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Don't Even Blink

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The boy whimpered quietly, tossing in his sleep. I glanced at him and his brother curled together in a chair. I was glad I'd managed to save them from the Angels in time. Matthew, the slightly older one mumbled in Nathan's hair, pulling him closer. I felt a smile tug at the corner of my mouth.

They were absolutely charming young men, brilliant even, and rather attractive if I must say so. Even if I'd only had them as companions briefly the last time. Maybe they'd changed their minds. Matthew's eyes opened, blinking slightly before focusing on me.

"Doctor?" he mumbled quietly, shifting as much as possible with Nathan on top of him. He didn't want to disturb him after he'd passed out a few hours ago.

"Yes, boy?" I really do need to stop calling them both that. After all Matthew and Nathan aren't exactly boys, even if the later occasionally acts like one.

"Where are we right now?"

"Hmm, well at the moment? Earth, 1952. But we can go anywhere you want," I watched him and I could almost see the gears in his head working.

"Anywhere? Anytime?" He frowned slightly, looking down at Nathan. Nathan was normally the one who picked where or when we went, when I'd give them the chance. "Here is good," he mumbled with a frown.

I frowned myself at that. "Is something wrong?"

"No, no," he managed with a yawn a slight smile on his lips. I still frowned a few moments longer, watching as Nathan stirred slightly.

"Mmm, what?" he sat up his blue eyes wide as they fell on me. "Oh," fell from his lips. I smiled and he seemed to relax slightly. "Thank you, Doctor," he whispered, still halfway on top of his brother. I nodded slightly, another frown on my face. "What's wrong , Doctor?"

"Nothing, nothing, get up, we have some exploring to do," I said walking towards the door, then turned waiting for them. They both stared at me then glanced at each other. "Well?" I smiled as they scrambled up, nearly tripping over each other to follow me. They both looked up at me, identical blue eyes wide with wonder. Yes. I was thankful I'd saved them. But this wasn't the first time either.

"Do we have to leave the TARDIS just yet, Doctor?"

"Still a bit shaken up?" I asked, my eyes taking them in. Nathan shook his head slightly a shy smile on his face. I raised a brow at him as he pulled me back to the seat. He glanced at Matthew and the older of the two nodded. I swear that these two are something special. Nathan an Matthew both looked up at me trying to look innocent, but I saw mischief sparkling in those wide blue eyes. "What are you two up to?" I had a feeling what they were up to however.

"Nothing, Doctor," Nathans voice was quiet as he looked down at his hands. I crossed my arms, waiting and watching. Matthew leaned over whispering in Nathans ear and the smaller of the two grinned and nodded. Nathan leaned up, his lips close to my ear. "I, no we, would rather spend some time with you, alone," he breathed into my ear before nuzzling the side of my face.

I felt a shiver run through my body, oh yes I was very glad I'd gotten to these two in time. Nathan pulled back, his eyes taking in my features. He leaned forward, his lips against mine. It was over before I knew it and he sat back on his knees watching me.

"Well then," I licked my lips. Matthew cocked a brow and Nathan smiled slyly.

"Well then, what do you say, Doctor?" I blinked to clear my mind.