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Magic Lamp

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Jungkook was being lulled by the sound of the television, he has spent the entire afternoon watching cartoons with his eight year old granddaughter and now his eyes felt heavy and his body was drained, even though he didn’t do much but seating on his old and comfortable chair.


He could faintly hear the characters speaking between all the times he had dozed off, from what he gathered they most probably were watching Aladdin now, weirdly enough it was the little girl’s favorite, and Jungkook couldn’t wait till she was old enough so he could show her the real deal and bring his Iron Man collection to the table.


The blurred words on the screen could only mean the movie had finally finished and it was now end credits time. He saw his granddaughter approaching him through his thick smudged glasses – which really needed to be cleaned, but his body ached if he had to reach for anything not in range of arm length distance and he could see his glasses case all the way across the room.


“Grandpa, what would you wish for if you found the Genie’s lamp?” The cute little girl’s piggy tails dangled as she sat by his grandpa’s feet on the ground, her eyes sparkling with curiosity, Jungkook thought for a whole minute before answering her.


“I’d wish for more teeth.” He says as he shows her his almost toothless smile, all gums and barely any teeth left, he wondered where his denture was – oh, there by the glasses case, everything so far from his grip.


“Ew grandpa.” She made a face, but instantly giggled, smashing her tiny face against the material of his old people pants, as she herself had mentioned earlier in the day.


“How about your second wish then?” There goes her curious eyes again, but this time she also has a mischievous smile going on. “And don’t ask for height, because when I grow older I’ll be taller than you and grandpa is only gonna shrink.”


Jungkook chuckled, he constantly made fun of her height, even though it was only natural for her to be small since she was still a child, but it was a habit he had picked up many years ago and couldn’t get rid of – and damn, she was being cheeky for an eight-year-old, learned from the best he guessed.


“No, my second wish is for little children to go to bed so I can have some nice sleep.” He said while adjusting his frail body on the seat and resting his head backwards, he saw her pouting through his lashes, it was hard to resist, but his eyes just wanted to close so badly.


“You’re no fun, grandpa.” She crossed her small arms over her chest leaning away from the elder’s legs, she watched as he closed his eyes and started breathing heavily, and he looked tired, so she smiled fondly before standing up and deciding to fulfill her grandpa second wish.


“You’re still missing your third wish, grandpa.” She said as quietly as possible and lightly squeezed his soft skinned and bony hand then turned in the direction of her room. “Goodnight.”


He had many things he regretted in life, so many wishes still to come true and other impossible ones he could only dream of, and now he was old and deep down full of sorrow, despite having a beautiful family of his own. The best he could get now was peace and quiet, he wanted peace and quiet, since he always thought he felt better when he was alone, except… except those times when he was there. “Jimin…” He mumbled in his sleepy state, finally answering his daughter last query and maybe his own. “My wish is to see him again.”




He wakes up and it’s already night, but something feels different, he’s lying on a bed and he knows for sure his daughter wouldn’t have the strength to carry him there, also, his body doesn’t seem to ache anymore, in fact he feels like he’s young again. He looks down at himself and is shocked to see firm smooth skin and a well-built body instead.


And something clicks, from the way he’s dressed to the room he’s in and the things arranged on his desk, he has a feeling in his gut he knows exactly what day is it. Jungkook turns the lights on to see better and checks for the calendar he remember he had somewhere inside the drawers, he finds it and it’s confirmed, he used to mark each passing day on it, and that date crossed in red ink was the most dreaded, that was the day Jimin had confessed to him.


He recalled exactly how everything went down that night, Jimin, his childhood friend, the one person that had been by his side for almost fifteen years, that now shared and apartment with him as they both struggled through College and work, not to mention possibly the love of his life, has invited him for a night out in order to celebrate Jungkook’s birthday.


He could see as a moving picture how much they had fun that night, it was possibly the best memory he had, that until they returned home and all the giggling and half-drunken jokes died in silence and Jimin thought it was the perfect moment to say words that haunted him every day ever since.


Jimin, with his beautiful dark eyes, lips impossibly red and plump, still looking wet from the last bottle of soju they had drank, with his sweet melodious voice, said he loved him, said he had been in love with him for as long as he could remember and he couldn’t keep it to himself anymore.


His angel, Jimin had just mirrored all the feelings Jungkook had himself for the man, but the difference was that Jimin was ready to take the leap, all in, open arms waiting to embrace an unconventional way of life and Jungkook wasn’t. Jungkook was terrified, he had just become an adult that night, his parent still paid for more than half of what he owned and consumed, he was the kind of person who couldn’t even decide what to wear in the morning, how he could take a big step like that.


He couldn’t and he didn’t, he rejected Jimin’s confession and to make it worse he did it in the worse possible way with hurtful words and tinged lies, he broke both of their hearts, but as Jimin’s was open and shattered for everyone to see, the pieces of his own were kept inside gathered into a pile were sharp pieces would pierce into him throughout his whole life.


With no surprise, from then on they drifted apart, over the next few months Jimin had moved from their apartment and even from the town, they still had mutual friends and got to know about each other from time to time, but they actually never spoke again.


Jungkook became bitter after that, a shadow of his former self, all the friendships he still had dissolved as well and he was left alone, and somehow he came to like that, after all, he always thought he felt better when he was alone.


Almost ten years later he got an invitation, beautiful golden letters wrote his friend’s name on it, one of their mutual ones, Kim Taehyung, and beside it the reason for his heart to bleed as the sharpness moved around his chest, Park Jimin, his angel was getting married, he had moved on while his life stayed still. There was no reason to be surprised actually, he couldn’t have expected Jimin to wait for him till he was no longer a coward, only his stupid imagination could make him believe in that, but for once he didn’t think two names written over a fancy paper would hurt him so much, and for the first time in years Jungkook cried, and he remained crying till his body could no longer produce any tears .


More than five years later he met someone, his parents grew tired of waiting and bashfully arranged him a date, she was nice and pretty and she was the owner of a cute little flower shop back at Busan, she was okay, a good companion, they got married on the next spring and had a daughter two winters later.


Jungkook was not sad and gloomy anymore, but in a way, he still wasn’t happy. Long time has passed and he thought he might have started hallucinating, his heart couldn’t heal and it must have spread the disease to his brain, because on the day of his wife’s funeral, he could have swear he saw him, the combination of those dark eyes and sinful lips could only belong to him, not even the crushing weight of age could make him less beautiful. Jungkook cried again, and he wasn’t sure if it was because of his dead wife or of how he still felt the same way for Jimin after so long.


He never saw him again, but he wished he would.


Jungkook couldn’t tell if that was a dream, but it really didn’t matter, if this now, was that night, then he knew Jimin would be sleeping in the room next to his, and this time, reality or not, he would fix things.


He rushed through the door and didn’t even bother knocking, the sun was starting to rise and there was enough light in the room for him to see, and it stroke him as a lightening, Jungkook immediately teared up, he could see him again, his small form still sleeping and despite the puffy eyes and dried tears on his cheeks he still was the most beautiful person Jungkook has ever seen.


Jungkook furiously wiped his eyes and nose from the non-stopping crying as he kneeled in front of Jimin’s bed, he tentatively brushed the hairs out of his forehead and touching the other’s soft and warm skin again felt amazing. Jimin stirred and his eyes opened taking in the presence of Jungkook’s crying face so close to him, the younger thought he would move away, that he would be mad at him, but he only smiled, though faint, it was brighter than the sun for Jungkook.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry for what I’ve said, I didn’t mean any of it. I was afraid of things I can’t even begin to describe how silly and immature and ridiculous they sound in my mind now. But I’m no longer afraid, Jimin, it took me years and years, too long to realize that.” Jimin felt a little confuse at the last part since their discussion had happened less than three hours ago, but he chose to stay quiet and listen to what the other had to say.


“I love you, I’ve always did, and I know that in my entire life I will never love anyone that way. Please forgive me for being such an idiot, please Jimin, I will never be happy without you.”


Jimin’s smile was wider now as he kissed the top of Jungkook’s head. “I forgive you, I also could never be truly happy without you.” With that they look at each other for what it feels the rest of their lives then they are kissing and Jungkook thinks that if the Genie could give him more wishes he know what he would be asking for.




“Grandpa, hey, grandpa wake up.” He feels his granddaughter’s small hands poking at him and opens his eyes to see her smiling at him.


“Breakfast is ready and Jiminie grandpa is calling for you, he said he can’t reach the top cabinet.” Jungkook smiles back at her, shuffling her hair and getting up from his chair to follow her to the kitchen.


There he sees Jimin arranging the plates for their meal together, his eyes curve up when he spots his husband and granddaughter. “Good morning.” His voice is so sweet and Jungkook thinks that no amount of years can ever take away his beauty.


“Good morning beautiful.” Jungkook holds him by the waist and they share a chaste kiss.


“Ew, gross grandpa, you’re not wearing your denture.” The little girl says as she watches them.


“Well go and get it for me then, because the next one will have tongue in it.” Jungkook says and she sprints to the living room making disgusted noises while Jimin can only laugh.


“So, the little bean said you can’t reach something.” He asks Jimin, lifting an eyebrow in a mocking tone.


“What? That’s not true, that little devil is just like you.” Jimin says in shock, but still keeping a smile on his face.


“You love it.” Jungkook presses a kiss to his cheek.


“Yes, I love you. Both of you.” Jimin closes his eyes and enjoys the feeling of warmth from his husband’s embrace. And Jungkook thinks if he could have had a thousand wishes then all of them would be Jimin.