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Honest Emotions

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Over the next few months, the three men, Allen, Lavi, and Deak, grew closer. The twins felt their feelings become more intense with each moment they spent with their tiny companion. They tried to learn everything about him and they came to love him even more. They tried to show their affections in big and small ways.


Their affection for him had grown to nearly obsession since the revelation of their own feelings. Sometimes they even argued over him, but in the end they always resolved the conflict through understanding. They both loved Allen, they just wanted him to see it and learn to return it. They wondered if any part of the small boy considered them the same way.

For Allen it seemed he had earned back his old friends. He didn't see their gestures as anything impure. They were galaxies away from him socially and physically and yet they seemed to want to be around him and that made the younger man very happy. It was easier at school and his days didn't seem so dim as they had when he'd been alone. He was still timid and gawky, but at times he felt brave enough to do the things he craved. The twins were always talking him into doing fun things like going out or entering science contests or competing in talent shows. They were events Allen thought he'd never get to experience, but thanks to the twins it was all just part of his life.


The three spent nearly every day together and, though the twins' efforts were out of love, they craved to get their desires noticed. They tried gestures like flowers and chocolate, they tried to buy him gifts, they listened to his problems and brought him comfort, but it seemed Allen mistook it all for being little more than friendship.


They enjoyed having Allen as a friend, but they felt he needed to know the truth. So the twins devised a surefire way to finally get their feelings across. They were going to confess them. Of course, that meant everything had to be perfect. Over the course of a few weeks they set everything up. They picked the perfect destination, had decorum ordered, and went out and purchased the single most elegant gift they'd ever procured. It had also come with a lot of discussion and agreement on their parts. They had to be one hundred percent committed to the idea before it was executed. Of course, they eventually reached terms and got everything in order.


They waited until winter holiday break. It was only a few days away and the weather was cold. They thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get cozy with their favorite guy. They caught up to him after one of his last classes of the semester.


"We wanted to invite you somewhere," Lavi said eagerly as he strolled alongside Allen. He held out his hands in a gesture that had become the familiar offer to carry the smaller man's books.


"If you aren't busy, of course," Deak added quickly.




Allen gratefully gave his books to Lavi and looked between the two men with curiosity. "What is it? You guys know I almost never have plans."


The brothers exchanged a smile.


"We thought you might like to spend the holidays at our place, up at the mansion," Lavi said, beaming.


"We'd love to have you and we already got you a present," Deak said.


"There's no pressure though! If you don't want to, or can't, we understand. We just thought it would be fun." Lavi tussled the books back and forth in his palms as if fidgeting.


Allen was moved by the offer. He hadn't been invited to spend the holidays with anyone since he'd spent it with the twins all those years ago. The nostalgia of the moment threatened to bring tears to his eyes, but he held back and managed a nod. "I'd love to. If it isn't too much trouble."


As always, the men were thrilled and they took him out for ice cream to celebrate the upcoming event.


The days prior to the break were full of anticipation. The twins felt like bursting and they had a hard time concentrating on class. Thankfully, with Christmas around the corner many of the other students had already checked out and the instructors had low expectations for participation. It was good because the boys were so full of excitement for what they were going to do that they couldn't have been good students if they had tried.


When the time finally arrived, the twins made sure everything was in place. They had plenty of wood for the fireplace, their guardians were away in Aspen for skiing, the house was tidy and private since the help had cleaned and left for their own holidays. Most of all, the brothers inspected their gift for Allen over and over.


The ring was silver to compliment the pure white color of their friend. It was designed for a man so the band was thick to keep from breaking, but it was custom and lined with tiny diamonds all the way to the edges and adorned in the center by a huge square-cut diamond that glistened so clear it reflected rainbows from its surface.


It had been what they'd agreed upon and they could only hope Allen would love it as much as they loved him.


It took everything in them not to pull it out and pass it back and forth between them after they picked Allen up and drove him to their home. They couldn't let him see it until the time was right.


Allen had been to their house before but he never ceased to be awed by the elaborate decorations. The place was always spotless, the floor always glistened, and his voice–no matter how small–always echoed in the grand entryway. He loved how his shoes clacked on the glossy wooden tiles, how draping curtains hung from every window, and how the twins almost looked normal against the backdrop of insanely high ceilings and huge staircases made just for them. The whole place made Allen feel tiny, but it was an excellent excuse to be carried.

The brothers set him up in his own guest room. The urge to let him sleep in their room was strong, but they didn't want him to feel pressured or self-conscious. Instead, they informed him that their door was always open to him and let him get comfortable in his own space.


Allen seemed to appreciate having his own room. The timid boy was sometimes like a small animal in how he liked to secure himself.


"Thanks again," Allen said as he unpacked his single suitcase into the empty drawers provided. "I thought I'd spend another Christmas alone. I figured at best I'd get some reading done. I didn't think you'd want to spend such an important time with me. It means a lot."


The twins felt their hearts pound and they smiled. "Anytime." They spoke at once and it didn't even upset them.


The next few days were bliss. The three played games and watched movies. They wore sweaters and cuddled up near the fire and told stories. They went out and played in the snow in the twins' vast yard. Allen nearly disappeared amongst the fluffy white powder and that gave him a tactical advantage against his larger opponents in snowball fights. It was like a dream of happiness and all the while Allen was unaware of how he made the brothers ache. Every night they quietly snuffed out their passion in each other's strong grips as they awaited the day of truth.

The twins waited until Christmas Eve to execute their plan.


They thought it would be the most romantic to kneel before their love interest and offer him an early gift. The night gave them the atmosphere they wanted. Frost tinted the windows, darkness fell early so only the fireplace lit the living room, and the flickering light soothed the air and made everything else feel quiet and still. The large Christmas tree they'd ordered sparkled with its changing red and green lights and made the wrapping paper of other gifts shine with the reflection.

When the moment finally came, the twins felt their nerves start to act up. They paced around the kitchen under the guise of making popcorn and passed the ring back and forth.


"What if this scares him off?" Deak worried his lip with teeth and wrung his huge hands. The tendons in his arms protruded from his tension.


"What if he doesn't want to be our friend anymore?" Lavi echoed the sentiment of fear as he stared at the glistening diamond ring as if it might hold the answers.


"He wouldn't leave us, would he?" Deak gripped the edge of the kitchen counter and nearly cracked the marble.


"Allen doesn't harbor hatred. I don't think. He'd let us down easy." Lavi tried to bring them both a small comfort.


Deak came to his brother's side and took the ring and its box from his twin. He snapped it closed to keep from having to look at it again. "Is there an easy way to lose him?"


Lavi shook his head and leaned against the counter. "No, but can we keep living like this? Because I don't think I can."


Deak couldn't argue that. Despite it all they knew they needed to go through with this. It was better to be rejected than to live a life of never knowing. Being close to Allen and never being able to hold him the way they wanted nearly broke them. It was better to know they couldn't touch or love because Allen didn't want it rather than because they were denying themselves. They took a deep breath and decided to go through with it. They walked through the halls and returned to the living room where they intended to make their literal proposal.


Allen sat before the fireplace. He sipped from a mug full of hot chocolate and gazed into the fire. He looked far away like he was contemplating something, but the men didn't know what. The little man looked cozy in his oversized sweater with the sleeves pulled down to shield his fingers from the scorch of the mug. His feet were tucked under him in soft white socks and too-large pajama pants covered his legs. He looked so cute the twins felt bad disturbing him, but they knew it was now or never.

They both came over and knelt down beside him. Their knees pressed into the large mohair rug that shielded the floor. Allen looked up at them and smiled. "Hey guys, everything okay?" He blinked and looked between them in confusion. "Weren't you getting popcorn?"


Lavi shook his head. "No. Listen, Allen, we've got something important to tell you. We'd like if you would hear us out before you pass judgment."

Even with the men kneeling and Allen on the couch they still towered over him and Allen had to look up to nod. "Okay." He tried to remain calm, but inside he felt his nerves light on fire. He had no idea what they were going to say, but every bad idea rushed through Allen all at once and he irrationally feared they were going to tell him to leave.


Deak took a deep breath and started them off. "We never thought we'd end up feeling like this about anyone. Before you came along we were just trudging through life taking advantage of everyone around us and we didn't even realize we weren't happy."


"Then we met you." Lavi bravely reached out and took Allen's mug and set it on the coffee table beside the couch. Then he pulled Allen's left hand into his palm and pulled back the sleeve of the boy's sweater to stroke the damaged skin. Allen gasped in surprise but didn't pull back and tried to stay quiet like they'd asked of him.


"You pulled us out of that slump," Deak continued. "You taught us what it was like to be happy again. We haven't had to seek out petty joys anymore. We truly find pleasure when we're with you."


Lavi overtook the speech then. "We thought about this long and hard. We considered what telling you might do, but we couldn't handle living our lives without ever even trying to tell you how we feel. Allen, you make us feel complete. You make us think about our actions and actually care."


"We can't imagine living our lives without you," Deak added. The twins then shared a look and made their confession together.


"Because we're in love with you, Allen."


"We want you to be with us," Deak said. He reached back and pulled the ring box from his pocket. The twins moved up onto a single knee each and looked down lovingly at Allen. "Both of us."


Lavi reached over and opened the box to reveal the radiant ring inside. "Forever." He let the word hover in the air for a moment then recalled the disclaimer. "Oh! But don't worry. It looks intense, but it's just a promise ring–for now."


"It possesses the ability to gain status as you allow," Deak said playfully.


Allen couldn't believe what he'd just heard. The words swirled around inside of him and made his body hot all over. He looked at the expectant faces of his friends and felt his heart pound at a million miles a minute. All of his own feelings welled up and threatened to overflow.


The twins grew more nervous with each passing second of silence, but at last Allen gathered up his voice and shared his thoughts. "I never would have imagined. I can barely breathe. This entire time I thought you just wanted to be friends. I didn't let myself think about how badly I wanted you. I love you. I love you too! But I thought you were out of my league. You're both smart, sexy, fun. I never thought one of you could love someone like me, much less both of you. I'm shocked, but I'm happy. It feels like I'm in a dream."


The twins were moved by the wavering tone of Allen's voice. They adored how tears welled up in the younger man's eyes, how he shook with emotion. They wanted to reach out and pull him into their arms but they feared they might crush him under their enthrallment. They both reeled on the inside with the revelation. Allen loved them back.


"We’re not out of your league," Deak said. "You're so much smarter and more beautiful than you know. You are honestly the sexiest, sweetest person we've ever met."


"But you two are sexy. You're built like houses. You have muscles for miles and attitude to match. You could have anyone!" Allen's face turned cherry red with a flush.


"The person we want is you. You're skin is soft and beautiful, you can hold a conversation, you're kind, and you're honest like other people just aren't. You are perfect," Lavi said in an uncharacteristic show of seriousness.


Allen felt like he was spiraling down a rabbit hole. He wanted the ride to go faster. "I want to be with you both too. In every way!" He blurted out the confession without thinking.

The words brought a silence. Allen's blood flooded everywhere and the twin fought down dirtier rising urges. The room felt suddenly too hot.


Lavi broke the tension first and leaned forward to claim Allen's sweet lips. The flesh on flesh was soft and gentle at first and the twin lavished in how right it felt to inhale Allen's scent with them so close. The young man's lips moved timidly and Lavi deepened the contact with a swipe of tongue that dipped in only briefly to feel out the rungs of metal lining Allen's teeth and to taste the curve of tiny tongue.

Allen moaned in response and Lavi pulled back with a grin. "Then let us show you how we want to have you." He moved back to let Deak kiss next.


The progression was natural from there.


Allen and Deak locked together and Deak got his first taste of the boy he'd only been able to dream about. Allen fastened his small hands against the bulges of muscle that were Deak's shoulders and he tried to brace himself against the sudden bursts of pleasure that ebbed through him at the touch.


His mouth moved against Deak's tenderly and he tasted the strong slip of pink muscle as it violated his mouth. He started to whine as he felt a second set of lips press against his cheek and then move closer to kiss at both Deak and Allen's lips.


Soon the three were moving their tongues together in the tight space between them. Deak and Lavi's sides rubbed and bumped in tandem as they pressed in close to get at Allen together. Large hands roamed carefully up and down Allen's form. When they finally eased back a bit it was only so Deak could ask, "Is it okay?"


Allen knew what they meant. They wanted to know if they could touch, if they could do as they desired. Allen nodded even though he couldn't find words. He wanted this and wanted them completely.


They pushed him gently against the couch so he was lying down and Deak moved downward to tug away the loose cotton pants and Lavi pushed his huge fingers under Allen's sweater. His fingers were chilly from the air outside the warmth of fabric and they contrasted exquisitely against the hot flesh of Allen's stomach.


The younger man gasped and writhed under the touch. They were only striping him and stroking his bare skin, but it already felt like too much for the virgin boy. He flushed pink in his cheeks and his shoulders and chest.


Lavi thought he looked stunning and leaned down to claim another kiss. When he pulled away he took Allen's glasses with him and folded and placed the frames out of harms way. Then he took in Allen's expression unfettered by the metal in the way. Allen looked beautiful under the touch.


Deak thought so too, but his eyes played more over the long lines of Allen's legs. The limbs were lengthy, almost gangly when they carried Allen through the halls, but elegant when they were sprawled out for inspection. Allen really was gorgeous; he just didn't understand his own body. Deak wanted to learn it better than its owner.


He nearly wept with pleasure when he pulled away the socks cladding Allen's feet. The man's tiny toes flexed with surprise and Deak felt a hot spike of pleasure ache in his groin. Never before had he realized how sexy a pair of feet could be. He ran his thumbs down the arches and listened to Allen moan against Lavi's mouth.


They teased him for a while, but eventually it was time to taste.


Lavi leaned down and pressed a kiss to Allen's nipple. The nub was hard and felt nice against the titan’s lips. Allen twitched at the affectionate gesture and keened and Lavi wanted to hear him make more sounds. The twin wrapped his lips around the bump and tasted. The skin was warm and it stiffened further against his tongue.


Allen wriggled as Lavi started to suck. The redhead flicked his muscle back and forth over Allen's chest and he could feel each rumbled moan and quickened beat of the younger boy's heart and it lit up his skin with longing.


Deak decided to give the boy mercy under the assault and nuzzled the dip of Allen's hip and skated his tongue over the curve of his pelvis. The giant was close enough he could smell Allen's musk and it made him want to claim the boy all the more. He finally gave in to his urge and dipped down and sucked Allen's hard-on into his mouth.


Allen's eyes grew huge and he whined out high and loud. His fingers gripped at the couch as he scrabbled for purchase against the sudden wet pleasure around his most sensitive area.

Deak felt the length throb on his tongue and he knew Allen wouldn't be long. The twin used his huge mouth to bring his newly found lover to ecstasy. He sucked the full girth down so his nose pressed up against Allen's stomach and he flicked his tongue around the mass and felt the little ridges grow more prominent as Allen's sack swelled and his body peaked.


Four large hands roamed Allen's body, felt out the curves and soft dips so contrary to their own hard lines. They worshiped their pale angel with their fingertips barely grazing and their mouths suckled him toward something he'd never felt before.


The eruption was mind-blowing and Allen shook from bottom to top. His toes curled and his body went rigid and he let out a wild howl as he splashed hot spunk into Deak's waiting mouth.


He launched stream after stream and Deak drank it all down until the cock between his lips went slack. He pulled back with a grin and looked down at Allen's pleasure soaked body. The boy was shiny with a layer of sweat and his large eyes glittered as he stared off into the orgasmic void.


Lavi popped off too and licked his lips. Both twins stared down at their lover with the gleam of hungry animals in their eyes, but patiently they waited.


Allen's tiny chest heaved and it took him a few dazed moments to gather himself. He felt great all over and he wanted to know what it was like to bring them pleasure too. He looked between them and knew suddenly that he could ask for anything. He summoned his strength and sat up, still a bit woozy from the explosion.

He slid down off the couch and knelt between them. The rug felt soft and pleasant against his bare legs and the fire was warm on his back as it crackled behind him. He was so excited he didn't even feel self-conscious about his body for once.


"Take off your pants?" He'd meant for the words to be a command, but they came out a question.


The twins thought it was both adorable and sexy and they were quick to shuck everything they wore. What Allen was left with were two sturdily built men made of pure sex and muscle, both bare and eager for him. He shuddered and felt his body trying to stir back to life.


The twins' cocks were both rigid and stood up big and proud. Allen was honestly intimidated by them, but every bit of him wanted to bring his boys joy, so he reached out and placed a hand on each twin and started to stroke.


The flesh was thick and their hairy balls bounced with excitement when Allen rubbed up and down. The brothers groaned from the contact and Allen knew he'd never be able to come back from those sounds.


Lavi got the experience of feeling Allen's left hand and the skin was just as soft as every other part of Allen, but parts of it were rougher and it beveled and had grooves in strange places that made his rod tickle.


Deak got the normal right hand and the skin felt like satin gliding over his mass. He tried not to buck into the touch for fear of whacking Allen with his massive knob.


Allen rubbed them out for a while until their tips started to drool beads of precum. He smeared the fluid around and then became brave and leaned forward to taste first Deak's slit and then Lavi’s. He bobbed his head from left to right and started to lick up the tasty mess they were giving him.


His little tongue snaking over their heads made their bases rock solid and their bubble butts clenched as they fought down the need to rock into the contact.


They let him suck and lick and feel them for a while until their nerves were quivering and their muscles were bulging from tension. They knew they needed more and, at last, they dared to ask for it.


"Can we make love to you?" Lavi asked breathlessly.


"We want to fill you up," Deak moaned.


"Yes," Allen squeaked. He cleared his throat and nodded eagerly. His second attempt came out more along the lines of the boy’s need. "Yes."


The twins smiled and Lavi pulled the smaller man in for another passionate kiss.


Deak departed for only a moment to fetch what they would need.


In the meantime Lavi pulled Allen into his lap and rubbed his big hands up and down Allen's arms. He liked the contrast between the two limbs and it drove him to lap at Allen's cum-stained lips. He could taste himself and his brother and it made him want all the more.


Allen felt his body awakening again in full. His cock pressed up against Lavi's stiff abs and the younger man wriggled to gain friction on instinct. Lavi chuckled at his friend's desperation and let him grind a little before pulling him back a bit.


Allen blinked in confusion as he tried to process that Lavi was speaking. "What?"


Lavi grinned. "I said it might hurt a little. Are you going to be, okay?"


Allen nodded.


"If we hurt you too much tell us and we'll ease up, okay?"


"Okay," Allen whispered.


Lavi rewarded him with another gentle kiss.


Deak returned with a bottle of lube and crouched down beside the other two. He instructed Allen to get onto his hands and knees and Deak took a deep breath to keep from blowing his load at the sight of Allen's perfect bubble ass naked in the air. Those round globes wanted to be fondled and opened up and he wanted to do it.


Lavi watched impatiently as Deak spread those cheeks open and squirted a generous glob of lube onto the puckered hole. Allen gasped at the cold fluid, but stayed in position and bit his lower lip to keep from crying out too much.


Deak spread more of the goop onto his fingers and exhaled shakily as he lined up his thick index finger to Allen's tight little opening.


It must have burned when he pressed inside because Allen yelped and dug his fingers into the rug. The soft hairs bunched up between his knuckles. He braced himself and shook on the penetration.


"Should I stop?" Deak's voice was husky but concerned.


"No." Allen shook his head. "I can take it."


Driven by Allen's confidence, Deak pressed in up to the second knuckle. His whole arm tingled with how Allen's ass squeezed the digit. The flesh inside Allen's body was hot and tight and silky soft and the twin had to draw upon his greatest willpower not to fuck the poor boy raw. Instead he glided the finger in and out slowly, gently he worked the starburst of flesh apart until he was slipping in and out with more ease and Allen was moaning low and shivering with pleasure.


Deak painstakingly stretched his lover. He worked in the single digit and soon a second. He scissored open the hole and watched the inner walls tremble. He listened to Allen's whines and pleas and only pushed more in when directed.


Lavi watched and his cock throbbed harshly with need. He had to dig his nails into his knees to keep from stroking himself off all over Allen's arched and whining body.


Eventually, Deak had his whole hand inside and both he and Allen were moaning like they were going to die. It was as stretched and welcoming as the boy was going to get and Deak knew it was time to take their desire.


Deak went first because he was the more careful of the two and even Lavi could admit that. They didn't want Allen to get hurt in their passion and Lavi wasn't so foolish to believe it mattered who went first as long as they both could have him.

It was also only fair since Deak had done the work of opening their lover up. So Lavi moved to the front of Allen to stroke his white hair and hold him steady while Deak lined up his drooling cock to Allen's hungry ass.


"I love you both," Allen whined.


"We love you too," Deak replied. He pressed his tip to the entrance and started to push inside.


"More than anything." Lavi carefully gripped Allen's shoulders and helped keep him upright so his brother could slip inward.


Allen let out a scream as he was filled for the first time.


Deak's mass slid slowly into place and Allen felt his body stretch and spread. He felt the ridges rub his insides, felt the tug of hot flesh yanking sensitive bulges. He felt the graze of bulbous crown across a bundle of nerves and everything became blindingly hot. It didn't frighten him though. He loved it. It was a different kind of fiery grip than the kind he'd felt so long ago. This was an embrace, a feeling that pushed his sorrows backward and reclaimed his tormented soul for himself. It was like everything he was afraid of became erased and he fell into the welcoming arms of passion.

He bucked back and took more. He wanted it all even when it pushed his limits and his stomach protruded from the girth of the violation. His toes clenched in the fur of the rug. His legs rubbed against Deak's thick, hairy ones. He felt the tickle and press of ribs of muscle and the slick of sweat and the stroke of hair. He thought he could feel everything.


Then Lavi gave in to his own need and there was a cock at Allen's lips and the white-haired boy had never known being complete like this. He sucked the mass into his throat, let it burn and singe his insides, let it choke him and steal away his air. His lips strained to accept the girth, but he took it anyway and let himself be speared between them.

It was slow and rhythmic at first, but it melted into something faster, hotter, and more barbaric. Still they felt each other's love infused in each stroke. It rocked and ebbed through each of them and came out into the other.


Soon, it was truly physical as Deak dug his hands into Allen's hips and screamed. His voice ripped raw from his throat and his seed planted deep. Allen's pupils blew wide and all he knew was colors and blurs. He felt the liquid paint his inner walls, felt it stroke him in the best places. His own body throbbed so hard he couldn't tell if he had cum.


Deak pulled out gasping and there was a brief moment of jostling and Allen was full again and he wept with pleasure and his tears soaked Deak's hips as he sucked the twin's cock and cleansed it of his own flavor and the residue of what had been left behind from the enormous man's eruption.


Lavi moved faster and more jaggedly. Allen could feel the difference between their personalities, their bodies, and he committed it all to his memory even though he thought he might never think again.    


He felt himself get more full, tasted sweet spunk coating his tongue and filling his throat. He gripped them and felt their hands everywhere. They loved every part of him, tiny or scarred or pale, they touched him everywhere and told him with and without words how much he meant to them.


A night of passion unfurled and the cries of love and desire rang out right into Christmas Day. The three lovers tangled together in a frenzy of lust and longing.


When it was done they curled up together before the fireplace and knew they'd never had a better Christmas gift than this.