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Don't Even Blink

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I watched the way that the Doctor was so gentle with him. The way Nathan would gasp and arch at the smallest touches. The noises that left my brothers throat as the Doctor's fingers stretched him made me shiver. Watching him and the Doctor was always one of the most erotic things I could imagine.

"Do-doctor, please," he gasped out, his back arching as the Doctor's long talented curled inside him, most likely hitting his spot. I swallowed as the Doctors caramel eyes met mine. His eyes never left mine as he pushed into Nathan, a loud cry passing my twins lips. A crooked smirk on the Doctor's lips as his hips moved against Nathans. A shiver ran down my spine at the moan from Nathans lips and a squeak left my throat.

Nathan writhed, gasped, arched and moaned beneath the Doctor and I let my eyes slip shut a moan passing my own lips. I heard a chuckle from the Doctor as my fingers trailed down my body. I bit back a moan as I slowly stroked myself. Nathan cried out and the Doctor groaned. I heard a whine from Nathan and felt the bed shift slightly. I forced my eyes open. Nathan lay there panting, his stomach covered with his own cum.

"Naughty, naughty, Matthew," I moaned at the Doctor's warm breath in my ear.

"Please, Doctor," I heard my voice gasp as he pulled my hand away. I heard him humming quietly as he nipped and sucked at my neck.

"Mmm, please what, Matthew?" I moaned as he nipped and sucked at that spot behind my ear. I whined as he pulled away.

"Answer me, Matthew," he breathed making me shiver.

"Please fuck me, Doctor." I was trembling all over. Waiting. Wanting. His hands pushed me forward onto my hands and knees. The Doctor's hands gripping my hips as he moved behind me. I glanced over my shoulder and he thrust into me drawing a loud moan from my lips. While with Nathan it was all gentle touches, with me it was all rough thrusts. Which suits me just fine. Fingers digging into my hips as he pounded into me. Loud moans and groans left both of our lips.

"Harder, Doctor, I- fuck," I felt my back arch as he hit my spot. My arms gave out as he continued at his fast rough pace. His fingers reached around, wrapping around my cock. A strangled moan from the back of my throat as I spilled over his hand, my stomach and the sheets. Stars bursting behind my eyes as he thrust into me twice more before spilling deep inside me.

The noise that passed his lips made me shiver. He collapsed on top of me, still deep inside me. I let him flip me onto my side, his arm just over my hip. I felt his breath on my neck, matching my own quick pattern. Nathan crawled over to us.

"Doctor?" he mumbled curling against me.

"Mmm?" came close to my ear.

"We're staying."