no fair” you pout, tugging at your pillow.

“All’s fair in war, my dear.” he whispers, 2 of his other summoned hands grab his pillow, another grasping onto yours, and then you see one zoom towards your side. You twist your body out of the way but that was just the opening he needed, he stole your pillow.

“Okay now that’s really unfair.” the summoned hands float just out of reach and Gaster stands up.

“Do you surrender tiny human?” he smiles.

“Never!” you lunge forward, laughing. He catches you in a hug and spins around, placing you on the bed, then the pillows start whacking you on the head; but in your moment of innocent bliss with him, you don’t hear the door down the hall opening

“What is going on here?”.you hear your fathers booming voice say and the room goes cold. You peek around Gaster, who has dropped the pillows and is standing tall and proud.

“Mr. (L/N), I finally have the honor of meeting-”

“Drop the bullshit.” you can see Gaster’s head move back in surprise.

“I seem to have offended you good sir. My apologies for whatever I have seem to of done that caused you to use such strong language.”

“It’s 4:30 in the morning, I leave for work in half an hour, and I wake up to my child and a literal monster in their bedroom, assaulting them with pillows.” he makes a move to step into the room but Gaster walks forward, causing your father to freeze mid motion.

“Ah, so it appears to me that you have concerns about (Y/N)’s well being, yes?”

“Partially! But-”

“Then I would like to ensure you that they are as safe as can possibly be.” he turns his head, “I believe what you walked in on was what is known as a ‘pillow fight’ if I am not mistaken. Rather harmless, really.” his head turns back to your father.

“You- You just showed up! (Y/N), come here right now.” you sit up and slide off the bed, walking to come up just behind Gaster, “Why is this stranger, that monster non the less, in my house at such an hour?”

“(Y/N) you should not have to-”

“Shut up, fiend.” and that’s where you snapped. You could take this stuff when he watched the anti-monster videos, you could handle him making off handed comments about it, but directly insulting Gaster?

“Unacceptable. Right?” you chuckle, patting Gaster on the arm as you walk by.

“Yes! This is unacceptable and I’m glad you have-”

“That he gets to sit here and insult you, Doctor.” you turn to Gaster, your back to your father, taking a deep breath..

“Uh..” he looks confused

“(Y/N). One.” your father counts, you wince internally.

“Honestly, you have how many Ph.D’s? Not to mention the bachelors.” you roll your shoulder forward and loll your head to the side. “You deserve So-” you turn back to your father, “Much-” you step forward again, “More-” you step once more, inches from the doorway, “Respect.” you cross your arms, “I am sick of this radical racial bullshit Dad. ‘ Monster’s were put underground for a reason.’ I believe is what you’ve said? They belong the same as any other human would. But I know both you and mom have something against me being ‘promiscuous’ or engaging in anything remotely close to sexual relations. That photo set you both off, Mom’s been crying, you’ve been doing this passive aggressive thing--” you gesture to his body, “ and I’ve been in my room for 2 days and some-odd hours.”

“That’s two.” he says, clenching his fists.

“Do what you want, if you tell me three that just proves my point about you being a controlling pric-”

“That’s three. You wish to speak of respect, then disrespect me? You ungrateful child.” he raises his hand, you hear a growl from behind you and feel Gaster step right behind you, his lab coat is seen from the corner of your eye, “See! He’s Feral! I will not have this… this beast copulating with my chil-”

“I am a grown ass adult. If I wish to be with this respectful, encouraging, lovable man whom happens to be a monster, that is my choice.”

“Then you can have your stuff out by Monday.” he states firmly, “If you wish not to follow my rules then so be it. You don’t live in my house.”

“Wh-what?” your gut drops, and you feel the familiar tingling of your hands, “Y-you can’t- Dad why would you-”

“I said. You disrespected me and are ignoring my rules. You-” he points to Gaster, still looming protectively over your figure, “Get out or I’ll have you arrested for trespassing and breaking and entering.”

“As you wish.” Gaster’s voice has a different tone to it. Less lighthearted -- if you could call it that; it took on a more hollow effect as he stepped back, leaned forward and whispered, inches from your head, “I will see you at work.” and with that a crisp crackling sound was heard and he disappeared

“As for you -” he points, scowling, “wait until your mother hears this.”

“I already have.” she says, stepping into the door way, “How could you do this?” she asks, voice breaking, “Why?”

Chapter Text

It was shortly after noon and you were walking to the office, dreading more with every step. You reach to open the door and pull it open, only to realize it’s locked. You give it another tug and you see someone walk to the door, one of your co-workers.

“Let me in?” you say loudly, hoping it goes through the glass, it must have because she turns the lock and you pull the door open, “Thanks.” you see all your coworkers sitting in the waiting area, and at the head of them was Gaster and the second head therapist.

“(Y/N). We have been waiting for you. Have a seat here.” Gaster gestures to the last empty chair next to him, “Now that everyone is present. I will explain what has happened.” you see his chest puff out a little and he exhales a breath, “This morning when you all came in I told those of you that work at the desk to make calls and tell all of today’s appointments that we were regrettably closing for the day due to a serious issue and that they can arrange to reschedule their appointments tomorrow. Those of you that work in the back -- on the computers and what have you-” he waves casually, “ are here simply to be seen. To those of you I personally called in, I am sorry if you had any important plans.” he noticeably frowns, “And to the rest of my fellow Doctors, it is of great importance you listen to what I am going to say.” He gestures to the calendar, “On Tuesday morning I made a call to Dr. Nixton and told him I was taking my three day leave. Dr. Nixton came in early that morning and went directly to his office. A show of hands to those that saw Dr. Nixton before lunch.” you look around to see no hands raised, “Exactly. Now, a show of hands to those that were here Tuesday morning?” You raise your hand, Crissy raises her hand, and the rest of the staff you had seen there raised their hands. Along with the Doctors. “To those that have not raised their hands, I ask that you sit and bear witness to this conversation.” he gestures for those with raised hands to come forward. You stand from your seat along with the rest of them, “Out of those sitting, who heard anything about something happening on Tuesday Morning?” one person raises their hand, “Please speak. What did you hear.”

“All I know is a fax came in and someone ran out crying? It happened before the place even opened I heard.”

“Thank you. That follows the information I got. (Y/N), step up here if you would.” You look around in shock and confusion, but timidly step forward, “Crisandra, yourself as well.” she steps forward and looks down at the floor, “Here we have two people, both involved in the incident. Would anyone like to explain their roles?” he looks around, the standing people shuffle their feet and murmur among themselves, “No one? Final chance before I call names.” his face is cold, the light shining down from behind him gives it a more menacing expression.

“I went to warn (Y/N) before they went into they entered the building! They just walked past me.” the male coworker says. Two of the others, including Crissy turn to glare at him.

“And then? What happened.” he raises his head, straightening his posture.

“I um, well it kinda-”

“He already knows the story! Look at his smug face! He’s just-” Crissy starts to outburst, but steps back as Gaster takes two long strides forward.

“You were saying?” he says in a very gentle voice, one you were used to hearing, but these people had very rarely heard him speak, let alone in a non authoritarian way.

“N-nothing…” Crissy says, shrinking into the seat.

“Good. Now Stand.” he commands, the gentleness gone, and turns to the boy, “Continue.” he turns and starts slowly pacing.

“It kinda happened really fast. Like (Y/N) asked what happened and then everyone saw them and rushed over, there were lots of questions. And then finally someone showed her the picture-”

What picture.” he stops pacing and looks at the boy sternly.

“Th-this picture. I-I don’t think you want to hear what it w-was.” he casts his eyes to you, and Gaster’s follow.

“You are not to look at them. You are to look at me. What picture.”

“It was of you and them sir.” he mumbles, barely audible from where you were standing. 

“Yes, exactly. And what else. There were other things explicitly said, weren’t there?”

“Crissy called (Y/N) a whore… then (Y/N) punched her in the face.” he shrugs a little.

“Do go on.” his hand comes up under his chin, braced by the opposite hand; by this point you’re clutching the gloves he left in your room tightly in your pocket.

“I don’t r-really want to.”

“That’s okay. Crissandra, care to fill in the blanks.”

“You already know.” she says, looking down at her hands.

“That is true. I’m just publicly humiliating everyone because I am an, and I shall quote: ‘Asshole’.” He smirks, turning away from Crissy and nodding to Dr. Nixton.


“In reviewing the security footage.” Nixton says, “I have a transcript made of the audio from before, during, and after the incident. Before anyone asks, yes the video cameras do record sound.” he grabs a stack of papers from the counter, “I will now read, chronologically some highlights.” he flips the top paper, “ The opening statement ‘Hey guys, come look at this.’ at which point the employees start mumbling. One of them left the group at the fax machine at this point, heading outside. Presumably to wait for (Y/N). 5 minutes later. They return and you hear them ask what’s going on. Followed by many of you asking about Dr. Gaster. (Y/N) asks what about the Doctor and 3 ask about the photo itself, the 4th Mentions Anita being right. Skip to a later part where (Y/N) voices that this was blackmail against them and Dr. Gaster, followed by, and I quote ‘All I hear is a suck up whore- ‘ followed by a vocalization of pain as (Y/N) presumably strikes Crissandra. After hitting her (Y/N) leaves. One of the other employees has walked up to Crissandra and offered her assistance off the ground. She accepts the help and says to the bodies present ‘ I’ll get them. Both of them. ’ and by that point there’s nothing else said about the matter.” Nixton concludes, putting the papers back on the counter.

“Thank you, Dr. Nixton.” Gaster nods his head again, turning back to Crissy, “After watching the footage myself, and hearing from 3 people that this incident happened, I need to hear from you now, Crissandra. Did this happen and did you actually say this.”

“Yes! Okay? It did happen and I don’t regret it.”

“So be it.” Gaster shrugs, “Then I will be filing to sue with the supreme court against you for Libel; and--” he turns to you, “I would suggest you file for blackmail against them.”

“Wait! It wasn’t me who did it!” Crissy says in panic.

“Really? What proof is there to support that?” he turns his head back to Crissy, keeping his body towards you.

“I’m not part of a monster hate group! It was sent by a monster hate group… that’s all I can say…” Multiple gasps where heard as she uttered about the hate group.

“Settle down everyone.” Dr. Nixton raises both his hands and everyone hushes.

“A hate group… interesting.” Gaster mumbles, stepping away from Crissy and  facing the group of employees “Due to this information, it is no longer in my hands to hand out punishments. You are all free to leave, exceptions on Crissandra and (Y/N).” those not standing get up and they all start shuffling to the staff room where their coats and bags are, some of the Doctors to their offices, “Nixton, you are free to leave as well.” Gaster says, looking to the short man.

“Sure.” he grabs the stack of papers and hurries to his office.

“You may both sit.” he gestures with his finger before taking a step back and starts pacing again. You sit with a huge sigh, “Crissandra. Do you know anyone who you could suspect to be in a monster hate group?”

“A-Anita…” she stutters.

“(Y/N)? Do you know anyone that is possibly in a-”

“I know for fact my ex was, or should I say is.” you dead pan.

“Okay, those are two suspects that I can give to the police.”

“Wait you’re reporting this?” Crissy looks extremely nervous.

“Why yes. Why wouldn’t I?” he stops for a moment, looking to Crissy.

“I-I just thought that-”

“That I would take it into my own hands? I am a pacifist, I will leave it to those designed to bring justice; though, most do not have true justice in them.” he continues pacing, “I will require a statement from both of you, I suggest you make yourselves comfortable while I call the police.” he walks behind the desk, picks the phone up and dials.


Gaster had made the call, and 30 minutes into waiting you grew restless.

“What’s the matter dear?” he asks gently, coming to sit next to you.

“I can’t believe that they could have done this…” you whisper leaning forward, clasping your hands together, “I did end it with them because I found out they joined a hate group… but I couldn’t bring myself to report it; and now they’re targeting me? Targeting you?” you rub your face, “I’m so sorry.”

“Oh stop kissing up to your freaking boss. Suck up.” Crissy scoffs. Gaster looks at her with a frown.

“How about you get yourself a coffee or tea from the break room, Crissy.” Gaster commented, with an eye roll she got up and left. He turns back to you, “You have nothing to be sorry for. It was not your actions that caused this-”

“But it was! I broke up with them, I got the call on Sunday, they were looking for me. It’s my fault, they warned me that if I broke up they’d do something horrible to me.”

“I hate to ask, but I need to know. Was it an abusive relationship?”

“No! They never hit me!” you faltered, “They never laid a hand on me ever!” you look at him, appalled.

“There’s physically abusive. Then there’s mentally and or emotionally abusive. Did they make you do things you didn’t want to?”

“Y-yes…” you tap your foot on the ground.

“Then it was an unhealthy relationship. You getting out of that situation, and any action they might take afterwards is not -- in any way -- your fault.” he cautiously puts his hand on your upper back and starts rubbing in circles. Crissy walks into the room and sits down.

“How long do we have to wait for the damn police to show up?”

“They can take up to 5 hours to show up.” Gaster says nonchalantly.

“I should call my girlfriend then, let her know I’m gonna be late coming home.” she mumbles, fidgeting for her phone in her pocket. Standing up, she walks away from the two of you and dials a number. Your hands go back to their respective spots in your coat pocket and you remember his gloves.

“Oh, here.” you pull them out, “You left these in my room this morning.” he looks down at the gloves.

“Why thank you, but you can keep them, if you wish. I have four identical pairs.” he pats your hands and you just drop your jaw.

“And most times people share sweaters.” you chuckle.

“I could give you one as well, if that is what you wish.”

“Oh come on Gaster. These are plenty.” you smile, “We aren’t even serious yet, I hardly know you.”

“You could learn more about me.” he smirks.

“How would I do so, pray-tell?” you joked.

“I could finish telling you the story I started in the car.” you purse your lips and scrunch your eyebrows in an attempt to remember.

“Ah-ha! When I invited you to coffee on Sunday, right?” you snap your fingers.

“Yes, I believe we could arrange that.” his voice is smooth and comforting as he leans in, “I also have something I wish to discuss privately.” his voice is barely more than a whisper.

“Well… I-I guess we could, ya know--” you shrug and bob you head side to side, “after this thing with the blues right?”

“If you so wish. I want to do what you are comfortable with, Y/N. So, if you would be so kind to accept my invitation, then it is wholly extended to you.”

“Man, do you ever talk like my English teacher; but, eh, not that high school guy; the lady I had in 9th.” You laugh, scooting closer and chuckling.

“Ugh. Get a room you two.” Crissy whispers, rolling her eyes as she walks back over. You hear Gaster chuckle, his hand leaves your back as he stands.

“I have some paperwork I must… catch up on. I ask that either one of you--” he turns his head, regarding both of you. ”inform me of when the authorities show up. “

“Yeah what ever.” Crissy scoffs.

“Sure.” you smile weakly.


After the police take Crissy and your own statement, the Col, Fredric Glascow gives each of you his card and expresses to all of you, “If you think these people are up to something again, give me a call.” he looks directly at you and winks, nodding, before he and his partner leave.

“He was distasteful.” Gaster uttered.

“Why, because he winked at me?” you jest, shoving him with your elbow.

“In no way was it a necessary action.” he nods to Crissy, “You’re free to go.”

“Finally, why don’t you two smooch face already, yeesh.” she snorts, grabbing her coat and walking out of the door.

“So my dear. What shall happen from here?”

Chapter Text

“So where are we going? Starbucks? Timms? A convenience store that sells that really shitty coffee that’s owned by Starbucks but goes under a different name and has lower quality beans?”
“No. We’re going to a cafe. A perfect place to sit and chat. There’s daylight. A few people who happen to be mostly university students, and sweets.” He says, opening the car door for you.
”Okay, but do they have decent coffee because if we’re going to a Remedy Cafe I’m jumping out of this car.” You look up at him from the passenger seat.
“No, nothing of the sort.” he closes the door and walks around the front to the drivers side. You notice his jaw move as he’s walking, once his door opens you ask;
”What’d you say?”
“Pardon?” he sits in his seat, pulling his seat belt on.
”What’d you say as you were walking around?” you pull your seat belt on as well.

“I was asking why you were so adamantly against going to a Remedy Cafe?”
”Well, when you said University students I immediately thought of the cafe by the engineering centre at UniA, and that place is packed to the brim with half asleep geeks. No hate though because I used to be the half asleep geek. Except I was in Elementary School, and it was Saturdays not Fridays… BUT STILL!” you see him start laughing, “What?”
”It’s so interesting to see you talk of your early life.”
”I mean, it’s pretty easy because I was happy then, had no troubles, wasn’t even bullied really. Kids tried but I was like ‘nah I’m not taking your crap’ and I moved on.” You shrug as he reverses, “Things were so much simpler back then. Now it’s just all-” you do a juggling motion with your hands and then an explosion sound, “-ya know?”
”Yes I understand.” he pulls out of the parking lot.
“Oh-oh okay so this one time --”

”-- and then by the end of the course I was selling kids chips for 3 bucks. I had my own Chip smuggling business on campus. And I was 10!” you laugh.

“But why didn’t they allow Potato Chips in the course?”
”The volunteers were told to ‘Inspire a healthy life style!’ which apparently started with the snack we were allowed to eat. I mean, they never scolded us, they kinda just wagged their fingers. I still kinda feel badass though.”
”I do hope your rebellious stage hasn’t continued.”
”Oh no. Not in the slightest. But in my parents eyes it’s gotten so much worse, ya know, going out and getting myself a monster boyfriend who happens to be my boss, apparently ‘sneaking’ him into the house, even though you can magically manifest where ever you like. And then slamming the door this morning when I left.” there’s a thick silence as Gaster pulls into a public parking lot, “Sorry, coping mechanism. I’m extremely passive aggressive.”
”All is well. We are here now, we just need to find a till and then we can be on our way. It’s about a blocks walk to the cafe, so you may need those gloves.”
”But they’re way too big for me.” you say as he pulls the car to a stop in a stall.
”I think they’ll do fine, unless your coat pockets are large enough.” he glances downward as he opens his door.
”Touche.” you pucker your lips and open your door. After closing it you pull on the gloves. Surprisingly they fit well, just a little longer on the wrist, and kinda loose. Gaster is all ready making his way to the meter, “Hey, wait up long legs.” you jog to catch up.
”How long would you like to be? An hour? Hour and a half?” he starts punching in his license plate number.
“An hour or so I guess. I mean, how much time can pass anyway?” you chuckle lightly, shifting a little as you stand there.
”So be it.” he drops some coins into the meter, “Completed. Let’s go.” He starts walking and you follow behind.
”Ya know, you walk fast.” you say with some disdain.
”Ah, forgive me. Does walking at this speed leave you short of breath?” he shifts his eyes to the side and turns his head to look back at you as he slows his pace.
”You made a pun at my heights expense. How rude.” you nudge him with your elbow. As he effortlessly steps over a barricade.

“Well, to make it up, shall I assist you? There’s ice on this side and I wouldn’t want you to slip. Though, it shouldn’t hurt as much.” he smirks coyly.
”As much as what? When you fall?”
”Please my dear, I was referring to when you fell from the heavens.”
”Bintch I crawled up from hell.” you laugh at the surprised look on his face.
”I didn’t know that was possible. With Cerberus guarding the gates and all.”
”Oh looky here at Mr. Smart Guy with a Greek Mythology come back. Impressive.”
”When one is as old as I, you read and learn quite a sum about different cultures.”
“Ah yes. 400 year old skeledad right here.” you motion with your thumb.
“I’m not a skeleton my dear, and neither was I even a biological father. I merely was a care provider after two dear friends dusted.”
”God-father then.” you look up at him, “That’s what we call a person who looks after kids after all known relatives die. My god-father was my dads best man, who he had a falling through with 5 years ago because my dad couldn’t take work off to go to one of their old close friends funeral. He was being childish really.” you shrug, looking across the street. “Earth and Nature Cafe & Bakery.Interesting name. That’s where we’re going right?”
”Yes, that’s correct.”
”Ugh, should have just taken me to a Remedy Cafe. It sounds less hippy.” You stop and turn your head in both directions, checking for oncoming or turning traffic.
“Are you always this judgmental.” he questions while walking across the street with you.
”Have you met my dad?” You chuckle, “It’s practically in my blood, I just use my judgmental attitude differently. For my own yucks usually. Like calling Remedy Cafe’s the broke Uni kids hideout, or calling something hippy.” The two of you walk through the side door, which was propped open on such a nice day.

Immediately the smell of baked goods waifs through your nostrils, you see a small fake fireplace to the left, fairy-lights shining dimly above it while nic-nacs and trinkets are placed on top of the hearth. A large artisian designed wooden table with match benches is in front of the fireplace. Further back you see a leading into a small nook room, dimly lit by hanging lights with a vine like encasing; in-fact as you turned your head all the lights had that casing. Directly in front of the entrance was the till, which has an assortment of treats from cookies to rice-krispy swirls, with a merchandiser fridge filled with bottled teas and sparkling fruit juice to the left; and to the right of the till is a cold food display. Showcasing wraps, panini’s, sandwiches, and a small selection of tarts, it also had an open air cooler underneath with packaged salads, veggies and dip, boxed sandwiches, and packaged wraps, you step into the shop towards the food display.

”Hi! How are you today?” the young man with a herringbone newsboy cap says, smiling cheerfully.

“Alive.” You reply unenthusiastically while reading the boxes, “Hey Gas I told you this place was gonna be hipster, they have quinoa salad.” You point as you mumble.
“They do, but I don’t see how that makes a place ‘hipster’?” He questions.
“Hipster is kind of a style, or a way to describe a style I guess.” You say, looking at the sandwiches and petite pastries.
”There is more down this way if you’d like!” The man in the news cap says. You follow him as he walks further right into the cafe. On your left you pass the brew station with a large blackboard hanging above it with hot drinks on it, to your right there’s a bistro table with to go lids, stir sticks, cream, milk, and sweeteners, “Here we have our pastries for the day!” the man says while placing his hands behind the five different woven baskets as he speaks, “We have Croissants, Pumpkin Scones, Blueberry Muffins, 3 Cheese, Plain and White bagels. Then over here…” He gestures to the large cold food display, “Cakes and Bars!” he smiles brightly and claps his hands, “Would you like to read what’s in each cake?” he says, passing over a laminated piece of paper, it tells what kind of cake, frosting, and toppings are used.
“Heck, this place does not fool around with sweets.” you look at the little sticker on each of the signs in the display case, “And not to mention they are really reasonably priced.
“Not as terrible as you thought it might be?” Gaster asks.
“Yeah, definitely not.” you look down at the cake list. Once finished reading through you decide on  the ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ cake, “You wanna read it Gaster?” you look behind you to see a missing giant, you place the laminated piece of paper on the counter next to the cake display and look to the register to see Gaster. You briskly walk over and tap him on the shoulder, “What’re you doing?”

“Ordering.” he says, tapping his card on the machine, a little beep and he removes it, “Here, thirty should cover anything you may want.” he hands you a ten and a twenty dollar bill from his wallet.
“Thanks.” you take another minute to look at the cold foods display case and then decide on a wrap, you can just hear your mother saying ‘no dessert before your meal’, and honestly, you’d be damned if you didn’t eat something decent before that cake.
”Mx you ready to order?” the boy with the cap asks
”Yeah, can I get a uhhhhhh-” you lean back to look at the coffee menu, “Medium Americano, a slice of your Bonnie and Clyde cake and a wrap?”
”Sure, would you like the wrap heated up?” he asks, grabbing the wrapped wrap with some tongs.
”Yeah, please.” you fidget with the money as he heads to the back and comes back a couple seconds later, “Cash or debit?”
”Cash.” you show the bills and he nods,

“Your total comes to $15.75” you hand him the twenty, “Receipt?”
”Yeah,” you look over to where Gaster was sitting, “I think that’d be good.”
”Okay!” he hands you the receipt, “I’ll bring you your wrap when it’s done.”
”Thanks.” You walk over to the coffee pots and a lady with very voluminous blonde hair pours a cup of coffee into a blue mug.
”Here ya go darlin! Enjoy!” she places the cup down on the edge and slides a plate with the Bonnie and Clyde cake on it.
”Thanks a bunch!” you smile and grab the mug and plate, walking to the plush chairs with a low table where Gaster was sitting you place your plate down along with the mug, “Here, a receipt and $14.25 in change.” you slide them over and sit down in the chair next to him, clutching your mug, “God, today was so stressful. Mind if I unwind a bit?”
”By all means.” he takes a sip of his coffee as he adjusts in his chair to face you.
”Okay so, first off when you left my dad got really mad, and my mom put on the water works - oh hold up, I told you they thought I let you in right?”
”Yes, you had mentioned that.” he sips his coffee and grabs a bite of cake.
”Yeah, and then my dad goes and fu-freaking says I’m irresponsible and that it’s bad news dating a monster, and I was all like ‘nah, you’re just speciesist’ and he didn’t like that and he got so mad he started yelling.”, you take a bite of cake without even thinking, chew it some, and then push it to your cheek and continue talking, “ It was so stupid and my dad’s a real prick sometimes. I mean, I definitely have a better relationship with my parents than most people; but they--my dad specifically--is so bothersome-” you swallow, “and I just don’t understand his views? He says he wants to be ‘open minded’, yet he’s still a bigot, still a speciesist, still supports that cheeto who runs the states.” you sigh, crossing your arms, “I’m just kinda fed up? Ya know?”
”I absolutely see where you are coming from.” Gaster nods.
”This cake is really good by the way. Anywho, I’ve tried making it a point since I entered high school that ‘no dad, I’m not that perfect child anymore with your mirrored world views’ like he really needs to learn that people develop their own views.”
”You also need to accept he has his views.” Gaster says.
”I do, doesn’t mean I have to like them though.” You scoff, “Besides, they’re shit--”
”Here’s your wrap!” the boy with the cap says, setting the plate down.
”Lovely, thank you.” he walks off, “Okay so as I was saying, they’re shit opinions to have. Like a human to monster bias?”
”We--us older monsters anyway--aren’t highly affected by people with those beliefs, having lived through the history of the underground.” he takes a forkful of cake and a sip of coffee.
”Okay but what about the young ones, like monsters who are theoretically my age, or younger even?” you gesture with your hand, “Doesn’t the bias affect them?”
”In a way, yes. Most monsters hire other monsters to work for them though, and monsters generally live in the same neighbourhoods.”
”So the few monsters who work at the office…?”

“My doing. Though it is rather hard to hire monsters when your screener isn’t too fond of my species.”
What? Nixon? No way?” you take a bite of the wrap, it was crunchy.
”Or he is just jealous I was chosen as the leader rather than him. Such a childish thing envy is.”
”It’s nasty.” you swallow your food, “Not the wrap, the wrap’s good, but envy. Envy is nasty.” you take another bite, swallow and continue, “Dear god is it terrible in children ‘I don’t have this’, ‘my brother has that toy and I want it’, ‘they have a juice box with lunch and I have bottle of water’, results in screaming children most often.”
“Speaking of envy. I did say I would tell you a story of the children I raised in part.” Gaster eats more cake, he’s almost halfway done.
“Yes, please, do tell. I’d love to hear this.” you place your food down and take your coat off, letting it stay behind your back as you grab the plate and start eating.


“It happened when they were fairly young, I think they would have been ‘toddlers’ at this stage. The youngest was very loud and outgoing, so was the eldest - but he had a certain contempt for meeting strangers; but back to the point though. One time the Youngest was playing with a doo-hickey I had made, something to entertain them while I was busy with my Royal Scientist work. Made of odd bob’s and bits, some springs and a piston.”
”What the heck kinda kids toy is that.”
”Junk I found in the dump and decided to throw together out of desperation.” Gaster looks to the side and takes a sip of coffee.
”Been there, done that. Tell them to lick their elbow, buys you about 6 minutes.” you laugh and take a bite of food, “Sorry continue.”
”I am trying to think of the word humans have for it… they’re used for comedic reasons and humans are flung from them?” he taps on the mug and stares into it.
”Catapult?” you ask.
”No, it was an animal I think,”
”Rocking horse?”
”No, adult humans ride them, usually intoxicated.”
”A mechanical bull?!” you raise your voice a little.
”Yes! That is exactly- what was that for?” he holds the side of his head where you just tapped.
”You do not build those hospital visit educing machines for children.” you dumbfoundedly stare at him.
”Well, in total defense I didn’t know, I was nae 20 years to a human.” he gestures eccentrically, “looking back I’m surprised neither of the children are psychologically damaged…” he looks at his lap and ponders a few seconds before looking up, “Where was I?”

“You built a death trap by accident for a child.” you remind him
”Yes, the doo-hickey. Well, the youngest was on the doo-hickey and the eldest wanted a turn, I told him to wait because he -- the youngest, still had 2 minutes and 34 seconds. I had been doing a timed experiment where there was a 6 minutes wait between calibrations so I had 4 minutes of time to spend between the children.” he stops for a pause to sip his coffee, there is silence as you eat your wrap, “Back to the subject, the eldest is angered, I assumed, that he couldn’t have a turn when he wished; and so he decided using his newly developed magic would serve as a way to achieve what he wanted, but that didn’t happen. Instead what happened is his inexperienced magical output caused a reaction with my calibration for which was in the other room, throwing 4 hours worth of work out the window, a screeching toddler hanging by a foot midair, and a laughing child whom I was about ready to make clean the living room.” he sighs, sipping his coffee again, “The doo-hickey went away for a very long time.”
“Rationally only a week tho right?” you scoff from behind your wrap.
“I’ll have you know it was 10 days. Perfectly long enough to teach them.”
”They got bored of everything else and pestered you didn’t they.”
”Potentially…” he answers, looking down at his coffee guiltily
“You’re so easily persuade by children, but I feel you’re the kind that wouldn’t let your kid skate or buy them a trampoline.” you conclude, finishing the remaining mouthful of your wrap.
“Certainly never a trampoline. They are dangerous, how did humans even come up with that?”
”Stupidly.” you mumble under your breath as he continues speaking.
“And skating…. potentially. They must be wearing the full protective gear.”
”You’re that mom who bundles her children with pillows and tells them to have fun.” you point with an overly enthusiastic look on your face and start laughing as his face contorts to confusion.
”The… what now?” he asks while eating some of his food, it was your turn to explain.
”It’s a gag mode in most sitcoms, or as I call them shitcoms-”


“And then my dad of all people shows up wondering where the heck I’m at and he sees me in the changing cabin expecting me to be snogging my friend but we’re sitting there eating doritos and drinking gatorade while we talk in stupid sex tape voices, like you know-” you lean in over the arm rest, “- the ones where your voice gets smooth and you make half lidded eye contact while moving your shoulders~” you mimic and he’s blushing like mad. “Yeah, my friend and I did that out of sheer mockery on spiked Gatorade. Junior high, a wild ride.” you lean back into your seat
”You were only in junior high?” Gaster stares dumb founded.
”Oh dear, I did some shit.” You smile awkwardly, “It would make you recommend me to Celeste, and no one goes to Celeste unless they really gotta let it out.” Gaster scoffs silently.
”Not nice.”
”Nothing against Celeste! But she’s the one that deals with deep trauma we all know this.” you laugh and Gaster nods in agreement. You finish the last bite of your cake and Gaster finishes his. You check your phone and see that it’s been about an hour since the two of you got there, “Shiz, we should get back to the car. It’s 4 o’clock already and by the time we get home from here-”
“Yes, I think it well to leave now.” Gaster stands as you do, you feel him grab your coat and you turn to him, “Please allow me to assist you.”
”Aye, thank.” you say, shrugging it on and grabbing the tiny plates and your empty mug. Walking by the little plastic tub you place them inside and Gaster’s soon follow, “I have this intense need to see when the bus comes even though you’re driving me.”
“If you feel the need to, then please do.”
“It’s just a habit, don’t worry, I got rid of that part of my anxiety a long time ago.” you laugh, walking out of the shop, “Hey, I just wanna say thanks again Gaster for taking me. It really helped after what happened 12 hours ago and at the office. Just spending time and talking is really nice. I like this.”
”You are most certainly welcome my dear. It is a pleasure hearing about your interests.” he smiles politely while the two of you walk down the street to the parking area.
“It’s really nice to be able to talk and not have to worry about what I say” Suddenly you stop walking, Gaster continues ahead a few feet before realizing you halted.

“What’s Wrong?” He turns to you and asks.
“Am I the only one enjoying the talking? Like, I seem to be doing a lot of it and you do all the listening, which makes me think this is kinda like your job, ya know being a shrink and all.” You huff. He walks back to you as you continue, “Like all these words come out and it doesn’t even occur to me that maybe this entire listening thing you’re doing is like you listening to a patient.”
”In no aspect are you my patient. And I enjoy listening to you because you speak with such passion, and as interruptions can change one’s train of thought, I’ve refrained from speaking much.” He reaches a gloved hand out to your chin and you look up at him, “But if you wish me to say more words I will. I just have a small request.”
”What’s that?”
”No words are spoken now.” he leans down and softly places a peck on your cheek, “Let us enjoy the scenery on our walk back, hm?” His hand slips away.“Yeah, okay.” you say, taking hold of his outstretched hand, interlocking your fingers.

On the drive home you play some music in lieu of talking. It’s comfortable and you could almost go to sleep, if it wasn’t for the sugar buzz from the cafe. As you’re nearing your house he turns the music off, “I completely forgot what I had originally planned to ask you about.”
”What would that be Gaster?”
”With the ultimatum you were given by your father, you’re in need of a place to stay, yes?”
”Well yeah, obviously.” you kind of roll your eyes and bob your head side to side, “Why? You know someone looking for a roommate? I rarely clean but I do the dishes, so that’s always a plus.” you chuckle.

“I was actually going to offer that you may stay with me, if you are comfortable with that.” He says, pulling up in front of your house.
“Gaster, it’s a little early to be asking me to move in. We’ve gone on like, 2 dates.” you awkwardly laugh.
“Ah, I’m afraid that came out wrong. I am offering you a room in my house. It is a rather large home, two floors, there are two on the main floor, one being my room, there are 3 more upstairs, each rather spacious, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, living room…”
“Okay all right I get it. You’re asking me to move into one of the upstairs rooms because you’re lonely right? And I just so happen to be in need of a place.”
”Yes, in all basic senses.” he says nonchalantly.

“And I’ll have my own room?”
”Yes you will.”
”And you have food?”
”Yes, I would expect you to come shopping with me if you are to be living there.”
”Deal!” You clap your hands, “What’s rent?”
”Dearest you haven’t even seen the place yet.”

“I don’t really need to, it’s gonna be a roof over my head, I just care about what it’ll cost me.”
”How about after work tomorrow, I bring you over. We have a cup of tea, and I’ll give you a tour.”
”Okay fine. You just want another excuse to drive me around and talk to me though, don’t you.” you smirk.
“Partially, I’ll admit.” he sheepishly says, “All that aside, I think you should start packing, in the meantime, I will bid your farewell, “ He leans over and kisses your cheek, “I hope you have the best rest, and do avoid confrontation. I can see your mother staring out the living room window.” Your head snaps to the side.
Shit.” you mutter, grabbing your phone, “Thanks for the coffee and ride Gas’, it’ appreciated.”
”Anytime.” He says just before you close the door.


“Hi mom, what’s up?” you ask as you step in the doorway.
“Your father isn’t here right now and I need you to tell me something.” she says hurriedly, looking back out the window before walking up to you.
“Uh.. yeah shoot?”
“Do you have a place to stay? A ride? Or do I have to drop you off at a shelter.”
”Mom, relax. I’m going with Gaster tomorrow, he has a spare room in his home; and before you get any ideas it’s a large home and I’ll be on the second floor while he’s on the first.” you smile at her.
“Oh thank goodness. Because there’s no apartments near here or your work with reasonable rent.” she sighs, clutching her chest.
”You weren’t really hurt or angry this morning were you? You just put a show on for dad.” you ask, taking your shoes off, then sliding your jacket off and hanging it up.
“Yes, I’m sorry.” she says as you step around her to the living room.
“It’s okay. I had a feeling.” You walk up to Phillip and stroke his neck, “I’m also glad I went to work today. There was this thing where Gaster got all employees to come in, publicly shamed Crissy and the other employees that were there on Tuesday, it was wild.” You chuckle as Phillip coo’s, “I also have a feeling I won’t be able to bring Phillip. You think dad would be okay with me coming to visit once a week? Phillip’s gonna have a hard time if I don’t.”
”I’ll talk to him, I’m pretty sure that can be arranged.”
”Great! Thanks momma. I gotta go pack. Love you.” You walk up to her, give her a hug and kiss her cheek.

“Love you too.” you hear her say as you run up the stairs.


It’s about 7’Oclock and you’re packing clothes into a box, when your phone buzzes with a text message: ‘Hey, can you talk?’ -Alph

Unlocking the phone you open the text and reply, ‘yea sure. wassup?'

‘Okay so you know how I said we were so close to a big breakthrough?’
’Yeah yeah’ you reply, sitting on your bed.

‘Well, I faxed the data to my supervisor, or boss. Idk what to call him, he lives in the same city as you tho. But anyway, and he just called me saying that the formula was genius and that my team should go ahead with it.’

‘oml that’s fanTASTIC’ you text smiling, then quickly reply, ‘you’s so smart :3c’

‘ik ^.^'

‘okay, so wanna hear what happened to me today?’

‘sure, shoot.’

’my dad told me I have till Monday to get out, all because my boyfriend came to see me at 3O’clock in the morning bc some shiz happened at work involving him and I and he had been kinda ignoring me for 3 days after it? And then I went to coffee with him today and we talked and then he asked me to move in with him, into one of his upstairs room. And idk if I should take it or not? I mean, it’s a roof over my head and food on my plate so don’t look a gift horse in the mouth right?’

‘wait, you’re datIN G SOM E ON E!!!?!?!’

‘ofc that’s the first thing you reply about, but yeah first date was Sunday, second today, and I guess tomorrows gonna be third?” you chuckle to yourself as you wait for her message to pop up.

‘yeah sorry, but cool! Wait, is he the reason you asked me about souls?’

‘yeah sorry, I had done something that ended up somehow affecting his soul? But that’s where he asked me out to dinner from so I guess it was a good thing it happened?’

‘lmaooo. Welcome to the monster side ^.^’ You laugh, replying

‘He’s really sweet. Great to talk to, funny too. Very punny and someone I can match wits with… at least with words, lmao’

‘so he’s a smarty pants’

‘yeah, one of the therapists at the office’

‘:o scandalous’ she replies.

‘harhar very funny, it actually started with him asking me to be part of a project he’s working on, an assistant really. He’s also gonna pay for uni for me so he got bank$$’

‘oooo a sugardaddy’

‘ALPHYS/).(\’ you throw your phone onto your bed and groan, but once it buzzes you immediately pick it back up, Seeing it’s not Alphys but Gaster texting you surprises you. Once you open the message centre you read his text:
If after tomorrow you decide to move in, you’ll have most of Monday to your self, keep in mind you have Monday off this week. I have some business to attend to out of town, and will be back by the late evening. I hope you have a good evening and are packing, Cheers.’

“Oh my God he writes like it’s an email.” you mutter as you reply:
’Okie dokie. Thanks for the heads up!’ and you send it, going back to check on your texts with Alphys:

(Y/N) found a sugardaddy~’

‘Noooo! Alph it’s nothing like thaaat’ you groan again, she was gonna tease you relentlessly now.


After all text conversations were said and done, you look at you phone and see 9 o’clock on the screen, “Well shit. Maybe I should eat something.” you say as you stand from your bed. You walk out your door and open it, heading to the kitchen, “Dad gone to bed?” You say peeking around the corner into the dinning room.


“Great. I’m gonna make a PBJ Sandwich and then go hide in my room some more.” you grab out a sandwich platter and some bread, “So, Ma.” you start buttering your bread, “When are you divorcing dad? You been saying you’re gonna do it for years. Couples counseling didn’t work, family therapy fell flat, y’all just fought on your trip to Niagra.”
“It’s not so simple like that.” she says in a soft voice.
”I know, you love him and he’s your husband of 25+ years. The ‘till death do us part’ thing hits home for a lot of people.” you turn and look at her, “I’ve watched enough Forensic Files to piece together a near perfect murder, if you want.” and she just gives you the Mom Look, “That’s what I was looking for, cheer up yeah?” you place the top on your sandwich, “The more downhill this goes for me the more ammunition you got, there’s that positive.”
”But I still wish you didn’t have to move out.” she says sadly, pouting a little. You walk over and give her a hug.
”I’m sure most things will be okay Momma.” neither of you knew what most entailed, or what few might be, so you sat in silence eating a sandwich, then headed off to sleep.

Chapter Text

You awake to the faint sound of chirping birds outside your window. As you slowly slip into consciousness you feel the kink in your neck as you slowly lift your head and open your eyes. ‘shit I fell asleep on the floor’ you take a deep inhale, steadying yourself as you push up off the floor. Looking around disorientated at your surroundings, you vaguely remember what today was and mentally curse yourself. Looking around veraciously for your phone, you find it perched on top of a box. Staring at the all-too-bright screen you’re able to tell the time, and then panic sets in “I’M GONNA BE LATE FOR WORK!” you yell, springing up from the floor and finding clean clothes. After finding your clothes you put them on hurriedly then grab your phone, almost dropping it as you rush out your door. Running down the stairs, it escapes your mind to even glance in the kitchen, forgoing food or caffeine, you had no time for such luxuries as you grab your wallet and keys from the front area, slinging on a heavy jacket for good measure. You open your phone and tap the phone app, long pressing 3 you place the phone to your ear and wait for a voice.

“Op-Co taxi, name and address?” a bored voice drones.

“Y/N and my address is 14114 55th street.” you open the door and close it forcefully behind you, locking it with a turn of the key.

“The taxi will arrive immediately to 10 minutes.”

“Thank you.” you hang up and tap your foot impatiently. It was raining pretty heavy and you suspected by lunch there would be at least an inch of rain, maybe more. You rub your hands together in an attempt to warm up. The taxi comes later than you thought -- 15 minutes instead. And you walk up to it and open the back door and sit down.

‘Morning! Where you going his morning?” the cab driver asks.

“11167 113th ave North Medical and Health Centre, kinda behind a mall.” you click your seat belt in as the driver punches in the address. The car then starts driving.


As you pull into the parking lot you get a 20 dollar bill and a 5 out, handing them to the driver, “Keep the change.” you open your door and walk briskly to the clinic doors. Opening it you’re met with the warmth of the office and you breathe out relieved. You look to the clock on the wall and all the relief you felt floods out of you. You’re 10 minutes late, and there are already people in the waiting room. Quickly slinking off to the back you discard your heavy coat and place your wallet in your locker, then close it. You put your keys around your neck and turn to the door to go sit at the desk. To be met with Dr Nixon’s face. “Ah, goodmorningsir!” you slur your words nervously.

“Y/N, you’re late.” he grabs a coffee pod and places it the machine, “Just because a certain other Doctor fancy’s you, does not mean you have a right to be tardy.”

“Yes sir, understood sir.” you nod, sliding out of the door. You walk to the desk and take your spot for the day: on the medical side instead of the mental health side. You saw that Meggy was working your usual side, today was gonna be a long day of answering questions and watching people get asked ‘have you checked in?’




It’s your lunch hour, so you sign out of the computer and leave the pen. Heading to the break room, once inside you see a couple of the nurses grabbing some coffee, or chatting while waiting for the microwave. You move past them to the coat room and grab your wallet. You’d been in a rush that morning and forgotten breakfast, or even to grab something for lunch. So you knew you had time to go to the mall, grab something from the food court, and run back to the office. With that, you get up and leave the ‘bullpen’, walking to the back room to grab your wallet and phone. As you turn to leave the door opens and Crissy walks in, “Oh, Hey Y/N. Great I didn’t miss you.”

“Miss me?” you ask.

“Yeah, hey so I was wondering… could I join you for lunch? I want to apologize for what happened.”

“Apology accepted, I’d like to go eat now. Bye.” You rush past her and out of the waiting area.

“Hey! Hold up!” you groan and roll your eyes, “Please? I feel really sorry. I’ll even buy you a coffee.”

“Look, Crissy. I forgive you. I want to put this behind me, please? Now I really need to go, I’m starving.” you start walking, but she keeps following, and just as you’re about to turn around she speaks up.

“It’s my lunch break too.” and you walk the rest of the way in silence.


Once at the food court, you go to your favourite vendor and order. While waiting in line you notice Crissy at the next vendor over. Not weird, obviously. She’s allowed to get whatever she wants, you scoff, then turn to grab your food. Walking to a long high table by the Tims, you grab your phone and text Gaster


[Hey, you want me to grab you a coffee? I’m at the mall, came into work late and forgot lunch this morning]


Then you close the messaging app and open a mindless time waster. While taking a bite of your food you look up to see Crissy sitting a couple chairs away. You decide to ignore it. Then she starts shifting in her seat and tapping the table. You’re getting annoyed, she hasn’t even started her food, what is she- oh. You swallow a bite then turn to her, “Crissy, please stop that, it’s annoying. You can sit next to me. Just don’t apologize, ask me about, or comment on the things that happened. Okay?”

“Oh, well okay.” She pushes her food closer and gets out of her chair, moving to the next. After several minutes of time wasting and eating you get a response from Gaster


[I would not mind a black triple with a shot of vanilla. Thank you for asking. Additionally, are you still available after work?]

[yea I think so?]


A minute later, he responds


[Splendid! Also, Nixon says to bring him a double-double to “apologize” for your tardiness.]


You audibly scoff, Crissy looks over at you, “Nixon wants a Double Double because I was late getting to work, prick.” Crissy chuckles.

“No one likes him, even the people that work in his department. He got really bitter when Gaster came in and basically took his job.”

“What?” you look at her.

“Oh Yeah. Previous guy that ran the clinic retired, he had some kind of a tumour or something. Anyway, they both had to make a project plan, and apparently, Doctor Gasters was better.”

“I didn’t know that.” you look down at your drink.

“Yeah, pretty dramatic. They may seem buddy-buddy, but Nixon is pissed. Personally, I think Doctor Gaster just plays along.”

He’s too kind to see he hurt him…’ you think to yourself

“It saves him the at work stress in his life. He had enough to deal with after the integration of monster kind into humankind, with no other monster remembering him and no one knowing what to--” She continues on as you think to yourself.

No one remembers him? Is that why patients come in and can’t think of his name? But that would have to mean that he is unmemorable, but I know him, and all the staff know him…

“-- he meets you and life gets better for him, but then the whole picture thing happened, and he almost has his career ruined. It’s been a real mess for him.”

”Is that so?” you muse, making a mental note to ask Gaster about that. You look at the time on your phone, “I should head to pick up Gaster and Nixon’s coffee’s, I hope they pay me back.”


Later, when the two of you arrived back at the office, you head straight to Nixon’s office and knock, “Doctor, it’s Y/N. I have your coffee.” he opens the office door a crack, “Sorry, did I interrupt a consult?”

“No! Not at all! Thank you.” he closes his door and you turn away, remembering what Crissy said. You head to the break room and place Gasters on the counter then leave and head back to work.


After work you log out of the computer and head to the back room to grab your stuff, then you sit and wait for Gaster in the waiting room by the door, it got colder since you came back from lunch, and now it’s raining. You look out the window, seeing the streetlights come on early, the lights blurring as they are obscured partially by the water droplets, “Are you ready to go?” Gaster’s dual-toned voice says behind you, everyone else having left already, you stand up and sigh.

“Yep.” he leads out of the door, holding it open. You follow through and thank him, walking to his car. You’re so tired and sore, and your mind is swirling you just want sleep. You feel a hand catch your arm and Gaster speaks, “Careful, you almost tripped over the barricade.” you look to your feet to see you’re inches from the yellow painted concrete.

“Hmm, thanks.” you mumble, stepping over it and opening your car door, you sit down inside and are about to pull the door closed, but Gaster beats you to it. He walks around the back of the vehicle, to his side of the car and opens the door, sitting down. He doesn’t put the keys in the ignition or his seat belt on, “What’s wrong G?”

“I was thinking to ask you a similar question.” he turns to you with a smile, “I know this is quite sudden, and if you’re not one-hundred per cent okay with going I can drive you home instead.”

“I just..” you sigh, throwing your hands up and letting them fall into your lap, the tears threatening to break, “If I wasn’t being kicked out things would be easier. Didn’t think this would be easy, obviously, and I really appreciate you offering me the spare room at your place.” He’s looking at you, watching your face become slightly less put together, “I’m just, I have things packed for the most part.” You sniffle, voice breaking and he places a hand on your knee, reassuring you to continue, “I just don’t think I’ll be able to get a moving thing in time, like I’ve looked and they all need a weeks notice-” you have tears streaking down your face, “My parents haven’t offered to help with moving and I have NO friends in the city to help me. I’m so lost, I’m stressed, I don’t know what to do.” You bury your head into his arm, leaning uncomfortably across the middle compartment, you feel your tears immediately soaking his thin knit turtleneck, the hand on your knee squeezes a little tighter, like an attempt at a hug.

“Your fears are reasonable, and anyone would be stressed if they were only given a few days notice.” His voice, sombre and soothing, resonates in your ears, “It’s natural, and it’s okay to feel this way. I don’t want to, whats the term… fill your mouth? But I would even say you are justifiably angry.” His opposite hand comes across his body and curls around your shoulder, “And as to how you will move things, I will assist you.” you look up from his shoulder, he kindly gives you a toothy grin.

“Won’t that take a few trips though?” you ask, sitting back up and wiping your eyes.

“By no means, why, I think we would be able to move everything in under 30 minutes.”

“You’re shitting me.”

“It is not only myself that I can teleport my dear.” he finally puts his seat belt on and starts the car, looking over his shoulder as he backs out, “Objects are also part of my capabilities, as long as some part of myself is touching them.”

“Oh, that’s cool. Does that include your apparitions?” you ask, genuinely curious now.

“Yes! That is actually my preferred method.” he turns out onto the street, “A quick change in subject, but if you would like, you can connect your device and play music…” he stops at a light, the bumping of the windshield wipers being the only sound, “I like your taste in music.” he confesses.

“Um sure, do you have a universal USB at your place? I’ll need to charge.” you plug your phone in.

“I do. Feel free to play whatever you like.” the light changes and the two of you keep driving, music in the background.


About 10 minutes later you become bored with your music on shuffle, so you start skipping and scrolling through your music, “Irritated?” Gaster asks you, and you shrug your shoulders, continuing to swipe away the album covers.

“Yeah, I don’t know what I’m in the mood for.” you stop on a song, a synth fade catching your attention “Oh snap this song is a bop.”


‘I walked you to your door, a hundred nights before. And I walked you to, the end of the world’


You tap your fingers on your phone along to the beat,

‘Cause I’ve fallen into love. It’s heavens wonder drug. I’m addicted, and only you can fix me cuz’


You mumble the chorus under your breath,

‘I’m gonna love you til the sun burns out, love ya til the sun burns out. And I chase away your clouds, love ya til the sun burns out’


You start bobbing along to the progressively faster beat,

‘Wanna hold ya til the moon shuts down, feel the stars they’re on the ground. Til the end of time is found’


The beat stops and you stop moving with it,

Love ya til the sun, burns out~


You proceed to hum the vocalizations, bobbing your head again.

“I take it this is a familiar song to you?” Gaster asks, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel to the beat.

“Hmm, kinda I guess. I have a very vague recollection of hearing it as a nightcore on YouTube as a kid, maybe in an AMV or two.”

“What is a… nightcore? Follow up, what does AMV stand for?”

“Nightcore was like… a sped up higher pitched version of a song, if you were really lucky you’d find a version that was audio enhanced. And an AMV stands for “Anime Music video”. People would take photos, videos, even fan art and put it to music, sometimes even tonight core music. Pre 2010 was a much simpler time.”

“Fascinating. It was a much harder time for monster kind, that would have been only a few short years after our release from the underground.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize that. I guess I did get monster classmates during junior high, so that makes sense.” the rest of the car ride is spent in an air of awkwardness, just music playing in the background.




“Ah, there, up ahead. See the stop sign? I’m just up past it.” he summons a floating hand to point out the turn in about 20 meters past the stop sign. As he slows the vehicle you take in the fencing just before the ravine, the trees bordering it, and the smoothly paved asphalt on the turn in.

“Hold up, aren’t most things like this not paved?” you ask as he turns onto the little roadway.

“I paid to have it done, makes my life easier. I did have gravel but that lasted one winter before it became completely mud, waste of my time. So I got it paved this summer.” he shrugs, pulling down his visor and clicking a little white button as you go around the bend. You decide to look ahead instead of at him, and you’re shocked. Here you thought acreage houses where kinda small, but no. This was an extremely elegant house. Large windows, big front porch, the large garage that you were driving into.

Holy shit.” you whisper under your breath as he pulls in and look you out your side window, seeing another car parked in the garage.

“My dear, this is just the garage.” he says, unbuckling himself.

“I didn’t know there was an inside? I thought you lived in the garage.” you joke, opening your door and stepping out.

“Hilarious. Does that fit on the shelf with your Blaster Caster joke or is that in the cupboard?” he steps out and closes his door as well.

“Someone is salty tonight. Gotta lighten up a tad there Gaster.” you walk around the other car as you say this.

“I’m not salty? How does one get salty? I know humans release excess salt through their pores and eyes, but what does that have to do with me being salty?” for a moment you thought he was joking, but the actual look of confusion on his face tells otherwise

“You take everything literally, ugh I’ll have to explain things to you, another time though. I kinda wanna look at this sexy thing, I’ll see your house after.” you gesture to the car as you walk behind it, “Infinity Q60.” you read out loud, “Seems nice.”

“A luxury car for long drives, but also to fit in socially among certain peers.” you walk around to peer inside at the interior.

“Leather seats? Red leather seats? Now that’s the peanut butter to my jelly.”

“I am not even going to pretend to understand that expression. Shall we continue with the tour? Hit the button there please.” he gestures to the button on the wall next to the luxury sports car. He reaches into the back of his impala and grabs two binders, “Feel free to go on ahead, the door should be unlocked.” you walk up a couple steps as the garage door closes and you open the heavy door. It pops open and you immediately hear a ‘thud’ then ‘pap pap pap’ as something comes down the hallway. As you step up into the home, you see a short tortoiseshell cat with a cropped tail turn the corner, it immediately stops and hisses, going into a defensive stance. Not that you’re afraid of cats, you were just spooked by the sudden reaction, which caused you to yelp slightly and stumble back into Gaster, “So you have met Minx, my apologies. I should have warned you of my pets before telling you to go inside.” his hands brace your shoulders, helping you back up. You move aside as he steps in

“No it’s no problem.” the cat is still standing defensively, blocking the only exit from the entrance/laundry room, “It just spooked me is all.” you watch Gaster walk past you, crouch down and scoop the cat up, standing again while holding it in his arms.

“We talked about this Minx. Daddy said he would have a guest over tonight. You need to behave.” while your heart is melting at the sight, you do not expect the cat to let out the most garbled screaming meow possible, “Yes, yes. I am aware, thank you. I will feed you in a while.” he bends over, placing the cat on the ground, “Run along now. Go find your brother.” the cat looks back at you, and without another sound stalks away around the corner.

“You are so adorable?” you look to Gaster, he turns around to look at you, a slight tone on his cheeks.

“Aehehe, thank you. That was Minx, she was a rescue. Never particularly fond of people, but she does warm up eventually. You’ll probably see bastard some time while we are here.”

“I’m sorry, who?” you ask, taking your shoes off while Gaster does the same.

“My other cat, he is a mighty grump, but surprisingly affectionate when he wants it.”

“Okay, but why is his name bastard?”

“Oh, that’s just his nickname, he responds to it better than his actual name, though. I suspect he was slightly abused before I got him. But he’s too old now for much of a care.” he places his shoes on the small rack provided by the door, “Please place your shoes here then follow me. Are you hungry? We can start in the kitchen if you wish?”

“Oof I didn’t eat much today, I’m starving.” you place your shoes on the rack, then follow behind Gaster. As you turn down the hall you see a small room to your right directly next to the stairs going up, “What’s this?” you ask, poking your head inside, you see a large cat condo in the centre of the room, different shelving units by the large open window, and a couple of litter boxes.

“The “Enrichment” room. Although I do allow them free range of my home, they are always welcomed to come in here if they do not wish to be in the public space. Also when I have gatherings I put them in here, for their sake and for my guests' sake.”

“Makes sense.” you turn back around into the hall and continue. After passing the dual steps, you look to your left and see the lounge, to your right the kitchen.

“Open concept was highly recommended to me when I was building the house. So naturally, I didn’t listen and decided on an open kitchen and recluse lounge. The table-” he gestures to the round table in the centre of the kitchen, “-can be extended from the size it is now, to twice the size, it can also be made more lengthily if need be.”

“Oh wow. That must have been a chance find.”

“It was custom made.”

HUH?” you look at him questioningly, face in awe, “So you built this house from the ground up, and also have custom furniture? Damn dude this house is too fancy.” you put your hands up and scoff in disbelief.

“There is more yet to see my dear.” he walks into the kitchen, placing the binders on the table, then walks up to the fridge and touches the black rectangle, it comes to life and beeps, “What would you like for dinner?” he asks, scrolling through a list of items.

“I-is that a smart fridge?” you ask, timidly coming into the kitchen.

“Yes, and I input the inventory every time I go shopping. It assists with remembering what I have and when it needs to be used.”

“Pfft you saw my fridge, short enough I have to bend over to look inside, but this!” you walk up to stand next to him, “I’d be able to see everything.”

“Must be a new experience, for someone of your… stature.” Gaster teases, your hand goes over your heart.

“Oh, how you wound me so!” a deep chuckle rumbles from within him.

“I have Bell Peppers, Spinach, Zucchini, I think an onion in the lower pantry, I have some pasta in there as well.” he lists off, “Roasted vegetables over noodles? I am not sure if you are inclined to sauce-”

“Honestly at this point, I would eat 2 packets of ramen noodles whole. So whatever you wanna make sounds good, I’m surprised you even know how to cook, didn’t you say you really didn’t need to eat?”

“Having it as a skill is good for business, and for anyone I may… fancy.” he looks to you while opening the fridge for the first time, you see it’s organized, but not crowded, “It also concerns me that you would eat instant noodles whole, do you not need to chew to digest?”

“Hey, you’re being literal again.” he grabs out the bell peppers and zucchini.

“Oh, that was a figure of speech.” he places the food on the counter and turns to you, seeing you still holding your coat, “Oh heavens I did not show you where to hang your coat!” he walks briskly to the front door, opening the closet directly next to it, “Allow me.” a summoned hands takes the coat gently from over your arm, flying it across the house with ease as Gaster holds the hanger out. Putting it on and putting it in the closet, he then takes off his own impossibly black one and hangs it. He closes the close then walks back over in roughly 7 steps, and you’re in such awe over the last 20 seconds you haven’t moved, “Shall we get to business?” he asks, bending over to be face level with you, his hands behind his back.

“Ah, hnng sure?” you place your phone on the table, “What can I do to help?” you walk to the sink and start washing your hands.

“The Onion and Oil are in the lower pantry next to the fridge if you would please grab them out?” Gaster says, handing you the towel that was hanging on the oven handle.

“Thanks, and sure.” you walk over, bend down and see a squarish bottle, a metal nozzle coming out of it with a black stopper on the end, “Olive oil, right?”

“Yes, I do believe so. The onion should be below it, in the drawer.” you hear him taking something out, shutting a cupboard and then the ‘shing’ of a knife coming out of a holder.

“Your kitchen is extremely organized.” You comment, placing the oil and onion on the counter.

“The youngest became a chef after coming to the surface. The first time he came over he organized for two hours. He has also gotten me multiple gifts of different ‘kitchen necessities’.”

“Oh, that explains it. So… what else?” you look at the ingredients on the counter, Gaster is silent for a moment.

“I will cut the onion. I have a second knife in the holder.” he grabs it, and slices an end off, scoring the outside of the onion.

“I guess I’ll start with the zucchini.” You grab the vegetable and give it a rinse under the tap, then bring it to the free space next to Gaster, “You got another cutting board?”

“Oh, yes. In the cupboard in front of your left knee, the one with the green stripe is for vegetables.” you grab it out, place it down on the counter and put the zucchini down.

“Thirds or quarters?” you grab the knife and cut the ends off, then cut it into three smaller pieces to work with.

“Thirds. I'm cutting this onion rather large.” he tips his head, looking at his task. You look over and realize he's using his left hand.

“Hey Gast, you left-handed?” you're scoring the skin off of three points on the zucchini. Laying it on its side you cut into it and cut halfway through, then into it horizontally.

“Ambidextrous left favouring.” he starts chopping the onion, then throws the root into the trash can by the fridge, walking over to where the oven is, grabbing a baking pan out from a small cupboard. You finish chopping a third of the whole zucchini, moving onto the other two. Gaster dumps the onions on the baking sheet, then grabs the peppers and starts to chop them into slices. The two of you finish at about the same time, dumping the cut food onto the sheet, then he starts to preheat the oven - to 450.

“Whoa! Gaster that's too high!” he turns to look at you.

“Preposterous. I do this every time and it works.”

“But how hard are your veggies still? And they come out charred, don't they? You should be baking at 375, max. Get them under the broiler or something just before serving, but never that high of a temp for baking.” he stares at you, takes his hands off the stove and then reaches into his pocket.

“I will call my youngest. He should be able to answer.”

“You do that. And if I'm right then you drive me home in that sexy beast of a car you have parked in the garage.” he hesitates a moment, then smirks.

“I do not think you could handle it.” he challenges.

“I'm not a punk. I can take some gs. Call him.”


Gaster pulls his phone out of his pocket, then long holds a number, you hear the dial tone as Gaster puts the phone on speaker.


“Papyrus, it is Gaster. I had a quick question that I think you would be able to help with.”

“IS IT ABOUT RICE AGAIN? I TOLD YOU TO ONLY COOK A QUARTER OF A POT.” you cover your mouth to keep from laughing. Gaster looks embarrassed.

“Ah, er, no. I learned my lesson there. This is about roasting vegetables. Is 450 the correct temperature to cook them at?”


“How about 375?” You blurt out, Gaster's irises narrow.


“Thank you very much Papyrus!” you say excitedly


“Appreciated Papyrus. Goodbye.” Gaster hangs up. It's your turn to have a smug grin on your face.

“Looks like you owe me a ride Gaster.” you stick your tongue out slightly.

“I guess I do.” he turns the oven down to 375 and pushes start.

“Do you spice your food?” you ask, as he reaches for the oil.

“Occasionally…” he retracts his hand and a floating one brings him a basket of spices from somewhere.

“Salt, Pepper, Basil, and Thyme. We'll boil the noodles in Oregano,” you say, picking out the spices and placing them aside. The floating hand takes them back to wherever, “You a neat freak?” you ask.

“What does this have to do with-”

“Do you mind oil on your hands.” he grimaces, “I'll take that as a yes.” you go to the sink and rinse your hands off, then come back to the stove.


“Get behind me and pour the oil back and forth over the tray until I stop you.” His hand rests on your hip while he grabs the bottle and pulls the stopper off with a summoned hand. He follows your instructions, “Good, ‘s’nough.” he stops and you grab the Thyme. Sprinkling it over the whole tray, you eyeball about a half teaspoon. Doing the same with the Basil, then cracking Pepper over top, you mix them in with your hands. Gaster still hasn’t moved from behind you, he is watching, “My hands are oily, what salt did I grab out?”

“I use sea salt.”

“Great, pour the sugar on these bad boys.”

“It is sodium. The very opposite of sugar. I’ve made that mistake.”

“Gaster, you’re being overly literal, again.” you point out. He starts chuckling.

“I must stop doing that.” he sprinkles the salt over the tray. There’s a moment of hesitation before he steps away from you. You wash your hands in the sink, the oven beeps, “Shall I put it in?” he asks.

“Yeah, they’ll take like, 45 minutes to an hour. Can I see the house now?” you ask, tapping your hands against the sink to dry them.

Chapter Text

“Yes. Here.” he hands you the towel, you dry your hands then hand it back to him. “This way, I will show you upstairs first.” he leads, you follow. He gestures up the stairs and you go up first, him following behind you, “To your left is the bathroom, it’s a half bath, same with the bathroom that we passed coming into the house.”

“Wait there was a bathroom?” you ask confused.

“Yes, the door was shut and I neglected to mention it.”

“Oh okay. What about all the other rooms?”

“Bedrooms.” he states.

“Wait, all of them? There’s like 5?”

“Yes, they are guest rooms. You may choose which you would like.”

“Oh wow. Uhh…” you look down the hall. There were two on each side, and the fifth was on the adjacent side to the bathroom.

“Shall I show you the rooms?

“Sure, I guess?” he walks ahead of you to the first one,

“This one looks over the backyard, the same view as the patio through the kitchen.”

“Okay.” you walk in, there’s a bed with a bedside table, a carpet, and some curtains.

“They are all sparsely decorated, and the only difference is the view, and one room has a queen sized bed. Whichever room you would like I can move the bed out if you wish to have your own.”

“I mean, I’m due for a new mattress.” you shrug, moving to the next room, “So I might just take the mattress here.” you peak in, then walk to the window, it’s considerably darker out than when you left the office.

“This one looks over the would-be garden. If I had a thumb.”

“A green thumb.” you correct

“Yes, a green thumb.” he mumbles, “Come along, more to see.” he waits at the door for you, you only just noticed something.

“The lights are motion controlled.”

“Yes, if there’s no movement they go off in 2 minutes all the bedroom lights are programmed that way.”




The two of you view the other rooms, which took considerably longer than you thought it would. The other rooms look out towards the turnabout, and over the garage. One of them had the queen sized bed in it, but you weren’t interested. And once you get to the third room, “This is almost directly above my own room.”

“Really?” you go to the window and press your face against it to look out. You see some trees, an abandoned birds nest, and the highway just beyond the thick trees, “I like this one best.” you state, walking towards the bed and sitting on it. It’s soft, too soft, “But I may need a different mattress. Are any of the others-”

“Different? No, sadly. I can purchase a new one for you if you need it.”

“I think I’ll stick to my old mattress for now. Anyway, should we go downstairs and finish dinner?”

“Yes, I do believe we have spent a considerable amount of time up here.” he turns, leading out of the bedroom. The two of you walk downstairs and turn back to the kitchen, “I will grab the noodles, my pots are under the stove.” he walks to the pantry and grabs out a package, “Is Fusilli Lunghi Bucati an okay choice?” he asks, showing you the bag.

“Yeah, it's fine. Pasta’s pasta.” you look at the pots, “I'm grabbing the medium one.” the two of you switch items.

“The scissors are in the drawer to the left of the stove.” he starts filling the pot with water and you open the pasta, propping it on the back of the stove, you click the oven light to check the vegetables. They're cooking, you can see the juice in the tray.

“So, do I have to pay rent?” you ask, out of the blue.

“Why do you ask?”

“No reason. I'm just curious about what it's gonna cost to live out here.”

“No, I am not fond of taking money from people.” he comments, bringing the pot over and putting it on the burner.

“Huh, nice to see you’re a kind rich person, not a snobbish asshole.” you dump some oregano into the water

“I refrain from commenting.” he turns the burner on high.

“Why? Ya got some deep dark secret you’re hiding doc?”

“No. I admittedly have my faults, but I wouldn’t call them ‘deep dark secrets’. Those are buried in enough trauma to cripple a person.” he laughs dryly.

“Oof, I feel ya.” you look around awkwardly.

“Apologies for making the situation tense.” he says, turning to look at you, “I have been scrutinized in public before, but there were scripted responses. Your joking matter and over-all friendliness while asking confused me.” he immediately starts to smile kindly, “Enough on that matter. Shall I show you the lounge?”

“The living room right?” you ask, gesturing towards the area on the opposite side of the house.

“Hmm, yes. Living room.” he walks past you, “I do not ‘live’ in this room, and generally only enter when I have company.” he comments, almost to himself reassuringly. You follow behind him, A fireplace, a couch, two recliners-” he gestures around the room, “this recliner specifically is mine.” he gestures to the largest one directly next to him, “The walls are catified, so do not be concerned to see a cat on top of the bookcase or sitting on a shelf.” He walks to the window, “This overlooks the front area and front porch. A small seating area has been built into it to maximize seating potential.” you look around the whole living room again. A long leather couch, surprisingly not worn or torn with claw marks, sits directly in front of the fireplace on the adjacent wall from where you entered. What Gaster described as his recliner, was closest to the entrance way, to the left of the couch. The other recliner was closer to where you stood now, by the window. There were bookcases on either side on the fireplace, and a flat screen T.V. mounted to the wall between them and above the fireplace. Small shelves were mounted on the wall on either side of the bookcases, as well as above the couch. The long stained wood table looked antique, and as you looked down at the curled legs you just noticed the scratching posts next to each piece of furniture.

“You must have had an issue with cats clawing stuff.”

“Yes, Minx was particularly bad when I first took her in. And that, in turn, made the bastard angry.”

“Why do you keep calling him Bastard, what’s his real name.”

“Flitz,” he says, looking around, focusing on the top of the bookcases. You follow his line of sight and see the movement of a very fluffy tail inside one of the cat caves, “That would be him.” a summoned hand floats up to the cave and taps the side, the cat lets out a little ‘prumf’, “Are you mad I have a guest over? Or did you hear Minx get in trouble and decide to be aloof.” the cat turns around and you see his two-toned face, it blinks long and slow at Gaster. Gasters pupils dim and lighten in the same fashion, “You will have to get used to them my old friend. They will be staying with us.” Gaster turns to you, “I do believe the water is boiling, I will go put the noodles in. Sit down, relax. Flitz enjoys talking to people.” he pats your arm as he briskly walks out of the lounge. You walk to the left side of the couch and sit, then look up at the grumpy cat staring down at you.

“You’re a handsome boy you know. You look like you have very nice fur. I bet Gaster takes good care of you.” the cat walks out of his hide, stretches and walks to the left edge. He starts jumping down the shelves then stops at the last one. You get a good sense of how big he is, “Whoa you’re huge.” his tail flicks calmly as he watches you. He starts to lick his paw and clean his face, then jumps down and claws the scratching board that was right next to the bookcases, “Good kitty.” you can’t help but comment, seeing the long fluffy noodle stretched out.

“Y/N I have set the table-” he stops in the doorway, looking down to where the cat is scratching, “Did you coax him out?”

“No? I don’t think so. Just called him handsome and said that you take good care of him and he came down like he was showing off.”

“Prideful Bastard.” the cats' ears perk up and he turns to Gaster, walking over and rubbing against his legs. He bends over and picks the cat up, hugging it to his chest as he did with the other, “Wonder where you learned it from.” the cat just purrs in response, and your heart clenches again.


Gaster puts the cat down and brushes off his shirt. You stand up and follow him out of the living room. “I hope the seating is fine for you. I figured for ease I would set us up next to each other.” you look to see one of the binders near the closest place setting, the napkins are on the left side of the plates, “Sit down. I shall bring the food to the table.” You take up the spot closest to the fridge, watching Gaster. He grabs oven mitts and slips them on then pulls the oven open and takes out the cooking tray, “I do have to admit… These have cooked better at a lower temperature.” he places them on the stove top and closes the oven, grabbing out a serving dish and grabbing a large spoon, one of his apparitions brings him the strained noodles. He dumps the noodles into the dish, then starts to scrape the vegetables on top.


“Must be nice to have more than two hands eh?” his apparitions take the baking tray to the sink and vanish.

“It is nice, but it is also quite a focus based task.” he grabs a pot holder out and places it on the table along with the dish. He places the serving utensil in the dish and takes a seat.

“Is it?” you ask, grabbing the utensil and scooping food out.

“Yes… it is like working on a grid.” he grabs a pen from the pen holder on the table and a disposable napkin, “The point of spawning is zero-zero.” he marks the centre of the napkin, you watch, “Anytime I wish to move the hand, I must visualize what its course would be on the graph.” he draws lines out from the centre point, going left to right, up and down. He then draws an X at one point, “It becomes even more difficult when I must move it further or closer, having to use a third unit. Example:” he writes out a smaller X in the opposite field, “If the first X is my original destination, but then I need to go to the second, and the second is further than the plain to which my hand originally spawned, I would need to think of the coordinates as” he writes them out, “fifty, twenty, moved to negative fifty, negative twenty, negative five.” he marks the translation, the original course with a solid line, the second with a dotted line, “And that is only for straight lines and third dimensional translation, if I wish to account for any obstacles, choosing to not move in a straight line; or for the gravitational pull of a weighted object-”

“I’m gonna stop you there because I won’t understand anything if you keep going.” you chuckle, putting the utensil back in the dish.

“Oh, my apologies. Were you not taught this in school?” he puts the pen away.

“Yeah, I was. I get the whole x,y,z axis thing but the moment you start bringing physics into it my brain will commit self-defenestration.” you chuckle as he serves his own plate.

“That is morbid. I would love to know how you came up with that expression-”

“Don’t analyse me.”

“Yes dear.” he looks down sheepishly, finishing serving his plate.


After finishing dinner, Gaster cleans up the plates and the leftovers, refusing any help from you, so you decide to go to the cat room. Walking in you realize the walls are also catified, the easiest way to describe it is like a tree city, but for cats. They can walk on small beams, plenty of hiding spaces in the cat trees, hanging toys for stimuli, and 4 well-worn boxes in different places on the floor, two with fur filled blankets inside them. You walk around the kitty paradise and see the tortoiseshell from earlier in one of the cubbies, “Oh, hi baby.” you coo, the cats head perks up, she gives a small meow of complaint from being woken up, “Sorry about that. I know I probably spooked you earlier didn’t I.” you reach your open hand forward, she sniffs it, then lays her head back down, now staring at you, “You don’t have to like me right away. But I hope you’ll like me eventually. You’re a very pretty kitty.” you don’t make a move to pet her, just pulling your hand away slowly. Gaster comes into the room.

“Getting acquainted with Minx?” he asks. Immediately you see her head pop up and she rushes out of the hut, quickly making her way to Gaster and starts screaming, “Yes, I do suppose it is dinner time for you, isn’t it.” the cat meows back, “Fine yes, I will feed you, but you must come down yourself, spoiled cat.” he walks through, “Pardon me, dear,.” his hand touches your shoulder as he passes behind you in the tight space. He twists open a white angled container, scooping out food and placing it in one bowl, then scooping more out and putting it in the next. You watch as Minx hops down on each pedestal and then darts over tail up and starts eating, Flitz comes in a few seconds later, “They should not bother us now.”

“I would beg your cats to bother me. They are so adorable.” you compliment, walking out of the room with Gaster behind you.

“Maybe tomorrow you can. We will have the day together, there is no work.” he comments, you stop abruptly.

“Ah, what else is there to see?” you ask, looking around.

“I was going to offer, if you are up to it, to show you my room and office.” You look down the hall at the last remaining door, swallowing hard, “I understand if you would not like to, or if you feel uncomfortable-”

“Let’s see it.” you say, rather determined.

“Ah, o-okay!” he starts walking down the hall, fidgeting with his hands. He waits for you to catch up, then opens the door.

You are met immediately with a four-poster bed with royal purple curtains, a sleek black dresser, and to the left a small… sitting area? Mouth agape you walk in, taking in the single painted wall behind the bed, looking to see a small walk-in closet next to the seating area. The room smells of warm spices and expensive cologne but looks like a Gothic-Renaissance happened. You walk up to the dresser and look at the glass bottles, arranged so the taller bottles are in the back, the fatter square ones are in the front. You look in the mirror and see Gaster smirking, by admiring his room you stroked his ego, “Wait until you see the bathroom.” he walks over to the door, opening it. You turn around and quickly walk over, excitement flowing through your blood. The floor is made with real tiles, a large glass block window overlooking the same direction your bedroom upstairs looks, a giant corner bathtub, built into a rock base, and then a huge walk-in shower, including seating area and 180degree water spraying action, “I will allow you to use the bathtub in here, if you would like. Think of it as a perk of being my companion.” he comes up behind you as you process all that you’re seeing, the marble walls, the chic tiling, the view, “Maybe someday we could enjoy each others company as well~” your mind catches up just then and you reflectively jab him with your elbow.

“Shameless flirt.” your cheeks are extremely hot, good thing you’re not facing- and you turn to see the mirror and sink vanity.

“Fairly red there my dear. I dare suggest one day you may even share the shower-”

“La La LA, don’t want to hear it!” you say covering your ears and exiting the bathroom. You speed walk to the 2 chairs near the foot of the bed, a small glass top side table between them, they face each other slightly. Taking your hands off your ears, you turn around and see Gaster laughing, actual laughter. And you smile.

“Oh that was such a precious reaction.” he comes into the bedroom, clutching his stomach. He straightens himself and clears his throat, fist in front of his mouth, “I was merely teasing, Y/N. My apologies for causing you discomfort.” a small amount of amusement still leaked into his voice.

“OH buddy, I’m moving in. You’re gonna have to deal with me and it will be payback! Mark my words! I’m very difficult to live with.” you point your finger at him.

“I have probably dealt with more frustrating people, but thank you for the advanced warning.” he walks towards where you are, “Would you like to see my office now? It is just behind you.” he gestures, you nod. He walks up to the door opening it, “After you.” you walk in, the walls are lined Floor to Ceiling in books. Big books, little books, textbooks, binders, a wide variety of facts or fiction, academic books, mechanics books, science. You start walking along the edge, looking at all the titles.

“There’s… so much information here…” you’re astounded, “Like, you have engineering books, chemistry books, binders with essays and research documents!” you run a hand along them.

“Impressive, are they not?” he walks over to the credenza and leans against it, sitting on top with his hands behind him, “Eight years of collecting, research, and studies. Results in a collection akin to a library.”

“Do you have a way you organize them? ‘Cause, all these here-” you wave your hand over a set of 5 binders, “-are blue and say...” you turn your head sideways, “…’Argument Against Oedipus’?! There’s like, three full binders?” you look at him, he shrugs.

“If one can thoroughly cite sources, even provide them for others to read, it supports whatever theory you are discussing.”

“Yeah but it’s literally right next to a group of chemistry textbooks. Like, there’s no system.”

“The system is to make it look like there’s no system.” he taps the side of his head with a finger.

“Ow you hurt my brain.” you joke, turning around. You look at the desk, a sleek desktop computer is sitting on it, a small webcam clipped to the top. You walk around to face the same direction as Gaster, and also lean against the credenza, then choosing to jump up onto it, “You know, I think I might like it here.”

“And that is something to look for in a residence, yes?” he looks down at you, you up at him.

“Yeah, I think so. But sometimes you don’t have a choice.” you lean your head against his arm, a slight comfort.

“I understand what you mean.” he sighs, “I did not get a choice while we all were fleeing underground, but now, with freedom…” he places his hand on top of yours, “We are free to live where we want, there is no barrier holding us back. And that applies to you as well.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Imagine that your father was the barrier.” his voice is smooth, “He appears to have been holding you back for a long time, your mother enabling him.”

“But she did it with good intentions, to protect herself-”

“Is it still right that she throws you in harm's way while doing so?”

“No, but-”

“Everything after but is irrelevant.” he calmly states, “I witnessed the conflict. What happened was a wrong way to go about an issue.” he sighs, “You do not tell your child in anger that you oppose who they are with. And counting an Adult child for trying to defend themselves?” you feel his body shake with a laugh, “Pardon me for saying, but it is rather stupid, and a completely incorrect use of the method.”

“Yeah. He’s just become more ornery the older he gets. And like I love my mom but she’s been married to him for so long with that ‘til death do us part’ mentality.” you pick your head up off his shoulder and look at him, “They’d end up killing each other before they split.” he leans down, placing his forehead against yours.

“That shouldn’t be your concern.” he brings the other hand up, it cradles your face, “You should concern yourself with your life, your career, friends. Not a marriage that has lost its spark.” you didn’t realize tears were dropping from your eyes.

“Heh, this is like the third time I’ve cried in front of you.” you sniffle. His thumb brushes against your cheeks.

“Being vulnerable is not a bad thing.” he stands from the credenza, turning to look at you.

“Yeah, I know. It’s just so weird to be comfortable around you so fast.”

“It is my job, dearest.” you squint your eyes at him, “Ah! Not that I am intentionally getting you to open up to me!” he places his hands up in defence, “It just appears that you are more comfortable around me, and I am equating it to the fact my profession is to make people open up!” he smacks his hand against his head, “I still sound like I am manipulating you.”

“It’s okay Gast, I get the idea.” you chuckle, “Thank you, for trying to clear it up.” you yawn, covering your mouth, “Excuse me.”

“Ah, you must be tired. Would you like to go home?” he asks, extending a hand for you to take, you do.

“Yeah, I am kinda tired. But then again, I always am.” you hop off the credenza, remaining hand in hand with Gaster as the two of you walk out of the office, “Your bed’s pretty big I noticed. It’s bigger than a king, is it because…” you let the lingering question hang.

“Yes, My height makes it difficult to get a decent nights rest even on a king-sized mattress.” you follow him out of the bedroom.

“And that bed frame? A fourposter? Is that necessary or just for aesthetic-” you put up a ‘perfect’ sign with your hand, “-value?”

“What is the phrase that humans use?” he taps his chin, “Go large, get far? No. That doesn’t sound right.” the two of you walk back into the laundry area where your shoes are.

“I think you’re trying to say ‘Go big or go home’?” you suggest, squeezing his hand.

“Ah, yes! Go big or go home!” he lets go of your hand, “I will grab your coat my dear.” he walks away, around the corner. You start to put your shoes on when he comes around the corner, Minx tripping him as he walks, “I will be back, pesky feline. Then you will have your treats.” she screams up at him, he keeps attempting to not step on the animal. “Your coat.” he hands you yours, then slides his own on. He picks his own shoes up and puts them on with ease, “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes! And rather excited for that ride you owe me~” you smile wide. He grabs a different fob off the hook by the door.

“Are you sure you’re up for it?” he spins the key, you realized he hasn’t worn his gloves at all tonight.

“Sure as shit. Let’s do this!” you turn to open the door but stop, “My phone and wallet are on the table still.” a moment of silence.

“I have them.” he says, holding them out, you turn to grab them.

“Did you just teleport to get them then teleport back?”

“Yes.” he answers.

“Lazy.” you chide, turning the handle all the way and stepping out. The lights flicker on and you walk past the Impala, which seemed pretty lacklustre beside the shiny black sports car, he presses the fob and the car clicks twice. A floating hand whizzes past you to press the garage door button. You walk around and open the door, “It even smells expensive.” you comment, sitting down in the low riding car, the garage door opening behind you.

“That would be the cologne that is kept in here when I am using it for business purposes.” he climbs in, he seemed way too tall for a vehicle like this. But now that you’ve noticed the seat pushed back fairly far, the seat reclined, and him actually in the vehicle, he can fit anywhere. His hand reaches forward to press the start-up button and you hear this loud growl sound from the car.

“Oh, this kitty growls.” you feel the dash, then trail your hand to the door. He moves the vehicle into reverse, then starts backing out.

“She will purr once we are on the highway…” he turns the wheel, then puts the car into drive, using the turnabout he drives off his property, “Want to take a detour?”

“And do what?” you ask.

“See what my ‘beast’ can really do.” he presses the gas more, and you grab onto the door.

“Whoa! She accelerates fast.”

“I can go two-hundred kilometres per hour on flat highways.”

“Phew, that’s unsafe. But what a rush!” you say excitedly, most of your fatigue forgotten. He gets to the main highway, and instead of crossing on the overpass, he turns off of the overpass, going the opposite of the city.

“Detour.” he comments before you even ask. He turns his high-beams on and they are LED. You can see him do a shoulder and mirror check as he merges unto the empty highway. He turns on the radio and you get surround sound quality music coming through the speakers.

“What are you looking f-” then you see Gaster let her go. Your heart jumps into your throat as you see the digital speedometer go up to 130, then 150, then 170, and finally resting at around 190. He is blazing down the highway, and you’re gripping on for dear life, “Okay! You can stop now! Let’s drive normal!” he starts to let off the gas, you watch the speedometer go down. You’re clutching your seat, “I SAID THAT WAS UNSAFE, AND THAT IT WOULD BE A RUSH!” you shout at him, “I DIDN’T ASK YOU TO GO TWICE THE SPEED LIMIT!”

“You said you could take, and I quote ‘some gs’ my dear!” he’s laughing hysterically, and you can’t help but laugh along, “Do not fret, I was in control the whole time.” the vehicle is finally slowed to around 100km/h, which is the posted limit for this stretch.

“I mean, I’ve trusted you with my vulnerable emotions, might as well trust you with my life! Fuck!” your hand is on your heart.

“I will not do that again.”

“You better pray you don’t. Or you’ll pay.” you breath heavily, “You’ll pay, fucker.”




After more driving, listening to the radio, and some intermittent conversation. Gaster pulls up in front of your house, he puts the car in park, “So, did you enjoy yourself?” he asks, you smile ear to ear.

“Oh, tonight was amazing. The best third date I have ever been on.” You undo your seat belt.

“It was… delightful to spend time with you on a personal level.” his hand touches your knee, “What time would be convenient for you tomorrow?” he asks, you scrunch your brow.

“Umm. Around noon? I guess it’s pretty late and I’d like to sleep some, but I also need to finish putting some items together.” you shrug.

“If I message you around noon, would that work for you?”

“Yeah. I’ll hear from you tomorrow?” you reach for the door handle.

“Absolutely. “ you linger a moment, then lean over and knock your head against his. You pull away, he looks at you, his ghostly white face reflecting the streetlights. You think of the action that started the mess you’re in, and you feel bitter-sweet, “Have a good night.” Gaster says, quietly.

“Yeah,” you pull away, opening the door and stepping out, “you too.” you close the door and walk into your house, you hear Gaster drive away.

Chapter Text

Last night was great. You finished putting some clothes into bags, put the last bits of personal items in some boxes you found laying around the house, and even started picking up some garbage. So when you went to bed, you thought it would be a restful sleep, but your body had decided differently. You spent most of the night tossing and turning, never feeling comfortable enough to close your eyes and stop moving, and by the time you did? Your alarm was going off. You sit up, feeling like death, body aching all over, and walk out of your bedroom to the bathroom. You splash some water on your face and grab your face wash to wash your face. Then you start brushing your teeth. Your mind wanders. You wonder what it would be like to live with Gaster. What is he like in nonprofessional spaces? When he’s not around people? You trust him enough to not hurt you or to be creepy. He also offered you a separate room, no conditions. You spit your toothpaste out, rinsing from the tap. You grab your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash from the shower, also grabbing your toothpaste, toothbrush, and face wash. Hands full you go back to your room, putting it all in an old grocery bag. Then you head to the linen closet just outside the bathroom, you grab out bath products you haven’t had the energy to use in forever, and a couple towels you knew were yours. Bringing them to your room, you put them on the bed, and look around at all of your stuff. Having no more places to put things, you decide to head downstairs just to grab your kitchen items. As you turn the corner, your dad is sitting at the table, watching something on his phone without headphones, you try to ignore him as you search for your salad bowls.


’In recent news, a local Psychologist is under scrutiny for unknown reasons. His lawyer told us this morning that he is declining all interviews, and that this is an act of terrorism. We go live to an expert.’ the video cuts there, playing some free use music, then stops.


“Your work is on the news.” you hear your dad say. You pretend to not hear him, “I just knew it was bad news. Monsters shouldn’t be in positions of power.” you put your salad kit and waffle iron on the counter, slamming it harder than you needed.
“They said the same about women, and they still say it about non-white, non-Christian people.” you turn to him, “And don’t get me started on what y’all say about the LGBT community.”
“But I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about this new race who showed up 10 years ago and demanded to be made equals, with unimaginable powers!”
“If you took more than 5 seconds to form an opinion on a person, you’d have a different one.” you turn back around and grab your mug out of the cupboard, also a fancy novelty glass, “I went to school with them, I work with them.” you put them down next to your bowls, “They aren’t different from us.”
“But they’re dangerous!” he argues.
“They’re as dangerous as my left toe.” you move to grab your cutlery.
“They’ve attacked people!”
“And humans 400 years ago trapped them under a mountain. We have documented them in a database. Every day there are dozens of attacks against monsters, there’s shit like that.” you turn and point to his phone, “If anyone’s the monster it’s us. And I’m so fucking glad to be leaving you. I literally don’t give a shit anymore.” you pick everything up, “You’re fucking manipulative, toxic, a racist, and a speciest.” you start walking out, “And I hate you!” you yell back. Bringing everything into your room, you drop it on your bed, picking your phone up immediately.

[are you okay? I heard the news off my dad's phone.]

You watch the screen for a while. Then switch to chrome and start to look up the news. You find the CBC article and tap it. It’s short and simple and doesn’t say much more than the video. It does, however, mention a name and your heart starts pounding. It is about Gaster. What happened to him? Are things okay? You look at the time, you’ve been awake since the previous day, you aren’t thinking straight. You need to calm down you need to- and your thumb presses the call button. Before you can end it, Gaster answers.


Gaster is sitting in his lawyers' office, he stepped out for a minute to answer another interview request. As he is attempting to relax and recline in the too small for him chair, his phone starts going off. He has been told to not answer or look at it. As it had been buzzing all morning. But he always looked at the Caller ID, in case it was an emergency, or a patient calling him. He flips the phone up and sees it’s Y/N calling, he immediately swipes and puts it on speaker, “Yes Y/N?”

’Oh my god Gaster you’re okay. I heard the news off my dad's phone this morning I-’ they hiccup, ’-I was scared. How did the news pick this up where did it come from-’
“Slow down, breathe.” he reminds them, “I am fine. The news is using a generalized term of terrorism. There was no physical threat.” hearing their voice, even if it is broken and crying, is a comfort, “An anonymous source sent them the same image that you received, along with a tip that I was coercing you into a relationship-”
“Gaster, who are you speaking to?” Gaster turns around, seeing his lawyer walk in.
“The other individual pictured. I wish to keep their identity concealed.”
’Gaster, who’s there?’ they ask frantically on the other end of the phone.
“I am at my lawyers' office at the moment.” Gaster looks to his lawyer, “I do hope it is okay for the other victim to remain on the line.”
“I cannot guarantee they are alone and not feeding information to the news outlets.” Gaster stands.
“I will be back momentarily.”


“What do you mean-” you look behind you, and see Gaster waiting, hand outstretched.
“Trust me.” you end the call, looking up at him.
“What do you mean-”
“Please, We have not got the time. Take my hand and trust me.” you reach forward, taking his gloved hand and you immediately are launched into darkness. You feel dizzy and disoriented, you have a headache and it’s cold. But then it stops. It’s light, you see the modern design of an office and a scowling man with hard set lines on his brow. Still dizzy you stumble, holding your head. Gaster catches you.
“OF ALL THE RECKLESS THINGS YOU COULD DO-” the man behind the desk starts yelling, “-YOU BRING THEM HERE?”
“To ensure they are not leaking information to the news.” your face is still wet from tears, you feel the bile rise in your throat.
“You are the most IMPULSIVE MAN I have EVER worked with.”
“Guys…” you say weekly, eyeing the small trash can next to the desk.
“Impulsiveness is necessary in certain circumstances.”
“I don’t-” you clench Gasters arm as the man behind the desk stands.
“And in this one it was dangerous! You put them at risk, you put yourself at risk.” he gestures, “They’re at risk if they’re even seen here, or near you, or your practice!” you let go of Gasters arm and stumble to the can, vomiting into it. They both stop and look at you.
“Sorry.” you get out, before upchucking more. Gaster comes over and holds your hair out of your face, you give him a small thumbs up. You hangover for a couple seconds, not feeling like anything else is coming up you sit up, looking to the lawyer, “I’m so sorry.”
“Uhh… I’ll just…” he points to the door. Walking out briskly.

“Are you okay?” Gaster asks, stroking your hair.
“Ugh, yeah. I think I am now.” you spit into the can, “It was that fucking teleport that did it to me.” you sit back on your feet.
“I am so sorry I did not prepare you for it. I had no idea it would affect the human physiology like that.” he rubs your back.
“I don’t blame you. I blame the teleport its self, and probably the fact I didn’t sleep last night.” you clear your throat, it hurts.
“You did not sleep?” he says, partially alarmed.
“Yeah, tried to. And by the time I was tired enough my alarm was going off.” you shrug, standing, using the desk to support yourself.
“Don’t rush dear.” he’s immediately standing, hovering his hands around you.
“I’m good.” you look at the can with disgust, “At least I puked in there and not on the carpet, or you.” you chuckle, hobbling to the chair, “Man what a first impression.” you throw your head back and laugh.
“I do not see the humour in this situation.”
“I’m on the verge of breaking, I just vomited in a lawyers office, my face is still wet from crying before knowing you were okay, I don’t even know why I was crying.” you wipe your face, “And the first thing I thought after throwing my stomach contents up was that you smell nice. Unlike me, a dirty goblin.”
“Some cry when under duress.” he walks over tentatively, “It is extremely difficult to stop the body from doing a necessary function.” he places a hand on your shoulder and looks down at you, you meet his eyes, “And goblins were eradicated before we were sealed underground. You do not resemble one in the least.” you start laughing again at this.
“I feel like shit.” you say, “But somehow you’re making it better.” he shrugs.
“That’s my profession, dearest.” just then, the lawyer comes back in with a janitor. You sit upright in the chair, turning to face the janitor.
“I am so sorry-”
“Not ta worry. At least it ain’t in de carpet.” they say, picking it up, “The way this guy was talkin’, made ya sound like ya covered the place.” the janitor walks out, the door closing behind them.

“Ah-hem.” the lawyer clears his throat, “Where were we, Doctor. Before you brought her here.”
“It’s ‘Them’ you over educated goose penis.” you correct. Gaster stifles a laugh, covering his mouth. The lawyer looks at you, slack-jawed, “Close your mouth before I take your desk doohickey’s and shove them in.”
“Doctor Control your partner's tongue!” the lawyer pleads, you smirk.
“Buddy I haven’t slept. The only way I’ll shut up is if I can get a giant iced coffee with espresso and caramel syrup. Also some water, I just vomited.”
“It’s done!” he clicks a button on his desk, “Mary get one of the interns to run down to Tims and get a Large iced coffee, with espresso, and caramel syrup. Also, can you bring in some water? Hurry please.” he looks you dead in the eyes, you hear Gaster walk away, trying so damn hard not to laugh.
“My bird puts up a bigger fight. You’re a puppy.” you comment, crossing your legs, “Whining and rolling over at the slightest inconvenience~” you see your foot, “Look at that, no shoes. Wild” you stand up, “I’m gonna sit over there-” you point to the couches, “-and scroll on my phone until my coffee gets here.” you walk over, then flop on them. Opening your phone. Surprisingly there’s free Wi-Fi nearby. You connect but decide to go to your texting app first. You find Alphys’ contact and start texting.


The nice assistant brought you your water immediately, and you gulped it down greedily. It was a bit of a wait for the coffee, but when it came you thanked the intern generously, and they were on their way. You had heard bits and pieces of Gaster and the lawyers' conversation but didn’t pay much mind, until Gaster called you.
“Y/N, can you come here please.”
“Coffee.” You say, raising your cup, you’re still scrolling on your phone. You feel the coffee wretched from your grip, to see Gasters floating hand holding it above you.
“Come and get it.” he says, moving the hand closer to him, he takes it in his own hand and the apparition disappears.
“Wet noodle.” you say, getting up. Trudging over and taking your coffee from him, “What do you want weasel nose.” You look at the lawyer, taking a sip of your coffee.
“As hard as this is to say, It is in my clients best interests-”
“To your benefit as well, dear.” Gaster fits in.
“-that for the time being you cease working at his practice.” you cough on the coffee.
“Umm. So I quit or do I get fired. Because getting fired for propaganda don’t look good on a resume.” you point the cup to both of them.
“It would be more of an extended leave of absence.” Gaster explains, “Until things are… Settled.”
“Oof, I don’t get paid for those, I remember.” you tap your head with the straw, “No thank you, next option.”
“Please, this is the option that would benefit-”
“The person with money!” you say sounding shocked, “Nah son I ain’t got a stacked account. What’s another option.”
“I could personally see to any financial responsibilities you have.” Gaster offers, “Online subscriptions, mobile bills, hygienic necessities. Anything that you may require.”
“Now you’re sounding like a parent Gaster.” you sigh, “I just wanna be an adult person.”
“Unfortunately, that can’t happen when there’s a danger to a client and their integrity.” the lawyer explains, your eyes snap to his.

“Want a name of someone to go after?” you put the coffee down on the corner of the desk and lean on it, “Give me a pen and paper.” the lawyer pushes them your way, you write, “There. That’s who you’re looking for, that’s his last known address, that’s his last place of employment-” you point to each item, “And this is a description of him. I gave this information to a police guy when this happened last time, I forget his name but I think Gaster knows it.” you throw the pen down and stand up.
“The distasteful one. Fredric Glascow.” Gaster says, “I believe he works at the 8th precinct.” the Lawyer jots it down.
“Then that will be all.” The lawyer says, “The doctor will cover all your expenses henceforth until this is figured out.”
“I hate it. Thank you!” you turn to Gaster, “Take me back to my room I wanna move.” He stands, then extends his hand again, “Oh no, not that shit again.” you latch onto his arm, “I’m good now.”
“Close your eyes, hold your breath, and hold on.” with a nod to the lawyer, Gaster makes the leap again. It’s not as jarring as the first one, and not breathing helped with the cold. You open your eyes and let go of Gaster's arm. You’re in your bedroom, exactly where he took you from an hour ago. Without a word, he starts making apparitions appear and the boxes disappear.
“That was wild.” you sip your coffee more, the boxes and bags are disappearing at an extremely fast rate, “So, I guess I’m not working now.”
“For the moment.” no more apparitions are in the room, he sits down, elbows on his knees, “This is exhausting.” he puts his head between his knees.
“Sorry, this all started happening-”


“It has nothing to do with you.” he snaps, “It is my fault for dragging you into this. If I had not become infatuated with you, had not started to speak with you at the drag hours.” he sighs, “Had I not become emotionally involved. This could have been averted.” you walk forward, and rub his back.
“I, for one, am glad you started talking to me in office hours. God you were so cold and scary during the interview my over emotional ass cried on the bus home.”
“Most started crying during the interview.” he looks up, a slight smile on his face.
“And then when I came out at work, letting you all know I use they/them. You actually genuinely smiled for the first time, at least it seemed more genuine and less-” you put your hands up, “-I’m a grumpy old man but I’m smiling because I need to be nice’ kinda vibe.” you sip your coffee again, “You give that vibe off a lot.”
“A form of defence, I have come to accept.”
“You just look like an ass hole eighty per cent of the time, not gonna lie.” you point out rather bluntly. Gaster stays silent.
“Was that your first impression of me?” he looks up at you, his chin resting on his hands.
“Yeah. I was told by Nixon if I was called in for a second interview, it would be with the head of the department, you.” you point, “And when I walked in, and sat down, and thought over my answers to everything you could ask. You come in, chin higher than a purebred french poodle at a dog show, sit down, absolutely massive and towering over me.” you’re gesturing wildly, “And the first thing you ask is ‘What do you expect to get out of this job?’-” you mimic his deep voice horribly, “-and honestly I couldn’t answer, you remember?”

“I do, clearly. I remember turning in the chair and saying that we were done.” he responds, a fond smile.
“Yeah, and I told you that I wanted experience in a clinic to get a sense of what it would be like to work in one since I was considering studying psychology after saving some money to go to university. Which I bullshitted by the way. Well, half bullshitted.”
“And I hired you because you had a drive and ambition. Which had been noted by Nixon.”
“I hated both of you in the beginning.” Gasters irises go wide, then contract.
“How so?”
“You had a stick up your ass, and Nixon was just… rude. You always came across as condescending and everyone agreed. But the one time I literally ran into you on my way to the copier.” you give a strained smile, “I was so sure you were gonna fire me. But instead, you knelt down and helped me pick up the papers.” you shake your finger in his direction placing your coffee on the side table, “That’s when I figured out you could crack.” Gaster has a look of mild surprise, “It started with small compliments when I got into the break room and you were there, it scared me shitless at first, but I got used to it after some time.”
“You’re patient.” Gaster says as if something clicks.
“I guess, with others anyway.” you shrug, “But eventually you started complementing me back. It was more of a social experiment on my part honestly.”
“And that’s when you-”
“Came out? Yeah. It’s the only good trick I learned from my father.” you look at the closed door, “I decided I liked you enough after completing my goal, and I’d think my boss liking me mildly more than other coworkers was a good trick up my sleeve. So I opened up, got a little personal, but I’m that bitch who caught feelings.” you blink rapidly, “And here we are. Life is fucking ironic.”
“I do agree it is ironic.” he reaches out with a gloved hand, “And while I do not think using straight line persuasion is an ethical way to gain a person's favour.” you look down sheepishly, ”When used incorrectly…” he pulls you closer, encircling his arms around you, “It can affect the user more than the intended target.” your hands are on his chest, his face almost level with yours.
“Well, it was just one of many straight line persuasion tactics. It’s morally grey.”

“Manipulators train manipulators. It is as healthy a coping mechanism as my supposed demeanour towards people.”
“Acknowledging the things we do and why we do them helps us shift out of toxic patterns.” you mumble, looking him in the eyes.
“What a clever little human.” one of his hands leaves your waist and pushes some hair out of your face, “What other hidden talents do you possess.”
“I can buy groceries for two weeks for under a hundred dollars.” your slide a hand up to his shoulder, “I learned to read at three.” the other hand slides up behind his neck, “And I know how to tell a man what to do.” you scratch the back of his neck near the base of his head, you can hear a small static buzz come from him.
“And what do you have in mind~” you lean forward pressing your head against his.
“Start moving my stuff since I can’t.” his eyes constrict, “Thank you.” you kiss where his nose should be and grab your coffee off the side table.
“Manipulator.” you give him a wicked smile.
“Don’t worry. The quicker this is done the quicker you can get me home.” you take a sip of coffee, “Mm, I can call it home right?” apparitions start appearing and touching the last of your personal items.
“You may call it what you wish.” he stands, pulling his gloves tighter, “These items on the bed are they…”
“To go? Yeah. Just… I had no more spare boxes or bags so-” you gesture between the grocery bag full of hygiene products, the kitchen things, and the bath time tin, “-their final place of rest is there. ” you watch as the remaining bags disappear.
“If there are any final goodbyes you wish to make, go do so now. I will be at your front door in 5 minutes.” he says, touching his leg to the bed and disappearing, it along with him.


You look around your room, barren and dusty, bits of garbage and paper still on the floor. You don’t care that they stay there. So you turn around and walk out of your room and downstairs, into the living room to see Phillip sitting on top of his enclosure, gnawing on a toy, “Hey pretty boy.” he looks at you, still chewing his toy, “I’m gonna be leaving soon.” he stops, and walks closer to you. You stroke the side of his face.

“Are you now?” you hear your father say.
“Yes. The last of my stuff is getting moved. I’ll be gone in less than 5 minutes.” you say as Phillip tries to reach for the straw of your almost empty drink. You pull it away.
“Why haven’t I seen stuff coming downstairs?” you roll your eyes, neglecting to answer, “It’s not that monster is it? Using his magical voodoo.”
“Ya, it is. He’s been upstairs with me for the past fifteen minutes, and I was at his lawyers' office for an hour before that.”
“His lawyers?” you can hear your mom say from the kitchen, you stop petting Phillip and turn around, she’s drying her hands on a towel.
“Yeah. Legal issues, top-secret hush-hush.” you put your finger over your mouth.
“Is this about the news?” your dad says, almost accusingly.
“No it was about pancakes- of fucking course it was the news!” you throw your arms up, walking forward, “A Big Name, A Public Figure, Juicy Gossip. Hell, I don’t know what happened.” you shake your head in disbelief, “But I’m not working for the foreseeable future which is… great!” you give an over exaggerated smile, along with a thumbs up, suddenly the doorbell rings, “Ah! That must be Doctor Gaster now!” you walk over, absolutely fuming, you open the door and are met with a police officer.

“Y/N L/N?” the familiar officer asks.
“That’s me, what do you want Col. Glascow.” you can feel your parents hovering.
“We were contacted by a mister-”
“You will cease questioning immediately.” Gasters two-toned voice says from behind the officer. He turns.
“Oh! Doctor why would you be here-”
“You were contacted by my lawyer. And I wish to keep them-” he gestures to you, “out of media. They can’t even be covered by anonymity.”
“But sir this pertains to the blackmailing attempt-”
“Circumstantially. It is the same photo. My issue has a much more pressing effect on their well being and my own reputation. Now if you will excuse me.” the Colonel, a tall man himself, steps aside for the monster who is nearly half a foot taller than him. “Are you prepared to leave?” Gaster asks you.
“Uhh, yeah. I just have to put my shoes on…” you close the door and slip your shoes on. With one last look at your parents you speak to your mom, “I’ll be in touch.” then you leave out the door, “Let’s go Gaster.” you storm past the detective, grabbing Gasters hand as you go. Gaster walks along with you. His pace easily matching yours. After a few minutes of you furiously walking, Gaster speaks up.

“Is there a secluded place-”
“Park.” you answer, looking both ways and crossing the street in the middle.
“This is reckless-”
“Don’t care, I’m tired get me home.” you say, turning to him as you get inside the park, you remain in contact.
“This is much further. You may very well get sick again.”
“Thanks for the warning, can we leave now?” Gaster hugs you.
“Don’t breathe.” You feel light-headed, and this lasts an actual full 2 seconds before you find yourself in Gaster's front lobby, by the entrance to the living room. You let go of Gaster and turn around. Your body doesn’t even wait like it had before at the office, and this time it’s immediate and painful.
“Well, that was a nice carpet.”
“Maybe don’t teleport me to a carpeted area Dingus.” you wipe your mouth.
“I do have another like it, and this can be cleaned. It should be fine.”
“Great. I need to sleep.” you place your phone on the table by the door, the light headed feeling continues as you walk forward, your vision becomes blurry and then all you see is black.

Chapter Text

'Running past a street light, it glares in your eyes then burns out. You look for a place to hide, the stores are closed, and you left the only bar nearby. A flash of white, red splatter "Blood?" you question, yet no voice is heard. The choked scream of agony, a body lays limp in the snow. It's gone.

You're in a hospital, faces you can't make out surround you, their voices coming together and screaming in your head. Then it's quiet. You see a familiar person, tall, pale face, long hands reach out to you, seemingly never getting closer. "It's your fault." is what they say. You try to reply but your mouth is shut tight. "Y/N." it calls to you, getting further, "Y/N…"'


"Y/N!" Gaster shakes them almost violently. He had been worried when they fainted earlier. So he took them to his bed since their room is… difficult to traverse. He cleaned up the slight mess they made, then decided to sit and monitor them. He had been watching them intently, occasionally looking back to his book he was reading; when they had started kicking the blanket off he had removed it. But they kept kicking and almost rolled off the bed, so he had gotten up to sit next to them. He had started to attempt to soothe them, but they just grimaced at his touch. He tried waking them up gently, but that didn't work. So he was glad his last attempt had, they jolt slightly, body relaxing. He can't see their face, their back turned to him, but he assumes they are hyper alert at the moment, "Y/N, you fainted after we arrived. Do you remember that?" Gaster asks, a calm urgency in his voice. They nod, "My apologies for bringing you to my room. Going up to your room was not doable at the moment this occurred." they start to roll over, their eyes meeting his.
"I'm-" they clear their throat, "-parched."
"I shall get you water immediately." he stands, then walks out of the room.


You stare up at the dark purple canopy, thinking about your dream. It couldn't have been a premonition, not enough detail. Was it a vent? Were you apprehensive about something? Deep down probably this move. You had also had a crazy morning, maybe your brain was trying to rationalize it. But you can't shake the feeling it meant something more. Speaking of morning, "How long did I sleep?" you ask Gaster as he comes back into the room.
"A couple hours." he hands the glass off to a floating hand, "Would you like assistance sitting up?"
"Yeah, move the pillow-" you roll over and push yourself up, he grabs the pillow, "-and prop it behind me kinda." you scoot back, mildly comfortable.
"Is that okay?" he asks, grabbing the glass again.
"Yes." you take it from him and start gulping it down greedily.
"Sips, dear. You will be quenched better." he says, sitting by your feet. You finish off the glass.
"Holy fuck that was good." you hand him the glass, a floating hand takes it and puts it on the dresser. You reach your hands up above your head and stretch, letting out a groan. You can feel him shift closer.
"Are you doing okay? I never asked if you had any medical conditions I should be aware of." he asks, placing a hand on your knee.
"Oh, I'm fine. I probably fainted because I didn't sleep and my body was stressed from vomiting, and whatever your teleporting thing is." you wave your hand dismissively, "All though… you have me thinking."
"What about?" he asks, head tilting to one side.
"I need to make a doctors appointment, get them to do a blood test for me. Also, I think I'm due for a prescription renewal."
"Whatever you need I will provide." he assures you.
"Cool, I'll call the office tomorrow. While you're off doing your thing." The two of you sit in silence, looking at each other for a while. His hand is still on your leg, you shift a little bit, making him lift his hand up and start to stand, "Hold on." you say, curling your legs around and sitting up, "Thanks. For this whole thing. Letting me live here and offering to cover my financial responsibilities." you look away, a little embarrassed, "It means a lot. Considering my… history with partners."
"As I said, my dear," he reaches an arm out and puts his hand behind your head, "Whatever you will need, I shall provide." you fling your arms out, wrapping them around his neck, giving him a hug.


The rest of the afternoon goes well. You eat some of the leftovers from dinner the previous night after you got out of Gasters bed. You then took to exploring the kitchen, learning where things are. You even found his treat stash, a lot of cookies and wafers. Even some hard and soft candies. Then you spend some time in your room, unpacking things. It appears that Gaster had put hangers in the closet for you, your dresser was also against a wall, and interestingly enough a desk had been put in. After hanging some of your clothes up, and putting some in the dresser, you find your clean sheets and start making your bed. When you're done you sit on the edge of the bed, sighing heavily.

"Knock knock." you hear Gaster at the door. You look up to see him holding two mugs in his hands and a teapot with a pot holder underneath with his floating hands.
"Oh my God you brought tea, you're a life saver." you get up, grabbing a mug from him.
"I figured it would be easier on the stomach than coffee." he places the teapot on the desk, "I wished to check up on you as well. You appear to be doing decent." he nods in your direction, taking a sip of tea.
"Yeah, it's coming along." you take a sip from the mug, "But I'm just wondering why there's a desk in here."
"I brought one from storage. I figured it would be appropriate for you to have your own personal space."
"I definitely haven't had a decent computer space in a while." you comment.
"Then this will be suitable for you? Do you need organization accessories, any shelving units?" he asks.
"Uh not right now, but eventually I might." you take another sip, but then remember something, "Mm, I do need a shelf. I have some books that have literally just been sitting in boxes for 2 years because I had nowhere to put them at my parents place." you place the mug on the desk, then turn around to a liquor box, opening it up, "It's just a bunch of old books from when I was a kid or whatever, but they have sentimental value" Gaster comes over as you pick the box up and put it on the bed.
"You must have been a voracious reader as a child." he says, admiring the neatly packed box of books.
"Oh yeah. I read Harry Potter in like 7 months or something while my friends were still doing large print, easy sentence books. I also read George R.R. Martin before he was popular for Game of Thrones."
"I have no idea what either of those refer to, or who ‘George R.R. Martin' is, but you seem proud of yourself for it." Gaster places a hand on your shoulder.
"What did you read growing up?" you turn to look at him. He smiles sadly.
"I didn't. As I was growing up conflicts between humans and Monsters had already started, I grew up uneducated and poor."
"Oh." you have no idea what to say in this situation.
"Once underground I did gain an education. And later moved on to study how to remove the barrier." he looks away, "The rest is… difficult to remember." he concludes.
"So did you like… read pretty much what you read now?"
"Most basically yes. I have memorized most of what I learned underground though, so what I read now is different information entirely."
"Oh wow. I can't even remember what the date is usually, let alone hundreds of years of information."
"A special… niche of mine, if you would. Not exactly photographic, but given enough time I will remember it flawlessly." he starts walking back to the desk, picking up his own mug and bringing it to his mouth, you follow behind and grab your own.
"That must have helped when you came to the surface."
"Yes and no. Do you wish to go down to the lounge? It would be much more comfortable there."
"Sure." you follow him out of your room and down the hall,

"So it was a good and bad thing to have a memory like that?"
"It was helpful during my schooling years. But during residency…" he turns to look back at you as he reaches the last step down, "I was seen as a show-off."
"Which you are." you point out.
"Well, yes. I enjoy showing, but I am most certainly not a show off when using my talent." you follow behind him into the living room, he places the tea on the coffee table. And sits in his recliner, you sit on the couch, curling your legs up under you.
"Well, what was it like? I mean, you don't have to answer. I've just never been close enough to a monster to ask what it was like."
"What are you referring to?" he asks.
"When you came up from the underground."
"Oh that." he taps his nail against the mug, "I suppose I can share." he lifts the teapot up with a summoned hand and pours more for himself.


"I emerged later than most others, by two years at least. I had no idea the barrier had broken until I went to go find the king. As I walked to the top I was stopped by heavily clad humans shouting in a language I did not understand. They pointed rifles at me and shoved me to the ground, I was then taken to what I later learned to be MCA Headquarters. They placed three different pieces of paper in front of me. I recognized the English one and pointed to it, the two people who had accompanied me into the room left, and a new person came in. They introduced their self but I would never remember the name. They explained they were going to need me to fill the form out, and that they would take some medical samples. I attempted to explain to the person I could draw my own blood, but soon realized I was not speaking English." he taps his mug again.
"What were you speaking?" you ask, not sure if Gaster knew another language or if it was some monster dialect. School never taught much.
"I was speaking my language. To most, monster and human alike, it sounds like… radio static and error signals." he demonstrates, you flinch, "As I said, not pleasant. It was at this point I flipped the other document over and pointed to it, pretending to write. The person handed me a pen and I explained myself. They then asked if the King would be able to identify me. I was unsure. I had no idea how many years I had been gone."
"Gone? What do you mean ‘gone'?"

"A very complicated matter that would take too long to explain. They called in the medical ‘professional', a Temmie would have been more competent, and I demonstrated I knew how to extract my own blood and provided them with the 3 vials they needed. And then the form told me to list all my abilities, a majority of which I could not remember. They also took detailed photos of my body, hands, and face. I was then given a card and told to report to authorities regularly, and that I needed to come back the next day for a Learning Assessment and for personal identification, which meant I would be seeing The King for the first time in a very long time. I spent the night in the street."
"Oh wow." you look down at your mug, "That's rough."
"It was. When I returned I was immediately led to a small room with a chair and a stack of paper. They told me to take all the time I needed." he sips his tea, "It took me half an hour."
"For an aptitude test?" you cover your mouth.
"Yes, they were quite shocked as well. It was graded and given to me before the King even arrived. His memory was vague, blessedly, and he was able to arrange for me to be housed. I soon started getting requests from all over the country to attend different institutes in multiple STEM careers. I became bored with many of them, and while hopping from institute to institute every week I learned how to speak English, which I could only previously write. I landed at UA and Grand MAC and became fascinated in the study of psychology. And here I am. Years later."
"Wow. I never knew it was so difficult after everyone came to the surface. Well, I mean, I knew it was Bad. I wasn't ignorant. I guess I was just shut in by other peoples toxic ideals." you hold your mug out for more tea, an apparition brings it to you.
"Ignorance isn't wrong, not being open to learn, or to adapt to change is." the teapot returns to the coffee table, "How about you?" he asks.

"What, me?" you look up in surprise.
"Well, yes. What was your life in school like."
"Umm, I was, and still am, an overachiever. I liked staying home to play Webkinz, NeoPets and later on other Multi-Media Online games. Then I got into collectables games, and anime, even fanfiction."
"Did you ever face issues growing up?" Gaster asks you let out a sigh.
"I was picked on in Junior high and High school. Shamed by my dad's bigoted talks, and I sought comfort with the worse man I ever met."
"Your abuser?" he asks calmly, but you see where this is going.
"Yeah, my abuser. But you have to get to know me some more or get me Really Drunk to unlock my Tragic Back Story."
"I do not mean to pry-"
"You do though, but it's not conscious." you nod your head to him, "It might just come off like that because I know you work with people, I don't know what you specialize in, but every therapist knows how to get people to talk." you stand up, placing your mug on the coffee table. You walk up to Gaster in his recliner, he places his mug to the side, a floating hand taking it to the table,

"Like manipulators know how to make people do what they want." you lean forward, bracing yourself on the armrests of the chair, your face still slightly lower than his.
"And that would entail, what exactly?" he's looking down at you, his eyes a lovely glow, you can't help but smile.
"I want to cuddle." your smile is wide and mischievous
"That sounds like a request more than a manipulative tactic."
"It's how I make people fall in love with me." you shrug your shoulders, then start to laugh at your own joke, "I'm also tired, and you seem comfortable." you only are just now realizing how big this chair actually is.
"Then feel free to do so." you can see his tongue poke out of his mouth, is he teasing you? You stand up and crawl on top of him, straddling his lap facing him. You lay your head on his shoulder, nuzzling into the fabric of his turtleneck.
"You do smell good." you feel his hands wrap around your torso, his head bumps into the side of yours affectionately.
"That would be cologne, my dear." he says, you shift in his lap, you're not comfortable. You move your legs to be on one side of him, letting them hang over the edge, His arms are still cradling you against his chest, "You are much like a child sometimes."

"I can be childlike, but I'm not childish!" you giggle, nuzzling into him.


After some time of talking with and stroking their arm and their hair, Gaster realizes that the human on his lap has fallen asleep. The resilience of the human body is fascinating. They were able to stay awake all night, endured mental strain and physical strain from their body, fainted immediately, slept for merely two hours, and then worked again for four or so hours before falling asleep on his lap. He wonders while idly stroking their hair if they had ever come to work in this condition. He would need to ask them, in the meantime he summons a hand with his phone, and opens it, "Hi Bixby, dictate." the phone beeps, "Y/N seeks comfort in physical affection, comma, and is easily put to sleep period." he takes a breath. Bixby closes. He teleports his phone back to his office. He then summons another hand to recline the chair and moves the considerably smaller human to lay in a more comfortable position, they fling their arm over him. He truly can not describe what he is feeling right now. The closest he can get is euphoria, though he would never dare say so out loud, he fears embarrassment.

He nuzzles his head into theirs slightly more, wishing he did not need to go to the factory tomorrow. He distracts himself by wondering how they have so easily bonded to him. From what he learned, they had previously been in an abusive relationship; and in his years of psychological study, people who were in abusive situations tend to have a more difficult time adjusting to non-abusive people in their life, but they had mentioned therapy. Maybe they had taken cognitive emotional behavioural therapy as a teen? They did mention that at one point. Was their relationship with their abuser during and just after high school? He had so many questions bouncing around he couldn't keep track. A theory he had read pops into his mind. It would be at this point he would go into his collection and search for the theory, but he is rather comfortable, so he tries to figure it out like a puzzle.

'If they have been abused for a part of their life learned to cope and were reintroduced to a similar situation, their body would react the same as it did then. An example is the call they received last Sunday. But alternatively, if they are put into a position the complete opposite of what they are used to, would their brain start making new neurological pathways? But they have admitted to being a manipulator, potential Sociopathic tendencies? Doubtful. They are extremely passionate. Did they learn their manipulation from their father and Abuser? Likely. Did cognitive behavioural therapy teach them that they are a manipulator? Potentially. They did mention having a previous interest in Psychology during high school but losing it during their time. Was this because of the abuser?' he is furrowing and raising his brown while thinking about this, it has him well and truly perplexed. He has never not been able to figure out someone's history, yet they keep theirs extremely guarded, 'Ah, that is what it is.' he comments to himself, 'Keeps their self guarded as a defensive mechanism. What someone does not know will not hurt them.' he chuckles slightly, "Two peas in a pod." he says out loud, their hand curls on his chest, pulling in closer to them.


The scene is tranquil but for only a moment more. As Gaster hears his loveable Minx screaming from the Cat room, which surprisingly wakes you up as well.
"Shut the cat." you manage to groan out half a sentence.
"She has probably gotten stuck on the high parts of the walls again, and is too scared to get down." he starts to get up and you whine, he stops, "You are so childlike." he starts to attempt to peel you from him, you're clinging on tightly.
"Noooo Pillow… come back." you joke as he finally manages to get you off of him, you open one eye slowly, "Rude." he smiles contently.
"I'll be back." he reassures, before walking out of the living room. You sit up slightly, the chair following with you, and you curl up in it. He comes back into the room with Minx on his shoulder, "She refused to get off."
"Methinks she only likes you to perch on." you tease, the cat meows.
"Oh. So you agree with them, do you?" he asks the cat, it just meows again, "Please get off. Your claws do hurt." he reaches up to grab the cat, it jumps off from his back to one of the shelves, "Why do I even bother." he throws his hands up in exasperation. You just giggle. He comes over to you and leans down, "My misery is entertaining, is it." his hands on either side of the recliner.
"Well, this is familiar. Except I think it was in your office. We were saying a joke." you smile vindictively, "What was it again?"
"I do not quite remember, I am an old monster, my memory is not terribly good." he leans his head against yours, "But I do remember there is something I wanted to do at that moment that I feel I now have permission to do."
"Oh? And what's that?"
"Kiss you." his tongue comes out and licks your lips, just a small part of it, the very tip. You close your eyes, reciprocating by opening your mouth. You weren't used to this, not even slightly. This is actually the first time the two of your kissed without it being for hot and bothered reasons. You open your mouth to him more, and you feel more of his tongue enter your mouth, it runs against your cheeks, and on the roof of your mouth, then starts to tangle with your own. His sharp teeth are rubbing against your lips, you bite gently on his tongue as he starts to pull it out. You feel saliva drip onto your chin as he pulls back, tongue still hanging from his mouth, it's at least six inches.
"Oh fuck that was hot. I might still be groggy from my nap but oo damn you're a good kisser." you wipe your chin off, "Messy though."
"Sometimes being messy is okay, as long as it does not interfere with technique." he manages to say with his tongue hanging out.
"Please, enlighten me." you pant, giving him a cheeky smile.
"Gladly~" his voice laced with static, making your hair stand on end, and a shiver run down your spine.


It's the evening, Gaster and you had finished your little make-out session and you were still really flustered from it. So you're now upstairs in your room, laying on your bed with a blanket wrapped around you, staring at your screen. You decide to call. The dial tone goes, and the line picks up, "H-hi Y/N! W-what are you up to?" Alphys says on the other line.

"I am currently a burrito in my bed at the moment but I really need to gush to you right now."
"O-oh! What d-d-did he do?" you can hear her squeal on the other end.
"Okay, so you remember this morning right? Well after he moved all my stuff, we got back to his house and I literally fainted. Like straight up pass right out. I woke up in his bed which was slightly awkward at first but he was really courteous about the whole thing. Then I started unpacking my room and he brought tea up and we talked for a bit then went to his living room and talked more. Then I tried being Bold because you know that's just the type of ho I am, and I asked if we could cuddle and then I fell asleep on top of him and his cat who yells woke me up. He went to go see what his cat wanted and then when he came back we um." you stop, swallowing and then chuckling, "Made out? For a good while actually. Like I normally don't like kissing but hot damn Alphy, he's good." you can hear her squeak on her side of the phone.
"Oh my god Y/N, are you flustered?"
"What! Me? No!?" your voice is high pitched, you know you're lying, and so does Alphys.
"He m-makes you flustered! N-nothing f-fazes you." she snorts on the other end.
"I know! And that's the part I'm having trouble with! I feel like I'm getting too comfortable too fast." you sigh, "But I haven't even lived here for twenty-four hours and I'm already making out with him in his living room?"
"Y-you've hooked up w-with p-p-people and been in b-bed with them after tw-twenty f-four seconds." you smile embarrassedly.
"That's different Alphys! I want a romantic relationship! He's so sweet and kind and-"
"R-rich?" she adds, you stop to think a moment before answering.
"That's a plus but that's not the only reason I'm here…"
"W-well do you h-have a romantic relationship w-with him?"
"I called him my boyfriend once while ranting about something, I don't think I've actually officially asked him yet."
"Maybe you should." Alphys points out, "I-it wouldn't h-hurt to t-try?"
"Yeah, I'll ask tonight before bed, he leaves tomorrow for a personal trip or something."


Meanwhile, Gaster is stewing in his office while looking over some documents. He has never let himself lose control before, ever. He viewed himself as a disciplined and well put together monster, but there was something about the new addition to his life that made him question his own ability. It could potentially be that there are genuine feelings developing, he wouldn't deny that. But they have only been seeing each other for less than a week, half of it he spent away from them because he truly could not control himself. Yesterday and today had been the most time he ever consecutively spent with a person since he came to the surface. It was an odd feeling he couldn't describe, his soul felt lighter with them around, even when they were distressed, they elicited emotional responses from him, which very few do, monster and human alike. He taps the pen he's holding on the black and white composite notebook, he opens the pages and looks back at his previous entries. He starts to realize when his change in behaviour, and how he thought of them, changed. He realizes he never entered last night, he had become so busy after returning home that he completely forgot. So he marked the day's date and wrote one simple sentence:


' Y/N Confuses Me.'


He hears a knock at the door, he closes the book and hastily puts it back in the drawer under his most important theories, then holds a stack of paper pretending to read it, "Yes?" the door opens and Y/N head pops in.
"Hey, I wanted to talk to you real quick." they open the door the rest of the way, "If you're not busy or anything?" he doesn't look away from the papers, he's not even reading them.
"I have some time." he keeps staring at the papers, he's hiding the blush on his face if he's being honest.
"Well I was wondering about us." he listens to them walk in, "Like, we didn't get to know each other, and just two weeks ago we were refusing to call each other anything non-professional, and now it's all nicknames. I'm just wondering if we're doing this whole thing too fast?" he drops the papers slightly, letting just his eyes peer above the paper.
"A-are you feeling pressured?" he asks, extremely concerned he made them uncomfortable earlier.
"N-no. It's just… You seem to know a lot about me, and I know so little about you. I've also never moved in with a person so fast. It's just.. so odd." they wring their hands together, the blush on Gasters face has disappeared and he lowers the papers completely, putting them back on the desk.
"Come here Y/N." he says calmly, they move towards where he sits behind the desk. Once they are close enough to him, he reaches out and cups their hands in his, "What is odd about this? Walk me through your thought process." they stare at him with A Look and he can't help but chuckle, "I'm not analyzing you. Just guiding you. I swear, dearest." after a few moments more of staring at him harshly, their face softens.
"For starters… that. The pet names. You use them so easily, I feel weird just using parts of your name."
"Does my use of pet names make you uncomfortable?"
"No… I like them. It's just weird how you use them so easily."
"Is there something specific that makes my use of pet names ‘weird' to you?" they ponder for several seconds, looking down at his hands covering theirs, then looks back up.
"The weird part is I like them." they chuckle, "If I had a dime for every name I've been called by people I've been with, I'd be able to have my own apartment. But there's just something about you calling me ‘darling' and ‘little one' that makes me feel so… sure of myself. I also hate being called little and short so you're lucky I didn't kick you the first time you used it." Gaster is unnerved by the information.
"I appreciate that you did not become violent with me." he thanks them cautiously, "What is next? Is there something else that makes you view our relationship as an oddity?"

"The way it started? I mean, we were office friends beforehand, even if I did just do it to be in your favour, but then you invited me to help you with this Art therapy project and offered to send me to school. But then you took me out and said it was for professional reasons but turned around and said it wasn't. And you're my boss or were, I don't know right now, and we're supposed to be professional partners." They bring their hands up to their face, sighing. He keeps their hands wrapped in his.
"This is an opportunity for that partnership to flourish, Y/N." he tries to assure them.
"Okay, but it just seems… unconventional I guess? Like in the span of two days we went from ‘Partners' to ‘Dating'. And I know I called you boyfriend but I was stressed and letting everything influence me, I wasn't even sure about anything after the blackmailing. And now I'm even less sure." they look to him, keeping their hands under their chin, he lets go and lets a finger trail up their jaw, the other hand resting on his desk.
"What do you want this to be?" Gaster asks them, "If you feel the relationship is too rushed, I will step back to give you your needed space-"

"You also treat me like I'll break if you say the wrong thing!" they step back from him, he is stunned by their words, "I may have gone through an abusive relationship! I may have been raised by an abuser! I may have abusive tendencies myself!" they yell, "But I'm not a fragile piece of glass!" they gesture, placing their hand over their chest, "Yeah, I'm hesitant about this relationship. I've been hurt so often by people who I thought loved me that every time someone shows interest red flags go up! My brain has been screaming because this has gone so fast it hasn't had time to raise the sails." Gaster leans back in his chair, crossing his legs at the ankles and folding his hands on his lap, interlocking his fingers, "But that doesn't mean I'm broken, OR that I need you to fix me!" their volume lowers, "I'm afraid of relationships." He smiles at their realization.
"Do you feel better?" he inquires, tipping his head to the side.
"No. I feel like shit." they place a hand on their head and the other on their hip and turns away from him to start pacing.
"Do you wish to share why?" his hands open slightly, fingers staying interlocked but thumbs pointing out, exposing what's left of his palms.
"I yelled at you because I'm mad at myself. I'm mad because I'm an immature loser-" they feel their side poked, "Hey, what the fuck?" they whip around to see him look on impassively.
"Continue on." Gaster assures them, they continue pacing.
"I'm mad because I didn't take time to think, like a dumb idiot- again?!" they look at him, he's still looking on, maybe a mild smile could be seen, but they weren't sure.
"I have not a clue what you are speaking of, (Y/N)." it's not a convincing lie.
"Stop doing it and let me speak."
"Use kinder words then." they growl under their breath after he says that. Their hands ball into fists and they remain facing him
"I am mad at myself for taking out my frustration on you, and for not realizing my hesitation to go into a relationship earlier in this conversation." he finally sits back up, a small smile on his face.
"I appreciate the apology. But someone else in this room needs one as well."
"Who the fuck else in here needs one?" they seethe, he points a finger at them.
"Yourself, of course."

"You're berating yourself for not seeing more of the picture when sometimes the mind needs to clean the lens before things come into focus." he explains, "It's not your fault for how previous relationships have affected you. Enough negative stimuli can alter or develop neurological pathways, making a person afraid of something they may not have been before, Abuse is like the Little Albert experiment. At one point you might have had no fear of affection, or commitment, just as Little Albert did not fear the white rat. But after some time, if a person who you love is making you feel negative things about yourself, you start to associate their affection with the negativity, which is what happened when the white rat was shown at the same time as a loud noise was made. Eventually, you start to perceive affection as what makes you feel negative-"
"Like when Albert would see the rat?" they finish, the idea starting to click in their head, their brow is furrowed.
"Exactly." he gestures an open hand to you and stands up, walking to the opposite wall and pulling down a book, then reaching to the shelf above it and pulling down another, "You are a voracious reader, so I think you will find these two books helpful." he walks over and hands the books to them. They look at the titles, "These books are not the law on how to deal with abuse, and should only be used as guidance." he informs them.
"Is this what you do with patients?" they ask, Gaster places a hand on top of their head.
"I work with Addiction, and in some cases, abuse is an underlying factor." he allows his hand to pet their head softly, "I assure you, I am treating you as I would a friend. Do you have any other concerns at the present moment?" they look down at the books in their hands.
"No. Thank you." they say, clutching the books to their chest.
"Not a worry my dear." they launch forward and give him a one-armed hug, leaving him barely enough time to hug them back before they scurry out of his office.

Chapter Text

You find yourself holding a glass of water in one hand, phone in the other while standing In front of the fridge and squinting at the note plastered to it. It was noon and your body had only just woken up and came downstairs. Your brain was still powering on, and it was buffering on the login screen. Taking a sip from the glass you rub your eyes again and take a closer look at the sticky note.


’Good Morning Y/N,
I hope you had a restful sleep! Flitz and Minx were fed this morning before I left, and will not need any more food until 6:30pm this evening. No matter how much they attempt to convince you! They can have treats afterward if you wish to build your affection with them. One scoop each, and 6 treats each.
I have left money on the counter by the kettle, feel free to order takeout tonight, we can do grocery shopping tomorrow. You may raid my snack cupboard, but please have self-control.
I shall be home around 11pm or Midnight, I have meetings at 11am, 2pm, and 4pm, then a mandatory dinner at 7pm, which I really do not wish to attend. Please contact me whenever you need to.

Please contact me during dinner.
I need the distraction. 


P.S, Have a good day dearest.’


You started laughing at him begging you to bug him during dinner. The poor guy mustn’t like social gatherings. You turn your head towards the kettle and see two red bills. Why the hell would he give you a hundred bucks? How much does he think take-out costs? You sit down at the kitchen table, sipping your water. You open your phone and text Gaster.

[you know you didn’t have to write out a note. you coulda texted it to me.] you send that one and then begin typing again, [also, 100 is a little excessive? I could buy two meals with that.] you sip your water, reading over the text after you send it. You finish the rest of your water, leaving the glass on the table and go upstairs. You had found your wireless speaker while unpacking a clothes bag last night, and you also needed a shower. It was show time.


Gaster thrums his gloved hand on the table, watching the presentation in front of him. He’s been watching different sales pitches since he arrived, and it has been quite boring and mentally exhausting. His phone chimes on the table next to his hand and he immediately picks it up, reading the text from Y/N.
“Uh- Doctor?” the rabbit monster says, cocking his head, “Are you paying attention?” Gaster looks up from his phone, a placid expression on his face.
“No. Not in the least. I appreciate and thank you for coming in. You may leave now.” he waves his hand at them. The monster sulks out of the room, bringing his laptop with him. Gaster replies to their text,
[Then buy two meals with it. I do not think there is much else in my kitchen to eat.] he receives an almost immediate reply.
[I literally realized that just before you sent that text. I’m an idiot.] he bows his head and shakes it.
[Speak better of yourself!]
[You’re not my therapist! :p] they reply back. He chuckles slightly, his face still not outwardly expressing emotion.
[I may not be, but I am a person who cares about you and speaking negatively can affect one's mental health. Remember to read those books today.] he sends it out, placing the phone back on the table and gathering his papers, sliding them back into a folder. He grabs his phone stuffing it into his pocket and walks out of the presentation room.


You finished taking a nice, long, hot shower and were wrapping yourself in a towel when you read his reply, “So sweet.” you comment out loud, opting to not reply back. You walk down the hall to your room and put on some sweats, and a baggy hoody, then you grab the book on top along with your phone and head downstairs. You go into the living room and try sitting in the far recliner. It’s not comfortable at all and you look at Gaster's chair. ‘He’s not home. It should be okay to sit in it.’ you reason with yourself, sitting in the chair and immediately kicking your feet up and over one of the armrests. You open your phone and open a courier service, choosing where you want to eat from and what you want to eat, then it asks if your address is correct and you freeze. You go back into the text app and start typing back to Gaster, [… what’s your address?] he doesn’t respond within the minute and you start opening and closing the app. Hoping it will make him reply.

[The numbers on the outside of the house.] his reply comes back.
[smartass, I need the street… or high way or something.] you type back. You can imagine he’s just chuckling at you.
[Range Road 227. They will need to buzz the gate, the buzzer is next to the front door. You should be able to hear it if you remain in the lounge.] you stand up from the chair and go to the front door, opening it and typing the numbers into your courier app and then the road. You input the ‘buzz the gate’ instructions and then confirm the order. Then you go back into the house and look for the buzzer, and when you find it you groan. It’s well above your head height, and you silently curse that this whole house was made for such a tall person. Walking into the kitchen, you grab a chair and drag it into the front foyer and step up onto it to read the display. It shows the mailbox and the road behind it. There are three buttons on the console, one saying ‘Mic’, the other says ‘Gate’, and the third says ‘Display’. You shrug, and jump off the chair, then head back into the living room to sit in the recliner.


After some time of reading one of the books Gaster gave you, you decide to check the courier app to see when your food would arrive. As you’re checking it you hear a very meek meow coming from the kitchen and decide to check it out. You leave your phone in the living room. Walking into the kitchen you hear the sound coming from inside the trash can, it’s just one with a spinning lid so you push one side down to see the little calico cat sitting inside, “Hello little trash goblin.” you say affectionately, the cat just looks up at you and tries to jump out, claws catching on the garbage bag and ripping it, “Okay, easy kitty, stop jumping.” you take the lid off and hold your breath, then reach your hands around the cat and pick it up, “How the hell didn’t I hear you getting in there.” you say, holding the cat in front of you at arms length, it screams in response and you place it down on the ground gently, she scurries away to under the cabinet, “Hey trash baby it’s okay.” you coo, getting down on the floor on your stomach, “I bet you were pretty spooked to see me instead of Gaster huh.” you reach a hand out, letting it sit about 5 inches away from her, she sniffs you, “I love kitties. I just wanna be your friend.” after she sniffs your hand you pull it away slowly, then stand up, “I’ll leave you down there. I need to fix the garbage.” you say, turning back to the trash can and pulling the bag out. Thankfully it wasn’t too full, so you could spin the ripped and broken part, then tie it up. You look under the sink and find kitchen sized garbage bags and put them in, “Where does Gaster put his trash?” you look out onto the porch, nothing but outside seating and a table, so you bring it to the front and open the door there, deciding to throw it to the far right of the deck you go back inside and close the door. You go to the small closet just in front of the stairs and find a mop and a bucket with a bottle of cleaner in it. You drag them out and close the utility closet, then pick them up and bring them to the kitchen. You pick the bucket up and put it in the sink, filling it with hot water and a splash of cleaner. Then set off to work.


After spending 10 minutes mopping the entire kitchen, which was filthy you’re stretching your back out when you hear a high pitched buzzing noise come from the front. You lean the mop against a counter and walk over, then stand on the chair. You see a small car with a guy in the front, you press Mic, “Hello?” you ask, the guy responds.

“Hi, it’s Rodrigo, with Skip.” he says.

“Okay.” you press the gate button and the gate starts to open, you see the car start to drive forward and you hop down, going into the kitchen to grab one of the 50 dollar bills, then back to the front door. You open the door, seeing the courier grabbing your food out from the back seat. They come up to the door, hand you your receipt as they pull your food out from their bag. You hand them the 50 as they hand you your food, “Just 10 back.” you wink.

“Oh, thank you!” the man says, fishing out the purple bill and handing it back to you. You wave and close the door. You carry the food into the kitchen, placing it on the table, then turn to grab the mop and the bucket, you dump the bucket out and wring the mop, then put them back in the utility closet. Time to eat your food.


Gaster bends over, watching the mixture in the tank, “What is the speed right now?” he asks, a speaker cracks on.
“T-twenty sir!” a technician says from up in the booth.
“Increase by Ten Percent. And add another unit of the bonding agent, this is not elastic enough.” he stands, then looks into the vat from the top, “What were the ratios?”
“3:7:2 Bonding to DT to OT.” the technician says.
“Increase the formula to 4:6 for P-011, keep OT levels stable. We need to preserve our DT supply, our volunteers have been lacking as of late. We will run analysis in forty-five minutes and compare to batch P-009.” he says, turning to leave.
“Right away sir!” the com cuts off as he exits the sterile room, taking his mask off along with the smock. He lets out a sigh, disposing of them in the bin and walking out, someone hands him a tablet and he looks at the information on the screen.
“Tell Doctor Alphys to see me in my office.” he hands the tablet back to the person, before starting to walk much faster than an average person can keep up with. He walks up the metal grit stairs two at a time, and out of the production area. Turning down the hall and past several people who move to the side immediately seeing him walk by, he opens the door to his office and immediately goes to the file holder next to his desk, pulling out a file labelled ‘P-008/009 Analysis.’ Opening it and looking over the data, something is missing and he can’t figure out what.


“Y-you want-wanted t-to sp-sp-speak with me?” he hears from the doorway.
“Yes. I do believe we both made a grave mistake.” he’s bent over the desk, looking at the folder, “When we adjusted batch Zero-Zero-Eights ratios, we failed to adjust the mixing speed, and while small quantities did congeal, neither came close to what we require.” he picks the file up, turning around to hand it to the stout dinosaur monster, “I told the technician to add another unit of the bonding agent to batch Zero-One-Zero, while increasing the speed by Ten Percent.”
“S-so much sir?” she asks, clutching the folder.
“Yes. This needs to work, Alphys.” he says sternly, “I am also lowering DT for the next batch.”
“B-but sir! S-seven mi-milligrams is the p-perfect d-dose!” Alphys argues Gaster walks back around his desk, sitting in his chair.
“I am aware. But we are low on Pure DT, and volunteers are few and far between.” he opens a drawer, pulling out a bag with hard butterscotch candy in it, “Would you like one?” he asks, offering the bag. She reaches forward and takes one, he grabs one for himself and throws the bag onto his desk, “We will mark seven units as the proper amount for a one liter batch,” he opens the candy, putting it into his mouth, “but we’ll still do an efficiency test on six units. If it is as efficient as seven units then we will make it our new standard.” he bites directly into the candy, pulling his phone out of his pocket.
“Y-yes s-sir.” she turns to leave when she reaches the door Gaster calls out.
“Oh, Alphys?” she looks at him, “Thank you. Your work is amazing, I am glad you are here to maintain the project while I am unable.” his face is void of any emotion, but Alphys knows he’s sincere.
“T-thank y-you s-sir.” she blushes, shuffling out of the office. Gaster looks down at the text message he received from Y/N,

[hey hi, how do I make the fridge stop beeping?] he notices the time stamp is within the same minute, then his phone lights up with their caller ID, he answers, putting it on speaker as a floating hand closes his door.
“Hello dear.” he answers.
“How do I stop it?!” they ask frantically, “I can’t figure it out on the tablet screen thingy, and it’s saying ‘Humidity levels low’ and I have no idea what that is.”
“Open the Freezer compartment,” he states, leaning back in his chair crossing his legs. The beeping in the background stops.
“Oh thank fuck.” they say, “Thank you, it gave me a heart attack upstairs.” he hears them breathe a sigh of relief.
“Not a problem dear.” his voice is melodic and smooth, “How has your day been?” he asks.
“I gave the courier a 40% tip, off the record. He really liked that.”
“Giving people large tips is one of the many perks I enjoy.” he chuckles.
”I also called my doctors office. Is Griesbach for nine on Thursday morning okay? I know you have work and all but it’s the soonest they could fit me.”
“Yes, that is doable. Give me the address by Wednesday night.”
”Sure thing! Thanks! So, how about your day?” they ask him.
“The absolute most boring day I could ever have.” he responds, they laugh on the end of the line.
”That bad doing meetings all day?” they ask.
“Yes, it is the worse. I wish I was at the practice, making progress instead of measuring values and listening to people telling me what I am worth.”
“Oh that sounds so difficult, Mister Ten Percent.” the name comes out as a sarcastic bite.
“It is exhausting~” he jokes. He hears them snort.
”I can’t take you seriously.” they take a breath, “So, what time should I call you pretending there’s an emergency?”
“I beg your pardon?”
”Tonight. What time should I call you to give you an out from the snooty dinner you really don’t want to go to.”
“The dinner is at Seven, I will be fashionably late and bringing a bottle of mediocre wine. If you call me at Nine it should be socially acceptable for me to leave.”
“How about eight forty-five?”
“Even better.”
“Okay. I’ll call you around then. Have fun~” they tease.
“Impossible.” he responds, they hang up, and he places his phone down. Time to get back to work.


It’s 4:30, and Gaster is in the lab with the technicians, testing the substance. They are running it under infrared scanners, just as an intern runs into the non-sterile field and taps on the glass, Gaster looks up. He gestures that they should push the button on the comm by the door, the intern smacks their head then pushes it, “Sorry sir for the intrusion, But the dry cleaners called and said your suit was ready for pickup?”
“Do you have a car?” Gaster responds, the intern nods their head, “Good. Pick it up for me and leave it in my office, I will owe you a favour.” Gaster turns away from the glass, looking back at the goop, “I am a good person to owe favours from.”
“Y-yes, sir! Right away!” the intern runs out of the area.
“You must enjoy the running rule, Gaster.” the chief chemist says, moving the infrared scanner over the goop.
“Oh, I do so. Being in charge has its perks, my friend.” the scanner turns off and information pops up on screen, “Though I do like to think most of them are just joyous to have a paid internship, so they work to my beck and call.” they both look over the information.
“You were right to add more coagulant, but I still feel the agitation is too minimal. Also, your narcissism is the reason you can never get a date, old friend.”
“Ah, I do have a date though, but I do not trust them enough as of yet to tell them about this.” the chemist tuts, turning around to grab the beaker, sucking some of the goo into a dropper.
“You need to learn to trust someone, Gaster.” Gaster hums in acknowledgement, “So, have you stopped hooking up with brooding hags yet?” Gaster rounds on the chemist.
“As a matter of fact, I have stopped seeking comfort with middle-aged women!” Gasters voice is laid with venom, “I have a very nice not in the binary human waiting for me at home!”
“So you let them move in, but you haven’t told them about your prized work yet? To shame my good sir!”
“You haven’t married Harry yet, and you have been together since before it was legal. Are you married to your work dear man?” the chemist drops the goo into a flask, then places the dropper on the table.
“Touche my good fellow. Touche.” he grabs the Pipette, “How much should we use?”
“Let us try zero point seven millilitres.” Gaster leans over to watch.


He had spent two hours in the lab, testing and recording data. The time is now 6:30 and he is the last to leave the office wing. He is buttoning the cuffs of his Navy Blue shirt with apparitions and applying links with another. He grabs his coat and puts it on, then grabs the tie sitting on the back of his chair, flinging it on his shoulder. Then grabs the suit bag, which has his day clothes in it, and heads out of his office, locking it behind himself. He walks over to the sky-view of the laboratory and presses the general comm, “I am leaving now, everyone. Have a good evening and remember to take care of yourselves. Do not stay terribly late, it is bad for your health.” several people wave in his direction and he walks away. An apparition is carrying his briefcase, and another the suit bag and his now gloved hands are in the pockets of his impossibly black coat. He walks down the hall towards the elevator, his apparitions trailing behind him. He waits as the elevator comes up to his floor, then gets on. He presses the button down to the parkade and it starts moving, he pulls out his phone and checks for a message, none. He sighs before placing the device back in his pocket. The elevator comes to a stop, and he walks off, pushing open the door to the parkade with the apparition carrying his briefcase. He normally would have teleported down here, but he is trying to waste time. He walks to his car, unlocking it and throwing his briefcase and suit bag in the back over his seat, before getting in and starting the car.


He didn’t rush during traffic, choosing to not weave between cars as he usually would when driving his Infiniti. And he never stepped on the gas just a little bit harder when the light was about to turn yellow. He also took his time to find a parking spot when he went to find a wine to bring and listened to the woman speak at the till about how she drank an entire bottle of that wine to herself. And by the time he arrived at the gated community, it was ten past 7. He drives up to the security booth, rolling his window down, “Evenin’ Sir.” the security officer says, looking down at a list, “Name and Identification?” Gaster reaches into his breast pocket of his coat, handing over his drivers licence.
“Doctor W.D. Gaster.” they look at his card.
“I hate to ask, but do you have your other card on you, sir?” Gaster sighs. He had hoped he didn’t need it, but bias is well and alive. He grabs it out of the same pocket, handing it over. They take one look at the card and grab their phone, “Just a second sir.” they start talking on the phone. Gaster drums his fingers on the steering wheel, idly wondering what they would do if this happened around them. The security guard gets off the phone, “Sorry for the wait sir, protocol.” they hand his two pieces of identification back.
“Yes, as always.” he stuffs them into his pocket, face emotionless, he rolls his window up and drives through once the barricade is lifted.


Pulling up to a house about twice as large as his own, he reaches into the back seat and grabs the bottle of wine, it’s only just starting to get dark out. He opens the glove box, grabs out a slim white bottle of cologne, and the tie he threw on the passenger's side. Then he turns his car off and unbuckles, getting out. He puts the wine bottle on the roof, then bends down to spray his ankles, standing back up he sprays the back of his neck and the sides, he puts the cologne in the center console, then throws the tie around his head, tightening it, and tucking it into his shirt. He sighs, grabbing the wine bottle, then closing the door, he grabs the keys out of his pocket and locks the car, before turning to walk across the street. He slowly walks up to the door, and stares at the doorbell, before pushing it and listening to the most horrendous buzzing noise. He can hear a pair of heels coming to answer the door, he squares his shoulders as the door opens. A woman with a short black bob, obviously tanned skin, wearing a short blue heart neckline cocktail dress in heels too tall to stand in answers the door, “Doctor Gaster! I was wondering when you would arrive.” his eyes wander over her head.
“Office work held me up.” He steps inside, handing her the bottle of wine, he starts to unbutton his coat as he walks into the cloakroom, ducking his head.
“It always does.” she says, walking into the kitchen. He follows behind.
“There ya are ya big brute!” a fat man with receding hair howls, the lady at his side chides him.
“Hello to you as well.” he can’t remember any one's name, and he doesn’t care. He sits down in the open seat across from the rowdy man, on the opposite end of the table from the hostess, thankfully. She starts to place plates with a steak, some potatoes, and vegetables on the table. She serves Gaster last, allowing her arm to brush along his shoulder, Gaster shivers. He then picks up his knife and fork, switching to place the knife in his left hand, and the fork in his right. He cuts off a small part of the steak, it’s dry and flavourless. He moves to the vegetables, he can tell the baby carrots were cooked from frozen, he assumes the rest of the California mix was as well. He moves on to the potatoes… They’re just potatoes. There’s no salt or pepper on the table in site. It’s time to Suffer. Halfway through him eating the lacking attempt at dinner, the hostess comes back, a bottle of red wine in hand.
“Wine?” he takes a moment to think. He shouldn’t, he knows better. But social pressure is the first thing on his mind.
“Yes, if you would be so kind. Just a half glass.” he moves the Wineglass closer, and she leans in to pour. She steps away, he doesn’t touch the glass


The main meal was finished, and fake compliments were given as the hostess collected plates, she comes up to Gaster to collect his and the other persons' plates, “How was your meal?”
”Fantastic, thank you so much.” Gasters neighbour says. Gaster removes his hands so his plate can be collected.
“I could not have done better myself.” which was true, he was by no means a cook but during dinner parties, he stuck to what he knew. And red meat was not something this hostess knew, and he was familiar with her cooking. As she carries the last of the plates away, Gaster resigns his hands to his lap.
“So, what are you up to nowadays?” the rowdy man from before asks. Gaster, not remembering this man and what he knows, defaults.
“I run a clinic and am the Principal Investigator for a developing antidepressant.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot you were starting that up.” they man finishes his red wine, “How's that going for ya?” Gasters face is impassive.
“I wish it would go faster.” the hostess comes back with small plates of what appear to be Cheesecake squares, starting to hand them out at Gaster's end of the table.
“Certainly not nearly as much as you serve, Doctor, but if I remember correctly, cheesecake is a favourite of yours.” she puts the too small plate down, a short dessert fork hanging off the plate. He enjoys any sweet, and asking him to have a favourite was difficult.
“Appreciated.” he makes eye contact and then she walks away.
“So are the two of you…?” the man sitting across from him asks
“No.” Gaster replies shortly. His irises narrowing.
“Pardon my husbands prying. He is a nosey old man.” the woman hits the mans shoulder.
“Noted.” he averts his gaze down to the cheesecake, oh how he wished there was more.


Gaster is sitting in a parlour at least the size of his lounge and the front area, the glass of wine from dinner that he will not drink from in his hand. He has his legs crossed politely as he speaks to someone who had sat on the far end of the table. They start to become rowdy and it is obvious they are more than ‘slightly’ inebriated, as they claim. So their ‘Assistant’ (Gaster knew better, they stank of one another ) suggested they start going home. As they leave, the hostess comes and sits on his right, “Doctor Gaster, I haven’t had a chance to talk with you all night!” the woman touches his arm, he stares idly at the glass in his left hand, swirling the contents of the glass around.
“You could have come and spoken with me at any time, Elanor.” he states, moving his arm from under her hand.
“Oh, but surely you know being the host of a gathering is a task.” she leans into him, he can feel her upper body push into him. He turns to look at her.
“A task indeed it is.” he can very clearly see her cleavage, he doesn’t let his eyes wander, “Something one must learn to manage though, is it not?” he moves his body slightly, uncrossing his legs and turning onto his hip, placing his right arm on the back of the love seat and letting the bottom of the wine glass rest on his thigh.
“You never seem to have an issue with it, Doctor.” her hand reaches out to lay on his own on the back of the seat, he straightens his posture, pulling his arm away, “Not feeling well?” she asks coyly, taking a sip from her own wine glass.
“I am perfectly fine, thank you for your concern.” he assures, “I am just restless lately.”
“Not sleeping?” she asks, the hand holding her wine glass strokes the neck idly, Gaster keeps his focus away from her, and back to his own.
“I gained some bad publicity recently. It was local news. Such a headache for my lawyer and I.”
“I heard about that,” she says, arching her back then sliding closer to Gaster. His eyes dart towards her momentarily, he has reached the end of the couch and can’t move away, “One wonders what brings the aloof Doctor into the public eye.”
“A work incident.” a scripted response from his lawyer. He keeps his eyes trained on her face, her dark eyes catch the light in a way that brings out the mischief he knows she possesses, her lips a small smile, one to any prying eyes is kind enough, but to Gaster screams predator.
“What can go wrong at such a small practice? Did someone come in drugged up and hurt the staff?” he knows she knows that’s not what happened. He is trying his best to keep his face placid and void of emotion, he’s screaming in his head for her to go away, that he needs to leave. He doesn’t move. He chooses his next words carefully.
“It was a blackmail incident. Something concerning myself and my relations with another person was photographed, and when the issue was thought to be over and dealt with, whoever sent it to my office sent it to the media and said I was.. coercing the person.” he taps a glove against the glass.
“Oh, how horrible, this must be because you’re a monster.” a small stab to his nerves, he lets a nervous smile go.
“My lawyer advised me not to speak more on the subject.” ’Shut up you insolent whore’ a small part of him thinks, it is very faint. Her hand reaches up to adjust her dress, pulling at the fabric in a half-hearted attempt to cover herself more. She finishes what’s left of her glass, then turns to put hers on the side table.
“You haven’t touched your wine all night Doctor.” She comments changing the subject.
“I am not staying in town tonight, I must drive home.” he moves to get up, her hand darts out to stop him, gripping the wine glass and taking it from him, then starting to sip from it herself.
“How regretful. I certainly wish you could stay the night.” her smile is covered by the wine glass, but he knew it was there. ’Stop looking at me’ his mind shouts.
“Not in my opinion. Do you mind if I use the facilities?” he asks, moving to get up again.
“By all means. You know where they are.” she winks, he internally cringes. He gets up and walks through the crowd, ’I need to call Y/N’ he keeps repeating to himself, ‘No, I need to call my sponsor.’ his mind jumps back and forth as he makes his way to the coat room, finding his easily, and fishing in the pocket for his phone.


“Leaving so soon, Doctor?” he hears Elanor say from the entrance, he pulls his phone out.
“No, I am just… checking my cellular phone.” he opens it and goes to contacts, looking between Theirs and his Sponsors.
“Do you have someone waiting at home?” she asks. He’s trapped and is legally not allowed to teleport right now. His reflexes are shutting down. He quickly switches to the recording app and starts it, then switches back to contacts.
“Well, yes. I-I guess I do.” she steps into the room, closing and locking the door behind her.
“She’s new, isn’t she? Is she the one from the news report?” he’s backed up to the farthest rack, his eye catches the time on the clock as she slowly takes the phone from him closing it. They will call soon, he needs to have his phone, he needs a reason to leave.
“That person is protected by anonymity.” He looks down at the human woman, a hand touching his body over his dress shirt, the other pulling his tie, forcing him to bend down.
“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” Gaster gulps.
“I-I understand we have had a History, Elanor. But I am no l-longer interested, as I explained last month.” he manages to get out.
“I am very interested still.” her hands trail up as far as they can reach on his body, “And you should be too unless you want my funding pulled from your little… project.” she chuckles. It’s ugly and filled with greed. He finally moves his hands from his sides and grabs her wrists, pulling them off his body.
“Do as you please then.” she looks at him, mouth agape as he walks past her and grabs his coat, throwing it on, “I will not be hurt by less monetary flow to my project.” he puts his hands in his pocket, taking out the phone.
“You’ll see more people dropping out Doctor. I’ll make sure of it.” she laughs vindictively, “But if you change your mind, let me know and we can make a deal.” he turns to see her wink, a finger by her mouth. He unlocks and walks out of the coat room, and ultimately the house without a word, turning off his recording. He walks down the sidewalk and across the street to where his car waits, unlocks it, sits down and immediately starts it with a loud roar of the engine, then he drives off.

After he leaves the city and is on his way back home, his car starts playing his ringtone, the touchscreen display shows “Y/N”, he answers immediately.
”Hey Gaster, Sorry I’m calling a little late. The delivery guy got lost.” they say over the phone.
“Thank you for calling.” he says, “I had to leave the dinner early.” he eases up on the gas, only just realizing he’s going about twenty clicks over the limit.
“Oh. Well, I mean you didn’t want to be there in the first place so I guess that’s good?” they say lightheartedly. He just feels dirty, hearing their voice, knowing what happened not even twenty minutes beforehand.
“I am sorry.” He mumbles.
“Sorry, what did you say?” he can hear them swallow some food, “You cut out for a second.” he catches himself.
“I-I was speeding. I was saying sorry because I know you would be mad at me.” he lies. Somethings are better left unsaid, “How was your day?”


They’re sitting in the living room, on the floor, their food in front of them on the coffee table.
“I read part of the books you gave me. Ordered food, Petted your cats, took one of them out of the trash can.”
”Minx got into the trash again?” they hear him force out a laugh, ”I am so sorry you had to deal with her.” they eat another mouthful of food.
“I don’t mind.” they respond, then swallow, “I think she minded more that I touched her when she didn’t want me to touch her.” they say nonchalantly, Gasters end of the line goes dead, save for the noises of the engine, “You sure you’re doing okay Gaster?”
“I am fine, dearest.” He responds after a time.
“Italian Job ‘fine’ or actually fine?” they ask.
“What is ‘Italian Job’ fine?” he asks, and they laugh, a little snort coming out.
“It’s a movie, there’s an old guy whose motto is -” you start doing a bad imitation, “- You know what ‘Fine’ stands for? Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional.” they chuckle, eating another bite of food, “It’s a good acronym. We should watch the movie sometime.”
“Yes… I think we should. I am going to go now, to focus on the road. I shall be home earlier than what the note said.”
“Okay, drive safe.”
”Thank you. I will.” they can hear the engine roar before he hangs up.
“And he’s not driving safely.” you look to your phone.


You snap awake as you hear the garage door opening and see the bright LED headlights of Gaster's Infiniti through the curtains. The rumbling of the idle engine can be heard as the garage door shuts, you get up from the couch and walk towards the back entrance. You're rounding the corner as Gaster is stepping into the house. He starts taking his shoes off without a word. As he stands up, you can vaguely make out his unbuttoned shirt, and a tie hanging out of his coat pocket.

“Hey, Gast. You hung up pretty abruptly.” you point out, he doesn't comment, instead he walks past you with a hand in your shoulder. You follow him back into the kitchen and he opens the dark wood cabinet, he pulls out a bottle of whiskey, “Rough day?” he places a cup from the same cabinet down and opens the bottle, then pours it out. He closes the bottle and places it back, then turns around to face you while holding the glass.
“Yes.” and he shoots the entire thing back in one go. He doesn't even flinch and you stare at him, aghast.
“Whoa. That was a full glass and you took it like a shot.” he places the glass down on the cabinet again.
“The less I taste the less I want.” he says, stepping forward and opening his arms, “May I have a hug?” you lean into him and wrap your arms around his torso, slipping your hands under his coat. He holds you tightly.
“What really happened tonight?” you ask.
“I don't want to talk about it.” he trails his hands to your head. You let go and he kneels down, eventually sitting on his knees and he places his head on your chest. You tentatively wrap your arms behind his head and look down at the massive crack, your thumb starts moving idly to stroke his head. He comes home after one day of being gone and this is how he returns? Something really isn't right.
“Are you sure?” you look at the clock, it's 10:30.
“No.” he replies.
“ ‘No' what?” you ask. The only response you receive is his hand trailing down your back to your leg, and him, in one swift motion, picking you up and standing himself. You let out an ‘eep', “Gaster! What are you doing!?” you're clenching the collar of his coat, an apparition pulls your hood off your head, and his mouth attacks your neck, “G! U-um Gaster? H-hey?” you try getting his attention, but he keeps biting your neck and licking it, you start to like it and allow him to continue, but then he starts becoming rough and actually biting you to the point where you try to push away, “Ow Gaster! This hurts!” He slows down, mouth hovering over your neck, slightly agape and panting. You hear, and feel his tongue licking up the side of your neck, then withdrawing back into his mouth. You start to shake involuntarily, “Put. Me. Down.” you demand, he complies. Once your feet are on the ground and he has let go of you, you point to the nearest kitchen chair, “Sit.” he pulls it out, then sits. His hands clasped together, he doesn't make eye contact.


“What the Fuck was that?” they ask calmly. Their tone bites at his conscious, and he feels like a dog being scolded. He doesn't answer, they cross their arms and tap their foot, “Well? I'm waiting?”
“That was inappropriate conduct, I am deeply and truly apologetic for my actions.” he says, only looking up for a moment before looking away.
“Nice apology. But why the fuck did you do that?” he can feel their anger, “I'm sitting here asking you what the fuck is wrong, and you go on and start mouth fucking my neck.” their use of expletives is making him flinch.
“I- I can not talk about it.” he says, wringing his hands tighter.
“Can’t talk about this, can’t talk about that. ‘That’s a long story better not said’ blah blah blah. I’m sick of it Gaster. I know we’ve only been together for a little while, but I want to help you.” they sigh, “And the secrecy is making it hard.”
“An investor for my project pulled out.” he puts his head in his hands, “And it is my fault.”
“What did you do to make them pull funding?” they had no idea what he was talking about, maybe this project was the side gig he talked about occasionally, they start to calm down, even if it is just a little.
“I told her no.”
“What were you telling her no about?” they reach forward, rubbing his back. He hesitates, not knowing how to say it.
“She did almost the same thing I did to you.” he feels his souls weight in his chest, it constricts as his body shivers, Y/N stops rubbing his back.
“She was coming onto you?” they ask, their hand withdrawing. His head snaps up to defend himself.
“I attempted to ignore her, I tried leaving the vicinity, she cornered me in the coat room. There was nothing I could do to get away. I am at fault.
“How is it your fault if she cornered you.” they ask, he sighs.
“Because I’ve had prior relations with her.” there’s silence for a minute as they stare at him, and he stares back.
“Hey, I might not identify as one now, but I grew up a girl.” They start, “I was taught about sexual assault early. My parents drilled consent into me from the time I was little. And Gaster, you need to hear this, and remember it well.” their hands grab his face pulling it level with theirs, “It doesn’t matter if the person is a friend, partner, fuck buddy, whatever.  If you don’t want to sleep with them, or you don’t want to be touched by them, that’s your decision to make. “
“Anything after but is irrelevant.” they cut him off, smiling. He should have seen that coming, “You think it’s your fault that this person pulled funding because you told her no. Even if, and I don’t want to accuse you of this because I highly respect you, you slept with her for the funding.” he sits up immediately, pulling his face from their hands turning it away and crossing his arms over his chest, answering the unasked question, “Oh. That explains how you feel it’s your fault.” is all they respond, their hands covering their mouth in shock.


He makes a move to stand up and leave, their hand comes out and stops him, “Wait. I’m not mad.” they say quickly, “That was in the past, it was something you did, I shouldn’t have framed it like that.” they sigh, “What I meant is, even if that’s what you did, it’s not your fault for not wanting to sleep with her now.”
“I feel as if I owe you an apology.” he says, looking in their direction for the first time, it’s 10:35.
“You already did apologize for picking me up and mouth fucking my neck.” they smile, “What else is there to apologize for?”
“I… Am not the best at letting those close to me know when something is wrong.” his eyes trail past them, to the glass sitting on the cabinet, “Which I see as a personal flaw, and that is difficult to admit. I owe you an apology for being a closed door.”
“Your apology is accepted. And I don’t expect you to tell me everything.” They sigh, “I just want to learn more about you.” he looks at them empathetically, reaching out for a hug.
“I will attempt to be more open about myself.” their shoulders sag with relief, they give him a hug, their arms are around his neck and their face buries in as well.
“Will you tell me about your project?” they mumble.
“How about the next time I am required to go, we go together?” he suggests, “It is more impressive that way.”
“Looking to stroke your ego are you?” they jest, pulling away from him, they lean their forehead on his.
“If you wish to call it that, so be it.” he lets go, they follow suit, “You should go to bed, I will wake you in 9 hours, so we may do grocery shopping before I need to go to work.” they smile.
“Okay Gaster.” they walk to the lounge, Gaster leans over trying to see what they’re doing, they come out seconds later with their phone, “Night, have a good sleep.” ah, sleep’
“Yes. You as well, dearest.” they give him a meek wave before heading upstairs, he waves back.

He won’t be sleeping tonight, not that he would need to though.

Chapter Text

He teleports up the steps and walks down the hall to their room. He can hear their alarm through the door so he knocks, “Y/N, are you awake?” the alarm is abruptly turned off.
“Yes?” they call through the door.
“If I do not see you up and about in five minutes, shall I come back?”
“Understood.” he turns and walks down the hall.


You keep your blanket pulled up above your chest until you hear him go down the stairs. You throw the blanket off and stand from your bed, you walk to the closet, then open it. You grab the binder you had hung in here, close the door, then you walk over to the dresser and grab out a pair of jeans. You throw both on the bed. You look in the drawer under your pants one and select a casual t-shirt then throw it on the bed, adding to the pile. Finally reaching into the bottom dresser you grab underwear, socks, and a thin tank top, then walk to your bed. You put the socks and tank top on the bed then put on your underwear, binder, and a tank top. After adjusting your chest, you grab your jeans and pull them on, tucking in the tank top, there's a knock on your door.
“It is I, are you conscious?”
“Yeah, come in!” you say, pulling your t-shirt over your head.


He opens the door as they pull their shirt over their torso. Something is different about them, “Approximately how long until you will be prepared to leave?” they walk to the closet, pulling out a zip-up hoodie.
“Let me go brush my teeth and I'll be ready to roll.” they smile as they walk past him. He turns to follow them.
“You look… different today.” they furrow their brow at him as they walk into the bathroom, turning to the sink and grabbing their toothbrush, “I mean no offense.” he clarifies, “Perhaps I should have just said that you look nice. My apologies.”
“Stop apologizing, Gast.” they put toothpaste on their brush, “This is just casual wear, that's why it's different than normal. It's not comfy wear, because people will see me.” they start brushing their teeth, he continues to look at them.
“Perhaps that is the change.” his eyes roam one more time, “I will be downstairs.” he says, they respond with vague hums that sound like words while their brush is in their mouth. He turns to leave.

After they had finished in the bathroom, they came downstairs and the two of them left immediately.
“Would you like breakfast first?” Gaster asks, he is driving the Impala.
“My mom always did say you make unwise choices shopping on an empty stomach.” he looks in his rear view mirror.
“Drive through is okay?” he asks.
“Yeah, I just want a muffin and caffeine. “ They tilt their head back, pushing their body away from the seat, his eyes drift to them a moment before focusing on the road as he comes up to a set of lights.
“Do you have a preference?” they think a moment.
“I want cold, sweet, coffee and a chocolate muffin.” they hum, “McDicks will do.”
“I beg your pardon?” he asks, appalled.
“McDonald's. McDicks, Golden Arch. All nicknames for the fast food giant “
“Ah… young humans are exceptionally creative with nicknames.”
“Yeah. Most people think they're weird.”
“Which is not wrong, but I wish to give homage to the creativity of such things.” he turns into the lot of the McDonald's, and waits in the drive-thru.
“I hate the morning rush.” they look at the clock, it’s a quarter to 8, “More specifically I hate working it.”
“You worked service?”
“Yeah. When people move out of province and you lose your job, ya get what you can.”
“My condolences.” he turns to look at them, they throw their head back to laugh, “What is amusing?”
“How are you rich. Honestly, you don’t act like a rich person.”
“I am, in several areas, an anomaly to my class. But how does that pertain to my wishes of condolence?”
“I don’t know. My brain thought you were saying sorry because I had to work in food. But I guess you were saying sorry for me losing my job.”
“Both, if you wish for my honesty.” he pulls forward a car length.
“I will cry.” they say, smiling brightly at him, “You’re a fucking Gem.”
“Well, th-thank you for what I assume is a compliment?” his cheeks are a slight lavender hue.
“Literally not a problem.” he clears his throat then rolls forward to order.


After ordering his own drink and yours, paying, and receiving. He makes the rest of the trip to the grocery store, which conveniently is just down the road, then pulls into a parking stall. Grabbing your coffee you jump out of his car, bouncing on your toes as you wait for him to get out.
“Impatient much?” he asks you, closing and locking the doors behind him.
“No. Just wanna go back to bed.” you walk around the car and two of you walk together, with Gaster ever so steadily taking a lead, “Hey mind slowing down long legs? I'm literally not able to run right now.” he stops to look behind him, looking straight back at you. He is two cars ahead.
“Apologies.” he offers his arm, “If you hold onto me I will better know your pace.”
“Sap.” you say, taking his arm.
“I believe this is the most gentlemanly thing to do, it ensures I do not stray too far.” he starts walking.
“Normal people hold hands.” You comment.
“If I were to hold your hand, it would be rather awkward for you as my resting height is at your elbow.” the two of you walk to the cart line.
“Makes enough sense I guess.” you let go of him and grab a cart, placing your drink in it. Then the two of you walk into the store.

“Feel free to grab whatever you may need. Food, toiletries, hygienic products and the like.”
“I made a list on my phone.” you reach for your sweater pocket, “Which I left at home. Okay. No biggy.” you turn immediately to the bakery section, “I know for sure you have no bread, which I live on so that's a necessity.” you look at the sample loaves they have in the display case. Gaster looks on inquisitively, “Do you have a bread knife?” they look up at him.
“I may, but I am not completely certain.”
“About yea long-” they put their fingers about a foot apart, “With jagged teeth.”
“No. The only serrated knives I own are for steaks.”
“Okay, cool cool cool. Hi, excuse me!?” you wave at one of the workers, they come up to the front and grab some gloves.
“Morning dear, what can I help you with?”
“I would like some sourdough bread, and was wondering if I can get it cut about a centimetre to a centimetre and a half thick.”
“Sure thing. Just one loaf?”
“Umm I think I'll get two, please and thank you.” you cast a look at Gaster, he nods slightly, then says quietly,
“Whatever you need.” the employee disappears into the back to cut bread. They return a minute later.
“There you go, hun. Already put the stickers on too.”
“Thank you. “ You reach to grab the bread over the case, then put it in the top of your cart. You continue shopping.


After milling about in produce, you head to get cereal, “Did you know that granola is the ultimate cereal?” you say to him, looking at the selection, “It’s high in proteins and fibre, it can be a snack or a meal, and it tastes good.” you reach to grab one with chocolate curls, “If you get the right kind.” you place it in the cart.
“Do not most people get a surgery cereal. Like the fluorescently coloured loops, or marshmallow bits?”
“Yes. and I like those. But I don’t need them.”
“If you would like to get a box you may.” he shrugs.
“I really shouldn’t.” you start to push the cart away.
“Maybe you should?” you stop the cart.
“If you want them fine. A grown ass adult can buy Fruit Loops. Pick the box up and do it yourself.” you start pushing again, “It’s your money anyway.” as you’re walking away you can hear the box coming off the shelf, and Gaster quickly walking by while placing the box in the cart.
“My hand slipped.”
“Yeah, right.” you scoff, “Pride is the death of foolish men.” he stops mid-stride and you pass him.
“I beg your pardon?”
"Then Beg.” you sip more of your coffee, continuing on your shopping adventure.

They’re now walking down the dairy aisle, Y/N leaning on the cart, “I hate this isle. I always come here last.”
“And why would that be?” Gaster is walking with his hands behind his back.
“It’s cold, I’m cold.” they stop to grab some yoghurt, then continue down the aisle, “It’s miserable.” they cross the aisle to grab some frozen berries, “It’s the worst.”  they throw the berries in the cart.
“How could you possibly be cold when you are wearing a sweater?” they make an ‘I don’t know’ vocalization while shrugging, they stop and stare at the cheese.
“My mom is always cold, and I found the older I got the colder I am.”
“I do not feel temperature. Well… unless I am having difficulty controlling my magic.”
“Is that why you literally don’t feel different than the temperature wherever you are?” they grab a cheese.
“Yes. But, if need be…” he stands directly behind, hands touching their shoulders, then pulls them flush against his torso, “Magic can generate heat, just as any source of energy is able to.” they feel a steady heat growing against their back, they sigh in relief.
“That’s handy.” they relax, pressing closer. The heat dissipates, “Thanks, that was pretty neat.”
“A pleasure.” he steps back, letting go of them.
“I think I almost picked up everything.” they push the cart forward some more, up to the butter and grab a pound.
“Is there anything else you would like to have?”
“This is like that fruit loops thing 10 minutes ago, right?” you ask, pushing the cart out of the cold aisle.
“Yes. But this time I am asking if there is something you would like to have. Do any items come to mind?’ you think while looking at the aisles. You stop and back up at the chips and pop aisle.
“Rootbeer.” you start pushing the cart down the aisle, Gaster follows behind. You pull the car to a stop and reach down, grabbing a case of cans, putting it underneath, “I also wanna see if they got sour gummy bears.” they turn the cart on a dime, almost hitting Gaster in the leg.
“Slow down, dearest.” his hand comes out to stop the cart.
“Oop, sorry.” they smile sheepishly, looking away. He lets go of the cart and they both start walking, keeping better control of the cart.


After checking the candy aisle, and to your amusement seeing they did have sour gummy bears, on sale, you convinced Gaster to buy two bags, which wasn’t hard. The two of you made your way to check out. While standing in line, you see a lady with her kid a few tills over,  the child is hiding behind her leg, “Mommy, it’s a monster.” the young child says, you look behind you at Gaster, appearing oblivious, his usual passive scowl on his face.

“It’s not nice to stare, Amelie” the mother hushes, you turn to Gaster, nudging him slightly. He looks down at you and you dart your eyes to the child, he looks, the child flinches. Gaster’s mouth softens, losing the scowl to be replaced with a mild smile, he pats your head, a non-verbal thank you. The line moves up and you start putting the things on the belt, Gaster hands you the stuff closer to him.  After the cart is empty and the person in front of you leaves, you push the cart through, then start packing the stuff into the cart as they bag it.

“Your total comes to $149.86.” the person on cash says, Gaster reaches into his pocket, grabbing his wallet.
“Cash.” he opens his wallet, you watch his thumb run across a few brown bills, pulling one out, along with a red bill. You struggle to keep your mouth shut realizing what he is carrying. The cashier takes the bills from him, punches in the total, then opens the register.
“Fifteen cents is your change. Would you like your receipt?” she hands him the change, he takes it.
“No thank you. Have a pleasant day.” he turns and starts walking past you, “Come along Y/N.” you push the cart, running a little to keep up with him. Once you’re out of the store and walking through the parking lot, you comment on what you saw.


“You just… walk around with that much money?”
“Yes. It is walking around money.” he says, pulling out his car keys, opening the trunk of the car.
“That’s not walking around money, that’s anxiety money.” you stop the cart and start grabbing out the grocery bags, Gaster helps.
“I am not the most inviting person. Very few have felt brave enough to confront me.”
“Okay, true. And I’m a short human who has trouble carrying more than one-hundred in cash.” You grab the rootbeer out from the bottom of the cart, “I’d be paranoid with that in my wallet.” he closes the trunk.
“Then don’t carry a lot of cash, simple solution for a simple problem.”
“I was being hypothetical.” you sigh at the little smirk on his face, “I’m gonna go put this in the cart lane.” you point across the roadway behind you, then walk off.

You and Gaster arrive back home and start to unload the trunk. He uses summoned hands to carry two bags a piece, leaving you to only carry your root beer. He brings them into the kitchen and you follow behind him, you place the rootbeer down on a kitchen chair, “I’ll be right back.” you say, walking up the stairs back to your bedroom. You take your sweater and t-shirt off, then untuck your tank-top. You slip your arm into your binder and take it off, rubbing your ribs slightly before putting your t-shirt back on and putting your sweater overtop, zipping it up. You head downstairs, “Sorry had to do something real quick.” you rush around the corner, seeing Gaster already putting away the groceries, seemingly in his own head as the hands fly back and forth opening cupboards, closing others, grabbing food and putting it away. You stand there just watching for about 30 seconds until it finally stops and all the bags are empty. The cupboards close and he closes the fridge.

“I have completed putting away the groceries.” he turns to you, a few hands picking up the plastic bags, “Litter bags.” he says, grabbing them as each hand disappears.
“How in the fresh hell did you put groceries away in a minute?”
“Intimate knowledge of my own kitchen and the hands of ten other people.” he gestures to the kitchen chair, “I left your  rootbeer on the chair, you can find somewhere acceptable to store it.”
“Thanks? I think?” he walks past you, teleporting, then he teleports back, a briefcase in hand. He places it on the table.

“May I ask you something?” he wrings his hands nervously, turning to you.
“Sure, I guess.” you shrug, putting your hands in your pockets.
“This morning, I commented on you looking different, I was not aware at the moment what was different, but now I see the change. Forgive me for being crass, but did you do something to your, um, chest?” he swipes a hand across his own. You look at him placidly for a few seconds, trying to connect the dots and formulate an answer, “I- I do not mean to offend. I have just never seen you, um… I feel I may make this worse by continuing to talk.”
“No, you’re good I’m just… trying to gauge your level of understanding.”
“I don’t really know, honestly?” you sigh, “Quickly to break it down; I use they and them pronouns because I don’t feel like I fit in the gender binary.”
“Yes, you have told me you identify as a… non-binary individual?”
“That’s correct, along with that, I occasionally prefer to give myself a more masculine shape.” you take your hands out of your pockets, then place them on your chest, “Which means compressing these,” you push in, “with something called a binder.”
“Oh.” he’s watching you. You take your hands off your chest, putting them in your pockets again, “So it is for aesthetic reasons?”
“Yes and no, I guess? I mean I do it for my mental health as well, sometimes. It’s called Dysphoria.”
“Interesting. I did not know of these things.”
“Well now you do.” you smile, “Which is cool.” you look at the clock on the wall, “The clinic opened ten minutes ago, you should be leaving.”
“Ah, yes. I suppose so.” he turns back around and grabs his briefcase, “Would you like a hug?” he turns back around, arms open.
“Yes.” you walk forward and give him one, he lets go, “Also, before you go,” you say, taking a step back.
“Hm?” he vocalizes, you draw your finger in twice quickly, he bends over, face level with yours.
“Have a good day at work.” you kiss his cheek and he starts blushing mildly, he straightens, clearing his throat.

“T-thank you. I w-will.” he immediately disappears after, and you chuckle.

Chapter Text

It’s Thursday Morning, and you’re sitting in the doctor's office, Gaster is next to you, “You really don’t have to wait with me, Gaster. I’m an adult. I can see my doctor myself.” you say quietly. While you are thankful he came with you, you’re more concerned for him.
“And as I said, my first appointment is not until ten-thirty.” he has an air of protectiveness about him today for some reason, or maybe that’s your own paranoia? You weren’t sure.
“But he’s running behind right now. It could be another twenty or  even thirty minutes before I get in.” You have already been waiting 10 minutes past your appointment time.
“Then so be it.” He relaxes in the chair, leaning most of his body against the wall.
“But Gaster! By the time he gets me in, and I finish my appointment, you won’t have time to get me home and go to work.”
“Yes I will.” he unfolds his hands and interlocks his fingers on his lap. You huff at him and his confidence. His eyes focus on the TV playing the same thirteen health commercials, you watch too, for some time. Five minutes later you start bouncing your leg, you sigh deeply in exasperation, “There is nothing to be anxious about, my dear.” he takes a hand and places it on your knee, “I will make it to work on time, and I will get you home. You do not need to fret.”
“I-I’m not.” you hunch your shoulders and sulk.
“If you are not fretting, then why are you showing signs of anxiety? Does seeing your doctor make you anxious?”
“Not really…” You groan, “I am fretting but it’s because I get nervous about timing. Things have order, that order is by time, and if things aren’t in order it stresses me out.”
“Define ‘things’, it is a rather vague noun.”
“Activities, obligations, work, appointments. Things.” you draw your hands in a circle, he smiles at your theatrics, “You did that to amuse yourself, didn’t you.” you frown at him.
“Not so. Explaining our issues and defining what makes them an issue-”
“Is a way to get over them.” you mock, “I’ve been to therapy.” you roll your eyes, “I know how to cope, doesn’t mean I’m not gonna still be anxious though.” you push his hand off with yours and start bouncing your leg again.
“I had no intentions to stop you. I am just trying to make conversation.”
“I don’t know, comment on how dumb the ads are or something.” you shrug. The two of you stay silent for the rest of the wait.


“Y/N?” a nurse calls, you stand up and walk forward and follow the nurse into the back. You take your coat off as you enter a room with a scale and height chart, “Take your shoes off and stand on the scale.” you stand on it, she balances it then writes down the numbers, “Step down please and I’ll take your height.”
“Don’t think I’ve grown much, ma’am.” you comment, squaring your shoulders.
“Just a formality so we can put it on record.” the machine she pointed at you beeps, she looks at it and writes those numbers down too, “Okay, all good! Follow me out and Doctor Chan will see you soon.” she starts walking further down the hall and gestures to a small room with an examination table, a computer, two chairs and a cabinet with a sink under it. You sit in one of the chairs, your coat on your lap. You start idly tapping the coat and running your fingers across the surface. After waiting for about five minutes, a balding man with black hair comes in and closes the door.
“Hello! Long time no see! How are you?”
“Not bad!” you say back with fake enthusiasm.
“What brings you in today?” he sits at the computer and logs in, opening your patient file.
“I want a blood test just to check them, and I also want an STI panel done. I’m also looking to get back on the pill.” He starts typing on the computer.
“Mind giving me a reason? Is your flow going off again, or are you looking to use it as contraceptive?”
“Regulator and contraceptive, although I don’t think I need to worry about that quite yet?” you shrug.
“Well, we’ll need to get your blood pressure. So if you can just hop up there-” he refers to the table, you stand and put your coat down on the chair then hop on, “I’ll put the ring on and print you out a prescription and a panel.” he stands and grabs the armband, you offer your arm and he puts it around. The machine starts to hum and you feel pressure and then the release, he takes it off, “All normal.” he leans over his computer, “Alysena again?” he asks, typing in the prescription.
“Worked last time.” you say, hopping off the table and sitting back down. He queues the paper then goes to another form.
“You wanted a general screening and an STI panel?”
“Yeah. I haven’t been out and about much lately but I’m in a relationship now and wanna make sure I don’t have anything.”
“Better safe than sorry.” he clicks ‘print’ and stands, “I’ll be back in a moment!” he leaves the room and leaves the door open. He comes back in with some papers, signs the bottoms, and hands them back to you, “Here you go. You want me to give you the speel about the birth control or should I let the pharmacist do that.”
“I’ll let them do that.”
“Okay, anything else?”
“Nope, I’m good, thanks Doc.” you walk out and down the hall, as you come back into the waiting area Gaster stands.
“You are finished?” he says, striding towards you at the front.
“Yeah. I have a prescription to get filled some time, and I need to make an appointment to get some blood work done.” you walk out of the clinic, Gaster follows behind.
“Do you wish to get the prescription now?” he asks in the car
“No. We can do it later. You need to go to work.” you reply.


“Y/N?” he says, walking down the hall from his room, about to go upstairs.
“In the living room,” they reply. He continues on into the lounge, “Sh!” they are sitting on the couch, wrapped in a large throw blanket, “There is a cat in my blanket hut and I don’t want her leaving.” they look down, “I haven’t moved in an hour, also where is the thermostat? I couldn’t find it, hence me in the biggest goddamn blanket I own. Hi, by the way. How was work?” he just studies them, then walks closer. Minx’s head pops out from the blanket, she meows at him loudly.
“Work was… tolerable. Several reporters outside haggling, like they have all week. I do wonder when it will calm down.” he sits on the couch next to them, putting an arm behind them.
“Eventually.” they are petting the cat.
“May I?” he asks, gesturing to the cat between their legs.
“Yeah sure, go ahead.” they move their hands and he reaches around, petting Minx’s head.
“The amount of trust she has in you now is impeccable.”
“I do a lot of laying on the floor. Ya know, recreationally. The cats come by and sniff me all the time.”
“I am compelled to question you on why  you lay on the floor ‘recreationally’, yet I feel I do not want whatever cryptic answer you are baiting me with.”
“Ah, you learn quick.” they lay their head back on his arm, “Took my mom a while to learn when I’m baiting. I like watching people’s reactions to mildly disturbing and obscure phrases.” they grab Minx and lift her up, uncrossing their feet, “My leggies are asleep baby, yes they are.” they coo to the cat, she meows in protest, “Stupid little trash goblin.”
“You have even given her a nickname already.” he feigns hurt, “Soon you shall replace me I do fear.” they place their feet on the floor, holding the cat and standing.
“Have some time with your dad trash baby-” they stick their arms out, thrusting the cat into Gaster’s, “I think he missed you.” the blanket falls off their shoulders. Gaster accepts the cat and pulls her to his chest, cooing at her.
“Hey, I was looking through my book box and found the first chapter book I ever read. I can read it in twenty minutes.”
“That is an interesting fact. But I do not see any relevance?”
“This is cheesy, but I feel like reading it to you. I mean my voice is very annoying and I can’t read out loud because my brain reads two sentences before I can speak half of one. I also can’t read conjunctions because they are sight words and I don’t even recognize them.” they shrug, “But It’s
Cute?” Gaster just watches them ramble.
“I would be delighted to have you read to me.” he says, “Go get the book and I will make us some tea.” they start bouncing.
“Okay!” they run upstairs and he stands.

“I wonder what tomfoolery I have gotten myself into?” Minx meows at his question.

Chapter Text

It has been exactly 10 days since you stopped working. You started back two days ago and finally have some purpose back in your life. You could have sworn you were coming down with cabin fever, living in the middle of nowhere and not working. It left you feeling empty. But after only two days back you’re already complaining in the break room over a cup of tea and a sandwich.

“Not having to deal with people all day was so relaxing. Now that I’m back to it I hate it.”
“You were complaining three nights ago about how you could not wait to come back to work.” Gaster points out, “And now you complain about being back to work? That is absurdly laughable.”
“Forgive me Mr I don’t need sleep and works two jobs while managing a non-profit, some of us need time to cope .” you take a drink angrily. You’re both bitter this afternoon.
“Understandably so! But why, pray tell, are you venting to me? Your superior?”
“I don’t know! Maybe it’s because you just so happen to also be my partner .” you spit back venomously.
“On off hours I am, but on work hours I am your superior.” he opens the door from the break room.
“A superior pain in my ass !” you call after him. The door shuts behind him. Okay, you had to admit, he may be part of your cabin fever. You eat the rest of your sandwich, a few wary coworkers walking into the room, grabbing some coffee or filling water bottles, as you eat. Every so often someone would look like they wanted to talk to you, had they heard your argument? Probably. Yet that didn’t concern you. You would give them one quick glare and they would walk away. ‘Maybe this is why you really should not date your boss.’ you chide yourself, standing from the table, grabbing your tea and heading out to the pen. As you round the blockade, you see a news van out front and sigh, placing your mug behind the raised counter you head outside.

“You’re not allowed to film here. Unless you stand on the street, everything up to there is private property.” you say to the cameraman, walking to where he’s unloading.
“We were given permission to-” he begins, but you cut him off.
By who ?” you ask accusatorially.
“By myself.” You hear Gaster say behind you.
“Oh great, you’re doing press coverage too? What the hell happened to ‘discretion’ like your lawyer said?” the news anchor comes out.
“Excuse me! Can I quote you on this?” they say a piece of pen and paper in hand
“No!” you shout.
“Absolutely not!” Gaster follows, “And discretion was until after the threat disappeared. It is gone now and my lawyer has agreed to one interview on the issue.”
“One will turn into three, then The People will catch wind of this again and it will start all over!”
“So be it, they can try. I have security in motion to prevent that.”
“Urgh! You are insufferable !” you throw your hands up, and walk back inside.


It’s near closing time, and the janitorial staff are arriving. You log out of the computer and exit the pen, heading to the back to clock out, on your way, you don’t look where you’re going and you smack your hip into the side of a cart, “Mother FFFFF” you bend over, clutching your side, “Today is not my fuckin day.” you whisper to yourself, whining at the pain. Continuing to clutch your side, you hobble to the back room, running your fob over the black sensor, it doesn’t pick up. You try again, a little bit faster, nothing. You let out a sigh, “Come on…” you run it across slowly and it beeps, finally unlocking, “Thank you, stupid door.” you push the handle down, then lean against the door to open it. Inside you see the last few nurses straggling, talking amongst themselves by the coat room. You slip past and walk in to grab your coat. You put it on and turn around just as the door to the coat room closes, “Fucking come on!!” you exclaim, the door almost immediately opens.
“Sorry didn’t see you come in.” one of the nurses says.
“Uh-huh.” you pull your land yard off from around your neck and jam it in your pocket, walking out furiously. You go the opposite direction of the janitorial cart, and sit in the waiting area, waiting for Gaster. Today you have been moody and irritable, you don’t exactly know why - but it’s bothering you. You look up to see Gaster escorting his last patient out, he locks the door behind them. Without a word you stand up and follow Gaster to his office, he closes and locks the door after letting you in.


“Are you alright, dearest?” he says, gathering his papers into his briefcase.
“No, but I don’t know why.” you say, crossing your arms and leaning against the door.
“I understand I may have been… short-handed with you this afternoon.” he pauses while closing his briefcase, “Both times.”
“Uh-huh.” you drone, looking at him as he turns around.
“I can tell that you are still displeased, reasonably so. I just wish to make amends before we go home.”
“I accept your ‘apology’, even if it is half-hearted and empty.” you watch his shoulders flinch.
“It does not appear that you do.” he comes forward, “Is there an issue you are having?” he asks, reaching an arm out.
“No. I’m fine.” you cross your arms tighter, looking to the side and shrugging your shoulders, your hands grab your elbows.
“If you insist that you are, then I will not press the matter any further right now. But please, do speak with me when you feel you are able to.” He brushes his fingers against your shoulder, an attempt to extend some kindness. You grab the hand.
“Can we go home, please. I’m tired.”
“You say you’re tired quite often. Is that a replacement for something?” he walks a few steps back to his desk to grab his briefcase, you follow along.
“No.” a lie, but he didn’t need to know that.
“Just asking.” he says, grabbing the suitcase.


You feel the familiar cold and see the ever existent darkness, then you are met with the dimly lit front foyer of his house. You start to take your coat off, and Gaster wordlessly takes it from you, you turn and head to the cat room. You find Minx laying in one of the boxes, and bend over to pick her up, “It’s cuddle time trash baby.” you say, squishing her to your chest. She lets out a small meow of protest before she starts a low purr. You exit the cat room and start heading upstairs. Once in your own room, you place Minx on your bed and lay down next to her. You pet her softly and she starts squinting her eyes, “I think I miss my mom Minx.” she gives a cackling meow, “I know I could call her, I actually really should. I just don’t know how to go about it.” another meow, you stop petting her, “Maybe I could. I don’t know. I’m just… tired and sad.” she stands up and hops on the side table, then up to the window. You sit up, then walk to the window too. You look out at the rapidly dimming trees, “I wonder what would happen if I jumped from here? Intrusive thought huh Minx?” you give her a quick pet, her butt lifts a little before she settles again. There’s a light rap at the door, “What’s up Gaster.”

“I- I was wondering if you wanted this, it was in your coat pocket.” you turn to see him offering your phone.
“Oh, yeah. I forgot it. Thanks.” you walk over and grab the phone. He nods his head, turning and leaving. You walk back to your bed and sit down on the edge, then look at the phone in your hand, “I guess I have to call her now, eh?” you look at Minx, she doesn’t respond. You shrug, opening the phone and going into contacts, then touching the call button. After a few seconds, the dial tone dies and the line is picked up “Hey mom.”


Gaster appears back in his office, then sits behind his desk, opening the video chat to make a call. He leans forward, interlocking his fingers and resting his chin on them.
“Evening Doctor.” the chemist says, he isn’t on screen, Gaster is watching the spinning vat of goo.
“Evening.” he watches the video screen, monitoring the vat, “Batch zero-zero-one-two, is it ready for extraction?”
“I believe so. Batch eleven did not work how we had expected it to, lowering DT did not meet the efficiency quota, and I found the bonding agent did not stick as well. Yet, just the viscosity of this batch is… different.”
“I see that. Doctor Alphys, what is the machine’s performance at the current moment.”
“I-it’s w-working much h-harder than i-it usually d-does sir.” she stutters, coming on screen. She has sterile equipment on, “The r-readout is, uh, um, th-thirty p-p-per cent h-higher.”
“We only raised the speed by five per cent, which means-” the chemist begins.
“We may have done it.”


You’re laying on your bed, knee propped up, crossing your ankle over top, “So he bit you?”
“Yes, it wasn’t terribly bad. But I’m still angry it happened.”
“You managed to get him in his enclosure though, right? We learned the hard way what happens if you don’t.”
“I had to stay up later, but I managed to get him in.” your mother says, she sighs, “I think he misses you.”
“I miss my baby boy too” you coo, “It’s a shame he hates phones so much, I’d ask if I could talk to him.”
“You should come by some time. He might be mad for a while but give him some strawberries and you’ll be his best friend again.”
“Probably.” you smile, “Anyways, I gotta go mom, I need to make some dinner for myself.”
“Okay sweetie, love you.”
“Love you too mom.” you hang up and sigh, you feel much better. You get up and head downstairs.


“Fax me the data!” Gaster stands from his desk hurriedly.
“Right away! Intern!” Gaster looks through the files on the credenza, scanning the numbers from the previous two batches. His printer roars to life, starting to receive the fax, he snaps his head up as it comes through, shooting out onto the tray. He picks it up and looks it over, placing it side by side with the other folders.
“Eureka! I think we have it!” Gaster grins, “Run the lab tests! If it passes the efficiency panel then we have it.” he turns back around, leaning on his desk, the camera switches to view the head chemist and Alphys, “Alphys, can you send me the machine output and calibrations during the preliminary, and final mixes? Doesn’t have to be immediately, this is just for the record.”
“Y-yes, sir! I w-will e-mail them to y-you l-later t-tonight.”
“Excellent! Leonard, call me when the scans are complete.”
“Will do, my friend.” the chemist nods.
“Conference adjourned.” Gaster says, ending the video call.


With a spring in his step, he walks out of his office, through the bedroom and down the hall, he looks in the kitchen and sees them making a sandwich, “Y/N! I just received the most glorious news!” they put the knife down, turning to face him.
“Yeah what’s up?”
“My project, we have found the right chemical balances, we are still running the final tests but I think we may have the right formula! If it passes efficiency tests and the stability panel, It can go to clinical trials!”
“No way? What!” they smile brightly at him, he smiles back.
“Yes!” he takes their hands in his, holding them tight, “I am so glad to be able to share it with you… would you like to go on a road trip this weekend?”
“You mean you’re finally gonna show me your big secret project that you hide away in your office to take calls for?” they tease him.

“Yes! All of it! I will show you my lab, you will meet my associates, my most trusted laboratory partners! You will see everything!” they give him a tight hug he summons a few hands and picks them up, they let out a surprised yelp. He buries his face in their neck, holding them close with his arms and spins them around, they both laugh merrily. He places them down gently, taking a knee as he does so he can look them in the eyes, he places his hands on their shoulders, “Thank you. There is no greater joy in my life at the present moment than what I have right now. You are a light in my life and I wish to share everything with you. I am eternally thankful for you.” he leans his forehead against them, their hands encircle his head.
“You’re welcome, Gaster. I’m so happy for you.” they’re still grinning, Gaster stands up.
“We will leave tomorrow night! I will have to inform my patients of my absence, and arrange for someone to come and feed the cats-” he starts pacing as they turn back to make his sandwich, “- I need to find someone who can cover my patients as well!” he starts to sign his words as he speaks, this is something they had never witnessed before, “Do you have a suitcase, Y/N? Do you need an overnight bag? Oh! Let’s order take-out tonight! My treat!” they can see him almost vibrating with excitement.
“Slow down Gaster.” they close their sandwich, taking a bite.
“Why slow down? There’s so much to do! I- I will have to prepare my presentation speech, oh how I loathe public speaking.”
“You’re signing, Gast.”
“Yes, I know! I am so overjoyed that rapturous hand gestures in the form of American Sign Language is the only way I can release it! I would yell enthusiastically if I could! Such a wondrous day it is, it is!” he turns on his heel, heading down the hall, starting to speak in his garbled language. They watch him go, eating their sandwich. They hadn’t apologized to him like they meant to. But he seems to have momentarily forgotten with the fantastic news. So they just sit at the table and eat their sandwich.

After finishing your sandwich you walk down the hall to Gaster's room, it is open slightly. You knock to be polite. After no answer, you push the door open and look around. You don't see him sitting at the foot of his bed so you assume he is in his office. You walk through, your eyes pass over an empty bottle of Scotch on the side table by the chairs, you reach out to knock on his office door. Seconds pass before the door is opened, “Yes Y/N? What can I assist you with?” he smiles leaning against the door frame.
“I- I know that you just got the best news imaginable, and I really don't want to like, change your mood or anything but…” you twiddle your thumbs, “I feel comfortable telling you what I think was bugging me.” you bite your cheek, feeling anxious. He steps out of the doorway closing it a small bit behind him,
“You would never interrupt my mood, Dearest.” you turn around and walk closer to the bed, “What have you discovered to be your issue?”
“I think I'm a little homesick.“ You mumble, turning to face him, “I-I called my mom and it was nice to talk with her.” you shrug, “So I guess it fixed me a little? Still doesn't excuse my behaviour… sorry that I called you a superior pain in my ass.” you smile cheekily at him. He smiles back, a low rumble resounding in his chest.
“I apologize for being neglectful of your feelings, prioritizing appearance over our relationship.”
“It's been what, three days back at work after that whole shitstorm? We have time to figure it out.” you look past him to the wall, zoning out slightly.
“That requires we communicate with each other.” he mentions, “I think we both need to verbally agree to adhere to communicating, rather than thinking the other is a mind reader.”
“Big time on you.” your eyes flick to him, “You get all uppity around people, you need to be able to speak with me the same at home and at work.” you reach forward grabbing his hand affectionately, “That doesn't mean we have to be kissing in the break room or anything.” you run a thumb near the edge of the circle through his palm, “We don't even have to be touching. I'm not huge on public affection anyway. Just… talk to me like you used to.” you look down at his hand, “We were decent friends before this started. Just because I live here and we occasionally kiss and I occasionally, sometimes sit on your lap doesn't mean anything changed.”
“The only reason we were friends before, is that you targeted my ego.” his held hand grips one of yours, “And I digress it worked like a charm.” Gaster leans over, touching his mouth to the top of your head, a mock kiss if you would.
“Weird old man.” you joke, smelling his cologne as he pulls away.
“I am not old, we have gone over this.”
“Hey, I'm not the one who got called Old As Dirt on the Internet.”
“How could that person possibly believe I am three-point-nine billion years old?” you laugh at him.
“They picked up on how literal you take things.” you tease, “You need to loosen up.” you poke him in the stomach playfully, “Also, I decided that I want Chinese food. But I don't know where the nearest one is.”
“I believe there is one in the town. Would you like to call them and order?”
“I hate calling.” you whine, adding a fake sob.
“Would you prefer to go there and order, wait in the car, then drive back?” he crosses his arms. You only have two choices.


Gaster is carrying two bags of food into the house, “We had to wait there for thirty minutes before ordering, then wait for food for twenty more minutes.” Gaster is rather exasperated at you, “Could you not have just called?”
“But I hate phone calls so much!” you whine, taking your shoes off, following him into the kitchen.
“That is seventy per cent of your job though, is it not?” he asks, placing the bags on the counter.
“Bingo bongo and that’s why I hate them!” you reply, “I make calls all day, I don’t wanna have to call just to get food.” you go digging in the bag looking for your food, “Besides, I didn’t have their menu, now I do.” you wave it before placing it on the counter, pulling out a styrofoam box and chopsticks. You also grab the spring rolls, “Well dig in Gast,” you take the boxes to the table.
“Can I be honest and say I do not know what any of this is? I have never eaten… ‘Chinese’ food before.” he has opened the teriyaki chicken, fork in hand. He’s pushing it around in the takeout container.
“You’re s’posed to eat it with rice or noodles.” you take a mouthful of noodles, talking around it, “Nof by isef.”
“That was incomprehensible, please say it again with your mouth empty.” Gaster chides. You roll your eyes and swallow the mouthful.
“You’re supposed to eat the main dishes with rice or noodles, not by itself.” you place your chopsticks next to your noodles, “Now gimme.” you make a grabbing hands motion for the chicken.
“Be polite and ask.” you whine at him, he holds it up away from you.
“I would like the chicken. Please let me have it.” you continue making the grabbing motion. Gaster Chuckles then walks over with the chicken.
“This is by far just as greasy as fast food burger establishments.” Gaster places the chicken next to your dish, turning to grab the rice he ordered for himself.
“I mean, yeah. It’s been Americanized. The moment people over here start making food it turns bad.” you grab chicken pieces to throw onto your shanghai noodles, “I haven’t had take-out Chinese in like three years.” you eat some more of the spicy noodles, Gaster sits to eat his food as well, sharing your chicken. The two of you eat in silence.


The rest of the night goes well, Having eaten your fill of Chinese and left the rest in the fridge for lunch the next day, you retired to your room, and Gaster to his. You spend time before bed picking out clothes. Comfortable travel ones, ones you wouldn’t mind wearing to dinner out, and something just a little showy, you never know where he’ll take you. You have a restless sleep that night, tossing and turning until dawn. You could have gone to him, to sit together waiting for sleep to take you by the hand. But a part of you was still bitter about your spat at the office. So unsurprisingly, when your alarm went off at 8am, you heaved your body out of bed and headed to take the coldest shower imaginable. Once completed, you start to groom your hair and put it back into something a little more comfortable, “Y/N are you-” Gaster is coming up the steps, and his head turns towards the bathroom. You currently have nothing except a bathrobe on, your brush stuck half way through your tangled mess of hair, “-my apologies.” he turns his face away, a small blush evident, “I should have made my presence known earlier.” he turns his body, back to you, “I was just coming to check how you were on packing. I wished to prepare bags so that when we return this evening we can leave promptly.” he states.
“I think I have everything I need. Leave the clothes on the bed alone, I want to change into them before we leave.” you say, finishing with your hair, and start braiding it back, using a little oil on your fingertips.
“U-understood. Do you have what you need-?” he leaves the question hanging.
“Yes I have my work clothes in here.” you say, reaching for your hair tie, “My clothes to bring are on my desk, don’t forget the weird looking red thing. That’s my binder and I want it.” you remind him.
“Yes, understood.” he says, starting to walk down the hall. You let out a small laugh and close the bathroom door then get dressed. You hadn’t heard him come back down the hall so you assumed he had just teleported. You hang your robe on the back of the door and walk to your bedroom. Grabbing your phone, you turn around to leave again, bumping into Gaster in the hall.

“Ah… where there any toiletries you require to have brought? I am not certain of your hygiene routine-”
“How many nights will we be there?” you ask, walking past him. Still mildly irritated from a lacking nights rest.
“We will be departing on Sunday.” he says, you count on your fingers.
“So three? I need my toothpaste, toothbrush, pick comb, and brush.” you walk into the bathroom, grabbing those items, “I also need my face wash, and a mask since I’m spending a Saturday night and those are treat myself nights. Oh, shoot. Will I need to be fancy at any time? I usually put a little concealer on if I’m going out.”
“No, you should be fine how you are dear.” he says. You hand him, or rather, his apparitions the items as you grab them.
“My masks are in the fridge, I’ll grab one before we leave tonight.” you say, looking at him, “Is that all Gaster?”
“Yes… I will put these in a plastic bag and in with your items.” he says, turning to walk down the stairs.
“Thank you!” you call after him, not getting a response back.


After work, you are exhausted. Literally leaning against Gaster as he comes to collect you to return home. You bury your face in his soft turtleneck and groan, “I could be in a coma and still wake up tired.”
“Well, I do believe that is normal, my dear.” he says, stroking your hair.
“It’s a figure of speech Mr Literal.” you reply, looking up at him, “I just wanna sleep.” you whine.
“Then you can do that in the car.” He says, looking down at you as you step away. He leads you to his office where you immediately are teleported home, but instead of the front foyer, you land in the centre of his home office, near his desk.
“Wh-” you start before you're pushed back against the desk. Gaster looming over top of you.
“You are still cold and detached like yesterday. Why is that so? You also did not get the best sleep, it is evident in your face and your lack of attentiveness at work.”
“I am perfectly fine.” you glare up at him, you could still get up if you wanted, but choose not to.
“You put salt in your coffee!” he stresses, “Y/N, whatever is the matter? You claimed it was homesickness, but there must surely be something else!”
“There isn’t.” you whisper, not moving under his glare, this an all too familiar position from old memories, “N-now could you let me up? I’m getting triggered.” you mumble weakly, looking away and back up at him. Recognition immediately settles on his face and he springs back, allowing you to sit up at your own pace.
“My deepest apologies, Y/N.” he bows his head, “You have just… been able to dodge me before and I saw this as my only opportunity, to corner you. I did not realize it could affect you so deeply.” you steady your breath as he says this.
“Yeah, I um.. thanks.” is all you say, getting up. “I will go get changed.” you leave his room, and walk down the hall, stopping in the laundry room to take your shoes and jacket off before heading into the kitchen to grab a face mask, then you head up the steps and to your own room. You peel your work clothes off and throw them on the floor, then put the travel clothes on. A giant t-shirt and some lightweight baggy sweats.

You grab your pillow and blanket, then your wallet. and head back downstairs. You hear Gaster in the garage and head that way, seeing him loading two small suitcases into the Infiniti. You place your bundle of items on top of the dryer then turn around to grab your running shoes and put them on. You sit on the stool to tie them. Gaster comes to the door.

“Would you like me to take those to the car?” He asks, gesturing to your bundle, you nod your head. He summons hands to grab the bundle and bring it to the car, placing them on your seat. You stand up and walk out and down the couple steps. He holds your door open for you, waiting until you are buckled, “Do you have everything? Your phone? I put your wallet in the bottom of the door.” you nod again, reclining the seat and pulling your blanket up.
“My phone is in my jacket. I saw you-” you yawn, “-put it in the back seat. I also have headphones in there.” you finish. he closes your door. and walks around to his.
“Right then.” he gets in and closes his door, opening the sun visor to press the garage door button, as well as the gate button next to it, and starting the car, “I will make a quick stop for gas, and then we will be heading on our way.” he backs out, and drives around the roundabout and onto the road, making sure to close the gate behind him.


As he pulls into the gas station and parks at the pump, he turns to you and asks, “Is there anything you would like? I understand you want to go to sleep, but I thought to at least offer-”
“Rootbeer, and a pack of Swedish fish.” you mutter.
“I will bring those.” he exits the car,  then walks into the store. You reach back and search for your phone in your jacket, then pull it out. You open Alphys’ messages and start texting her

[Hey, you free this weekend? I’m finding myself taking a spontaneous trip to your city and it’s been ages since I saw you!] you wait for a reply, Gaster comes back with your drink and candy. Your phone buzzes with a text from her.

[really? how about tomorrow!? after i get off work? I have a half shift]

[ye! send me an address and i’ll ask my boyfriend] you type back. Gaster is still outside pumping gas. You continue texting her, [he had some big break at work or something. he was so happy that he insisted we leave tonight.]

[good for him? i can’t wait to see you] you laugh and continue to text her, Gaster comes back in and starts the car.

“Hey, I was wondering if you’d mind taking me somewhere tomorrow? I wanna meet with a friend after her shift.”
“You know someone in the next town over?” he asks, starting to drive off.
“Yeah, we found each other online.”
“I would be glad to.” he says, “Just let me know an address and time and I will make sure you get there in a timely fashion.”
“Yes sir.” you say, pulling your blanket up bashfully. He growls low in his throat, you almost mistook it for the engine as he accelerated, you giggle.
“Watch your mouth little one, or you may find yourself unable to use it.” he warns. You hide under the blanket fully now.


At some point you had fallen asleep, you remember waking up a few times, probably when Gaster accelerated too fast, but this time when you wake up, you’re sitting in the car alone, in a hotel parking lot. Slightly panicked you become fully alert with a jolt, the engine isn't running on the car, and you look around it's dark outside, you feel around for your phone. Finding it on your seat between your legs you pick it up and check the time, it's 9:16. “Fucking hell.” you sigh deeply, rubbing your eyes then crossing your arms. Gaster opens his door, and the light turns on. You squint and cover your eyes.

“Oh, you have awoken.” he states, folding his chair slightly to allow him access to the back seat to grab the bags, “I have checked us in. If you will get your shoes on, we can go up.” he pulls the first bag out, placing it on the trolley. You grumble and start grabbing your shoes, slipping them on, you open your door and step out, collecting your blanket, pillow, and phone. You walk to Gaster’s side and place your stuff on the trolley, then walk to the back of the car, “Would you like to wear your coat?” you shake your head, “If you insist.” he places it on top and pushes the trolley. As he passes, you put your hand in his coat pocket. He chuckles, continuing to walk to the hotel doors. As the automatic doors swish open, you grip his coat tighter, following him to the elevators. He calls one down, and the doors open immediately. He pushes the trolley in and guides you along. He presses the Fifth Floor and waits for the doors to close. You start leaning into him, laying your head against his torso. The elevator doors open and he starts to push the trolley out. You follow along still silent. He grabs out a card and opens the door, allowing you in first.


Without even thinking you grab your bundle and place it on the bed, then lay down. Almost ready to fall back asleep. Until you open your eyes and sit up, alert and watching, “Gaster. There's only one bed.”
“It’s only one bed.” you stress again, looking at him as he carries in the bags.
“Is that an issue, Y/N?”
“What about you? I mean, I know you don’t sleep but don’t you need to at least relax your body?”
“There is a chair.” he gestures to the small desk.
“Y/N I will not hear more of it.” he says strictly, looking down at you, “You require sleep, and you are being unkind to your body by denying it that sleep when it is so obviously trying to make you sleep.” he crosses his arms. You sigh, laying back down.

“Fine, but when you bring the trolley back down you better be quiet coming in. I’m a light sleeper.” you grab the pillow from the hotel bed and adjust it under your head, hugging your own pillow tightly and  turning your back to Gaster. He grabs the blanket that you left discarded behind you, and covers you with it wordlessly, before walking away and pushing the trolley out of the room.

Chapter Text

You feel yourself stirring, but you don’t want to get up. You hear the turning of paper, and the squeaking of a chair, your burrow your head deeper into the pillow you clutched all night, whimpering. You knew it was Gaster, you knew you had been kinda an asshole yesterday, you knew there were unresolved issues, and you didn’t want to deal with them. You whine again, turning and stretching in bed. Why did your body need to wake up when he was still here? Why couldn’t he just… go to his lab or something. You peek an eye out from your pillow, looking at Gaster sitting at the desk in the corner, the lamp on above him, his back is to you. You look at the clock on the bedside table, faintly making out either a 4 or a 5. You grumble groggily, burying your head again. The chair creaks and you can feel Gaster looking at you, “Good morning, Y/N.” you grunt in response, “Are you having a difficult time seeing the clock?” you give him a long groan, “I can not discern what you are saying if you do not use words.”
“Is it four or five.” you ask into the pillow.
“It is five-forty-seven,” he replies.
“Does this place have breakfast?”
“Yes, I believe so.”
“In about fifteen minutes.” you groan and roll over, sliding your feet off the bed.
“I guess I’ll get up then.” You look at him, squinting to block the lamplight, Gaster moves in front of it.
“Better?” he asks.
“Yes, much.” you stand and walk to your bag, blanket still clinging to you as you search for new clothes. As you find something you want to wear, you throw it behind you on the bed, save for your underwear you tuck those under your arm and grab out your hygiene products. You pick all the stuff up and walk to the bathroom. The blanket had fallen off at some point. You close and lock the door.

Gaster had watched as they haphazardously tossed their belongings out of their bag, collected them, and locked themselves away in the bathroom. He doesn’t need to be at the lab for another two hours almost. No use in changing clothes at the moment. He stands from the chair and stretches, he had been sitting all night with minimal movement, for their sake, and his body is slightly sore. He walks over to their bag and picks up the clothes strewn on the floor, placing them back in. He then straightens the sheets and repositions the pillow, folding the fallen blanket up and placing it on the end of the bed. Once he is happy with the order of the room, he sits back down in the chair, facing the direction of the door and bathroom, his file in hand but not being read. When the bathroom door opens, he looks up briefly, they are brushing their teeth while carrying their dirty clothes, dropping them on the bag, “Would you like to go alone, or may I accompany you?” they shrug at his question, heading to the bathroom and spitting the toothpaste out of their mouth.
“Whatever you want. Doesn't matter to me.” Gaster can almost tell they are lying. He must have messed up royally for them to be so passive.
“Y/N, I really wish you would tell me what is bothering you. You are appearing fine one moment, but cold and distant the next. “
“What's bothering me-” they step out of the bathroom, pointing their toothbrush at him, “-is my shit to deal with. I don't need you analyzing me or prying at my head for information. Anytime something is wrong I tell you, and that's all you need to know.” they go back into the bathroom to continue brushing their teeth. Gaster stands and walks over to the doorway.
“Then do not tell me as a therapist. Tell me as your partner-”
“My deep dark secrets aren't unlocked until you hit chapter four, chapter three if you're lucky. Pay me in the form of alcohol if you wanna hear them faster, just better hope I'm depressed and not horny on main.” they say all of this without a hint of humour.
“Dearest I just-”

“Just wanna what? Make me better? Good luck.” they shake their head, “You asked me if when I say I'm tired if I'm using it to replace something? Yeah, I am. I wanna take a dirt nap , not just a normal nap.  When I say I wanna be comatose I mean brain dead, catching my drift?” they rinse their brush off, and start rinsing their mouth, Gaster remains silent, “I still have thoughts, I still have the ideology.” they turn the tap off, “But I manage. I just… I managed differently with my parents than here. There I would bug my mom with a stupid joke and get a laugh out of her reaction, with you, you just dish them back at me.” they sigh, bowing their head in the sink, “I appreciate your kindness Gaster, and I really want to be in a relationship with you, you are a brilliant and wonderful man, I'm just… having a hard time coping?” Their voice is wavering, “The last relationship I was in, the guy didn't do fuck all trynna help me or asking how I was. But now you are and I can't figure out if you're giving me real warning signals-” Their voice breaks, “-or if my brain is just being faulty.” they start crying, then look to Gaster, “I wanted to come with you, to see if I'd feel better but hell I'm just worse, crying in the fucking bathroom at six in the morning. Pathetic.” he immediately steps forward and hugs them, holding their head against his chest, purring soothingly. They grip his sweater and sob into his chest

For one of only a few occasions, Gaster has no words of endearment, nothing to encourage them with. He just hugs them tight, holding their head close and petting their hair. He can't ask about anything, they explained every question he would have for them. Which proves how scarily close they know him. He feels a sense of guilt and looks back at some of his actions over the last week. He realizes all of the mixed or confused signals he gave recently, all the times he happened to have been drinking and snapped at them while stressed. He remembers pinning them to the desk just the other day, and the fear in their eyes, the way they froze under him, “I…” he grips them tighter, almost choking on his words, “I am so deeply apologetic. For everything. For whisking you away from your family, for keeping you sheltered like a songbird in a cage, for taking my fits of anger and frustrations out on you involuntarily.” he loosens his grip and they look up at him, he takes his sleeve and wipes their face, “I make no excuse for my wrong actions, and I will make a conscious effort to change them, just as we both must make a conscious effort at communication. Which I believe you are doing wonderful on.” he pushes stray hairs out of their face, their lip is still quivering, “Would you like to sit in the bed?” he asks, letting go of them completely. They nod their head, and so he turns leading them to the bed. They lay down on their side, grabbing one of the pillows and cover their chest with it. Gaster sits at their hip, stroking their head, they continue to cry silently. Then start laughing, “Whatever are you on about?” he asks.

“Just marvelling at how I wish I knew I was gonna cry cuz then I would've brought a stuffie with me, but then I realized I'm an adult and not a child but that's what my ex would say, he hated my stuffies. If I found something that I really liked he'd always be like ‘ugh another one?’ and like… they were never bad. And I'd only get it if I really liked it.” they laugh again, “I'm rambling, giving you a taste of my big bad deep dark secrets.” they laugh more hysterically, Gaster looks at them with concern.
“I am so confused and enraptured by you simultaneously,” he says, shaking his head. They smile at him.
“You should come and cuddle.” they pat the space behind them, “You’re probably more likely to bite than I am.” Gaster stands from the bed and walks around to sit on the other side, they don’t look back at him. There’s a moment of no movement, then Gaster leans back, laying on the bed, then rolls onto his side, throwing his arm over them.
“Is this suitable?” he asks, they realise he’s not wearing his gloves. One of their hands come out to lay on top of his as they continue to clutch the pillow. His knees are curled just under theirs, his arm pulls the two of them closer together.
“Yeah. It’s nice.” they allow their hand to trace up his long fingers, he places his head on theirs, just by their ear. They remain like that for some time, not talking, just feeling.


You feel like you’re drifting off, Gaster is so warm, and the pressure from his arm as he holds you is comforting. It’s when he starts to speak that you open your eyes, “Do not fall asleep, little one.”
“Aww, but you’re so comfy.” you tease, sitting up. His arm starts to let go of you, but you just turn to face him, “Why don’t you breathe.” You ask, “I’ve heard you sigh, and you’ve huffed before. But you never breathe.”
“I do not need a steady intake of oxygen, I also do not have lungs to process air. My anatomy is odd.”
“But you need air to smell, cuz your tongue.” you point as his face, he chuckles.
“Yes, I suppose I do. But I am not constantly smelling my surroundings, either.”
“I guess not…” you reach a hand forward, touching his face, “How about a circulatory system, you’ve got to have blood.”
“I do, but it acts less like human blood, and more like… neon in a sign.” he explains, his irises dimming slightly before brightening again.
“Neon in a sign? Now that I have to hear.” you sit up more, so does Gaster.
“When met with an electrical current, neon lights up, since it is a conductor. My ‘blood’-” he uses air quotes, “- is much like the neon, except instead of an electrical current, it is magical energy.”
“Please tell me if it glows fluorescently?” you joke, Gaster laughs.
“No, I am afraid it does not. Though, I would be more afraid if it did.” the both of you quietly laugh at his statement. You lean your head on his shoulder as you laugh.
“You’re so funny Gaster.” you gasp, catching your breath, “And you don’t even need to use crude humour.”
“There are witticisms in words, one must just string them together correctly.”
“I mean, I’ll laugh at anything. Bad puns to cryptic words.”
“And what would these cryptic words be, hmm?” he asks, stroking your back, you look up at him.
“Okay so if I were to say to you ‘I will dissolve and ingest your left kidney’, that’s creepy enough, right? Well, I managed to get someone to ask me ‘Why the left kidney?’ and in a deadpan voice, I told them it was because it was the healthiest one.” Gaster just tenses, looking at you for a very long minute.
“You truly, should be feared.” he says, alarmed and frankly disgusted.
“What? Lil’ ol’ me?” you give him fake puppy dog eyes, “Yeah, you’re probably right.” you snort, he rolls his eyes.
You need coffee.”
“And food!” you add, rolling off the bed, “I feel so much better now, I definitely wasn’t crying twenty minutes ago, no sir.”
“It is because you were crying twenty minutes ago that you are  feeling so well now, dearest.” he says, sitting up and turning to the edge of the bed to stand, “All of the lovely endorphins in your brain are telling your body it is time to relax.” he stands, reaching his arm up and stretching, “The names of said endorphins escape me at the moment.” you turn to look at him as he stretches, your eyes roam up and down his back.
“My name escapes me at the moment.” you cover your mouth, quickly hiding a smile and stifling your laugh.
“I beg your pardon?” he looks back at you over his shoulder, twisting at an odd angle before lowering his arms and walking around the bed.
“Hah, nothing!” you put your hands up, “Nothing at all Gast, heh…” you shrink into yourself, backing against a wall, giggling.

“I think you know very well what you said, little one.” he bends down to your height, “You must be too shy to repeat it, such a shame.” two knuckles graze against your face, claws dragging lazily behind, “Or perhaps this was one occasion where you spoke to elicit a reaction.” you giggle harder at that, “Ah that is it, is it not?”
“What gives you that idea?” you laugh, closing your eyes and relishing in his affection. His hand curls around the back of your neck, and threads into your hair.
“Your chaotic laugh is the most obvious.” he states, pulling you away from the wall, “Your choice in words, is another tell.” you grab onto his turtleneck, now craning yourself at an odd angle, “And your body language previous to the current position would lead one to believe you were guilty, or ashamed of your actions, possibly fearful as well.”
“And what does my body language say now, Doctor?” you tease, lips parting with a faint smile.
“That you are properly stimulated by flirtatious contact.” a third summoned hand pulls your hips further away from the wall, closer to Gaster, “Your hands are gripping my sweater in a way that suggests anticipation.” the hand on your face trails to your lips, “Involuntarily, or voluntarily, parted lips, as if you were expecting a kiss.” the hand leaves, trailing down slowly to replace the one on your lower back, “Or perhaps I am wrong, you may just be gripping me for support. You are ever so clumsy when your feet are compromised.”
“Don’t you dare!” you say to him.
“Do not dare to do what, little one?” his hands momentarily let go of you, and you bring a leg up, trying to stabilize yourself. He swings you around and dips you lower.
“I am going to end you.” you growl, smiling.
“Make it quick and pleasant.” he replies.
“Was that a death joke? From the therapist?” you tease.
“I deemed it appropriate given the context.” he guides you back up, then lets go once you’re on your feet, “Given ending does not have to mean death.” he turns, sticking his tongue out and up, flicking the end, you get the meaning and tap his arm lightly.
Gaster!” you hiss, a blush on your face. Gaster chuckles.
“Now that is the reaction I enjoy to envoke from people.” he adjusts his turtleneck.
“Jackass.” you mutter, looking at him sheepishly.
“What foul language.” Gaster replies, turning to the door, “I do believe we were on our way to get breakfast, or do you no longer hunger?”
“I hunger for revenge.” you reply following behind him, he doesn’t acknowledge your words.


After breakfast, three cups of coffee and learning that there’s a timmies down the street, you beg Gaster to leave you the keycard.
“Please? I’ll need my tea.”
“I am taking you to meet your friend for coffee this afternoon when I am done at work. Can you not wait until then?” he asks, checking the files in his briefcase.
“No,” you whine, “I need the tea. And you can just teleport in, I can’t.” you point out, “Please Gaster?”
“No.” he replies, closing his briefcase.
“Please Doctor?”
“Absolutely not.”
Please sir?” he hesitates a moment, then reaches into his pocket, taking out the key card and two twenty dollar bills.
“Buy yourself lunch as well, I can not have you starving on me. You would probably just whine more.” he ‘kisses’ the top of your head as you take the card and cash.
“Didn’t know that using sir got me things. Maybe I’ll keep that in mind for the future.”
“Be careful what it gets you, little one.” he says walking past you. You turn to face him.
“What do you-” he’s not there, “-mean by that.” you sigh, then go to find your phone, sending him a text.

[what did you mean by that]

your only response is multiple heart emojis and a smile. Sighing, you resign to spending the rest of the morning watching cable TV.


After some time at the lab, Gaster finds himself stirring his mug of coffee and staring into it while standing in the break room, not paying any particular attention to his surroundings.
“Are you trying to dissolve your stick? I don't think it will work well.” Gaster looks up to see Leonard standing in the doorway.
“I am doing a repetitive motion in an attempt to alleviate stress.” he stops stirring, “It has not worked.”
“Then take the stick out before your coffee tastes like a forest.” he walks in, Gaster throws the wooden stick in the garbage, “You're the shrink here, you tell me what's better for stress, talking about it or a futile attempt to dissolve a stir stick?” Gaster scoffs before drinking his coffee.
“I do not need a degree to tell me which is better, but one is easier than the other. And we all look for the easiest way to do things.” Leonard starts pouring himself coffee from the pot.
“Maybe so, but you of all people should know the easiest is never the most beneficial.” he walks to the fridge and grabs out two creamers, “What troubles you, my friend.”
“My partner is having a difficult time adjusting to living with me, and I am having a difficult time adjusting to our work relationship. We have mutually agreed on communication being a necessity, and that it must be open…” he takes another sip, “But they dropped a figurative bomb this morning about their struggles with depression, and mentioned they may have lingering traces of suicidal ideology.” Another sip of coffee, “As their partner my soul is heavy for their struggle, but as a professional, I feel a sense of detachment from the issue and can not clearly express my concern.” he looks to his most trusted lab partner, “Do you see my dilemma?”
“A dilemma indeed.” he responds, “But since you mentioned that the two of you are taking the mature and healthy route, my suggestion as someone with no knowledge about counseling a relationship, is you tell them what you told me just now.” Gasters irises flicker, “Don't give me that.” Leonard glares at Gaster, “You know as well as I do that you know how to articulate what you feel and how you feel better than show it.” Gaster glances away, taking another sip of his coffee, “Have you talked with your sponsor recently?” Gaster almost chokes on his drink.
“No. And I do not need to.” he lies, for a moment believing it.
“Don't think I haven't noticed the substantial cut to funding. We lost someone big, and I know loses hit you hard. Maybe just touch base to make sure-”
“Leonard, I truly do not need to speak with my sponsor.” Gaster insists.
“Does your partner even know you used to have a bottle for a crutch?” Gaster remains silent, looking into his cup, “That tells me your communication is not as open as you expect from them.” Leonard takes a long drink from his mug.
“You are a right Bastard, you know that?” Gaster sighs, “I really truly appreciate your concern good friend, but I am in no need of assistance from my sponsor.”
“The more you deny it the more it makes me believe that you do need to reach out.” Gaster has another sip of his coffee.
“Fine, since you insist so heavily on my need for support. I will call them.”


You're following your google maps app to the Tim Hortons, and window shopping while you do. Apparently, there are a few touristy shops set up along this road, which is really good marketing honestly. Seeing as you can't keep your eyes on where you're going, and almost walk into a signpost. After that, you're more diligent in watching where you're going, and eventually, you get to the fast food coffee shop. You put your phone back in your coat pocket and take out your headphones as you walk in, not particularly packed inside but there's a definite line-up for the drive-thru.

“Hi there! We're a little short staffed today, someone will help you in a minute!” a person says, running out from the back with a tray in hand.
“No worries! I have time.” you wait in the lineup, you are the only person waiting. After a few minutes, two kids run in, no more than ten years old, and head straight to the display with the doughnuts. Which is fine, part of being a kid going to Tim Hortons, you look around for their parents. But there's no one else coming into the building. You look away and watch the back of the store, feeling bad for the poor service workers. When the children are done looking at the doughnuts, they get up and stand in line… in front of you. A cashier comes up just then.
“Can I help who's next?” the two kids are about to step up, but you go around them and stand in front, then look back and down at them.
“I do believe that I was here first.” you say coldly, squinting slightly. They both look at you wide-eyed, slightly petrified, but say nothing, you turn to the cashier and order an iced coffee and food, pay, and move to the side to wait for your order. Once it's ready and you receive it you go and sit down, place it on the table, and bury your head in your hands.

That was such a Gaster thing to do? You're about to break into hysterical tears from how uncanny that was. From the pose to the tone, to only an eye expression, it all screamed Gaster and it made you want to scream. You were certainly spending way too much time with him if you were copying his body language, not to mention the lowering of your voice when you were speaking to the children. Part of you felt bad, but honestly a whole lot of you was screaming ‘fuck it, they're old enough to know they gotta wait in line.’, and honestly you agreed with that side more. You rub your face, then put your headphones back in, continuing to listen to your music while eating.


Back with Gaster…



He grabs his phone from his lab coat pocket, opening it, seeing a text from his partner reading [i just did the most you thing possible and frankly I want to dissolve into a paste] he re-reads it, but replies nothing, and continues to his contacts. He hesitates a moment over the contact.
“Your hesitation speaks loudly about what you will not say out loud.” Gaster glares before tapping the call button in Childlike Defiance. He places it to his head stubbornly, crossing his arms and tapping his foot. The call goes to voicemail, so Gaster hangs up.
“They are un-” his phone starts ringing,”-available…” he sighs, accepting the call.


”Gaster?” the voice on the other end asks, ”Is that really you?”
“Y-yes, it is.” he responds.
“Are you okay? You haven't called in, oh geez… five months?” they ask quickly and with concern.
“Yes, I am perfectly fine, I just wished to touch base.” he looks to Leonard, who is smugly sipping his coffee.
“Wow, of all the busy people in my life, it’s you who reaches out.” they laugh lightly on the other end.
“Do not be coy.” he scowls, “How old is Bentley now? Eight months?” he changes the subject.
“Almost nine.” they respond.
“Ah, I guess I will bring an item with me for you then, since I neglected the ‘baby shower', and never brought you something to make up for it.”
“Buy me enough coffee to keep me awake for three days straight and I'll forgive you.” his scowl turns to a slight grin.
“That is a bargain I can not refuse. May I contact you at a later date to arrange when and where to meet?”
“As long as you follow through, sure. I'll make sure I bug you on Monday.” they respond.
“Fair enough.” Gaster sighs, “I will be in touch, Sah.”
”Look forward to hearing from you, Gaster.” they reply, ”Bye.”
“Goodbye.” he hangs up, then puts his phone back in his pocket, “Satisfied now?”

“I should be asking you that.” Leonard replies.
“I was satisfied beforehand. I did this to appease your incessant worrying.” Gaster counters, but feels much better after having a chat with her, even for just a few seconds. But he won’t admit it out loud.
“You are too proud for your own good.” Leonard huffs, starting to walk out of the break room, “Perhaps if we removed the stick lodged in your-” Gaster immediately summons a hand to cover Leonards mouth, removing it a few seconds later, “You get the idea.” he shrugs, turning to Gaster, “Make of it what you will.” Gaster lifts his coffee mug to his mouth, takes a sip, and flips Leonard off. The chemist just laughs, walking down the hall. Gaster smiles behind his mug.


After you finished your Lunch, you decide to take your time walking back, even looking in a couple of the shops on your way. Nothing too interesting, but there were some nice items that made you wish you hadn’t seen the price tag. Tourist traps are such a drag. You return to the hotel and head to the room, using the keycard to get in. You open the door and putz around, watching T.V.  and scrolling on your phone for a while longer. You think back to the time you and Gaster spent together this morning, and it gives you butterflies. He’s huge, and could probably kill you with his bare hands, but he’s soft and gentle and comfortable. Plus his shoulders? You shiver, shaking away a particularly pleasant idea before it consumes you. You generally didn’t just crawl in bed with anyone , even just to cuddle, but Gaster makes you feel safe enough to consider it. A small part of your brain tells you he’s playing you, using his knowledge of psychology and thinking processes to manipulate you… but you shake that thought away as well. He tells you every time you bring up him being a therapist that he never treats you like a client and never plans to. Then does some cheesy thing like kiss you or nuzzle you, saying he wouldn’t treat a patient or client like that. You flush thinking about him and bury your face in your pillow. You phone chimes then.
[I will be returning in 10 minutes, see you soon.] which is followed by his favourite heart emoji, you smile reading the message.
[will we be leaving shortly after?] you type back, turning the T.V. off.
[Do you have the address and time?] you smack your head.
[shit, no. forgot to ask her, hold on.] you open a message to Alphys. She responds, saying she’s already at home just unwinding from work, you pass the address and time to Gaster.
[That is doable.] is his text, nothing else. You leave it be, waiting for him to come back.

When he appears, you’re laying on your back, wrapped in the blanket you brought, propping yourself on the pillows, “Yo Gast.” you give him a peace sign as you play a mindless time waster on your phone.
“Hello to you as well dearest.” he says, placing  the briefcase on the desk, “I assume your day went well?”
“Yeah, had a nice walk. Scared some kids at Tim Hortons. Dunno if you read my text.”
“Ah, yes I did. I had meant to respond, but became… preoccupied.” he leaves the case be, “Do you mind terribly if I change first? While I do enjoy dress shirts, I do not feel like wearing one just now.” he says, taking his coat off, laying it on the foot of the bed.
“You could be shirtless and I wouldn’t care.” you muse, not paying full attention.
“You are not saying that to elicit a response this time?” he says, starting to untuck the dress shirt.
“I don’t know.” you look up a moment, “Kinda over it. I’ve wholeheartedly accepted that you have nice shoulders, so seeing the rest of you is a bonus.” you look back down, “Do whatever you feel comfortable with.” Because you’re looking at your phone, you miss the slight blush on his face. He starts to just unbutton his shirt while walking to the small suitcase of his.
“So how did you strike fear into the hearts of children, you are the least intimidating thing I could imagine.” he jokes, you peek up, catching a glimpse of his stomach.
“They came in to look at doughnuts, then stood in line in front of me and almost went to the till. They were like twelve or something like they should know better.” he grabs a cream coloured turtleneck, and places it on top of the suitcase.
“One would assume so, but that does not tell me how you, and I quote, ‘did the most you thing ever’, so please, elaborate.” he asks, shrugging his shirt off. You immediately lose the time-wasting game on your phone, along with your train of thought. His back is to you.
“Hmm.” you let your eyes roam, “Said a thing... “ they focus on his right shoulder, and the thick grey scar that runs over it, “... they were spooked.”
“Ever so descriptive, dearest.” he puts the shirt on, folding the collar, turning to face you.
“Mm, I was distracted.” you place your phone on your chest. Gaster walks over, leaning over top of you, supporting himself with his hands.
“Am I truly that much of a spectacle?” he teases.
“Mhm.” you nod, sitting up and giving him a peck on the cheek, “As well sculpted as Michelangelo's statues.” his face flushes a light purple.
“Uh, thank you.” he says, pulling away and sitting on the edge of the bed
“I need to put my binder on before we go.” you mutter, sitting up fully. Placing your arm on his shoulder, then leaning into him. You kiss where his ear would be, then move forward, leaving an affectionate trail of kisses along his jaw. He groans as you do, tilting his head away slightly, “Just as sensitive as me?” you whisper against his face, bumping your head against it affectionately.
“Somewhat, I admit.” you pull away.
“I should get ready.” you say, standing off the bed, and walking to grab your binder, then going into the bathroom to put it on, closing the door behind you. After you do, you give your chest a delicate touch, happy with the disappearance of the bumps, you walk out of the bathroom. Gaster has, yet again as he did this morning, straightened out the bed.
“Are you ready to go, my dear?” He asks, standing from the desk chair.
“Yup, I just uhh… need my phone, and my coat.”
“I placed your phone in your coat, and your coat in the closet.” he says, gesturing to the front.
“Well then I guess I’m good to go.” you shrug.

Once in the car, and while you are driving, Gaster speaks up, “So where does your friend work?” he asks.
“She’s a mechanical engineer. Super cool and nifty. She’s a giant nerd too, I love her.” you smile dopely.
“Well that is a good profession to have, the building and design of equipment is important.” he says, “How did the two of you meet? If you do not mind my asking.”
“I don’t mind. I met her online through writing fanfiction. We kinda just started talking a lot after that. And boom, friends.” you giggle, “Can’t really explain how. I was just a dumbass kid finishing high school, and she was starting a university course.” you shrug.
“Friendships have no age limits.” Gaster replies, ignoring the self-hate comment. The two of you continue talking during the drive, about this and that.
“Oh, Gast, um was wondering if you could do something? Or, er, not do something?”
“And what would that be, dear?” he asks.
“Umm, my friend, she's easily spooked. And I've told her you can be cold sometimes, but maybe don't, ya know… be so broodingly intimidating.”
“I will make my best attempt to act properly, as to not ‘spook' your friend.” he assures, laughing.


You're basically bouncing in your seat, you are radiating joy as Gaster pulls into a parking stall. You jump out of the car and start speed walking to the Starbucks, him almost directly behind you. As you open the door you see the familiar yellow Dino with orange spots sitting at a table, “Alphy!” you call out, her head turns.

“Y-Y/N!” she gets up from the chair, you hug her.
“It's been forever!” you say, letting go after a long time and swinging with her.
“Y-yeah! It has!” she's smiling
“Well, what an interesting surprise, Doctor Alphys,” Gaster says from behind you. Alphys looks up.
“Oh, uh. D-doctor Gaster! Wh-what are you doing here?” you're so confused right now.
“Y/N is my partner. This is entirely coincidental, extremely embarrassing, would you not agree?”
“Y-yes.” Alphys answers, you're extremely confused.
“How do you know each other?” you ask.
“I am her-”
“H-he's my-”
“-Boss” they say in unison.
“Oh, tea. I'm dating my boss and my friends boss.” you shrug.
“When you informed me that they were a mechanical engineer I did not think that it would be my prized Pupil.”
“A-and when y-you s-said he w-was y-your b-b-boss I did-didn’t know it w-was h-him?”
“This is literally the most awkward thing. I'm yelling internally, and I want to invert myself. I'm off to grab a drink!” you turn around walking to the front counter. While you're ordering your drink you can see and partially hear their discussion. Sounds like they're grilling each other about you. As you move to wait for your drink you turn around and say to them, “Ya know. This is the funniest thing to ever happen.” they turn to look at you.
“Alphys was just telling me about how long she's known about me~” he teases, “She told me you asked her about souls before we started dating. How kind of you.” his irises expand, the only sign of emotion you'll get out of him in an unknown public space. Your drink comes up and you grab it, heading to the table.
“Go get your drink Gaster, I wanna talk to my Alphy.” you sling an arm around her and she blushes.
“Very well, enjoy your thirty-second chat.” he gets up, passing by you with a touch on your shoulder.

“W-when you s-said he was l-loaded I didn't think he was t-that loaded. How d-did you get him t-to like you?” Alphys asks as soon as he's out of earshot. You sit down in the chair, leaning in closer.
“Honestly? I don't know!” you whisper excitedly, “He approached me with some idea about an Art Therapy program, but then I licked his hand and we went on a date and then we kissed and the blackmail thing happened and I moved in with him and I haven't even slept in the same bed as him, let alone slept with him. I mean the first time we spooned was this morning because I started to doubt everything and got upset, and I’ve sat on his lap before, I even straddled him a couple times, but I never like… intentionally tried anything.” your eyes dart behind you, Gaster is still waiting in line.
“W-well W-when you do, I h-hear he's q-quite ex-experienced.” she stutters out, blushing the whole time.
“Is this first hand or second-hand knowledge?” you pump your brows, joking with her and she blushes more, hiding her face in her scarf.
“His previous mistresses, and the occasional mister, never shut up about him!” she manages to whisper without stuttering. You look behind you.
“Knew he was just a little gay.” you chuckle, “I guess he's also a hoe. Or, er, was.” you add on, as Gaster walks back over. You focus on Alphys, “Did they really never shut up?”
“Did who never shut up? “
“Your ex’s! Alphy was just telling me how annoying they were, right Alph? “ You ask, nudging her slightly
“Y-yes.” she doesn't make eye contact with Gaster. He chuckles with amusement, sitting down, a cup of coffee in hand.
“Yes, previous people I have been romantically or otherwise involved with have been adamant about telling the world what happens. Though I think that is more their personality and less my doing.” he raises his cup to drink.
“Interesting.” you lean forward, “And how does that make you feel?” Alphys snorts, and Gaster stops mid drink, placing it down, and sighing.
“Do I truly need to explain how it makes me feel or are you mocking my ‘day job’?” he uses air quotes.
“Both, I’m interested in hearing what you have to say.” Gaster scoffs, Alphys is hiding behind her drink.
“Maybe some other time, I believe we are making poor Alphys uncomfortable.” he continues taking another sip.
“Prude.” you stick your tongue out at him and start drinking in defiance. Gaster sets his cup down.
“You know I am the complete opposite of a prude, dearest. Or must I remind you of my abilities?” you choke on your drink, and so does Alphys. The two of you are coughing and trying to get air in your lungs, Gaster has a wide toothy smile.
“D-doctor Gaster?!” Alphys says, sounding betrayed.
“It is off hours, Alphys. Please, just call me Gaster.” he watches you continue to splutter.
“Zero sympathy Gast?” you cough after, still feeling the burning in your throat. He lazily reaches a hand to pat your head.
“There, there, little one.” you puff your cheeks out.
“A left kidney sounds mighty tasty right now.”
“Sadly I do not have one.” Gaster teases. Alphys looks so confused, and the three of you continue on like this. You often ignore Gaster as well, until he steals your drink, then you acknowledge him once every two minutes.
“S-so, have y-you two, um, uh-” she fidgets with her fingers, “S-said ‘love’ yet?” Gaster stops and looks to Alphys, and so do you, “Uh, I mean, y-you don't h-have to tell me, just w-wondering.” she ducks her head. Gaster looks to you, and you look at him. You open your mouth to speak, but Gaster beats you to it.
“Not as of yet, but I feel I would be more likely to use it first.” he admits, you look at him wide-eyed.
“What makes you say that hot shot?” you ask, raising an eyebrow.
“Your use of the word ‘like' in lieu of something more… descriptive.”
“Joke’s on you, I just have a really bad vocabulary.” you finger guns him, he sighs, shaking his head.
“That is a lie and you know it is.”
“You’re right, I have attachment issues, but can you blame me?” you shrug, Alphys stays quiet, Gaster as well, “That’s what I thought.” you finger guns them

After sitting and talking, and joking around, also three drinks later, the three of you part ways and you head with Gaster to the car, once inside and buckled you turn to him to speak, “You're sure able to act friendly.”
“Well, it was much easier to do considering I knew the person. I am actually quite friendly if I am familiar with you.” he starts the car.
“Mister dark and mysterious isn't as mysterious as he wants people to think.”
“I am just as dark and mysterious as people believe me to be, I can just alter how I present myself to get the desired outcome. Sound familiar?” you lightly hit his arm.
“You gotta keep rubbing it in huh?” you sink into your seat, stretching your legs out and sipping your frappuccino.
“Yes, I suppose so. It is just so fascinating how you attempted to use a manipulative personality, but danced right into a relationship.”
“To be fair, you instigated by saying the date wasn't for entirely professional reasons.”
“Ah, I guess I must own up to my part.”
“Yeah you better, Gast.” you tease and he chuckles, driving in a comfortable silence.

Seems today went better than you Expected...

Chapter Text

It's the next morning, and Gaster is driving you to his lab, telling you about the facility, he seems really proud of it.


"And while there are sterilization protocols, you will not be affected, as I do not think we will be touring that part of the facility." he turns into a parkade, driving down slowly before going over a speed bump, "Oh I am so enthralled to finally be showing you my project." he drives down another level, pulling into a reserved spot and parking the car.
"What even is your project. You've literally told me nothing about it. " You point out.
"Oh, you will see! It will become apparent as we do my rounds." he unbuckles then steps out. You open your door and step out as well, "We will need to stop by the administration office, to pick up a visitors pass."
"What? Is it a shirt that says ‘Property of WD Gaster, if lost, please return.' or something?" you chuckle.
"No, but I do enjoy the thought of the possessive noun property used." he waits for you to walk around the car.
"I would wear it with pride." you walk up next to him, and take his arm, having become instinct by this point.
"You would walk outside topless with pride, dearest." he starts leading you to a set of doors, probably leading to an elevator.
"Not true." you poke his arm, "I will stand in front of a third-floor window with my back to it topless, but not like…
outside. Too cold." he opens the door, and you walk through, then press the elevator button.
"Shamelessly provocative is the only trait I can think to label your actions with." he stands behind you.
"The view from where you were standing was good though, you have to admit." the two of you step on the elevator and Gaster presses the ‘M' floor button.
"I was not complaining about
my view, which was exceptional." he comments, running his gloved hand up and down your shoulder, "It was what anyone else who happened to be looking up would see."
"Ooo, my bare back and my hair, how sexy." you giggle at his irritated growl.

Since last night, you have been shamelessly teasing him over every little thing. When you stretched you made extra loud whining groans. You also let your hair fall free last night, which wasn't the smartest idea because it was a bitch to brush this morning after breakfast, but it kept Gaster entertained and away from his files for a full hour. You noticed that's something he happens to do a lot, get absorbed into his work and just keep going at it. He has zero concepts of taking a break, and even though he seems fine with it, working at the clinic and working on whatever this is, you personally think he needs a rest. The elevator doors open, and you enter a lobby. Gaster walks directly past the receptionist's desk and to a door labeled ‘Administration', he opens the door without even knocking. You enter behind him, peeking your head around his body, both hands in his pockets.

"Morning Doctor, leave your ID at someone's hotel again?" the receptionist asks, not looking away from her screen. Is he that well known for getting around?
"Ah, no. I actually have that this time." he turns to look back at you, "Do not be afraid dear. Her bark is worse than her bite." you step forward, and the lady looks up.
"You found a new sponsor so fast, Doctor?" you start flushing a bright red, looking away. Gaster just rests a gloved hand on your head.
"Sadly no. This is a personal visitor."
"I see." the receptionist nods, "She needs-"
"They." Gaster corrects.
they need to fill out a visitor form, and you need to sign off on it. You know the drill." she pulls a piece of paper out and places a pen on the counter. You walk up… it's a little too high for you to sign on.
"Um, do you have a clipboard? I can't…" you stand on your tippy toes, trying to read the paper. The receptionist hands you a clipboard.
"Sorry. Doctor usually doesn't bring such short companions with him." you look back shocked.
"That is quite enough, Marlene." Gaster warns as you take the clipboard and put the paper on it, starting to fill it out with a shaky hand.
"It's harmless teasing, sir." she says.
"It would only be harmless if you were not talking." you physically hunch over, trying not to laugh. Gaster is still standing behind you protectively, his hands behind his back.
"Yeesh, in a bad mood today Doc?" she scoffs, "Must not have had a good night." he growls and you finish signing your name, putting the clipboard and pen on the counter, Gaster picks it up and signs his name, fully legible and oddly uniform.
"Just because your fifth husband is cheating on you with the neighbour does not mean you must project onto others." he hands her the clipboard, and she rips it from his hands, an appalled look on her face. You shrink more, instinctively stepping back almost trying to hide behind Gaster.
"You would know all about being the neighbour, wouldn't you?" she picks up a yellow card with a clip attached to it, slamming it on the counter, Gaster swipes it off.

"I can not help your poor luck with terrible men." he hands the card to you, "Have a good Day, Marlene!" he says with mock enthusiasm before turning and leading you out. Once the door closes, he sighs, "If I had any say about the office staff, she would be gone." you're still trying to wrap your brain around her last comment. Gaster starts leading you back to the elevators, and you jog behind him. The elevator opens as soon as he gets there, and you walk on behind him. He presses the fourth-floor button, and once the doors close, you turn to face him.

"Did you f-"
"Yes. Unknowingly."
"I can't believe-"
"I did not either. But it apparently was her third Husband. He brought her lunch one day, and I felt the need to be honest." he sighs, "Still blames me for her husband's deplorable behaviour."
"You've sure gotten around." you whistle low, turning to face the doors. Gaster wraps his arms around your shoulders.
"I am rather desirable by many standards." he comments.
"I'm still having a hard time grasping that everyone here knows you sleep around. Like it's some unspeakable thing but it's just fact." you snort, leaning your head into him and looking up.
"Well, you will have me all to yourself for whatever foreseeable future we spend together." he hugs you tighter and lets go as you reach the fourth floor.
"Hm, good." you walk forward and look around. There's another receptionist's desk, but this one has no one at it. Gaster walks past you and down the hall.
"Hurry along, Y/N." you speed walk to catch up with him, and he stops abruptly at a door, you bump into his back, "My apologies." he says, fumbling to find his key.
"Uh, yeah, sorry." you look up at the back of his head as he unlocks the door, opening it.
"This is my office." he says, walking in and taking his coat off. He hangs it in the rack by the door, a white and a black lab coat hang on the other hooks.


As you step in, there are only a few filing cabinets in the room, the floor is carpeted. There's a desk at the back, a chair similar to the one in his home office sits behind it. He grabs his black coat, which complements the maroon dress shirt he wore. He leaves it open and heads to a filing cabinet.
"You may wish to wear your visitor card. Although I do not think anyone would question you since you walk practically pinned to my side."
"Or I trail behind you like a lost puppy when you walk fast." you respond, looking down as you clip the card to your jacket. This entire building is oddly cold.
"That sounds like a short person problem." he muses, looking through a cabinet and pulling out a folder. He closes the cabinet again.
"Yeah, and it's your job to slow down for me since you're so freakishly tall." you stick your tongue out at him, still standing by the door,
"Step closer and I will bite your tongue, little one" he teases, walking behind his desk and reaches down to a drawer, pulling out a pen and putting it in the breast pocket of his coat.
"Is that a threat or a promise?" you ask, he walks back around the desk, clutching the file to his chest. As Gaster strolls towards you, you meet him halfway and he loops an arm around your body, pulling you close to him.
"It is what you want it to be." he growls. You grasp the edges of his lab coat, pulling them down and forward.
"Then I want a promise." he grips your shoulder, "If I'm close enough to you, I want you to bite my tongue, playfully of course." he chuckles, then bends down.
"Shall I try-"


"U-um. Doctor Gaster? Y/N?" Alphys stutters from the doorway. They both turn to face her, blushing madly. Gaster looks like a deer in the headlights, frozen mid-sentence, and you want to curl into a little ball.
"Doctor Alphys, what are you doing here so early?" he clears his throat, stands up fully and brushes out the front of his shirt, smoothing the wrinkles.
"U-uh I was s-supposed to h-help you w-with rounds?" she looks to the side, "B-but you s-seem, uh, um, busy?" she fidgets with her hands. Gaster lets go of your shoulder.
"Ah yes. You were, were you not?" Gaster responds.
"I-I can, um, come b-back later?" she offers, gesturing down the hall.
"No, it is fine. We can start rounds." he responds, walking past you and handing Alphys the folder, they start walking down the hall.

You follow along, still flushed red from embarrassment, covering your face. Gaster is leading back to the elevator, speaking to Alphys about something or other. He reaches the elevator, presses the down button, and the elevator opens. He walks in, then Alphys, then you, Alphys presses the third-floor button.

"S-sorry a-again for, um, interrupting." she looks to you directly this time.
"I-it's okay. I'm fine." you wave her off, "The shock's worn off." you fan your face, the blush obviously having not.
"You are nearly as red as my shirt dearest." Gaster comments, only making you groan and blush more.
"You're the worst." the doors open, and you bump him with your hip as he passes. He growls turning to look at you, Alphys giggles, scurrying out behind you.
"A-Angie will b-be on y-your case if you don't d-do your c-coat up, Doctor." she stutters, still giggling.
"You have the worst timing Alphys." he starts doing his coat up, you stand by his side, slipping your hand in his pocket, "What are you doing, little one?" he looks down quizzically, "I have nothing in there."
"It's so I don't fall behind you Nerds." you tease, looking up at him. Omitting to mention you're cold. Why are you so cold!
"Well I do hope you do not mind sharing." he straightens his jacket, then slides his hand in under yours, intertwining the fingers. You hear Alphys give a small squeal of joy.
"Oh hush weeb." you turn to stick your tongue out at her, and you can almost hear Gaster rolling his eyes. He wordlessly starts walking down the hall

"We usually start at the DT mixer, but that is a highly sterile area, so I will save you the struggle." he says, a summoned hand appearing with his ID card, which scans next to a door before pushing it open. Once they are through, the hand clips Gaster's ID to the opposite hip of the one you are standing next to, "Word of warning, Y/N, the first person we are seeing is the labs' diabolical grandmother. She will dote on you, but for your sake
please do not get in her way." he warns, "Just be your normal, adorable, charming self and you will be fine."
"Great. Super reassuring, Gaster. Ever give an inspirational speech before?" you deadpan, Alphys snorts. Gaster laughs at your blatant sarcasm. The three of you enter the breakroom, there's a lady with a grey bob cut, and a white jacket with a pale blue shirt underneath sitting on the couch.


"Gaster, you are late. I send Alphys to find you and you bring partner along." the woman speaks in a heavy Russian accent, "You men think only one thing" she sticks a finger up, but doesn't finish her words. She stands and walks over, her heels clack twice, "Name is Angelica, most call Angie. Unless you him-" she tilts her head to Gaster, "-always use full name." she offers a hand, you shake it.
"Y/N." you introduce, giving a firm, short handshake, squeezing the hand in Gaster's pocket too. You smile, wincing from Angelica's death grip, she lets go.
"You are cold, yes? Come. I make coffee." Gaster immediately takes your hand out of his pocket and releases it. Angie whisks you away as Alphys and Gaster move to sit on the couches. She grabs down three mugs and pours out the coffee, "You go school?" she asks.
"Uh, no. Not yet." you reply sheepishly. Angie grabs the cream out, an open pack of sugar cubes is on the counter.
"Shame. Work?" she asks, pouring cream in one mug, offering it to you.
"Yeah, it's how I met Gast." you take it, putting only a bit in. Then grabbing sugar cubes to put in yours.
"How many sugar?" she asks, looking to Gaster.
"Coffee temperature?" he asks, tilting his head back.
"Eighty Celsius." she replies quickly. You hear him sigh.
"Five. Six if your estimation is wrong." you nearly choke on your coffee. Setting the cup down next to the cream, you cover your mouth as you cough. Angie pats your back firmly.
disgusting." you gasp after finishing your coughing fit.
"It is science!" he raises his hand and points a finger up, "By knowing the temperature of the coffee I know how well it will work as a solvent for the sugar. Then I can calculate how much will dissolve and get the most possible sugar in my coffee."
"But the taste?" you argue.
"Do not indulge him. He does on purpose to freak people out."
"I am also feeling low on energy due to last night." he purrs from the couch and Alphys almost squeaks, blushing.
"Gaster, you speak more I will take away coffee to drink myself." she picks up the two mugs, and you put the cream back in the fridge. When she hands the coffee to him he takes it with a grateful nod. You walk over to sit next to him, "Why so little? And young?" she gestures to you, looking at Gaster, as she sits next to Alphys.
"They are genetically short, and they are in their twenties, correct dearest?" he looks over at you and you nod.
"And you have no motive for being with him?" she looks to you, pointing to him.
"No? Well, yeah I mean I like him that's my motive but I'm not with him for money or anything."
"Good. You hurt him, I hurt you, understand?" she says firmly. You look at her wide-eyed and then to Gaster. Nodding slowly, "Bravo! Now, about pressure valve…." she continues on, and the three of them keep talking.


As they talk you steadily get more confused. So while they're being nerds and Talking about the important science stuff, you drift off into your own head. It starts with benign things, what you're doing for lunch, dinner, wondering what movies or TV shows will be on tonight, maybe Gaster will join you in bed again? He is an awfully good heater, especially when his toned chest is pushed against your back, and his arms rest over you protectively, holding you close… you unknowingly lean into Gaster more as you think.

Maybe you could convince him to not work tonight, just to leave his file folders be, at least until you go to sleep. He'd probably get moody over it but eventually, agree.

You start to stroke his arm. He has really nice muscles. You wonder if it's his species or if it's him.

You've never seen him workout… he's actually pretty lazy compared to you. He teleports wherever he can, uses his summoned hands instead of his actual ones. It's actually a wonder how he's physically strong. Like, he can lift you up and spin you effortlessly, and carry you. He's carried you to bed you don't know how many times, but he's always walked. And that's a good thirty seconds or more. At this point, Gaster rubs your shoulder and you look up to him.


"Y/N, we will be heading to the control room for the pressure vats, would you like to come?"
"Pressure vats?" you ask, looking up at him.
"Yes, one of the production steps here."
"Yeah sure, I guess? Got nothing better to do." You chug the rest of your coffee as everyone stands to put their mugs in the sink. Gaster, or rather a summoned hand of his, offers to take your mug. And when you give it to him, it brings the mug speedily over to the sink to rinse it out.
"Come along, little one." Gaster looks back from the open door, as you had transfixed yourself watching the hand wash the cup quickly. You smile sheepishly and walk over, clinging to his arm again. He trails behind Alphys and the Russian, Angie. Frankly, she scares you, so you're happy to be as far away as possible from her. She leads the three of you down the hall and opens a door.

"They stay out of way." she turns to look back and point to Gaster, "Yes?" Gaster raises his one free hand, bowing his head slightly and waving.
"Yes, I shall keep them out of the way." Gaster assures.
"Good. Come." she beckons, and Gaster looks down at you, jerking his arm forward gently, allowing you to go in first. There are stairs going up, you whine quietly before starting to make your way up them. You can hear Gaster and Angie talking behind you, and you pick your pace up to get closer to Alphys.

"So Uhhh, what's up Alph?" you ask, trying to sound natural.
"W-well we're g-going to check the, uh, air vats right now." she reaches the top and you join her, "Then w-we'll be going t-to th-the other, um, steps."
"Oh, okay. Cool cool cool." you nod your head, "Gast never told me what you guys do here. I think he wants me to guess, but I'm stupid, as you know, and understand nothing."
"I-I'm sure h-he'll tell you, um, eventually?" Alphys offers, shrugging. Gaster and Angie reach the top as well, walking past the two of you through the door. You follow behind to see Gaster leaning over a console, talking to the technician.

"So what is this place?"


"I am glad you asked!" Gaster stands fully, his voice bright and excited, "This is a secondary production step where we pull all of the oxygen out of the solution, before sending it through several steps of filtration."
"What are you making though."
important. Something that will help a lot of Monsters."
"Oh neat." you look over to the far end of the room, seeing Angie. You walk forward next to Gaster, through the giant glass panel, you see four tall cylinders with dome-shaped tops, "And uhh… what exactly is happening here? Sorry, I'm a little slow."

"Not a worry, my dear." Gaster looks back down and starts explaining the process of monitoring the vacuum, but halfway through, an alarm goes off, and a red light flashes above the station next to the one you're standing at. Gaster stops, turns around and immediately starts messing with the dial and the lever, moving quickly but steadily. The alarm stops sounding, and you let out a breath you didn't know you'd been holding in, "Ah, my apologies, this one is rather fickle. I do believe we are finished here. Doctor Alphys-" he turns away, the lizard monster looks up from her clipboard, "Shall we continue on?"

"Y-yes sir!" she places the clipboard on a table and comes to walk back down the stairs with you and Gaster.

After visiting several other stops, most were filtration and quality control tests, Gaster finally says the tour is done, but that still leaves you with one question.
"What are you making here?"
"Is it not obvious?" he says as the two of you walk back to the elevator to his office.
"No, it's not. Sorry." you smile sheepishly, clutching onto his arm a little tighter.
"Ah, no worries. I am known to be a little vague." the two of you reach the elevator, and you press the button, "We are creating a pharmaceutical. One that monsters can ingest, process, and derive benefits from."
"Wait, what?" you look up at him, "All of that processing, the filtration, everything. That's just to make a drug?"
"Yes. It needs to be a very precise concentration of different components." the elevator arrives and the two of you step on, "And it must remain sterile at all stages, otherwise there are significant risks to a monsters physiology."
"Huh. I guess that makes sense." Gaster presses the floor button, "What drug are you making?" you ask.
"An antidepressant."
"Oh, well, I mean, that
makes sense. You are a psychiatrist."
"And I have an affinity for chemistry, along with some mechanical engineering. I have
many talents." You laugh at his bragging, then nuzzle into his arm.
"Yes. You're so smart, Gaster." you giggle, then follow alongside him when the elevator opens.
"I am absolutely
brilliant. And I have a wonderful partner at my side who reminds me daily." he pulls you closer, stopping in front of his office, "I believe we were cut off earlier." the door opens, "Would you like to continue?"
"Refresh my memory." you tease, walking in behind him. The door closes after you, and you find yourself pushed against it gently. And Gaster leaning down to meet your face.
believe you had asked that I bite your tongue when you stick it out mockingly."
"Did I?" you smirk, then stick your tongue out, quickly retracting it as he snaps his teeth shut, "Oh, you're vicious." you give him a peck on the corner of his mouth.
"Astute observation, little one." he purrs, "I am afraid being more gentle is out of the question. But I can certainly make it more
pleasurable." you shiver from his words… and also the cold.
"Hmm. Sure. Show me your worst." you tilt your face up, and Gaster makes a wide toothy grin. A gloved hand comes to rest on your face, and you part your lips expectantly.

He leans in and gently licks your lips with the tip of his tongue, and you stick yours out to meet it. Your eyes close as you feel his tongue slide into your mouth, and start to tangle with your own. Your hands on the door curl mercilessly against it, trying to grip something , anything , to help relieve your tension. His thumb strokes your cheek as he pushes more insistently, silently asking you if he can move onwards. You whimper and lean your head into his hand, hoping he understands it as a yes. His tongue glides along the edge of your tongue, and just as his tongue hits the back of your throat-




"Doctor Gaster? The press briefing is starting in fifteen minutes. You're on your way, right?"

As the knock at the door sounds, your eyes fly open in shock, you also accidentally bite Gaster's tongue. Gaster pulls away abruptly, a small whine leaves his throat as he retracts his tongue, you mouth a ‘sorry' to him as he straightens slightly, leaning his head against the door above you, then sighs.


"Yes. I will be coming shortly." His voice has an annoyed growl to it as he stands. He motions for you to move away from the door, and reluctantly you comply. He opens it then stares down at the intern, you peek out from behind him, "And to whom do I owe the displeasure of thanking for the reminder?"
"U-uh doctor Leo s-sent me, sir." The intern cowers, eyes darting to your face then back up to Gasters.
"Send my Regards." he nods, dismissing the intern, who walks down the hall briskly. Gaster turns to face you, placing a gloved hand to his face, covering an eye, "My apologies, dear. It slipped my mind that there were people coming to question my product."
"Uh, sorry for biting your tongue?" you shrink sheepishly.
"All is forgiven." he places a hand on top of your head, petting your hair gently, "I should be back before lunch, hopefully. I hate answering questions of those with inferior knowledge."
"Anyone who asks you a question just doesn't know, and they're trying to. Don't be an ass about it." You smile up at him, "Good luck."
"Yes… Luck." he reluctantly lets the hand drop, "I hope you will not be too terribly bored."
"I should be okay. I've got some podcasts to catch up on."
"If you insist." he turns to leave, "I will see you when I am done."
"You too Gast, be nice to them."
"I will try if only because you requested I do so." with that, he leaves the office. You sigh, then turn to go sit at his desk.

An episode later, you're freezing in his desk chair, curled up and shivering. Why the fuck is it so cold in here? You put your feet back on the floor, and stand from his chair, starting to pace and trying to get warm. It's then that your eye catches his coat hanging on the hook by the door. You walk over to grab it down, the bottom of it touches the floor, no matter how high you hold it - so you fold the heavy coat over your arm and walk over to the chair again. Sitting down in the chair, you unfold the coat and lay it over your lap, letting it hang down and cover your legs. You pull the collar up to your face and close your eyes, inhaling slowly and deeply. You finally feel some warmth, and the illusion that Gaster is nearby is also comforting. With that, you start the next episode and drift slowly off to sleep.


"Blasted press conferences. Wasting my time, running later than agreed upon…" Gaster mutters to himself, walking down the hall to his office, "Distracted by obligations." he turns into his office, "Thank you for your patience-" he stops in the doorway upon seeing the human in his chair. A soft smile graces his features, and he walks slowly to the desk, "Look at you." he mutters, brushing a gloved hand against their forehead, "You must have been exhausted… or bored." he chuckles. They mutter and shift in his seat, the jacket falls down their body more and he pulls it back up, tucking it in by their shoulders. He supposes that he can stand and do his paperwork, if only because he feels responsible for their low energy. He did walk them around the entire facility in a little over an hour and a half. With one more pet through their hair, he turns away and walks to the other side of his desk, and spins the closed files to face him. He leans over the files, bracing his hands on the desk as summoned hands open the folders.


Sometime later they start to stir, stretching out in his seat and yawning. Gaster looks up from his work while grabbing a pen, "Hello Y/N. Did you enjoy your rest?" They slowly crack an eye open, inhaling deeply.
"Yea." they croak, swallowing hard, then licking their lips, "Could use some water, though." they push the makeshift blanket of Gaster's coat off their body, rubbing their eye, "How long were you here?"
"A while." he finishes his signature on the bottom of the paper, "You were just too adorable to awaken, so I allowed you to rest. I hope you do not mind." he places the pen down then closes the folders, standing up straight.
"No." they shake their head, yawning again, "I got cold and I guess my bodies response was ‘hey let us sleep!' and my brain was like ‘ok' so I did." their feet land on the floor and they stand, "Sorry I hijacked your chair."
"That is not a problem at all, dearest. I am glad you were comfortable." He smiles kindly, "Are you hungry? It is mid-afternoon, and you are
generally pretty consistent with your food intake. I can take you out for lunch?"
"Oh hell yeah. Lunch." they stretch up, then turn around and pick up Gaster's jacket, "This is a lot heavier than it looks." apparitions take hold of the coat, lifting it out of their arms and over the desk to Gaster, who starts putting it on.
"It is a winter coat of unusual size, of course, it is heavier than anticipated." he pulls the sides straight before doing up the double-breasted coat, "But I think I look absolutely
dashing in it." he smirks.
do. You look so handsome and smart." they walk around the desk, gripping his gloved hands once on the other side, "Such a distinguished gentleman." Gaster has a light lavender hue on his cheeks.
"Ah, thank you, my dear. You are quite favourable yourself."
Favourable you say? Gast, we're not in a Jane Austen book. You can use something else."
"Agreeable?" he asks, eyes shifting with uncertainty.
"Still Jane Austen language." you chuckle.
"Oh. Then I must admit, I am unaware of any other casual complimentary phrases that do not have any gendered connotations." They stare at him for a moment, blinking quickly.
"Are you, the great Doctor Gaster, admitting you can't find a neutral word that can be used to compliment a partner?" they raise a brow at him, trying to hold back a laugh.
"Yes, I am admitting to being ignorant of different ways to compliment you on your splendor, without sounding my age."
"Then I'll teach you!" they say excitedly, "It'll be fun!"
"And how will you do that, pray tell?" he pulls his hands closer, dragging them along with him.
"Well I'll start by telling you what
I'm comfortable with." Their smile is bright, and their eyes shine with joy. Gaster smiles calmly.
"Yes, I think that may be the best plan of action. So what is first?" He asks, tilting his head.
"So you
might be familiar with this one, but you know how handsome used to be used back in the old days for everyone. Like how you say ‘agreeable' and ‘favourable'."
"Yes, a strange evolution in language. Does the original use of the word still apply for you?"
"Yeah. You can call me handsome if you want! I also don't mind cute, adorable, lovely, amazing, hot-"
"The latter is rooted in more lewd language." he states.
"And?" they grin mischievously.
"Well, it-" he looks away a moment, "I am just wondering if you are
truly all right with it being used?"
"Yeah, I'm fine with it. If you don't wanna use it, that's fine by me.
You have to be okay with the complimentary terms too. If there's something you don't like saying, or something you aren't comfortable with, then you don't have to use it." they squeeze his hands.
Obviously…" he looks back at them, "This is just new to me, my dear. It will take some time to adjust."
"I know. And I'm patient. I can wait, as long as you try." they let go of his hands and give him a hug, leaning their head on his chest, "And you are trying, harder than any of my ex's have. So don't freak out, okay Gast?" he drapes his arms over their shoulders, placing his hands on their back.
"Yes, thank you for reassuring me, Y/N." They let go, then reach on their tippy toes, he bends down and they give him a little peck on his mouth.
"No problem, Gast."


After lunch, You return to the lab with Gaster, and he shows you the Chemistry wing, where you meet Leonard, and a few jealous interns. After practically clinging to Gaster, who the interns wouldn't come within arm's length of, for the entire time you were there; he leads you back up to his office, changes out of his lab coat, then you two leave the lab. Now you're back at the hotel, having just finished washing your face, you put on your mask, which happened to be a sheet this week. After aligning it properly on your face, you pull it straight and rub it down before leaving the bathroom. Gaster is sitting at the little corner desk, files open, head in hand, and fingers tapping against the top. You sigh and walk forward, wrapping your arms around his neck.

"You've worked enough. Come to bed and cuddle, maybe we can find something to mock on the TV."
"Quite the tempting offer, but I must pass. These finance reports-" You had let go of him and grabbed one of the files, "Y/N, please give that back."
"I will, but you can't work if I do. Otherwise, I'll just keep it all night." Gaster turns the chair to face you, looking thoroughly displeased.
"My dear, please give me the folder." He holds his hand out, you clutch it to your chest.
"Nuh-uh. You'll have to make me." You stick your tongue out, quickly retracting it before he can lean forward and bite it.
"Y/N, this is the last time I will ask nicely. Give me the folder." his eyelights constrict slightly, and he scowls more. You give him a pouting face.
"Oh come on Gaster. You work so much… I just thought you could use a break." your eyes fall to the side, and your shoulders slump.
"I appreciate the concern, dearest, but it is not necessary. " his hand falls to his lap, "I am fully aware of my boundaries, and how much work I can endure."
"I know you are… it's just, all I see you do is work." you sigh, "It's all work, work, work with you. I was just hoping that… well, maybe, just maybe you would spend some time with me instead." you hold the file out for him, "But if you just want to work… that's fine, it's whatever." He gingerly takes the folder, handing it off to a summoned hand that places it on the desk.

"Well if that is what you wanted, you could have asked for my attention."
"I did, and you said no, and that your work was more important." you cross your arms and furrow your brow. watching as Gaster takes a moment to consider what you had said.
"Ah, I did. I apologize, that was rather hypocritical of me." Gaster bows his head a little, "I was unaware that my words came across in such a manner. Will you forgive me?"
"Sure, I'll forgive you. But now you
have to come cuddle with me." you smile in triumph.
"As you wish, my dear." Gaster stands from the chair, it creaks loudly, "But I am unaware how… comfortable that would be to lay in bed with." he points to your face, where the sheet mask still lays.
"Eh, it's fine. As long as I stay on my back, which means your shoulder gets to be my pillow." you give him a cheeky smile, grabbing both his arms from underneath and lifting them, you drag him forwards, or backwards in your case, to the bed, hands catching his as you do, "It would be even cooler if you were shirtless, but I can't have
everything, now can I?" Gaster chuckles lightly, a miniature smile on his face.
"Reverse psychology, used against me? Oh, the horror." Gaster slides his left hand out of your grip, and starts to unbutton the shirt, "How dare you! Quite the devious thing you are."


Well, it seems Gaster isn't shy about showing off his torso. As he reaches the last few buttons, you reach up and push the shirt away from his shoulders. He stops you for a moment, taking his other hand back and undoing his cuffs, now the shirt falls easily from his shoulders, and off his slightly toned arms. It is caught and brought to his suitcase by a summoned hand that places it neatly on top. Your eyes trail back to the grey scar going over his shoulder, and your hand wanders over it, fingertips brush over it gently, and Gaster stifles a noise.
"Sorry, did that hurt?" You ask, heavily concerned but also genuinely curious.
"No, not in the least, my dear. It is just… rather sensitive." He responds, looking down at your hand, "I sense that you wish to ask about it."
"Well, I didn't want to ask last night because it would've ruined the mood. But now, it's casual. So I feel okay asking, how the fuck did you get such a large scar."
"What a mature way to ask about this." He shrugs the shoulder, convincing your hand to leave it alone, "I will start with it happened a very long time ago."
"How long? Like, were you still underground?" You ask, sitting on the edge of the bed.
"No, actually. It was when we were fleeing underground." Gaster sits next to you, stretching his neck from side to side, "I was juvenile still, the human equivalent of a child only just entering teen years, or perhaps younger." his brow furrows, "I can not pinpoint the age specifically."
"Wow… that's young. And you didn't die from it? I thought Monsters dust if they take heavy physical damage."
"We do, this-" he rolls the shoulder and you look up at him, "- just looks worse than it was. It still took a very long time to heal, nearly ten years, but it was miraculously not enough to dust me." You bring a hand up to rest it on his arm, giving him a comforting squeeze.
"That's… rough." Is the only comfort you can provide, nothing else comes to mind to console him.
"It was a difficult couple of decades, and ultimately the very reason I am left handed."
"Makes sense, I had an uncle who broke his arm and refused to learn to write with his left so he wrote his words and letters backwards in the sixth grade. That's how they learned he was dyslexic." you take a moment to pause and think about what you said as Gaster stares at you, "And I just realised that has nothing to do with what you told me." you give a nervous chuckle.
"It is not a problem my dear, certain phrases, or even phrasing , can remind us of something we know."
"Yeah, but this is about you- " you poke his arm, "-not me. So it didn't feel right to steal the spotlight on that one." He gives an understanding smile but doesn't comment on what you had just said, so you continue on, "Anywho, how did you get it? Like, what specifically happened that caused it? You said you got it while fleeing underground, so were you attacked or-"

"I was attacked, yes." Gasters face falls back into the neutral nearly expressionless, his comfortable mood merely a guise for how uncomfortable this makes him feel, even nearly four hundred years later, "I was in charge of escorting a group of children, smaller than myself. Not all of them were younger, but all of them were weaker and much smaller than I. I was not given anything to defend myself with, which in hindsight may not have been much assistance. Considering I had yet to be taught how to fight with weapons. So my body was the shield."
"That's… horrible." You retract your hand to cover your mouth, shocked that he went through something so traumatic at such a young age.
"Well, the past is the past, my dear. I have healed and moved beyond it." A small hint of a smile returns to his face. He omitted to mention what happened to the human… you decide it's best not to ask.
"Right, obviously, yeah. Like, it happened four centuries ago, totally not recent, practically ancient history at this point." you stand from the bed, done with the sheet mask, "I'm gonna go put this in the trash and then I'll be back to cuddle you, because I think you need- no, you deserve them." you point at him with finger guns, then scurry off to the bathroom. When you come back out, massaging the leftover stuff into your skin, Gaster's already laying in bed with his head resting comfortably on the pillows. Instead of doing the boring adult thing and walking up to the bed and crawling on, you take a two step sprint and hop on, landing on your knees and bracing yourself on your hands so you don't faceplant.


"Hello. Eager to return to me, were you?" Gaster chuckles, laying his arm out for you to curl against him.
"Yep! I am also a child who doesn't like doing things normally." you joke, giving him a wide smile.
"Ah, yes. Rambunctious and high energy
are ways to describe you." he retorts, chuckling as you lay on your side with your head on his shoulder. You throw an arm over his body, and your leg follows so you're practically clinging to him.
"Rambunctious, yes. High energy? Eh, not so much. Unless I'm excited about something, or am just feeling silly." You giggle, his arm wraps around you and begins stroking yous.
"Is it fair to assume that it is a combination of the two right now?" Gaster asks, the faintest trace of his teasing tone heard with that statement.
maybe~" you lean forward and kiss his cheek, "Or maybe I'm just trying to butter you up."
"Oh? Whatever for?" His voice is genuinely curious, "I can not see any reason or need for you to attempt manipulation on me."
"Well, maybe I'm doing it to make it just a tiny bit easier to convince you to do a couple of things for me." Your finger starts tracing the centre of his chest, the area much warmer than anywhere else on his body is.
"And what would that consist of, my dear?"

"So, it's dinner time for me but um, I haven't gotten my payment from the clinic yet, and since I haven't been working for the clinic long enough I don't have insurance yet, and my prescription costed me like… sixty-five bucks and then I bought toiletries and things like that, and I had already paid my rent for the month to my parents but then I got kicked out…" you realize you're rambling, and you stop tracing your finger over his chest, "What I'm trying to ask here, Gast, is if you could buy me dinner tonight? I'll pay you back-"
"No, you will not." He tells you firmly, placing his left hand over yours as the right continues to drag slowly down your arm, "I have never asked for monetary compensation from you, and I never will. I can not in good conscience do such a thing when I know I am partially responsible for your… lacking funds." His face turned to face you, a genuine look of sympathy, "Three days of work, at eight hours a piece, for your sixteen an hour wage... " He silences, doing the mental math, "You lost nearly a third of your net income. That is rather unfortunate." He frowns, realizing the huge wage gap - clinic income
alone, that is between the two of you. When the group therapy sessions start, he will need to adjust that.
"Shit happens." you push off of him, shrugging, "I made it through highschool making just over three hundred fifty a month, and was only paid every three weeks for two weeks of work. So I'll be able to
just scrape by, since I didn't need to buy a bus pass this month." you sigh, then chuckle sadly, "This is a weird talk to be having with my boss, it'd usually be with my mom over yogurt covered raisins or some other addictive sweet treat." You confess, and Gaster starts petting your head.
"What is it that we discussed the other day? We need to remember to distinguish our relationship from our work lives, and that includes openness over issues with work, and financial struggles, if you are comfortable with such a thing; which, it appears you are comfortable discussing. Though if there is another hesitation you are having, I am open to listening."


Something inside you wants to just keep telling him everything, pour your heart out and hang your laundry to dry. But you decide against it. Feeling more hungry than talkative, you force a smile and lean in to kiss his cheek.


"No, everything is fine. It's better than it's been in a long time, because of you, obviously. Or, well, I think you have something to do with it, anyway." You shrug again, trying to mask that you actually do want to talk. He hums at your affection.
"Perhaps I do. I certainly have taken a mental and financial burden off of your plate." He sits up, reaching a hand towards your face, you shrink back from it, looking away.
"Uh, you have…" you sit back, kneeling on your knees with your hands in your lap, "I can't describe why though. Giving me a place to live and not asking for rent has helped me out, made things a little less stressful, but this whole… relationship is what I am referring to."
"I… see." He lowers his hand, brows furrowed in confusion. He doesn't see or understand what you mean, but he decides to let it be and ask later, or never, "Well, in anycase, I am glad to have been of minor assistance to you. Now, you had mentioned about ordering yourself dinner?" He questions, changing the subject.
"Oh! yeah, uh…" you look around, then crawl over to the bedside table to grab your phone where it is charging, "I'm craving pasta and alfredo sauce, also garlic bread bites, and chocolate cake. So I was gonna order Dominos." You look up from unlocking your device and see Gaster staring at you quizzically.

"You have enticed me with chocolate cake." Oh, of course, that's what gets his attention.
"Yeah, they're little chocolate lava cakes, they're really good and really cheap." You open the web browser and search for the Dominos site, "Why, do you want me to order one?"
"Yes, if it is not too much of a hassle." You cover your mouth while giggling.
"Okay, dork. I'll order you a cake, do you want anything else?" You decide to just use the ‘my location' option, since you don't know the address of the hotel.
"No, sugar will suffice." He states, getting up off of the bed and stretching. You get distracted by his muscles again.
"You... sure?"
"Yes, I am entirely certain. It is not as if I need nutrients from food as humans do."
"Wait- you don't?" You look up from the phone.
"No, I do not. My physiology derives energy from sugars present in food, or directly from sucrose. The other components such as vitamins and minerals, proteins, etcetera are not necessary for my body to function healthily."
"But… I've watched you eat? Full meals?"
"Those were eaten because the social setting required that I eat them." Gaster states as if it should be common knowledge.
"Wow. I never thought about that." you hum, ordering your food, "But it makes sense, I'm always seeing you snacking on sweets, and you take your coffee… disgustingly sweet." you stick your tongue out in disgust.
"It is something many have had to get used to." You add the lava cakes, then place the order.

"Well, food's ordered-" you read over the summary quickly before hitting the place order button, "- we have about thirty minutes to fool around, chat, cuddle, whatever." you toss your phone off to the side, and lay back down on his chest, looking up at him and batting your eyes, "I, personally, would like to see where you were going with that kiss in the office~"
"Would you now? Well, I can certainly show you, if that is what you desire." Gaster runs a hand up your back, and a little shiver runs down your spine.
"I certainly wouldn't mind, maybe even a repeat of last night~"
"I am unsure if that will happen, but I shall certainly indulge you with a kiss…" the hand not currently running up and down your back lifts your chin - and you crawl a little closer to him, supporting yourself with your arms on either side of his shoulders, "Or two… or three…" He muses, now allowing his claws to trail gently.


You lean in and his mouth opens, his tongue slithers out and greets you by licking at your lips questioningly. You part them and open your mouth slightly, closing your eyes as you feel the flat, strangely dry tongue enter your mouth. It begins running against your own tongue in long, smooth motions while your own tries to reciprocate with not even half the grace of his own. It grazes against your teeth, and while you don't feel it, the sensation of his tongue as it presses down on yours is splendid . You curl your hands into the pillows that he's laying on, and press your upper body closer to him, arching your back a little as you do. He starts pulling away, and you almost let out a whine of protest, but he gives you little more than a few seconds to even breathe before plunging his tongue straight back down your throat, just like the night previous. You let out a squeak of surprise, and choke a little around the tongue. He pets your back gently while pulling his tongue back to let you breathe before repeating the action, except this time you don't gag immediately. Feeling the squirming, smooth appendage down your throat is an odd sensation, sure, but it's not unwelcomed or bad , necessarily. Just different, and something uniquely him. You tap his shoulder twice and he retracts his tongue, leaving you gasping for air.


"Okay… I don't think I can take half an hour of that." You pant, letting a hand trail back to rest on the centre of his chest, which for some reason just feels right .
"Then you are more than welcome to lay on me. I am told that I make a good pillow." He chuckles, and you groan, rolling your eyes.
"Sure, for a monster built out of nothing but muscle, you are kinda comfy." You lay your head down over your hand, letting the other fall flat and curl under the back of his neck slightly. After Gaster doesn't say anything for a while, you remove your hand from under your head, and lay your head over the centre of his chest. A question then comes to mind, "What was it… like, when you were growing up? That was over four hundred years ago, nearly five… the world must have been so different."
"It was quite different. Calmer, in a way. Not nearly as noisy - if you had the privilege of roaming far from the village or barracks." Gaster's voice shifts to something… even, sounding calm and reminiscent.
"Did you get to?"
"On occasion, I would find a place to have alone time."
"Were there… others that are like you? Other um…" You move your hand on his body slightly, hoping it will translate as a silent, but polite ‘whatever you are'.
"Yes, there were. My kind… we were part of the first royal guard."
"The royal guard? Like Undyne-"
"Yes, except we were above ground, and our task was defense, not offence. We never sought out fights." Gaster corrects, "The royal guard that started underground was developed and trained to capture fallen humans, which was a fruitless task when they wandered around so freely." He sighs, bringing a hand to his head.


"Undead monsters, my kind, Skeletons, and Ghosts, as well as quadrupedal mammals, and the odd elemental were part of the forces. My kind was what one would call the ‘strength' of the army. Heavy magical attacks, as well as physical size and stamina, being well over that of a humans', we were well suited for physical and close range combat.
"Were you ever part of it?"
"No. I was but a child when the war started and was in my adolescence when we were trapped underground. My parents though, they were in the forces."
"What were they like?"
"They were… parents. I do not remember their tasks, it was so very long ago." He sighs, the hand dropping off his face.
"Well, they couldn't be any worse than my parents!" you laugh dryly, "No, but honestly, aside from family or others like you… what did you do when you were a kid? Like, how did you have fun, or get exercise?"
"Ah… I was not much for running around with the others. They would play ‘chase', essentially the tag that human children know, I have never enjoyed running."
"You don't even walk around the house, I couldn't imagine you running as a child."
"I avoided it whenever I could, and I hated labour chores the most . I much preferred getting lost in the woods or sitting and watching the older children and adults spar."
"You were the loner child that spent all of his time with the adults… explains why you're such a prick." You smirk at him before burying your head against his chest while giggling.
"Yes, yes, have your laughs." He huffs in annoyance, sitting up, "I am not nearly as cold and unfavourable as people make me out to be… you would know that."
"I do, I do - sorry. It's just funny to hear why you're so uptight."
"I would hardly say that growing up with predominantly adult influence is what caused my demeanour." He guides you off his chest to sitting on the bed, acting like he feels uncomfortable, "It is more the fact that I lived through a war, and the underground, and my experiences there." You frown sympathetically at him and decide to ask a risky question.
"What… happened underground?"
"I do not wish to discuss it at this time." He states in a cold, inflectionless tone, making you flinch. But he soon seems surprised at his own words and immediately tries to backpedal, "That is not to say I am not open to discussing them in the future. It is just here, at this moment, that I am not… comfortable sharing with you who I was underground."


You always knew Gaster to be direct and forward, and very literal with his words; so the use of 'who I was'  strikes you as… alarming. It's as if he sees himself as a different person back then than he is now, which, you suppose is possible. A few hundred years of entrapment can change a person… hell, even a few months on the surface can make someone different. But certainly not enough to say that. You sum it up to him trying to be shockingly dismissive and lean in to give him a quick hug, trying to be slightly comforting.


"Sorry for pushing it, Gast. I'll wait. I don't want you to feel pressured - I know you like your privacy and all of that… stuff." You let him go, then move to get off the bed and grab the remote, "I'll let you work… or whatever."


In truth, you really don't want to, you want to keep cuddling, and talking, there's just something about him that makes you want to spill your guts about everything in your life, even if he won't reciprocate. That could be his approachability as a shrink, or it could be you have gotten so quickly attached. You might not have full romantic feelings yet, but you do feel something for the tall, toned, genius monster you've come to call your boyfriend. And you wouldn't be ashamed to tell your extended family about him… your eyes lock with his and you blush.


"Thank you for respecting my wishes, dear. But I can sense you do not want me to continue working." He comments, meeting your gaze as well and letting his eyes roam over you for a moment.
"I mean, obviously not." You chuckle awkwardly. "Why would I want you to keep working? I like spending time with you, and I want to do more of it, I just… You get reclusive when you work, as seen a few minutes ago when I originally asked." You're off the bed now, heading over to the dresser that's under the TV to grab the remote.
"Then how about we figure out a compromise?" Gaster offers, starting to sit up straighter, aligning himself against the headboard and the wall so he's in less of a lying position and more of a sitting one.
"And what sort of compromise do you have in mind?" you turn to face him, pointing the remote in his direction, "It just
has to be mutually beneficial." You start walking back to the edge of the bed.
"It involves you, sitting with me, while I do my work. Is that mutually beneficial enough for you?" He gives an inviting smile, and you let a sharp breath out your nose - a half laugh.
"That depends, where am I sitting?" You ask, and he does a broad, open-handed gesture as he says-
"Wherever you are comfortable."


You take a moment to consider your options, You could just sit on your side of the bed, or you could sit next to Gaster, both would allow you to lean on him to cuddle. You could also sit in his lap and lean against him. You're short enough, he should be able to see over your head to view any work he needs to. Decisions, decisions…

You decide to crawl forward, turn around, and sit square in his lap, extending your legs out over his.


"Here is comfortable." You say, raising the remote and turning the TV on.

"Then so be it." Gaster wraps both arms around you, and you lay both hands over his forearms, "Choose whatever you would like. I am not easily distracted." He brings over the files he was reading with summoned hands, holding them open above your head as you flip through the channels.


Today was a good day, you hope that eventually, Gaster may open up more to you about his past, or what he did underground. But for now, you're content to sit here, in his warm embrace, leaning against his bare chest watching some movie from the early 2000's you haven't seen in a couple years.

Chapter Text

They had been suffering all day. It was a day spent in bed, clutching their stomach and whimpering. But when they heard Gaster return home from work, they hoisted themselves out of bed and walk down the stairs, gripping onto the railing to support themselves.
“Greetings, Lorelei! How was your day?” he asks, stopping at the bottom of the stairs on his way to the kitchen.
“Fucking hell.” they reply, reaching the last step.
“Oh, well that is unfortunate. What made it unpleasant? “ they’re about to answer, but double over as they feel a cramp come on, they clutch their stomach. Gaster braces them immediately.
“THESE! Fucking, cramps.” they moan, leaning into Gaster.
“Cramps? Are you experiencing digestion issues?” he asks.
“No! You idiot! I have a uterus!” they snap at him. He takes minor offence.
“Oh. How insensitive of me.” he rubs their back apologetically, “I am so sorry. Do you need anything?”
“I need for my body to calm the fuck down.” they hiss and groan.
“I… do not know how to help with that. Would a pain relief pill assist?” he asks, letting them straighten.
“No, that makes the already heavy flow worse.“ they sigh, “I do as little as possible, grin, and bare it. That’s how I get over these.” they waddle into the kitchen, opening his neatly organized snacks cupboard, looking to the top shelf where he keeps cookies. “I want those.” they point to the top.
“Which ones?” he asks.
“All of them. One of each, maybe two. They look like a satisfying dinner.” they joke, making grabby hands.
“You should not be eating junk while your body is working so hard,”
“I crave sugar because I need to make more blood cells, so gimme.” they whine. He walks closer and grabs one box down.
“You owe me a kiss for each one.” he says, placing it on the counter.
“Mhm.” they open the box and grab a cookie out.

Seven boxes later and seven kisses later, they’re sitting at the kitchen table. Gaster grumbling about their unwise decisions in food, “Gaster if I ate healthy all the time, my metabolism would make me start eating my stomach lining.”
“You are certain there's nothing I can assist with?” He asks, tilting his head, “While I may be a doctor of psychology I have studied human anatomy and am aware of the functions that happen during menstruation.”
“Gast, you're kind and adorable but you know nothing unless you've had a period.” they lick the crumbs off their fingers, “Although, could you go pick something up for me? My mom and I always shared, and after she finished menopause I used it but she still insisted on keeping it when I moved.” Gaster perks up when he hears he can help.
“Yes! Anything! I will get you whatever you need dearest.” he stands, looking ready to grab his coat and leave.
“A heating pad. An electrical one preferably.” they look over at him, “You can find them pretty easy at Shoppers in the little home area, or just ask the cosmetics counter where it is. They need to know everything, and if they don't know, it's the easiest for them to call someone who does.” they finish, yawning some, “I can give you my card, I'll get some points out of the deal. Or did I already give you the app? I don't remember.” they blink slowly, Gaster chuckles.
“I do not think I have the app. But it is on the store, yes?” they nod, “Splendid. Then I will give this-” he summons a hand that happens to have his phone, “-to you,” the hand unlocks and gives them the phone, “while I go feed the cats. Because it is feeding time and if I do not they will bug you immensely.” he leans down, supporting himself in the back of the chair, nuzzling the side of their face gently before leaving.

They take the phone, find the app store, and download the app. As they wait for it to install, the phone receives a message, the phone appears to be on silent, since it didn't buzz or beep in their hands. With a quick look down the hall, they pull down the activity bar to read the message.
[I will kick your ass if you don't show up tomorrow]

They read it over again, and feel like snooping more… but they stop. It's innocent enough? Gaster wouldn't be going behind their back with someone, right? He's really not the type to do that… the app finished installing. They sigh, opening it up. There's no point in asking him about it. He probably has friends, maybe? And it's certainly not flirtatious… maybe if they just asked. Yeah. They'll just ask. And Gaster will be nice, reassure them that he's absolutely not going out with a lady and spending time in a hotel with her… no. They can't just ask him. He might get mad that they saw the text, or accuse them of invading his privacy… or something else like that. They log in and sigh, placing the phone on the table to show Gaster he has access. Their mind is overthinking things so much, they don't hear Gaster come back.

“Are you completed?” he asks, a non-gloved hand rubs your back in small circles.
“Mhm. I'm good. Just open the app and turn your phone sideways. A barcode will appear and they can scan that.” you explain, “Can you pick up some ice-cream too? And see if they have pineapple Pop Shoppe. Oo a pineapple float sounds good right now.” you turn your head to the side and look up at him, talking as if you saw nothing, “Vanilla ice-cream, and like, four bottles of Pineapple Pop Shoppe if they have it. If not a flavoured ice-cream will do.” you offer a weak smile, “And obviously the heating pad.” you add. He laughs at your spontaneous listing of items.
“If you were not in such a dreadful state I would bring you along with me.” the hand stops rubbing, “I may just forget and come home with the wrong items.”
“Horse shit, and you know it.” you tease, “You have the memory of an elephant. You should be able to remember three simple items, WingDingus.” you lift your head off the table as he groans at the name.
“Oh, higher powers that be. Never say that again.” he nuzzles into your hair, “It was hairible.” he puns back, and you giggle, pushing him away.
“Go on, Gast. Go be my errand boy for the night.”
“Oh if you insist.” he stands up, placing the phone in his jacket pocket, “I will be back soon, I love you.” he pets your head.
“Drive safe. Don't speed.” you reply, glaring at him.
“No promises.” he sticks the tip of his tongue out and you bite the air, then giggle as he walks out.
Oh, what is going on?

When Gaster comes back, he checks in the lounge and kitchen first. Not finding them there, he puts the ice cream in the freezer and the yellow soda in the fridge, then takes out the box with the heating blanket in it, and a full bag of Smarties. Summoned hands carry the items for him as he walks around looking for them. He first checks upstairs in their room but finds nothing. So he grabs the stuffed animal on their bed and brings it with him downstairs to his room. He finds them there, laying on his bed, a raggedy old towel underneath them and a wool blanket overtop, watching a video with headphones on. He walks forward and taps them on the shoulder. They turn to look at them, seeing he is carrying their stuffed animal and a box floating behind him, they take their headphones off.
“Aww, you shouldn’t have.” they take the stuffed animal and give it a hug.
“Well, I saw it fit to do so.” he starts taking his gloves off, then grabs the box to open it with his claws, “You have explained you enjoy the company of one of your stuffed animals when you are in pain or sad. And you obviously are in pain…” he trails off, getting the box open and pulling out a black checker wrapped plastic with a cord sticking out the end, the instructions fall to the floor.
“So thoughtful of you Gast.” they make a grabby hands motion for the pad.
“Have patience, little one.” he says, unwrapping the cord, “A sales associate actually recommended this one to me specifically. Explaining it has an automatic timer as well as actual thermic adjustments.”
“So it measures in degrees? Fuck yeah!” they respond while sitting up.
“She also recommended that I buy you these.” the apparition carrying the smarties comes out from behind his back, and he bends down to plug the pad in.
“Smarties?” they smile, taking the bag from the floating hand, clutching it along with their stuffie, “Thank you!!” Gaster stands to see they are beaming.
“You are welcome, my dear.” He replies, smiling kindly and laying the heated blanket over them, giving their head an affectionate nuzzle.
“Wanna join me? I’m watching this dude get bit or stung by some of the worlds most painful insects.” They explain, picking their phone up to show him the screen, “It’s actually really entertaining.”
“A moron purposely inflicting damage on himself for the entertainment-”
“And education!” they interject.
“-and potential education of the masses? I would rather not. But, I would not mind laying with you and holding you close.” Gaster begins getting on the bed and wraps an arm over them, applying light pressure to their abdomen.
“Good, ‘cause I was hoping you’d stay. I might even share my smarties.”

They begin to open the bag, then unpause the video. Despite the fact he has work to do, Gaster stays in bed with them for a few hours, and does actually get into what they are watching when they begin watching a video that’s about someone making a silver mirror and Tollens Test - it’s as if they knew to get him interested they had to bring chemistry into it. He stays like this with them until they fall asleep when he takes the bag, their phone and the makeshift stand they have for it - he notes to gift them a proper one - puts them on the bedside table, and leaves them to sleep.

He checks his phone for the first time since he left the house, sighs and smiles at the text from his beloved friend, then responds.
[Yes, I will be there.]