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Better Then

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So, how about that LiS2? It’s, uh. It’s something, alright.

What’s that? It’s not really what you were hoping for? Yeah, I hear you. I mean, all we want is to be properly stabbed in the heart. Is it that complicated?

Well, I might have what you’ve been looking for. I just finished a new novel: The Last of the Wicked, the story of an incompetent witch struggling to make ends meet. This is the cover, I painted it!

The Last of the Wicked Cover

Please don’t make a fuss about Janette’s lazy eye, she’s very self-conscious about it.

I felt a bit reluctant about aping Better Then to promote the new book, but then I thought: if Notoriousjae (Eternal Return’s author, my all-time favorite LiS story) wrote a novel, I sure would appreciate to be notified just like this.

The book went through an IndieGoGo campaign that is now wholly fulfilled to everyone's delight. Now it's out on Amazon for your pleasure. If you're curious you can read the first half RIGHT HERE, it's website format for maximum accessibility, so it's a little janky, but it'll do.

What what, in the butt.