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    In this AU, Deak and Lavi are twin brothers with huge muscles and towering heights. They're ultra popular in their college and are treated like gods. When a prodigy, Allen Walker, shows up to the school everything changes for the brothers. Their old friend becomes their new love interest.

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    Allen let out a scream as he was filled for the first time.


    Deak's mass slid slowly into place and Allen felt his body stretch and spread. He felt the ridges rub his insides, felt the tug of hot flesh yanking sensitive bulges. He felt the graze of bulbous crown across a bundle of nerves and everything became blindingly hot. It didn't frighten him though. He loved it. It was a different kind of fiery grip than the kind he'd felt so long ago. This was an embrace, a feeling that pushed his sorrows backward and reclaimed his tormented soul for himself. It was like everything he was afraid of became erased and he fell into the welcoming arms of passion.


    He bucked back and took more. He wanted it all even when it pushed his limits and his stomach protruded from the girth of the violation. His toes clenched in the fur of the rug. His legs rubbed against Deak's thick, hairy ones. He felt the tickle and press of ribs of muscle and the slick of sweat and the stroke of hair. He thought he could feel everything.


    Then Lavi gave in to his own need and there was a cock at Allen's lips and the white-haired boy had never known being complete like this. He sucked the mass into his throat, let it burn and singe his insides, let it choke him and steal away his air. His lips strained to accept the girth, but he took it anyway and let himself be speared between them.

    It was slow and rhythmic at first, but it melted into something faster, hotter, and more barbaric. Still they felt each other's love infused in each stroke. It rocked and ebbed through each of them and came out into the other.


    Soon, it was truly physical as Deak dug his hands into Allen's hips and screamed. His voice ripped raw from his throat and his seed planted deep. Allen's pupils blew wide and all he knew was colors and blurs. He felt the liquid paint his inner walls, felt it stroke him in the best places. His own body throbbed so hard he couldn't tell if he had cum.


    Deak pulled out gasping and there was a brief moment of jostling and Allen was full again and he wept with pleasure and his tears soaked Deak's hips as he sucked the twin's cock and cleansed it of his own flavor and the residue of what had been left behind from the enormous man's eruption.


    Lavi moved faster and more jaggedly. Allen could feel the difference between their personalities, their bodies, and he committed it all to his memory even though he thought he might never think again.


    He felt himself get more full, tasted sweet spunk coating his tongue and filling his throat. He gripped them and felt their hands everywhere.

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