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Don't Even Blink

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I swallowed, pressing back against Matthew. I felt my heart beating in my throat.

"Mattie?" I breathed out, I was trembling uncontrollably.

"Yeah?" he sounded just as terrified.

"Wha-," I stopped, swallowing my fear.

"Dunno, just..." he glanced around, making sure we were alone.

I let my eyes lid and I heard Matthew let out a startled noise in the back of his throat. My eyes snapped open, a scream catching in the back of my throat. Stone angels. Everywhere. I vaguely recalled the Doctor telling us something about these creatures before.
"Don't blink," Matthew's voice was nearly a whisper.

My eyes were wide as I stared around. There was a crash behind us and we both spun around. A blue police box stood open, a man with messy brown hair stood there. I felt relief wash over me.


"Hurry," he shouted and neither of us hesitated. We both crashed into the box, the door closing behind us. We stared at each other as the Doctor's blue box started rocking. I heard him swear under his breath and I looked at the Doctor, standing at the TARDIS controls .

"Come on, old girl, you can do this," he whispered as the box rocked, both me and Matthew sliding across the floor. "Come on, come on," there was a lurch. "Almost," and I felt a jerk, and the TARDIS was off.

I let out a sigh, finally breathing since Matthew pointed those things out.

"So we meet again, do we boys?" the Doctor had a slight grin on his face.

I was so glad that, this crazy wonderful man was almost always there to save us on time.

"It appears we do, Doctor," Matthew spoke before I could. For once thankful that he wasn't shy. I made a noise, my heart was still pounding in my throat. "Nathan?" Matthew's voice near my ear and I shook my head.

"Need a sec, just," I wasn't able to finish my sentence as my vision went black.