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Dinner was relaxed and Jane was surprised how at home she felt. Emily Brent was nothing if not an exceptional host. She entertained Jane and Maura with stories of her many travels and listened attentively as Maura gave up bits and pieces of their lives. They all laughed at Jane's attempt to explain the relationship between Jo Friday and Bass. With Maura occasionally throwing in a "Tortoise, Jane" when Jane referred to the animal in question as a turtle. She knew it irked Maura that she said turtle and she knew Bass was a tortoise, but it had become a little game between them. With Jane refusing to admit that Bass was a tortoise and Maura intent on showing her the differences between the two species.

As they made their way upstairs back to their room Maura had her arm hooked through Jane's and they enjoyed a companionable silence. Jane had not heard Maura talk about so many mundane topics ever. Maura looked happy and relaxed and Jane realized that the last month had definitely not been a picnic for Maura either. Even if the therapy with Emily didn't work out she would forever be grateful to the doctor for relieving some of her best friends stress and worries. Even if it was only for a short time.

"Do you need help getting dressed?" Maura asked innocently as they stepped into the room.

"Uhm... No thanks I think I can manage on my own." Jane said quickly missing the teasing gleam in Maura's eyes.

"Well if you need me I'll be in the bathroom getting ready for bed." Maura said over her shoulder with her nighties and vanity in her arms.

"Okay. Thanks, I guess." Jane muttered. Making sure the door the on suite was closed before peeling off her clothes. She quickly dragged an old faded Boston P.D. T-shirt over her head and pulled on a pair of clean boxer shorts for the night ahead. She threw her dirty clothes in the laundry basket next to the wardrobe and made her way over to the large bed. She scooted over to her side of the bed placing her cell and wallet on the nightstand. As she turned over the bathroom door opened and Maura stepped back into the room.

"Oh, my Lord! Please tell me you're not wearing that to bed!" Jane exclaimed. Her heart was pounding and butterflies flying around her stomach. Maura was wearing a black see through nighty with matching boy shorts underneath. On Maura there was nothing boyish about those shorts. They barely covered her rear and if Maura were to bend over... Jane tried to swallow, but couldn't. The shear material did nothing to hide her perfectly toned body. To make matters worse two dark shapes was clearly visible in the form fitting attire. "That is just plain scandalous!" Jane hoped that she managed to sound outraged rather than turned on.

Maura shimmied over to the laundry basked and gave a coy smile over her shoulder to Jane. "You mean this?" She asked innocently while running her hands over the material. Jane could have sworn she saw Maura's nipples tighten at the touch, but before she could be sure Maura had turned away and was busy getting a matching robe from the wardrobe. "This should keep prying eyes at bay." Maura said slipping the robe over the scant nighties. The short black robe covered the nighties if only barely and to tell the truth it left very little up to one's imagination.

"Why would you wear something like that?" Jane asked incredulously as Maura got onto the bed next to her.

"Well for one thing wearing this particular little number has always made me feel alluring and confident." Maura said. "Secondly a girl never knows when opportunity might come knocking on her door." She continued very seriously.

"Opportunity? What opportunity Maura?!" Jane exclaimed. "You are in a house full of women! What possible opportunity could arise?"

"You never know." Maura replied coyly. "You know me. I like to be prepared for anything. And by wearing this I know that I will be."
"Prepared... Anything?" Jane was astonished. She was unable to formulate whole sentences with the images of Maura in an intimate situation with some woman. More specifically with the generous doctor Emily. Her mouth was dry and an unsteady pulse was pulsing down there between her legs.

"Of course. A girl's got to be prepared to Get It On" Maura said laughingly while seductively batting her eye lashes at Jane.

"What?! Wait a minute!" Jane exclaimed sitting up and pinning Maura's hands to the bed with one hand. "Who are you?" She demanded as she used the other hand to start tickling the startled M.E. "And what exactly have you done with my best friend?"

"I'm... me... I'm Maura!" Maura said through peals of giggles and laughter. Squirming to get free under Jane's weight. "Jane! Jane!" Jane continued to tickle Maura laughing at the expression of pure determination on her friend's face. Jane used her long reach to nibble at the Maura's side while keeping her hands firmly pinned above her head.

"Do you submit?" she asked between nibbles. When she got no response she nipped at the soft flesh again expecting Maura to squirm away once again she was surprised when Maura arched her body into hers groaning softly. Suddenly Jane became aware of their respective positions and she caught her breath. In an attempt to keep Maura pinned in place her thigh had inadvertently slipped between Maura's legs. It was pressed firmly into Maura's crotch and Maura had decidedly stopped squirming. In fact if she didn't know better Jane would have said Maura was riding her thigh.

A firm knock on the door interrupted her musing. "Jane? Bella? I'm sorry to interrupt, but..." Emily stopped halfway through the door her mouth hanging open. "I... uhm... You have a phone call Detective." She finally managed pointing at the phone in her hand.

Scrambling off Maura Jane felt like a teenager getting caught making out. "Uhm... Thanks." She grabbed the phone and disappeared into the adjoining bathroom.

"Everything alright, Bella?" Emily asked Maura in concern.

Sighing Maura sat up and ran a hand through her hair. "Everything's fine Em, just fine" she said looking longingly at the closed bathroom door. She knew Jane had felt the moment things had shifted from a game to something more serious. If only Emily hadn't shown up who knows what would have happened. She never heard Emily leave and after ten minutes she gave up waiting for Jane. Lying back down she closed her eyes and willed herself to fall asleep.