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They were all at a crime scene together. Her, Jane, Barry and Korzak. They were standing outside the rundown house patiently waiting while Maura tied her hair back and donned an overcoat identifying her as the M.E. “Dispatch wasn’t too clear, but it seems there are multiple DB’s inside” Jane was explaining to them. “Crowley and his partner has cleared the scene and confirmed it. It seems he still hasn’t found his crime scene legs yet. He has been standing over there for nearly ten minutes. He hasn’t moved. And he definitely looks slightly green”

“Shock can be quite debilitating. Certain species of bird and reptile will actually faint and appear dead when frightened. And…” Maura started to explain, but she stopped short at the frown she received from Jane. “Maura!” Her back turned to Crowley and his partner, her voice sounded shocked. “Did you just compare Crowley to a reptile?” Barry bit back a laugh and Korzak turned away from them trying to hide the smile on his face.

“I am shocked at you Dr. Isles. Have you no respect for a sensitive soul?” Jane’s face and voice was serious and Maura missed the dancing laughter in her eyes. “I… uh… I…” as she struggled for words Maura could feel embarrassment climbing up her neck and into her face. She looked down at her hands and fumbled with the name tag trying to compose her thoughts. Jane touched her elbow lightly concern etched across her features. “Maur, I was only kidding. I was pulling your leg. I know that you have the utmost respect for others.” Shrugging and feeling foolish for not realizing Jane was just being Jane, Maura tossed her head back and picked up her bag from the back of the van. “Oh, okay.” She said when she finally trusted her voice again.

“You do realize that you were right however” Jane whispered loud enough for her words to carry to Frost and Korzak, smirking and raising her eyebrows suggestively. “That man is completely controlled by his lizard brain!” Maura laughed at the expression on Jane’s face. Her eyes were rolling around and her tongue snaked out between her teeth every couple of seconds. “Oh, Jane! Crowley looks nothing like that!” she smiled as Jane wiggled her eyebrows again. “Maybe not right now,” she stage whispered to Maura, “but when he’s alone in the shower…” Barry and Korzak forgot to pretend to be serious and they laughed along with Maura and Jane.

Jane went through her jacket pockets and turned to Maura. “Maur, I need some gloves please”, she held out her hand toward Maura to accept a pair. “Seriously Maura! Purple? Again?” she asked frowning down at the gloves. Frost elbowed Korzak and the pair of them smirked at Jane. “Yo Rizzoli!” Frost called to Jane. “Your momma called and asked…”
“If you ever want kids Frost, now is not the time to finish that sentence!” she growled while shaking the gloves at him. “And you,” she pointed back at Maura “need to stop shopping at the Gucci medical supply store! Is it too damn much to ask to have normal white or beige gloves?”

Sighing loudly Maura said “Language Jane! And I’ve explained this to you on several occasions already. Not only does these ‘purple’ nitrile gloves have no antigenic proteins found in the standard latex gloves, the fingers are textured to provide better grip and provide protection against various known chemicals and pathogens that we may encounter during the course of an investigation.”

“Okay Doctor Smarty-pants, so basically you’re saying that the color had NO impact on your choice at all Maura?” Jane asked incredulously.

“…Well…” she pretended to turn the idea around in her mind. “… The color obviously is an added bonus…” Maura replied with an innocent smile. “I knew it!” Jane exclaimed happily to Frost and Korzak over her shoulder.

Turning back towards Maura her smile froze and face became serious. “Get down! Gun!” she shouted pushing a startled Maura to the ground. She started reaching for her own gun when a burst of automatic gunfire broke out. Maura was momentarily stunned. Jane wore a look of surprise as she fell unto Maura. Shots rang out from all sides as officers returned fire at the lone gunman.

“Cease fire! Cease fire!” Korzak’s voice rang out over the chaos. “Suspect down! Secure his weapon” he continued until a ghostly silence fell over the area. Maura became aware that she was still pinned underneath Jane’s body. “Jane? You can get up now” Maura said struggling to move under Jane’s weight. When she received no response Maura pushed against Jane’s shoulder. Jane’s body rolled over and Maura gasped as she saw blood all over Jane’s shirt. Years of training kicked in before panic could and Maura kneeled over Jane’s lifeless body. Putting fingers on her pulse Maura felt relief flood through her as she felt Jane’s pulse under her fingers. Her pulse was erratic, but still strong.

“Barry!” she practically screamed at Frost. “We need an ambulance, Jane’s been shot”

She practically tore Jane’s shirt open to inspect the damage. Using the shirt to wipe away blood Maura started to assess the damage. There were three bullet wounds in the lower abdomen, two in the upper torso and one near the left clavicle. “Barry, I need you to help me put pressure on these wounds.” Her voice sounded strangely calm in her own ears. “Hang on Jane.” She whispered fiercely, watching as blood poured through her fingers seeping away in the paving stones under Jane’s body.

She could hear the ambulance siren coming closer and closer. Until strong hands pulled her off Jane’s body. Her hands were shaking and she grabbed Jane’s limp hand, feeling tears falling down her cheeks. She held on for dear life and in the end the EMT’s had to load into the ambulance with Jane. She doesn’t remember the drive to the hospital, or the mad dash through the ER. When she came to her senses Angela had her arms wrapped around her, rocking her back and forth.

“Jane?” she half asked cried. Angela choked back tears and Frankie answered in a strangled voice. “Surgery”

Six harrowing hours later a doctor finally called “Rizzoli?” He looked tired and had a grim look in his eyes. He ran a hand through his hair and stated. “She’s stable for now. There was massive internal damage and she has lost a lot of blood. We were able to recover the bullets and repair most of the damage. I’m afraid that her recovery will be slow and painful, it is a miracle that she is alive.” Angela was sobbing uncontrollably. “Can we see her?” Maura pleaded. He nodded and explained that a nurse will show them to the high care unit shortly.

Jane was asleep. She was startled at her pallor as she walked up to the bed. Her usual tan skin looked grey and pain was etched across her face. Maura placed her hand over Jane’s. And for a brief moment Jane’s eyes fluttered open looking at Maura her frown disappearing as her eyes fell closed again.