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Whispers in the Fog

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Sam never liked hospitals, and he probably never would. The smell of death clung to anyone who entered like a thick miasma, and they were known to house and breed some of the more lost and nasty spirits. All in all, hospitals just held bad memories for those who lingered.

He shivered before pulling his winter coat closer around his tall frame. Another thing about these places, they were always cold. Maybe this scalding hot piece of shit tar that passed for coffee here would keep him warm. Swirling the black liquid in the styrofoam cup, Sam glanced up.

The town was small, thus, the hospital was verging on claustrophobic. The waiting room was crowded with cases of frostbite and hypothermia, the chatter of people a dull roar. Both brothers kept to the walls, squeezing against the chipping plaster in an attempt to avoid touching others. Oh God, they were going to catch something. Every human that brushed up against them had a horrible, wet cough. One that sounded heavy with mucus, maybe blood… You never know.

Yet, despite all of the noise, the bodies and the smells, everything still felt a bit...anticlimactic. Sam's shouts of 'izvinite' had been left unanswered, not one person so much as turned their head in their have probably been waiting for an hour, and no one has come to see them. They haven't even had the chance to flash their fake CDC badges to the staff members.

"I say we just go in," His older brother cut into his thoughts. Of course he expected him to think 'do first and think never'. That was Dean Winchester. That was the Winchester mentality, actually, "This is taking way too long."

"Yeah, okay Dean. And what, you're going to be fluent in Russian all of a sudden? Good luck with that," Sam scoffed, a lock of brunette hair flying up in the air at the action. Dean scowled before tossing back the rest of his coffee, the sound of his snow jacket oddly loud.

"It's not like you're fluent, Samantha."

"At least I know more than you. Do you know anything besides 'no'?"

"...Nyet..." The response was resigned and the youngest felt slightly accomplished at this, even if there was a snarky undertone.

"Besides, you can't just go barging in and causing trouble. We're not back home, where it's easy to explain and the only trouble we could get in is with the local feds," He ran a hand over his face, "This is Russia Dean. Not home. We get into a pickle here, we might not set foot on America soil again, worst case scenario."

"I know, okay? And seriously? Pickle? Who uses that anymore?"

"You know what, Dean? Screw you."

"Prostite, ser," Dean looked down at the petite blonde in front of him, surprised at being addressed. Taking a quick peek around, he realized that while they were bickering, the busyness had died down, "Mogu ya tebe pomoch'?"

"Uh…" Was his smart reply. Before Sam could cut in and save him from embarrassing himself, the nurse smiled.

"Oh, Americans? What are you doing in small town?" Her accent was thick, but her English was good. The tenseness in their shoulders evaporated as the issue of a language barrier was taken care of. They never did any international hunts, mainly because if they got caught, they'd be in more trouble with more dangerous people than just the FBI. They had to be careful.

Sam cleared his throat before pulling out his badge, Dean doing the same, "We're agents of the CDC and we're here to question one Daniel Fenton. Could you lead us to his room?"

The smile melted from her face and her eyes took on a steely glint, "You want to talk to crazy man? Why? You investigate sickness, not, how you say, 'accidents'." They both swallowed at the danger in her tone.

"Uh, yes. We're here for a follow up on what happened on the mountain," He didn't need to elaborate, everyone knew what mountain he would be talking about, "We have reason to believe that there may have been a virus involved."

Her brown eyes seemed to stare straight through the hunters, calculating, reading them. It felt like an eternity before she seemed to nod to herself before turning on her heel, a finger beckoning them to follow, "I don't know what you'll find. We examined the bodies, and we found nothing. What makes you so different?"

"Just covering our bases, miss," A sniff was all the eldest received in response.

Dean silently wondered what it would be like to talk to this man. The locals didn't like him - hell - neither did he. If he was really as crazy as that footage led him to believe, he wasn't sure if he wanted to stay any longer in this frozen wasteland. He just wanted to go back home, drink a nice cold beer and work on his baby under the sun. Yeah, home sounded nice just about now.

"Here. Good luck talking to the psycho," Sam wasn't even able to squeeze in a 'thank you' before she sped out of the hallway, seemingly eager to leave their presence. Whether it was them or the patient, he didn't know. He had money on it being the latter, though.

"Dude, she may be cold but damn," The eldest murmured, "She's got a nice ass."

"You shouldn't objectify women like that," A quiet but steady voice said, casually reminding them why they were here in the first place, "Especially Natalia, she'd bend you over her knee and take a paddle to your ass like a babushka."

There was an awkward silence, Sam not knowing what to say and Dean making a face that slightly resembled him being constipated. The bedridden make just gazed at them, his face revealing nothing of what he could be feeling.

Even if his eyes weren't alight with terror and his skin lacking the sheen of sweat he had had in the video, the Winchesters knew this was their guy. He had the short raven hair that seemed to stick up in all directions and his blue eyes had dark shadows beneath them. He had a slight stubble, but other than that he was an exact duplicate. Or the same guy, you pick.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Mr. Fenton," He went to grab his badge, "We're from the CDC -."

"I know who you are, Winchester," That caught them both off guard. All the training their father put them through momentarily left them as they froze, their eyes slightly wide in surprise and shock. Monsters knew their names, but never the victims, "Don't be so surprised. After I was up… up there, I had to find out for myself what it was. I came across you hunters in my little research project, didn't think anything would come of it…" He talked around the incident he had had a month prior, the memories still obviously fresh in his mind.

With a look, the hunters closed the door for privacy before standing at either side of the bed. It made the other male feel uneasy with both dangerous people in such a small room with him, standing on each side of him. He felt protected and threatened at the same time.

It was Sam who started talking first.

"I'm sorry about what's happened, but we need more information from you," He didn't want to meet Daniel's heavy gaze, they were too blank; too strange, even for him. But he was silent, and normally that wasn't a good thing during an investigation, "Daniel-."


"I'm sorry?"

"My name is Danny. Not Daniel, not Dan, Danny," Dean made a face but neither paid heed to him.

"Okay. Danny. It's important we get this information from you, someone who was up there on the mountain," Danny sighed, before pushing himself upright. Sam helped readjust his pillows so he'd be comfortable. He didn't trust the guy, but he wasn't cruel.

"Thank you Mr. Winchester," He paused before continuing, "I'm going to assume you read my files? The ones I kept in my desk?" Sam nodded and Dean coughed.

"Yeah, and I'm going to tell you it didn't help us much," The words seemed insensitive, but they were true nevertheless. He nodded.

"Then you know as much as I do," Sam's heart sunk, "Everything you found was all I could get my hands on, and to be honest, right before I was… attacked, I had hit a block."

"Shit," Dean groaned before running his hand through his hair. His voice increased with every word that left his mouth, "Well that's just great, now we're going up their half-cocked and that means we're probably going to die!"

"Okay Dean, just - calm down -."

"Calm down? You want me to calm down Sammy?! How can I when this hunt could get you killed?! When I get my hands on Bobby..." Dean was practically ripping his hair out of his head he was so frustrated. They've never been this blind and unsure of anything in a hunt.

"Now listen, you can't just scream in a hospital!"

"I do whatever I damn please! This is getting beyond ridiculous! We can't go up there knowing jack shit!"

"I know that but you need to calm down!"

As they argued, Danny slipped farther from their minds, which was good for him at the moment. The injured male mulled over his thoughts, deciding whether he should help them or not. He wanted to find out what had happened so bad, and put an end to it, but could he do it with them?

Well, he couldn't exactly do it himself.


They didn't turn.

Okay, maybe he shouldn't have taken so long to decide.

"Watch it Dean."

"Since when did you get so bossy?"


"When you started acting like a spoiled brat!"

"That's rich coming from you!"

"Mr. Winchester!" They both rounded on him with a harsh 'what'. There was a long pause before they realized how childish they were being, but Sam was the only one with the decency to look ashamed.

"Sorry about th-."

"You're not going in blind."

"What?" Dean whispered, his tone slightly hostile.

"You won't be going in blind. Quite possibly deaf, but not blind."

"And how's that?"

"Because I'm going with you."