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 This titular chapter is the newest Human!Endbringer fic I've done, and easily the most popular. The original supplied prompt was Yandere!Human!Simurgh dating Taylor, and I had a lot of fun running with it.

 The rest of the chapters are unrelated Human!Simurgh oneshots, but can be read as something connected to Stargazing, if you choose to.



The sky overhead was bright, every star standing out against the velvet blackness. They were only a short drive outside the city, but the difference it made was unparalleled.

"Wow..." Taylor breathed. "It's beautiful."

"It is," Simone said. She was very pointedly not looking at the stars.

Taylor adjusted herself, scooting a little further up the hood of the car, her head still craned upward to watch the sky.

"You forget it's up there," Taylor said softly. "All of that, buried behind smog and light pollution."


Simone leaned in, trying to follow Taylor's gaze. She'd seen the sky enough for ten lifetimes, and could name every star up there without thought. But like this, trying to see it through Taylor's eyes added a sort of magic to it.

"Look! A shooting star!"

Taylor pointed. A pinprick of light flashed across the sky in a long arc before... suddenly veering off at an odd angle.

"That was weird," Simone remarked. She snickered inwardly. It was weird alright, unless you knew that Dragon had a satellite in that quadrant, and wanted to say, interrupt her day.

Taylor sighed before looking back down at the earth. "This was nice."

Simone slid a little closer to her. "It was. I can't think of anyone else I'd share this with."

"Yeah..." Taylor hesitated for a moment before meeting her eye. "It's funny, I'm still not used to... doing this kind of thing... with friends."

Simone's smile twitched, her face suddenly frozen. Friends. Oh no. Oh no no no. They were not doing 'friends.'

"Like, I think I did something like this when I was a kid. Me and Emma in the backyard."


Taylor looked away, her hands tightly clasped in her lap. "Yeah. And it's stupid, but... I mean, we were like sisters."

Sisters? Wait, no, she could work with that. Sisters could work. Look at Tohu and Bohu, fucking twincestuous sluts.

"I don't really have a sister," Simone said slowly. "But I can imagine what that would feel like. How I'd feel if Levi or Ben turned on me."

Taylor nodded. "We were like sisters. But... that... that was then." Her voice hitched, but redoubled, gaining force the more she spoke. "It's not my fault she turned out the way she did. And all that shit she said about me, that was her."

"I talked to her about that once," Simone interjected. "Emma. She was so worried about being strong, being invulnerable, that she couldn't recognize how strong you were. How lucky she was to have you in her life. How special-"

"Simone," Taylor said. She was blushing. "That's a little much."

"No." Simone shook her head adamantly. "It's not."

She scooted closer, close enough that their thighs were touching. Close enough to smell the hint of perfume Taylor had put on, a rose scent that Simone knew had belonged to Taylor's mother.

"Listen, I said there was no one else I'd share this with, and I meant it," Simone said. "And if I have to beat it into your head that you're a beautiful, wonderful, goddamn special human being, then that's tough. And that's why I lov-"

Her cellphone rang.


"Ignore that."

Someone was dead. Someone was going to be so fucking dead for ruining her moment. Someone-

"Maybe you should just get it?" Taylor suggested, when the phone rang for the twelfth time.

Simone dug her phone out of her purse. The caller ID read simply, "Levi." The reason she hadn't say, used her precognition to look at it, might have been because she wanted to conserve every possible bit of psychic power for FUCKING LEVI SIDEWAYS BECAUSE HE RUINED HER DATE AND NO ONE GOT A SECOND DATE WITH TAYLOR HEBERT, AND EVEN IF TAYLOR DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS A DATE, DIDN'T MEAN IT STILL WASN'T A DATE-

"I'll be back in just a second."

She slipped off the hood of the car and rushed off into the woods. Only when she was a safe distance from Taylor did she answer.

"I'm gonna fucking murder you, Levi." Canary, who could literally talk people to death, could not have injected more murderous intent into her voice.

"Oh. Uh... hey," Levi stammered. "I was just calling because-"

"That gay swimming boys anime you like?" Simone growled. "None of them fuck. None of them will ever fuck. Not even in Season 2."

"Wha- AHH CMON!" Levi cried. "Why would you-"

"Listen closely," she said, her voice barely more than a hiss gritted through teeth. "Finish this call within the next five seconds or I'll personally spoil the plots of every show you watch from now until the sun explodes. And that's my warm up."

There were two seconds of silence - she counted, and Levi mumbled, "I'm supposed to attack and-"


"But what if Dadversary shows up? Shouldn't I-"


She did not just hang up. She reached out across the city, found Levi's phone and crushed it into a ball the size of a flea. Then she hung up her end of the call and walked back to Taylor.

The other girl was looking up at the sky again. She stopped when Simone came back to the car.

"Everything okay?"

"Just Levi being a dumbass," Simone said airily. "Boys."

She hopped back onto the hood of the car. But... now what? The mood was broken. Irreparably broken, and Taylor would never want another date because she'd killed the mood so badly and- Fuck. She was gonna kill Levi.

"Where was I?" Simone whispered. Why bother? Taylor had the romantic density of a neutron star. You had to lay it on thick or she'd never catch on.

"I believe," Taylor said softly. "You were just telling me that you love me."

Simone gaped at her. But Taylor was meeting her gaze now, and she was smiling.

"I've never had anyone say that to me."

"Wha.. wha..." Simone couldn't manage real words. Her brain was having a critical meltdown. She didn't use precog on Taylor, but this- this was unprecedented- unbelievable in the extreme!

"I think you're right. There's no one else I'd rather share this night with," Taylor said.

And then she leaned in and- and- AND-

Soft lips brushed hers. Taylor had on peach lip gloss, and her breath was warm, the barest brush across Simone's lips, and then Taylor was pulling away and-

Simone toppled backwards off the hood. She hit the dirt and didn't even feel it.

Taylor had- Taylor kissed her.

She stared up at the sky. Another shooting star ricocheted off Dragon's satellite and she barely noticed.

A shape moved in front of the sky. Taylor was leaning off the car, peering down at her.

"Are you okay?!"

Simone managed a delirious smile. "It's a beautiful night, isn't it?"



"You said Spain! I went to Spain!"

Simone glared at Levi. The hydrokinetic scowled back.

"Madrid. I said Spain, and you went to Madrid."

"It is in Spain," Ben supplied. He was sitting a safe distance away. Or so he thought.

"Coastal Spain! Levi attacks coastal targets! How- gaahh!" Simone shook her head. God, the stupid. He was just so stupid. "How did you even get there!?"

Levi shrugged. "There's a river. I surfed."

Simone's eye twitched. "You know that basketball anime you just started?"

"Kuroko no- wait Simone don't!"

"They aren't ever going to fuck. Not now, not ever, and that I have to keep telling this just speaks to how fucking insane you are for thinking a show aimed at teenage boys is going to have gay fucking in it!"

Levi groaned and ran from the room, hands clamped over his ears. Simone dashed after him.

"That cycling show you watched last week? Season 2 is coming out, and there's no yaoi!"