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This was the first fic I ever posted on SB. It came as an omake from an unpublished attempt at Endbringer!Taylor, but works fine as a standalone story.

If you've seen my FFN page, you'll notice that there's a chapter missing here. Chapter 3 was a oneshot about Human!Tohu and Bohu. It wasn't anything more than decent, and on reflection, I decided not to bother porting it over.



Daddy Issues

They flew high above the world. The blue in the sky was bleeding off into black. Even the clouds were far below them now. Sister took the lead, setting their flightpath with her usual unerring confidence. She followed, not directly, but mirroring Sister in a delayed helix, spiraling together. Her copy of Sister's powers told her that the shape of their flight was important- that it would inspire specific responses in observers, but her imitation was too limited to know more.

After a time, Sister stopped, the sun to her back. She faced Taylor, little more than a silhouette in front of the sun. Taylor spoke, her words audible even in the near-vacuum.

"I have a question."

"And I have answers." Sister replied smugly. Taylor rolled her eyes.

"Do you think I have- uh... Daddy issues?"

Sister raised an elegant eyebrow. "What brought this up?"

"Dad and I had a fight. And when I told Clockblocker, he made a joke about me having... you know."

"Oh Taylor..." Sister flew to her and took her hand. "Of course you have Daddy Issues."

"What?!" Taylor shouted.

"Shh." Sister began stroking her hair. "You have them, I have them, our brothers have them. Everyone has them."

"But-" Taylor sputtered. "I- you have them? How do you- you don't even have a dad."

"Of course I do. I think you even know who he is."

Taylor stopped and thought. It couldn't possibly be... No way. She couldn't be serious.

"Are you talking about Eidolon?"

Sister just smiled. After a moment, she pulled away and pointed down at the Earth.

"All of that," She swept her hands across the world. "All of that is Daddy Issues."

"So all of the murder and plotting were-"

"That's right. All three of us have a bone to pick with that man. We just have extreme ways of showing it. I take out my anger on fathers everywhere."

Taylor looked at her incredulously. "Seriously?"

"Why do you think there are so many ruined fathers out there? All me. Mannequin. Mad dad. Siberian. Sad Dad." Sister smirked. "I had Leviathan target Kaiser for the same reason."


"Seriously. Why do you think we picked you? What would devastate your father more than anything else in the world?"

Taylor's jaw dropped, and she gaped at her sister in horror. "My... Dad?"

Sister's smile faded as she saw Taylor's face. "That was a joke!" She held up her hands defensively. "Just a joke. And nothing else."

Taylor didn't look any happier. "If Dad knew- he'd never..." She trailed off, her lip quivering.

Sister shifted, embracing her from behind. Her wings enfolded both of them, blocking out the world behind a layer of white.

"He'll never find out as long as you stick with me. Also, I think he deserves more credit than you give him. He really loves you, you know that?"

"Yeah." Taylor whispered. She let her wings retract, putting herself entirely in Sister's hands. "Why did you pick me anyway?"

"You're the best equipped to kill Eidolon, among other things." Sister put a finger to her lips thoughtfully. "Hmm... I guess that's a Daddy Issue also."

"For Father's Day this year, can we kill Heartbreaker or something? I want at least some good to come from your weird patricide thing." Taylor hesitated. "Or we could- You could celebrate with my dad and me."

Sister didn't answer. She just ran her fingers through Taylor's hair, combing it the way her mother used to. They stayed that way for a while, just floating along. Sister was the one to break the silence.

"Wave to Dragon!" She pointed at a light moving across the sky. Taylor waved. Sister just smiled her Mona Lisa smile and tweaked the satellite's course.

As the satellite drifted away on its new course, Sister spoke again. "I forgot about Dragon. I killed her father too."

"Daddy Issues." Taylor said. She sighed heavily. "Get Heartbreaker first. Then- uh... Does Jack Slash have any kids?"

"You could argue that Bonesaw is like an adopted daughter." Sister stared off into space, looking at a world only she could see. "I wonder if I can get Heartbreaker and Jack at the same time?"

Taylor smiled for the first time. "Show off."

Simurgh smiled back. "You haven't seen how Eidolon dies yet."