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The Phantom's Virgin

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At first the fear of 'The Phantom', a figure of a woman, dressed in black and masked in a half-mask of white, was enough to keep people from crossing her. Then, her enemy dares to cross her. Anger flares and, before she can stop to think she has her revenge. She steals the man's daughter, pledged to be the wife of a local lawman.

The daughter, one Catherine, Katie, Derham, of course, cries horribly for much of the journey. Fear of the Phantom is now sinking in again, her lover had given chase for mere moments before giving in, her father was surely dead and this woman, this Phantom, had stolen her. It would put off many people from having her found. Many would indeed give her up as lost. Phantom ignores her of course, riding on even as she cries. She is aware only that this Phantom will not release her. Then, when she sees the way the Phantom handles her horse, leaving her deposited in a stack of hay as she tends the horses wounds, soothing the animal, fear begins to slip into something else. Phantom, it seems, is not all bad.

The woman stalks to her and drags her behind as they make for her home, the doors slamming both open and shut as they journey through the house. She sees only glimpses of rooms and corridors before she is thrown to a room, a sharp order to 'change' all she has to live with. She is locked in.

The Phantom paces outside the room, she had not expected to feel so much for the girl, woman, she had stolen. The pure fear and panic that still echoed in her thoughts, the pained eyes, stormy as any sea and colored as a sea would be, tortured her a little. She knew that now that she had stolen the woman she had put her squarely in harm's way. She would have to care for her, protect her... perhaps seduce her to bed to keep her safe from other's touches.