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Chase Me

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Chloe wasn’t entirely surprised when Beca led the way down to the quidditch pitch; up in the air where you didn’t have to talk to, or be near, anyone definitely seemed like Beca’s cup of tea.


Though they weren’t supposed to be there, Beca’s status as captain allowed her access to the broom store out of hours, and she retrieved her own firebolt and a spare broom for Chloe.


“You know how to fly, right?’ Beca asked brusquely, holding the broom out in front of her as if to keep Chloe at a distance, following their close proximity in the common room.


Chloe couldn’t figure Beca out, she went from being distant and moody to caring and sweet within seconds, with seemingly no trigger for her mood swings. She knew she didn’t actually know the brunette very well, at all in fact, but she couldn’t help but feel drawn to her, finding herself wanting to be close to Beca in spite of how upset she had made her the previous night.


“I can fly. Just not very well.” Chloe replied softly, taking the broom from Beca and following her out onto the pitch.


Beca flew off almost immediately, leaving Chloe a little disorientated until she spotted her again, hovering about 50ft over the centre of the pitch, clearly waiting for her. Chloe mounted her broom and managed to follow Beca up, feeling a little unsteady. She hovered just opposite the brunette, watching her as well as she could whilst almost trying to keep herself stable.


“I won’t let you fall.” Beca said softly, barely audible over the soft wind.


“I really hope not.” Chloe chuckled nervously, trying not to look down at the 50ft drop below.


“It’s peaceful up here… Don’t you think?” Beca asked, looking considerably more relaxed on the broom than Chloe, sitting up and back to watch the redhead. ‘It clears my head… Lets me think clearly.”


“When you’re not thinking about falling to your death, yeah, I’m sure it could be.” Chloe chuckled nervously, trying really hard not to look at the ground.


“I don’t think about falling to my death.” Beca smirked.   Does she really think she’s gonna fall? Adorable.


“ What do you think about then?” Chloe replied softly, genuinely interested, still trying to figure the brunette out.


Beca was silent for a moment, wondering if she could trust Chloe, wanting to trust her. “I wanted to apologise for last night. I shouldn’t have left you when you were upset.” 


Chloe swallowed softly at that. “Right… I-”


“No let me-” Beca interrupted, holding a hand up. “This is… hard... for me.” she blew out a deep breath. “Do you remember when we met, on the train?”


Chloe nodded silently.


“You stopped me from punching that kid...and you asked me why I didn’t just hex him.” Beca continued, stalling a little before she got to the difficult part of the conversation. Whilst she wanted to open up to Chloe, it didn’t come naturally to her and she had a lingering fear that the redhead would judge her.


Get it together Beca!


“I told you I didn’t like magic.” Beca blew out a deep breath, looking over Chloe’s head at the evening sky, knowing she would get too emotional if she made direct eye contact. “My mom… she was a muggle but when she found out I was a witch she was… so… awesome about it. My dad not so much. He thought I was… wrong and unnatural… I mean, he was never the best dad before that, but he went from tolerating me to… just… hating me.”


Chloe frowned adorably at that, trying to picture an eleven year old Beca discovering her magic for the first time. Even imagining teenage Beca, it was hard for Chloe to understand how anyone could hate the brunette; she was so small and adorable that she looked cute even when she was trying to look menacing. 


“Him and my mom started to fight a lot… about me. She was always creative and when it was just the two of us, she would always encourage me to test out my abilities.” Beca swallowed, inhaling deeply. 


“That made my dad really… really mad… He figured if they pretend magic didn’t exist.. They could just forget all about it… That i’d lose my ability or whatever.” 


Chloe nodded along, not entirely sure where Beca’s story was going, but the fact that she kept referring to her mother in the past tense hadn’t gone unnoticed and the redhead felt a little uneasy about it.


“We were driving when… They started fighting again and my mom was driving to defend me and my dad just would stop… yelling.” Beca gritted her teeth, clearly getting upset. “I still don’t really know what happened… But… the car just… exploded… I… made it…”


Chloe’s chest tightened almost painfully and she instinctively maneuvered her broom a little closer to the brunette, having a really unpleasant feeling about what Beca was going to say next.


“The official report said ‘engine failure’... But I know it was me. My dad and I both just got some minor scratches and burns but my mom… she… didn’t make it. There was nothing I could do…”


Beca blew out a deep breath, wiping her face quickly, though Chloe could see that her eyes were wet. She tentatively moved closer to the brunette, not wanting to do the wrong thing and spook her, or do anything that would cause her to close up again. She felt so honoured that Beca would share something so deeply personal with her, especially since she had a feeling that she was the first person Beca had shared this with.


‘Beca…” Chloe breathed softly, not knowing what to do or say, but wanting to make it known that she was there for the brunette.


“Afterwards… I was just… a mess. I cried every day, right up until my dad shipped me off here, telling me he never wanted to see me again.” Beca chuckled sardonically. “When I was on the train, I decided right there that I wasn’t gonna let anyone see me cry, especially not that bastard… Now… Crying just makes me feel uncomfortable. That’s… that’s why I left. It just… reminded me of my mom, and how I felt and-”


“Beca, stop. You don’t have to explain any more. It’s okay.” Chloe said softly, her voice quiet and soothing. “I… I’m not gonna pretend to even… come close to understanding how that must have felt… but… thank you, for telling me.”


Beca nodded, looking pretty tense again. She’d just told Chloe that she’d vowed never to cry in front of anyone again, and here she was, nearly in tears in front of Chloe for a second time. 


Get a fucking grip Beca.


Chloe could see how uncomfortable Beca was, and was desperately trying to think of a way to ease the tension in the air. Seemingly out of nowhere, she blurted out. “Wanna teach me how to play?”




“Quidditch I mean. I like to watch, but I’ve never played.” Chloe followed up hurriedly. “You could teach me?” she suggested hopefully.


Chloe hoped that the physical pursuit of playing would distract Beca’s mind from the tragic story she’d just described to her, and that teaching what was clearly her passion to Chloe might actually be fun for the brunette, giving her a small sense of purpose, if only for a moment.


“Teach you?” Beca replied slowly, watching Chloe as if she was trying to figure out whether the redhead was teasing her, or on the flipside, flirting with her.


“Yeah... It could be fun.” Chloe replied with wide, earnest eyes.


“Okay...Um.. Stay there then.” Beca said bluntly, though she hadn’t intended for it to come out that way, her mind was just going at 100 miles per hour. She looped around Chloe and flew back down towards the broom shed to get some practice balls for them, trying to keep her thoughts in check.


She’s just being friendly, she seems like that kind of person.


She just broke up with that Tom guy, she probably doesn’t wanna date anyone.


She’s probably not even into girls, especially not you. Not after what you just told her.


She probably thinks you’re a freak.


You killed your fucking mom for Christ’s sake.


But she hasn’t left yet.


It was that thought that gave Beca the confidence to return Chloe, a quaffle tucked securely under her right arm as she flew back to where the redhead was waiting diligently. 


“So… you know what this is right?” Beca asked, holding out the quaffle with one hand for Chloe to see.


“Yeah, that one’s the quaffle!” Chloe replied enthusiastically. ‘That’s how you score goals!”


Beca chuckled softly at Chloe’s enthusiasm, deciding that the redhead genuinely was excited. “Right, exactly… You wanna try catching it?”


Chloe steadied herself on the broom, squeezing her legs together as hard as she could to try and ensure she wasn't going to fall off. Whilst she trusted Beca, and believed her when she said she wouldn’t let her fall, accidents happen, and Chloe was damn sure she wasn’t going out by falling off a broom.


When the redhead didn’t respond right away, Beca continued. “Try kind of… catching it and tucking it into your side, with one hand. Keep one hand on the broom so you don’t fall.”


Taking a deep breath, and trying not to picture her life flashing before her eyes, Chloe nodded, raising one hand up ready to attempt to catch. Beca tossed the ball gently and Chloe was surprised at the ease with which she caught it, easily tucking in under her arm.


“Hey, you’re a natural… Are you sure you’ve never played before?” Beca teased, an eyebrow raised sceptically. “Throw it back to me now. Go long!” she added, putting on a deep ‘bro’ voice which had Chloe in stitches.


“Uh… Sure thing man.” Chloe matched Beca’s voice as she threw the ball as far away as she could, watching in awe as Beca sped off after it. She gasped softly when she realised that Beca was letting the ball fall as close to the ground as it would go before she caught it, clearly wanting to show off her speedy broom and her superior flying skills.


Her awe was short-lived as she realised the quaffle was hurtling back towards her at terrifying speed; she’d been too focused on Beca to notice her actually throwing the ball at her. “Shit!” she exclaimed, throwing both arms over her face instinctively, her entire body tensing up as she braced for impact.


It only took Beca a second to realise that Chloe wasn’t going to catch the ball, and she was already speeding after it before Chloe even realised it was coming her way. She managed to swoop in front of the redhead and catch it before it hit her square in the face. “Chloe. It’s okay.” Beca giggled softly. “You can  come out now.”


Chloe peeked out from behind her fingers, seeing Beca grinning like the cat who got the cream, idly tossing the quaffle from hand to hand. She dropped her arms from her face and took a hold of the broom again, steadying herself. 


“You can barely let go of the broom with one hand to catch the ball when I’m 6ft away from you, but the second your face is in jeopardy you go hands free?” Beca chuckled incredulously.


Chloe just laughed, adrenaline fueled relief running through her still. “It’s the only face I’ve got, I’ve got to protect my assets, don’t I?” she teased, flying a little closing to Beca now she was certain she wouldn’t fall.


“Well…. It’s a good one.” Beca replied, her voice thick. “Your face, I mean. It’s good- Nice. look… Good.” she stammered out, her cheeks visibly bright red even in the twilight.


Chloe smiled at that, finding Beca’s blush endearing, though she wasn’t entirely sure of the reason behind it. Is she trying to… flirt with me?


“You’re not so bad yourself Mitchell.” Chloe smirked, seeing no harm in entertaining Beca’s compliment, wanting to see where all of this led; she’d definitely be lying if she said she didn’t at least have a little crush on Beca, and the revelation that the brunette might feel the same way had Chloe’s stomach doing somersaults. 


“Beca.” The brunette corrected, her voice softer now. “I think we’re clearly on a first name basis now.” she whispered, not breaking eye contact with the redhead as she flew even closer slowly.


“Well, Beca...” Chloe repeated, correcting herself as she settled her broom so it was adjacent to Beca’s, their faces so close that Chloe could feel Beca’s breath on her skin. “You have a very nice face-”


“Your eyes are so fucking blue…” Beca interrupted softly, gazing at Chloe, completely captivated; all she wanted to do was lean in and kiss the redhead.


Don’t fuck this up Beca!


“Yeah…’ Chloe whispered, not even realising she was leaning in until Beca’s lips were on hers, and hers on Beca’s, and holy shit Beca Mitchell just kissed me!


Chloe reached up with one hand to cup Beca’s cheek, wanting to show her that this was okay, that she wanted this. She smiled into the kiss when Beca mirrored her, cupping her cheek. 


The kiss was soft, and sweet and Chloe suddenly understood why Beca loved flying so much because she was soaring right now and she never wanted it to end. 


It was Beca that was the first to pull away, needing to catch her breath and not wanting to push too far, too fast. She chuckled nervously, her cheeks pink as she tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear, straightening up on her broom.


“Well that…” Chloe smiled breathlessly. “Is definitely better than quidditch.”


Beca laughed loudly at that, the sound ringing out across the empty stadium. “Hmmm… I don’t know about that…” she teased, dodging the elbow that Chloe threw her, giggling the entire time.


“Why don’t you let me try and change your mind?” Chloe suggested, pulling Beca in again by the front of her t -shirt.


“Who am I to say no to a prefect, huh?” Beca replied, already leaning in for a second kiss, which Chloe readily received.




Fifty feet below, a clenched fist smashed through the glass butterbeer bottle it was holding, and a shadowed figure unseen by the girls skulked back into the darkness.