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“There it is!” Maura exclaimed barely managing to keep the growing excitement from her voice. Jane looked at the house Maura was pointing at. The double story was picturesque; its white walls seemed to rise from the dark water in the background.

“Wow it is beautiful here” Jane said appreciatively as they got out of the car. In answer Maura merely nodded and smiled.

“Bella, Bella! You made it!” a female voice exclaimed from the side of the house. With what could only be described as a scream Maura bolted to the source.

“Em!” Maura exuberantly exclaimed. As she reached the advancing doctor Maura flung herself into waiting arms. Doctor Brent easily swung the smaller woman around in a circle before carefully depositing her back to solid ground. She enveloped her in tight hug before holding her at arm’s length and looking her up and down.

“You look gorgeous honey. I’ve missed you so much.” She said while pulling Maura closer for another hug.

Maura laughed happily “I’ve missed you too. It’s so good to see you Em.” She said breathlessly temporarily forgetting a stunned Jane.

“You must me the Defective Detective” Emily Brent said laughingly to Jane as she approached the two women cautiously.

Maura extricated herself from the embrace and had the grace to look embarrassed. “Em, this is Jane. Jane this is Doctor Emily Brent.” She hastily introduced the two women to each other.

Jane struggled to appear casual, feeling both shocked at Maura’s behavior and annoyed at being called defective. “Hi” she managed through clenched teeth. Extending her hand in greeting to the other woman. The hand that gripped hers was firm and warm as was the deep brown eyes that openly appraised her up and down. Jane squirmed under the intense gaze and tried to give a friendly smile.

The woman was a goddess. There was no other word for her. She was wearing white shorts with a bikini top. Her body was perfectly sculpted and proportioned. Her skin lightly bronzed from hours spent in the sun. Her long blonde hair was tied back carelessly. It was easy to see how Doctor Emily Brent could have any man or woman drooling at her feet.

“Let me help you unload Bella.” She said to Maura. Taking Maura’s hand in hers and walking back towards the car.

As they unloaded the car Jane took a couple of bags in her right hand following the two women into the house.

“I’m afraid the two of you will have to share.” Emily was explaining to Maura as they stepped into one of the guest rooms. At the look of consternation on Maura’s face she said “By tomorrow all eight rooms will be full. Everybody’s coming!” she finished with a smile.

Maura looked at Jane. “Is that okay with you? Us sharing?” she asked.

Jane frowned slightly trying to sound casual as she said “Sure. No problem.” Looking apprehensively at the single king sized bed that formed the center piece of the room.