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As the bathroom door closed behind her, Jane collapsed against it. Her legs were shaking and she was starting to hyperventilate. What the hell just happened? The question kept on running through her mind. She looked down at her thigh expecting to find the skin or material burnt. She could still feel Maura’s heat. She could still feel Maura’s hips moving against her, searching for purchase against her. What the hell just happened? She ran a hand through her dark tresses and tried to think of anything other than her best friend pinned underneath her body.

“Janie?! Are you there?” Angela’s voice sounded from somewhere. A startled Jane sprang upright, and in the process hit her head on the hook behind the bathroom door.

“Ouch! Shit!” she exclaimed in pain almost dropping the phone as she tried to sooth the bump that was already forming from the impact.

“Jane? Can you hear me?” A nearly hysterical voice came from the receiver in her other hand.

“Ma?” Jane queried while blinking back tears.

“Is everything okay?”


“What was all that swearing?”


“ What are you doing? Have you been drinking Jane Rizzoli?” As usual Angela hardly gave Jane the opportunity to answer before answering. “You know the doctor said no alcohol while you’re taking those pain pills. Give the phone to Maura this instant!”

“Ma! Ma! Stop! Everything is fine. I just bumped my head. And Maura…, Maura’s asleep already Ma.” Jane managed to get in before Angela could continue her verbal barrage.

“She’s sleeping already? But it’s only 9!”

“It was a long drive Ma; I think it was quite tiring driving all the way.” Jane tried to explain.

“So you are fine? When you didn’t call I started to get worried Janie” Angela’s voice held a note of accusation in it and Jane couldn’t help feeling guilty that she hadn’t called earlier.

“Sorry Ma. I forgot.” She mumbled through the receiver while absentmindedly running her hand over her thigh.

“Well I’m very glad to hear that you two girls are fine. I won’t keep you any longer. You two have fun out there and enjoy your time without me.”

“Ma? You know…” Jane was answered by the dial tone as she tried to get Angela to calm down. Great just what I need. Mom feeling sorry for herself. Sighing in resignation she opened the bathroom door to find Maura already asleep. At least she really was tired. Jane mused as she made her way out of the bathroom and left the bedroom, fully aware of the fact that she will not be able to sleep tonight.