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Hard word doesn't always pay off

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Jimin was determined, he was hardworking and always put all of his efforts into his performances, so when he felt he lacked in something he would push hard, too hard even, that he would be left exhausted and on the point of breaking, the others would always scold him for that, but nonetheless they didn’t stop him from trying.


He was lying on the practice room floor when one of the staff members found him, she was just going from door to door checking for equipment there weren’t being used, but left on anyway so she could turn them off, like she did every night, when she glanced through the glass doors and was horrified to see Jimin on the ground in a very weird contorted position like he had just fainted and fell there, his eyes where half open and unfocused and his expression was dreadful.


She really didn’t think twice before running through the hallways to find someone to help since she was too afraid of doing something herself and really didn’t know any CPR if necessary, she barged into a room where she was almost certain at least a few of the boys were in and by the time, luckily, all six of them turned to look at her she was already hysterical, fearing for something worse.


“Jimin- Jimin-sshi was lying on the floor, he was…it looked like he had fainted, I’m not even sure if he was breathing, oh my God!” Her voice broke and she was on the verge of tears.


At that their eyes grew wider and they immediately showered her with questions of “What do you mean?”, “Not breathing? ,“Where?” ,“What happened?” and so on, they gathered around her, practically on top of her and she didn’t know what to do or say but to lead the way to where Jimin was, so they followed her.


Flashbacks from when he fainted on stage where replaying on everyone’s mind and they could only pray nothing like that was happening again, they couldn’t bare that kind of pain once more, of having someone you love so dearly falling before your eyes and not knowing what to do or what might become of them.


Namjoon and Yoongi were greatly worried of course, but it was visible they were still recollected enough, whatever they were thinking, as worse as it could be, it didn’t show that much through and one way or another they knew they had to remain calm, be the pillars for the rest of the group, no matter the outcome.


Jin was clutching at his chest, his eyebrows knitted a typical motherly concern as he shook his head rushing bad thoughts away. Hoseok was hyperventilating and chanting God’s name in an already high pitched voice, he really couldn’t help overdoing each one of his emotions.


Taehyung’s eyes were red and watery and he sure hoped everything was fine or he would be crying rivers, both out of sadness and anger, he could stand seeing his best friend hurt in any way. Jungkook was biting down whatever rest of nails he managed to fit his teeth under, he was so nervous he could barely concentrate, tripping on something on his way.


Namjoon was the first to enter the room and spotted Jimin on the ground, his shock was lessened as he saw the smaller man’s chest moving up and down, so at least he was breathing, he kneeled down and lightly shook Jimin to check for his level of consciousness. Tae moved passed everyone who were surrounding his friend and desperately called “Jiminie.”


Jimin’s eyes opened and they were heavy sighs from all of them, relieve to see him awake, but still concerned for his health. He looked at all those people staring at him with worry and was really confused.


“What happened?” He asked, seating up with the help of Namjoon.


“Jiminie, you fainted, are you feeling dizzy? Are you alright?” Someone asks and he was still very confused to know who.


“Did I?” Jimin didn’t recall anything like that happening, but then again, he was very tired, so it might be true.


“Yes, she saw you falling to the ground.” Hoseok says, pointing at the girl on the corner of the room.


“Hum, but the last thing I remember was lying on the floor because I was exhausted from practicing, then eventually I fell asleep, are you sure of this?” He asked her for confirmation.


“Eh…I don’t really…I didn’t see him falling actually, I just saw him down and it was weird…and… oh my god I’m so sorry!” She bowed at least twenty times hiding her completely red face behind her hands and repeating apologies no end.


Yoongi was actually the first to start laughing at the whole misunderstanding, and soon everybody was laughing too, they were just too glad nothing had actually happened to Jimin and that incident would probably be a hell of a story to tell over and over again for the rest of their careers.