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It's Been a Few Years

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Cass was back in Hong Kong. Xiang and Li were there, and so was Damian. They were eating noodles, and speaking in Mandarin. But Cass could not understand what they were saying.

She fell backwards through the floor and woke up. She was at Jason's, and she'd had a weird dream. That was it. Cass almost never remembered her dreams, and the ones she did were almost always weird as fuck. This one was no exception.

Jason rolled over and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back into the bed, and the warmth. She loved the warmth, she loved him. But patrol was soon, and she needed to run back to her apartment to get her costume on.

They'd spent the day together in bed. They'd eaten the stale cereal Jason had, and drank beer. Jason read to her from The Scarlet Pimpernel, one of his favorites. Then they'd napped, and she had just woken up.

A couple of layabouts is what they had become. Jason was neglecting working out to be with her. So she would have to drag him to the gym tomorrow. Maybe they would try a local gym instead of the manor, she'd have to see what he'd be up for.

She wriggled out of Jason's arms and slapped his hands away when they reached for her again. She pulled on her clothes, then her coat and boots. She left Jason in the bed with his limbs sprawled out and a kiss on his forehead.


Jason was already at the rendezvous spot when she arrived. Cass had nearly forgotten how to maneuver with a cape strapped to her back, but she made do.

"You're late," said Jason, and turned to her. His helmet was off and she could see his smirk. "You're first day back and you're late."

She leaned on the side of the roof, looking out. "What's going on tonight?" she asked.

"It's pretty quiet," said Jason. Cass noticed he'd inched closer to her, but knew he wouldn't try anything physical. When they were on patrol, working was all that mattered.

"Bad night to return to," said Cass.

"Or maybe they know you're back," said Jason. "They're afraid."

"More of you than me."

"You two are so gross," said a voice behind them, and they turned as one man (figuratively). Batgirl was there, staring at them, arms crossed over her chest and hip cocked to one side. Her tone had been disgusted, but she was smiling.

"Welcome back, Black Bat," she said, and crossed the roof to give Cass a hug.

Cass let her and patted her back. Stephanie was too sentimental, but Cass did not complain. There was far too little innocence in the world.

Batgirl left them, so Cass and Jason were on their own.

"How does it feel to be back?" Jason asked.

Cass considered her answer for a moment. "Like everything is right," she finally said.

They both looked down as Oracle hailed them on their intercoms.

"There's a situation over on the East End near the docks," Babs said.

Jason and Cass both extended their grappling guns and fired. As the swung towards the danger, Cass couldn't help but feeling elated at the chance to finally do what she was born to do.