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Honest Emotions

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After the fainting incident, the boys decided to make things up to Allen. When the boy regained consciousness they offered him the option of spending time with them. The white-haired boy was still a little overwhelmed by the whole incident, but he didn't want to say no. He had a hard time making friends because of his own introverted nature and, though the twins had grown into something he'd never expected, the urge to get to know them again was strong. So he agreed to spend some time with them over the weekend.


It turned out none of them had class on Saturday so it allowed them to meet up at a local restaurant and chat. It was a little awkward initially. The people that worked there were familiar with the twins and went to fetch special chairs and a table to make their visit more pleasurable. Allen was surprised by how quick people were to please the burly behemoths, but he didn't think a lot about it at first.


Tense silence filled the air for longer than any of them might have liked, but Lavi was good at getting things going once he got up the inspiration. Usually he would have launched into chatter all at once, but he felt a little odd seeing Allen again. Eventually though, the silence wore him down and he enthusiastically brought up a project he was working on for one of his classes. Soon Deak joined in and the air was a little less heavy.


Allen felt strange about the whole ordeal. He had missed the boys and hearing them talk and joke brought him back to a time when things had been different. When he was younger he'd jested and played alongside them. He'd been shy, but more willing to branch out. That had been a long time ago though, and now Allen was afraid to get too close. The men seemed eager to mend the bonds, but they'd been so violent just the day before that Allen was weary not to step on a live wire. It was odd to have to fight through such conflicting emotions just to sit and have lunch.

It got even stranger when he saw what their days were like. They'd only just gotten their food and the waitress had offered them free sides. It wasn't a big incident in itself until minutes later when a crowd of other people from school came in, spotted them, and invited themselves to the table.


Allen was taken aback by how the students swarmed. The moment they came over they greeted the twins with offers of food or sitting together. Many tried to coax them out of the restaurant or tried to pull up a seat at the already full table. The twins then growled off the command that they were busy and wanted everyone to leave and the students reacted like startled animals and fled. It was the weirdest thing the young man had ever seen.


"Don't worry about them," Lavi assured. "They do that junk all the time, but today is your day."

Lavi and Deak loved having Allen around again. Even just getting him to say a few words felt like a victory. The boy spoke so little that what he did say sounded sincere. When they asked how he liked class and he responded that he loved it, they actually believed him. It was refreshing to be around someone that didn't feel phony.

They didn't get to spend much time with him though before more followers arrived. They came in a smaller group and weren't as pushy, but they quickly asked if there was anything they could do for the twins. Allen was struck again by how eager everyone seemed to be subservient to his former buddies. He thought to say something about it, but he didn't want to make anyone angry.


The twins felt proud at first and decided to use it as an opportunity to show off their power to Allen. They turned to the smaller group and made all kinds of requests. They even sent one guy down the street for bagels.


"There is food here," Allen said with soft bewilderment.


"Yeah, but that place's bagels are better," Deak said smugly. He felt like Allen must have been in awe by how much control they had.


In reality, Allen watched the whole thing with mixed feelings. He started to understand a few things all at once. This new treatment had surely been what had turned the boys to bullying. Everyone wanted to do things for them, so it was only natural that they got used to getting their way. The second thing he learned was about himself. Allen actually could understand how it easy it must have been to take advantage of the worship. Everyone had always mocked him, so if suddenly they were his willing slaves he had a hard time believing he wouldn't do the same thing.

It still bothered him though because it wasn't nice and the twins he had known would have understood that. He wondered if that part of them still existed. If it did it was buried under a sea of muscle and testosterone.


Those muscles. They were the final realization and it came in two parts. The first was coming to the conclusion that the twins' new bulk was the very reason for their new minions. The second part was understanding for himself how hard it was to deny guys that looked like that.


Once Allen was brave enough to really look at them, he found he couldn't stop. They were beautiful, powerful. Everyone probably wanted to be near them, or with them, or at the least was intimidated by them. Allen was intimidated himself even though he knew now that they likely wouldn't harm him. Watching them move, even casually, set his nerves on edge and he felt an unfamiliar flush come to his cheeks.


Lavi's thick meaty arms glistened in the light through the window. Each thick appendage was lined with bumps of muscle that shaped out his forearms and biceps. The tendons in his wrists and up the length of his arms strained even when he was simply lifting his drink. Everything they consumed was sized up–Allen assumed it was a result of them being regulars–yet still they dwarfed all they held. They looked like giants playing with miniatures. Allen didn't have to look down like he usually did to avoid eye contact. He would have to look up intentionally to meet their overhead gazes.


When he did look up a little he was mostly met with chests clad in tight t-shirts. Allen figured they had to have their clothes made custom. Deak's powerful chest seemed to taunt and tease the stretch of the garment's fabric. Each time he breathed or laughed too harshly the white material stretched tight over his rock hard pectorals and river of abs and gave onlookers a peek of tanned skin through the veil. Allen tried not to get too excited by the sight and put his concentration on the meeting.


"I'm glad you guys asked me here. I–I missed you. I think it would be nice to get reacquainted. I guess we're all really different than before," Allen confessed softly.


Hearing those words from Allen made the twins feel weak. They had this unexplainable tugging of nostalgia and knowing they'd been missed as they had missed him made them feel a sensation of self-awareness that they had discarded for a long time.


"Well, we're happy too," Lavi managed to say.


"We didn't think we'd see you again," Deak said. "I know I said that before, but we're just really surprised and pleased."


Allen nodded and tried to contain the blush that seemed to not want to leave his expression. "I've learned a lot about science and stuff if you guys are interested. I've mostly read since... Well, I mostly read these days. So I'm full of random information."


The men became so enchanted talking to Allen that when the goons returned the twins merely thanked them and sent them on their way.


However, it wasn't the first or last encounter they would have that day. More people eventually flooded in, and when they weren't too probing the twins decided to use them to impress Allen.


"What can they get you?"


"Are you interested in anything?" The boys asked him over and over.


Allen felt too guilty to make any requests so he just politely declined. The twins still sent the people around on mundane quests anyway. Deak sent one eager guy to the mall to find some obscure cell phone cover. It was pointless and they all knew it, but the twins liked showing off their control.

After a while though the watchful gaze of the soft-spoken boy made the twins self-conscious. Allen said little but they could see him passing some kind of judgment they couldn't access. It was troubling and they started to react by requesting less.


Throughout the lunch they were approached ten more times, but the errands dwindled. The twins started to worry they weren't impressive to their old friend. They always felt like gods when they sent their peons on pointless missions, but having an audience made them think twice. It even made them feel a little silly like a clown performing for a vacant-eyed child that had no intention to laugh. Allen left them hanging.

As it went on, the brothers began to squirm more and more under Allen's judgment. Lavi wondered what the boy could be thinking. Did he find their new abilities charming or obnoxious? He tried to be nicer, then meaner to the visitors but nothing got a rise out of the little guy. Everything seemed to fall flat.

Deak wondered what the gazes meant. Allen spent a good amount of time staring at their muscles. At first he'd thought maybe his old crush found him sexy, but the longer he stared the more the twin worried. Maybe Allen thought they'd gotten too big. Maybe he thought big muscles were ugly.


Allen's thoughts were actually relatively tame. He stayed mostly concentrated on their conversations, on learning what they'd been up to. They still seemed to be the same guys in some ways, but they were definitely possessed of bigger egos these days. They seemed to derive a lot of joy from bossing others around and that made Allen wonder why. Why did they feel they needed power? Why did having big muscles make them different? Most of all he wondered if this was what they wanted or what they thought was expected of them.


"Are you guys really happy like this?" He finally got up the gall to ask when the last stragglers dissipated. He didn't go into detail but he thought his point was clear.

The men were taken aback by the question. "Of course," they replied at once.


"Don't do that," Deak growled.


"You copied me first," Lavi spat.


The twins bickered for a while about who should speak when and for a glimmering second Allen felt like he really recognized them. Sadly that moment passed, they finished lunch, and parted ways.


Over the next few days they spent more time together. They had a little more in common than Allen had expected and he found he really enjoyed hanging around them. Plus, no one picked on Allen when the twins were around.


Unfortunately, the more time they spent together the more Allen started to see how they'd become. Where they'd showed off at the restaurant, they had no regard when they thought they weren't being evaluated. He saw the way they pushed people around, how they took advantage of people who wanted badly to be their friends. Allen also saw what the twins didn't. He saw the frightened, distraught, and angry people the brothers left behind. It made him worry.


The next few weeks were no different. People would do anything from foot rubs to party invites to errands to get on the twins’ good sides. At best, they were rewarded with condescending company.


Allen was almost alarmed by how eager people were to be near the twins. Yet, part of him could sympathize. The men were cool, interesting, and if he could admit it to himself–sexy. Just looking at them felt like a privilege and he became oddly allured by their boulder asses, strong hairy arms, and incredible strength.


He also learned a lot in his short time getting reacquainted with his old friends. They really weren't so different on the inside as they'd been before. It was like the two little boys they'd been were still stored in the burly chests of their angry adult forms. Allen couldn't decide if he was intrigued or if he just felt bad for them.


Every so often he was inclined to inquire if this lifestyle really made them happy. They certainly seemed disdainful at times, even longing. They got smug satisfaction, but never real expressions of pleasure from anything they made the other students do.


They always assured Allen they were quite happy, but then the questions prodded them to really consider the notion. The twins started to question the pattern that had become their lives.


They often felt bored and aggravated by the attention they received. They disliked the lies they were told and the fakeness of cliques, but that was the price for fame and power. Wasn't it?


Though, in honesty, they had been happier since Allen's arrival. They liked talking to him about school and their interests. They felt he truly listened and cared. That was the thing about Allen that really set him apart. He really seemed to care.


The considerations left them musing and soon their annoyance toward their legion turned to repulsion. When they were with the wannabees, they felt sick. Only Allen really listened. Only Allen understood who they had been and even who they wanted to be. Not a single person in their fan club could even name their favorite colors, but Allen still remembered both.


Slowly, it dawned on them that they weren't happy. They weren't content in this cycle they loathed. They'd considered it before, but only with Allen as a guide were they able to see how they truly hated it. More than that, for the first time they understood it wasn't their only option.


They began to push the followers away, just a little, and started spending their time with Allen. They wanted him around when they went to events. They longed to pull him out of his shell.


Allen was happy to oblige, even if he didn't understand what he'd done.


He noticed the little changes though. Rather than walking down the hall and finding a swarm of people around the giants, he now excited class to find them waiting for him alone. They started walking him home and only using their errand boys for things they really wanted. It wasn't a massive change, but Allen noticed, even if the twins didn't know what they were doing.


As they spent more time together, old feelings and new ones started to blossom.


Allen liked to look at them. He tried not to think too hard about it, but they were like Greek statues. It was especially hard to deny how sexy they were when they would run topless around the campus's sports' track. He'd watch their pecs heave and become captivated by the slide of sweat down and through mazes of thick red hair.


He never talked about it, but he started to favor different parts of each of them, though he tried to keep his darker thoughts a secret from even himself.


For Lavi, he liked to watch his hands. The limbs were just as big and powerful as his brother's, but they were more animated. Lavi was the more outgoing of the two and he gestured a lot when he spoke. The flex of those long fingers sparked something unfamiliar in Allen's stomach. He could lose himself watching Lavi trace the edge of a table.


With Deak, it was his back. He liked to exude more authority so he could stand out against his brother so his posture was nearly perfect. He'd casually pop his shoulders and flex the long lines of his terres muscles. Allen could see the fibers of tendon stretch and push the muscle to and fro beneath skin and fabric anytime he walked behind the twin. It actually made him happy to be a slow walker.


Even better than the visuals were the emotional interests. Each day he learned something more interesting about the men. Deep inside they still had hopes and dreams, they'd just almost forgotten them themselves. Allen liked these sides of them the most and it reminded him of they way they'd used to be.


The twins too felt old affections returning. They'd both had deeper feelings for the boy as children because they loved how quirky and intelligent he was. How fun and interesting and skilled. As those traits started to resurface, so too did those feelings of deep fondness.


A new interest also bloomed. Allen was a nerd without a doubt, but under all the metal there was an adorable boy. His face was still cute and round, but his eyes had darkened and parts of his features had shifted with maturity. In some ways Allen had a concealed appeal.

In other ways he had more obvious appeal. Neither twin would speak of it, but they loved looking at his ass when he bent over or wore less over-sized clothing. He had a perfect little bubble butt and the slight urge to ogle it grew stronger every day.


All of their emotions changed a little with every moment spent together.


It wasn’t anything more than a crush here and there. A blush on cheeks or a misplaced laugh. But they started to form a new bond. Soon it would undergo even more change.