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“Call me when you get there?” Angela asked again for what seemed to be the hundredth time in less than five minutes.

“We will Ma” Jane tried not to let her irritation show in her tone. Rolling her eyes at Maura she said “Let’s go before she starts again please” she pleaded with Maura.

Maura laughed and briefly hugged Angela. “Please don’t fret Angela. We’ll be less than three hours away and Jane will be surrounded by doctors the whole time.” As always she found the interaction between mother and daughter endearing. “Give your mother a hug and a kiss Jane” she said laughing happily at the look of total horror on Jane’s face.

“Yes Janie. Please show your mother you still care.” Angela said in a voice that said she no longer believed her daughter cared about her at all. Jane all but stalked up to her and her planted a rough kiss on her mother’s lips before enveloping her in a bear hug.

“Love you Ma” she muttered scowling at the laughing medical examiner. As they got into the car she turned to Maura and pointed a finger in her direction. “Not one word Doctor Isles, not one word.”

“I didn’t say anything Janie” Maura said while smiling sweetly. “Ouch!” she exclaimed as Jane’s fist made contact with her shoulder. Rubbing at the numbness she looked at Jane accusingly. “Do that one more time and I’m leaving you here with her.” She deadpanned at a shocked Jane.

“You wouldn’t!” Jane exclaimed not entirely sure that Maura wasn’t serious in her threat.

“You do that again and I will.” Maura said with a laugh and patted Jane’s thigh as she backed up into the street. Electricity shot through Jane’s body at the touch and she involuntarily flexed her fist considering another little punch, but thought better of it as she noticed Maura’s raised eyebrows and a knowing smile around her lips.

As the road stretched before them a comfortable silence settled between them. Soft classical music filtered through the speakers and Maura absently hummed along to Rachmaninoff. Jane itched to know more about the mysterious Doctor Emily Brent, not at all comfortable stepping into an unfamiliar situation. She had to admit that she was very curious to meet Maura’s friends. In all the time she had known Maura it had seemed that she had had virtually no personal life before meeting Jane and the boys. Charity dinners and gala events definitely did not count as a personal life Jane had decided a long time ago. Getting Maura Isles to see it her way was proving to be quite the challenge. Glancing at Maura she gave an inward sigh of frustration. Even though Maura was ostensibly going on holiday she was dressed to kill. Granted she looked great. Maura always looked great.

The white blouse she wore fit perfectly to her sculpted body. The blouse offered just a hint of cleavage to the observer. If she shifted slightly Jane was sure she’d be able to see the swell of her breasts better. Shifting slightly in her seat she tried to look without staring, she was sure a small amount of satin just flashed between the top two buttons. She bit into her lower lip concentrating on the task. Assuring herself that she was only making sure that Maura was presentable. As Maura’s best friend it was her responsibility, no her duty to inform Maura if something was wrong with her outfit.

“Are you nervous?” Maura asked causing Jane to virtually jump through the roof of the car.

“Jeez Maura you scared the living daylight out of me!” she complained. Trying to hide the blush that she knew was creeping up her neck. “I’m fine, but thanks for asking. Should I be nervous?” she asked apprehensively. Hopefully Maura hadn’t noticed her staring.

“No. I don’t think you should be nervous. Em is the very best there is. We will reach the ferry in about half an hour.” Maura answered a slight frown creasing her brow. To Jane it seemed that Maura was nervous, but for the life of her she couldn’t figure out why. As they neared their destination Jane couldn’t help but notice the uneasy feeling that settled in her stomach.