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Daily Life With a Futa

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Yumi POV

My name is Yumi Homura. I’m fresh out of high school, living on my own and working part-time at a doujin store. Oh yeah, I was also an orphan at the age of 8. My mother died when I was born and my father lost his life in a car accident. Eventually, I was adopted by a woman who worked for the government. What was her name again… Kuroko, I think. She took me in and cared for me for ten years straight. It wasn’t the same as having my birth mother, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. One day, she told me about the Interspecies Exchange Bill, which allowed the cultural exchange between extra-species and humans. To tell the truth, I don’t know a lot about it, but I do know that it allows extra-species to live alongside humans and that itself seems pretty cool.

“Hey… ease up, will you?”

Aside from being squeezed to near death by a girl whose lower half looks like it belongs to a reptile, that is.

“So warm,” the girl said in her sleep. Sighing, I turn my head to see her. She looked so peaceful when she was resting, but I want her to wake up or I’ll be crushed under her grip. So, I did the one thing that always made her jump out of bed.

“I’ll be making scrambled eggs for breakfast.”

No more needed to be said as the girl jumped out of bed. Works every time.

“Come on, Darling, let’s go!” she said cheerfully.

“Alright, alright, I’m coming,” I chuckled.


I was in the kitchen, scrambling eggs on a stove for my house guest. I look behind me and see her waiting patiently at the table. She was a really cute girl. Long red hair, golden eyes and a nice set of hips. There was also the matter of her breasts which… were… damn it, Yumi, quit being distracted. You’ve got breakfast to work on.

“Ah, making breakfast, I see. Such a good host you are, Yumi-chan.”

I stopped scrambling when I heard a sultry voice behind me. I turn around to see none other than my legal guardian sitting at the table, drinking her coffee like it was no big deal.

“Kuroko? When did you get in my house?” I asked.

“Well, I tried calling you on your phone, but you wouldn’t respond, so… here I am.”

And here’s another thing I forgot to tell you: Kuroko is not only my legal guardian, but she’s also a cultural exchange coordinator, which is the reason why I have I have a lamia in my kitchen. I’d go further into details, but like I said before, I barely know anything about this exchange program.

“Look Kuroko, I appreciate you looking out for me and Miia…”

That was the name of my lamia guest, by the way.

“But I thought we agreed that you only visited us twice a week. And right now, this is the fifth time this week you drop in out of the blue. I’m not a little girl anymore, you know.”

Kuroko raised her free hand defensively. “I know, I know. But still, I just want to make sure that you haven’t been doing anything that would-”

“Violate the cultural exchange bill, causing the homestay to be deported and the host arrested,” I deadpanned. “Don’t worry, Kuroko, I got this.”

“Well, if you know that much, I’ll be on my way.” She put the cup down and walked over to where I was and kissed me on the head. “Have a nice day,” she said, walking towards the door.

“You too,” I replied, getting back to the eggs. I finally finish making them and set them on the table along with some toast and bacon. I could see that Miia was really looking forward to it, seeing how she was drooling. We both ate the food until there was nothing left of it.

“So what do you wanna do, Miia?” I asked.

“Hmm… can we go clothes shopping?”



Clothes shopping… boy, did I feel like an idiot. When she said clothes shopping, I didn’t think that meant only underwear.

“M-Miia,” I choked out, blushing at the sight of undergarments. “How long is this going to take you?”

“Just a few more minutes!” she said cheerfully from the changing room.

“You said that 15 minutes ago,” I growled. I looked towards the pile unmentionables near the room she was in. There were a number bras with all sorts of shapes and colors. I swear, if I could look at a mirror, my face would be redder than a tomato right now. However, I did notice one piece of underwear that was different. Picking it up, I closely inspected it. I know what panties look like (I mean, I am a girl for crying out loud), but these ones looked… odd.

“Darling,” Miia said, breaking me out of my daze.

“Y-Yeah? What is it?” I asked.

Miia got out of the change room, looking me with her usual bright expression. “I’m ready to go now.”

I let out a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness. I thought I was going to lose it.”

Little did I know, Miia was looking at a certain part of my body that I would rather not let anyone know about.


After our little shopping trip, we went back home. I started to make lunch for Miia. But while I was making it, I felt two arms wrap themselves around my waist.

“Miia…” I groaned. “You know we can’t do this.”

“Aw, but part of you seems to disagree with that statement,” she said seductively.

“What the hell are you talking…” I trailed off when I realized where she was fondling me. “Oh, brother.”


Miia’s POV

Darling looked attractive in my book. Short purple hair, green eyes and a slender build complimented by C-cup breasts and a cute bottom. Of course, that wasn’t the only thing I was interested in.

“Miia, please don’t rub me there.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to?” I asked as I massaged the bulge in her pants. She let out a cute moan as I rubbed it lovingly.

“What’s it going to take to get you to stop?”

“Let me see it.”

Darling was shocked when she heard me say it like that. “What?!”

“I said, let me see it.”


Yumi’s POV

I let out a huge sigh. Clearly, there was no getting out of this.

“Fine,” I said. “But this stays between us, okay? Kuroko doesn’t need to know about it.

Miia nodded, understanding completely. I turned around and undid the zipper of my pants, letting out what I was trying to conceal.

Miia’s eyes and her mouth widened at the sight. “Is that…”

“Yeah,” I replied. I have a dick. I was born like this, by the way. It’s about six inches long, four inches thick and a pair of fairly-sized balls. Not what you’d expect from a girl, huh?

“Can… can I suck on it?”

“Ugh… fine.”

Miia cautiously put her mouth around my hardening member and began to suck on it. She started out slow at first, but then, her sucking became more intense.

“Ugh… that feels so good,” I groaned, putting a hand on top of her head. That only encouraged her to suck even harder, bringing me closer to release.

“Miia, I’m… cumming…”

Soon enough, I filled Miia’s mouth with my warm cum, surprising her. However, she coughed up most of it seeing how I gave her more than she could handle.

“Darling, give me a warning next time, will you?” she pouted.

I smiled and kissed the top of her head. “I promise, Miia.”

"Good!" Without any warning, she laid on her back and removed her top. "Now we can be one together!"

I sighed irritably. "What the hell have I gotten myself into...?" 

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Yumi POV

I still can't believe I let Miia talk me into... you know what? I'm not even gonna bother say it. It's just... you know what, screw it. I'll say what happened between us. It's not like Kuroko is gonna find out about this, right? Right?


I was right there, my cock standing hard at attention as Miia laid down on her back. Her breathing was shallow and her chest rose with every breath she took. She was there, ready to be taken.

"Darling," she said softly. "Please put inside me. I can't wait any longer."

My mouth went dry after hearing that. I didn't even bother respond. I just laid down on top of Miia and started kissing her passionately. Naturally, she kissed me back, her snake tongue wrestling my own. My dick was throbbing and wanted to get inside Miia as soon as possible. So, I lined it up with her scaly opening and-


I was snapped out of my thoughts as I heard the ever-cheerful voice of Miia behind me. We were out on the roof hanging laundry to dry.

"Oh, hey Miia," I said.

She slithered towards me and wrapped her arms around my waist. She started to nuzzle the back of my neck too.

"Yesterday was so wonderful," she whispered into my ear. "I can't wait to do it again."

"Yeah, well, forget about it," I replied, gently pushing her away. "As much as I enjoyed it, we shouldn't be doing it again. One time is enough for me."

"Aw, come on," she pleaded playfully. "Let's so it again. Smith doesn't need know about it."

I shook my head. "Trust me, she knows. Now help me put up the laundry."

"Fine," she pouted.

I started put my shirts and pants on the clothesline. At least, I was until I got lifted the ground.

Miia POV

It was no fair. Why couldn't Darling be more adventurous with her... oh my. I could feel my face heating up just thinking about it.

"Oh, why must you tease me...?"


Hearing an abrupt noise from behind, I quickly turned around to see something carry away Darling... Wait, what?


Yumi POV

Ugh... what was that? One minute, I was hanging my clothes, and the next, I was picked up by... something. Oh yeah, I found myself in a tree the moment my eyes opened. Hanging off a branch, to be exact.

"Well, it's not like it can get any weirder."

"You up?"

I just had to say it. Now, I'm seeing a little girl with blue hair and golden eyes in a very revealing top and short shorts hovering towards me. Oh yeah, the girl also has wings for arms. Another liminal, by the looks of it.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Papi!" the girl replied in a cute voice. "I'm Papi, Papi the Harpy!"

I had no clue what she just said. "Uh... Harpy Papi what?"

"Harpy the Papi! Uh, no, wait..."

I just hung to the branch as I watched Papi get confused over her own name. Then, I realized something.

"Wait a tic. Where's your host family? You're not supposed to be out on own."

Papi smiled. "I know. That's why I brought you here."

"Don't kidnap people," I groaned. 

Papi didn't pay attention to what I said as she eyed an ice cream truck.

"What's that?" she asked with stars in her eyes. "Is it food?"

"Hey, are you listening to me, you little- whoa!"

Without any form of warning, the bird girl picked me up from the branch and dropped me onto the ground. Luckily, I landed on my feet, but was dragged towards the ice cream truck by the girl in question. However, for some weird reason, she stopped and looked at me after taking only three steps.

"Who are you?" she asked cluelessly.

I couldn't help but facepalm at that.

We both got our ice cream later on. I had a popsicle and Papi had a soft serve. Although, she appeared to have some trouble holding it for obvious reasons.

"That rule about not being alone is too hard to remember," she said. "So when the terminator looked away, I flew away."

"You mean coordinator," I corrected. "Also, I don't think you should be doing that."

"But I always do it!" she replied shamelessly. "But they said they'd incest me if I did it again."

"Deport," I corrected again.

Soon enough, the ice cream cone fell out of her hands and onto the ground, rendering it inedible.

"Aw... I didn't get a bite," she cried. "My hands make it hard to hold!"

The harpy was crying up a storm, so I did the only thing I could to make her happy again.

"Here," I said, offering my popsicle to her.

She smiled brightly. "Ah! Thank you!"

I thought she would just take the damn thing out of my hand, but no, she just decided to suck it while it was still in my hand. It also didn't help that she was sucking it in a very suggestive manner.

"O-Okay!" I shouted, blushing heavily. "That's enough!"

I pulled it out of her mouth and the drops got splattered on her face. It was almost as if... alright Yumi, get your mind outta the gutter.

"Aw, I'm all sticky now," Papi whined.

"Well, go to the bathroom and clean up," I said, covering my face. Then, for some reason, I heard a splash. I uncovered my face and failed miserably to control my erection. 

"What the hell?!" I snapped. Papi was splasing around in the fountain, naked.

"So fun!" she said as she played in the water.

"Will you get out of there?" I asked as I walked towards her. "That's not a birdbath."

Papi started pulling me towards the fountain. "Come on! You should join too!"

"Wha-" I was barely able to say anything as the young harpy dragged me into the fountain, getting me wet. At first, it was weird, but I started to get into it.


That is, until I felt a menacing aura coming from behind me. From a certain lamia, no less.

"Miia, this isn't what it looks like-"

"You!" she pointed to Papi, who was now hugging me closely. "What do you think you're doing to Darling?! Only I get to do that with her!"

"You wanna fight about it?!" Papi snapped.

Soon enough, a fight erupted between the two. Papi ripped Miia's top off with her talons and Miia squeezing Papi with her tail. Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if I jumped into the homestay thing a bit too quickly.

"Huh?" I looked around and noticed that no one was watching the fight. "Where did everyone... uh-oh."

I looked towards the crowd of people who gathered around the tree. I looked up and saw the reason why. A little girl climbed up to get her balloon. Seriously, what's wrong with parents these days?

"Oh no!" Miia cried as she saw the girl. "She's gonna fall."

"Gotta do something," I muttered as I covered Miia up. "But what?"

Papi tried to fly up to the girl, but crashed into the tree because her wings were damp. And for a second, I thought Miia would be able to get her down since she slithered around the tree flawlessly. But, that seemed to be useless since she somehow scared the poor kid into falling. Papi managed to catch her just in time, but she ended up landing on me.

"Glad I could be of service," I muttered.

The girl's mother thanked us and left with her daughter. Before me and Miia could head home, though, a cop on a bike appeared. I told her that I was hosting Miia, but that made me realize something.

"Oh. Are they here to incest me?" Papi asked.

"For the last time, it's deport," I whispered. "And unless you keep quiet about it-"

"Are you hosting that girl as well?" the cop asked.

I didn't even need to think twice about that. "Yes, I'm hosting Papi as well."

Perfect. That oughta get him of our cases.

"That's good. I'll just need to see your papers and I'll be on my way."

Oh... God, I really should stop jinxing myself.

"I got them," a familiar voice said, showing her ID card to the cop.


We were back at the house, where Kuroko made herself comfortable and drank some coffee. As per usual.

"So let me get this straight," I said to my mother figure. "You're the coordinator Papi keeps flying away from?"

"That's right," she answered.

My eyebrow started to twitch as I connected the dots. "So... you were planning to dump her on me later on, weren't you?"

Kuroko spat her coffee in shock. Once in a blue moon, as they say.

"What? Oh Yumi, how could you think so little of me?" she said in pretend grief. "I could never do that to the girl I raised for so long."

I sighed. "Cut the drama, will you? But, for what's it's worth, I'll be willing to take her in."

"Yay!" Papi cheered as she hugged me. 

"Well, glad that's been worked out. I'll make the arrangements for her to stay with you," Kuroko said as she put the mug on the table. "Oh, and Papi, just know that Yumi is the boss of the house, so be sure to listen to her, okay?

"Okay!" Papi said. "Let's go take a bath, Boss!"

I started to blush? "W-Wha? But... Miia?"

"It's okay, Darling," she said with a smile. "Go ahead."

Well, that was easy.

Miia POV

"You're taking this well," Ms. Smith said as I watched Papi drag Darling into the bathroom.

"It's alright," I replied. "Besides, Papi's a child. It's not like she'll-"

"Actually, she's around your age, Miia."

"...Huh?" was my reply.

Smith raised an eyebrow. "Didn't you know? Harpies have smaller bodies which allow them to-"

I didn't give Smith anytime to finish her sentence as I rushed towards the bathroom to... find...


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Yumi POV

"I swear, those two can eat their body weight in food."

I just came from the supermarket, carrying a bag full of groceries. Miia and Papi nearly drained our food supply, so I went over and replenished our stocks. While I was walking home, I noticed a sign warning about purse snatchers in the area.

"Huh. Better make sure I watch myself."

I continued to walk, but as I turned at the next corner...


I was swiftly knocked down by... something and the groceries were scattered.

"Alright, you prick," I growled as I picked myself up. "You're gonna pay for... that?"

The reason why my voice trailed of there is because a woman with blue eyes, blond hair and huge boobs in a dress stood before me. Am I forgetting something? Oh yeah. The woman had a horse half. Another liminal, I presume.

"Who... are you?" I asked slowly.

I instantly regetted asking that when she began to speak.

"My name is Centorea Shianus!" she announced a bit loudly. "I am an esteemed member of the centaur race! It is fate that has brought me to you, so you shall be my master!"

...I don't know why, but I got a nagging feeling Kuroko knows about this.

Smith POV

"Ugh... oh yeah... that's so good..."

In case you were wondering what's going on, I am in my my underwear masturbating. To what, I'm not going to reveal. A lady needs to keep her secrets, after all.

"Oh... oh!" I fingered myself faster as I reached my climax. My body convulsed with pleasure as my juices soaked my panties.

"Phew... that felt good," I sighed as I licked my juices from my fingers. 


"Hmm?" I turned to see my phone ringing on the nightstand. "Who could that be?" I picked up and saw who was calling. I smiled as I answered it.

"Hello, sweetheart. What can I-"

"I got run over by a centaur," an irritated voice grumbled from the other line. "Blue eyes, blond hair, big tits. Is any of this ringing a bell to you?"

I sighed. "You must be refering to Centorea, I assume?"

"That's her name, apparently. Why is she out without a host?"

"Oh, that? Well, she got special permission to go out on her own. Something about finding a master."

Yumi groaned. "Yeah, she said something about that too."

I yawned, tired from my little schlick. "Well, let me know if you need anything. I'm gonna take a nap."

"What?! Hold a minute-"

I hung up before my adoptive daughter could say anything more. "Now... off to bed."

Yumi POV

"Well, that's just freakin' perfect," I growled as I put my phone away. "Exactly how am I supposed to deal with this?"

Behind me, the centaur grinned triumphantly. "It appears that these spells I have heard of are affective after all!"

I turned to her, confused by what she said. "What do you mean, "spells"?

"If one runs into an intersection and bumps into someone, then they are bounded to you by fate!" she replied.

"That's no spell," I groaned. "That's just an accident."

"Oh... then perhaps I should've had some toast with me..."

I'm starting to think this girl has no clue on how Japan works.


Both of us turn around to see some jackass on a scooter snatch some woman's purse. He was speeding right towards us, but Centorea pulled me out of harms way... and into her boobs.

"Foul being," Centorea seethed. "What he is doing in inexcusable. How could they let him do this?"

"Um, excuse me," I said, my voice muffled by her jugs. "I'm losing oxygen here, in case you haven't noticed."

She released me from her bosom. She then reached around her back and drew her sword.

"I will permit this no longer. Even if the Extra-Species laws prevent me from laying a finger on him, I shall not allow that scoundrel to continue his lunacy." She turned to me. "If even you are not my master-"

"I'll be your master," I blurted out.

Centorea blinked. "Forgive me, would you please repeat what you just said?"

I stood firm, determination burning in my eyes. "You want to get that guy. Then let me join you."

She was confused by this, but quickly brushed it off with a smile. "Excellent! Together, we shall bring that vagabond to justice!" 

I nodded. "Great. So... now what?"

She kneeled down next to me. I widened my eyes, knowing where she was going with this.

"You... want me to ride you?"

Centorea nodded. "Yes. If we are to catch that criminal, it will take both our efforts. Therefore, seeing how you are now my master, I will allow to ride on my back."

"Uh... okay." I climbed onto her back.

"Perfect. Now, hold on."

"Hold on to- WHOOOAAAAAAAA!!"

I never got to finish my sentence as Centorea dashed towards the direction of the criminal.

"Ha-ha! This one was a good haul!"

The thief counted the money he stole from the purse. By the look of it, he seemed pretty satisfied.


Wondering who called out to him, the thief turned around and paled at the sight of... well...

Centorea POV


I rushed after the criminal, but he appeared to be a few meters ahead. Not that it was any nuicance to me, mind you. Centaurs are able to run at high-speeds.

"Hey, slow down, will you!"

That if, if my newly-appointed master wasn't tightly gripping my breasts.

"Must you hold me there?!" I snapped.

"I panicked. You suddenly went off like a speeding bullet and I just grabbed the first thing I could think off!"

I sighed. "Well, seeing how you are a woman, I will let this minor transgression slide for the time being. But know this will be the only time you may feel my bosom!"

"If we get out of this alive, I won't even go near you!"

We raced after the thief, but there was a sharp turn up ahead. I drifted hard while keeping my master on me.

"You're hitting it too hard!" my master shouted.

"Just be still! This will not be long!" I replied.

As the exited the turn, the thief crashed through a pile of water containers that came towards us. Fortunately, I slashed them all.

"That was no challenge!"

He then jumped off the road. I quickly followed suit."

"I'm gonna die here..." my master whined. "Wait! Not from this height! We're going to-"

I landed perfectly. And to add to my fortune, I was next to the criminal.

"What the-?!"

"This is the end of the line for you!" I turned to my master. "I have where I want! Hurry and capture-"

"Ugh... That was close... huh. I forgot these were soaked."

My master was still holding onto my drenched mounds.

"Y-You lech! Unhand me this instant!" I snapped, blusing heavily.

"Hell no! In case you forgot, I'll fall if I let go!"

For some insane reason, she began to fondle me. This only heightened my embarrasement.

"Please... stop..."

My shirt was ripped open, exposing my breasts to the world.


The criminal was distracted and crashed into paint cans. Unfortunately, I was stiil in shock by the sudden and perverted action of my master. 


"How could I be so foolish... to allow someone perverted as her to be my master."

I reached for my sword... only to learn it was not in my sheath.

"Wha... where is it?!"

"Looking for something, you freak?"

I turned to see the thief glaring down at me, holding my sword. It did not take a genius to figure out what he intended to do with it. I closed my eyes, feeling that my fate is sealed.

The thief raised my sword. "I'll cut you to pieces, you-"

"Shut up."

I heard a loud cracking sound. I open one of my eyes and see my master standing over the fallen assailant. She turned to me with a worried look.

"Are you alright?"

Dumbstruck, I nodded in response. The girl let out a sigh of relief and took her jacket off. 

"There we go," she said. "It's not much, but at least the number of people looking at your boobs will decrease somehow."

I turned away, not feeling worthy of her kindness. Why should I? I nearly got this girl killed just to catch one lowly thief.


I returned my gaze to her face and noticed it did not bear any resentment, but a warm smile covered in scratches. 

"Don't worry about me. I've been in a few scrapes myself. What about you, Centorea?"



I turned to my master. "Please call me Cerea from now on."


She helped me up and put a hand to my face.

"Seriously, don't worry about me too much, okay? I'm a lot tougher than you think."

I smiled as well. "Very well."

Yumi POV

When we got back home, Cerea patched me up. Even though I had a few scratches and bruises, she took care of it. Said it was the least she could do. I decided to call Kuroko on what happened.

"I can't believe you went after him," she said on the other line. 

I chuckled. "Yeah, well... one thing led to another and before you know it... I'm still in one piece."

I heard her sigh. "Just be careful next time, will you?"

"No promises."

"By the way..." For some reason, her voice had some suspicion to it. "How did you get to him?"

I scoffed. "Oh. I rode on Cerea."

There was silence on the other line before Kuroko spoke. "...Come again?"

"Well, I'm sorta her master now, so she allowed me to ride her and catch up to that purse snatcher. We ran into a few bumps, but we got him."

"Hmm... And you say that she let you ride on her back?"


"Well, that's good to hear. But just for the record, if weren't her master and you forced her to ride you-"

I hung up. Wherever Kuroko was going with that, I didn't want to hear it. I'm pretty quick on these things."


I looked down at Cerea, who had her voluptuous breasts between my dick. Another way of repaying me, according to her.

"Is this good enough for you?"

I smiled and rubbed her head. "It's perfect. I don't remember asking for this, but I appreciate it nonetheless."

Cerea smiled as well. "I am glad to hear that. I know that what I am doing appears to be unusual, but never in my life have I met a woman willing to put her own life aside to protect mine." She looked down at my length, which was still sandwiched between her boobs. "Or something like this. It is quite remarkable."

I chuckled. "Well, it's not the first time I've been told that."

Cerea licked the tip, causing me to moan. She looked up at me again. "Master, I would like to make a request."

"Go ahead."

"Would you allow me to be your servant?"

I laughed, which confused her at first, but then kissed her to ease her worries. "You don't have to be my servant, Cerea. Instead... I would like you to be my friend."


"That's right? In this house, everyone is equal."

She started to tear up. "Oh Master...!"

This made her move her boobs up and down my cock faster. I was overwhelmed by this and quickly released my load all over her breasts.

"Wow... that was amazing," I breathed out. "How are you doing, Cerea?"

She didn't respond as she was busy licking my cum off her breasts. "Such a rich flavor..."

I smiled. "Glad to see you like it."

Sadly, the moment was cut short as Miia and Papi burst in.

"Darling! Who is this woman?!"

"I'm hungry, Boss!"

"From this point forward, we shall treat our master with the utmost care!" Cerea announced.

"But I always care for Darling!" Miia argued.

"Papi too!" the little harpy added.

I stood behind them as they went on with their little debate. 

"If they really cared, they'd help me out with the housework."

Chapter Text

Yumi POV

"How you became a coordinator in the first place, I don't know," I sighed as I picked up the trash. "You can't even clean up after yourself."

Behind me, Kuruko was sitting on the couch, clad in only her underwear.

"I don't see any reason to do that," she said, grinning. "You had no problem cleaning up my messes. You were like a little housewife."

I blushed at that comment. "Shut up, that was only when I was younger and was still cleaning up after you."

After I finished clearing the room, I sat down next to her. I didn't notice it growing up, but... damn, she was hot. Her hourglass figure, her wide hips, her boobs... I look down to see I was pitching a little tent. I prayed to whatever god was available that my foster mother didn't noticed.

"So, you're probably wondering why I called you here," she said in a serious tone.

"You mean it wasn't to clean up?" I joked.

She chuckled and ruffled my hair. "No, but thanks for that."

I straightened it out as she continued.

"I have been working, as much as that's hard for you to believe. Anyway, I wanted to know how you were doing with your guests."

I gave off a shrug. "It's been going well so far. A few kinks to work out, but it's all good."

"Really?" Kuruko leaned in closer. "Nothing... out of the ordinary happened?"


Her gaze narrowed. "Nothing... illegal, I hope."

I shook my head rapidly. Damn, I must be giving myself away at this point. Not that she knew, but I was having sex with my homestays. And it was wonderful. Who would have thought that the full moon would crank up their libido to eleven?

Last Night

"Darling, you're so wonderful!" Miia beamed as I thrusted inside of her. "I feel like I I'm going to melt away!"

"Boss is incredible!" Papi moaned as I fingered her rapidly. "Papi wants to be with her forver and ever!"

"Her hands are firm, yet she is gentle with them," Cerea sighed as my free hand fondled her large boob. "Milady is such a wonderful lover!"

I blushed with joy as the girls were using me to please themselves. In a way, I was getting some pleasure as well. It was all good

Present Day

"...llo? Hello? Yumi, are you alive in there?"

I snap out of my reminiscence at the sound of Kuroko's voice. "W-Wha? What happened?"

She looks at me suspiciously. "You tell me. I was asking what how you were doing with the girls at home and you suddenly space out. Also..."

She pointed down and look to see a bulge in my shorts. I blush harder than ever, which only made Kuroko even more suspicious.

"Is there something I should know about?" she asked, whispering in my ear. "Anything... naughty?"

She rubbed the front of my pants as she spoke. Damn it, how is she doing this?

"U-Uh...." I could barely get a sentence out as she continued to fondle my groin.

"Hmm... looks like I need to get more out of you," Kuruko said in a sultry tone. "And I think I know how to do it."

She stopped her motions and walked in front of me with her back turned. Then... she did the one thing I never thought she would do.

"Watch me closely, you'll love this."

She got in squatting position and started to shake her ass in my direction. If I wasn't hard before, then I definitely was now. She even pulled her panties slightly down so her ass could jiggle more freely. And jiggle it did.

"Given how you've been silent, I take it you're enjoying the show," Kuroko said smugly. "I'm sure you've fantasized about having sex with a woman who is your legal guardian."

I have been fantasizing about having sex with my legal guardian. And I had the urge to do so right now.


"Yes?" she said.

I stand up and bend her over, pulling her panties all the way down and throwing them elsewhere. I then unzip my pants to release my cock and put it in between Kuruko's ass, sliding it back and forth. Her cheeks felt so warm, I swear that I would melt from the sheer contact.

"Hmm... that feels so good," Kuruko moaned. "Don't you want to stick it in?"

"No," I replied. "You've been teasing me since I walked in here, so now I'm gonna tease you."

I could hear her mewling from where I stood. I thrusted faster, hoping to catch more of the warmth of her ass on my dick.

"You really were fantasizing about this, weren't you?" Kuruko teased.

"Shut up," I grunted, thrusting a few more times before I came all over her ass and back.

"Aw, such a mess you made," Kuruko pouted.

"Well, this is one mess you're gonna have to clean yourself," I said, getting my pants on. I freshen myself up and leave her house.

I hope the girls haven't got into any trouble while I was gone...

Chapter Text

Miia POV

Darling is so amazing. She cooks for us, she cares for us and we have all sorts of fun with each other. Speaking of which...

"Damn it, Miia... wrap your tongue around my balls some more."

I was in her bedroom, giving her a lovely blowjob. I wanted to let her know that unlike that dumb bird and that busty horse, I was much better at pleasing her. Good thing I have the hips and tongue to do it.

"Miia, I'm gonna... AHHHH!"

And so, Darling graced my tongue with the warm, gooey treat that I have grown to love. "Mmm..."

I look up at Darling and show her the cum she released into my mouth. Due to the taste, I could tell she was eating some eggs lately. She was so considerate. I gulp it down, showing my appreciation to her.

"Did that taste good, Miia?" she asked.

I nodded. "Yes, Darling. The egg was a nice touch."

She smirked and laughed a bit. "I knew you would love it." She grabbed me by the hips and raised me above her cock. "And I know that you'll love this."

I blushed heavily. "Oh, Darling~"

Yumi POV

Keep in mind, having sex with someone you're not supposed to have sex with is hard. But you want to know what's harder? Making food for three liminals who eat it as soon as you cook it. Thankfully, I went over to the market and got a lot of food. As slothful as she was, Kuroko had the heart to leave me with a lot of funds so I could support my guests. As generous as she was, I can't help but wonder if she knew I was doing the dirty deed every night of the week with my- no, no more. I'm not gonna jinx myself again.

"Alright," I said, stretching my arms as I watched the food cook on the stove. "This looks good." I turn it off and head towards the hall. "Miia, dinner!"

"Coming, Darling!" she replied from her room.

Cerea sat in the middle of the room, polishing her sword (which I recently learned was fake), while Papi played a video game.

"Hey Boss, come play with Papi!" the little harpy pleaded, tugging on my shirt.

"Alright, alright," I laughed. "But not for long, though. Dinner's almost-"


I quickly turn around to the sound of Miia screaming... and the sight of something covering her head.

"What the hell was that thing?" I asked, placing a wet cloth on Miia's head as she rested from the surprise assualt.

"It appeared to be a slime," Cerea answered.

I turned to her. "A slime, huh? I didn't think they existed as well."

"Well, are a few number of liminals that have not yet been recognized by humans," she explained. "And slimes happen to be one of them."

"I see..."

Suddenly, Cerea was filled with bravado. "Fear not, Milady!" And once more she drew her sword. "By my blade, I will ensure your well-being!"

"You are aware that thing is fake," I deadpanned.

She was nearly thrown off when I mentioned that her sword was a fake. "R-Regardless, I swear upon my race that no harm will come to you!"

I just laughed at her bravery. Not that I'm ungrateful or anything, but it was kind of funny.

"Boss!" Papi shouted while jumping on my back. "Play with me now!"

"This is not the time for such foolishness!" Cerea chided.

I sighed while I prepared to soak the rag again... only to witness the slime form right in front of my eyes.


"Begone, foul creature!" Cerea threatened, swinging her sword at the slime... only for it to sustain no damage.

"What?! That's impossible! Slimes are supposed to be the weakest monsters in RPGs!"

"That doesn't apply to all of them," I sighed.

That pretty much left enough time for the damned thing to attack both of us. We were covered to toe in goo and it soaked through our clothes. I could see Cerea's tits through her shirt now.

"Damn... I need a shower..."


"I think I need to see a shrink or something," I muttered as I jerked off as the water poured from the shower head. "No normal person should be getting hard on from being attacked by a slime, for God's sake."

I began to contemplate about how this should be handled. I could let Kuroko know about it, but I get the gut feeling she'll either brush it off or treat it as its none of her business.

"Milady, may I come in?" I heard Cerea's voice from outside the bath.

"Yeah, it's open," I called back.

The door opened and Cerea walked in, using a towel to cover her front.

"What, do you want to get down in here or something?" I joked.

She blushed madly at the joke. "N-Nothing like that! I only want to ensure that the slime will not attack you while you are alone... and..."

I tilted my head. "And?"

"I... need help washing the slime off of my body."

I'm not gonna lie, I like how Cerea acts so cool most of the time, but this side of her is even better. Makes her sound and look cute. I start to wash the the slime off of her body. Even if her lower half is a horse, she was still beautiful.

"Hey Cerea... mind If I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

I began to wash her rear. "Do you have a brush that lets you reach your butt?"

"I-" she was caught off guard when I asked her and washed her butt at the same time. "Milady, if you must wash me there... please be more gentle."

"Gentle, huh?" I did as she asked and brushed her gently. Judging from her moans, it looked like I was doing something right.

"Milady, I ask that you tease me no longer," Cerea pleaded.

"Hmm? What do you mean?" I asked.

Cerea turned to me with a heavy blush across her face.

"I require that you... insert yourself inside of me."

So she gets horny as well, huh? Good thing I'm not the type of girl to deny any pleasure. I got behind Cerea and slowly moved my length into her, drawing out a few moans from the prideful centaur. Then I followed it with some light thrusts which gradually became faster and harder.

"Cerea, I'm gonna cum," I moaned.

"As am I~" she replied.

We climaxed at the same time and slumped down on the floor. Then I realized something.



"...That slime we encountered appeared to be attracted to water."

"...Yes, it did."

We both had a feeling of dread wash over us. And it only increased when we heard dripping from the ceiling. Against my better judgement, I looked up.

And I saw the slime from earlier it dropped down and slowly made its way toward us.

"IT'S HERE!" Cerea shouted, quickly getting up. "I shall protect you, Milady! Stay behind me and-"

She slipped on the floor and bonked her head, knocking her out. I was left to to fend the slime off.

"Stay back!" I warned, grabbing the shower head. "I'm not afraid to use this!"

But to my surprise, it didn't attack me. Instead, it started to take the shape of a tall, curvy, busty girl. I couldn't help but get a boner from that.

"Uh... hi," I said, dumbfounded.

The slime didn't respond. Instead, it turned around and got on all fours, presenting its jiggly butt to me. Maybe it saw me plowing into Cerea just now.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" I asked. The slime wiggled its butt in my direction. I cautiously moved towards her, cock in hand and inserted it into her pussy. The inside of her was smooth, which was a whole nother sensation for me. I tried to grip her hips, but they went right into her.

"So you're the untouchable type, huh? That's fine. I like a challenge."

I put my hands behind my back and begin to thrust into her. She made some odd noises, but they didn't sounds anything like moans.

"You're an odd one, aren't you?" I asked as I continued to thrust in her. This went on for a few minutes before I finally came inside of her.

"Ah... that felt good," I sighed, pulling out of the slime. I hugged her, but again, I slipped through.

Note to self: slime girl can't be touched.

I let Miia and Cerea know about our new visitor, but I left out the part that I practically nailed her. Last thing I need to Miia throwing a jealous fit.

"So, what do you think we should do about her?" Miia asked.

"The best course of action would be to contact Ms. Smith immediately," Cerea suggested. 

I sighed and shook my head. "Knowing her, she try to sweep this one under the rug."

"You have a point," Miia said. "I've never seen someone as irresponsible as her in my life."

As we discussed the issue, the sound of Papi playing her game was distracting us.

"Hey, can you keep it down over... there?"

As soon as I turned around, I noticed that Papi wasn't playing solo. Miia and Cerea turned as well and matched my current expression.

Papi was playing with the slime girl I nailed in the bathroom. Furthermore, her body appeared to match hers.

Yep, we were in for a doozy here.