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Jane paced around the large library nervously. Maura gazed at her studying the taller woman unobserved for a moment. Even injured Jane had a certain sensuality about her. She moved around catlike looking as if she could pounce on an unsuspecting prey at any moment.

"Jane?" she called softly as she stepped into the room. Jane spun around and allowed her gaze to settle on the smaller woman.

"I hate waiting." Jane grumbled before resuming her pacing at a more leisurely pace.

“Why don’t you sit down?” Maura asked indicating to the two chairs positioned in front of the large bay windows. She slowly walked over to the nearest one and carefully sat down looking pointedly at Jane. "Calm down and sit?" She asked again.

Sighing loudly Jane stalked over and dropped into the other chair. She glanced at her watch and said through clenched teeth. "She's ten minutes late, you know?"

"I know. Some of the guests arrived early and she's showing them their rooms. She asked me to let you know."

"Still. I hate waiting." Jane's leg bounced up and down in an impatient staccato rhythm.

"You don't need to be nervous."

"I'm not."

"You seem nervous."

"Well I'm not nervous."

"Why were you pacing?"

"I was looking at the room."'

Maura got up from the chair and walked around the room. "It is beautiful." She said as she looked around. Bookcases filled the room and they were all lined with well-worn volumes of books. She pulled out a random book and smiled at the title.

The Price of Salt.

"Have you read it?" Emily's low voice startled Maura and she dropped the book. Their fingers touched as they both bent to pick it up.

Maura cleared her throat before answering. "You know I have. We read it together."

"It has always been a favorite of mine. All that drama!" Emily laughed as she handed the book back to a blushing Maura. Her hands closed over Maura's as she tried to put the book back on the shelve. "Why don't you keep it? For old times’ sake?" She asked before stepping away towards Jane. Leaving a flustered Maura staring down at the well-worn book in her hands.