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Of One Sided Crushes

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"Are you ready?" He asked, his eyes full of desire. 

Jungkook nodded eagerly. 

He had been ready ever since he had seen him that day. 

With his long limbs, fit body (earned by working out for hours at the gym), his perfect face with his golden skin, his plump, pink lips, his cute nose, his big eyes with long eyelashes and not to mention his perfect, silky hair that fell over his forehead, he was a sight to see. And Jungkook loved seeing him. 

When he took off his shirt, Jungkook could feel his heart banging against his chest. How could anyone be so perfect? Jungkook found himself drinking in the sight of his rock-hard abs, his skin which was not as tanned here as the rest of him and his perfect, hardened nipples. Jungkook wanted to put his mouth on them and make him moan his name. His name alone. He wet his lips and smiled at Jungkook before unzipping his dark blue jeans. 

Jungkook was in heaven just at the sight of him standing there in his boxer briefs. His thighs were toned and thick, his legs even longer than they looked otherwise.

"You're so hot when you're looking at me like this." He said, his voice husky and full of lust and Jungkook moaned in desperation. 

The anticipation was going to kill Jungkook. Agonisingly slow was the pace at which things were going. Jungkook's eyes were now fixed on the bulge in his boxers.

Finally, he hooked his finger into the boxers and started pulling them down_


And Jungkook fell off his bed for the third time that week. 

"THE FUCK, TAEHYUNG?!" He screamed when he had recovered his senses and spotted his best friend, standing in front of him with a shit eating smile. 

"You were dreaming about hyung again, weren't you?" Taehyung asked, cradling Jungkook's cat shaped pillow and raising his eyebrow suggestively. 

"I hate you so much right now." Jungkook announced. If only he could have seen_

"_Hyung. I hate you, hyung. I'm two years older than you, you know that?" Taehyung teased. 

"Fuck off." Jungkook groaned, wondering why his jeans were so uncomfortable. 

"Why were you moaning in your sleep? I should tell_" 

"DON'T YOU DARE!" He was quick to shout. 

Shit, he had been moaning?? 

"If only hyung knew about your crush." Taehyung sighed happily, getting a dreamy look in his eyes. 

"Don't be an idiot." Jungkook groaned and finally noticed the tent in the front of his jeans. Great. 

Just great. 

He had to get a boner right before his class. 

Having a crush sucked. 

"I'll see you in class after you're done moaning some more." Taehyung said with a laugh. 

"Get out." Jungkook said.

"So much love." Taehyung replied, beginning to walk out of Jungkook's bedroom. 

"Wait a minute..That's my pillow!" Jungkook exclaimed, before snatching his pillow away and moving towards the washroom, ignoring Taehyung's tongue, which was being stuck out at him. 


When Jungkook wasn't dreaming about his hyung, he was daydreaming about him.

He used to be a good student in all classes except for his history class. 

Now he was bad at all his classes, history being no exception, thanks to his stupid crush. 

He had always hated history and the droning voice of his history teacher was enough to make even the most studious ones debate sleeping, so he used this time to daydream more scenarios that weren't going to happen in a million years. 

This time, he was kissing him when Taehyung interrupted him. 

"What?!" He whisper shouted. He needed to tell Taehyung not to interrupt him while he was dreaming about__

Taehyung didn't answer but tilted his head towards the front. 

Jungkook looked and saw everyone staring at him. 

"What did I just ask, Mr. Jeon?" His history teacher demanded. 

Jungkook swallowed nervously. 

Oh shit. 

"Stand when I'm addressing you." His teacher said and Jungkook resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

He stood up and stared at his teacher's face, a blush rising in his cheeks at the stares he was receiving. 

"Well?" His teacher asked. 

He was about to turn and ask Taehyung when a girl squealed loudly. 

"Seoyeon!! It's Kim Seokjin!" She said, pointing towards the window. 

At once, everyone turned towards the window, Jungkook included, to see Kim Seokjin standing outside their class, talking to the English teacher. 

Jungkook felt his cheeks heat up involuntarily and he immediately tried to drive out this morning's dream cause_ oh my god, Jin hyung was wearing the same shirt he had been wearing in Jungkook's dream and oh my god, Jungkook couldn't believe that the boy he had jerked himself off to was standing a few feet away from him_

"GIRLS! Get a hold of yourselves!" The history teacher shouted and the girls turned to giggling silently. The loud voice of the history teacher had caught Seokjin's attention, however. 

Jungkook tried to sit down but was caught. 

"Now, answer me, Mr. Jeon!" 

Oh no oh no oh no oh no. 

Why, WHY?! Why before Jin hyung?? 

"You don't know it? Wait here." And his teacher walked out and to where Jin hyung was standing. 

"Fuck." Jungkook cursed when the history teacher came inside, followed by a confused Seokjin. 

Several girls and guys sat up straighter and a girl in front of Jungkook even began to redo her makeup. 

Jungkook wanted the floor to swallow him. 



"Maybe if you paid attention_"

"_Please, Tae, can't you see I'm depressed? I don't want to talk about this." Jungkook whined. 

"Why are you acting like your life got over?" Taehyung asked, shaking his head. 

Jungkook wanted to answer but answering would make him think about today's incident again and that was more than he could bear. 

"It wasn't so embarrassing, Kookie." Taehyung tried to comfort him.

"Are you kidding me?! He called Jin hyung inside and lectured me in front of him!" Jungkook said, cheeks heating up again. He definitely wanted to talk about it. 

"It's only cause Jin hyung was good at history.." Taehyung said.

"Which is why it's worse! He told Jin hyung about how he has no students like him anymore, who like studying but only students like me!" Jungkook went on, hugging his cat shaped pillow. 

"You know Jin hyung won't think badly of you for that." Taehyung said, patting Jungkook's thigh comfortingly. 

"Yeah, he doesn't think of me at all." Jungkook said with a humourless laugh.


"It's true." Jungkook said and Taehyung sighed. 

It was true. 

"It would be better if I could go back to the time when he didn't know me. At least he didn't treat me like his little brother then." Jungkook vented and Taehyung shook his head. "You don't know whether he thinks of you like that." 

"He talks to me like I'm his brother or his son or something." Jungkook mumbled. 

Even today, after class Jin  had come up to Jungkook and asked him if he was okay. 

When Jungkook had stammered that he was, Jin had asked him to study because it wasn't cool not to.

After that he had actually ruffled his hair_ as if he's my uncle or something_ and walked off.

Taehyung had seen that and had wanted to laugh at and comfort Jungkook at once. 

He was just too cute when it came to Jin hyung. 

"I should kill myself or something. That's when he'll notice me." Jungkook said, laying on the couch with his head on Taehyung's lap and staring at the ceiling. 

"You should dye your hair if you want him to notice you." Taehyung said and immediately he got that wacko sparkle in his eyes.

"Tae, no." Jungkook rolled his eyes but Taehyung was already imagining stuff.

"Maroon..? That would look nice.." 



"Are you kidding me?"


Jungkook didn't bother replying. 

"Brown! A lighter shade!" 

Jungkook merely made a noncommittal sound. 

"Jeon Jungkook." Taehyung said, suddenly getting off the couch (causing Jungkook's head to hit the couch) 

"Ouch! What the hell?!" Jungkook demanded, sitting up and finding himself looking into Taehyung's cat shaped eyes, his face an inch from Jungkook's. 

"What?" He asked warily. He knew that look, it didn't mean anything good.

"Light brown, on you.. So hot." Taehyung said after a few seconds of staring at Jungkook.

Jungkook rolled his eyes. 

"Don't be idiotic. I'm not dyeing my hair for some guy_" he said and immediately Taehyung started laughing. 

"Some guy, is it?" Taehyung asked, finally moving back. 

"Shut up." Jungkook said, blushing at the thought of his crush. 

"Look, dye it and see, if you like it, good! If not... We can do a temporary one, if you like." Taehyung relented. 

"Easy for you to say! You dye your hair like, ten times a month." 

"Don't exaggerate, it's more like 4 times a month." Taehyung said. 

"Same difference." 

"I'm serious Kook, you would look hot with light brown hair." Taehyung said and Jungkook chewed his lip as he debated the question. 

Brown isn't so different from black.. Besides, it might look nice for a change.. 

"Okay." He said and Taehyung paused mid-yawn. 

"Really?!" Taehyung asked, his eyes shining with excitement and his smile appearing. 

"I guess so...?" Jungkook said hesitantly. 

He would look okay, right? 

"Great! Let's do it now!!" Taehyung said at once, forgetting all about how sleep deprived he had been. 

"We don't even have_" Jungkook started at once. 

"_I do_"

"_Of course you do." 


"Are you sure it's temporary?" Jungkook asked for the hundredth time. 

"Yes! It says it will wash off in about ten hair washes!" Taehyung replied. 

"Ten?! I thought it would wash off in five!" Jungkook exclaimed in a panicked voice. 

"You're so oblivious, Kookie." Taehyung sighed and Jungkook snorted. 

"Look who's talking." 

Taehyung just continued to brush the dye into Jungkook's hair, parting it into sections and humming to himself.

"You look awfully scared." Taehyung said.

"You look awfully relaxed!" Jungkook retorted. 

"I've done it a hundred times." Taehyung shrugged and Jungkook sighed. The wetness of his hair was a constant reminder that from now on, until ten washes; he was going to be a brunet. 

Finally, he asked the question that had been on the tip of his tongue for some time.

"What if Jin hyung doesn't even notice?" 

"I thought you wanted to do it for yourself and not some guy." Taehyung said with a slight smile. "He will notice, don't worry." 

"Will I even look good?" Jungkook wondered aloud. He hoped all this wouldn't be for nothing. 

"What's the worst that can happen? The girls in the class will giggle about you instead of Jin hyung!" Taehyung said cheerfully. 

Though Jungkook was gay through and through, it was still nice to get attention from someone, even if it was from the opposite sex. 

Not that Jungkook didn't have any admirers, one girl (he didn't know who) had been writing him a love letter everyday for the past month. Several guys had asked him out too but Jungkook was too crazy about Jin to think too much about it. 

It didn't matter to him that he hadn't dated anyone yet or that the only time he had been kissed was when he was 15 and he had been dared to make out with a girl by (guess who?) Taehyung. 

He had been too nervous though and in the end the girl had taken pity on him and kissed him briefly, telling him not to accept dares to kiss someone the next time. 

He always wondered what it would feel like to kiss someone he really liked, not a random stranger. Actually, he always wondered what it would feel like to kiss Jin

That's why half the times; his head was filled with images of himself kissing the older boy. 

Sadly, he knew that he wasn't the only one who had that dream. 

Jimin, who was Taehyung's new best friend, had already told them that he had a thing for Jin. 

Jimin didn't know that Jungkook liked him too because he had warned Taehyung against telling him. 

All the same, he often felt like pulling Jimin's hair and demanding that he change his choice because Jungkook was devoted to Jin and if only one of them could be devoted to him, it was going to be Jungkook and not Jimin. 

Jungkook didn't realise how fast time went by but before he knew it, Taehyung was asking him to wash his hair. 

Jungkook washed his hair mindlessly, thoughts still full of Jin. 

"How do I get you out of my head?" He said to his reflection in the mirror, forgetting to see his hair even. He remembered when he came out and Taehyung gasped dramatically. 

"Wow, Kookie, I swear to god I could bang you_"

"_Tae, seriously_"

"_Okay eew, I don't want to but I'm sure Jin hyung would want to!" 

Jungkook didn't say anything, but his smile said it all. 


When he looked in the mirror, he saw that his hair colour hadn't changed so much that he was unrecognisable but he definitely looked different, older somehow and maybe even better. 

He dried his hair with a blow drier before going to sleep with a smile on his face.

Tomorrow he had Advanced English, the only class he had with Jin hyung.

He would show his hyung that he did study. 


The next day, Jungkook woke up feeling refreshed and excited. He had almost forgotten about yesterday's incident. Almost.

He wet his hair slightly and blow dried it so it stood up slightly at the front. When he asked Taehyung how he looked, he mumbled something about how so many guys would want to fuck him senseless before going off to sleep. 

For once, he studied before his classes for the day started and fifteen minutes before his first class (Sociology) started, he left his room. 

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Yoongi hyung, who was Jin hyung's best friend. Figuring that Jin was probably around, he hid behind a cabinet and watched as Jin left his room (which was three rooms away from his and Taehyung's room.) 

Technically, his age forbid him from having a room on the last floor of the university's housing, where rooms were given to older students but since Taehyung almost qualified the category, they had managed to bag the last room. (perks of having an older roommate) 

He watched as Yoongi complained about something and Jin grinned and apologised before the two of them went their way. Jungkook's heart was already hammering hard against his chest. 

"Whatchyu doin'?" A voice asked, making Jungkook jump out of his skin. 

"Jimin hyung." He said with a blush. Jimin's room was on the last floor as well. His roommate, Jung Hoseok qualified the age qualifications. 

"Whoa, did you dye your hair, Jungkookie?" Jimin asked suddenly. 

Jungkook blushed harder. He had momentarily forgotten about his hair. 

"Yeah." He said as Jimin stared at him. 

"Wow, you look hot." He said appreciatively. 

Jungkook breathed out. 

Maybe he did look hot.. 

"Were you staring at Jin hyung?" Jimin asked suddenly.

"Wha_ no.. I wasn't.." Jungkook stuttered. 

"Tae told me you like him." Jimin said casually.

"That fucker did what_" Jungkook started and Jimin laughed. 

"Clearly, you don't use honourifics with him. Don't use them with me either, Kookie! That aside, I'm over him." Jimin replied cheerfully and Jungkook's mouth fell open.

"Over him?" He asked disbelievingly.

"Yeah. He's kinda cliché for me. I might already have a crush on someone else." Jimin said cheerfully and Jungkook didn't know whether to be happy at the minor reduction of competition or to hit Jimin for calling Jin a cliché choice. 

"Aren't you gonna ask me who I have a crush on?" Jimin asked.

"Who?" Jungkook asked, wondering who could possibly be a better choice than Jin. 

"Won't tell you!" Jimin said before leaving. 

Jungkook rolled his eyes and made his way to Sociology. 


Jungkook kept fidgeting with his hair the whole day. He found himself in the Men's room several times, unnecessarily puffing his hair. As usual, he found a love letter waiting for him when he got into his place for Economics. 

The first letter had begged Jungkook to not wonder who was writing the letter to him or to try and find out who she was. 

Jungkook didn't know whether the girl was in Economics with him but he always read the letter in class so that if she was, she would see that he didn't throw them away. 

He wasn't surprised when he read the line_

"_You dyed your hair.. It looks amazing, I'm glad you did.." 

And a smile spread on his face. 

He wished he could find out who the girl was and talk to her. He also wished he could tell her that he was gay and he was sorry he couldn't return her feelings. 

Dying his hair had been a good decision, Jungkook had already been asked out by 3 people that day. 

Jungkook payed attention in class (with great difficulty) and was rewarded in the form of his last class of the day. 

When he reached his Advanced English class, he breathed in deeply and walked inside. He tried not to look at anyone and hoped that his blush looked like nothing more than slightly red cheeks. 

He was greeted with a sudden silence so he knew he was being stared at. 

Usually the first thing he did when he came to class was look at Seokjin but today he kept his eyes on the floor.

Somehow he had managed to get a seat right behind Jin on their first day. Even though Jin had asked Jungkook to study, he ought to have known that Jungkook being in this class meant that he did study. Most of the people in the class were his seniors and were pursuing their post graduation. Jin was among them, unfortunately. 

Why unfortunate? Because although Jungkook wanted to believe that age is just a number, the five year age gap between him and Jin was probably what made Jin treat him like a kid. 

"Jungkook?" He heard Jin say over the loud beating of his heart. He looked up from Shakespeare and was met with wide eyes.

"Did you dye your hair?" Jin asked.

He noticed, Jungkook thought, feeling relieved. It would have been devastating if Jin hadn't even noticed. 

He nodded because he didn't trust himself to speak. 

Jin smiled then and Jungkook felt a surge of pride. He hadn't exactly made Jin smile but at least he was smiling at him. 

"Looks g_"

"_Settle down, class." The English teacher came inside.

Jungkook was left hanging off the edge of a cliff. 

Looks g_what?? 





Jungkook had tried not to imagine anymore but his fantasies had been relentless and he had found himself hoping that somehow his hair colour would be the turning point and Jin would finally confess that he too, had feelings for Jungkook. 

You're a baby, Jeon Jungkook, he chided himself mentally. Jin hyung isn't shallow that he'll confess to you because you look better. 

In fact..

He isn't going to confess to you ever. 

And so Jungkook focused on Shakespeare instead of the back of Jin's head (which was as perfect as the rest of him). 

He was starting to get desperate as the end of the class neared. 

Was that all that was going to happen? 

He hated the stupid feeling he always got when class got over, like another day had been wasted because he hadn't had a meaningful conversation with Jin. 

By the time the teacher announced their homework, Jungkook was feeling pretty dejected. 

Luckily for him, the day wasn't over just yet.

"Jungkook?" Jin said and Jungkook's head snapped up at once. 

"About yesterday." Jin said and immediately Jungkook's cheeks turned red. 

Oh no.. He so didn't want to think about that. 

"I'm sorry." Jin said and Jungkook's eyes met his finally. 

Another problem he had was that he didn't look in Seokjin's eyes for more than few seconds at a time. He had been told by several people that his eyes were too honest and gave everything away, so he avoided looking into Jin's eyes for too long, lest he saw the way Jungkook felt just by looking into his eyes. 

"Why?" He asked finally. The rest of the class had left, only Jin hyung's two best friends were waiting for him outside, talking. 

"I know you're a good kid_"

_Why do you do this to me, hyung? Kid?!_

"_Sorry for asking you to study, I mean_ I know you study." Jin said, looking awkward. 

Jungkook loved the fact that though Jin was a perfect role model, his imperfections included his awkwardness.  

Jungkook quickly shook his head. 

"N_ no.. I've been fooling around lately.. But I'll study now." Jungkook said, eyes on his books. 

He could tell Jin was smiling at him. 

Jungkook looked up when Jin hadn't left yet. 

Jin opened his mouth to say something but then Hoseok hyung, who was Jin's best friend interrupted him as he came back inside. 

"Kookie, I love the hair colour!"  with his typical, genial smile. 

"Thanks, hyung." Jungkook mumbled, blush back in place. 

He knew Hoseok hyung somewhat, since he was Jimin's roommate. 

"Bye Kookie!" He said and dragged Jin away. 

"Bye.." Jungkook said to the closed door.



Seokjin went to his English class earlier than usual that day.

Hoseok and Namjoon were already there, however. 

"So, Jimin told me he confessed to you." Hoseok teased. 

Jin blushed and laughed. "More like he rejected me." 

"What?" Namjoon asked.

"He walked up to me and said, Jin hyung, we need to talk. I said sure and he got straight to the point. Said that he had a crush on me. Then said I was too cliché a choice, so he was over me." 

The other two laughed. 

"Then he said, you're really handsome and all but I reject you because I have a new crush." Jin said, chuckling at the end. 

"He rejected you." Namjoon snorted.

"Who is his new crush?" Hoseok asked. "He won't tell me." 

"He told me." Jin said and smiled. "Who??" Namjoon asked. "Who is better than the great Seokjin?"

"Kookie." Jin replied with a smile. His dongsaeng was going to have more admirers than Jin pretty soon. 

"Kookie?!" Hoseok asked in surprise and Namjoon and him exchanged a glance.

"It's a love triangle!" They said together and grinned. 

"Huh?" Jin asked, tilting his head. 

"Jimin likes Kookie and Kookie likes you.. Now the question is, who do you like?" Hoseok smirked. 

Jin looked at this friends with a "the fuck are you talking about?" Expression as they sported identical grins. 

Just then, someone walked in and Jin's head snapped up with the rest of the class. It was too silent suddenly.  

Jin saw a brown haired guy walking in with his eyes trained to his shoes. 

His eyes widened in surprise when he realised who it was.


He dyed his hair? 

In the front, both Hoseok and Namjoon were staring at Jungkook. 

He looks good, Jin realised. 

Jungkook took his place behind Jin and Jin turned around. 

To his surprise, he found that his heart was beating faster as he stared at the younger boy. 

Maybe it was because Jin had never noticed before this that Jungkook happened to be quite good looking. 

"Jungkook?" He said and the younger boy looked up. His cheeks were red and his face screamed innocent. 

No wonder Jimin likes him, he thought with a mental smile. 

"Did you dye your hair?" He asked. 

Jungkook nodded shyly and Jin smiled. 

"Looks g_" 

good, he was about to say when their English teacher walked in and asked them to settle down. 

He turned ahead and opened his book. 

He didn't know why but he couldn't pay as much attention as usual that day. His thoughts were too loud and everything was distracting him, including Jungkook's breathing behind him, which was crazy because it wasn't like he was loud. 

He shrugged it off. Just as their teacher announced their assignment, he remembered that he had wanted to apologise to Jungkook for the previous day. He shouldn't have told Jungkook that not studying wasn't cool, because he knew that Jungkook was clever and it probably made him feel worse, after being embarrassed by the history teacher. 

After class, he turned around to apologise to the younger boy. 

"Jungkook?" He said and the younger boy looked up from where he was putting away his books.

"About yesterday." Jin said, feeling awkward at once. 

Jungkook blushed and Jin felt worse.

"I'm sorry." He said. 

Jungkook looked him in the eyes then and Jin's heart gave a loud beat, involuntarily. He didn't want to upset the younger boy anymore. 

"Why?" Jungkook asked.

"I know you're a good kid. I'm sorry for asking you to study, I mean_ I know you study." Jin ended awkwardly. God, he was so awkwardhe couldn't even apologise properly. 

"N_ no.. I've been fooling around lately.. But I'll study now." Jungkook said, eyes back to his books. 

Jin smiled at him. He really was a good kid. Jungkook looked up again and Jin started to tell him that the hair colour suited him when Hoseok walked in.

"Kookie, I love the hair colour!" He said with a smile.

"Thanks, hyung." Jungkook said, blush reappearing. 

"Bye Kookie!" Hoseok said and Jin felt himself being pulled away. 


Jungkook had been intending to tell Taehyung all about today's encounter but when he came to their shared room, he found Taehyung sitting silently, staring at the TV. 

Something had to be wrong. 

"What's wrong?" He asked at once and Taehyung came out of his reverie. 

"Kookie.. Do you know Namjoon hyung?" He asked. 

"Yes, he's friends with Jin hyung." Jungkook replied, feeling bewildered. 



"I mean. Okay.. I can't believe I didn't know him before today." Taehyung had a dreamy look in his eyes.

"Whoa, Tae do you have a crush on him or something?" Jungkook asked with a laugh, expecting Taehyung to deny at once.

But he remained silent.

"The hell happened?" Jungkook asked, sitting down beside Taehyung. 

"I met him today.. He came to talk to me about the poem I'd written for the magazine. He is the only one who understood it completely. He gets me, Kookie." 

Only one who understood it, you mean. Jungkook thought with a smile. 

Taehyung was silent again after saying that. 

Jungkook shook his head and smiled.

"You so have a crush on him." 

"I think I do." Taehyung agreed and blushed. "He's really clever, you know.. And he's insightful and funny." 

"Wow, I'm so used to being the only one pining after someone." Jungkook said and settled into the couch. 

"Didn't you have Advanced English today?" Taehyung asked.

Jungkook nodded and told him about his day, starting from how he had been stared at the whole day and ending with how Hoseok hyung had dragged Jin away.

"He called me a kid again." Jungkook said with a sigh. 

"Jungkook I think you should tell him how you feel." Taehyung said and Jungkook stared at him like he was crazy.

"And be rejected?" He asked. 

"The result doesn't matter, at least he will think about it." Taehyung said. 

Jungkook just shook his head. 

Every time he got asked out and had to deny the person, he felt horrible and he hated seeing the saddened look that they gave him. 

He didn't want Jin hyung to feel sorry for him like that and didn't want to look at him with saddened eyes and then avoid him for the rest of his life. 

"Kookie, you know Jimin went and told Jin hyung that he liked him? And then told him that he was over him." Taehyung said.

"He told him?!" Jungkook asked, his eyes widened in surprise. Jimin told Jin he liked him and then said that he's over him?!

"Yeah, he told me he told you he's over him. But the point is, he told Jin hyung and he's better off now. He even has a new crush." And at that Taehyung gave a cheeky smile.

Jungkook shook his head in disbelief. "I could never do that." 

"Try, why don't you?" He asked. 

Jungkook shook his head stubbornly. It would be way too embarrassing to let Jin hyung know how he felt. 

Taehyung sighed and said "I'm going to tell Namjoon hyung." 

"Already?!" Jungkook asked with widened eyes. 

"Yeah. No point in waiting." He said. "I like him." Taehyung repeated and got the dreamy look in his eyes again. 

"Well, may the odds be ever in your favour then." Jungkook said with a smile.

"Tae lets eat out, I'm so hungry." He said. 

Besides, it was Friday, meaning he had no classes the next day. 

"Okay, let's go." Taehyung said cheerfully. 

 Jungkook decided that keeping his hair down didn't look that bad either so he left his hair that way and put on a red shirt (his favourite colour) and black denims. 

The two grabbed their wallets and phones and walked out into the pleasant day. 


"What's going on?" Jin asked warily when he walked into his room to see Yoongi (his roommate) with Hoseok and Namjoon. 

Hoseok and Namjoon had identical, sheepish smiles while Yoongi looked irritated. 

"Hyung, we're going out." Namjoon announced as he stood up.

"Okay! Where?" Jin asked with a smile. 

The three didn't answer him.

His question was answered soon though.

"Are you guys serious?" Jin asked as he stared at the building in front of him. 

"I know right, I'm on driving duty so I can't even drink." Yoongi complained.

"Let's go!" Hoseok said cheerfully and against his better judgement, Jin followed.

But then again, he had been so distracted and out of it lately. Maybe he needed a drink. 

Or two.. 

He had never drunk so much in his entire life. He gulped down whatever looked drinkable, laughed at the stupidest things and ogled at anyone and everyone.

He even tried to kiss Yoongi, and was asked to fuck himself in response. 

He had never felt this free. 

They didn't know how they ended up coming home but somehow they were in their room now, still drinking. Yoongi was quiet now that he had drunk (a bit only, though) but Hoseok and Namjoon wanted to play Truth or Dare.

"Truth!" Namjoon said.

"Coward." Hoseok shook his head. 

Jin laughed. 

"Okay okay, would you rather bang the history teacher or the sociology teacher?" Hoseok asked.

"They're both above fifty!" Namjoon said derisively.

Jin laughed. 

Yoongi rolled his eyes but didn't bother telling them that that wasn't 'Truth'. 

"You have to answer." Hoseok said. 

"Fine, Sociology. At least he doesn't have so much chest hair."

They all laughed at that. 

"Yeah and the History teacher would rather bang Jin than you." Hoseok said complacently. 

Jin laughed. 

"Jin hyung! Your turn!" Hoseok said. 

"Dare!!" Jin shouted and laughed. 

"I dare you to.. Make out with someone.. Stick your tongue down their throat_" Hoseok said with a gleeful laugh. 

Jin wasted no time in scrambling on top of Hoseok's lap.

"Not me!" Hoseok shrieked and Namjoon and Yoongi laughed. 

"Anyone else, not from this room.." Hoseok said warily. 

Seokjin stood up shakily and paused as the world spun. He gulped down some more alcohol for good measure and opened the room to his door. 

The other three followed him out.

It was 1 am so there wasn't anyone around. 

He would have to thank Hoseok later for that dare, if only he could find someone hot.. 

He was about to turn around and kiss one of the three when the last door opened and someone stepped out to keep their trash can out. Jin stared at the boy.

He was pretty tall and was wearing a white shirt with sweatpants. He tried to discern his face. 

The boy noticed him. 

"J_Jin hyung..?" He asked. 

His eyes were now on the three boys behind Jin. 

Hyung? Could it be..? 

"Kookie...?" Jin slurred after some time. 

Jin remembered his dare and began to walk towards Jungkook. 

Jungkook is hot.

Jin stood in front of Jungkook and observed the boy from head to toe. 

His recently dyed brown hair, his pale skin, his big doe eyes that spoke so loudly, unlike his plump, pink lips that were so silent, his neck, his chest, his stomach and down.. 

He thought he heard Hoseok and Namjoon cheering from behind him but he couldn't be sure. 

Jungkook looked terrified.


Jungkook felt terrified. He couldn't believe this. He had only come out to keep the trash can out but he had noticed someone standing to his right and to his amazement, he had seen Jin hyung standing there and staring at him. 

Immediately his heart had begun to beat faster and a blush had risen to his cheeks. He had been thinking about Jin minutes ago. 

"J_Jin hyung? he had stuttered before noticing Hoseok, Yoongi and Namjoon hyung standing behind and cheering Jin hyung. 

He turned to Jin hyung again and that's when the reek of alcohol hit him. 

He's drunk?! He thought wildly. 

All of them were drunk, indeed. 

"Don't forget your dare!" Namjoon hyung had shouted and Jungkook's stomach had done an odd flip.

"Kookie...?" His hyung had slurred. 

Suddenly Jin had walked right up to Jungkook. He started checking him out and Jungkook's mouth became dry. 

Jin pushed Jungkook against the door and put both his hands beside Jungkook's head, before leaning down. 

Jungkook wanted to vanish. 

The smell of alcohol was overpowering but nothing compared to the cologne Jin had put on. Jin had never been closer to him than this. (He had, but in his imagination only

Jungkook had already noticed that he looked absolutely beautiful and totally wrecked. His eyes were unfocused, his movements slow, his hair a mess and his lips were swollen and red and were inches away from Jungkook's.

This has to be one of my twisted, sexual dreams. Now he will ask me how I want him, Jungkook thought. 

"You're so hot." Jin drawled, slowly wetting his lips. 

Obviously a dream. 

(If Jin could see himself like this, he would be amazed at how un-awkward he could be when he was drunk.) 

Jungkook's head was spinning. 


Yoongi knew he should stop Jin.

"Guys, he's going to kick himself for this tomorrow." He told Hoseok and Namjoon, who were already bored of how much time Jin was taking to complete his dare. 

"I'm going to sleep." Hoseok announced before walking (with great difficulty) in the direction of his room and disappearing behind it. 

Namjoon was bored too but he wanted to see Jin complete his dare.. Who was that boy? Namjoon couldn't distinguish his features from this far, not when his head was as heavy as it was. 

Yoongi sighed and began to walk over to Jin to pull him off. Jungkook looked like he was going to faint any minute. 

He does stink, Yoongi thought, scrunching up his nose as he neared the two.

But before he could say a word, Jungkook started to push the older boy off him. 

Maybe I'm not needed after all, he thought. 

Let's see how this goes, he thought with a smile and he dragged Namjoon to a cabinet and peeked from behind it to see. 


"Go sleep, hyung, you're really drunk." Jungkook said. It took a lot of willpower, but he did it. 

Jin didn't even budge. To be fair, Jungkook wasn't really trying to push him off. 

"You.. You're hair.. Pretty.. You're pretty.." Jin said, his voice filled with lust. 

Jungkook could have died and gone to heaven then, but he knew. 

He knew Jin was drunk and would have said that to anyone. 

"I wanted to tell you earlier.. Kookie.. Brown hair.. So sexy." And Jin gave a lopsided smile that took Jungkook's breath away. 

He needed to get Jin to go.

Jungkook glanced to his right to see where the other three were but to his dismay, not one of them was present there. 

"J_" he began but stopped at once when he felt Jin's hot breath on his neck. 

"Such pretty skin.. You're so pale though.. Are you scared..?" Jin asked.

Jin had no clue what he was saying. 

He wasn't even sure who he was talking to anymore. 

"Jin hyung_"

In a split second, he brought his face up and crashed his lips onto the boy's. 


Yoongi's mouth fell open. 

He did it.

Fucking hell he actually did it. 

That's it, I'm getting out of here. 

I didn't see this. 

And he grabbed Namjoon by the collar and dragged him inside, pretending like he couldn't hear the wet noises or the moans. 


Chapter Text

Jin woke up and made the mistake of opening his eyes. The sun had come to visit him and was leering into his face, glowing like a light bulb which was high on drugs.

The wind was loud, his breathing was loud and Jin was sure that if a pin were to drop onto the ground by his bed, it would make an explosion.

His throat was dryer than the Sahara, his thoughts a mess, his body aching in places it had never ached before and his stomach was churning.

"W_wate_water.." He groaned clutching his head.

He knew he sounded pathetic, thanks to how dry his throat was.

Luckily, someone heard him and a glass was put into his hand. He drank down the contents of it, hardly aware that he was spilling more than he was drinking, hoping he wouldn’t throw up and not letting even a hint of light in by keeping his eyes firmly shut.

The water helped slightly. Another thing was put into his hand. A tablet.

He swallowed the tablet and drank some more water before collapsing into his bed. 

He slept again. 

When he woke up, his head was better. He got out of bed gingerly and patted his empty stomach.

"Food." He said as he wandered into the kitchen dully, almost walking into a lamp. The first thing he saw was Hoseok, looking depressed, followed by Namjoon, sitting on the couch with his head in his hands and Yoongi, in the kitchen. 

So we all got drunk, then. He thought as he sat down at the table. 

Hoseok for one, only ever looked unhappy when he had a hangover. 

To his surprise, Yoongi placed a plate of pancakes in front of him. 

"Is the kitchen okay?" He asked in a panicked voice. 

Yoongi nodded. 

"Why do you look guilty?" He asked once he had taken a bite and processed that it was actually good and that it was already working wonders for his stomach.

"Jimin told me I tried to give him a blowjob." Hoseok said suddenly, looking like he wanted to stab himself. 

"I called Taehyung and told him I wanted to tuck him into bed and sing him a lullaby." Namjoon said from the couch. 

Jin tried not to laugh at his pathetic friends. 

"What did you do?" Jin asked Yoongi when he turned back. 

Yoongi looked the guiltiest. 

"I didn't stop them." He said promptly. 

Jin laughed but stopped when it hurt. 

He was better off eating.

"Don't you remember what you did, hyung?" Hoseok asked.

He didn't remember what Jin did. 

"Yeah, what did you do?" Namjoon asked. 

Jin paused and thought. 

What had he done? 

He checked his phone. 

"I didn't drunk call anyone." He said. "Did I try to give you a blowjob?" He asked Yoongi. 

"As if I'd let you." Yoongi snorted.

"Exactly. I don't think I did anything." Jin shrugged and the others went back to eating.

Yoongi returned to the kitchen.

What he doesn't know won't hurt him, he thought


Jungkook was a rock and not a person. He didn’t sleep and he certainly didn’t wake up. He only lay on the bed like the dead thing he was.

"Jungkook stop dreaming about making out with Jin hyung and wake up."

Who Jin hyung?

"Are you dreaming something innocent, for a change?" Taehyung asked curiously.

Jungkook remained immobile. He didn’t exist.

“Jungkook!” Taehyung said exasperatedly, shaking the younger boy.

Rocks do not hit people, Jungkook reminded himself. 

"Kookie, please, I want to tell you something awesome." 

Finally Jungkook opened his eyes and sighed.

"Namjoon hyung called me at 1 last night." Taehyung said, bouncing, grin much more radiant than the bleak sun outside.

"Was he drunk?" Jungkook asked warily, remembering something from last night.

"Yes! How did you know?! Anyway he said he wanted to tuck me into bed and sing me a lullaby!" Taehyung grinned. 

Jungkook tried to smile. "That's great; I bet he has a crush on you too." 

The grin slid of Taehyung’s face as he took in Jungkook’s appearance. He had circles under his eyes, his hair looked like he had spent the whole night tossing and turning and his lips looked like he had transformed into Kylie Jenner overnight.

"What happened?" Taehyung asked at once, making place for himself and sitting at the edge of Jungkook's bed. He sniffed the air around Jungkook suspiciously. He had a really good nose.

"Jungkook, you faintly smell of alcohol_ you didn't.." Taehyung suddenly swooped down and his face was right over Jungkook's.

"Kookie! You're only eighteen!" Taehyung scolded, eyes widening in surprise.  

"I didn't." Jungkook said shortly, sitting up. 

"Then.. What happened?" Taehyung asked, looking bewildered. 

Jungkook started crying.

Well, not exactly. 

It was more like fake crying and wailing. 

"I hate my life, hyung." He moaned, his head on Taehyung's shoulder.

He called me hyung? Taehyung thought in amazement as he patted Jungkook's back. 

"What happened?" He asked again. 

Jungkook told him everything.

"Holy shit, shoulder hyung did what?!" He sounded scandalised.

Jungkook paused in the middle of his whining. "Shoulder hyung?" He asked incredulously. 

"Me and Jimin call him_ never mind that_ he made out with you?!? That's like_ what happens in your imagination, right?!" 

Jungkook pouted before hugging Taehyung. "He isn't drunk in my imagination." 

Taehyung hugged him back and sighed. 

"I should have taken the trash out." He said without thinking.

"What do you mean?!" Jungkook demanded at once.

"I mean_ earlier that day!" Taehyung said hastily.

"Namjoon hyung was urging him on." Jungkook complained.

"They were pretty drunk I guess.." Taehyung said with a sigh. "Jimin told me that Hoseok hyung tried to give him a blowjob." 

"Wow." Jungkook said. He was never going to get drunk. 

"What will you do now?" Taehyung asked.

"You have red dye, don’t you? I think it’s time to dye it again. Get some tattoos. Change my name." Jungkook said thoughtfully. 

Taehyung stared at him blankly.

"A lip ring too." Jungkook added as an afterthought. 

Taehyung rolled his eyes.

"The only thing that will do is make a different set of people dig you" 

Jungkook chewed on his lips.

"You really look like Jin hyung fucked you." Taehyung said seriously, making Jungkook blush. 

“Did he kiss you or did he inject your lips with something to make them swell to the size of the Pacific Ocean?” Taehyung teased, reaching out to tug at Jungkook’s swollen lips.

Jungkook smacked his hand away and blushed.

"I'm going to forget him." He said finally.

"You're what?" Taehyung asked blankly.

"Forget him. Get over him." Jungkook explained.

Taehyung pitied him too much to laugh this time. 

"You have Advanced English on Monday though, right?" Taehyung asked. 

"I'm skipping it." Jungkook said promptly.

"You can't skip class, Jungkook. It's your first year." Taehyung preached. 

Jungkook glared at him.

"You skipped classes all the time, I bet!" He accused. “You used to come and meet me whenever you wanted.. Didn’t you skip class and come?”

"Yeah and I got into sufficient trouble for it later. Just go, why don't you?" 

"Are you kidding me?! I'll probably go and hit him or something." Jungkook exclaimed.

"Or kiss him." Taehyung agreed, nodding.

"Or that.." Jungkook sighed. 

"Then talk to the teacher about changing your timings." Taehyung said.

Jungkook started to nod but stopped. 

That's the only class I have with him, he thought. If I change my timings, I'll never sit behind him again. 

"Kook, can you get over him? You're like practically in love with him already." Taehyung said pityingly. 

Jungkook rolled his eyes in response. 

"I've never tried to! I'm going to try now." Jungkook said indignantly. 

Taehyung groaned. "Just confess to him, why don't you? Didn't you like the kiss?" 

Jungkook opened his mouth to answer 'no'.


No, I didn't like the feeling of hyung's drunken mouth on mine.

No, I hated it.

I loved it. 

Taehyung waited patiently. 

"Yes." He said finally. 

So far, he hadn't allowed himself to think of it even once. He shook his head quickly as if to shrug off the memory. 

"Naturally." Taehyung said, rolling his eyes. 

"It doesn't matter." Jungkook said. "I'm gonna get over him. I'm going to avoid him like deer avoid predators." Jungkook said, satisfied with his proclamation.

Taehyung smiled at this show of determination, even though he knew his resolution wasn’t going to last very long. He decided to drop the topic for the time being.  

"Do you want to go for breakfast with me and Namjoon hyung?" Taehyung asked.

"Did you ask him out already?" Jungkook asked, smile spreading on his face. 

Taehyung grinned evilly. "I told him he owed me breakfast for waking me up at 1 in the morning!"

Jungkook shook his head with a playful smile.  

"Go enjoy, I'm going to study." Jungkook said with a smile. 

Taehyung knew that in Jungkook’s opinion, studying was the best distraction.

"Okay, what will you eat for breakfast? You could go to the lunch_" 

"_No, I'm not going anywhere I might run into Jin hyung." Jungkook said at once.  

"He lives three rooms away, Jungkook."

"I know that. As long as I stay in our room, I don't have to worry about anything." Jungkook said with fake confidence. 

Taehyung gave in and got up to get ready.

Jungkook decided that he would brush his teeth (the taste of Jin hyung was long gone but the horrid taste of alcohol remained), shower and sit to study. 

Every time he caught himself thinking about last night, he chided himself loudly.

But no matter how much he tried, he couldn't get the feeling of his Jin hyung's lips abusing his own out of his head. His lips wouldn't stop tingling either. He leaned back against the cold wall of the bathroom and closed his eyes. 

He remembered the hot breath on his neck and the scent of Jin's cologne. He remembered the way Jin's body had pressed into his own and how his fingers had dug into his skin. 

He was just about to grab a hold of his erect cock when he remembered his proud declaration. 

Cursing softly, he turned the shower handle to the left and stood there patiently, hoping that the cold water would wash away his feelings as well.  


"Yoongi, seriously, you look like you killed someone." Jin said, unable to look at his friend's guilty face without questioning him any longer. 

Yoongi just shrugged. He wasn't going to be the one to tell Jin what he had done

Jin sighed in response and turned to the E-Newspaper he was reading on his phone.

Yoongi will tell me sooner or later. 

Hopefully he went and confessed to his crush, Jin thought with a mental smile. 


On Monday morning, Hoseok burst into Jin and Yoongi's room. 

"The fuck?" Was Yoongi’s greeting.

"What's up?" Jin asked with a pleasant smile.

"Jin hyung! I dared you to make out with someone, please tell me you didn't kiss me?" Hoseok asked in a pleading tone.  

Jin rolled his eyes and was about to answer when something clicked in his head. 

He had been dared to make out with someone..? 

"I'm sure I didn't touch you." He replied, rolling his eyes. 

Yoongi drank his coffee slowly. 

You almost kissed him, he thought.  

Jin didn't know what was bothering him until he remembered the words "You taste so good." Coming out of his mouth. He blushed into his toast and wondered if he had actually said that to someone. 

Whenever Jin got drunk, he never tried to remember the things he had done and he had done the same this time.

He pushed the thought to the back of his head and left for his classes.

He had Advanced English as his first class that day so he made his way there, trying to remember all of what had happened in class on Friday. 

He slowed down when he remembered his conversation with Jungkook and smiled a bit.

When he entered his class, most of the others were already there. 

Five minutes later, his English teacher walked in and passed out the sheets. 

Jin turned around to see if he had missed Jungkook because the boy could be pretty silent. 

To Jin's amazement, he wasn't there. Jungkook had never missed a single class of Advanced English before this. 

Is he sick? Jin wondered before turning ahead. Like Friday, he was considerably distracted that day as well. The rest of his day went slow and boring and he couldn't put his finger on what was bothering him, until Namjoon told him. 

"Hyung, you made out with someone!" 

"Huh?" Jin asked his mind elsewhere.  

"On Friday.. I don't remember who. But I know you made out with someone, I was there.. I think I was in a closet, I don't know." Namjoon scratched his head. 

"Okay." Jin said simply and Namjoon snorted. 

"You don't want to know who?" He asked him.

Jin shrugged in response. 

What did it matter? It was done and over

Besides, if he had indeed made out with someone, they were sure to come up and tell him. 

"Okay, guess what?" Namjoon said and blushed. 

"What?" Jin asked with a smile.

"Taehyung told me he likes me!" He exclaimed, sounding disbelieving. "I didn’t believe him at first but.. I asked him out." And Namjoon smiled, dimples appearing in both cheeks. 

"That's great!" Jin said with a grin. "Why won't he like you, silly?" He asked. 

Namjoon just gave a dimpled grin. 

Taehyung was Jungkook's roommate, he remembered. 

"Joonie, ask Taehyung if Jungkook is sick, okay?" Jin asked, not sure whether it was hot or whether he was blushing. 

"Okay." Namjoon said, not surprised by the request. 

He had seen Jin turning around to see where Jungkook was during their class and even seen him looking out of the window, as if hoping that Jungkook would walk in late. 

So later when Namjoon and Taehyung met up, he asked him about Jungkook's whereabouts. 

"He's actually trying to change the timings of his Advanced English class." Taehyung said casually. 

That's what Jungkook had said he would do anyways. 

"Why?" Namjoon asked feeling surprised. 

"Oh he was thinking of taking Politics and the timings clash, so." Taehyung said, wishing that Namjoon would drop it. 

He had told Jungkook to give that excuse to the English teacher anyways. 

Jungkook had even said that Politics was definitely better than history, so he might as well do it for real. 


When Namjoon told Jin that his mouth fell open in surprise. 

"He wants to change his timings to take Politics?!" He asked incredulously. 

"Yeah." Namjoon said.

"Okay..." Jin replied. 

Why didn't Jungkook tell him then? They were friends, weren't they? 


He didn't see Jungkook all week and by the time Thursday rolled around, he couldn't help but feel like Jungkook was gravely sick. 

He was thinking about checking in on him when he saw him talking animatedly to Jimin one morning. 

Jungkook was smiling and that brought a smile to Jin's face. 

He was about to call out to the younger boy when Jungkook glanced in his direction, said something to Jimin, checked his watch and rushed off in the opposite direction. 

Jin didn't understand why he felt so dejected all of a sudden.

"Hi hyung!" Jimin said cheerfully as he noticed his ex crush.

"Hey.." He said with less enthusiasm than usual. 

"Can you believe Kookie? Ran off just before I could tell him about my crush." Jimin said, shaking his head amiably before waving and moving in the direction of his room.

Jungkook had seen him, right? 


Jungkook had never ignored Jin before but he had somehow got through 6 days without seeing him and had scolded himself fervently every time he had caught himself daydreaming about the older boy so he thought it would help if he totally avoided the older boy. 

He couldn't face him anyways, not after what had happened between them.. Especially since it was nothing more than a drunken dare. 

And so he started taking politics and continued avoiding Jin by attending a different batch of Advanced English and forced himself to daydream about food instead of Jin.  

It nearly killed him.

Every time he closed his eyes, or even zoned out for a few seconds, his thoughts were filled with that night and other imaginary scenarios.

Cooking with Jin, kissing Jin, eating out with Jin, ordering in with Jin, hanging out with Jin, kissing Jin, giving Jin a blowjob, receiving a blowjob_ the list was endless.

Each time, he scolded himself and forced himself to think of other things. 

On Friday morning, Jimin told Jungkook that the person he had been crushing on was him. 

Jungkook stared at him openmouthedly like a fish till he said “Don’t worry, Jungkook, I’m over you.”

"Huh?" Jungkook said feeling dazed.

So the person Jimin had had a crush on was him? Was Jimin crazy? From Jin.. to him?!

"It's no fun crushing on someone who has a crush on someone else." Jimin told him seriously. 

Jungkook blushed and tried to deny his crush on Seokjin. 

"I'm almost over him." He said and Jimin smiled at him sympathetically.

"It took me a long time to get over him too." Jimin said and Jungkook tried to look like Jimin's crush on Jin had been a serious one. 

"That aside, are you gonna dye your hair again? You could dye it an even lighter shade this time.” Jimin said and Jungkook shrugged in response. 

He liked the brown but he didn’t think he was up for dyeing it again.


Unfortunately for him, his Politics teacher sent an email to him that day, saying that his Politics class could be arranged during the time he used to have History now that another classroom was available. So he could start attending A. English at the usual time. 

Worst part, his teacher had already informed his English teacher so now he had no choice but to attend English, which was his last class that day. 

He didn't want to run into Seokjin though so he debated all day about whether he should pretend to be sick. 

I won't die if I miss one class.. He thought mournfully. 

But nonetheless his whole body was aching to see Jin and no time was better to observe Jin than this class.

He hadn't seen Jin properly for a week.  

That’s how he found himself dragging his feet to English, heart racing, wondering if Jin would say anything about what had happened between them. His cheeks turned red at the memory of the words that had come out of Jin's mouth.

Jin's fucking, sinful mouth. 

Almost immediately, he changed his mind and walked back to his room after sending a message to his teacher about feeling unwell. 

He couldn't attend English, not with Jin there.

He came back to an empty and quiet room.

Taehyung was in class, it seemed. 

Damn it sucks to be alone when you desperately need to vent. 

Jungkook lay on his bed and closed his eyes. 

He remembered how the previous day he had seen Jin looking at him and run off like a coward. 

He hadn't been able to help it; the thought of Jin asking him about that day was too much. 

Jin had been wearing the same shirt he had been wearing the first time they had met too. 

He smiled as he remembered the very first time he had met Jin. 


Jungkook was more excited than a kid on Christmas. He couldn't believe the fact that he was finally in the same university as his best friend, not to mention that it was one of the best universities in the country. 

He had spent the last whole week on Google, searching all the subjects that would help him to pursue his dream job. 

On one Monday morning, he found himself reading all the bulletin boards by the office, waiting till he could go inside and submit the remaining documents. Since it was early in the academic year, only a few of his classes had started but he had already begun to despise History. He told his parents about his feelings for the subject but they told him that it would be wise to keep it.

He was so absorbed in reading that he didn't feel a presence behind him. 

"Are you new here?" A voice asked and Jungkook jumped out of his skin as he noticed the reflection of a guy standing right behind him. 

He turned around and blushed deeply. 

"I'm sorry!" The guy_ who, Jungkook noticed at once, was very good looking, said. 

"It's okay." He replied, not quite looking him in the eyes. 

He was wearing a black and red plaid button-down shirt with ripped-in-the-knees black denims. His straight, black hair fell to his forehead. 

"So are you new?" The boy asked and Jungkook decided it would be really rude not to look him in the eyes any longer. 

"Yes." He said, finally looking into big brown eyes. 

His breathing became erratic when he realised that the guy was not only taller than him but also beautiful, more like a model than a student.

"I'm Kim Seokjin." The guy said and stuck out his hand. 

Jungkook blushed unnecessarily. 

"I'm Jeon Jungkook." He replied, taking the hand offered to him. Seokjin's hand was warm. 

Seokjin smiled at him and Jungkook's knees went weak. 

"Call me Jin, okay? No one calls me Seokjin." He said as he took his hand away and stared at what Jungkook had been reading. 

"Jin hyung." Jungkook repeated subconsciously. 

"Yeah, I guess so." Jin said with an awkward laugh.

Jungkook could only stare at his reflection in the glass surface. 

He is a sight. 

"So have you decided what classes you're going to take?" Jin asked, turning to look at Jungkook. 

"Yeah.." Jungkook said and told Jin all the subjects he was taking. 

"Advanced English?" Jin sounded surprised.

"Yeah, I love the language so.." Jungkook trailed off awkwardly. 

"Then I look forward to seeing you there." Jin said and smiled again. 

And that was it; Jungkook stopped trying to act like he wasn't affected by this boy anymore. 

He smiled at him shyly and noticed that though Jin wasn't smiling widely, his smile reached his sparkling eyes in terms of genuineness. 

"Where are you staying, Jungkook?" Jin asked, voice full of concern. 

He's really nice. Plus my name sounds so much better from his mouth.. 

"I'm staying with my best friend. He's going to be my roommate too, now." Jungkook said happily. (His excitement lasted for some time.) 

Jin could only smile. 

He had never interacted this much with people so much younger than him and Jungkook was definitely interesting enough to want to get to know. 

"Jeon Jungkook?" A lady asked, stepping out from the office. 

"Yes." He said awkwardly and smiled at Jin before going inside. 

He was looking forward to Advanced English for sure. 

The next whole week, he arrived five minutes early for A. English until he realised that it was too desperate. Either way, he was thrilled every time Seokjin smiled at him or asked him anything. He reciprocated shyly, asking Seokjin about his life and learning about his friends. When Jungkook found out that Jin lived on the same floor as him, he was ecstatic. It didn't take Taehyung too long to figure out about his best friend's crush and he told him about how half the people there were crushing on him. 

That was the first time Jungkook made an attempt to get over the older boy but with time, he could only get more and more attached. 

Every morning he got butterflies at the thought of seeing Jin and felt great pleasure from their tiny interactions, not quite aware of how it was taking a toll on his emotional health.  

End of Flashback.

He didn't know when he fell asleep but he dreamt of that night as he slept. 

He carried the trash can outside and turned around and waited, for what he didn't know. 

Shortly, Seokjin appeared from the other end of the passage but he wasn't drunk. He walked up to Jungkook and stood a few inches away. Jungkook's heart rate built up as Jin stared at him, eyes filled with lust. Like how it had been, Jin reeked of alcohol but his movements were smooth and calculated when he pushed Jungkook against the door and caged him with his arms above his head. 

"Pretty." Jin said, looking at Jungkook like he was eye-fucking him. 

He couldn't speak. He wanted to make him stop but he didn't have a voice. Jin wet his mouth tantalisingly before bending and pressing his cold, wet lips on Jungkook's neck and eliciting a moan from the younger boy. Jungkook squirmed beneath him. 

He could hear loud noises but it seemed Jin couldn't. 

"Hyung." He begged. His voice had finally returned. 

"You're so pretty, Kookie." Jin whispered. "I love this hair colour on you.." 

Jungkook started to push Jin away but Jin sucked harder, his right hand pulling Jungkook's head back so that he had easier access. Jungkook could feel pleasure rocking through him. He needed so much more.. But something was just out of place. Jin couldn't be kissing him, it wasn't possible. Just as he thought this, Jin pulled away and glanced at him in horror. "Jungkook?!" He exclaimed, backing away and looking aghast. "Don't go_" Jungkook started to beg but Jin was walking backwards, repeatedly apologising. “Oh my god, how could I do this?” He was saying.

“Please hyung.” Jungkook begged, reaching out to grab Jin’s hand and stop him from escaping but the look of disgust that Jin gave him stopped him from going any further. “I can’t believe this_” Jin was saying.

_When Jungkook woke up he looked around for Taehyung. 

Taehyung always interrupted his dreams but seemed like today he had woken up on his own. 

That's when he heard the banging. 

Cursing, he got out of bed and walked towards the door, already pissed because of his shitty dream. He threw the door open, ready to scream at Taehyung for forgetting to take his key but his voice got stuck in his throat when he saw Seokjin standing there. 

His heart started racing and he remembered how his hair was a big mess and he had been intending to bathe earlier. And his dream, oh my god. He wondered if Seokjin had come to tell him that, that he was sorry for what had happened because Jungkook was like his brother. Jungkook stared at his feet, waiting for Jin to say something but when he didn't, he looked up. His eyes widened when he met Seokjin's intense gaze and his mind flashed to last week. Immediately he looked around himself for an excuse to get rid of his hyung. 

"What is wrong with you?" Jin asked and Jungkook blushed.

Was Seokjin asking him that because he had avoided him all week? Surely Jin knew why he was avoiding him.. Why was he here? 

To his horror, Seokjin stepped inside and pushed Jungkook's hair off his forehead gently before resting the back of his hand against it. 

So Jin thought he was sick.

Jungkook was so grateful that his heartbeat couldn't be felt on his forehead. 

"I don't think you have fever.." Jin mumbled and Jungkook stared at his moving lips.  

Jungkook could have fainted. Jin smelled like he usually did but the only thing in Jungkook's mind was the memory of last week, the way Jin had smelled of alcohol and cologne and how warm his lips had been and the taste of his tongue in his mouth. 

Jungkook quickly moved back, causing Jin's hand to fall off. 

Jin stared at him in confusion. 

"Is it cold? Stomachache? Should I get anything for you?" Jin asked.

How can he use his tongue to say such things to me so innocently after how he shoved it into my mouth the last time we met? 

"I'm_ I'm fine." Jungkook stuttered, entirely forgetting that he had messaged his English teacher saying that he was sick. 

"Then why didn't you come for class today? I heard that a classroom became available for Politics at a different time.. Professor Lee said that you were going to come but you texted him saying you were sick." Jin said and Jungkook cursed mentally. 

He had forgotten that Jin was often at the office and the staff rooms as a member of the Student Teacher Association. He would have heard about the change in timings for politics. 

"Uh.. I was sick but I'm okay now." Jungkook lied, not daring to meet Jin's gaze. Jin needed to go because Jungkook was seriously tempted to kiss him. Or hit him. Or do both. 

He didn't understand why Jin talking about this when he should be talking about something else. 

"Are you sure.. I have some meds in my room.." Jin trailed off. 

Jungkook's eyes snapped towards Jin's in disbelief. What was he playing at? 

Jin had realised that something was wrong when Jungkook had seen him the other day and scampered away but he got proof of it when Jungkook's eyes met his and he saw a mixture of anger, disbelief and defiance in them. 

He bit his lip and wondered how to approach his suspicions.

"Are you okay, Kookie?" He asked and Jungkook knew he wasn't referring to his health anymore. 

Jungkook didn't know what he was supposed to say. 

Yes, hyung. Thank you for asking. I'm perfectly fine! Apart from the fact that I cannot forget the way your mouth moved against mine since you made out with me while being thoroughly drunk, I'm on top of the fucking world. 

He didn't answer but continued to stare at Jin.

Did Jin expect him to be okay after what had happened?! 

For Christ's sake, Jin acted like his older brother all other times and the one time Jungkook had seen him drunk; he had kissed the life out of him. 

Jin exhaled. 

So I wasn't wrong in thinking that Jungkook was avoiding me. He thought. 

"Did I say something?" Jin asked tentatively. Jungkook being mad at him was definitely a new thing for him. Jungkook couldn't be mad about the history class incident since they had already spoken about it. 

Jungkook couldn't believe his ears. Either Jin was trying to mess with him or he genuinely didn't think that what he had done was wrong in any way.

Not that Jin kissing Jungkook was wrong but Jin kissing him when he clearly didn't think of Jungkook romantically was wrong. Very wrong. Plus acting like he didn't know why Jungkook was angry was beyond his tolerance at the moment.

Jungkook did the only thing that made sense to him. 

He walked away. 


Jin watched as Jungkook walked away from him and slammed the door of his bedroom shut. 

Jin walked out and shut the door behind him, feeling extremely hurt. 

He didn't know how he got into his room but it was a while later that Yoongi was shaking him by the shoulders. 

"Why are you moping around?" Yoongi asked. Jin wasn't the most active person on earth but he was rarely unhappy, let alone depressed. 

"Jungkook is mad at me but he won't tell me why.. He avoided me all week and right now when I went to ask him whether he was sick.. He walked away and slammed the door on me." Jin said, sounding miserable. 

"Oh.." Yoongi said softly. 

Jin turned to look at him and saw Yoongi wearing the same guilty expression he had worn the last week.

He raised an eyebrow at him.

"Jin.. Do you really have no clue what you did last week?" Yoongi asked with a sigh. 

Jin was going to kill himself.

After killing Yoongi. 

"I know I made out with someone but why does that matter? No one's demanded me for reasons or a date all week.. Whoever it was has probably forgotten it." Jin said, unsure of the reason Yoongi had broached the subject. 

Yoongi exhaled. "Can you think of one person who would rather avoid you than demand for reasons?" Yoongi asked, looking at Jin's face closely. 

Jin blinked at him thrice.

Then laughed. 

"I didn't kiss Jungkook, Yoongi. He's like my_"

"_Don't complete that sentence for his sake." Yoongi interrupted.

Jin stared at him sceptically. 

"I was going to stop you." Yoongi said at once. "But he tried to stop you so I paused and then.. You didn't look like you wanted to stop.." Yoongi trailed off. 

Jin wasn't going to buy it. 

"I looked like I wanted to kiss Jungkookie?" Jin repeated sarcastically.

"You didn't just look like it. You did it." Yoongi stated. 

"That's absurd_" Jin began. 

"_Think about it. Why is he angry with you otherwise? Hoseok dared you to kiss someone so we went out and he came out then with the trash can right then." Yoongi replied. 

Yoongi was a bad drinker. He couldn't handle alcohol so he always drunk as little as he could. He remembered almost everything that had happened. 

"Yoongi.. That's impossible, I'd never do that to Kookie." Jin said, shaking his head vehemently.

Yoongi sighed in response. 

One sided love is the shittiest thing to happen to anyone, he thought. 

"You can stay in denial or you can go apologise to him." Yoongi said before getting off the couch and heading towards his room. 

He paused midway and said "Don't you remember telling him that brown hair looked sexy on him? Don't you remember calling him pretty?" 

Jin opened his mouth furiously, about to call Yoongi delusional when Yoongi's words synced somewhere into his brain. 

Hazy memories began to form in his mind. Jungkook wearing sweatpants and a white shirt, his newly dyed hair sticking up at the front, his wide eyes. 

And then he remembered Jungkook's hesitant voice when he had said "Jin hyung?" 

His mouth fell open in shock and he clapped his hand on it. His stomach dropped ten feet suddenly and his heart rate accelerated. 

Yoongi could have rolled his eyes at how dramatic and movie like the scene in front of him was. 

"Oh fuck." Jin whispered. 

"Oh fuck indeed." Yoongi agreed.

"Yoongi.. I kissed ..Jungkook..?" Jin said, sounding horrorstruck. 

Yoongi nodded, waiting for it. 

"Why didn't you stop me?! Why didn't you drag my ass back?! You let me kiss him?! Oh my god_" Jin was pacing around, looking angrier than ever before. 

Yoongi often forgot that he was the younger one of the two but at times like these, it hit him hard. 

"_He must be disgusted! And I went and fucking checked to see if he had a bloody fever!" 

Yoongi let Jin vent. 

"I feel like I've gone and ruined his innocence! If I was in his place I would have hated me! Yet he spoke to me, I would have kicked myself out! And I didn't even remember what I did, he probably thinks terribly of me now!" 

Yoongi wasn't sure what to say. 

"What were you thinking?" He asked, meeting Yoongi's eyes with his furious gaze. 

Yoongi's guilt multiplied.

"I wanted to stop you but he was going to do it_"

"_Jungkook is too good to even stop someone from hurting him! You know that!" 

"But you looked like_"

"_I was drunk, I was beyond gone by then! And you knew that! Why else would I do that to Jungkook?!" Jin spat and Yoongi flinched. 

"But you both looked like you wanted each other!" He said exasperatedly and Jin stopped saying whatever he had been planning to. 

"Yoongi, Jungkook doesn't like me, okay? I don't know why you all think that he does but he doesn't and his behaviour today was proof of it!" Jin said, pronouncing each syllable clearly. 

Yoongi wanted to hit Seokjin but he worked out daily unlike Yoongi and Yoongi wanted to live too so he decided going with the apologetic approach. 

"I was drunk too, hyung." Yoongi pleaded and thankfully it worked because Jin stopped glaring at him and started pulling his own hair instead. 

"What have I done?" He groaned. 

"Jungkookie will understand. Talk to him." Yoongi urged. 

Jin was hyperventilating. 

He closed his eyes and tried to think back to that day, praying that somehow he would remember something to indicate that it wasn't true but he had pushed those memories to the back of his mind and it was as hard as trying to recall a dream he had had a year ago. 

He sat back down, head in his hands. 

"Yoongi, what do I do? He hates me. I.. I.. How do I apologise?! What do I even say? He must think so little of me, getting drunk and kissing him on a dare.." 

"He's a good guy, Jin.. Talk to him and see." Yoongi suggested. 

Jin nodded and stood up. "I'll say something.. Anything." 


"Jungkook? Why are you hiding under the table?" Taehyung asked when he came in. 

"I'm trying to die." Jungkook responded. 

"Why...?" Taehyung asked, crouching down. 

He didn’t bother pointing out that one did not just die by spending a few hours under a table.

"Jin hyung is being an asshole." Jungkook said shortly. 

Taehyung's eyes widened because Jungkook usually praised Jin to the moon and got pretty angry when anyone said the smallest thing against him. 

But here he was, calling him an asshole. 

"Why?" Taehyung asked with big eyes.

"He came here and started feeling my forehead to see if I had a fever. Then he asked if I had a cold or stomachache or something. How can he ask this the first time we speak after he kissed me?! And then he got confused because I wouldn't answer him properly and he asked me if he had said anything wrong. What the fuck is he thinking?!" 

Jungkook sounded pretty frustrated. 

"From the way it sounds.. I don't think he remembers." Taehyung said quietly. 

Jungkook began to feel worse.

"You're probably right. I'm so insignificant that he couldn't even be bothered to remember that he kissed me." He laughed humourlessly.

"No Kookie, I don't think it's like that." Taehyung said hastily. 

There was a loud knocking on their door and Jungkook's eyes widened. 

"I'll get it!" Taehyung said and started to get up.

Jungkook quickly grabbed his hand.

"If it's Jin hyung, I'm asleep." He said.

"You shouldn't avoid this_" Taehyung began.


Taehyung rolled his eyes and went out to get the door. 

Not to his surprise, it was Jin. 

"Taehyung." Jin said awkwardly. He had been expecting Jungkook. 

"Is Jungk_"

"_He is asleep, hyung. Can I give him a message for you?" Taehyung said cheerfully, as if nothing was wrong. 

Jungkook was listening with all his might. He wanted to lean forward so that he could see Jin but he didn't want to give himself away. All the same, he couldn't help how erratic his breathing became just at the sound of Jin's voice. 

"Oh.. Just.. He's asleep..? Can you ask him to meet me? I'll send him a text later but.. Ask him to check?" Jin requested. 

Taehyung felt bad for his hyung.


"Okay.. And Taehyung_ I.. You make Joonie pretty happy." Jin said and gave a smile that didn't reach his eyes like usual. 

Taehyung blushed and grinned. 

"Thank you! The feeling is mutual!" 

Jin waved before leaving.

He knew Jungkook wasn't asleep, he didn't know whether he was delusional but he could hear Jungkook breathing as if he was next to him, not fast asleep in his room. 

He made his way to his room, walked inside and started typing the text at once.

I need to talk to you, Jungkook. 

Too assertive? He quickly backspaced. 

I'm sorry, Kookie! Can we please talk? I know you’re mad at me and I’m sorry for hurting you.. Please meet me for a few minutes? 

"Too desperate." A voice said from over his shoulder. He spotted Hoseok. 

"Yoongi told you_" He began, keeping his phone down. 

"_Yeah.. After he told me I remembered you cornering Kookie against the door and_"

"_Aaah please don't!" Jin shook his head violently. It was hard enough to believe what he had done, he didn't need details. 

"Hyung, I need to ask you something." Hoseok said seriously.

"What?" Jin asked. 

"Are you sure you don't like Kookie?" Hoseok asked.

Jin rolled his eyes. "I was really drunk, Hoseok.. Even if I looked like_"

"_Like you wanted to fuck him against the door_" Hoseok interrupted. 

"_Like I wanted to kiss him_"

"_And make him cry out in pain to satisfy your inner sadist_" 

"_It doesn't mean I like him_" 

"_It means your sexually attracted to him_"


 He hadn't even noticed Hoseok with his phone. 

Hoseok shrugged innocently and Jin huffed. 

After glaring at him once, Jin picked up his phone and hit send, not caring whether what he had said was too desperate. Only after sending did he see the text. 

"Hoseok what the fuck did you write?!?" He exclaimed, not believing his luck. 

"The previous one was too desperate, hyung. You're the older one! Show him that!l Hoseok said with a smile.

"You're insane." Jin said, banging his head on the table. "He's going to think I'm some sort of weirdo_"

"_Or sadist."

"Please, Hobi. I can't have him hating me_"

"_Why?! Have you stopped and asked yourself why you care so much? You wouldn't be half as apologetic if you had kissed me!" Hoseok declared. 

"Because he's a kid! You're a horse!" 

And with that Jin stormed into his room while Hoseok smiled to himself. 


Jungkook had been staring at his phone for the past ten minutes. 

"You're an idiot." Taehyung said. 

Jungkook didn't respond. 

Finally after the endless wait, his phone tinged and he opened the message. 

His mouth fell open when he read the words that had appeared and his heart fluttered. A blush rose to his cheeks and he wondered if Jin had somehow lost his mind. 

"What does it say?" Taehyung asked, peeking. 

If you don't meet me on the terrace at 11 tonight, I'm going to bang on the door till you open it and personally carry you to where I want to have this discussion. Be prepared, Kookie. Don't take yout hyung lightly. 

"Oh my god." Taehyung said, his eyes wide. 

"Taeee." Jungkook whined. 

"He wants to fuck you_" Taehyung started saying. 

"_It can't be him!" Jungkook said irritatedly. "He can't even write a text on his own! I am not going_"

"_Then he will come and carry you there!" Taehyung sounded super excited.

"It has to be Hoseok hyung." Jungkook frowned. 

"It will be like a drama!" Taehyung exclaimed.

Suddenly he cleared his throat and made a serious face, his eyes narrowing to slits.

"Hya Jeon Jungkook. Follow me." He said in a deeper voice. 

Before Jungkook could react he went on.

"No! I don't want to see your face, Jin hyung_" He said in a high pitched voice. 

"Why are you being like this? Is it because of Kim Taehyung?" Deep voice. 

"I don't know what you're talking about_" Squeak. 

"_Do you take me for nothing? Does it amuse you to see me running after you? Do you think so little of me?!" Taehyung yelled, making his voice even deeper somehow.

Suddenly he made a pathetic and cute face and squeaked "Hyung, please don't be like this! It wasn't my intention to_" 

"_Would you be like this if Taehyung asked you to come? Just because he is hot you'll listen to him?" 

"_No hyung, Tae is hot but you're the one I want!"

"You want me? I don't believe you. Kiss me and I'll believe it." 

"Hyung! How can I kiss you..?"

"I'll teach you, I'll teach you to kiss me where I want it the most_"

"_Where, hyung? Where do I kiss you?" 

"Get on your knees, I'll show you_" He said, getting onto his knees at once.

"_TAE! Why did this turn from a drama to porn?!" Jungkook interrupted Taehyung's monologue, tears of mirth in his eyes and body shaking with laughter. 

Taehyung smiled his rectangular smile cheekily and got off his knees.

"Sorry, I got carried away!" He said. 

Jungkook knew that Namjoon hyung was very lucky. 

He smiled back at Taehyung.

Taehyung always made him feel better. 

"Fine.. I'll go." Jungkook said finally. 

Not because of the fake threat in the text but because how long could he stay mad at Seokjin anyways? 

He had already avoided him and been rude to him by slamming the door on him. 

Taehyung patted Jungkook's head. 

"But.." Jungkook trailed off and got an annoyed look on his face.

He quickly grabbed his phone and typed. 

10 , not 11. 

He pressed send and Taehyung smirked. "Nice, nice. Make him bend to your rules." 

Jungkook shrugged. 

"Tae, he's going to call me a kid again. Or tell me to my face that I'm like his brother." Jungkook said seriously. 

"Then shut him up with a kiss!" Taehyung said uselessly.

Jungkook was too used to it even roll his eyes. 

"I'm going to have to forgive him." He said with a sigh. 

"You don't have to. He doesn't look too sorry from the text!" Taehyung said defiantly. 

"It's not him, I can tell." Jungkook replied. 


Jungkook knew that it was stupid to spend so long trying to look good when it wasn't going to make a difference but if he was going to be unofficially rejected today, then he was going to look damn good for it. 

So he wore a tight pair of ripped light blue jeans with a white shirt that made his upper half look like that of a sculpted marble statue. He had made sure that he smelled good by taking a shower and had even put on a bit of petroleum jelly on his lips. 

Jungkook never spent a lot of time in front of the mirror but he was pleased with the way he looked today. His hair made him look older and the lack of his bunny toothed smile made him seem mature and calm, although within his chest, his heart was telling a different story. His hair was still wet but he shrugged it off. 

He grabbed his phone and went a few minutes early, hoping to get some time to recollect his thoughts but Jin was already there and it made him frown. Immediately he regretted not wearing a jacket because it was damn cold. Jin himself was quite bundled up. White puffs of air came out when he breathed. 


Jin had been waiting for ten minutes when Jungkook showed up, earlier than he was supposed to. 

Jin's eyes widened because of how different Jungkook looked. So much older.. Jin quickly took him in, his heart racing with nerves and the repeated realisation that Jungkook was seriously a heartthrob, especially now, when he was wearing tight, ripped blue jeans that fit him exceptionally well and showed off unblemished skin, a just-as-tight white shirt that made him look more like a runway model than an eighteen year old kid, his slightly damp, pushed up hair, and the frown on his lips. 

Jin felt his stomach drop. Why wasn't Jungkook wearing a jacket? It was so cold! 

He bit his lip and waited for Jungkook to walk up to the edge, where he was standing.

He took a deep breath, exhaled a white puff of air and began. 

"Kookie, that text.. Hoseok sent_"

"_I know." Jungkook interrupted him. 

So he guessed? 

"I'm sorry, I wasn't going to bang on your door or anything_"

"_I know, hyung." Jungkook interrupted again, determinedly staring ahead. 

Jin gulped nervously and glanced at Jungkook again. He really couldn't believe he had kissed him. 

The silence began to stretch between them to an almost unbearable point.

Jin’s eyes briefly went to Jungkook’s lips and he felt weird sensations in his stomach.

"Jungkookie.. I'm sorry.. I know it must be very embarrassing for you.. It was_ was reckless of me_" Jin started again. 

"_For me?" Jungkook asked incredulously. 

"Yes.. But I swear, the other three were really drunk too so they don't remember much either_" Jin said quickly. 

"_I.. I thought you were embarrassed." Jungkook interrupted and blushed.

"I am." Jin said and Jungkook bit his lower lip.

Of course he is. 

"How could I not be? I mean.. I asked you to study harder as if I'm some scholar and then I.. I got drunk and.. And I kissed you.. It makes me a bad influence.. " Jin trailed off, his cheeks a very beautiful shade of red.

Jungkook was equally red. 

Jin continued when Jungkook remained silent. 

"I'm sorry.. I didn't remember until Yoongi told me.”

Jungkook could have flinched. 

So that's why he acted like that, he thought. 

"The point is.. I swear I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.. To take advantage of you or anything.. I mean.. You're_" Jin went on. 

"_A kid. I know." Jungkook quickly interrupted and for the first time Jin thought that it sounded strange. 

Jungkook was nearly as tall as him now and almost broader too. Apart from how innocent his bunny teeth made him look, it was hard to picture him as a kid suddenly. 

He also thought that Jungkook sounded irritated with the conclusion. 

"I'm sorry." He said again, gently placing his hand on Jungkook's shoulder. 


Jungkook couldn't believe how he could get so distracted by Jin even when being angry with him. 

He couldn't believe how badly he wanted to kiss him even now.. He wanted to kiss him for real. His lips looked ready for the taking, pink, parted and so, so kissable.  

It's not happening so grow out of it already, he mentally chided himself.

"I'm sorry." Jin repeated, placing his hand on his shoulder and Jungkook sighed in response. How could he make him feel like this by the most casual touches? 

It wasn't as bad as it could have been though. 

"But aren't you.. Aren't you upset that it was me?" Jungkook asked tentatively, praying that Jin would only look at the surface of his words and not try to dig too deep. 

"I'm sorry that you had to go through this_" 

"_Stop apologising, you're forgiven." Jungkook said exasperatedly. Jin had already apologised a hundred times!

Jin's mouth fell open.

"I am?" He asked, eyes wide. 

"Yes.." Jungkook mumbled and bit his lower lip. 

"Oh.." Jin said before suddenly enveloping the younger boy into his arms.

He had been so afraid that Jungkook would want to stop being friends. 

Jungkook's soul was floating away to heaven as Jin squeezed him tightly.  

"I'm sorry I'm embarrassing you even now.. I.. I'm too attached to you, I guess." Jin admitted. 

Oh my fucking god I hate you so much, so so much Jin hyung.

Do you even know what you're saying?! You're attached to me

Jungkook was going to faint.

Jin was confused. 

He didn't know why he had butterflies in his stomach or why he was feeling like a teenage girl confessing to her crush, but he was. 

"Hyung.." Jungkook mumbled, blushing hard. 

Jin hmmed, not understanding at first. 

His eyes widened then, when he suddenly remembered Jungkook saying the same thing last week, although he had been thoroughly drunk. 

He pulled back quickly, cheeks turning red. I am an expert at embarrassing himself. What was I even thinking?? 

"Sorry." He said for the hundred and first time. 

Jungkook smiled at him. 

Jungkook really couldn't help but smile. If not anything else, at least Jin had told him that he was attached to him. He had also seemed more embarrassed about setting a bad example for him than for kissing him

Jin breathed a sigh of relief. He had worked really hard for that smile. 

"I swear I won't do anything idiotic again." He told Jungkook as they began to walk down the stairs. 

"Okay.. Hyung? You.. You don't remember..?" Jungkook trailed off. 

Jin shook his head. "Nothing.." Jin replied. 

Jungkook nodded to himself. 

He didn't know whether to be glad that Jin didn't remember or to cry his eyes out about it 

At least he doesn't remember making me moan, he thought. 


"How did it go?" Yoongi asked Jin when he came back. 

"Good.. He forgave me." Jin said with a small smile.

Course he did, Yoongi thought with a sigh. 

"He's too good for you, you know." Yoongi mumbled before heading towards his room. 

Jin titled his head in confusion. 

Course he is. He thought with a smile, not getting the true meaning of Yoongi's words. 

Jin stretched happily. All his classes for tomorrow had been cancelled so he could have a nice relaxing day! 


"Kookie! What happened?! Did he kiss you again?!!?!" Taehyung fired the minute Jungkook stepped inside. 

"Course not." Jungkook rolled his eyes. "Nothing like the drama scene you came up with."

"So he didn't tell you where he wanted you to kiss him the most?" Taehyung teased. 

"No.. But.. When I told him that I had forgiven him, he hugged me and said that he was sorry for embarrassing me again but he thinks he's too attached to me.." Jungkook said and smiled with his adorable bunny teeth. 

Taehyung gasped dramatically and started wiping nonexistent tears from his eyes.

"I knew it; I knew that the hair colour would work!" 

Jungkook just rolled his eyes playfully. 

But of course, Taehyung was never satisfied with brief narrations alone. 

He got up and went to the corner of the room and started walking towards Jungkook with his head down.

"What are you up to?" Jungkook asked curiously but Taehyung didn't speak until he was right in front of Jungkook. 

"Why do you want to meet me, hyung?" He asked Jungkook with a passionate gaze.

Jungkook blinked at Taehyung. 

"To apologise." He said finally. 

"I don't want to hear it. I can't forgive you, hyung." Taehyung said before turning around and beginning to walk away. He continued to talk as he went. "You don't deserve my forgiveness, not after how you forced your hot, sinful tongue into my mouth and made me cry out with pleasure while you put your hand on my_" 

Jungkook walked up to Taehyung, grinned and threw his arms around him from behind, cutting off his ridiculous scene.

"Hyung!!" Taehyung whined as Jungkook laughed but he clutched Jungkook’s arms too.

“You’re really hot, Jeon Jungkook.” Jungkook said in a playful voice.

“I know right? But not as hot as Taehyung is, I totally want to bang him_”

“_Alright, alright, don’t fly so much. I’d never say that!”

“You totally would!”



"What?" Jungkook said, pulling away and grinning. 

"Why are you so hot?" Taehyung asked.

Jungkook rolled his eyes. "Enough with the acting already_"

"_No seriously!" And Taehyung placed his hand on his arm.

"You're burning up!" He exclaimed and Jungkook looked at Taehyung like he was insane. Taehyung felt his forehead then.

"Kookie, you have a fever." He announced and Jungkook was about to say in turn that Taehyung was imagining stuff when he shivered violently. 

The hell? 

"Did you leave the windows open?" He asked Taehyung. 

"Jungkook, it's because you're sick!" Taehyung exclaimed. 

"How can I be_ sneeze_ sick?" 

"Didn't you wear a jacket when you went upstairs?"

"...No..." Jungkook said. 

"You're unbelievable! Just because it wasn't cold in here you went without a jacket?! And what is this_ He touched Jungkook’s damp hair_ wet hair?! Are you crazy?! Don't show off like that!" Taehyung said, hitting him.

"Oww! I forgot!" Jungkook complained. 

"Just go to sleep, maybe you will feel better then." Taehyung said worriedly.

Jungkook nodded and left.

He had better not get sick tomorrow, I have to go for that field trip.. Taehyung thought. 


Jungkook became sick. Terribly, horribly sick. 

"Why the fuck are you doing this to me, God of Fever?" He asked as he wiped his red nose the next morning. 

"Why are you gracing me with your presence on a weekend?" 

Taehyung looked at Jungkook with guilty eyes. 

"Stop with that look already. Get out! You'll be late!" Jungkook scolded, coughing ten times in between. Taehyung was all packed and ready but he wouldn’t leave.

"Kookie.. How can I leave you alone?" Taehyung asked, frowning. 

"Don't worry, I'm just_ cough_ going to sleep_ cough_ all day and you will_ coughcoughcoughcough _ be back by 8." Jungkook responded. 

His nose was red, his skin was pale, his voice was hoarse and he was shivering like he was standing naked outside in winter rain. 

He slumped on the couch and wrapped the blanket around himself, switching on the TV. 

Taehyung was watching him.

"Go away creep." Jungkook said.

"Okay. I have an idea!" 

And to Jungkook's surprise, Taehyung ran to his room at the speed of lightning.

He came back after five minutes, with a small box of different tablets that he was supposed to take, a big bottle of warm water and a pillow. 

Then he placed them all near Jungkook and leaned down and kissed him on the top of his head. 

"Call me if you need anything but you won't have to, don't worry." He said and smirked for some reason.

"Okay!! Bye!" Jungkook said cheerfully. Finally he could watch anime in peace. 

Just before Taehyung stepped out of the door, he said so softly that Jungkook almost didn't hear but he did because he heard his favourite name. 

"Jin hyung is going to look after you the whole day while I'm gone!" 

Jungkook's mouth fell open in horror. 

"Tae!!" He cried out in vain. 


Now in addition to Jungkook’s nose, his cheeks turned red as well.

A whole day with Jin hyung looking after him?

How was he supposed to get over him?!


Chapter Text

It was Saturday morning and four boys could be found in Min Yoongi and Kim Seokjin's room, two being those two and the others being Kim Namjoon and Jung Hoseok. 

Seokjin was hurriedly packing a small bag with medicines and the like as the other three watched him. 

"Are you sure_" Yoongi began.

"_That you don't have_" Namjoon continued.

"_A thing for Jungkook?" Hoseok finished. 

Jin wanted to hit the three of them. Hard.

He huffed in annoyance. 

"He's a_" He started to tell them. 

"_A kid, we know." They said together. 

"A kid whose innocence you ruined_" Yoongi started reminding. 

"_When you abused his lips_" Namjoon interrupted. 

"_To satisfy your inner sadist." Hoseok completed again, grin wide enough to swallow a fucking whale. 

"Are you three in a relationship?! Completing each other sentences_" Jin retaliated furiously. 

"_No thanks." Yoongi said in a bored voice.

"I have Tae!" Namjoon showed off. 

"And I have.. I have food... And TV shows.." Hoseok said, grin faltering slightly. 

Jin smiled smugly although it wasn't like they were going to let him off this easily.

"But seriously hyung, you're wasting your glorious weekend to look after a sick boy_ are you sure it's just because he's your kid?" Namjoon taunted.

"He's not my kid." Jin replied calmly.

"Incest." Hoseok hissed with a maddening grin. 

Jin rolled his eyes and returned to the tablets he was putting into his bag. 

"Yeah, why would you care about him so much?" Yoongi got to the point. 

"He's my friend! That is why!" Jin frowned at the three. "I would have done the same for any of you! Besides, he needs someone to look after him_"

"_No he doesn't, he's eighteen not eight. You want to look after him." Yoongi said wisely and the other two nodded in unison.

"Fine. I'm guilty because of what I did so I want to make up to him by_" Jin started with reddened cheeks. 

"_That's not why you're going there!" Namjoon cut him off. 

"You're going there because you want to see his adorable face and his super hot body properly so that you can jerk off to him when no one is looking!" Hoseok said. 

Jin blushed, sighed loudly and chose to keep quiet but the others' words were beginning to make him question the way he saw things. 

So he admitted that was biased towards Jungkook.. But who could not be?! The kid was like an angel! Always nice, helpful, and shy. Always asking about Jin's day and blushing as if he was imposing.. He was charming and youthful and everyone loves kids! Plus he was also extensively good looking_

Jin cut off his own thoughts with a frown.

Where had that come from? 

He shrugged it off and continued his task, listening to the other three talk about how Jungkook had grown so much taller in such a short time. 

He is going to be taller than me soon, Jin realised. 

"That day Taehyung and I were talking by their door and he came out shirtless after having a bath and I'm telling you, that kid has a great body." Namjoon said in a dignified manner. 

"You did not ogle at him in front of your boyfriend, did you?" Hoseok asked.

"Nope but Tae did." Namjoon said and laughed as he remembered. "Taehyung gasped dramatically and covered his eyes, saying that Jungkook's abs are so well carved and his jaw line is so sharp that he can cut diamonds with it so it's best to shut your eyes." Namjoon said fondly and Jin turned redder as he pictured the scene. "If you see him, you won't even doubt it." 

"What did Jungkook do?" Hoseok asked, eyes on the blushing Seokjin.

"He blushed, apologised to me and warned me about how perverted Tae was before scurrying inside." Namjoon said, face adorned with dimples. 

Yoongi smiled, his thoughts drifting to his crush now that he wasn't expected to say much. 

He wasn't exactly a coward but you wouldn't go and confess to your crush if you knew that they liked someone else, right? What's the point of that kind of rejection? 

"Look at you, Jin hyung! Red all over!" Namjoon teased, bringing Yoongi back to earth. 

"Oh enough!" Jin ordered. Begged

The younger two giggled. 

"I'm going now.. Don't set fire to the kitchen_" Jin said, gathering his phone and his wallet. 

"_Eomma?!" Hoseok interrupted cheekily. 

Jin rolled his eyes but gestured for him to continue. That nickname fit him well. 

"Will you be changing roles tonight?" He asked innocently. 

"What do you mean?" Jin asked. 

"You know.. From eomma to appa?" Hoseok smirked and the other two snorted. 

"HE IS A KID!" Jin yelled before slamming the door shut but it didn't block out the loud laughter coming from inside or the reassurances that they would leave him alone with Jungkook and not bother them. 

He huffed angrily, his cheeks red and his heart thumping.

Ignore them, he thought.

The laughter died down and muffled conversation took its place. 

Jin would be conversing with Jungkook today. 

Why are you so nervous, Jin? He asked himself. 

His eyes raked over the door of the room three rooms away and he was reminded of Hoseok saying that he had pushed Jungkook against that very door before caging him there. 

He didn't know why but he suddenly pictured himself, drunk, leaning over Jungkook who was dressed in sweats and a white shirt, eyes wide and_

He shook his head violently and exhaled a couple of times. 

What is wrong with you?! He is sick! 

He breathed deeply a couple of times  before walking up to the door which stared at him knowingly. 

"Don't make me feel guiltier." He said to the door. 

He knocked tentatively, waiting to hear footsteps. 

His heart rate slowed down finally and when Jungkook opened the door, he was calm for precisely two seconds. 

"Oh my fucking god!" He exclaimed at the sight of the pale boy with the red nose, his dyed brown hair a mess, his eyes blinking at Jin confusedly.

"H-hyung." He stuttered and blushed, realising how very pathetic he looked.

Jin walked in and wrapped the boy in a hug, flinching as his burning skin made contact with Jin's. 

"You're so sick, baby." He said without thinking and Jungkook blushed for a moment before telling himself to relax because Jin hyung meant baby as in babykid, not sweetheart

"Y-yeah." He mumbled.

"Have you eaten, Kookie?" Jin asked like a loving mother and Jungkook all but glowed under the affection, even though he knew he shouldn't get attached that way because it's for one day, so chill, Jeon, chill!!

He breathed out slowly because he was hyperventilating. 

"No." He said and breathed a sigh of relief because at least he hadn't stuttered. (Hey, it's not easy to do that when Kim Seokjin is hugging you!) 

"No?!" Jin sounded scandalised.

He pulled away from Jungkook and felt his forehead before shaking his head and frowning. 

"First let's make you something to eat! Where is the kitchen?" He asked. 

Jungkook felt better just at the sight of Jin. He pointed towards the kitchen and lead Jin there. 


Hoseok, Namjoon and Yoongi were having an important discussion.

“I have an idea!” Hoseok said, snatching his phone from the couch and typing away. Within a minute Yoongi was seen rolling his eyes. “Seriously?” He asked as he stared at his own phone.

“I like the idea!” Namjoon grinned. “We’ve already made unspoken plans by ourselves so why not make this official? Add Tae and Jimin too.”

Hoseok nodded in agreement and inspite of Yoongi’s scepticism, he couldn’t help but feel optimistic.


Jin made Jungkook sit down at the table for two and asked him where the pots and pans were. He kept an animated chatter as he cooked for Jungkook and he couldn't help but feel blessed.

"Thank you, God of fever and illness." He mumbled under his breath. 

"Did you say anything?" Jin asked, smiling at Jungkook who blushed and shook his head quickly. 

The two of them talked about literary works and some incredible things that had happened in books. 

They discussed the best hangovers, the best descriptions of love at first sight and best first encounters and Jungkook could swear he was feeling better, although he coughed and shivered periodically. 

"What about Young Adult Fiction, there's plenty of best first encounters there." Jin said as he plated bacon, eggs, toast and poured orange juice into two glasses. 

"I'd go_ cough_ with Divergent then." Jungkook said and Jin laughed in agreement. 

"But you can't deny that Ron and Hermionie's first meeting was equally good." Jin said and Jungkook forgot to reply for a second because Jin's laugh was so pleasant. The whole scene was so domestic, it was straight out of Jungkook's imagination. Jin standing in Jungkook's kitchen, apron around his waist, smile in place, hair pushed out of the way, working precisely as if he was cooking for an important person and not Jungkook, who was used to burnt breakfasts (thanks to Taehyung's mediocre cooking skills) and really wouldn't care if his toast wasn't buttered properly. 

"What do you think?" Jin asked, looking at Jungkook, who blushed for zoning out. "I agree!" He said wholeheartedly, although he had no clue what they were talking about anymore. 

"I think Pip and Estella's encounter in Great Expectations is pretty interesting too, isn't it?" Jin asked and Jungkook bit his lower lip as he tried to remember. 

Jin sat opposite Jungkook and kept their plates properly before looking up at Jungkook, who was biting his lower lip, had scrunched eyebrows and was hmming as he tried to remember. 

Jin blinked several times before smiling. 

He's really cute, he thought. 

Finally Jungkook spoke. "Estella's too proud, though, isn't she?" 

"And beautiful." Jin agreed. 

"And rude. She kept calling him 'boy' although she was around his age only. I remember the line 'She seemed much older than I, of course, being a girl, and beautiful and self possessed; and she was as scornful of me as if she had been one-and-twenty and a queen'." Jungkook added with a smile before noticing the food in front of him. 

"Wow." He said and Jin blushed. 

He had been staring at Jungkook with wide eyes for remembering so much but then he had looked at the food in front of him and said 'wow' in a starved way. 

"It's not much." Jin said and Jungkook shook his head in disbelief. 

"You could give me wine instead of orange juice and it wouldn't look out of place." Jungkook said before smiling shyly. The plating made the simple breakfast look like it belonged on a TV show, not for breakfast for two college guys. 

Jin could only stare. How had he not noticed earlier that Jungkook was so eloquent? 

"Thank you!" Jungkook said before beginning to eat and Jin turned to his own plate, reflecting. 

They remained relatively silent but Jungkook was too absorbed in eating to notice for once. It wasn't always that he got to eat such delicious food without leaving his room so he was going to enjoy it. When he finished eating, he wasn't just full because of the food but also because of the satisfaction he got from the situation. 

The food had made him sleepy however. 

Jin didn't have to ask to know. 

He passed Jungkook a tablet and a bottle of cough syrup. 

"This one works like a miracle!" He told Jungkook. Jungkook took the tablet and bottle of syrup and turned red when his hand brushed Jin's. 

He gulped down both in succession and Jin bid him to sleep awhile. 

"Sorry for_ for ruining your day.." He said once he was lying in bed. Jin was sitting cross legged beside him, book in hand and glasses perched high on his nose. 

Jungkook thought Jin looked amazing with glasses too. 

"What are you talking about?" Jin rolled his eyes and ruffled his already messy hair. "It's not as if we're strangers! Besides, how can my day be ruined by looking after you?" 

Jungkook couldn't answer. He smiled happily and closed his eyes, pulling the blanket higher till it was tucked under his chin and trying to not get too used to the feeling of Jin watching him fall asleep. 

Jin smiled as Jungkook closed his eyes, sneezed, excused himself and fell asleep almost immediately, with a "Sorry Jin.. Jin hyun.." 

Jin observed Jungkook for a while. The way his chest rose and fell as he breathed, his eyes shut lightly, his dark eyelashes adorning his pale skin, his red nose, his slightly parted pink lips. 

Jin's heart fluttered when he realised that he had kissed those lips. 

Jin paused, eyes on Jungkook's lips, trying to recall that night. 

His book lay forgotten as he bit his lip and stared at the younger boy. 

I kissed you, he thought. But I don't remember it at all. I don't remember the way they felt against mine or how you taste. Those three idiots said I shoved my tongue into your mouth.. Jin blushed at the thought. 

I can't picture it at all! Why would I even do that to you? 

Jin shook his head and exhaled to calm himself down. Why was he thinking these things? It was for the best that he didn't remember. 

He picked up his book but his thoughts kept returning to the sleeping boy next to him. 

Jungkook coughed several times and Jin flinched each time, wishing he could do something. 

He sighed in defeat and gently touched Jungkook's soft hair, running his fingers through it, being careful about not waking him up. 

There's nothing wrong with this, he convinced himself. It was nothing more than a brotherly gesture.. Right? But then again, brothers probably pulled their brother's hair out when they were asleep so maybe it was a motherly gesture. 

That's what he told himself anyways, even though he knew that mothers' hearts did not race while stroking their kid's hair.

He snorted when he remembered Namjoon calling Jungkook his kid. 

"Do I act like your mother too?" Jin asked softly. 

Jungkook's heart stopped when he heard Jin's whisper, his voice close enough for him to suspect that Jin was very close to him. He had been drifting in and out of sleep when he had heard Jin's voice.

"Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok say I act like their mother. I guess I care too much for all of you." Jin went on, assuming that Jungkook was fast asleep. 

That's when Jungkook felt the fingers in his hair. He almost moaned in delight but stopped himself in time. Jin's soft voice and his gentle stroking was making him light headed and he knew he was going to fall asleep soon. 

A part of him wanted to scream to the world that Jin had stroked his hair but he suspected that Jin did that for everyone so he swallowed his pride. 

"I'm glad we became friends." Was the last thing Jungkook heard before he fell asleep. 

Jin smiled at Jungkook before pushing aside his book and lying down on the bed beside Jungkook, albeit keeping a lot of space between them.  

He wouldn't invade the younger boy's personal space anymore. What he had done was bad enough. It was still hard to imagine that he had kissed him. Jin would have never thought he would so much as kiss Jungkook on the cheek, let alone make out with him. He made sure that he had left enough room for Jungkook but even then he couldn't help but turn  to his side and keep staring at the sleeping Jungkook. 

It was while he was staring at him that Jungkook made a soft noise of pain. 

Jin sat up immediately, ready to spring into action when Jungkook moaned again, this time slightly louder. 

Jin's eyebrows rose in surprise but since Jungkook made no other movement, he remained where he was.  

Jungkook's lips parted as he moaned for a third time and Jin's eyes widened at the sudden realisation. 

Was Jungkook having a.. A dream..? A sexual dream? 

He stopped his thoughts from wandering and bit his plump lower lip, eyes unable to leave Jungkook's face, his heartbeat accelerating. 

Jungkook moaning like that was something Jin had never thought he would hear. 

"Don't.. Stop it.." Jungkook mumbled and Jin blushed. 

He turned even redder when he realised that his jeans were getting uncomfortably tight. 

He cursed softly, ready to run out of the room when Jungkook spoke again. 

"Stop poking me.. It hurts.. Fuck off Tae.. It's my pillow.." 

And Jungkook's hand stretched out till he found the cat shaped pillow, which he pulled against him before falling silent again. 

Jin's mouth dropped open in amazement and he almost laughed in relief. 

He really shouldn't jump to conclusions like that. 

He breathed out loudly and sat back down, the red tint refusing to abandon his cheeks. 

Jungkook's moans had been so lascivious, he had been sure that he was having a sexual dream. In fact he had even wondered briefly who Jungkook was dreaming about. 

Jin quietly picked up his book and read it with forced concentration.

He looked over at Jungkook innocently hugging the cat shaped pillow that Jin had bought for him. A smile formed on his face. On finding out that Jungkook's birthday was on the first of September, he had ordered the pillow online, thinking that it would be perfect for the boy. 

Jungkook's birthday had already gone by but Jin had insisted that he keep the gift as he had specifically bought it while keeping him in mind. 

It was nice to see that Jungkook made good use of it. 

After some time Jin checked Jungkook's forehead, pleased that the skin wasn't on fire anymore.

It seemed that he was feeling hot because he kicked off the blanket that he had been covered with. Jin watched as Jungkook turned on his side so his back was facing Jin. 

He was about to turn back to his book when his gaze went down to Jungkook's back. His black shirt had risen at the bottom so he could see his pale skin all the way down to his sweatpants which were dangerously low on his hips. All the dents were visible, right down to the crack of his_

Jin looked away and groaned. 

Why was Jungkook doing this to him? 

No, not Jungkook.

It's those idiots. Hoseok, Namjoon and Yoongi... Filling his head with thoughts like these. 

He closed his eyes and felt around till he felt Jungkook's skin. Blushing furiously he pulled down his shirt and huffed. He was going to kill those three. 


Jungkook woke up after some time, his fever long gone but his cough and cold refusing to leave. 

He was sufficiently surprised when he turned and saw Jin fast asleep beside him. 

He smiled as he looked at his crush, his heart thumping loudly. 

Jin's mouth was slightly open in a comical way that made him look adorable. 

He decided that he should do something for Jin in return so he got up quietly, making his way to the kitchen. 

Jungkook couldn't cook to save his life but he knew how to bake. 

It had been Taehyung's idea to join a baking class when they were younger. 

"Kookie let's open our own bakery and eat strawberry cupcakes every day." Taehyung had said, his eyes sparkling. 

Jungkook had wasted no time in telling Taehyung that even if they did open a bakery, it would be to sell strawberry cupcakes, not eat them. 

Naturally it didn't deter him.

So they had joined a baking class where Jungkook had excelled, like he excelled in almost everything. 

Jungkook didn't think Jin would be waking up anytime soon so he decided to make chocolate chip cookies. 

He coughed a lot and had to blow his nose several times but he was glowing at the thought of making something for Jin. 

Besides, baking always made him feel calm. 

Jin woke up just as Jungkook pulled out the tray. He heard Jin's surprised exclamation and turned to see Jin running out of his room, looking panicked. 

"I'm okay, hyung!" He said, quickly catching Jin's attention. His hair was disheveled and his glasses were askew. 

He looked beautiful. 

"Kookie." He scolded, pulling off his glasses and flattening his hair. 

"Why were you gone?" He complained. 

"I woke up and I was feeling better.." Jungkook trailed off. 

Jin being concerned about him made him feel like he was on top of the world. 

Jun sniffed the air before walking into the kitchen to see Jungkook holding a tray filled with perfectly round, light brown cookies, each one spotted with dark chocolate chips that had melted. 

Jungkook's heart was beating loudly again. "I made them for you." He admitted and Jin's heart turned to mush. 

Never had anyone ever made something for him in return for all that he did for them. 

He sputtered as he stared at Jungkook's reddened face. 

"W-Why did you.. You're sick.. You shouldn't have.. I.. Wow.. Th-thank you.." 

Jungkook shrugged in response. "I'm better_ coughingbout_ Now." 

Jin was still upset about Jungkook making anything for him while being sick but he let it go because the cookies were amazing

"Yoongi was right." He said after he had nibbled on another one of the perfect cookies.

"Huh?" Jungkook asked, half a cookie in his mouth, looking considerably like a rabbit. 

Jin laughed at Jungkook before continuing. "You're too good for me." 

Jungkook turned red and the door was thrown open. 

Both the boys jumped and stared at the door, through which 5 boys were coming through. 

Taehyung came inside first with Jimin, closely followed by Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi. 

They all had smirks on their faces. 

"He's sick!" Jin exclaimed at once, irritated with the noise made by the five. 

No one paid attention to him though. 

Jungkook still had half a cookie in his mouth. 

"Kookie, my baby!" Taehyung cooed, rushing up to Jungkook and squishing his cheeks. Jimin did the same after Taehyung was done. 

Jungkook blushed at being babied in front of Jin. 

"Are you okay, Jungkook?" Namjoon asked. 

"Yeah, did hyung take good care of you?" Hoseok questioned. 

"Are those chocolate chip?!" Taehyung gasped. 

"Kookie, how could you make them without me?! Have I been replaced?!" Taehyung asked dramatically, pretending to cry on Namjoon's shoulder. 

Jimin being as shameless as he was, he simply picked up another cookie from the tray and started munching away. 

"So_ good." He said as he chewed. 

"That's disgusting." Yoongi mumbled under his breath but Jimin didn't hear him. 

The others fought over the remaining cookies and Jungkook swallowed the one he had been eating. 

"So talented he is." Hoseok said wiping a fake tear from his eye.

"What a perfect little boy." Taehyung added wiping a river from his eyes. "He is really good at making people happy. I'm so happy.. I can't stop crying.." 

"Shut up.." Jungkook mumbled blushing. He was still a little disoriented because of the barging in of his and Jin hyung's friends. 

"These are amazing." Yoongi agreed. 

After the tray had been cleared, Taehyung and Jimin told everyone else about their field trip while Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi told everyone about their day out. 

Then they all questioned Jin and Jungkook. 

"What did the oldest and the youngest do?" Taehyung asked with a smirk. 

"Yes, what with poor Kookie being sick, you must have been unable to do anything substantial.." Hoseok said with pity. 

"Did Jin hyung bore you, Kookie?" Namjoon asked. 

Jungkook couldn't believe how suggestive everyone sounded. 

He glanced at Jin to find the older boy looking angry and it caused his heart to tear up a bit. 

"I slept." He told them quietly. 

"He is sick, you morons." Jin said but the others were too busy fussing over  Jungkook to care much. 

"Did hyung at least feed you? You look so tired.. Could you eat on your own?" Jimin asked, patting Jungkook's hair. 

"Yeah, I hope you didn't lift a finger.." Namjoon added. 

Jin was tired of them. 

"Since you all are so concerned about him, I suppose it's okay for me to leave him in your care." He said before getting up and leaving the room. 

The others were stunned for a moment but Jimin and Hoseok being the mood lifters they were, quickly began talking about something else so that everyone except Jungkook was distracted again. 


Jin was fuming. Why did his friends have to come and ruin the moment? 

They were so insistent on leaving him alone with Jungkook at first and now that he was they had to come barging in, cracking stupid jokes and making fun of him. 

Jin locked himself in his bathroom and stared at his reflection in the mirror. 

"They ate the cookies he made for me." He complained to the mirror. 

Immediately he stopped frowning. 

"Why am I behaving like this?" He wondered aloud. It wasn't like him to ruin the mood of a gathering by sulking or walking away. 

Besides, Jungkook wasn't just his friend so he had no right to act so bothered by the others being affectionate towards him. 

He walked out after he had calmed down and washed up. He couldn't behave so moronically.

He decided that he would act his age and go back to their room to join them but the minute he stepped out, he ran into Jin Hyosang, his close friend. 

"Jin." Hyosang said with a smile that Jin returned slowly. 

"Do you wanna get coffee?" He continued and Jin glanced at Jungkook and Taehyung's room, heard the loud laugher and consented. 


Jungkook went to bed feeling much better. Jin hyung's friends were every bit as nice as him and kept him laughing throughout. 

They ordered Pizza for dinner and watched Sports channels on TV as they ate. Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok kept the others entertained and everything would have been perfect, if only Jin had been there with them. 

Jungkook's entreaties forced Yoongi to call Jin but Jin had denied the invitation to join them, saying that he was out with someone called Jin Hyosang. 

Jungkook couldn't eat much after that. 

All the same he didn't feel as disappointed as usual because he had still spent the whole day with Jin, what did it matter if this Hyosang person ate dinner with him?

Besides, Jin had looked after Jungkook and had even stroked his hair while saying that he cared a lot about his friends, him being included in the list. 

Despite all this, Jungkook couldn't fall asleep easily, remembering how upset Jin had been because of the suggestive comments made by the others. Jungkook himself had become used to them, thanks to Taehyung but Jin clearly didn't like being teased with Jungkook. 

So even if he won't admit it, he is still disgusted by the others pairing him with me, he thought as he stared at the ceiling. 


Over the weekend, a rumour was started and spread like an epidemic among the students. 

Jungkook himself remained blissfully ignorant until Monday afternoon, in his Economics class, when he heard two girls discussing it. 

"Yeah, can you believe it?" 

"I know he's gay but I was hoping he could turn straight for me." Another girl said stupidly and Jungkook rolled his eyes. 

"Who wouldn't.. It's Kim Seokjin." The first one sighed and immediately Jungkook sat up straighter, adrenaline rushing through his veins. 

"But Hyosang oppa is pretty hot too.." The second one said and Jungkook was now more alert than a lion eyeing a herd of deer, scanning for the easiest prey. 

"They would look good together I suppose." The first one said grudgingly. 

Unable to control his curiosity any longer, he turned around and glanced at the two girls who blushed at him. 

"Excuse me.." He said and blushed. He hated showing any signs of his interest in Jin. 

"Yes, oppa?" One of the girls said and he almost puked. 

"Uhm.. What were you saying about Hyosang-ssi?" He asked.

"Haven't you heard yet?" The other girl asked and Jungkook shook his head, hoping they would tell him already.

"Well a couple of girls heard Hyosang oppa asking out Seokjin oppa over dinner last night. They're really good friends so.. It was only a matter of time.." The one who had called him oppa said and Jungkook forced himself to nod and say okay before turning ahead. 

He didn't hear the two talking about him. 

"He's the cutest one in this class, isn't he?" 

"I would love it if he called me noona." The other one said, and the first one giggled.

Jungkook was too absorbed in his thoughts to care. 

So that's why Jin had refused to come for dinner.

Was it official then? Was Jin actually dating him? He tried to breathe normally but his mind kept wandering to Jin and the faceless person and he felt sick for an altogether different reason now. 

This morning Jin hadn't shown signs of anything being amiss during A. English but he supposed Jin didn't want to share the good news with him. Jin had even spoken to him more than usual but still less than Namjoon and Hoseok hyung, who had invited him to go with them to a concert. 

He managed to breathe normally after some time but because of how bothered he was, he forgot to check his desk for the letter that was sitting there. 

After the lecture he left, grateful that his last class had been cancelled. 

He didn't notice a girl following him, letter in hand. 


Jin had spent the whole morning thinking about Hyosang's words. 

Jin would never have expected Hyosang of all people to have a crush on him. 

To Jin he was a very close friend but a friend and nothing more.

Yoongi, Hoseok and Namjoon had already asked him if the rumour was true and he had been unable to lie. 

He was sufficiently angry with the girls who had overheard their conversation and even gone as far as to record it. 

Hyosang had apologised numerous times, despite Jin's insistence that it wasn't his fault. 

Luckily they hadn't caught his answer as Jin had answered him later. 

"I don't know." He had said apologetically. 

Hyosang had asked him to think over it and let him know. 

It wasn't Hyosang asking him out that bothered him as much as what he had asked before asking him out. 

They had been eating peacefully when Hyosang had said "Jin, there's two things I want to ask you." 

"Go ahead?" Jin had replied, not thinking twice.

"Are you and Jeon Jungkook a thing?" Hyosang had asked and Jin had choked on his food.

"Why would you think that?" He had asked once he had recovered.

"The last time I met Yoongi he wouldn't stop talking about how much you care about the kid.. And about how he holds a special place in your_"

"_We're not." He had interrupted before he'd have had to hear more. 

What was wrong with his friends?! 

"We're just friends." He said, toying with the food on his plate. 

That's when a bunch of girls from their college sneaked into the seat next to theirs so that they could hear what the two handsome oppas were talking about. 

"Which leads me to my second question.. I want to be your boyfriend. Do you?"  Hyosang had asked bluntly and Jin's mouth had fallen open. 

"You_ what?" He had exclaimed, his eyes wide in shock and his spoon falling and making a loud noise on his plate. 

"I like you, Jin." Hyosang had said sincerely. 

Thankfully for Jin, Hyosang had noticed the girls and gestured for him to stay silent until they had paid the bill and left. 

"I don't know." He had said once they were in the parking lot, his cheeks red with embarrassment. 

Hyosang had nodded and sighed. "Figured you would say that. You don't have to answer me at once.." And then he had smiled and disappeared to his car and Jin had walked back to the housing quietly, his mind riddled with thoughts. 

Did the rest of the people see them that way too? He had never been more than friendly with Jungkook. 

Jin had never treated him like anything more than his brother_ but even as he thought that he flinched and made a face. 

Since he had made out with the boy, seeing him like his brother had become disturbing. 

Besides.. There was still last night's dream, which he hadn't been able to erase despite several attempts.

No one had such dreams about their brothers, after all. 

Not that Jin judged anyone who did. 

Maybe it was all the staring he had done that had caused him to dream about kissing Jungkook on his neck. What frustrated him was that he didn't kiss Jungkook on the lips in his dream so his curiosity about how it had been wasn't going to vanish anytime soon. As a result of that he felt terrible but he forced himself to act normally with the boy during English. 

By the end of the day, he was considerably pissed because of all the crying girls that had come up to him to ask if he was really dating Hyosang and the somewhat violent ones were even worse. 

He didn't understand why the whole world wanted to know his answer. 

He was so confused and irritated that he walked into a younger girl while making his way back to his room. 

The girl's eyes widened and he was sure that she was going to ask him the same question as well when her eyes darted to the ground to a piece of paper.

Before he could apologise she scampered.

"Weird." He huffed before his eyes fell to the floor and he saw a letter there. 

He bent down and picked it up, turning around and looking for the girl who had dropped it but there was no trace of her.

He looked back at the letter and his eyes widened when he read the words To Jeon Jungkook written on the top. 

It took him all of two seconds to figure out what it was as he had received plenty, before he had stopped reading them, figuring that it was kinder to not. 

He didn't know why he felt the way he did though, as if he was holding a bomb and the minute he moved it would explode. 

He didn't register the loud beating of his heart or the people walking past him, staring at him curiously. His eyes couldn't see anything but the paper in his hand. 

It was a love letter. 


Jungkook was done whining. He was tired of complaining about Jin to others. If Jin was dating someone then he, Jungkook would congratulate him, cry his eyes out and then get over him. 

He stared at his cat shaped pillow. 

"I'm tired of this, Garfield." He said to his pillow. He only ever used his name when alone. He didn't need Taehyung telling him that the name he had picked was cliché and lame. 

"It's so frustrating, being happy when hyung smiles at me and then being upset because it doesn't mean anything.. It's so annoying cause I dream about him all the time and I'm sure he would be weirded out if I so much as made a cameo in his dream. He'd rather be with that Hyosang guy so why can't I get. over. him?!" Frustrated, Jungkook punched his pillow and groaned and how sucky everything was. 

His pillow remained silent. 

"Fuck.. I'm sorry Garfield!" He exclaimed and blushed because he was apologising to a fucking pillow. 

He paced around his room, thinking of a way to get over Jin. 


Jin knew what bad manners were. 

His parents had made sure he knew them so that he didn't make the mistake of incorporating them. 

And he wasn't bad mannered, okay? 

Curiosity isn't a vice, after all. 

At least that's what he told himself when he ripped open the envelope and stared at the words. 

Hi Jungkook! 

It's me, again! :) You looked very sick today.. Are you okay? Is the cough hurting you too much? 

Jin paused. So clearly Jungkook had been receiving this girl's letters for some time now.. Not to mention the fact that she had noticed that he was sick. Jin felt sick with himself but he couldn't stop reading the words. 

Can I tell you a secret..? We used to be in History together. But you stopped taking History after the History teacher made fun of you :( I was really angry, to be honest, I had no clue what he was asking you either! :3 

Do you know Kim Seokjin? He looked at you like you were close friends. I saw him talking to you later and if I was stupid, I would say he likes you too.. :') But I don't really know him so I can't say.. 

Jin's heart stopped for a moment when he read 'he likes you too' before he realised that the girl was referring to Jin liking Jungkook along with herself liking him and not Jungkook liking Jin.

Now that I think of it, my letters are more like a from a friend you don't know anything about than from an admirer, aren't they? But you already know the way I feel about you. 

How do you find politics? Is it interesting? Personally, I have no interest in it.. We're quite opposite I guess because you love English and hate History while it's the other way round for me! Are you going to dye your hair again? I think a lighter brown would suit you still. I'll write to you tomorrow!! :3 

Under that, there was something written in a scribbled writing, as if it were added last minute. 

Jungkook, I want to meet you. I'll write the time in the next one. 

Jin didn't understand why he was angry suddenly.

"Isn't it bad to read someone else's letters?" Yoongi asked, as he peeked over Jin's shoulder and read everything. 

Jin jumped in surprise and blushed. 

"You're no better than me." He scolded as Yoongi's eyes continued to read the letter. 

"Wow, Jungkook has an admirer. A girlfriend soon, it seems, since they're finally going to meet." Yoongi added. 

Jin's frown deepened. 

"But he's gay." Jin said. 

"You are gay. Who said Jungkook is?" Yoongi asked, sitting down beside his roommate. 

Jin tried to remember if Jungkook had ever told him anything about his sexuality but he found he hadn't.. 

"You think he's bi?" He asked Yoongi. 

"Can't be straight." Yoongi shrugged. "The question is.. Why are you going through his love letter? Did you steal it?" 

"Of course not!" Jin denied vehemently. 

Yoongi raised his eyebrow at Jin questioningly. 

"I crashed into the girl who had this letter with her! She dropped it and left! I was looking for her but I saw the name and I thought I.. I would deliver it to him myself.. and_"

"_And it begged you to read it first?" Yoongi asked sardonically.  

Jin flushed and glared at Yoongi.

"No.. I only read it because.." Jin trailed off because he knew that no excuse was going to work. 

Yoongi's gaze was piercing. He knew Jin wasn't going to give a lame excuse like "It's because I am concerned about him." This time. 

"Why did you imply to Hyosang that Jungkook and I were a thing?" Jin asked instead. 

"I didn't, I just told him that you care a lot about the kid." 

The way Yoongi emphasised on the kid made him flinch. 

"You made it sound like I was dating him!" Jin scolded. 

Yoongi laughed. "That's preposterous though, isn't it? You and Jungkook?!" 

Jin looked at Yoongi in bewilderment. 

"But.. You-You were the one who assumed that he liked me!" Jin stuttered. 

"But you proved me wrong." Yoongi shrugged. 

He got up and left, to his room. He picked up his phone and opened Whatsapp to the group chat with the subject:


Operation Jinkook!! 

Yoongi: Jin is confused. 


Joonie: Tell us something new, hyung. 


Hobi: Confused over what


Hobi: Tell him to go for strawberry flavoured condoms!!


Chim: Hyung!! Kookie is a kid!! 


Tae: Not when he's dreaming about Jin hyung, he's not. "Faster, hyung! Faster!!" 






Yoongi: Let me complete my sentence, idiots. 


Joonie: Who takes so long to write one sentence, hyung? 


Hobi: Yeah, tell us fast. Why is hyung confused? Tell him, if chocolate flavour is available, go for it instead. We all saw Kookie with that chocolate cookie in his mouth. 


Tae: Punny 


Chim: If you guys don't stop being funny, I'm going to laugh like a maniac and my crush will think I'm insane! 


Hobi: Who is it this week? 


Chim: Luhan, he's dreamy :3 


Joonie: He looks like a barbie doll. 


Tae: I'm dreamier, right? 


Hobi: No


Chim: *Pukes


Yoongi: -_-


Joonie: Yes <3 You are, Tae. 


Tae: Jimminie you hypocrite!! That's not what you told me when you confessed to me! 


Chim: That was before I met your roommate, Tae :3 


Hobi: Believe me, he's a liar. He told me my smile was like an angel's when he confessed to me


Joonie: That's true. He told me my voice was deeper than Kim Woobin's when he confessed to me. 


Yoongi: This shit is going to kill me. STFU everyone. 


Chim: :3 #IRegretNothing. 


Tae: You're so shameless, Jimminie. 


Joonie: Agreed. 


Hobi: You are, Jimin. 


Chim: I have a lot of love for all of you, don't worry 


Yoongi: Coming back to Jinkook.


Yoongi:  Jin is totally starting to question his feelings for Kookie. He just asked me why I gave Hyosang the impression that he is dating Kookie. I told him that I only said that he cared about the kid (and believe it or not he flinched when I said kid)


Joonie: Amazing. 


Yoongi: Sssh. I'm not done. 


Yoongi: Then I laughed and said that Jin and Jungkook dating is a preposterous idea and he started stuttering about how I told him that Jungkook likes him. So I said that he proved me wrong so I didn't think Jungkook likes him anymore and I left him there, stuttering. 


Tae: Woww, now all we need to do is get rid of this Hyosang fellow :') 


Hobi: He's your hyung, you disrespectful kid -_- 


Yoongi: Tae, do you know about Jungkook's love letters? 


Hobi: WHAT?! Kookie wrote LOVE letters to Jin hyung?! 


Chim: See!! He has the guts too!! 


Yoongi: No. *sighs. He has an admirer. A girl. 


Tae: Yeah, she has been writing to Kookie for the past month! He has all the letters! 


Joonie: Betrayal 


Chim: Kookie is loved 




Yoongi: Hoseok would you READ before yelling? 


Hobi: Oh.. Hehehe ^_^


Yoongi: Is Kookie bi? 


Tae: Nope! He's gayer than I am :3 


Joonie: What does that mean? :•|


Yoongi: Good! I let Jin think that he's bi :3 


Tae: EEEEEEEeeevil!! :D 


Joonie: So he's threatened by Jungkook's admirer! 


Hobi: He won't know it yet.. What do we do about Hyosang? 


Yoongi: I'll deal with him. 


Chim: You're even cooler than I thought, Yoongi hyung! 


Yoongi: :) 


Yoongi locked his phone and smiled his gummy smile. 

It was a good day.


It was a shitty day.

First the rumour and now Taehyung being late to come home. 

Jungkook had already eaten ramen and decided everything he was going to tell Taehyung. He had even rehearsed it in front of the mirror. 

Just as he was about to chuck it and go to sleep, the door opened and Taehyung entered with a small smile. 

Jungkook waited till Taehyung spotted him. 

"Tae, I'm done with Jin hyung. I'm tired of liking him so I'm going to look for someone else." He said. 

Taehyung's grin slid off. 

"What are you saying?" Taehyung said with a playful roll of his eyes. 

"Seoyeon. She sent me another letter, it was shoved under the door. She wants to meet me." 

Taehyung was silent for five seconds. 

"But you're gay!" Taehyung said, unaware of how horrorstruck he sounded. 

"I want to try." Jungkook said determinedly. 

Just because he hadn't liked a girl before didn't mean he was gay, right? 

I mean, yeah, he hadn't liked his first kiss which had been with a noona but he hadn't even known her! He was determined. He would at least try.. Seoyeon was different. She was funny and kind and she liked him. For a change, someone liked him instead of him pining away. 

Jungkook walked into his room to get dressed to meet her. 

Taehyung called it the apocalypse. 


Operation Jinkook!!


Tae: Kookie has lost it!! He's sprouting shit about trying a straight relationship with the girl who writes him letters!!! 


Chim: SHIT, what?!?! Why?!? 


Hobi: Did he hear the rumour...? 


Joonie: Oh damn.. We forgot about that.. 


Tae: He thinks Jin is dating Hyosang! 


Chim: What is Kookie doing?!


Tae: He's getting ready to go meet her! 


Joonie: Hyung, what do we do?! 


Yoongi: Listen up, kids.


Yoongi: We're kidnapping Jungkook. 


Hobi: Kidnapping the kid


Tae: Punny :') 


Joonie: Shut up, Hoseok. 


Yoongi: Don't give me a headache, brats. 


Chapter Text

Jungkook was dressed but he didn't have to leave for another ten minutes. He was nervous, there was no denying that but he wanted to finally move forward. If Jin had found someone else, then there was no point in him trying to hold on to him. His infatuation, as he termed it had gone on long enough. 

Seoyeon liked him and wanted to meet him so what was the harm in starting over? Meeting her as a friend even if they had only had a one-sided conversation so far? Jungkook didn't know or care about what she looked like, all he knew that he wanted to try. 

And who knew, maybe if they ever kissed, he would feel something like he had felt when Jin hyung had kissed .. 

Jungkook exhaled slowly. 

He had tried so hard to forget, especially since Jin had said that he didn't even remember but for once Jungkook's memory had been infallible. He bit his lip, going back to the time Jin had cornered him against the door. He let himself remember one last time, exactly what had happened so that he could move on finally.


"I wanted to tell you earlier.. Kookie.. Brown hair.. So sexy." 

Jin gave a lopsided smile that took Jungkook's breath away. 

He needed to get Jin to go.

Jungkook glanced to his right to see where the other three were but to his dismay, not one of them was present there. 

"J_" he began but stopped at once when he felt Jin's hot breath on his neck. 

"Such pretty skin.. You're so pale though.. Are you scared..?" Jin asked him and Jungkook's breathing became erratic. Before he could reply, Jin's head was up and he had crashed his lips on Jungkook's with unnecessary force. 

Jungkook froze in place, too shocked to react. 

Was this even real?! Jungkook's eyes were like tennis balls, wide and staring as Jin, whose eyes were closed, sucked on his lips. 

Butterflies entered his stomach. 

Jungkook's eyes shut on their own accord. 

Push him off, his conscience advised. 

Jungkook couldn't believe it, he was surely floating. 

Jin was demanding, he wasn't going to kiss a statue. 

He pressed himself into the younger boy and a beautiful, surprised and needy moan escaped his mouth. Jin wasted no time in shoving his tongue into his mouth and Jungkook could now taste the alcohol he had been able to smell all this while. 

Beneath the horrendous and bitter taste of the alcohol however, he could taste Jin and he tasted sweet so he could bear the bitter taste everywhere else in his mouth. 

He couldn't help but moan at how good it felt even though he knew Jin didn't mean to. 

He had realised long ago that it was a dare and it was killing him. 

He tried once again to push off the older boy but Jin was now holding onto Jungkook's waist, fingers digging into his skin and his attempts were futile. His head was so light at this point that he wanted to give in and shove his own tongue into Jin's mouth. Jin's tongue had reached as far back as it could go with Jungkook’s half hearted attempts to deter him.

"H_hyung_" he begged when Jin pulled away to breathe but Jin wasn't listening. 

"You taste so.. Good." Jin said appreciatively and Jungkook couldn't believe he was hearing the words he only heard in his daydreams otherwise. He also couldn't believe how wet his lips were or how red his cheeks were. 

Using both his hands, he pushed Jin off finally and gulped huge amounts of air. 

His head was a mess, his heart was a mess, everything was a mess. 

He turned around quickly to go into his room so that he could force himself into believing that this didn't actually happen. 

But Jin was beyond comprehension at this point. 

He used all the strength he had to clumsily pull the boy he had been kissing back to him and wrapping his arms around his waist. 

"I'm not_ not done." He mumbled, searching for a face, searching for the soft, unbelievably perfect lips. He had tasted a piece of heaven, just some time ago and he wanted more than just a piece. He wanted so much more. 

"Please, Jin hyung. Please let me go." Jungkook begged. He was going to sob any second now. 

He knew it wasn't Jin.. If only Jin had been in his senses, Jungkook would have let go of all his self control and let the older boy wreck him. Or wreck him himself.  

But Jin didn't want to wreck him.

He would probably be disgusted with himself the next day when he would remember that he had made out with his_ 

With his little brother. 

"I won't hurt you." Jin mumbled. "I promise.." Jin leaned down a bit and kissed his forehead and that's when Jungkook stopped restraining. The warmth in the pit of his stomach changed to something gentle and beautiful as Jin kissed him sweetly.

It was caring, the way Jin was and though Jungkook had fantasised about Jin ravaging him, the affectionate kiss on the temple was more like what he expected Jin to be.

Suddenly he couldn’t understand his own actions.

Why was he trying so hard to get away from this boy? 

If this was the only time Jin was going to act like he was not his kid/ brother/ friend or whatever, then he wanted to be kissed. 

He wanted it so bad. 

Even if it would only be for a few minutes, he stopped struggling and tentatively touched Jin's left cheek for the first (and most probably last) time.

Jin blinked at him slowly and he wondered if Jin was even half in his senses. Did he know what he was doing? 

Jin leaned forward quickly, taking him by surprise and tripping on his own feet, he fell on top of Jungkook.

They both fell on to the ground and within a few seconds, Jin became immobile, still on top of Jungkook, who had both of his hands pinned to his sides now.

Jungkook waited with bated breath, wondering what Jin would do to him next.. The longer he had to wait, the more annoyed it felt. 

Finally, Jungkook groaned in frustration. 

Why was his life so hard? What was Jin doing, lying on top of him? 

He tried moving but Jin was heavy, he couldn’t move his hands and Jin was_ 

His eyes were shut. 

The hell?! 

"H_hyung." He said in vain.  

Using all the strength he had, he turned them over so he was on top. 

Jin was sleeping peacefully. 

"I don't believe this." He said to the empty hallway. 

His heart was still thumping.

His mouth tasted of alcohol and Jin. 

He cursed under his breath and bent down to pull him up. 

"Why did you get so drunk?" He mumbled. His cheeks were redder than tomatoes. 

He put Jin's arm around his shoulder and trudged towards Jin's room. 

He knocked on the door, praying that the other three hadn't fallen asleep either because the last thing he wanted to do was take Jin to his room. 

He could only imagine Taehyung’s delight.

There was a lot of swearing and the door was opened by a sleepy Yoongi, whose eyes widened at the sight in front of him. 

Jungkook didn't give Yoongi time to react to the situation before bringing Jin inside. He spotted Namjoon sleeping with his head on his phone, his mouth wide open.

"Where is his room, hyung?" He managed to get out. 

Yoongi helped him with Jin in response and together they carried Jin to his room before dropping him on the bed.

Jin immediately turned so he was lying on his side and he looked so innocent, sleeping there peacefully, that no one would believe what he had been doing a minute ago.  

Jungkook didn't spare a minute to look around (although he was curious) but started walking out immediately. 

"Jungkook." Yoongi stopped him by grabbing his hand and forcing him to face him.

"Yes, hyung?" He said, his eyes on the floor, his cheeks dusted red.  

"Holy shit.." Yoongi cursed under his breath before lifting Jungkook's chin and examining him. Guilt seeped in when he saw the trembling chin of the younger boy, his swollen lips and his blushing cheeks. 

He had made a huge mistake.

"I should go." Jungkook said to Yoongi before turning around to leave. 

"Jungkook wait_" Yoongi called again but Jungkook didn't turn around this time. 

He didn't want to see the pity in Yoongi's eyes. 

He already knew that Jin wouldn't have done anything like that if he had been sober. 

End of Flashback. 

Jungkook's stomach was filled with butterflies even at the memory of that kiss. A kiss he hadn't even returned properly, if he was to be honest.. 

He readied himself before stepping out of the room. 


Taehyung had been typing away furiously. 


Operation Jinkook!! 

Tae: Guys!! Jungkook is going to come out any second. What do we do? 


Chim: Where is he going to meet the girl? 


Tae: He wouldn't tell me! Said he knew I would interfere!! 


Hobi: Why is Kookie so intuitive.. 


Chim: Then we'll just follow him. 


Joonie: Be sensible, guys! Five of us following him?! He'll know what we're up to for sure! 


Tae: Only two of us should follow him. 


Yoongi: Guys, I can't find Jin! 


Hobi: Did you check under the bed? 


Tae: -_- hyung, please. 


Yoongi: Shut up Hoseok, please. 


Yoongi: *groans. He's mad at me so he won't answer my phone!! 


Joonie: Mine either! I just tried calling him right now. 


Chim: Okay let's clear a few things first!! Who will be following Kookie? 


Tae: It shouldn't be me, he’s already threatened me.


Tae: It shouldn’t be Namjoon hyung either.. :) 






Yoongi: Very well, Jimin and Hobi, follow Jungkook. 


Joonie: And me and Tae? 


Yoongi: You guys go and find Jin.


Chim: What about you? Whoa, are you going to kidnap Kookie?!


Yoongi: I could grab him before he goes and does something stupid and tell him about our plans.


Hobi: You couldn’t grab him if you wanted to, hyung.


Tae: Bad idea, he’ll back out at once if he comes to know what we’re up to.  


Joonie: Besides, he should remain innocent :3 


Yoongi: Okay, I’ll think of something, maybe I could find the girl and tell her about Jungkook’s crush on Jin and Jin’s blindness in that regard.




Chim: -_- Be a man, hyung. 




Chim: Yeah, I can hear you screaming from the kitchen.. 


Yoongi: -_- Wtf, Hoseok. 


Hobi: HYUNG PLEASE GO IN MY PLACE! Alas.. I must die 


Joonie: You stubbed your toe!! Stop acting like you broke your leg or something. 


Yoongi: I'm going to kill you. 


Yoongi: Jimin, meet me in 5 minutes, we’ll follow Jungkook.


Tae: Operation spy on our fav OTP begins!! :D


Tae changed the subject to Spy Kids 


Yoongi changed the subject to Don't Be A Kid


Hoseok changed the subject to Get Jinkook in bed  


Joonie: You guys -_- 


Joonie changed the subject to Operation Jinkook


Tae: Jungkook IS OUT!! 


Joonie: Meet me in 5! Let's check Hyosang's dorm! 




Chim: Is your toe okay... You seem pretty quiet? 


Chim: He started screaming again -_-  


Chim: Okay, I'm out in the hallway, Yoongi hyung is here. 






Taehyung stared at Jungkook. 

"Where are you going?" He asked meekly. 

"Tae, I'm not telling you." Jungkook repeated. He didn't want Taehyung following him and telling Seoyeon about his insufferable crush on Jin hyung. 

Taehyung stuck out his tongue and was ignored as usual. 

Jungkook prepared himself for what was to come before saying "I'll see you later, I guess." 

"It's cold! Are you wearing enough?" Taehyung asked, sceptically eyeing the jacket Jungkook had on. 

"I've got a lot underneath." Jungkook replied, noticing the direction of Taehyung's gaze. 

"Okay.. Are you sure, Jungkookie?"

"Yes." He lied. 

He stepped out. 


Yoongi couldn't believe Hoseok. 

Why did he have to stub his toe right when he put them on in-pairs tasks? Why, when he paired him with Jimin_




Yoongi had half a mind to confront him right then but just as he decided to do so, Jimin stepped out of their room with a perfect smile and typed something on his phone once he saw Yoongi. 

Jimin looked up again and his eyes widened at Yoongi. 

"What_" he was about to say when someone nearly barrelled into him. 

It was Xi Lu Han. Yoongi scowled at him. He did not stay on this floor so what the hell was he doing here? 

Lu Han apologised to him. 

"Sorry, I had a little to drink.. Guess it wasn't so little after all.." 

Yoongi was about to grunt when Jimin walked up to them with a shit eating grin. 


Lu Han smiled at Jimin and they fucking started yapping like best friends. 

Yoongi was tempted to kick both of them when he noticed a figure walking in the direction of the stairs. 

He turned and saw Jungkook, hands in his pocket, eyes on the ground as he traipsed down the stairs. 

He turned around quickly.


Yoongi almost swore because Jimin was hugging the barbie doll. 

"Park Jimin." He repeated threateningly. 

"One minute, hyung!" Jimin said, not even looking at him. 

Yoongi exhaled slowly. 

Not caring about making a good impression for once, he walked forward, grabbed Jimin's bulging biceps and started dragging him away without explanation. 

"What the hell?!" Jimin exclaimed. 

"Jungkook went down minutes ago." He said with forced calm. 

"Bye, hyung!!" Jimin called, turning back and waving. 

When they reached downstairs, Jungkook was nowhere to be seen.

"Well done! You should have brought the barbie doll along with us too, for your entertainment." Yoongi spat at Jimin. 

Jimin's eyes widened but he didn't say anything. 

"If the task was so boring then you should have stayed and talked to barbie instead of coming along with me! At least alone I would have been on his trail! Was it so important to be all over him right now?!Couldn't you forget about your damn crush for one minute?" Yoongi continued, staring at Jimin with narrowed eyes. 

"He's too old for you anyways so I beg you to keep your mind off him and all the other people you have a crush on for the duration of this task!" 

Jimin stayed silent. 

"Now we've lost Jungkook_" 

"_He's there." Jimin interrupted quietly. 

Yoongi turned and a saw a brown haired figure walking, illuminated by the lamp light, shivering in the cold. 

He turned pink but walked forward without saying anything to Jimin.

Jimin had never been spoken to like that. 

He walked quickly so he was beside Yoongi and glanced at the other's pink cheeks. 

"No need to stare at me." Yoongi said grumpily albeit mildly. 

Jimin almost smiled. 

They kept a safe distance from Jungkook but not so much that they would lose him again. 

In the middle, Jungkook stopped and called someone. 

Jimin quickly checked his phone to see if there were any updates on Jin. 


Operation Jinkook


Hobi: Guys, what's going on? Did you guys find Jin?


Hobi: How's stalking Kookie going? 


Hobi: Why is no one online?! 


Hobi: Lonely.. I am so lonely.. I have nobody... 


Tae: Are you serious, hyung? How can we be online when we're on a mission?! 


Joonie: Yeah, not all of us are jobless like you. 


Hobi: My toe hurts, okay?! 


Hobi: You wouldn't understand, Namjoon! You stub your toes everyday! It probably doesn't even hurt you anymore, God of Destruction! 


Joonie: It does but I try not to act like a baby about it 


Tae: God of Destruction? 




Chim: Hoseok hyung you’re so desperate, I can’t believe you’re singing songs out here when we’re on such an important mission.


Hobi: puh-lease, why are you even online?


Chim: To see_ okay_ Yoongi hyung wants to talk_


Chim: What the hell are you guys doing? 


Hobi: What are you doing? 


Chim: Kookie is talking to someone on the phone. We're still trailing him. 


Tae: We can't find Jin hyung! We checked Hyosang hyung's dorm too. His friend said he left with Jin hyung somewhere! 


Joonie: We're trying to call him but his phone is out of network. 


Chim: Jungkook's moving again so we'll talk later. We'll keep you informed.


Hobi: Have fun 


Joonie: Fuck off. 


Hobi:  I have no one... 


Chim: Aww uou have me, gyung! 


Hobi:  Ouo? Gyung? 


Chim: Iys hard to type whike foloowing somepne on fooot. 




Hobi: Thanks I guess, Jiminnie  I know you're only saying this because I almost gave you a bj. I know I am the only person to ever offer you one. (But don't forget that even I was drunk when I made the offer) 


Chim: Fuvk odf. That's not evem teue! 


Taehyung and Namjoon left the library with disappointed expressions. 

"They're not here either.." Taehyung said.

Namjoon nodded. "Should we check the restaurant those two went to last time?" 

"Yeah, maybe they went there again." Taehyung agreed and the two of them started walking again. 

Once they were outside, Taehyung immediately stuck to Namjoon. 

"It's so cold." He shivered and Namjoon nodded happily, pulling Taehyung closer still. 

Bless the weather. 


Jungkook had called up Seoyeon once he was outside as he had promised, to ask her where she was. When she had answered, she had sounded nervous like him but pleasant. She seemed surprised that he had even called, as if she expected him to ignore her request. 

Right now Jungkook was walking to the café that many students went to on cold nights like today. 

He was no longer afraid. 

When he reached the café, he was grateful for the warmth that embraced him when the door was opened by someone coming out. 


Jimin and Yoongi were following Jungkook in silence, Yoongi shivering considerably. He hated the cold.. 

"You're like a cat." Jimin said finally. He wasn't used to so much silence, he had to talk. 

Yoongi raised his eyebrow and scrunched his nose cutely. 

"You hate the cold, you hate it when anyone disturbs your sleep, you hate to exercise_"

"_How do you know all this?" Yoongi interrupted, disbelief reflected in his narrowed eyes. 

"I'm observant!" Jimin said cheerfully, glad that at least Yoongi wasn't mad at him anymore. 

"Plus, I have a feeling you're the purring types."

"I'm the _what?" 

"You know.. Proud but secretly loves affection." Jimin said. 

Yoongi scoffed. 

"You're the exact opposite of Hoseok hyung." Jimin nodded to himself and Yoongi laughed aloud. 

"Of course I'm nothing like Hobi." 

"He is more active than you are, funnier than you are and friendlier than you are too. But like you he loves affection too, not as secretly though_" 

"_Who told you I love affection?" Yoongi asked impatiently. "I don't have time for affection. Sleep is my one true love." 

Why was Jimin comparing him to Hoseok?!

Jimin smiled his blinding smile and Yoongi rolled his eyes, although his heart was racing and not from the brisk walking. 

Why in the world had he decided to have a crush on Park Fucking Jimin of all the people on this planet? 

"Oh look! Jungkook stopped." Jimin said. They saw Jungkook standing in front of a popular café. 

Yoongi was about to grab his phone to tell the others where Jungkook was when he noticed two figures standing not too far away from where they were. 

"Is that...?" Yoongi trailed off, his eyes widening. 

"What?" Jimin asked but before Yoongi could respond, his phone went off. 

"Hyung?" It was Namjoon. 

"Why are you both here?" Yoongi asked.

Jimin looked in the direction Yoongi was staring and he spotted two tall figures standing by one of the auditorium's entrance. 

"Jin hyung finally answered! He said he was in that mainstream café, what's it called again? Anyways he's here with_ the hell? Is that you over there? What are you guys doing here?!" Namjoon exclaimed.

Beside him, Taehyung's eyes widened when he spotted Jungkook, who was thankfully unaware of his friends' presence and then Yoongi and Jimin, barely concealed. 

"Hyung! It's Kookie!!" Taehyung said nodding towards Jungkook who typed something on his phone, a text it seemed and pushed open the door of the café before going inside. 

"Oh fuck. They’re at the same place?!" Jimin exclaimed.

"What do we do now?!" Namjoon asked, panic seeping into his voice. 

"We spy." Yoongi said into the phone before walking towards the café. 

The café was big enough for four grown boys to hide. 



An unfamiliar girl was sitting alone on one of the round tables in the café. She was very nervous but she was determined too. She had hoped that there would be few people since it was a Monday but the cold weather had resulted in a number of students coming to the café for a hot drink before bed. She decided to find a table on the upper floor, which was empty. She hadn't ordered anything yet. She couldn't risk puking. 

Her eyes wouldn't leave the landing. She was expecting her crush of two months to come any minute, since he had called and asked her where he was to come some time ago. 

She almost fell off her chair when someone appeared but she frowned when she saw that it was her seniors, Jin Hyosang and Kim Seokjin, talking in low voices. She hid her face suddenly, remembering how she had walked into the latter earlier that day and run off before apologising. 

The two older boys walked to the table in the very corner, by the window and she breathed a sigh of relief. 

She frowned to herself again, when she remembered what had happened during their economics lecture today. 

She had been sitting on the last bench in the corner, waiting for Jungkook to show up. When he did, he seemed distracted by the conversation taking place between two girls she didn't know. They were talking about the same seniors that were currently seated a little away. 

Now that she thought about it, it was unlucky that they had picked the same café as she had, because even now she could clearly remember the way Jungkook had looked when the girls had told him about the alleged couple. She glanced at the two seniors and wondered if she should ask Jungkook to meet her elsewhere. 

Just as she was about to get up and leave, her phone buzzed and she read Jungkook's text announcing that he was here. Well, there was no going elsewhere now. She blushed and typed her reply. 


Jungkook opened the door and was greeted with the wonderful smell of coffee and chocolate. He stopped for a minute to bask in it before his eyes widened at the sight of so many people chatting away merrily. The café was extremely crowded. A lot of people had come for hot drinks, it seemed. He bit his lip and looked to see whether anyone was staring at him. 

His phone buzzed and he saw that he had a reply from Seoyeon. 

I'm upstairs, Jungkook!

He weaved his way through the people till he reached the back, where a huge spiral staircase led to the upper floor. 

He was nervous, true but he was also excited about making a new friend. 

Jungkook waited for the person who was coming downstairs to pass so that he could begin climbing. 


Jin had asked Hyosang to meet him this time so that he could give him his answer but Hyosang didn't seem to be too keen to broach the subject so he spoke about other random things as they waited for their coffees, occasionally glancing around to make sure that the only person sitting there, a girl, wasn't trying to eavesdrop on them. 

"Jin, excuse me, would you? It's my mum; she'll be pissed if I don't answer." Hyosang said when his phone started ringing.

Jin smiled and nodded in response and Hyosang disappeared down the stairs. 

Jin's eyes fell upon the girl sitting alone at a table not far from their own. She glanced in his direction and blushed before turning back to the table. 

She looked familiar for some reason, although she was much younger than he was and he didn't think he knew her name. Nonetheless, she had looked at him and blushed. 

Just as he was about to forget about it, he remembered. 

It was the girl who had walked into him!

The one whose letter he had shamelessly read! 

Before he could do anything about it though, another familiar figure appeared at the top of the stairs, doe eyes searching around. 

Jin didn't know why he did it, but suddenly he stood up and moved back so that he was hidden by the curtains. 

"J-Jungkook!" He heard the love-letter-girl say. 

What was he doing, hiding like that?! 

What if Jungkook had already noticed him?! 

Even if he hadn’t, he would be sure to see the curious shaped bump in curtain! 

Making up his mind, he fished for his phone, all the while behind the safety of the dark, velvet curtains. He pressed the phone to his ear and waited, pretending as if he was behind the curtains because he was on his phone. 


Jungkook saw that the upper floor was totally different from the lower one in terms of how crowded it was. 

Seoyeon didn't have to say "J-Jungkook!" For him to know that she was the one he was searching for as there was nobody there except_ 

Except some weirdo standing behind the curtain. 

Shrugging it off, he turned to Seoyeon whose cheeks were dusted a pretty pink. 

She herself was no less pretty. She was short and slender with big glasses adorning her eyes and wavy, black hair that fell to her shoulder. 

She was pretty but one look at her was enough to tell Jungkook what he already knew about himself.

Any straight guy would have found her attractive but Jungkook was gay and that wasn't going to change it seemed.

Nonetheless, he would try

It was unfair to her but he wanted to see if becoming friends with her would change anything. 

He blushed suddenly, when he realised that he had been staring at her all this while and hadn't even said a word. 

"Hi." He said awkwardly and she motioned for him to sit down. 

From her letters he had deduced that she was shy but from the way things were going, he felt like he was a lot more shy. 

If only he had known how to interact with girls! 

Seoyeon seemed to sense his awkwardness though and smiled at him shyly, asking him if he wanted to get anything. 

"Sure.. Do you know what's good here, I haven't been here before." 

"No? They have a lot of good stuff! I'm surprised you haven't come here before! I'm really attached to this place, ever since I came the first time! The caramel macchiato is pretty good but I'm biased towards the hazelnut latte! But if you like sweet stuff you should go for their white chocolate mocha. If not, then there’s Americano too or Green Tea Latte, that one is nice too, at least I thought it was when I had it last month but.. " Seoyeon trailed off when she realised she was blabbing and Jungkook thought it was cute. 


Jin was annoyed with himself, with the love-letter girl and most of all with Jungkook, who as he could see from a hole in the curtain (one thing whose existence he didn't want to know too much about, God forbid if it was made by some insect) was smiling at her. 

He wanted to yell at Jungkook for not telling him that he was bisexual. 

Like, how dare you pretend to be gay, Jeon Jungkook?! Have you no regards for our friendship?! Isn’t it common courtesy to tell your friend if you swing both ways?! What if someone stupid like Yoongi assumed that you had a crush on me and then I found out that you could very well have a crush on the girls that giggle at the sight of you?!

Jin was too distracted to notice the direction of his thoughts and missed the conversation taking place between the two.

“... I would have thought so too! I never liked the History teacher anyways!” Seoyeon said and Jungkook grinned happily.

Same! I hate it when teachers poke fun at students who don’t like their subject.” Jungkook replied and Jin frowned as he observed the two talking like they were good friends.


“The fuck_ get out of the way!”

“_Ouch, that’s my foot you’re stepping on, Jimminie_”

“_They’re not here!”

“Let’s check upstairs!”

Yoongi, Jimin, Taehyung and Namjoon made their way to the back, ignoring the curious glances that were being sent their way.

They strained their ears to hear but couldn’t catch anything.

Wait a minute, if Jin hyung is with Hyosang hyung upstairs then Kookie might have already seen him.” Taehyung said.

“This is a recipe for disaster. Jin, Hyosang, Jungkook and his admirer in the same room.” Yoongi said with a shake of his head.

“We need to go upstairs.” Namjoon said and all four of them moved to the spiral staircase at once.

Although big, it couldn’t take four grown men at once so Taehyung and Jimin grudgingly let the older boys climb ahead.

Yoongi and Namjoon stopped short of their heads coming above the landing and peeked.

They saw Jungkook talking animatedly with a girl but no Jin.

“Kookie and the girl are here but Jin hyung isn’t.” Namjoon whispered.

Jimin quickly typed and sent that on their group because Hoseok was getting whiny.

Operation Jinkook

Hobi: At least tell me what’s going on!

Hobi: I’m dying, here!

Hobi: First a broken toe and now a broken heart.. I have no friends at all...

Hobi: And I’m single on top of that.

Chim: Geez, hyung. You’re so dramatic.

Hobi: Jimminie!!! Tell me what’s going on.

Chim: We’re at a coffee place, that big one where people waste all their time. Jungkook is here with Seoyeon..? I think. Jin hyung isn’t here.

Hobi: Why would Jin hyung be there?

Chim: He told Tae and Namjoon hyung that he’s here with Hyosang hyung when he finally answered their call! But we haven’t spotted him yet.

Hobi: Fuck this shit, I’m coming there.

Chim: What about your bleeding, broken toe? Don’t put strain on it, hyung.

Hobi: Hobi can hobble >_< See you.


Jungkook was amazed at how much he had in common with Seoyeon.

“I should have written back to you.” Jungkook told her thoughtfully. He could have left a letter in his desk too, she would be sure to find it. He could have coaxed her into meeting him sooner.

Seoyeon blushed. “I feel like an idiot.. It’s so embarrassing..” She trailed off.

Jungkook shook his head expressively. “No, seriously, we could have met sooner and_” He cut off when he heard the curtain scoffed.

Oh, that weirdo_

Seoyeon glanced in that direction as well and she suddenly remembered that Kim Seokjin and Jin Hyosang had been there.

“Did they leave..?” She wondered aloud.

“Who?” Jungkook asked as he spotted the two mugs of coffee sitting on the table.  

Seoyeon turned back to Jungkook and bit her lip as she remembered the main reason she had asked Jungkook to meet her.

It had been a daunting and nerve wrecking task but she had done it because she needed to know.

And god, if she was right then she was going to hide in her room forever..

But if she was wrong then would Jungkook hate her?

Jungkook could tell from the change in Seoyeon’s expression that she was about to say something comparatively serious.

“Jungkook_” She began when a loud exclamation was heard behind the curtain, followed by a scream.


Yoongi and Namjoon were listening in with all concentration when they heard a scoff that didn’t seem to come from the two at the table.

Suddenly Seoyeon said “Did they leave..?” While looking at the table in the corner.

“There are two mugs there.” Taehyung pointed out softly when he managed to  squeeze his head into the tiny gap between Yoongi and Namjoon.

Before either of them could reply, however, a loud exclamation came from..

From a human shaped bump in the curtain.


Jungkook’s eyes widened in surprise and Seoyeon jumped.

The figure behind the curtain jumped out suddenly and Jungkook stood up in surprise and gasped as a familiar figure started flailing his arms wildly, trying to get rid of a humongous moth the size of a songbird with cockroach brown wings, which seemed like it was attacking him.

The fuck is that thing?!”” Someone said from the staircase but the three people upstairs were too occupied to notice.   

Jungkook was shocked when he saw Jin of all people, stepping out of the curtain. (Falling out, more like)

When Jin managed to get the moth to leave him, it flew straight at Seoyeon, who jumped and ran towards Jungkook with a short scream, quickly hiding behind him, clutching his jacket.

Seoyeon didn’t mean to do it but moths terrified her to pieces.

Even her glasses had fallen when she had started so suddenly.

However, the moth had had enough of terrorizing the cruel people who had stolen away his new home, so it flew away in search of a new abode.

Before anyone could recover, another shocking thing happened.

“Isn’t this awkward.” A voice said from the staircase and everyone turned around to see Hyosang.

Immediately Jungkook spotted Yoongi, Jimin, Taehyung and Namjoon, on their knees,spread awkwardly over the spiral staircase, all redder than apples, staring first ahead at him, Seoyeon and Jin and then behind at.. At the guy who he had let walk down the stairs before him.

Jin on the other hand was trying not to stare at Jungkook and Seoyeon who looked like they were caught locked in an embrace.

Seoyeon quickly let go of Jungkook and stared confusedly at the insane amount of guys that had appeared out of nowhere, some standing and some crouching on the staircase. She couldn’t distinguish their features though, because her glasses weren’t on her nose.

Jungkook looked at the unfamiliar guy and realized that he must be Jin Hyosang, who was allegedly dating his crush, who was standing in front of him, cheeks red, hair messy and his loose shirt almost hanging off his shoulder.

Then he looked at his four hyungs who were no longer sprawled on the staircase but standing sheepishly and staring at the floor.

After that he looked at Seoyeon who seemed to be searching for her glasses.

Jungkook bent down and picked up the glasses that were lying on the floor, handed them to Seoyeon and took her hand before pushing past the army of young men standing on the staircase and led her out, his cheeks red with embarrassment and anger at himself more than anyone else.

How dare he react like that?! How dare his heart race?!


Jin stared at his dongsaengs who refused to meet his eyes and then at his friend who looked sorry to be caught in this mess.

“Sorry.. Mum tends to talk a lot.” Hyosang told Jin, as if not talking about it would make it any less awkward.

He was a sharp fellow and it hadn’t taken him very long to deduce what was going on.

Not knowing what else to do, Jin walked out as well, praying that he wouldn’t run into Jungkook because this was bad, so bad that Jin wasn’t going to come out of his room again.

Hyosang caught up to when he had finally got out of the cursed cafe.  “Jin_”

“_I’m sorry.. I cannot be with you.. Not because_” Jin started, looking at his feet.

“_I know. It’s okay.. I’m sorry, I was rash, I didn’t stop to consider that you might.. Might have feelings for someone else.” Hyosang trailed off.

I don’t.” Jin insisted.

“Okay.” Hyosang replied. “We’re still friends, aren’t we?”

“Of course! I.. I just really need to go now.”

“Don’t give yourself a hard time.” Hyosang warned before smiling and departing in the direction of his dorm.

Jin walked slowly. “I hate moths.” He said and shivered in the cold air.

He did his best to push aside all the thoughts of Jungkook but the memory of that girl holding on to him and the way Jungkook had taken her hand and walked out kept pestering him


“I don’t even.. I don’t even know what happened out there_ I_” Jungkook was walking in circles, too scared to look into Seoyeon’s eyes. He was so embarrassed because of the way he had reacted.

Seoyeon stared at Jungkook with a growing feeling of stupidity.

“Jungkook.. I... Are you_ I mean..” She mumbled.

Jungkook finally stopped his circling and nodded.

“I am gay. I’m sorry.. I should have told you_ I wanted to! When you used to write to me, I always wanted to tell you but..”

Seoyeon was tempted to excuse herself and run from there.

She hadn’t just written love letters to guy who barely knew her; she had written them to a guy who was gay and who probably felt piteous towards her. Had she disgusted him? She must have since he_ did he like Kim Seokjin? Or Jin Hyosang..?  She felt like Carly Rae Jepsen in Call Me Maybe.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry_ I’m_ what do I even say.. I_ I sent you all those letters.. I don’t even know how to talk to you anymore!” She mumbled, staring at the ground. She couldn’t stop fidgeting with the edge of the sleeve of her cardigan.  

Jungkook stared at Seoyeon gloomily. He had anticipated that she would be embarrassed when she would find that he was gay but he hadn’t expected her to say that she didn’t know how to talk to him anymore. He had been hoping that they could be friends because they had so much in common.

Seoyeon realized what her words sounded like then and looked up from the ground and hastily explained herself. “Not_ not because you’re gay! I’m so embarrassed.. I actually wrote you..L_ love letters and you probably feel sorry for me_ Please don’t! I’m fine_ I swear I won’t bother you again_”

“_Does that mean you don’t want to be friends?” Jungkook interrupted, feeling all the more worse. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, I know I should have but_” How was he supposed to tell her about his crush on Jin hyung?

That was, if she hadn’t already figured it out from the way he had reacted when he had seen the older boy.

Seoyeon stared at him like she wasn’t sure he was serious.

“Why would you want to be friends?” She asked after gulping nervously.

“Cause we get along.. Don’t we?” Jungkook mumbled. Had he offended her? He didn’t know how to behave with girls.. He really didn’t want her to hate him for the rest of his life..

Seoyeon chewed on her lips as she thought.

Of course she had to have a crush on a guy who was interested in other guys.

Aaaagh, so embarrassing!

“Think about it.” Jungkook entreated.

Seyeon nodded at the floor.

“I’ll.. Let you know.” She mumbled and glanced at his good looking face once before sprinting away.

Jungkook breathed out and sat down on the steps that led to the back gate of the cafe, remembering the way his hyungs had stared at the floor after being found out.

Fuck you, Tae.


Hoseok walked in just as four gloomy looking guys were about to leave.

“What happened to your faces?” He asked with a short laugh before becoming serious.

“Jin is going to kick me out of the room for sure.” Yoongi mumbled.

“Hyung, please let me stay with you at your apartment. Kookie is going to give me the silent treatment, you don’t know how good he is at it! He won’t say a word; he won’t even yell at me_ please.” Taehyung begged, knowing that Namjoon would not misunderstand his intentions. After all, they had only been dating for a few weeks.

“I’m so glad that you’re my roommate.” Jimin said to Hoseok, feeling thoroughly relieved.

Namjoon was torn between the desire to let Taehyung stay and the knowledge that Jungkook probably needed his best friend.

“What on earth happened?!” Hoseok exclaimed, staring at the four guilt ridden faces in front of him.

The five boys left the cafe, getting even more irritated looks than before.

The others filled Hoseok in on the events of the evening.

“Moth?! A big one?! Fuck, I would have done more than just wave around my arms!”

“So basically neither of those two will talk to us?” Hoseok asked, sounding horrified.

Or each other. I think we ruined Jinkook for good.” Jimin said.

“Did you see the way Jin hyung looked when Seoyeon grabbed Jungkook’s jacket?” Namjoon asked. “I’d say there’s still hope.”

“I don’t know, did you see the way Jungkook looked when he saw Hyosang?” Yoongi asked.

“Yeah, he looked so broken hearted, poor Jungkookie! I wanted to go and hug him_” Jimin began.

“_Don’t go crushing on him again, now.” Taehyung interrupted and Jimin hit him on the arm.

Yoongi was grateful to Taehyung.

The five boys trudged towards their rooms and apartment respectively.

“Jungkook needs you, Tae.” Namjoon said when they had reached his apartment complex.

Taehyung nodded gloomily and prepared himself for the worst.

Namjoon quickly pecked his forehead and the other four continued on their way, each one shivering.

“It’s been a shitty day.” Hoseok concluded.

“It’s going to be shitter tomorrow.” Yoongi predicted and no one had the confidence to oppose his words.


Taehyung knocked on Jungkook’s door but obviously he got no answer. Usually he would have just barged in but he knew the younger boy was furious with him, since none of the others would have known about his short expedition if it hadn’t been for the cupid in Taehyung’s body.  

He wanted to explain that he had been following Jin and not Jungkook, but somehow they had both been in the same place!

He also wanted to know what Jungkook thought about Seoyeon but Jungkook would probably kick him out , if he even mentioned her name.

The poor girl had looked so startled when she had seen six guys appear out of nowhere.  

He knocked again for good measure before going to his room.


Operation Jinkook

Tae: Yoongi hyung, just ask Jin hyung what’s going on between him and Hyosang hyung. That way I can reassure/ prepare Kookie. He’s already ignoring me. Are you faring any better?

Yoongi: He’ll kill me, Tae. He’s locked himself in his room.

Tae: Pleaseeee?

Yoongi: If I die, I’m going to kill you.

Chim: Fighting, hyung!! ^_^

Yoongi: *Sighs. :)


Yoongi readied himself before knocking on Jin’s bedroom door, comforting himself with an “I have to do this some time or the other.”

“FUCK OFF!” Jin shouted from inside.

Yoongi flinched but knocked again anyways. Jin rarely swore or shouted but this situation seemed to call for it.

Although Jin looked like he couldn’t harm a fly, he could get pretty angry at times like these. Yoongi’s best hope was to act cute. Jin loved cute things and was likely to forgive him easily if he acted that way.

I don’t even know how to act cute, he thought with an internal groan.

“DO YOU WANT TO DIE?” Jin yelled once he had thrown open the door. His face was red and his hands were fisted at his sides.

Just the sight of Yoongi made him want to punch something.

Why, why had they followed him and made the situation worse?! Hadn’t he embarrassed himself enough?!

Yoongi knew what his answer to that question would be in normal situations but he refrained from saying it this time, lest Jin started yelling louder.

“What the hell were you thinking?! What the fuck were you guys thinking?! Following me as if_

“_What is going on between you and Hyosang?” Yoongi interrupted, praying to the gods that he didn’t believe in to let him come out of the situation safe and sound.

Jin looked murderous.

This is what they followed him for?!


Yoongi never did like people who shouted too much.

Please tell me.”

“What is wrong with all of you? Have I ever said I liked him?! Why would I say yes?! And why would you deem in necessary to stalk me to find out my answer?! Why the hell would you come all the way there to see what I was up to_”

“_I was following Jungkook, not you.”

Jin paused.

No, he didn’t want to know.

He did not want to think about Jungkook right now.  

 “I can’t even deal with this_ I can’t deal with you right now. Go to bed.”

“Okay.” Yoongi said meekly, before scurrying inside Jin’s room.

“Yoongi, are you deaf?” Jin demanded exasperatedly.

“If you keep yelling, I will be.” Yoongi said, moving aside Jin’s belongings before lying down on his bed and smiling.

Please work.. He begged.

“I’m pissed at you, Yoongi.” Jin said through clenched teeth. “Go to your room.”

I know but you know that I sleep better on your bed.”

Jin growled in disbelief. “I cannot believe you! Since when did you become so disrespectful?!” He asked Yoongi.

“Hoseok and Namjoon. You’re the one who introduced me to them, don’t blame me. Blame yourself.” Yoongi said calmly, hugging Jin’s pillow and closing his eyes.

“I do blame myself, why did I ask you to be my roommate? What was I thinking_”

“_Switch off the light on your way.”

“You brat_”

“_And get my blanket from my room?”

“Don’t push your luck_”

“_You can not bring it if you want to, but asking me to cuddle would be a simpler method, hyung. You don’t need excuses.”

Jin rolled his eyes but went and got Yoongi’s blanket, and dumped it on his head.

‘Since when did you become so playful?” He huffed in annoyance when Yoongi moved closer to him the minute he laid down.

Yoongi chose not to reply to that. “Are you okay?”

Jin pondered over whether he was.

Who was he kidding, he was horrified and nonplussed. He wanted it to be nothing more than a ghastly nightmare.. But then again he had hoped the same when he had found out that he had kissed Jungkook and they were still friends..

What will Jungkook do this time, though? He practically caught me snooping on him..

“Hyosang thinks I like Jungkook.” He told Yoongi, too tired to voice any of his other worries.

“You did look devastated when you saw him with that girl.”

“Because Kookie didn’t tell me he was bi!” Jin defended himself agitatedly.

“Why are you assuming that he is?” Yoongi asked.

“What do you mean?” Jin asked, feeling bewildered. “You’re the one who said that he could be!”

“Yeah but did he do anything except talk to her?” Yoongi asked, although he already knew the answer.

“Doesn’t matter, she called him there to confess to him and he looked like he liked her so_”

“_Jin, you might just be more oblivious than Jimin.”

Jin stared at Yoongi. Or what he could see of him in the dark.

“What are you saying? That Jungkook is gay..? But.. Even if he is..” Jin trailed off, unsure how much to let on.

Suddenly Yoongi had a brilliant, perhaps catastrophic and wicked plan.

 “You don’t like Jungkook, right?” He asked.

“Do I have to reply to that again_” Jin began, feeling his temper rising again.

“_Okay, okay. Then tell me if you liked kissing him?”

Jin blushed and was grateful that it was too dark for it to be noticed.

“I.. W_What are you talking about_” Jin stuttered.

Did you?”

“Of course not! Would you like kissing your_” Jin cut himself off, unable to say brother.

The idea made him shudder, something which didn’t go unnoticed by Yoongi.

“You told us that you didn’t remember anything.. You don’t remember how you felt when you kissed him?”

No! I was too drunk to_”

“_Then you have your solution don’t you?” Yoongi said.

“What solution? You’re talking shit, I don’t even_”

“_Why are you so flustered?!”

“_Embarrassed, I’m embarrassed because you guys keep bringing it up!”

“You’re confused, Jin. You know you are. You know you want to know whether you like him.” Yoongi said, emphasizing all the key words as if he was answering an exam he wanted to score exceptionally well in.

FINE. Maybe I do! Wouldn’t you be curious if you woke up one day and were told that you had kissed your friend but you have no memory of it?! Wouldn’t you start second guessing yourself if all your other friends kept acting like your friend likes you?! I’m curious, is all!” Jin said, now sitting cross legged and staring at Yoongi defiantly.

Which is why I said you have your solution.” Yoongi said, getting up and sitting opposite him. 

If this doesn’t work, I’m going to hell.

What solution, you keep going on about it_” Jin started impatiently.

“_You just have to kiss him again.”














Chapter Text


"Kookie, you haven't had any breakfast.." Taehyung said meekly when Jungkook finally came out of his room the next morning. 

Instead of replying however, Jungkook walked out of their room, not giving even the slightest indication of having heard Taehyung. 

Jungkook came back half an hour later and went straight into his room, not sparing at glance at his best friend, who was feeling pretty hurt at this point. 

Taehyung knocked on Jungkook's door (something he never did but desperate times call for desperate measures) (He doesn't know how many times he has walked in on Jungkook changing) 

As expected, he didn't answer so Taehyung walked in, to find Jungkook on his laptop, typing away. 

Worst part, he paused every once in a while and he smiled at it which made it clear that he was chatting with someone.

Was it Seoyeon? 

"Jungkook.. Have you eaten anything?" Taehyung asked. 

No response.

No reaction, more like. 

Taehyung sighed and walked over to the dustbin in the corner and found some empty wrappers. 

"You can't live on crap like this forever." He said. 

"At least have an omelette?" He begged. 

Sometimes, Jungkook was an even better actor than he was. 

Taehyung sat right in front of Jungkook and waved his arms above his face. 

His hands could have been transparent for all the difference he made.

"Fine. Fine, I won't bother you anymore." Taehyung huffed and walked out. 

He could have snatched Jungkook’s laptop away or read what he was writing but that would only make him angry and how would that serve his purpose?

He was angry enough as it is.

Taehyung sat on the couch and was thinking over that when an idea came to him.

When Jungkook came out again the next time (to get him a bottle of water), Taehyung slipped inside his room and waited for him to return. 

But of course, Jungkook was too good at giving someone the silent treatment to be bothered in the slightest. 

He didn't look at Taehyung or anything; he just took his stuff and began to leave again. 

"Kookie, please!" Taehyung exclaimed, latching onto the younger boy and shaking him so all his things slipped from his hand and on to his bed.

Taehyung watched in annoyance as Jungkook's face remained as impassive as if a beetle had fallen onto his arm, not his best friend. He looked ready to flick it aside. 

To flick him aside.

Fine, you stubborn donkey.

So Taehyung startled Jungkook by hitting him hard on the back and pushing him down before climbing onto his back and wrapping his legs around his middle for an impromptu piggy back ride. 



Taehyung could have cried with happiness! Why hadn't he done this earlier?! All these years he had stayed silent and begged till Jungkook came around, when the solution had been sitting in front of him! 


In response, Taehyung kissed the top of Jungkook's head and the latter began to shake in the hopes of making him fall. 

"I am a leech, Jungkookie." Taehyung said smugly, not bothered by his best friend's shaki_ now spinning_ or his excessive use of profanity. 


"_But my pretty face has missed you!" 

"Taehyung, I'm warning you, I swear to god I will_" But Jungkook never got to utter his threat.

"What the_ are you c-crazy_ hey_ HEY_ STOP IT BASTARD, IT TICKLES!"

Taehyung was tickling him! 

If Taehyung was exceptionally talented at anything, then it was this

Jungkook's thrashing about become even worse than before but Taehyung could hold on to him using just one hand too, while the other was used to tickle the younger boy till he was_

 finally laughing!


"That's more like you, Kookie. Swearing with a smile!" Taehyung said with a grin of his own, not ceasing in his relentless torture. 

Inevitably, Jungkook lost his balance and fell on his face with Taehyung landing on top of him with an exaggerated groan.

“It hurts, it hurts.” Taehyung complained.

Jungkook turned over and Taehyung fell on his back on Jungkook's side. 

Damn, he was exhausted! 


Taehyung slapped his hand on Jungkook's mouth which he pushed off easily. 

"Hyung, Kookie. I'm older than you by two years, remember_"


"Why, do you want my lips instead? Want a kiss? Come here_"


This was so much better than the silent treatment! 

Jungkook yelled nonstop for two minutes until Taehyung started pretending to kiss him. 

"I HATE YOU, HYUNG." Jungkook said after pushing off the pouting older boy and walking out, cheeks red because off his anger. 

"Jungkooooook." Taehyung called after him. 

Aaish, this kid is quite the handful.

Jungkook grabbed his abandoned water bottle and drank down half of it, all the while wanting to hit his stupid, annoying best friend who wouldn't stop staring at him.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" He snapped at him. 

"Your forgiveness, my Lord!" 

"Then you can forget about it." Jungkook said with a scoff.

Immediately Taehyung got onto his knees and locked his hands as if praying.

"I promise you, my Lord, it will never happen again! I'll jump into a pit of lava before I do something like that again!" Taehyung said in a wheedling tone.

Jungkook scoffed and turned away.

"Please, my Lord. I will do whatever you want me to! I'll give you the best gift you have ever received. You will be shocked and delighted_" Taehyung went on, now grabbing Jungkook's legs and begging with his eyes.

"THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU WASTE ALL YOUR FREE TIME WATCHING KINKY PORN!" Jungkook yelled, trying to get rid of Taehyung but after his words he didn't have to anymore.

"Hya, you pervert! Is it my fault you see everything in a perverted way?! I didn't offer to suck you off!" Taehyung scoffed, now standing straight with his arms crossed across his chest. 

Jungkook rolled his eyes for the umpteenth time and started walking back to his room.

"Jungkook come on! We did it because we were worried you'd do something you'd regret!" Taehyung exclaimed.

"Contrary to popular belief, I'm not a kid!" Jungkook yelled, glaring intensely. 

"We know you're not." Taehyung said calmly, grateful that Jungkook was at least listening now. 

"I was worried that you'd go and say yes to Seoyeon because of the false rumours about Jin hyung!"

"I'm not that reckless, Tae!" Jungkook replied, not sounding as annoyed this time. 

Suddenly his angry expression changed to one of surprise.

"What did you say?" He asked Taehyung. 

"What?" Taehyung asked blankly.

"About- about Jin hyung! False rumours?"

Taehyung smiled slowly and nodded watching Jungkook's expression go from stark disbelief to tentatively hopeful, his big eyes becoming softer and his cheeks turning pink. 

"Then_ yesterday_ they were on a date, right_"

"_Jin hyung met with him to turn him down!" Taehyung said happily. 

"Oh." Jungkook said, suddenly lost in his thoughts, his heart thumping loudly in his chest.

Taehyung shook him out of his thoughts by shaking him and raising his eyebrow teasingly. 

"I just.. Everyone was saying that they're together so I assumed.. I was going to move on." He added the last part mournfully. 

"It was meant to be!" Taehyung said and grinned widely.

Jungkook smiled properly then. 

"So I was worried for no reason." He said. 


"And.. Why was Jin hyung standing behind that curtain, I still don't know what to make of it." Jungkook said, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 

"Maybe he was trying to make friends with the moth!" Taehyung said cheerfully and Jungkook smiled at the idiotic answer, remembering Jin hyung freaking out as the angry insect attacked him for stealing his home. Had Jungkook not been shocked out of his senses, he would have found it exceptionally funny. He had found it too cute.

"He was waving around his phone, maybe he had been talking on it." Taehyung said tentatively.

Jungkook knew that although Taehyung was oblivious on all other occasions, he tended to notice things that others missed.

"Probably." Jungkook nodded.

Taehyung sighed in relief, remembering this morning's events on their group. 

Earlier that day 


Operation Jinkook


Yoongi: Tae. 


YoongiGuys. Jin said that he obviously denied Hyosang. 


Chim: whoa, really?! :D


HobiI knew it, obviously *smug look.


Yoongi: How's your toe, Hobi? -_-


Hobi: Much better, thank you :)


Joonie: What? They're not dating?! Awesome!! 


Tae: REALLY?!?! Great!! Now I can bring back the smile on Kookie's face!! 


Tae: That is if he shows his face ever again. He hasn't come out of his room at all. :(


Joonie: Don't worry, Tae. He'll come for sure. 


Hobi: He'll come out for food. <3


Chim: Btw.. Did anyone notice that Jin hyung fell out of the curtain? What was he doing there


Joonie: My guess is that he was doing the same thing we were. :D


Tae: Oooh, was he jealous, hyung? 


YoongiSure he was. But you know what he's like.. So darn oblivious. Believes that he's pissed because Jungkook didn't tell him he was bi. -_-


Tae: :’D


HobiIs he bi? 


Tae: :’C he isn't! But he's totally keeping me in the dark about what's going on between them.. :(


Yoongi: He's still not talking to you? 


Tae: He came out right now and walked past me as if I was a frog or something ~_~


Tae: I was ignored *hurt.


Joonie: :’) You're too cute.


Hobi: Kay.. ^-^


Chim: So we agree, right? Jin hyung was spying on Kookie too! 


Chim: It's probably crossed Jungkook’s mind. 


Yoongi: We can't have that.


Chim: Why? Isn't that a good thing? He might finally make a move on hyung if he thinks that Jin hyung has started to like him. 


Hobi: But Jin hyung would turn him down too, saying something stupid like “You’re my kid, Jungkook-ah.” -_-


Joonie: Yeah and then Jungkook would definitely go and date someone else.


Tae: Jin hyung was waving around his phone while trying to get rid of the moth. Was he pretending to talk on it in case he got caught? 


Chim: OMG, You noticed that? 


Tae: Sure! Didn't everyone? -_-


Joonie: I knew you were bright when I read your poem :') 


Hobi: So he's smarter than you too. *Sticks out tongue


ChimThat poem? I didn't even get it *Blank face.


Hobi: That's cause you're stupid, chim chim <3


ChimRight, why don't you tell us what you understood from it? *rolls eyes.


Yoongi: *Sighs. Brats. Listen to me. 


Yoongi: Taehyung, if he asks you, tell him that Jin was talking on his phone. 


Chim: But hyung!


Yoongi: Because


Yoongi: I already did something stupid.. And now we have to keep Jungkook out of Jin's sight for some time..


Joonie: What did you do? *_*


Three minutes later.


Joonie: YOU SAID WHAT?! 


Chim: Wow, you're really cool, Yoongi hyung. *is impressed.


Hobi: -_-  As if Jin hyung said "Great idea, Yoongi-ah! The next time I see Kookie, I'll definitely suck faces with him!"


Tae: :’D :’D :’D I really like the way your mind works, Yoongi hyung. 


Hobi: Hey there! I cracked the joke :)


Chim: He is right, there's no way in hell Jin hyung agreed to that..  




Yoongi: This is where you learn exactly how cool your hyung is, kids *smirks.


Joonie: SHIT, he agreed?!?! 


Tae: HOW?! 


Chim: Wow. 


Yoongi: Don't get too excited, kids. Basically, he thought it made sense that he couldn't wholeheartedly deny that he doesn't like Jungkook until he can say whether he liked kissing him. And since he doesn't remember... I asked him to kiss him again. 


Joonie: Ohhhh


Tae: So why are we going to keep them apart? 


Yoongi: To make him desperate, of course. :D ️


Back to the present


"So..." Taehyung said as they watched TV.

"So what?" Jungkook asked warily.

"You and Seoyeon...?" 

Jungkook bit his lip and thought back over their meeting. 

"She's really cool." Jungkook said. "I was chatting with her right now and we have similar tastes... She is really embarrassed over what happened yesterday but she's agreed to meet me again." 

Taehyung nearly fell off the couch.

"Does that mean that you guys are dating?!" 

"W-what?!” Jungkook spluttered.

No, Tae. You know how gay I am! She is unsure whether we should be friends is what I meant! She was embarrassed for crushing on and writing letters to someone who's gay."  Jungkook said with a sigh and Taehyung rejoiced inwardly. 

"I meant she's cool as in like a friend.. If she agrees to be friends, that is." Jungkook trailed off with a frown and Taehyung blushed. 

"Sorry, Jungkook.."

"It's okay.. But you didn't have to bring along Namjoon hyung, Jimin hyung and Yoongi hyung too." Jungkook responded with a blush of his own.

Namjoon hyung and I were following Jin hyung, Kookie.. But I can't tell you that.. Although I want to tell you to be prepared now that Jin hyung is planning to kiss you again.. On purpose, this time.

But will he really do it? I don't think he will.. He wouldn't want to 'risk your friendship'.. Not unless he's drunk.. 



Jin couldn't study no matter how hard he tried. His thoughts kept returning to the epic fail of a night that the previous night had been. 

He had embarrassed himself in more ways than one and then Yoongi had filled his head with an idea that had crossed his mind earlier.

I just want to kiss him once so that I know for sure that my feelings for him are nothing more than friendly. 

But even though he told himself that, he couldn't help but let his mind wander as he stared at the endless pages on the boring history of the country. 

He wondered how he could do it.. 

Should he corner Jungkook against the wall and just do it?! 

Or should he ask Jungkook to meet him by the trekking trail and ask him for permission before doing it?

But what if he denies?! 

Wouldn't it be better to just grab him and kiss him long and hard_

He swore loudly when he realised where his thoughts were going and caused quite a few people in the library, including the librarian, to glare at him and make him blush. 

Focus, Seokjin! He scolded himself mentally and tried to comprehend the notes again, knowing that his exams were approaching. 

He had told Jungkook that he tasted good.. What did he taste like? No matter how much he tried to remember the feel of his lips or the way his tongue had felt against his own, he just couldn’t remember.

Wait.. Had Jungkook even kissed him back?

Had their kiss been short or long and passionate?

Probably not right?

Had he made Jungkook squirm..?

Had he made him moan_?

_Jin shut his book with a loud bang, stuffed all his things into his bag, slung it over his shoulder and practically ran out of there. 

The people in the library rolled their eyes and returned to their studying. 


Yoongi was listening to music on one of the balconies on the first floor, eyes glued to the vast expanse of green grass that made up one of the grounds. 

He spotted a lone figure making his way to the very ground, dressed in a tank top and track pants even though it was freezing cold in Yoongi's opinion. 

His eyes widened when he realised who it was and his stomach filled with butterflies. 

Did you wear that so that I could have a nice time, Jimminie? He wondered with a smirk. 

Jimin began to jog around the field and Yoongi observed him carefully, remembering Jimin telling him that he was observant.

Just watching him run made his mouth water. 

Jimin's lips were parted, his hands moving faster at his sides as picked up speed, running faster now. His hair flew back as the wind hit him and Yoongi shivered just by looking at it, though Jimin didn't show a sign of weakness. He was smiling, in fact

He circled the ground thrice in succession and to Yoongi it was a big feat. 

He slowed down when he reached the curve of the ground that was closer to where Yoongi was and stopped and turned to stare at Yoongi, panting heavily. 

Yoongi was too startled at the sudden attention to look away.

"Am I that attractive... or that good at running?" Jimin asked with a playful grin, his chest rising and falling rapidly and beads of sweat running down his forehead and chest.

Yoongi wanted to lick him.

“Well..?” Jimin asked.

Yoongi finally returned to his senses.  

"Neither. Don't flatter yourself. It's not like you're Usain Bolt." He mumbled, looking away.

"Oh is it? Then why have you been staring at me for the past twenty minutes?" Jimin questioned.

Yoongi’s eyes narrowed and he glanced at Jimin’s taunting expression again.


"I was hoping that staring at you and praying hard would cause a divine intervention to transfer some of your motivation to me." Yoongi said and smiled widely. 

Jimi’s smirk vanished and he could only stare as Yoongi smiled. 

Yoongi hyung, he had noticed, didn't smile too often. 

But what a beautiful smile he has. 

His eyes became smaller when he smiled, making them look almost like they were shut. 

It was the kind of smile that brought about the same reactions one had upon seeing particularly cute animals. 

"So hyung, why are you single?" Jimin asked once he had managed to look away from that smile. 

"You say you're observant but you don't remember what I say? I told you. I don't have time for affection and sleep is my one true love." Yoongi replied, leaning against the railing and bending forward a bit. 

"You say sleep is your one true love and yet you have dark circles most days." Jimin said, looking up with a soft smile. “Sleep treating you badly?”

Yoongi would have jumped off the railing if it would have helped. 

"I don't today." He said, looking at the grass again.

“Don’t what?” Jimin asked.

“Don’t have dark circles today.” Yoongi replied.  

"You don't." Jimin agreed. 

"Don't you have glasses? How can you see from down there?" Yoongi challenged.

"You're quite observant yourself!" Jimin said, impressed.  

"What can I say? I'm the quite the prodigy." Yoongi shrugged. He had been about to say ‘genius’ but prodigy suited him better.

"Except when it comes to physical exercises, it seems." Jimin teased.

"You don't want to say anything until you see me play basketball." Yoongi warned. 

"Okay. Show me what all you got." Jimin said with a suggestive smirk and Yoongi turned pink. 

"You're so disrespectful." Yoongi mumbled, imitating Jin's words. 

Jimin giggled in response, a beautiful sound.

"Why, are you scared, hyung? Afraid you'll lose to me?" Jimin challenged.

Yoongi’s eyes narrowed again and a smirk appeared on his face.

"Wait by the basketball court kid. I'll be right there. Find a ball, will you?" 

Jimin's eyes widened.

"Can you play in the cold, hyung? You're shivering in spite of wearing so many layers." Jimin laughed and Yoongi rolled his eyes. 

"Just meet me there, brat."

Yoongi disappeared and a big grin made its way onto Jimin's face. 

Seems like it's going to be a fun morning.


 Jin lied down on his bed after he came back to his room (making sure Jungkook was nowhere in the vicinity) and stared at his ceiling. 

"What is wrong with you, Kim Seokjin? You have lost your mind." He mumbled.

"You don't like Jungkook. You see him as a kid, which he is. You're five years older than him, so treat him like that only!" 

He needed to distract himself. 

He picked up his phone and scrolled through his photos, pausing and smiling when he came across one of the selfies that he had clicked with Jungkook and then frowning at it. 

"What are you doing to me, kid?" 

He stared at the bunny toothed, grinning boy, whose eyes were crinkled at the corners. His innocence was written all over his face, right from the sincerity of his smile to the slightly chubby cheeks that he had had, when they had clicked the photo.

Jin smiled again as he looked at himself beside him, making a stupid face. 

They looked nice together.

His eyes widened when he heard the sound of his own heartbeat, loud, clear and fast

He pressed his hand to his chest, over his heart as if it would slow down. 

What is going on with you, Seokin?

He locked his phone and threw it beside him on the bed. 

"You know what? I think I'm just going to go and do it." 

He said with conviction. He would know for sure if he could just go and find out.

He closed his eyes and thought about when, where and how, ignoring the thumping within his chest. 

Jungkook was probably weirded out by him as of now, thanks to how he had caught him listening in on his date

"But he won't avoid me, I know he won't.. Not this time.." Jin nodded to himself, his hair getting thoroughly messed up in the process. 

"In fact, I should just do it now." 

He got up and luckily, caught sight of himself in the mirror. 

He blushed and did his hair nicely and went and brushed his teeth because_ .. Because he was a hygienic person, okay?! 

He didn’t want to kiss anyone while having a bad breath.

His heartbeat accelerated with every step he took towards the door. 

"I'm going to call him out, apologise in advance and kiss him_ WHAT THE HELL!"

The door had been pushed open just as he had begun to pull it towards himself and he had fallen on his butt.

"What the hell, Yoongi?" He complained. 

Fortunately, Yoongi had heard what Jin had said.

"Hyung." He said for good measure and Jin's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

Hyung?! What does he want now..?  

"What?" He asked warily. 

"Come with me, okay?" Yoongi said, his cheeks turning pink. 

"Where?" Jin asked, looking in amazement at the blushing boy. 

"Jimin challenged me to a basketball game on the outdoor court so I need you to come with me. Be the referee or something?" Yoongi pleaded. 

A smile spread on Jin's face.

"Wait_ you want to play basketball outdoors?" Jin exclaimed. "Why not use the indoor court?" Jin asked. "It's damn cold." 

"Yeah but I want to teach that smug kid a lesson." Yoongi shrugged although he knew he was going to have chattering teeth for the first five minutes at least. 

Jin blinked in surprise. 

"He barely feels the cold. He's out wearing a bloody tank top and track pants and running around the field like an athlete." Yoongi went on. "Says I hate physical exercises so I'm going to teach him a lesson." 

"You do hate them.. Okay.. But right now? I have something to do, Yoongi." Jin said, remembering what he had set out to do. 

"Please." Yoongi said. "I'd rather you were there." 

Damn you, Jin. Your obliviousness is making me say things I'd never say aloud otherwise. 

"Alright.." Jin trailed off. Yoongi was doing a lot of surprising things nowadays.

"Get changed then." Jin said after groaning.

Yoongi bent down and hugged Jin, where he was still sitting on the floor (for good measure, of course) and went and got changed as Jin started searching for warmer layers to put on. 

"Guess I'll just do it some other time." He whispered to himself as he put on a pair of socks. 


Operation Jinkook


Hobi: No one's online again. What are you guys up to? 


Chim: I'm waiting for Yoongi hyung.


Hobi: Why? :~/


Chim: To beat him at basketball. 


Hobi: :’D  Beat him? At BASKETBALL?!


Joonie: *_*  Best of luck, Jimin. 


Chim: Hey, I'm pretty good at it, alright? 


Hobi: No matter what you do, Yoongi hyung will win. He always does. 


Chim: -_- Let. Us. See. 


Tae: I'M COMING!! I want to see Chim losing :D




Tae: Jungkook says he will be if you get him chocolate. 


ChimHe's talking to you?! *Shocked. Tell him I'm sorry!!!


Tae: He says get him chocolate and he'll forgive you:D  get some for me too.. :-*


Chim: :D -_-  Nothing for you. Tell Kookie I'll get him donuts :-*


Tae: WHYYY?! I thought we were best friends, Jimminie?! O_O :(


Hobi: Get donuts for me too, Chim. 


Chim: No one's getting anything. Just Kookie :)


Joonie: I'll get something for you, Tae :)


Tae: <3 <3 <3 @ Namjoon hyung. 


Tae: *Middle finger @Jimminie. 


Hobi: Joonie *Waves arms. Get a chocolate tart for me! 


Joonie:  *Middle finger.


Hobi: Lonely... I am so lonely.. 


Hobi: I have nobodyyyyy


Chim: -_-


Joonie: I'm coming too! Where do I come?


Chim: We're playing on the outdoor court. *shrugs


Hobi: You sneaky bastard!! *shocked. Yoongi hyung hates the cold!


Joonie: Yoongi hyung will beat him even if it's cold. 


Chim: See ya, suckers ~_~


Tae: Kookie and I'll be there too!! 


Yoongi and Jin reached the court after fifteen minutes, Yoongi trailing behind Jin slowly, shivering at the mildest breeze and cursing under his breath. 

"It's winter, what the hell is he thinking running around outside in this weather?!" He grumbled. 

"You didn't have to wear basketball shorts." Jin scolded.

"It helps to play." Yoongi said and shivered. 

His teeth were chattering. 

"Come here." Jin rolled his eyes.

"No." Yoongi frowned.

"That's not what you said when you hugged me some time ago." Jin teased. "Or when you decided you wanted to sleep in my bed and cuddle_"

"_Shut up, Jin." Yoongi complained and Jin laughed and hugged himself as the cold air attacked his senses. 

Jin, is it? I thought it was hyung_”



Jungkook and Taehyung reached the court first and found Jimin dribbling an orange coloured ball. 

Just as they reached him, he jumped and threw and the ball neatly passed through the basket. 

"Kookie!" Jimin said happily when he saw Jungkook and Jungkook smiled.

"Yeah, ignore me, who am I?" Taehyung said with a frown. “I’m just a passerby..”

Jimin grinned and hugged Jungkook first and apologised.

"Sorry about last night, Jungkookie." Jimin said.

"It's okay." Jungkook said embarrassedly. 

"Okay, I'm going, you betraying ass_" Taehyung began when Jimin laughed and hugged him too. 

"_You know you love me." Jimin said with a grin. 

Hoseok and Namjoon arrived thereafter and Jimin made a show of getting each of the throws to land a point.

"Yoongi hyung isn't even here yet, don't be too happy." Hoseok said wisely as Namjoon and Taehyung stared at each other like lovesick puppies and Jungkook stood around awkwardly.

Yoongi and Jin arrived next and everyone paused and stared in surprise.

Jin's and Yoongi's eyes widened at the sight of Jungkook and Jungkook as well as the others, respectively. 

Hoseok, Namjoon, Taehyung and Jimin stared at Jin with wide eyes. 

They were supposed to keep the two from meeting but here they were now.

"Hya, you want to lose in front of an audience, do you?" Yoongi questioned Jimin and the others came back to their senses. 

"That is if you can beat me! You're shivering pretty bad." Jimin said with an awkward laugh. 

Yoongi tried to look tough but his chattering teeth gave him away. 

"I'm on Yoongi hyung's side!" Hoseok declared. 

"Me too." Namjoon agreed.

"Jungkook is on my side, aren't you?" Jimin asked. 

Jungkook was busy trying to avoid meeting Jin's eyes so he nodded without listening.

"For once, I will be on your side too, Jimminie!" Taehyung said cheerfully. 

"What about you Jin hyung?" Hoseok asked. 

"What?" Jin asked, looking up from his shoes.

"Whose side are you on?"

"I'm not taking sides. Play well kids." Jin said and smiled. 

"Betr_betrayal." Yoongi shuddered and Jin smiled at Yoongi.

Jungkook was in awe. 

How can anyone be so FUCKING beautiful? 

"Okay so whoever makes five baskets first, wins." Jin declared. 

"Alright." Yoongi replied shivering.

"Let's begin!" Jimin said cheerfully.

Hoseok, Namjoon and Taehyung sat between Jin and Jungkook on the mini bleachers by the side and Yoongi made up his mind. 

"Shall we begin, hyung?" Jimin asked cheerfully. 

That bastard wasn't affected by the cold at all.

Jin walked up to them with the ball. 

Yoongi nodded and focused on the ball in Jin's hand. 

"Let's go!"

Jin threw the ball high and Jimin caught it easily, instantly beginning to dribble and move towards the basket that Yoongi's back was to. 

"GO JIMMINIE!!" Taehyung cheered loudly and Jungkook forced himself to join in, instead of zoning out and thinking about Jin. 

"You can do it Jimin hyung!" He added and grinned. 

"YOONGI HYUNG!!! BEAT HIS ASS TILL IT’S RED!!" Hoseok cheered and Namjoon hit him on the head. 

"Don't say such things in front of Taehyung and Jungkook." He said and laughed.

Yoongi could have died but Jimin laughed as well.  

Yoongi decided to ignore the hair raising cold and got in between the basket and Jimin reaching out and taking possession of the ball from a surprised Jimin. 

"THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT!" Namjoon yelled. 

"You're fast." Jimin said as he chased after Yoongi. 

"You have no idea." Yoongi whispered and Jimin's eyes widened as Yoongi jumped and threw the ball from a considerable distance and it went through. 

"One to Yoongi!" Jin said over Hoseok and Namjoon's cheers. 

"JIMIN, EYES ON THE BALL!" Taehyung yelled loudly and Jimin became serious as he stole the ball and dribbled with more determination.

He scored next. 

"GO, JIMIN HYUNG!" Jungkook yelled loudly and gave an ear splitting grin. 

Jin's attention was on Jungkook who looked positively radiant in the godforsaken drab and chilly weather. 

Hoseok coughed loudly and yelled "ONE TO JIMIN!" 

Jin jumped and repeated Hoseok's words with a blush. 

"One to Jimin, it is." 

Yoongi didn't waste his breath talking when he played but Jimin was enjoying their conversation so he played along with it. 

He didn't know whether he was flirting but it didn't seem all that bad to him at the moment. 

"I'm fast too." Jimin declared once they were at it again and Yoongi laughed. 

"Okay, Jimin." He said and once again he caught hold of the ball. 

Jimin put up fierce resistance but Yoongi knew his way around this game and before long he had thrown the ball into his basket again. 

"G-go Yoongi hyung!" Namjoon shivered. 

Damn, Yoongi hyung. Couldn't you make a move on Jimin on a warmer day? 

"Two to Yoongi." Jin declared. 

"JIMINNNN!!" Taehyung screeched loudly and Jungkook joined in as well. 

"Got it, got it!" Jimin said with a smile. 

Why are you smiling, you idiot?! He’s winning, not you!

Jimin's next attempt scored him a basket. 

"THAT'S MY BEST FRIEND!!" Taehyung yelled happily. "You have made the youngsters proud!!" 

"What do you mean by that?! Are we old??" Hoseok demanded. 

"Yeah." Taehyung said happily and Jungkook couldn't help but giggle. 

His eyes fell on Jin hyung who had a fond smile on his face as Taehyung and Hoseok argued and his heart beat faster uselessly. He bit his lip and turned his attention to the game. 

"Two to Jimin as well!" 

Yoongi scored next. 

"Three to Yoongi." 

Jimin tried to score after that but the ball fell short of the basket. 

Yoongi was sweating copiously now which was good because it didn't feel cold anymore.

That could not be said for the avid spectators, however, who were frozen in their place. 

"I'm freezing my- my ass off here." Namjoon groaned. 

"Hurry up!" Hoseok called, enthusiasm having waned a bit. 

Jimin forced himself to pay attention to Yoongi's moves and took possession of the ball next. 

He started moving in the direction of his basket but Yoongi was blocking his way. 

He decided to try what Yoongi had and aimed for the basket from there itself, hoping for the ball to go through. 

"GO JIMINNIE!!!" Taehyung was on his feet, first pumping in the air. 

Jungkook was cheering with as much enthusiasm as well.


Jimin grinned happily and Yoongi considered, not for the first time, that he should let Jimin win, just to see that smile etched on to his face. 

But he still needed to teach him a lesson. 

"Three to Jimin." 

"Okay we have both tied at 3 each so.. Two to go!" Jin announced. 

Yoongi became serious then and played as if he was playing a real match, not a one on one game. 

Jimin noticed the change in atmosphere but since he hadn't seen Yoongi play much before this, he didn't know how to stop him. 

Yoongi ran faster than before, now determined to end the game and though Jimin was strong, he wasn't given the speed that was crucial at this critical point in the game. 

The game was over within two minutes. 

"WE WON, WE WON!!!" Hoseok and Namjoon yelled happily and Yoongi smiled widely. 

Jimin was stunned. "How?!" He asked in amazement. Yoongi hyung had been shivering like a wet dog a few minutes ago! 

Yoongi shrugged modestly but his words proved to be contrary. "I told ya.. Prodigy." 

Yoongi's happiness increased when he was rewarded with the smile wanted to see and he almost got lost in staring at Jimin but stopped when Taehyung barrelled into Jimin.

"Park Jimin!! How can you not even win when I had such high hopes from you???" Taehyung was hitting Jimin on the chest repeatedly. 

“You have let me down! Now I cannot die in peace.. Why, Chim, WHY?!”

"You're still getting me donuts, right?" Jungkook asked with a desperate expression.

"You have to get them for ALL of us, Jimin. Since you lost." Hoseok said.

Jin rolled his eyes as the 'youngsters' as Taehyung termed them argued about who would buy whom what. 

Jin's eyes scanned Jungkook's face and he chewed on his lip. Should he ask Jungkook to meet him now?

"Don't do it now." Yoongi said, startling him. 

"Why?" He asked and Yoongi nodded towards the rest of them.

"I'm not going to do it in front of everyone!" Jin exclaimed. "I was going to call him aside.." 

"I think you should prepare him.. Like give him hints before you swoop down and smooch him." Yoongi said seriously, wiping the sweat from his brow with one hand and spinning the ball on the index finger of the other hand like a pro. 

"He's going to deny, I can't ask him_"

"_I'm not asking to tell him you want to kiss him." Yoongi interrupted at Jin blushed at hearing the words aloud. 

He quickly glanced at the others to see they were occupied before hissing "I don't want to kiss him! I just want to remember_" 

"_Whatever you say. But hint him about your intentions before you do it. Startling him won’t work in your favour." 

Yoongi went and joined the others and Jin scowled at his back. 

"Why are you ruining my life, Yoongi?" He mumbled under his breath. 

I hope that stops him for some time, Yoongi thought happily. At least long enough for that idiot to realise that he does want to kiss Jungkook.

How was Jin even supposed to hint something like that freaking him out?

Maybe he should get drunk so that he can get it over with_

But he had already told Jungkook he wouldn’t do anything idiotic again.. Besides he would forget everything again which wouldn’t help his case in the slightest.

“Jin hyung, why are you standing there in the cold?! Come on! It’s freezing.” Jimin called and brought Jin back to Earth. It was freezing.

Jin’s eyes met Jungkook’s for a second before Jungkook looked away.

Jin followed the others for some donuts.



Later that day, Jimin, Hoseok, Yoongi, Taehyung and Namjoon hung out in Jimin and Hoseok’s room.

Compared to Jin and Yoongi’s room, their room was a total mess so it had taken each of them some time to find room enough to sit comfortably.

Jin and Jungkook had both said something about studying and disappeared to their respective rooms.

“Yoongi hyung, what were you talking to Jin hyung about?” Taehyung asked as he tried to balance popcorn on the tip of his nose.

Namjoon was staring at him unabashedly.

“The reason I called him to see the match was because he was talking to himself about going and kissing Jungkook right then.” Yoongi said and the others sat up straighter.

“Wow, someone’s desperate.” Hoseok said with a grin.

“He sure is! But I think that would do more harm than good. Jungkook would get angry this time.” Taehyung said thoughtfully.

“Why? If my crush kissed me, I’d be on top of the world.” Jimin said with his signature grin. “Aah, Luhan with his pretty, pink lips and his hot body..”

Everyone rolled their eyes.

Thankfully Kookie isn’t like you.” Hoseok mumbled and Yoongi laughed at the indignant expression on Jimin’s face.

What do you mean?!” Jimin demanded.

“Oh you know.. Kookie is pure and innocent and you’re_” Hoseok started, piquing Yoongi’s curiosity.

“_Kookie isn’t that innocent though.” Taehyung interrupted.

“No kid is, these days.” Namjoon said seriously.

Anyways.” Yoongi said. “I told him the same thing. I asked him to prepare Jungkook for what’s coming by dropping hints.”

“That’s good! He will get more desperate then.” Jimin nodded happily.

“What about our other plan?” Namjoon asked.

“How about we make it so that Jin hyung can carry out his plan on that day?” Hoseok said.

“Yeah, if we do that, neither of them can run.” Taehyung agreed.

“How about tomorrow? It’s a holiday.” Jimin suggested.

“Whoa, first good thing you said today, Chim.” Hoseok said.

“Yeah tomorrow seems fine. Should we call and make the reservation?” Namjoon asked.

“I’m up for it! The forecast said rain, by the way.” Taehyung said evilly.

“Alright then.”  Yoongi said.

So it wasn’t the most original plan in the universe but it would do.




Jin was supposed to study but all he ended up doing is wasting his time thinking of ways to drop hints.

“Ugh, what do I do?” He groaned.

“I can’t even say there’s something on your mouth, let me wipe it with mine, or something.” He said to himself and exhaled.

Then he sat up and fished for his phone, quickly opening the Google app. He wet his dry lips and started typing.

How to drop hints that you want to kiss someone?

He pressed enter.

Wow.” He said in amazement as the precise results of what he had been searching for appeared.

“No wonder kids know everything these days.” He mumbled before beginning to read, his heart pounding against his chest.

  1. Want him to kiss you? (How sexist, he thought) Here’s how to get him to go for it.
  2. Touch him throughout your conversation. Don’t place your hand on his knee and start rubbing it. (Check and... Okay?)
  3. Lean in and smile. (How can I do that?! Won’t he get scared?) Jin stopped and tried to imagine leaning in and smiling at Jungkook. Shit, that would be scary!
  4. Hold your head to the side in rapt attention and stare straight at his lips... (God, help me.)
  5. Drop hints.... (That’s what I googled?!)

“I’m scared.” He admitted to himself.

“Why does it feel like I’m going to kiss someone for the first time?!” He exclaimed.

He shook his head to clear it and scrolled. He was unsatisfied with the results so he cleared his text and typed again.

How to prepare someone for a kiss?

“Aaish not like that.” He rolled his eyes as tips on keeping your lips soft showed up.

On a second thought though..

How to make your lips soft

Jin’s eyes widened as he read. “This stuff is so easy.” He said in amazement.

I’m pretty sure girls are smart enough to do their research, that’s why they’re said to have soft lips.

After reading all that he could possibly absorb at a time, he concluded that his lips felt like they were coated with salt.

Did I really kiss Jungkook with such dry lips? He wondered.

I was drunk on top of that, he thought, shaking his head.

At least I know what to do now. He nodded to himself and googled the first thing he had again before taking a screenshot of it.

“Okay. You can do this, Seokjin.” He assured himself and read the instructions again.

Agh these are to get someone to kiss you! He groaned as he read the first point carefully. Jungkook’s not going to kiss me, I am going to kiss him!

What do I google then..?

Why is my life so hard?

“Maybe he will get an idea that I am going to kiss him if I do all these things.” He thought so.

While scrolling he came across a website called Instructables and he opened it.

He started skimming through it in the hopes that he would find what he was looking for.

He paused when he read

.... If you see one or a combination of these your partner is thinking of kissing you...

Eyes become soft and heavy, eye contact is made and sustained, head turns slightly, lips are licked or bitten, your partner makes physical contact with you, easy conversation comes to a stop but eye contact is not broken and your partner smiles in conjunction with any of the above behaviours.

So if I do all that, will Jungkook know that I’m going to kiss him..? He wondered.

He grinned when he scrolled further and read more instructions on how to give your partner the cue that you wish to kiss him or her.

Soften your gaze by relaxing the muscles around your eyes, somewhat like smiling but without engaging your mouth.

Had I known this before, it would have definitely prevented some of the awkward first kisses I’ve had over the years, he thought with a rueful smile.

Smile often

Won’t I look like a maniac though?

Make eye contact and allow it to linger for a few moments longer than you normally would.

Find ways to subtly touch your partner.

“What..?” He said

“Okay.” He said and closed his eyes and pictured himself doing all said things.

“Okay. I will do all that.” He whispered to himself and just then his phone buzzed.

He opened it to see that he had a text from Yoongi.

Jimin, Hoseok, Namjoon, Taehyung, Jungkook and I are planning to go to a farmhouse tomorrow.

Obviously you’re coming too.

His eyes widened in surprise.

Yoongi, you know I cannot! Exams are approaching.

He sent and waited, rereading the message. Jungkook was coming too...

Yes, you most definitely can come. I don’t care. Was Yoongi’s reply.

Stubborn kids.

Yoongi, I am NOT coming. He sent.

We called and made a reservation for SEVEN people which means that you are included. Hoseok and Namjoon are asking you to stop being so mean and start packing.

He quickly called Yoongi.

“Yoongi_” He started as soon as the phone was answered.


It wasn’t Yoongi.

“J-Jungkook?!” Jin stuttered in surprise.

He blushed when he realised that he had spent all this time on Google, trying to find a way to kiss the boy who was on the other end.

“They made me answer.” Jungkook said and Jin could picture the younger boy rolling his eyes.

“They said to convince you to come.” Jungkook said shyly.

“Oh.. Oh. But I have to study so I can’t come..”

Please? All of us are going. It.. It won’t be the same without you.” Jungkook said softly, his heart banging against his chest.


Damn this kid_

“_It will be fun, Jin hyung! The farmhouse is located very close to the woods; we’ll have a great time.” Jungkook said, his cheeks flaming red as he remembered the five pairs of eyes that were staring at him curiously.

“I’ll think about it.” Jin said. “Can you give the phone to Yoongi, Kookie?”

“Uh.. He said he doesn’t want to talk..?” Jungkook said.

“Namjoon_” Jin began.

“_Is in the bathroom.” Jungkook said after decoding Namjoon’s acting skills.


“_He.. He stubbed his toe.” Jungkook said as Hoseok pretended to hop on one leg, clutching the toe of the other.

Jin huffed in amazement as Hoseok’s exaggerated wailing filled the air.

Fine. Fine, I’ll come!” Jin said and he could swear he heard all of them cheering, even though one was in the bathroom and the other had stubbed his toe.


“Isn’t this exciting, Kookie?!” Taehyung said happily as he stuffed his clothes haphazardly into their duffel bag.

Jungkook rolled his eyes and turned their bag upside down; refolding each of Taehyung’s clothes and putting them back inside neatly.

“It is.” Jungkook agreed.

“I hear it’s a wonderful farmhouse!” Taehyung went on.

“Is it so?”

“Yeah! Apparently there’s loads of animals there too!”

“Where exactly is it?” Jungkook asked, adding his own, neatly folded clothes to the bag before checking his phone which had buzzed.

A text from Seoyeon.

Do you want to check out the other, not as famous coffee place at the edge of the campus?, it read.

“Outskirts of Incheon. Monday is a holiday so we’re coming back on Monday.” Taehyung explained before rushing into their washroom to take their bathroom essentials as well.

Jungkook quickly typed that he couldn’t tomorrow as they were going out and sent it.

Sorry, Seo! The hyungs suddenly barged in and announced that we’re going to a farmhouse tomorrow! How about Tuesday? Sorry L


Seoyeon blushed at the nickname but replied that it was okay and they could hang out on Tuesday instead.

She was tempted to ask if Seokjin-ssi would be in Jungkook’s group of hyungs.


Jungkook didn’t know anything about the place they were going to.

Some time ago, his hyungs had barged into his room saying that they were going to a farmhouse tomorrow and he needed to convince Jin hyung because he would only listen to Jungkook.

Jungkook had been unable to hide his smile because his convincing was what had brought about Jin hyung’s acceptance.

His foolish heart couldn’t help but hope that something substantial would happen on their one and a half day trip.


Jin and Yoongi were packing as well.

“Why did you make Jungkook ask me?” Jin demanded, frowning at Yoongi.

“You wouldn’t agree if I asked.” Yoongi shrugged.

Jin blushed because only a few words from the younger boy had had him agreeing.

But he was excited too.

“It’s a good place. It’s on the outskirts so it won’t be too crowded. It will be quite quiet, I daresay.” Yoongi said.

“With Hoseok and Namjoon? Has it ever been? Now there’s Taehyung and Jimin too.. There goes my long, relaxing weekend.” Jin mumbled.

“It’s gonna be fine.” Yoongi said with uncharacteristic enthusiasm.

“If you say so...” Jin said and smiled because Yoongi’s enthusiasm always lifted his mood.

“You can do it tomorrow.” Yoongi said before leaving for bed.

“Do what?” Jin wondered before he realized.

An image of himself and Jungkook cropped up in his head.

Tomorrow I’ll know how it felt to kiss Jungkook, Jin thought as butterflies fluttered in his stomach.

But wait_

What if something is going on between Jungkook and that love letter girl?! I can’t just go and kiss him if there’s something between them!

The thought tasted bitter.

But he could be stubborn too, if he had to be.

Even if they’re together, I can always apologize.. Besides, if I kiss_ no.. When I kiss Jungkook, he’s as it is going to be angry with me.

For all I know, he may stop talking to me altogether.

Jin paused in his tracks, wondering what he should do.

It wasn’t like him to come in between someone’s relationship but...

But he knew Jungkook first.

He had become his friend first.

He had kissed him first...


And he was going to kiss him again.






Chapter Text


Jungkook was shaken awake in the untimely hours of the morning. He had fallen asleep really late so he was quite drowsy when he blinked open his eyes.

A face with big, cat shaped eyes was looming above his. 

"Come on, Kookie! We need to leave now." Jungkook heard the lips on the face say. 

"No.." Jungkook announced, turning over and trying to go back to sleep.

"Jungkook, I'd hate to drench you.. Don't do this. You already had a bad cold some time ago." The annoying face said. 

"F.. Fuck.." Jungkook mumbled, half in the world of sleep and half out. 

"Jungkook! This is no time to dream about Jin hyung!" Taehyung scolded, misinterpreting him as usual.

"Fuck off, fucker, fuck off." Jungkook groaned. 

"Kookie!! Come on already!" 

Taehyung used the little strength he had to pull Jungkook's lower body off his bed and was tired with the little effort it had taken. 

Jungkook sighed and sat up. "Why, why?!" He demanded, frowning cutely and shaking his head. 

Taehyung’s lips moved and he touched Jungkook’s hair but he didn’t hear a word that he said. 

Taehyung dragged him to his room and Jungkook sat with his eyes closed, unaware about anything else. He was too sleepy to care. 

He was half asleep when Taehyung forced him to sit on a chair and he didn't even blink at the box of hair dye. He was going to return to his dream, thank you very much. 

He was shaken awake again sometime later and his hair was wet and sticky then. 

"What the fuck did you do?" He asked, wiping the sleep out of his eyes. 

"Nothing, nothing, go bathe. Wash your hair." Taehyung said, pushing him to the bathroom this time. 

Jungkook stripped mechanically, eyes still heavy with sleep. 

He actually woke up when the water hit him. 

"WHY IS IT COLD, FUCKER?! IS THIS REVENGE?!" He yelled, cowering against the wall at first which proved to be just as cold for his bare back and then hovering between the cold water and the cold wall and whining. 

Taehyung rolled his eyes and walked into the bathroom, the door of which Jungkook had forgotten to lock. 

"Wait, would you? Geez you always act like a 14 year old girl on her period when you're woken up early."Taehyung said exasperatedly. 

Jungkook frowned and whined as he tentatively put a finger into the water to check its temperature. 

"Now be a good boy and come out fast." Taehyung said contentedly and walked out. 

Jungkook sighed when it felt warm enough to step into.

He stood stationary in the warm water for some time, thinking about their plans for today. 

He smiled and reached for one of his body washes (He's too hygienic to share a bar of soap or even the same loofah with Taehyung, mind you.) (Of course he doesn’t know that Taehyung has used it on countless occasions.) 

He was too lost in his thoughts.

Jin hyung had looked so cute yesterday. First when he had walked in with Yoongi hyung and stared at Jungkook with wide eyes and then later when he had chocolate all over his mouth as they ate donuts. 

He has a big mouth, Jungkook thought carelessly and blushed as one of his old fantasies cropped up into his head. He leaned his head back and looked up at the spray of water and smiled. 

He remembered that his hair was sticky so he washed it as well and frowned at the water flowing down the drain. 

"What." He said. 

His eyes widened and he stumbled and slipped so he was in front of their mirror. 

He gasped at what he saw. 

I'm going to kill you, Kim Taehyung.


Operation Jinkook


Yoongi: The car we rented has arrived. Are you guys done yet? 


Tae: We might be a little late..


Joonie: Why? ^-^ 


Hobi: Us too, Jimin just ran into his new crush. -_-


Joonie: Who? *-* 


Yoongi: -________- Tell him to hurry the fuck up. 


Tae: Guys.. Please.. 


Joonie: What’s wrong??


Tae: Don’t react when you see Kookie.. *Sheepish grin.


Yoongi: Why? Did he get into a fight or something? 




Chim: Guys, has anyone noticed how cute_ wait what?! JUNGKOOK GOT INTO A FIGHT?!


Hobi: IS HE OKAY?!


Chim: IS HE HURT?!


Hobi: Our poor little Jungkook.. :( Is Hyosang hyung okay? 


Chim: IS HE BLEEDING?! Wait, he fought with Hyosang hyung?! What all did I miss?! How did they get into a fight?

Hobi: Yeah, does Jin hyung know?




Yoongi: What the fuck is wrong with you both?! Let Taehyung speak instead of assuming stuff! 


Tae: RELAX, WOULD YOU?! He didn’t fight with anyone!!!


TaeExcept me *Sighs.


Chim: What did you do now? -_-


Tae: Who are you crushing on now? -_-


Chim: :D His name is_ wait, are you making fun of me? -_- 




Tae: -_- ANYWAYS.. Please don’t react when you see Jungkook otherwise he’ll kill me... :’) 


Hobi: We’re almost there.. Tae, where are you?


Tae: Jungkook is looking for his beanie.. See you guys soon.. Namjoon hyung?


Joonie: Almost there, Tae. See you :)


Yoongi: Jin said to carry umbrellas. 


Hobi: AAAGH now we have to go back. See you guys. 



“You don’t need the beanie, Kookie.” Taehyung said meekly. 

“The hell I don’t!” Jungkook snapped. His annoyance had been mounting for some time now.

First because he had got the shock of his life when he had seen his hair and then later when he had seen the time and found that he had been woken up at four fucking am, when they were supposed to leave at 7.

He had yelled at Taehyung for fifteen minutes straight (while Taehyung had done some more ridiculous, highly sexualised acting

 ‘What were you thinking, dyeing my hair without my permission?!” Jungkook demanded, adjusting his beanie so no strand of his newly dyed hair would be visible. 

“I asked you! You were too sleepy I guess..” Taehyung said shyly.

Jungkook rolled his eyes and huffed in annoyance. 

Taehyung himself had dyed his hair as well but his hair was brown, which was okay, unlike Jungkook’s hair, which made him stand out like a duck in the midst of swans.

“It will fade away soon, Jungkook!” Taehyung said, grabbing an umbrella and motioning for Jungkook to leave before him.

Jungkook took their bag and walked out, resolving to not ruin his mood so early in the morning.

He would have fun with Jin hyung and the others and he would never take off the damn beanie even if his life depended on it.

Taehyung locked their door and they were about to turn and go when a shy voice was heard. 


Taehyung and Jungkook turned and their eyes widened at the sight of Seoyeon.

Since Taehyung had been sprawled across the floor and spying on her the last time he had seen her, he blushed and looked at Jungkook instead but Seoyeon had already recognized him and she smiled slightly. 

Jungkook grinned at his new friend (hopefully) and Taehyung scowled internally. 

“Seo!” Jungkook greeted and Taehyung actually frowned at the nickname. 

Jungkook was considerably surprised since they hadn’t planned on meeting until Tuesday. 

“I was waiting for my brother to come out; he stays in the last room there.” Seoyeon explained, nodding towards the last room on the top floor in the opposite direction. 

“You have a brother?” Jungkook asked, sounding surprised.

Who?” Taehyung asked. He was curious since he knew all the people who lived on this floor.

“Kim Hyunjae.” Seoyeon said and Jungkook racked his brain to remember.

“Hyunjae is your brother?!” Taehyung exclaimed.

Taehyung is friends with everyone, no wonder he knows, Jungkook thought with an exasperated smile.

 “Yeah_” Seoyeon began when a figure appeared from the last door.

“Seo, you’re here?” A boy Jungkook had seen occasionally said as he came out. He looked around Taehyung’s age, which made him older than Jungkook.

That’s when he noticed their bags. Seemed like they were going somewhere as well. 

Jungkook was surprised at how similar Seoyeon and Hyunjae looked and had he seen them beside each other earlier, he would have wondered for sure whether the two were related. 

Both had similar shaped eyes, both were spectacled and even had the same kind of wavy hair, though Seoyeon wore hers longer. 

“Yes oppa, thanks for coming out fast.” Seoyeon rolled her eyes.

Hyunjae smiled when he saw Taehyung. “Taehyung. I rarely see you nowadays.. Is it because of your boyfriend?” 

“Something like that.” Taehyung said with his signature smile. 

“I did see you guys that day.” Hyunjae recalled. 

“Where are you off to?” Taehyung asked genially.

“We thought we would go home, visit our parents.” Hyunjae said. “Oh, I apologize. This is my sister, Kim Seoyeon.” 

“I know who they are.” Seoyeon said and smiled.

“I wanted to talk to you for a minute, is that alright?” Seoyeon asked Jungkook in a softer voice.

Taehyung had good ears though and was about to respond that they would be late when Jungkook nodded.

“Go on Tae. I’ll meet you at the parking lot.” Jungkook said and Hyunjae looked his sister and Jungkook curiously. So this is Jungkook? 

He had forced his sister to tell him about her crush and had even made her tell him about their encounter.

It’s good he’s gay, one less guy to worry about. Hyunjae thought as he followed Taehyung. 

“I’ll see you downstairs.” Hyunjae told his sister.

Seoyeon looked relieved when her brother and Taehyung disappeared. 

“My brother is so annoying.” She complained and Jungkook laughed.

“I have an older brother too so I know how you feel.” Jungkook told her. 

Seoyeon smiled softly. “I’m sorry, I won’t keep you too long, I just wanted to apologise for the way I acted that day..” 

Jungkook looked at her in confusion. “Apologize? Why?”

“I was embarrassed but that’s not reason enough to run away like that when you were nothing but nice whereas.. Someone else might have been mean. I didn’t think you meant it when you said you wanted to be friends so I.. I ran away but I know now that you’re not like that..” She trailed off awkwardly. 

Jungkook’s eyes softened and he smiled.

“When I realized that you weren’t like that I started wondering if you wanted to be my friend out of pity_” Seoyeon began after a pause. 

“_Not at all! I swear_” Jungkook interrupted hastily.

“_I know.. I know you’re not like that so I came to apologize and to say that I’d love to be your friend.” 

Jungkook’s face brightened. “I’m glad.” He told her and she smiled slightly before tilting her head and grinning suddenly. 

“Did you dye your hair again?” She asked excitedly and Jungkook hastily stuffed his hair into his beanie.

He had forgotten again. 

“No, it looks good!” Seoyeon insisted and Jungkook sighed. 

“It’s Tae. He’s so annoying!” He told her and she laughed.


When Taehyung reached the parking lot, he found the others in varying states of drowsiness.

Yoongi hyung and Jin hyung looked the sleepiest whereas Jimin and Hoseok hyung looked like they were off to a party. Namjoon hyung looked calm but wide awake, since he would be driving. Taehyung’s stomach filled with butterflies as his boyfriend grinned at him, displaying his dimples. “You dyed your hair.. Looks hot.” Namjoon whispered in his ear, making him grin playfully. 

“Where’s Jungkook?” Jin asked, trying and failing at not sounding worried.

“Yeah, where’s Kookie?” Jimin asked, eyes searching.

Taehyung smiled slyly and said “He ran into Seoyeon some time ago.. They’re talking.. He’ll be here soon.” 

Jin’s eyes narrowed in confusion at first but he understood quickly. 

The love-letter girl! 

Jealousy prickled at his sides as he pictured Jungkook laughing with that girl and he looked ready to call him and yell at him about wasting time when they were supposed to leave already.

‘It’s fine, there’s still five minutes to seven.” Yoongi said, reading Jin’s expression expertly and giving a sly smile of his own.

Jin almost glared at his roommate before stopping himself in time. 

Seoyeon, is it? 

How can Jungkook fall so easily for someone who writes him love letters?!

Jin himself had received so many letters but he had never fallen in love with the writers just because they liked him!

If only he knew how gleeful the five younger boys were because of his non verbal reaction. 

“So are they official?” Jimin asked innocently and everyone’s eyes snapped at Taehyung.


But thankfully, Taehyung was saved the task of lying because Jungkook appeared then and apologized to the others for making them wait.

“Sorry.. I ran into a friend.” 

He had a shy smile on his face and Taehyung began to wonder what exactly the two had been talking about.

Jin had never been unhappy to see Jungkook smile (although his body didn’t know it was not supposed to be happy) but he supposed there was a first for everything and this was it.

He says ‘friend’ but he’s smiling like it’s more.

Jimin was about to ask Jungkook about his beanie when he remembered Taehyung asking them not to react to Jungkook.. 

“I’m calling shot gun.” Taehyung said happily.

“I’m sitting by the window in the middle!” Jimin exclaimed quickly.

“I’m sitting by the other window!” Hoseok said immediately after.

“I want a window too.” Jungkook frowned. “Okay, I’ll sit in the back.” 

Yoongi didn’t want to sit in between Hoseok (who could get pretty loud) and his crush, but sometimes you have to sacrifice things for the sake of your favourite OTP. 

“I’m sitting in the middle.” He said as nonchalantly as he could, discreetly watching Jimin from the corner of his eye.

Jin was about to roll his eyes and make a comment about how childish everyone was when he realised that from the way it sounded, he would be sitting beside Jungkook.

Jungkook realised at the same time as well and glanced at Jin with widened eyes.

Jin remembered all his research. 

Here goes nothing, he thought and smiled at Jungkook.

Jungkook blushed and smiled back slightly before moving towards the car first.

He forced himself into the back seat and sat waiting for the others to come inside, hoping that his cheeks would go back to their normal colour.

You’re so awkward, Jungkook. He thought as he sat.

Jin let out the breath he had been holding and went inside next, his mind fixed on all the tips he had read the last night.

Smile often was one of them. 

Another one was to touch them throughout your conversation.. But it was not limited to conversations alone so as he took his place beside Jungkook, he subtly let his leg brush Jungkook’s knee before moving out of his personal space.

If Jungkook didn’t know any better, he would have thought that Jin was being even friendlier than usual but it was probably his mind imagining stuff.

Nonetheless, he couldn’t help the butterflies that filled his stomach when Jin’s leg brushed his knee.

The others settled in after some grumbling (mostly from Yoongi, who was sandwiched between Jimin and Hoseok.) and Namjoon began driving.

Jungkook immediately opened the back window to let the cool air in to cool his heated cheeks.

Taehyung turned on the radio and conversation began between the seven boys.

Jin made sure to keep his gaze on Jungkook for longer than anyone else and often glanced at him when he spoke to everyone.

This is so embarrassing, he thought but he knew that he had to keep at it.

Besides, as he had noted several times earlier, Jungkook was cute so it wasn’t like he had to keep seeing a bad sight either. 

Jungkook looked even cuter than usual that day. With his red beanie, red shirt and red cheeks, he was quite adorable.

After about twenty minutes, the inevitable happened and everyone except Namjoon, Jin and Yoongi began to doze off.

Jimin’s head was on Yoongi shoulder (something that made Jin and Namjoon smirk widely), Hoseok had promptly settled for leaning against the window and snoring, Taehyung was drifting in and out of consciousness, drooping eyes on Namjoon’s face and Jungkook was curled up on his side of the seat, eyes closed and small smile on his face. 

Jin couldn’t help but watch his friends with a fond expression on his face.

Although he had to leave behind his studying material, he was quite glad that he had decided to come along.

A very nasty speed breaker caused the sleeping boys to wake up momentarily and Jungkook’s beanie (which had been riding up his silky hair) slipped off his head and off the seat. 

Namjoon turned around quickly to make sure no one was hurt and his mouth fell open at the sight of a blinking Jungkook.

Jin turned around to see as well and he almost shivered when Jungkook frowned and touched his head.

Jungkook’s eyes widened when he realized that his cover was missing.

“Jungkook, are you okay_” Jimin began, turning back and gaping at Jungkook.

“I’m fine.” Jungkook said, his cheeks redder than his beanie.

Jin’s heart beat louder and faster as he took in Jungkook’s new, light, almost blonde hair.

Coupled with his pale skin and dark eyes, the hair looked so good on him, that Jin quite forgot how to breathe.

“Hot!” Jimin said cheerfully and Jungkook puffed his cheeks in embarrassment. Yoongi too smiled at Jungkook before turning ahead. Taehyung and Hoseok had already fallen asleep. 

He was too afraid to look over to see Jin hyung’s reaction though. 

Namjoon began to drive again, much slower this time and Jungkook continued to look for his beanie.

Jin bent down and picked up the red beanie before offering it to Jungkook. 

His eyes met Jin’s accidentally and he bit his lower lip, wondering what Jin thought of his hair.

Blushing, he reached for the beanie and his eyes met Jin’s again when their hands brushed accidentally. (He thought it was accidental

Okay, Seokjin! What should you be doing now? Deciding on instinct, he did the ‘smile but not quite smile’ thing that he had read about.

So he allowed the muscles around his eyes to relax, hoping that his gaze was soft as he stared at Jungkook.

Jungkook couldn’t help but stare back because Jin had never looked at him like this before.

For half a second Jungkook had a crazy feeling like something was going to happen but then he looked away and mumbled thanks before taking his beanie from Jin.

“You don’t need to wear it.” Jin said softly, no longer looking at Jungkook but straight ahead.

As they drove past the city and towards the outskirts of it, the number of cars on the road reduced and the sky became more visible.

Jungkook smiled as he felt the unobstructed wind on his face and at the increasing number birds in the sky.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Jin asked with his usual smile and Jungkook smiled back, feeling relieved that Jin wasn’t behaving differently or anything.

“It is.” He agreed.

Soon after, they arrived at a partly traditional Korean farmhouse where the smell of animals and earth was strong but not so strong that they would be put off by it.

The farmhouse comprised of four individual cottages that had an open space in the middle that connected them. 

The individual cottages were small but two of them were slightly larger than the others. 

After meeting the owners, they decided to click photos in and about the farmhouse, making silly faces and poses for the camera.

The others forced Jungkook to take off his beanie and after some grumbling he became slightly comfortable with his hair and even officially forgave Taehyung. (The next time you dye my hair when I’m asleep, I’m going to dye your hair to the colour of mucous)

They had their brunch at the largest of the four cottages which also had a TV and other equipment. 

“We should go trekking, there’s a hill nearby!” Jimin exclaimed as he read a pamphlet.

Taehyung leaned across Hoseok and nodded enthusiastically.

“Look, it says that we’ll see plenty of birds on the trail!” He said excitedly.

“Alright, alright but let Namjoon rest for a while, okay? We can all go to our rooms and leave in some time?” Jin suggested over the din everyone else was making.

“Okay but who is sleeping where?” Hoseok asked the crucial question.

“Yeah, I’m SO not sharing a room with you, hyung.” Jimin said seriously,

“I don’t want to share a room with you either.” Hoseok snorted.

“Well, if that’s the case, Kookie, you can sleep elsewhere.” Taehyung nodded and immediately stood beside Namjoon. “I’m sharing with hyung.” He announced, as if it was necessary. 

Jungkook rolled his eyes. 

“See, there are two beds in each off the cottages except this one. There is just one bed here.” The kind old wife of the owner said as she heard the squabble.

“I’m not sharing with anyone, that’s all I know.” Yoongi said before promptly going and dumping his bag on the bed that was in the only bedroom of that cottage.

“Kookie_” Jimin began.

“_No.” Jin interrupted quickly, causing raised eyebrows and a confused blush.

“Hoseok and you are both very loud so it’s best if you both share,” Jin said hastily, looking anywhere but at Jungkook who was trying not to be too hopeful. 

Yoongi’s smile was in par with the smile of the devil.

“That’s rude! We’re not that loud, hyung!” Hoseok complained.

“Well you both did talk about having a dance off.” Namjoon interjected.

“That’s ridiculous, we won’t have a dance off in our room_” Jimin started to say indignantly when Taehyung interrupted.

“_Yeah, didn’t you guys say that you wanted to see A Tale of Two Sisters? We all know how terrified you both are of horror films, neither of you will be able to sleep all night.” He said evilly. 

“So we obviously shouldn’t share a room!” Jimin protested while Hoseok tried to deny vehemently that he was so not afraid of stupid horror films. 

“Exactly, Jungkook, you should share with Jimin_” Hoseok began, causing Jungkook to bite down on his lower lip. 

“_Oh, FINE! I’ll share a room with you two idiots!” Yoongi interrupted with a scowl.

Fucking Jinkook better get together already, he thought as he went to bring his bag. 

“So Kookie will share a cottage with Jin hyung.” Taehyung said cheerfully before pulling out all his clothes from his and Jungkook’s bag.

Jin almost sighed in relief.

Jungkook hoped that his inner delight was as invisible as it was meant to be.

Could he have been right? Would something happen during this one and a half days trip?

Don’t get your hopes too high, Jungkook. He thought as he followed Jin to the cottage where they would spend the night together.

Jungkook and Jin both stared at the one, queen sized bed in their cottage.

“It_ it was supposed to be two beds, right?” Jungkook stuttered.

Jin nodded and blew out air from his mouth.

“Which side do you want?” He asked with a (another) smile.

Jungkook blushed and said that he would like the left side.

Calm down, Jungkook.. Jin hyung was sitting on your bed when you were sick, remember? It's not like it's the first time you both will be that close, he was close to you when he kissed you_

Jungkook gulped nervously and went to the left side of the bed. 

"Is it okay if I use the washroom first?" Jin asked and Jungkook nodded.

"Sure." He mumbled. 

Jin rushed into the washroom with his bag and breathed out after he had locked the door. 

You're cool, Kim Seokjin. Relax! 

He stared at his reflection.

Blonde hair, Jeon Jungkook?? What other surprises are you going to throw at me? 

He noticed how rapidly his chest was rising and falling and how flushed he looked. 

Once again he tried and failed to recall how it had felt to kiss Jungkook. 

Damn it, you make me so curious. 

He washed his face and leaned forward to examine his reflection closely. 

Jin hadn't always been good looking. His preteen years had been full of awkward growth spurts, pimples, braces and even glasses. His hair had refused to look good, his body had refused to not look lanky and his good grades had classified him as an ultimate nerd. 

At fourteen though, he had decided to start working out and to start eating properly. (Actually, his mother began to think that his appetite had increased tenfold!) His braces had come off, his pimples had vanished and after he changed the frame of his glasses in junior high, he became quite popular. It always bothered him how different everyone began treating him just because he looked better. 

His wariness reduced when he met Yoongi who was a few months younger than him but wiser and even more reserved than he was. Soon they met Namjoon and Hoseok, who enlivened the group and for the first time Jin felt like he had found true friends. 

He wondered if Jungkook had ever felt like that. 

I don't think I looked half as good as Kookie does, at eighteen. 

He smiled at the thought and then bit his lip, wondering if Jungkook had found his frequent smiles to be weird.

But if he was going to follow the book, he was going to do it thoroughly. 

Determinedly he took his toothbrush and brushed his teeth first.

After that he did what he had read about the previous night. It was an easy way to exfoliate dead skin cells, apparently. 

He rubbed the toothbrush in circular motions on his upper and lower lips. 

His lips should be softer now, right? 

He rubbed a little petroleum jelly on his lips.  

 He smiled at himself again and sighed soon after. 

What the fuck is wrong with you, Kim Seokjin?


Jungkook debated pretending to be asleep so that he wouldn't have to have another awkward interaction with Jin but he needed to use the bathroom so he got comfortable with their room instead.

He inspected the drawers and closets, meanwhile and almost cringed when he came in front of a mirror. 

He remembered Jin's words.

"You don't need to wear it." Jin had said.  

Did that mean he thought it suited him as well? 

Jungkook chewed on his lips as he stared at his new hair. 

Maybe it didn't look so bad. 

Who are you kidding; you look plain weird, Jungkook.

He heard the sound of the flush and quickly moved away. 

Jin came out and said "You can use it now, sorry."

Jungkook waved it off and tried to go past Jin to the washroom. 

Jin moved aside but his shoulder brushed Jungkook's and even that made Jungkook shiver.  

 He gulped and walked inside before locking the door behind him. He quickly washed his heated face with cold water. 

Stop imagining things, Jungkook!


Meanwhile in the second largest cottage, Jimin and Hoseok were sulky and Yoongi irritated. 

"What the fuck?" Yoongi groaned at the sight of the king sized bed in the centre of the room. 

"I'm not going to sleep beside Jimin." Hoseok declared. 

"So mean! I don't want to sleep beside you either." Jimin announced with a cute frown. 

Fuck you both, Yoongi thought with a sigh. Especially you, Jimin, for being so unbearably cute. 

"If I have to sleep in the middle, I’m warning you both, I don't want to see either of your faces for a month after this trip." Yoongi said before going to use the washroom first. 

God only knows what will happen after they see the horror movie. 


"Hyung, you should sleep! You didn't get enough sleep." Taehyung said to his boyfriend who was sitting beside him on their bed. 

"I'm not sleepy. I slept well." Namjoon said with a grin. 

"But Jin hyung said_"

"_I thought we could use the alone time." Namjoon said with a shrug, running his fingers through Taehyung's soft, newly dyed hair. 

"Oh." Taehyung grinned happily.

"So what do you propose we should do?" He asked Namjoon, making him grin. 

"Something along these lines!" He said before leaning forward and kissing Taehyung. 

He had done the right thing. 


Jin was deep in thought. 

As soon as he comes out, I'll go and kiss him. 

Just as he thought this, the door opened and Jungkook stepped out but he remained frozen in his place, his heart pounding in his chest. 

Jungkook couldn't understand why Jin was staring at him. 

Jin jumped when he realised that he was staring and tried to recall the other things he had read. 

"Do I have something on my face?" Jungkook asked and Jin was opened his mouth to say "No!" 

"Yes.. Stay still." 

Jin didn't know why he had lied, why he was standing an inch away from Jungkook now or why he had asked Jungkook to stay still.

Jungkook gulped visibly and started to feel his face. 

"Here." Jin said and did one of the other things he had found weird. 

He leaned in, smiled and wiped nonexistent dirt from Jungkook's cheek with his thumb. 

He was about to move back when his eyes met Jungkook's and he let his thumb linger on the younger boy's cheekbone. Their faces were much too close and their eyes wide as they stared at one another.

Jungkook was sure that he was dreaming. 

Had he fallen asleep in the washroom? 

Why was Jin hyung not moving back?

Why was he smiling at him so much? 

Jin was wondering when Jungkook would push him off and ask him why he was being weird but Jungkook just kept staring at him with wide eyes and subconsciously, Jin's eyes fell to Jungkook's parted lips. 

Just bend down and kiss him, Jin and you will finally remember.

It's not so hard, you have done it so many times before.

Jungkook had this sudden urge to tell Jin how he felt. 

Say it, Jungkook. Man up. 

Look how it went with Taehyung. He confessed without wasting time and now him and Namjoon hyung are so happy..

"Hyung_" he began but before he could continue, the door was knocked upon sharply. 

"_Guys, let's go!" Jimin's cheerful voice said. 

Both Jungkook and Jin jumped apart as the door was opened and Jimin stared at them knowingly. 

"Are you guys ready?" Jimin asked suspiciously. 

"Y-yeah!" Jin stuttered, quickly beginning to flatten his hair. 

"Why are you guys being so weird?" Jimin demanded.

"We're not!" Jungkook exclaimed with a blush and moved away to look for his phone. 

"Okay.. Come to the biggest one within 5 minutes." Jimin said before disappearing. 

Jungkook looked in Jin's direction but not at him as he said "I'll get g-going, is that.. Okay?" 

"Y-yeah, sure." Jin replied with a blush and Jungkook sprinted away. 

 Jin sat down on the bed and shook his head to clear it. 

He can't do it. 

Not today at least.. Lest they both become this awkward and everyone begins to question them. 

Or worse

Jungkook gets so mad at him that they ruin the atmosphere for everyone else.. (He also didn't want to sleep beside Hoseok or Jimin after them having seen a horror movie.) 

 "Tomorrow, then." He decided. 


They left soon after and went up the trekking trail. 

"Just look at that bird." Taehyung whispered in Jungkook's ear, pointing to a beautiful grey bird in the sky. 

"Look there, it's a Magpie." Namjoon whispered, pointing elsewhere. 

They didn’t want to scare the birds away so they tried to be quiet as the ascended the hill.

Jin and Hoseok snapped pictures of the birds as they went. 

Jimin and Yoongi were at the back. 

Yoongi, because he was in no mood for vigorous physical exercise (he was going to climb leisurely) and Jimin because he was annoyed with Hoseok (for picking the left side of the bed which didn’t have a window.) (If some ghost enters the room, it will surely enter from the window.) Also, he didn't really want to leave Yoongi hyung alone in the back. 

Jungkook was avoiding Jin somewhat but Jin wasn't too surprised. 

Had I actually kissed him, he would have gone home. He thought as he snapped away. 

I was stupid to think for one minute even that this would be an easy task.  

Even now he could clearly picture Jungkook as he had been so close to him. 

Staring at his lips like that, he had, for the first time considered the possibility that he wanted to kiss him.

The urge to know had been to powerful back then.

He looked over at Jungkook who was smiling at something_ no, at someone. It was Taehyung and Namjoon, it seemed.

“Do I really want to kiss you?” He wondered aloud.

“What?” Hoseok asked. “I didn’t hear you.”

“Nothing, nothing.” He said hastily.

They started their descent to the farmhouse two hours later, each of them drenched in sweat and possessing a few hundred photos on their phones and cameras.

Jungkook had asked to take a photo with Jin and that had given him great relief.

It would have been nearly impossible for him to do what he was planning to do if Jungkook had avoided him any longer.

For some reason, his attachment to the youngest of them had grown even more in the past few days.

He was still afraid of ruining their friendship but the longer he stayed in Jungkook’s presence; the more determined he became to carry out his decision to kiss him.

He found his eyes lingering on Jungkook’s pink lips longer than was normal and every time he stopped thinking about the surroundings, he started thinking about kissing Jungkook.

What surprised them (to some extent) were the dark clouds that started covering the expanse of the sky on their way back.

It wasn’t as cold as usual yet but since December was near, rain was something they had not been expecting.

“I told you guys, didn’t I? The forecast said rain!” Taehyung said excitedly.

“What’s exciting about that? The water will be icy cold.” Yoongi grumbled.

“Pray that it doesn’t snow. The last thing we need is to be shivering under our blankets.” Namjoon said and Jimin nodded.

“I checked the drawers in our cottage and there’s just one huge blanket. We’re going to have to share.” He said miserably.

Yoongi’s frown deepened at the revelation and he debated, not for the first time that day, to go and sleep on the lone bed in the largest cottage.

Jungkook had checked all the drawers as well but hadn’t found blankets.

“There aren’t any blankets in our room.” He told Jin.

Great, you guys can cuddl_” Hoseok began.

“_WE HAVE TWO.” Namjoon quickly interrupted. “You can have one.”

“But you both.. Oh.” Jungkook trailed off embarrassedly and the others laughed.

Both Namjoon and Taehyung had the cutest blushes on their faces.

Jungkook’s eyes widened when he absorbed the entire meaning.

I have to share a blanket with Jin hyung?!

He peeked at Jin who was chewing on his lips nervously.

How did this even happen?


Unfortunately for them, it started raining ten minutes before they reached the farmhouse.

As Yoongi had predicted, the water was ice cold and though they had carried umbrellas, they had left them in the car.

Slipping, stumbling and resembling wet dogs, the seven boys arrived feeling considerably annoyed with themselves for leaving their umbrellas in the car.

“I’m going to die of hypothermia.” Yoongi declared as they entered the largest cottage.

“You look really pale.” Jimin said, looking concerned.

Yoongi’s face regained some colour after that.

“Oh you poor boys.” The old lady said, immediately handing the boys towels.

“I figured you would be drenched so I came here with hot tea for all of you.” She said and they noticed the old lady’s husband pouring tea into teacups for all of them.

“T-thank you very much.” Jin said with a shudder.

The others said their thanks and gratefully reached for the teacups.

They felt better once they had drunk the tea and stopped shivering once they had dried themselves thoroughly.

“Dinner is ready for you all; you just have to heat it up.” The old lady told Jin with a fond smile.

The oldest of the seven reminded her of her son when he was younger.

“We’re really grateful to you.” Jin said with a respectful bow and the others watched him with a mixture of amusement and reverence.

“Yes, thank you for making it comfortable for us.” Yoongi said and gave one of precious smiles.

Jimin got a similar sensation to the one he had got when Yoongi had smiled at him the previous day. He couldn’t put a finger on it.

“Could you please tell us if there are any more blankets?” Jin asked and the others (except Taehyung and Namjoon) listened eagerly.

“Oh dear, I’m so sorry, Seokjin. Normally we don’t get too many visitors in the winter months.. And the last time we kept too many blankets they got spoiled so we only have a few of them now.” The old woman said regretfully.

“Yes, we’re really sorry. Can you all share?” The old man asked tentatively.

“Sure. No problem!” Jin said and gave such a convincing smile that no one would think there was a problem in the first place.

Jungkook’s admiration for his hyung had increased even more within the past fifteen minutes.

“Haraboji.. Can I please borrow your umbrella for a moment? I’ll just go and get our umbrellas from the car.” Namjoon said as the elderly married couple began to leave.

“Yes, why not?” The old man said and Namjoon left the cottage momentarily.

The cold air was felt the minute the door was opened and the already slightly wet boys shivered.

“Now, go and bathe in nice warm water.” The old woman said fondly.

The boys nodded and as soon as Namjoon returned, the couple left.

“We have four umbrellas. Jin hyung and Kookie can have one, Yoongi hyung, Hoseok and Jimin can have two and Tae and I will take the last one.” Namjoon said, distributing the umbrellas.

Since the area common to all the cottages was an open area, they would definitely need the umbrellas.

“Let’s meet in an hour to see A Tale of Two Sisters.” Taehyung said cheerfully.

The others nodded and despite their desire to see the film, Hoseok and Jimin looked terrified, especially when they opened the back door and thunder boomed loudly in the sky.

“You can bathe first, hyung.” Jungkook said.

“Oh no, you go first. What if the water becomes cold by the time_” Jin began.

“_Why don’t you’ll bathe together? Save some water too.” Hoseok interrupted with a grin.

Jungkook blushed and Jin rolled his eyes. “Yeah, you, Yoongi and Jimin should bathe together too.”

Yoongi sent him a death glare. “I’m bathing first. I’m not dying of hypothermia.”

“I can bathe in here too!” Hoseok said, pointing towards the washroom in that cottage.

“Can we leave already, I’m freezing here!” Namjoon exclaimed, pulling Taehyung closer and walking out into the rain.

Jin motioned for Jungkook to huddle closer to him as one by one the pairs and trio began to leave.

Since their umbrella wasn’t too big, Jungkook had to stand right in front of Jin.

Jin’s breath on the back of his neck made him all warm inside, despite the cold rain lashing against their umbrella and on their sides.

“Jungkook, can you pull out the keys from my pocket?” Jin asked over the thunder once they reached their cottage.

“Huh?” Jungkook asked, turning around and staring at Jin, who was so close again.

“My hands are wet.. It’s in the front pocket. My left side.” Jin said, grateful that it was now dark enough for his blush to be invisible.

“Oh.. Okay.” Jungkook mumbled and moved closer before putting his hand into Jin’s left front pocket.

Jin held his breath as he felt Jungkook’s fingers as if there were no layers of clothes separating them from his skin.

“Found it.” Jungkook quickly pulled out the keys and immediately turned to unlock the door.

They took off their soaked shoes and socks and Jungkook politely offered to let Jin bathe first again.

“Go first, brat.” Jin said and smiled and for some odd reason, it made Jungkook grin.

He went into the washroom and turned on the tap.

While the bucket filled with water, he came outside and found Jin reading a book.

Usually he would have walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist or even without one since Taehyung had seen him naked on numerous occasions but as the situation required, he pulled out a comfortable pair of sweatpants, boxers and a plain black shirt that he liked a lot to take it inside with him and placed it on the bed for the moment.

 “Kookie, I think the water is overflowing.” Jin said and Jungkook quickly grabbed his towel and toothbrush before rushing inside.

“I’ll be quick!” He said before locking the door behind him.

The hot water felt nice on his cold skin but he had to bathe quickly.

He finished fast.

He grabbed his towel and began to grope for his clothes.

“Oh shit.” He said when he opened his eyes and saw that his clothes were nowhere around.

He looked distastefully at the jeans and shirt that he had been wearing earlier.

I can’t put on the same clothes. They’re sweaty and wet, thanks to the incessant rain.

He groaned internally and wrapped the towel around his waist before going outside.

Jin had been talking to Hyosang on the phone when Jungkook stepped out, wearing nothing but his towel wrapped around his waist.

Jungkook had been planning on quickly getting dressed but when he felt eyes on himself, he couldn’t help but glance at Jin.

“Hello? You there?” Hyosang said from the other end but Jin wasn’t paying attention.

Namjoon was right, he has a body to talk about, Jin thought as his eyes scanned Jungkook’s well built upper body, right from where the towel hung low on his waist to his nipples. Droplets of water rolled down his naked upper half and into the towel.

He jumped when Jungkook spoke.

“You can use the washroom now, hyung.” Jungkook said and in spite of himself he smirked.

Jin hung up without an explanation and bolted into the bathroom without a second glance at Jungkook.

Why do I feel like screaming with happiness? Jungkook wondered as he got dressed.


You can’t Jin, he’s right outside! Jin thought as he looked at his exposed, semi hardened cock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He mumbled under his breath.

Jungkook was changing right outside the freaking door.

Jungkook was changing right outside the freaking door.

It wasn’t like he could shower with cold water either, he had already been shivering for a long time and he would surely get a cold if he did something that reckless.

He turned on the tap and tried not to think of Jungkook who was right outside_




A little after an hour, the rain turned into a drizzle and the seven boys met at the largest cottage, their stomachs grumbling at the thought of dinner.

“Hyung, did you bring my phone?” Jungkook asked Jin.

It seemed like Jin was still embarrassed about ogling at him because he blushed when addressed.

“I’ll check.” He said and felt around in his pockets.

“No, sorry.” He said later.

All that he had found were the door lock’s keys.

He placed them on the table carefully since his pants were loose and the keys were likely to fall.

The seven boys put on the movie once they had sat on the couch and chairs around the TV.

Jimin sat in the middle, between Jin and Jungkook, Hoseok sat on Jin’s left and Yoongi sat on Jungkook’s right. Taehyung and Namjoon took the chairs.

They watched and ate their dinner simultaneously.

The movie was (sadly, for Hoseok and Jimin) scary and by the time it ended, everyone was glued to their places, their minds full of what they had seen.

“It was pretty good.” Taehyung acknowledged.

Hoseok and Jimin had screamed and jumped the most so Jin and Jungkook had expressions of impressiveness and irritation on their faces.

Jungkook agreed with Taehyung verbally and got up to wash his plate, which had become sticky and oily.

“Don’t go!” Jimin exclaimed when he realised, pulling him down.

“I’m going to wash my plate, hyung.” He said, rolling his eyes and getting up again.

Jimin immediately yanked Yoongi to his side, making the other look disgruntled.

On the outside.


Jungkook decided to wash all the plates since there were only seven. Nonetheless, the grease stains were stubborn and the liquid soap ineffective. It took him a good fifteen minutes to wash, dry and keep the plates back in the shelf.  By the time he came out, Jin, Namjoon and Taehyung had already left.

He frowned when he realized that Jin had left without him.

Thankfully, it wasn’t raining anymore.

He waved goodbye to the remaining three.

Yoongi wanted to leave already but Hoseok and Jimin insisted on waiting for some time.

As if that’s going to make them any less terrified. Yoongi thought.

That’s when he noticed something silver on the table.



Jin decided to leave first to avoid more awkward interactions with Jungkook.

He couldn’t believe how he had stared at Jungkook or what had happened later.

No, he was going to erase it from his memory for good.

When he reached the cottage he was surprised to see that they had forgotten to lock the door and that he had left the keys in the largest cottage.

“Jungkook will get them.” He said as he walked in and got ready for bed hurriedly.

Maybe he could even pretend to be asleep before Jungkook showed up.

He was about to lie down on the right side of the bed when he heard a ping sound.

He turned to where the sound had come from and spotted Jungkook’s phone.

He had left it on the table.

Just as he fluffed up his pillow, Jungkook’s phone pinged again.

Jin glanced out of the window and tentatively approached the phone.

A nervous excitement filled him as he unlocked Jungkook’s phone.



What could it be?


As if that will work, are you crazy, Seokjin?

His birthdate?


It worked!

He quickly opened the chat, glanced at the window to make sure he was alone and furrowed his eyebrows at ‘Seo’.

Seoyeon, he thought with a frown.

She had sent Jungkook photos.

The first one was of a cute, fat pug. Below she had written_

She barks when I say your name.. Maybe she likes you?

The second picture was of her, it seemed, eating ice cream.

Are you jealous? It said below.

Jin didn’t know whether Jungkook would be but he definitely was and for a different reason.

The third was a short video.

He hit play after sneaking another glance at the window.

The video was of the pug.

“Cho! Cho, do you like Jungkook?” A female voice, Seoyeon’s, said.

“Wuff!” Cho replied enthusiastically.

“Jungkook?” Seoyeon confirmed.

“Wuff!” Proud affirmation.



Jin stopped the video from playing any further and swiped right in the chats menu to make it unread.

He didn’t know why something so adorable was making him feel so uneasy.

Were they a couple then?

He locked the phone quickly when he heard footsteps and rushed towards the bed.


“Come on, we have to follow him.” Yoongi said once he had grabbed the keys.

“Hyung.. Please, it’s scary outside. Let’s just stay here for some time longer.” Hoseok said, looking at the door as if a disfigured, bloodthirsty corpse was about to enter.

“Jungkook left those?” Jimin asked.

Whatever arguments Hoseok and Jimin had had were forgotten completely.

The two were now sitting extremely close to one another, wearing resembling expressions of being spooked out.

“It seems. Come on!” Yoongi started walking out.

“DON’T LEAVE US ALONE!” Jimin and Hoseok yelled and scurried after Yoongi.

The entered the cold outside and followed Jungkook.

They saw Jungkook entering the cottage.

“It’s so dark..” Hoseok complained.

“Eomma, what is that white thing?” Jimin asked, clutching Yoongi.

Yoongi sighed. “They left the window open! Let’s hear.”



“Oh my fucking god.” Jimin said under his breath as they heard the ongoing conversation.

Yoongi smiled because, wow. This was incredible.

“Jin hyung is so hot.” Jimin added soon after, making Yoongi’s smile disappear.

“Guys, I need to use the washroom. Please come with me?” Hoseok begged.

“Fuck off.”

“No way in hell.”

“Holy shit_ are they..?” Jimin let his thought trail off.

Here’s the real plan, Yoongi thought before he sat up slightly and locked the door with the keys he had taken.

“Tell Namjoon and Taehyung.” He whispered to Jimin.



The door was opened and Jungkook stepped inside, shivering because of the cold.

Why hadn’t he worn his jacket?

Jin stopped where he was and stared at Jungkook who looked surprised at being gazed at so intensely the minute he got inside.

Jin’s head was saturated with the chat he had just read.

He should feel guilty but since he had already read her letter, this small chat was too insignificant in comparison.

The picture of her made him wonder if Jungkook and her looked good together.

Short girls and tall guys, he thought snidely.

“Are you dating her?” He asked without thinking.

He was going to kick himself for this tomorrow.

“What?” Jungkook asked, feeling bewildered.

What was Jin hyung talking about?

“The girl who writes you letters. The one you met in that cafe. Are you with her?” Jin asked, moving closer.

Jungkook’s mouth opened and closed in amazement.

“How- how do you know she used to.. Write me letters?” He asked timidly.

Why is Jin hyung asking me about Seo? And.. Why does he look so serious?

His heart was beating loudly in his chest. He gulped nervously and looked away because he couldn’t meet Jin’s intense gaze. He was afraid his heart could be heard among the noises made by the nocturnal birds and insects.

“I said, are you dating her?” Jin repeated, slightly louder and more demanding.

The photos had made him angry.

Just say the word and I’ll stop.

But if it’s not what I’m expecting..

“Why- why would you think that..” Jungkook mumbled with a blush.

What on earth was happening?

Why was Jin hyung mad at him?

“No, no I’m not.” He said when Jin continued to look at him expectantly. “We’re just friends.. Why are you asking..?”

This time, Jin’s relieved smile was completely genuine.

“Good.” He said and closed the distance between them.



Chapter Text


“Taehyung isn’t answering!” Jimin whispered to Yoongi.

Yoongi cursed under his breath. 

“Namjoon isn’t either.” He responded. 

Of fucking course. Who decided it was a good idea to let Taehyung and Namjoon share a room?

“We can’t even go and call them; god knows what they might be up to in there_” Yoongi started to say glancing at the innocent cottage in the distance.  

“_I seriously have to pee right now!” Hoseok interrupted, bouncing, but since the three of them were crouching, it looked more like he was doing the frog jump.

“Please hyung_ come with me. I can’t go alone.” Hoseok begged Yoongi just as they heard Jin start to say something that sounded very much like a confession.

“No fucking way!” Jimin exclaimed. “I can’t stay alone!” 

“Why am I stuck with you two?” Yoongi wondered aloud. 


“_Hoseok, go to the fucking bathroom alone.” Yoongi growled.

“But hyung_” Hoseok began. 

“_Sssh, is Kookie speaking?” Jimin asked. 

“I hate you guys. If I die without ever getting laid, I’m coming back to get my revenge on you two.” Hoseok announced. 

With that he snatched the keys that Yoongi was already holding out and left, whimpering at every sound and jumping at the rustling of trees in the wind. 

Oh shit, we’re alone now. Yoongi realised suddenly and looked over at Jimin, who was straining to hear the muffled words from inside the cottage.  



Jungkook was experiencing déjà vu at the moment. 

Once again, his back was against the door and Jin was centimetres away from him, hands pressed to the door, beside his head. 

Once again, his heart was racing faster than that of the last runner during a relay race, his thoughts were all over the place and his eyes were as wide as tennis balls. 

The only big difference in the two times this had happened was that Jin wasn't drunk this time. 

At least Jungkook didn't think he was. 

But he needed to confirm, right? 

"Jungkook_" Jin began only to be interrupted at once.  

"_One minute, hyung! Are you d-drunk again?" Jungkook stuttered out, pressing himself as hard as he could against the door. 

Jin looked disgruntled for a moment. 

"No, Jungkook. Not this time." He replied seriously. 

Jungkook gulped visibly and his eyes started flitting around nervously. 

What if he can hear my heartbeat?! 

What is he doing? 

He's not drunk? 

"We need to talk, Jungkook." Jin said mysteriously. 

"Like this?!" Jungkook squeaked out at once and cursed himself mentally for his reaction. 

Jin looked taken aback for a moment but he recovered quickly. 

"Yes, because you're too much, Jeon Jungkook." Jin scolded. 

"B-but_" Jungkook started to protest. 

"_I was one hundred and ten percent sure that you were a friend_ one like a younger brother even." Jin said and breathed out slowly. It was so hard to be saying this when Jungkook was inches away from him but he knew he had to do it or he wouldn’t be able to sleep all night. 

Jungkook flinched visibly at Jin’s words and looked away, wanting nothing more than to be done with this conversation.

He already knew what Jin hyung thought of him. 

He shouldn't have thought otherwise just because Jin hyung had looked at him differently once or twice today. 

"I always ignored the brats when they said rubbish like how you liked me and how we would look good tog_but never mind that. I didn't pay heed to that nonsense." Jin continued, oblivious to the pain in Jungkook's heart. 

He fucking knows. 

He has known about how I feel all this time because everyone told him, and he calls it nonsense. Is that how he sees my feelings? 

Jungkook wanted to go home. He looked away from Jin because he knew his eyes screamed that he was hurt. 

"Jin hyung I need to.. I am sleepy; can we have this conversation later? Maybe tom_" He began, looking towards the bed with fake longing and hoping that the tears that were threatening to flood his eyes would vanish. 

"_No." Jin interrupted quickly and determinedly. His cheeks were red with embarrassment but the photos of Jungkook's admirer had triggered something in him and he couldn't possibly stop now. He was so close to finding out. 

If I don’t do this now, I’ll lose my wits and not do it ever again. 

Jungkook looked shocked, which made it even more painstaking. 

Jin took a deep breath and forced himself to look straight into Jungkook's big, shocked eyes before continuing. 

He looked like a beautiful deer caught in headlights and it made Jin’s already racing heart race faster.  

"I... I was sure that it was nothing but then things became different. I started noticing things I didn't before.  When my heart started beating faster when I saw you, I told myself it was because you're just too attractive for your own good and not because I saw you any differently. When I stupidly got drunk that night and kissed you... I thought our friendship was over and it was that what I was worried about for so long. You avoiding me bothered me more than it would have had it been someone else and the idea that I might have done anything to upset you was ridiculously guilt inducing... Even Hoseok asked me why I was so upset for kissing you when I wouldn’t have been half as apologetic had I kissed him. I told him that it was because you’re younger than me. It was a legit answer, but I felt vaguely like I had lied. That was the first time I doubted myself. But as time went on you continued to... To_ to seduce me." Jin said and quieted for a moment to cool down his hot face and re-gather the courage to look at Jungkook. 

Jungkook’s heartbeat was like the ticking of a bomb. Slow, loud and agonising. 

Jungkook remembered Jin saying that he wouldn’t do anything moronic again but what was this if not just that?

If Jin hyung still wanted them to be friends then why was he bringing up Jungkook’s hopes unnecessarily? 

Jungkook making Jin's heart race?! 

Jin thinking Jungkook was attractive? 

Jungkook seducing Jin? 

How did any of that add up? 

Not even his wildest fantasies were this promising. 

Jin was still talking.

"When I told you that you meant a lot to me, I meant it as a friend.. You're one of the true friends I had made and I didn't want to lose you to some stupid misunderstanding so I was beyond grateful when you forgave me but then you became sick and...Taehyung asked me to look after you and I was suddenly terrified. What if you didn't want to be looked after by me? What if you only forgave me because you're a good person? What if I became awkward and made things worse?" 

Jin stopped after saying all that and stared at Jungkook to make sure he was following. 

Jungkook looked completely confounded. 

"Hyung_" he started to say but Jin scowled momentarily and slapped his hand on Jungkook's mouth. 

"Don't talk, Jungkook." Jin ordered. He had to get all of it out. 

Oh my fucking god, what is happening? Jungkook thought in amazement. 

"I don't know if you noticed but that was the first time we spent time together alone and you said some things that have refused to leave my mind. You looked so vulnerable when you were sick and I was sickeningly proud that I was needed. It was pathetic but I was still oblivious to why I felt like that. Then the others barged in and ate all the cookies you made for me. I got angry and I left even though I wanted nothing more than to stay. Maybe even kick the others out and have you to myself. We had such a great time and I didn’t like the impromptu appearance of the others when we could have.. Uh.." Jin paused before restarting. "I didn't know it then. When I ran into Hyosang, I was quite grateful for the distraction." Jin admitted and breathed deeply a couple of times as Jungkook stared at him like a wide eyed maiden.

This can't be true, Jungkook thought. Is Jin hyung saying what I think he is? 

"But Hyosang too asked me what was going on between us." Jin said and frowned adorably. 

"I told him nothing was!!" He added hastily, misinterpreting the blush on Jungkook's face. 

Bravely, Jungkook pulled Jin’s hand off his mouth and asked something to which the answer he already knew. 

"Is it true that he asked you out?" 

His courage left him the moment he uttered the words. He blushed and tried to take back his words but Jin was already answering his stupid question. 

"He did but.. But I never liked him! I just.. I don't know how those girls overheard us and everything. He asked me to answer him after thinking but I already knew my answer. But.. But then we ran into_ don't interrupt me, Jungkook!" Jin frowned at him and Jungkook was tempted to giggle so he bit his lower lip and looked away. 

"Anyways_ the next day.. Ah.. How do I even explain myself?" Jin wondered to himself, his cheeks a lovely red now that they had arrived at the topic of his listening in. 

Don't falter now, Jin. Don't forget what you still have to do.

So he readied himself before turning his gaze back at Jungkook. 

Jungkook looked comically uncomfortable in their position and to him Jin didn't seem the least bit bothered by it.

Jin was, in fact affected by how close they were but he was afraid after how Jungkook had reacted earlier that day. He had become so awkward and avoided him just after a few minutes of them being physically close. If Jin moved away, he would surely run away. 

"There's something you should know..” Jin said with a sigh. “Your_ friend? (He frowned at the word) I ran into her a few days ago, literally, and she dropped a letter that was addressed to you. I shouldn't have read it but.. I didn't mean to! I-I know you probably think little of me for it but I don't know what took over me. I ended up reading it. She was going to confess to you and I panicked, I guess? Anyways. That same night, when.. When we met at the café.. I had called Hyosang out to give him my answer. He got a call from his mother so he left for a bit and that's when I recognised your friend. When you came up_” 

“_You were talking on the phone, right?” Jungkook asked, remembering Taehyung’s words.

Jin shook his head with some difficulty.

“I don’t know why I did it. Maybe because I saw you and I saw her and.. I wanted to know if my suspicions were right and she was going to confess to you and whether you were going to accept. Knowing you, you obviously wouldn’t have had a discussion like that in front of me so I.. I sorta.. Hid behind the curtain to hear your answer...”

Jungkook recalled how he had seen Seoyeon sitting alone and then had noticed the human shaped silhouette behind the curtain. 

“Oh..” He said, not sure how else to respond.

Jin was partly hoping that the ground would open up and swallow him. He could see Jungkook piecing things together in his mind as he stared at the floor. 

“So you were..” Jungkook trailed off and looked back at Jin to make sure that he wasn’t saying something that would offend him. “You were spying on me like Tae and the others?”

Long pause. 

Jin nodded sheepishly. “I was.” His cheeks flared up and his teeth sunk into his plump lower lip. 

“Oh.” Jungkook said after a moment, trying not to stare at Jin's lips. 

“I know, you must be angry_” Jin began to say. 

“_Why did you do it?” Jungkook interrupted.

“I told you why...” 

“Yeah but why? Why did you care if I was going to say yes or no?” 

Jin nodded to himself. He should have seen this coming.

Why didn’t I just kiss him first?

Jin breathed out slowly and Jungkook’s head became light as Jin’s cool peppermint breath hit him.

Should he ask Jin to move back?

They could have this conversation while sitting ten feet away from one another too, right?

If they continued this way, he was going to pass out! 

He was so confused. It felt like Jin had been listening in because of the same reason the rest of his hyungs had been listening in.

Simply out of concern.

It made Jin seem even more like his guardian.

Then there was the thing about reading his letter..

Jin wasn’t the type of person to go around reading things that weren’t meant for him and yet he seemed so agitated by the fact that Seoyeon was going to confess to him. (When in fact the real reason she had called him had been to confirm her suspicions about Jungkook’s sexuality.)

Even now he had seemed pretty mad and had demanded whether there was something going on between him and her.

Good, he had said when Jungkook had disclosed that they were nothing but friends.

Why? Was it nothing more than the concern one’s best friend has for their friend’s love life or was it something more?

So far Jin had admitted to being jealous on some occasions. Like when the rest of his hyungs had eaten up the cookies he had made for Jin.. But that was friendly jealousy. 

The last thing he wanted to do was get his hopes up in vain. 

“I’ll answer your questions.” Jin said bravely, after some time. “But let me finish what I’m saying first, okay? I-I have something important to do as well.” He said and hoped that Jungkook would listen and not interrupt again. 



“He’s going to do it!” Jimin squealed softly. “Did you hear him?” He asked, turning to Yoongi, who was staring at him.

“What’s wrong?” Jimin asked Yoongi. 

It struck him suddenly that Yoongi looked insanely beautiful in the setting, the moonlight shining on his skin, his hair falling into his eyes gracefully and his shrewd eyes on Jimin’s face.

His heart beat faster involuntarily as Yoongi continued to regard him.

Don’t forget your new crush, Jimin! Kim Hyunjae has the most gorgeous wavy, black hair. 

“Should we go?” Yoongi wondered aloud. 

What? Why?!” Jimin demanded, sounding aghast.

“We have to tell the others what happened, right?” Jimin continued with a frown.

“Yeah but it’s cold and wet and Jin and Jungkook would be upset if they found out that we had spied on them again.” Yoongi said. His conscience had been prickling him for some time now.

“Besides our main plan had been to lock them in a room together and let them deal with their stubborn natures.. They don’t seem to require our help, do they?” Yoongi questioned.

Jimin pouted adorably and Yoongi muttered fuck, too soft to hear.

“But_” Jimin began again.

“_Let’s go for a walk.” Yoongi suggested suddenly.

“What? Hyung, what are you talking about?!” Jimin exclaimed and covered his mouth, looking at the window to make sure that he hadn’t been heard.  

Yoongi smiled and stood up, taking Jimin’s hand and pulling him up as well. 

Before Jimin could protest further, Yoongi began to walk in the direction of the main gate and away from Jin and Jungkook, who, he had decided, needed to sort out some things on their own. 

“Hyung! Come on, I want to know if they will kiss!” Jimin exclaimed as Yoongi unlocked the gate with one hand, the other still clutching Jimin’s.

“They will.” Yoongi assured him.

“Then why are we here?” Jimin demanded as Yoongi dragged him further away.

“Won’t it be gross to see them sucking each other’s faces?” Yoongi scrunched his nose and asked lightly, feeling giddy now that he was out in the fresh air and still holding Jimin’s hand.  

“It won’t, they’re both hot_”

“_Shut up.”

“Are you jealous?”


“Hehehe. But they are hot.” 

“They’re like brothers to me.” Yoongi said and made a face and was pretty surprised when Jimin pressed his finger to his forehead to clear his frown.

“Are you cold?” Jimin asked with a raised eyebrow and Yoongi knew he was talking about the fact that Yoongi was still holding his hand. 

“Yes.” Yoongi answered and no, that wasn’t a lie.

Also Jimin had the softest, warmest hand he had ever held. 

“Oh..” Jimin said carefully and bit his lower lip somewhat shyly. 

Yoongi glanced at him from the corner of his eyes and couldn’t contain his smile when Jimin squeezed his hand. They walked up the road in silence. 


By the time Hoseok reached their cottage (and it took some time because of how scared and exposed he felt while walking through an open expanse), he was saturated enough to pee then and there.

“I’m never watching a horror movie again.” He groaned as he tried to force the key into the lock and unlock the door.

His head was filled with all the ghastly scenes from the movie and he was too afraid to even look left or right.

As excited as he was about Jungkook and Jin finally getting together (It was bound to happen sometime), his bladder was a greater problem at the moment. 

“Why_ won’t_ it_ unlock?!” He groaned in frustration.

It was too dark for him to examine his keys so he switched on his phone torch.

“Fuck you, Yoongi hyung.” He wailed.

He had given him the wrong keys.

He looked back at Jungkook and Jin’s cottage which was opposite theirs but at a considerable distance and his mouth fell open because where the fuck are Jimin and Yoongi hyung?! 

Neither of the two could be seen anywhere.

Did they die?

Hoseok shivered and his eyes widened. 

He stared all over but he couldn’t see them anywhere.

Not by any of the cottages.

Was there something deadly lurking the the shadows? Waiting for him? 

Fuck this, I need to pee. He thought and stared hesitantly at Namjoon and Taehyung’s cottage.  

No time to think.

He sprinted towards their cottage like a deer running from a lion and was about to knock (or break) the door when he heard unmistakable moans coming from the window.


There was no way in hell he was going to be an observer of that sight! 

Besides, Namjoon would surely bury him alive if he interrupted. His stomach had begun to ache from how badly he needed to pee. 

Just one option then, He thought and practically ran towards the largest cottage. 

At least that one would be unlocked. 

He pushed open the door and ran blindly towards the corner where the bathroom was.

He turned on the switch and locked himself inside.

Finalfuckingly, he thought as he pulled down his pants and underwear and relieved himself. 

It felt like he had drunk a whole litre of water!

He had a blissful smile on his face when he unlocked the door and stepped out and walked into someone.

It was a young woman with billowing black hair and deathly pale skin. 

Oh fuck, he thought. 

Thank god he had already peed. 



“What do you think the others are up to?” Taehyung asked Namjoon as they cuddled on the bed.

“Should we check the group?” Namjoon asked and fished for his phone.

“Oh I have a missed call from Yoongi hyung.” Namjoon stated before unlocking his phone. 


Operation Jinkook




Chim: Him and Kookie!!!




Namjoon choked on his saliva as he read. “Tae!” He exclaimed and the younger of the two sat up and scanned the words that had been sent by Jimin.

“Oh my god.” Taehyung exclaimed and both boys fell out of bed in their rush to go to Jin and Jungkook’s cottage.

They were almost out the door when Namjoon’s phone went off. It was Yoongi hyung.

“Hyung_!” Namjoon began.

“_I know, I know. They’re probably at it now.. We were spying on them but we decided to give them some space.” Yoongi said into the phone.

“What? Why?!” Namjoon exclaimed.

“I don’t want to make Jin mad again. I’m out of ideas to act cute.” Yoongi drawled and Namjoon heard Jimin’s laugh in the distance, followed by “I can teach you to be cute!” 

Beside him, Taehyung had pressed his ear against the back of the phone in the hopes of hearing. 

“Okay but_” Namjoon began.

“Ask Taehyung.. Jungkook will skin him alive if they catch us spying.” Yoongi said and Taehyung nodded fervently, shivering in fear. 

“Okay..” Namjoon trailed off dejectedly.

“Don’t worry about it, Joon. We’ll see plenty of affection among the two of them soon enough. Jin has already told him that he’s attractive and he’s good at seducing him.” Yoongi said nonchalantly as Jimin giggled.

“Okay, then.” Namjoon said and said good night before hanging up.

Taehyung had the biggest grin on his face. “I’m going to make Jungkook enact the whole thing!” He said excitedly and Namjoon laughed. 

“What was with the two of them, by the way?” Taehyung asked as they settled into bed again, cuddling under the blanket. 

“Yeah, Jimin sounded way too happy, don’t you think?” Namjoon said and smiled.

“Yeah. Yoongi hyung has a crush on him, right?” Taehyung asked and Namjoon grinned. “Yeah. Jimin doesn’t know though, right?” 

“He has no clue.”

“They should get together already.”

“I know right! Yoongi hyung is better for him than Hyunjae. Besides, Hyunjae is paint-brush straight." 



Back in Jungkook and Jin’s cottage, Jin was racking his brains to remember all the tips that he had read on Google.

He also wanted to say a lot of other things but he needed to frame them properly before he said anything.

Jungkook on the other hand was positively floating at this point. 

This was the longest Jin had been so close to him. 

The best part was that since Jin was distracted, Jungkook could shamelessly stare at him, the liberty to which he had never had before.

He noticed even more things about Jin as they stood, for example, the tiny mole on his neck. He learnt the way Jin’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down the way his brow furrowed when he was thinking deeply.

He let Jin's peppermint breath wash over him as they stood and his mind went blank of all sensible thoughts.

God I want to kiss his neck, he thought desperately. 

“Do you remember..?” Jin asked finally and Jungkook squirmed in his uncomfortable position.

“You asked me that day whether I remembered kissing you.” Jin stated and Jungkook blushed and nodded.

“I told you that I didn’t.. I still don’t.” Jin admitted.

Jungkook wasn’t too surprised by the confession. He had already deemed himself to be of little importance for Jin to remember kissing.

“The answer to the question you asked now_ Why did I want to know your answer to your friend’s confession when I could have easily known it a little later, had you’ll been together.. At least on the surface, the answer is curiosity.” Jin said seriously, taking his right hand off the wall and lifting Jungkook’s chin. 

“But you know the actual answer, don’t you?” Jin continued with his eyes on Jungkook’s plump lips.


Oh no.

Oh no, oh no, oh my fucking god, no!!!

This couldn’t actually be happening.

He was sure to die of cardiac arrest any minute now.

Jin’s tantalising words had taken his breath away and now he was staring at Jin who was staring at his fucking lips and talking. 

“I told myself it was just that. I was curious. My heart beats faster when Jungkook walks into the room but I don’t know why. I can’t keep my thoughts straight when he’s around me, I don’t know why. I feel like I’ve been punched in the guts when he’s avoiding my eyes, why? Even the thought of someone else sharing a room with you has me saying things to embarrass myself.. So..Why, Jungkook? Is it just curiosity? ” Jin looked back into his eyes at the words and Jungkook’s words died in his throat as he looked into Jin’s beautiful eyes.


Jin was asking him genuinely, he didn’t seem to know the answer to those words either. 

Or he knew but he wanted to confirm them. 

“You’re jealous..?” Jungkook suggested meekly and bit the inside of his cheek as soon as the words left his mouth. 

What if he was just embarrassing himself by saying these words?

“I am but that’s not it.” Jin said and somehow pressed even closer so now they were chest to chest.

“H-hyung!” Jungkook squeaked at once, not feeling ready at all. His heart was hammering against his chest and Jin could definitely feel it like this! 

When he’d hoped that something substantial would happen between him and Jin over the weekend, he had been hoping for something minor like Jin telling him how much he enjoyed his company or something.

He hadn’t expected to be cornered and confronted and left blushing like a ripe tomato!

He hadn’t expected Jin to look at him like he had the night he had got drunk and kissed him. 


His eyes widened as he took in all the subtle touches, the smiles and the over friendliness.

He remembered the look Jin had given him earlier that day and suddenly he was sure that he was going to be kissed again. His heart took off. 

“You know the answer.” Jin prompted and sighed. “At first it was just curiosity.. How did it feel to kiss Jungkook? Did I like it..? Did he like it? It’s taken me a long time to realize the actual answer though..Yoongi’s going to give me a hard time when he hears..” 


What if there was food stuck in his teeth?

Oh my god_ had there been any onions in his food?


Jungkook clamped his mouth shut in self consciousness and as a result of his over thinking, didn’t quite catch the words Jin was saying.

“Never mind if you don’t know. I know it now.” Jin said.

Jungkook opened his mouth again, about to ask if he could go to the washroom before they continued this conversation but Jin was done talking.

Jin pressed his forehead against the younger boy’s and all of a sudden they were breathing the same air, both of their breathings erratic just from the building up of anticipation which was felt even in the pits of their stomachs and the tips of their fingers. 

“You know, don’t you?” Jin asked worriedly. 

Yoongi had asked him to give Jungkook hints and he had done more than that.

He had spent the last fifteen minutes in such close proximity to the younger boy that he was sure that even all the articles on Google would praise him for his.. Directness?

More like over-assertiveness. 

The only he thing he hadn’t done was ask.

And he wasn’t going to ask.

He can’t have Jungkook saying no. 

Now with their foreheads pressed together and their vision disoriented, it was hard not to feel nervous. 

A few seconds into the future.. Would he remember?

“Yes. I know.” Jungkook said, surprising him.

But what if he didn’t remember? 

“Kookie?” Jin asked and Jungkook blinked at him.

“Did you hate it?” Jin asked in a voice no louder than the rustling of leaves in mild breeze. “Did you feel anything?”

Jungkook blushed and shook his head. 

“I didn’t hate it..” He didn’t know how to answer the second question.

Did he feel anything?

He had felt so much.   

“Did I hurt you?” Jin asked in the same soft voice. 

Oh yes, you hurt me so much when you didn't even remember that it was me that you kissed. You hurt me so much when you said you regretted it. 

“I.. I liked it.” Jungkook admitted and turned his head slightly because of embarrassment. 

He was admitting to his crush that he had liked their one, unintentional, drunken kiss. 

Jin was amazed. 

He liked it! 

All this while Jin had assumed that Jungkook had been disgusted.. But he had liked it.

Maybe Jin had liked it too.. 

That gave Jin the remaining bit of confidence required to finally carry out the task.

After pulling back momentarily to make sure Jungkook was serious, he turned his head towards himself, smiled and pressed their foreheads together again. 

He closed his eyes and angled his head to the right. He could feel Jungkook’s erratic breathing on his mouth when he leaned in and could feel his rising and falling chest against his own.

Then he felt the tip of his nose brushing Jungkook’s cheek. 

Soon after he could feel the hint of something against his lips.

Something a lot softer than he was used to. 

It was a tentative kiss.

Jungkook’s lips were immobile but Jin decided not to be upset immediately.

Something told him that he would have to coax a response out of the younger boy.

So he pulled back slightly, leaned in and pressed his lips against Jungkook’s again, harder this time and with more determination. 

He embraced the butterflies in his belly and for once welcomed his accelerating heartbeat like an old friend. 

His lips tasted like strawberries.

He kissed Jungkook slowly, hoping that the younger boy would give him some indication that he wasn’t repulsed by him. 


After Jin’s warning, Jungkook had been under the impression that this kiss was going to be no different from their first one. Although both had wanted the kiss, it had been pretty one sided. So when Jungkook felt Jin’s lips lightly brush his own, the complete change from how Jin had kissed him last time caused his eyes to widen before he shut them 

Jungkook remembered. 

Jin hadn’t so much as touched him elsewhere but it was like he had been lit on fire. Warmth filled every inch of his body and his mind and soul felt glorified.

All the feelings and more returned. 

It was like they had kissed for the first time yesterday, not weeks ago. 

Jin’s mouth was the same and yet completely different from last time. His lips were softer and gentler too.

Jungkook was too afraid to move.

He would hate himself if he jumped in hastily and it startled Jin into pulling away or regretting his decision. 

Moreover he was painfully inexperienced and the last thing he wanted to do was kiss Jin so horribly that he would regret ever doing it. 

God forbid he slobber on Jin's face or something! 

Unlike the last time, lust wasn’t the main objective of the tentative meeting of their lips. 

It was extremely hard to stand still but he did it because of a greater fear.


Jin wanted Jungkook to more than just like his kiss.

His lack of movement was frustrating but Jin wasn’t going to give up so easily.

Enough with the doors, he thought before moving back and freeing Jungkook’s mouth momentarily. 

Jungkook’s eyes flew open at once and he bit his lip and stared at Jin, who reached out and pulled Jungkook away from the door and closer to him.

“Should I stop?” Jin asked, breathing heavily, just like Jungkook was, despite not having done much.

Don’t say yes.. Jin thought as he asked. 

Jungkook shook his head immediately. “D-don’t stop.” 

He had been so afraid that that was it. 

Jin looked surprised and then smiled somewhat triumphantly, his eyes crinkling at the corners, before placing one hand on the back of Jungkook’s neck and reattaching their lips with renewed vigour. 

This time, Jungkook kissed him back.

It started off slow like last time but Jungkook kissing him back enabled Jin to not keep his hands idle.

It was like he couldn’t touch enough of him.

Soon their movements became clumsy and their lips parted for more. Hearts thumped against chests and hands wandered like they had minds of their own. 

Jin was everywhere.

His hands were on his body, his lips were on his own, his body was all but entwined with his and his name was etched into his mind.

His heart had always belonged to him anyways.

So Jungkook let go of his fears and kissed him like he meant it. 

This was better than any of his stupid day dreams.

They all paled considerably in comparison to how it felt to actually be kissed by Jin. 

Jin was obviously a good kisser and Jungkook could only hope that his mediocrity at it wasn’t too obvious.

Jin’s lips tasted like peppermint toothpaste. 

Did Jungkook’s lips taste like meat? God, he hoped not

Both their hearts banged against their chests as they kissed. 

They pulled away after some time when they couldn’t catch their breath.

It was a passionate but chaste, perfectly imperfect kiss. 

Jungkook suddenly realized how wobbly his knees felt when Jin loosened his hold on his waist. 

He clutched onto Jin’s arms to make sure he remained standing.

“D-do you k-know now?” Jin asked breathlessly as he stared at the disoriented looking Jungkook who was staring at him with wide eyes. 

“You-You like me.” Jungkook said. 

He blinked after saying so and clapped his hand on his mouth as if he could take back the words that way.

“I like you.” Jin repeated and smiled.

Oh my god, his smile. 


"You like me?”

It was a question this time.

“I like you.” 

 “No way.” 

“Should I prove it to you?”

Jungkook looked alarmed momentarily and then giggled, displaying his adorable rabbit teeth. 

I’m dreaming, there is no way this is real. 

“You were right. I was jealous.” Jin said, cupping Jungkook’s face. “I hid behind the curtain because I wanted to make sure nothing happened between you both. I was jealous when Jimin tried to share a room with you. I was jealous this morning when you came with a grin after talking to your friend. So don’t.. Uh.. Just stay with me, okay? That way I won’t.. Get jealous..?” Jin trailed off awkwardly.

So smooth, Kim Seokjin.

Jungkook let out a small laugh. “I’m dreaming.” He said and closed his eyes, familiar blush adorning his cheeks.

It felt like a dream come true. 

His lips were still tingling and his heartbeat hadn't died down yet. 

Jin being awkward was the cutest thing that had happened today. 

He’s too cute, Jin thought before he pulled Jungkook against himself for a tight hug, not wanting to let go of him even for a moment. 

How could he have wasted so much time in not realising his feelings? Yoongi was going to give him the "I fucking told you, you dumbass." Look for sure. 

Jungkook wrapped his hands around Jin’s waist because they were literally shaking with nerves, excitement and he didn’t know what.

It was exhilarating.

“Oh and Jungkook..?” Jin said, awkwardly again.


“I sort of.. Read one of your chats.”

Maybe Jungkook was supposed to be mad or annoyed but all that happened was that he giggled.

It was like his fantasies had all morphed into one, perfect incident and occurred today. 

“Sorry, I won’t do it again.” Jin continued.

“Okay, hyung.” Jungkook said and bit his lip to prevent his smile. 

“We should sleep, I guess.” Jin went on and Jungkook let go of his waist before nodding at once. He didn't want to seem too desperate, even though he never wanted to let go of Jin. 

Jin Immediately dragged Jungkook to the bed. It was cold and all he wanted to do was hold Jungkook tightly and sleep. 

“I have to brush my teeth!” Jungkook said hastily and Jin smiled exasperatedly.

“Don’t take too long.” He warned Jungkook.

Jungkook nodded, went into the bathroom and locked himself in before letting out inaudible screams of happiness, which were muffled by his arms. 

He looked ridiculous at the moment, with his normally pale skin being as red as it was and his eyes shining like Christmas lights. 

Maybe he had reason to thank his hyungs after all.




Hoseok would have surely peed had he not already a few moments ago. The woman in front of him was pale, tall and beautiful like all the dead women who had died waiting for their husbands to return from war. 

“Who are you?” The woman asked in a sassy, feminine voice before Hoseok could scream.

He stared at her with wide eyes and backed away as fast as he could.

“Don’t kill me.” Hoseok begged, groping about for some weapon to fight the ghost.

Did he look like her dead husband? Is that why she was after him?

“Do you always just walk into someone’s room like that?” The woman asked him angrily. 

“I’m sorry! I swear I’m not your dead husband!” Hoseok apologized profusely inching along the wall in the hopes of making a cut for it. He wasn’t even paying attention to what she was saying. 

The woman stared at him like he was stupid before snorting and walking right up to him.

He froze in place and stared at her with big eyes as she closed the distance between them.

Was she going to perform some ceremony on him to make him forget his memories?! 

Where was his phone! He needed to call Yoongi hyung_

Had this woman killed Yoongi hyung and Jimin first?! 

His heart was now hammering even harder than it had during the scariest scenes of the movie. 

In the dark, he couldn’t even tell if she had a weapon on her.

From what he could distinguish in the moonlight, she was wearing a light, silk night gown that reached her ankles. Her breath should have smelled stale and her teeth should have been rotten but her breath smelled almost inviting. 

Which meant she was twice as dangerous as normal ghosts, right? 

“P-please d-don’t kill me.” He begged again. 

“Are you drunk or something?” The woman asked and suddenly Hoseok had to blink at the brightness in the room. 

The woman had switched on the light by turning on the switch beside his head.

Hoseok waited for his eyes to adjust and when he opened them again, he found himself looking at an extremely pretty girl. She had long, straight black hair that cascaded down her shoulders, big black eyes with long eyelashes and a rosebud mouth. 

Said girl was glaring at him with her arms crossed above her chest.

“Y-you’re not_” He began to say but she cut him off.

“_ Is your name Choi Minho?” She asked him.


“N-no.” He stuttered.

Wasn’t Choi Minho a famous singer from SHINee? 

“Do you think you look like him?” She asked him while making a face and Hoseok blinked in surprise before shaking his head.

She scoffed at him. “Then why are you telling me you’re not my husband. I know you’re not! Besides, Minho oppa isn’t dead so don’t curse him, annoying person.” She scolded before whipping around her head and walking away.

Hoseok flinched as her long, strawberry smelling hair whipped his face and he frowned at her.

“Idiots these days.. First waking me up and then treating me like a ghost..He thinks he’s worth being my husband? As if he’s half as good looking as Minho oppa..” The girl was saying to herself.

Excuse me?” Hoseok exclaimed, following the girl out to where the living room was. 

“Excused.” The girl said dismissively. 

He scoffed in disbelief.

“First of all, who the hell are you to judge me?” He demanded.

“Who the hell am I? Who the hell are you?! What are you doing in my grandparents' house? Are you a thief?” The girl asked, getting closer to him again and scrunching her nose at him. 

He stared down at her in disdain. “Are you always this rude to the people who come to stay here?” 

She blinked at him slowly.

“You’re one of the seven boys?” She asked, tilting her head to right.

“Yes.” Hoseok said rudely.

“Boy, I hope the others aren’t as bad as you.” She said. “Grandmother said that you all were alright.. Maybe she didn’t notice you.”

Hoseok had never met anyone so rude.

“Do you think you’re royalty? Making fun of someone you don’t even know? How old are you anyways? Haven’t you been taught to respect people?” Hoseok asked her with a glare.

“At least I’m not a pervert!” The girl snapped, no longer looking sassy.

His mouth fell open at her words.

I’m a pervert?! What rubbish!” He exclaimed in disgust.

“Why else are you here? To see the farmer’s granddaughter sleep, right?” The girl demanded, actually poking him in the chest and his mouth fell open. 

“Okay your inflated sense of self importance is really beginning to annoy me. How the hell was I supposed to know that you’re here? We booked all four cottages!” Hoseok snapped back, glaring at the farmer’s granddaughter. 

“Oh whatever! My grandmother texted Kim Seokjin about me using this cottage a while ago! You guys were planning to use three cottages only, so don’t think of lying to me. What kind of pervert are you, using a girl’s bathroom to_”

“_Hey! Don’t say anything until you know the situation, alright! This has nothing to do with you!”

“Oh, really? Then why did you come here?”

“To use the washroom!”

“Why, all the others are clogged?”

“I got locked out, alright! It was an emergency!”

“There’s still two other bathrooms!”

“You know what; I don’t care about what you think.” 

“Yeah, only because you didn’t get to take a photo of me, pervert!”

“As if you’re that good looking!”

“As if you are!”

“Let me be the mature one. Good night.”

“Fuck off.”

“Ugh. Girls these days.”





 Yoongi and Jimin returned from their walk just as Hoseok walked out of the largest cottage with a scowl on his face.

“PERVERT!” A woman’s voice was heard screaming after him.

He turned around and glared at the door which had slammed shut after him, before turning back, his scowl even more pronounced now.

“Stupid girl.” He was muttering when he noticed Yoongi and Jimin staring at him curiously.

You both!” He snapped at them angrily. “Where the hell were you?” He demanded.

Yoongi and Jimin looked at each other curiously.

“We went for a walk.” Jimin answered.

Hoseok scoffed. “How can you go on a midnight stroll without informing me first?! What if you had died?!” He glared at the two boys as he waited for an answer.

“And you!” Hoseok continued, now glaring solely at Yoongi.

“Did you even look before you gave me the keys?! You gave me the keys to Jin hyung and Jungkook’s room and then vanished! Because of you I had to meet that arrogant girl. How dare she call me a pervert! She was the one sticking to me! As if I have any interest in filming girls sleeping! My mother taught me to respect girls, thank you very much!” 

With that Hoseok snatched the other pair of keys from Yoongi’s hands and marched towards their room, still muttering under his breath about how he was an innocent hearted, good man who never did perverted things. 

“Whoa, I’ve never seen him that angry.” Jimin said, sounding like he was in awe. “He’s cool, isn’t he?” 

Yoongi couldn’t help but snort too. It had certainly been new.

“Who was that woman anyways?” He asked, turning to look at the largest cottage. 

“God knows.” Jimin shrugged.

“ARE YOU COMING OR WHAT?!” Hoseok yelled from their cottage and the two of them hurried inside.




Jungkook found himself lying on his side, facing Jin who was in the same position.

The blanket, although small, was very soft and felt like silk against their skins.

Jin was, at the moment, playing with Jungkook’s hair, running his fingers through it experimentally. 

“You look really good with it.” He said to Jungkook who blushed at the compliment. 

Jin’s voice sounded even deeper than usual, somehow like it held a lot of emotions. 

Jin’s eyes met Jungkook’s and he smiled at him.

Jungkook felt giddy with happiness. 

He was so afraid to close his eyes.

It would be just like his luck to give him a wonderful, unbelievable dream and to take it away at the first ray of sunlight or immediately at dawn.

He’d rather stay awake and bask in this incredible feeling.

It was incredible that he could touch Jin without a care.

Just because he could, he lifted his hand and touched Jin’s face, leaving the tips of his fingers to rest against his soft skin.

He remembered how when Jin had kissed him the first time, he had touched Jin’s face in a similar fashion, knowing that it would be the first and last time.

But he had been wrong.

The thought brought a smile to his face.

“What?” Jin asked curiously and Jungkook shook his head secretively.

“Nothing.” He said, biting his lower lip and running his fingers over Jin’s prominent right cheekbone.

Jin’s heart was racing even at the lightest touches from Jungkook.

Jungkook’s fingers were barely even making proper contact with his skin but it still made his heart skip a beat.

“Tell me?” Jin asked Jungkook, mostly out of the need to distract himself than to actually know the answer.

Jungkook debated the answer for a moment before meeting Jin’s eyes and speaking.

“When you kissed me the last time.” Blush. “I remember touching you just like this and thinking.. That it would be the first and last time.” Jungkook said.


Jin found himself smiling again. Jungkook really had an ability to make him smile.

“Did you?” He teased.

Jungkook laughed embarrassedly and nodded.

“What else did you do?” Jin asked.

“Nothing!” Jungkook said at once and Jin laughed at his immediate answer.

“You don’t remember?” Jungkook asked.

Jin nodded to his surprise, and lifted his chin and leaned in closer. 

“I remember how I felt.” He told Jungkook. 

“How did you feel?” 

God Jungkook needed anti-blushing solutions.

“Like I couldn’t get enough of you.” Jin said.

“You did look like you didn’t wanna stop.” Jungkook said, making Jin blush for a change.

“I didn’t.. In fact.. I don’t.” Jin admitted, and Jungkook’s eyes widened as he felt Jin’s lips brushing his jaw. 

His heart fluttered and his smile returned.

Seriously, how could any of this be true?
“We should sleep.” Jin said and Jungkook nodded vigorously.

Jin pressed one last kiss to Jungkook’s forehead before pulling him closer and closing his eyes.

Jin couldn’t remember ever being as contented as he was then. Jungkook was even better than the blanket. 

Jungkook was pretty sleepy too but the thought that this might just be a dream still worried him.

It was so amazing, lying with his face buried in Jin’s neck, his arms around his waist and the only sounds being Jin’s steady breathing on the back of his neck and the occasional thunder in the sky. 

It was everything he had wanted.

He bit his lip and wondered what him and Jin were.

“We’ll talk tomorrow, Kookie. Just sleep now, okay?” He heard Jin say and suddenly all doubts vanished.

Even if it was a dream, he was going to cherish it forever.

 "Okay, Jin hyung." 



“Yoongi hyung.” Jimin whispered. 

“Yoongi hyung!”

“Yoongi hyung, are you awake?” 


“_What?!” Yoongi whisper-yelled finally. 

“I can’t sleep!” Jimin mumbled. 

“Count sheep then_” Yoongi began and was interrupted by booming thunder.

“Eomma.” Jimin groaned under his breath and moved closer to Yoongi, who was lying in the middle on his side, as begged to by a prior request on Jimin’s part.

Hoseok was sleeping on Yoongi’s other side, with his back facing Yoongi’s and his front facing the wall. He seemed to be asleep. 

 “Please.” Jimin mumbled, clutching the hem of Yoongi’s shirt and pulling it in an attempt to bring him closer.

Yoongi could have died.

“Jimin!” He scolded and was heard by no one. 

Thunder was heard again, followed by the pleasant sound of pattering rain.

Jimin gave up on pulling Yoongi’s shirt because that did nothing to pull him closer.

He resorted to moving closer himself and threw his arm around Yoongi’s back to force him to move closer. 

Yoongi sighed and tried to control his racing heart before patting Jimin on the back.

“Sleep, Chim.” Yoongi said and even though Jimin’s mind was filled with grotesque scenes from all horror movies he had seen till date, he registered the usage of his nickname. 

It made him warm inside. 

“Thanks hyung.” Jimin said, his lips lightly brushing Yoongi’s collarbone as he snuggled. 

I’m never signing up for a project like this one again, Yoongi decided and shivered violently before hugging Jimin towards him.

He really needed to control his mind.

And his heart.




Why can’t I fall asleep? Hoseok wondered as he stared at the wall in the dark.

He frowned as the face of the annoying, arrogant granddaughter appeared in his mind.

What a girl, he thought with a roll of his eyes. 

What right did that girl have to call Hoseok any of the things she had? He wasn’t a pervert, or an idiot or even that bad looking!

Does she really think she’ll marry Choi Minho? Stupid, naive girl.

What was her name anyways?

Hoseok couldn’t help the scoff that escaped his lips. 

Sure, she was pretty but did that give her the right to assume that Hoseok was there to film her sleeping?

What bullshit. 

Hoseok hadn’t even known about her existence till then! 

It wasn’t as if he had stolen her underwear that she could call him a pervert so many times!

He had just used the bathroom!

In fact, Hoseok hadn’t even stared at her despite her wearing that thin, silk nightgown that showed all the curves of her body.

He hadn’t even looked anywhere south of her face!

He resisted the urge to huff in annoyance.

What was her name anyways? He was sure she had the sort of name parents gave to spoilt kids.

Since she thinks she’s some princess.

Girls like her were the reason he was still single, that was for sure. 

He frowned at himself for wasting his time thinking about her and turned over to see Yoongi and Jimin sleeping while hugging each other.

Seeing that girl had somehow caused his fear filled thoughts to vanish.

At least one good thing she did, he thought before throwing his arm around Jimin’s back, across Yoongi and grinning playfully as he closed his eyes. 

“Goodnight.” He said, even though he knew they wouldn’t answer. 




Namjoon and Taehyung were the first to wake up the next morning. 

“Did you sleep well?” Namjoon asked Taehyung as he blinked at him sleepily.

“Hmm.” Taehyung answered and Namjoon’s eyes widened at how much deeper his voice sounded in the morning.

I’ve got one hot boyfriend, he decided. 

“Let’s go wake the others.” He said with a smile and Taehyung nodded, still feeling sleepy.

Namjoon started to get up but was pulled back at once. “Five more minutes, hyung.” Taehyung drawled before snuggling up to his boyfriend again.

Fifteen minutes later, Namjoon and Taehyung got up and started to get ready.


Jin woke up first among him and Jungkook and was glad he had because Jungkook looked like an angel while sleeping.

His lips were parted and his eyes were closed lightly.

Jin tried and failed at not imitating Jungkook’s expression and he wondered whether he had managed to do it well. 

Jungkook was too cute.

It brought a smile to his face.

“Kookie.” Jin cooed, removing his arms around Jungkook. 

Jungkook didn’t as much as stir.

“Jungkook?” Jin whispered, tracing Jungkook’s cheekbone with the tip of his finger.

“Hey, Jungkook.” Jin mumbled, poking Jungkook’s nose and smiling when Jungkook scrunched it up.

“Kookie?” Jin traced Jungkook’s lips with the same finger.

Jungkook’s lips were so pretty.

“H-hyung?” Jungkook mumbled against his finger, his eyes widening.

Jin’s eyes met his and a smile formed on his lips.

“Good morning.”

“G-good morning, Jin hyung.” 

Jungkook blinked several times before a beautiful, eye crinkling smile appeared on his face.

It wasn’t a dream! Holy shit, we really kissed last night!

“Should we get up?” Jin asked and Jungkook promptly shook his head.

Jin laughed and ruffled Jungkook’s messy hair before getting up.

‘Sorry Kookie but we have to get up and greet the farmer’s granddaughter. She came from Seoul last night to spend the weekend here but she didn’t know someone had reserved the place. She’s in the biggest cottage at the moment.” Jin said as he looked around for his phone. He should have it charged.

“Oh?” Jungkook said curiously. 

“Yeah, the farmer requested that we be nice to her.” Jin shrugged and Jungkook got out as well.

“Okay!” He said. “I’ll go and wake up the others.” 

Jungkook went to the door as Jin moved towards the washroom.

He couldn’t wait to tell Taehyung!

“Hyung..?” Jungkook called just as Jin started to go inside.

“Yeah?” Jin inquired. 

“The door... It’s locked from outside.” 




“Look at that.. They’re so cute!”

“Take another picture.” 

“I’m uploading this one, it’s just too cute.” 

“See how protective Yoongi hyung looks!” 

“He does.” 

Yoongi groaned and opened his eyes.

It was so suffocating.

He blinked a couple of times, taking in his surroundings.

Oh yeah, they were in that cottage.

He tried to stretch but found that something_ two, heavy somethings were stopping him.

He looked down_ or tried to look down and found himself looking at a mass of brown hair which he knew belonged to Jimin.


“Yoongi hyung is awake!” He heard Taehyung say.

Yoongi ignored his voice and examined himself further.

He lifted his head slightly and noticed two arms around his middle.

One was Jimin’s and the other was_

“Hoseok?” He wondered aloud and sighed.

He was literally sandwiched between the younger boys.

He liked to think that he hated it.

But it was nice.

“Namjoon?” Yoongi called.

“Yes, hyung?” Namjoon said in a teasing voice.

“Delete the fucking photos or I’ll kill you.” Yoongi said before gently shaking Jimin.

“Wake up, Jimin. Hoseok?”

The two continued to snore and Yoongi groaned.

Yup, I definitely don’t want to see either of their faces for a month.

Just then Yoongi’s phone went off shrilly and both Jimin and Hoseok fell off the bed, freeing Yoongi.

Thank the gods_ no, thank Jin for that.

“Hello?” He drawled, sitting up and staring at Namjoon and Taehyung who were staring at him with wide eyes, both holding cameras in their hands.


Yoongi flinched and pulled the phone away from his ear.

“Hyung! We forgot to unlock them!” Jimin exclaimed and quickly ran out before running back inside for the keys.

Taehyung clutched his stomach as he laughed at Jimin while Hoseok blearily stared around.


Half an hour later, the seven young men made their way to the largest cottage for breakfast with the Cha family. 

Hoseok hadn’t forgotten the arrogant granddaughter and had learnt from Jin about her coming to visit her grandparents.

“She’s from Seoul?!” He had exclaimed distastefully while everyone had stared at him curiously. (Everyone except for Jimin and Yoongi, that was.) 

So Hoseok had taken a few steps to make sure that he didn’t give that girl another opportunity to insult him.

She thinks I’m not good looking? I’ll show her.

As a result, he looked pretty good that morning. His usually flat hair was pushed up in the front, showing his forehead, his bulging biceps were made visible through his white sleeveless V neck shirt and his lower half was in tight, dark blue ripped jeans.

He should have been scornful at the most and not nervous in the least but somehow he ended up feeling more nervous than scornful.

It didn’t help that she was pretty.

Jin had knocked on the door as he had deemed it to be appropriate (something Hoseok had noticed sulkily) and they were now waiting for the door to be opened.

In a moment, the door was opened by the old lady.

“Don’t you all look fresh this morning?” The old lady said, beckoning them inside. 

Hoseok smiled back and wondered how such a nice woman could have such an annoying granddaughter.

Said granddaughter was the first person he saw when he entered.

She had her long hair in a side braid today and was wearing a pretty white dress that reached her knees.

She was the picture of innocence.

Hoseok scowled at her and received a dignified look of disgust in response.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Soyoung-ssi.” Jin said with a polite bow.

Cha Soyoung? 

Hoseok snorted at how normal the name was and received weird looks from his friends and a pointed look from Cha Soyoung. 

“Oh please don’t be formal with Soyoung!” Soyoung’s grandmother requested.

“Yes, I hope you don’t mind if I stop being formal as well.” Soyoung said and smiled her most angelic smile.

Hoseok hated that he had butterflies in his stomach.

Soyoung hadn’t spared him more than a glance and it was beginning to get on his nerves.

What was with her anyways?

The ten of them had a nice, heavy breakfast and talked throughout.

Soyoung charmed everyone like it was her second nature but Hoseok could see right through the politeness.

He hated how his eyes kept wandering to her unnecessarily but he hated it more that she didn’t seem to want to look at him at all. 

She spoke considerably with the other six though, something he noted thoroughly.

He was so absorbed in her that he didn’t notice the things everyone else did.

For one, Jungkook and Jin being different.

Yoongi, Jimin, Taehyung and Namjoon couldn’t help but grin every time they noticed Jungkook and Jin exchange not so subtle glances and touches.

But it wasn’t until it was time for them to leave did they say anything.

While the farmer and his wife had gone to calculate their bill, the rest of them decided to confront Jin and Jungkook who were simply smiling at each other every so often.

Soyoung had gone somewhere too. 

Jungkook looked like he was on his way to heaven and Jin too looked livelier than he had in days.

“So.. What did you two do last night?” Namjoon asked them.

Both looked comically confronted at the question. 

"N-nothing. We just slept." Jin answered.

Jungkook nodded along, not trusting his voice. 

"Is that all?" Taehyung teased. 

"What about you both? I heard you'll moaning_" Hoseok began to say with a laugh. 

"_How did you hear from your cottage?!" Namjoon interrupted as Taehyung turned red. 

Jungkook looked back and forth between Taehyung and Namjoon with big eyes. 

"I didn't." Hoseok said carelessly. "Yoongi hyung and Jimin went for a walk and I was left outside." 

"You went for a walk?" Jin asked Yoongi who looked like he wanted to kill Hoseok. 

"Yeah, we also saw this adorable puppy on the way!" Jimin said cheerfully, oblivious to the delighted looks being sent Yoongi's way. 

"Are we going to ignore the fact that they left me and went?" Hoseok asked loudly, with a grin and everyone paused as they heard a scoff.

"You seemed to be pretty fine on your own." Soyoung, who had been there all along, it seemed, said. 

Hoseok scowled at her. "No one asked you to say anything." He said derisively and the others looked back and forth between them curiously. 

"I wasn't going to! But you need to stop being so whiny, how old are you anyways?" Soyoung said with a shake of her head. 

"That's none of your business." 

"You're really rude." 

"I'm not the one with an inflated sense of self importance!" 

"I'm not the one who is a pervert but denies it blatantly!" 

"I told you, I was locked outside and I needed the bathroom_" 

"_You could have knocked!" 

"How was I supposed to know_" 

"_Hoseok!" Jin interrupted, looking aghast. 

Soyoung looked around curiously before looking back at Hoseok, whose name she had just found out. 

Hoseok scowled and turned away while the others marvelled at the change in his character. 

Soyoung rolled her eyes and luckily, before things could get more awkward, the farmer and his wife appeared. 

Seokjin hurried forward with Namjoon and Yoongi to take care of their expenses while the youngest three looked curiously at Soyoung who looked perfectly docile again. 

Soyoung was staring at Taehyung for some reason. 

"Are you Kim Taehyung-ssi?" She asked pleasantly and Taehyung looked surprised at being addressed, that too so sweetly.

He nodded nervously. 

No one noticed how Hoseok's ears perked up at the sudden conversation. 

"You're the one who wrote that article about endangered species of animals in the northern hemisphere, right?" Soyoung asked and Taehyung nodded once again. 

"Yes, how did you know?" He asked. 

"I recently transferred universities and was_" 

"_No fucking way." Hoseok interrupted, glaring at Soyoung who sighed exasperatedly. 

"Please don't eavesdrop on others' conversations." She said with a sarcastic smile before turning back. 

"Anyways, I'm on the editors' team of the college magazine and I was supposed to talk to you about your article. I'm on the Science department, which is probably why we haven't run into each other before. I recognised you from your photo. Your article was really good! It has been selected." Soyoung said and smiled. 

Hoseok's angry retort died on his tongue when he saw her smile. 

She had gorgeous dimples on both her cheeks and her entire face lit up when she smiled. Although Hoseok didn’t know how old she was, her smile made her look even younger and more innocent.

Seeing her smile reminded Hoseok of just how pretty she was. 

His heart raced faster involuntarily. 

He turned away and puffed his cheeks in annoyance.

He didn’t find her attractive.

Not at all.

"Really? That's wonderful! Thank you!" Taehyung said happily. 

"Okay, everything is settled so.. Should we get going?" Namjoon asked as they returned. 

"Yeah, I will be driving. Soyoung-ssi_ sorry. Soyoung will sit beside me and the rest of you_" Yoongi began. 

"_WAIT A MINUTE!" Hoseok interrupted, looking like he had received the worst punishment of a lifetime. "Why is she coming with us?!" 

Seokjin frowned at Hoseok and spoke pointedly. "Soyoung goes to the same university as us; we can obviously drop her off." He said and Soyoung gave a small, smug smile. 

"Thank you so much, Seokjin oppa." She said and Jin shook off the apology. "It's no problem at all." 

Hoseok couldn't believe his ears. "Of course it's a problem! Why should we sit uncomfortably when she gets to sit in the front?!" He didn't care about being soft; Cha Soyoung hadn't bothered to be soft when she had insulted him last night.

"Hoseok, come with me." Jin said through gritted teeth and smiled apologetically at Soyoung, glanced at Jungkook and smiled before dragging Hoseok outside. 

"Okay, spill. Do you have a crush on her?" Jin asked.

Hoseok spluttered in disgust. "What?! Puh-lease! If you haven't noticed already, I can't stand her!" 

"You met her today!! This isn't like you. What's going on?" Jin demanded. 

"I met her yesterday." Hoseok said and rolled his eyes. "Good thing I did or I would have thought she was an angel, like you obviously do." 

"What I think doesn't exactly matter, but yeah. She is nice, polite and seems to be getting along fine with everyone except for you.

Hoseok opened his mouth to retaliate but stopped because it was true. 

Soyoung only displayed her true side to him. 

"Hyung, I can't spend an hour with her. Please don't insist on dropping her off." He said instead. 

"Wow, Hobi. This is completely out of character of you. Pretend to if you can't be nice to her." Jin said and walked back to get their bags. He also couldn't wait to see Jungkook already. 

He didn't know why he felt like he couldn't stay away from him for two minutes even. 

Soyoung had disappeared to get her bag from her grandparents' original house which was up the road. 

Hoseok sighed in relief at her absence before noticing the air within. 

It seemed like everyone had ganged up on Jungkook while him and Jin had been talking outside. 

"What is going on?" Jin asked as he noticed the blushing Jungkook surrounded by four smirking boys. 

"Why don't you tell us instead, hyung?" Namjoon said casually and Jimin nodded along enthusiastically. 

"Oh yeah, tell us all about how Jungkook seduced you." Jimin added. 

Both Jin's and Jungkook's mouths dropped open comically. 

"W-what_" Jin stuttered as Jungkook tried to make himself look inconspicuous. 

"Yeah or tell us about how Jungkook's attractiveness made your heart race.." Yoongi said nonchalantly. 

Both Jin and Jungkook now resembled tomato farms. 

"Aaah, I can't contain my happiness, Jinkook is finally together!" Taehyung said with his signature grin and Jin and Jungkook's eyes snapped towards each other faster than the speed of light. 

No one else seemed to think anything was amiss but Jungkook was having a heart attack. 

Together?? Were they?! Agh stupid Taehyung and his assumptions! Jin hyung never even said anything about that_ 

Holy shit. Together?! 

Both Jin and Jungkook stared at each other as the others continued to make their teasing remarks until Yoongi noticed and put his hand on Hoseok's shoulder to stop him from imitating Jin's voice as he had told Jungkook how he felt. 

Taehyung, who was acting like he was Jungkook too stopped and Yoongi wondered too late if they had assumed wrong. 

He looked back and forth between Jin and Jungkook, who looked like they had been thrown into a new territory. 

"Uhm_" Yoongi began but was cut off by Jin's words. 

"_Hya, stop it, you five. For once in your life, listen to your hyung. I let you go on for so long because it was just me you were making fun of but don't try to make fun of my boyfriend." 

And no, Jin absolutely did not have the smoothness or confidence that was required to carry off such a statement but he managed to stun everyone into shocked silence. 

"I'm going to get our bags." He addressed Jungkook, not looking at him directly, before walking out of the back door as calmly as he could and then allowing the blush to appear. 

What would Jungkook think?! 

The others were silent for precisely ten seconds after Jin's departure. 

"OH MY GOD, WE DID IT YOU GUYS!" Jimin was the first to shout. 

"DID HE SAY WHAT I THINK HE DID??" Namjoon exclaimed. 

"JUNGKOOKIE!!" Taehyung screamed happily and threw his arms around Jungkook's neck. 

If any of them had felt shocked, it was nothing compared to how Jungkook felt. 

"Hyung." He said with big eyes and Taehyung's widened at the massive change from 'fucker'. 

"Why are you so shocked, Kookie?!" Hoseok asked with a big smile. 

"He_ we never_ oh.." Jungkook trailed off and turned a pretty pink, suddenly wanting to hide from the multiple pair of eyes staring at him. 


Jin hyung's boyfriend! 

He didn't waste another moment standing there. He ran as fast as his legs would carry him, out the cottage's back door, through the open area and into his and Jin hyung's cottage, where Jin was putting inside the last of his clothes. 

The others in the largest cottage jolted at the sudden action. "We're not missing this as well!" Taehyung announced. 

So at once, Taehyung, Namjoon, Jimin, Hoseok and Yoongi followed the younger boy, each at their own pace. 

Hoseok had already whipped out his phone, ready to take photos. 

"What's wrong?" Jin asked with a blush. 

Was Jungkook here to turn him down? 

"T-They weren't out of their minds when they told you that I liked you." Jungkook said breathlessly, not allowing himself the time to blush. 

"What?" Jin asked blankly, feeling his face heating up. 

"I've had the shittiest, one sided crush on you since the day I met you. I know you didn't see me like that so I kept quiet but.. You like me back now and that's all that matters." Jungkook said awkwardly. 

Oh fuck this; I'm the awkwardest piece of awkwardness on earth. 

"So-so you_ you liked me..?" Jin stuttered out in surprise, his eyes widening at the realisation.

So the others had been right?

He was going to have to hear a lot of “I TOLD YOU SOs.” It seemed.

"I still do..." Jungkook answered.

Neither of them noticed the five boys staring from the window, all with bated breaths. 

It happened without any prior warning, unlike last night. 

Both walked forward together and suddenly they were kissing, more desperate, more ecstatic and least concerned with the camera flashes and cheering that filled the air. They didn't care when their teeth clacked together or when they clutched at each other like it was their last day on earth. 

"Shit, that's hot!" Jimin said and Yoongi scrunched up his nose distastefully. 

"It's gross but it's awesome!" Taehyung said happily. 

"I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!" Hoseok yelled happily. 

"Damn, I feel so proud." Namjoon said, wiping fake tears from his eyes. 

"Break it off, lovebirds, we have to get going." Yoongi said although he had the happiest grin on his face. 

He remembered so clearly how disheartened Jungkook had looked the time he had come with Jin's sleeping form right after Jin had kissed him and he knew he would always remember how Jungkook looked now, now that Jin had finally returned his one sided affections. 

He didn't notice Jimin staring at him intently as he grinned at the new couple. 

Jin and Jungkook broke apart and Jin began scolding the others for taking photos, still looking redder than ever. 

“I’m so happy!” Taehyung yelled, pulling both Jin and Jungkook in for a hug.

"Let's go then!" Namjoon said as Soyoung appeared. 

The eight of them made their way to the car, no one noticing the calculating look on Yoongi's face. 

Sometimes, he thought, you have a crush on someone for a long time, observe every move and everything that they do and love and stay in the background, hoping they will look at you differently one day. 

Like Jungkook and Jin. 

He tilted his head to the right and smiled again when Jin threw his arm around Jungkook's shoulder as they walked and Jungkook blushed openly. 

Sometimes, if you're lucky, you have a crush on someone and they return your affections wholeheartedly. You make the world a better place for them and they make it a better place for you. 

Like Taehyung and Namjoon, he decided, his eyes now on the other couple who was currently taking photos by the house one last time. 

"Don't expect me to be nice to you just because everyone else thinks you're an angel. I can see through the act!" Yoongi heard Hoseok say to Cha Soyoung who was glaring at him. 

"Yeah don't think I won't return the kindness you have shown me, Hoseok. Be prepared to be single for a long time. I'll be sure to tell everyone I know just how perverted you are!" Soyoung replied in a vaguely sarcastic tone and everyone chuckled. 

Sometimes, you have a crush on someone but you refuse to realise your feelings for them because you would rather dislike them than like them. 

Like Hoseok and Soyoung.

Said two were now glaring at the ground they were walking on as if it had wronged them. 

He suppressed his chuckle. 

"Oh no! I forgot my toothbrush!" Taehyung exclaimed before sprinting back. 

"He'll sit in the middle row, right." Namjoon said. 

Hoseok, Jin and Jungkook got into the back seat, Jin sitting in the middle and Jungkook sitting beside him with a blissful smile. 

Namjoon got into the middle row's middle seat. 

"Go on." He told Jimin who was walking behind him, much slower than usual. 

And sometimes... 

You're like me, uselessly crushing on someone who_

"_Yoongi hyung?" 

Yoongi stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Jimin (who had interrupted his wonderful realisation) who was staring at him. 

Never have I felt like this, Jimin decided. Not when I liked any of the others..

"Yeah?" Yoongi asked, trying to sound nonchalant although his heart was racing like crazy as Jimin continued to stare at him with determination in his eyes. The others were already arguing in the car, too absorbed to notice him and Jimin standing there.

Jimin took a deep breath before he spoke. 

"I think I have a crush on you." 

Yoongi’s stance changed at once.

And sometimes... 

You're like me, uselessly crushing on someone who has a crush on everyone else but you... 

Until it's finally you that they are crushing on. 


Yoongi turned around and walked faster, his thoughts racing almost as fast as his heart. 

He remembered so clearly. 

Hoseok, Namjoon, Taehyung, Jin and Jungkook. 

Hell, he could bet even Luhan had received the same treatment.

"Hyung!" Jimin exclaimed in surprise, running out and grabbing Yoongi's hand. 

"Listen_" Jimin began. 

"_No. Don't you dare tell me that you have a crush on me but you're over me now because I'm a not-so-cliché choice, or because I'm too old for you or whatever. I won't hear it." Yoongi said determinedly before pulling away from Jimin's grip and starting to walk towards the driver's seat. 

Jimin stared at Yoongi's back for a moment and recalled how Yoongi had been staring at him for twenty minutes straight during his morning jog, how Yoongi had shivered when he had hugged him last night and how Yoongi had held on to his hand for a long time without giving a proper excuse.

He recalled all their innocent flirting, all the looks Yoongi had sent his way and how he had turned red when during their match Hoseok hyung had told Yoongi hyung to beat his ass at the game.

God... He was even more oblivious than Jin hyung!

“Yoongi hyung!” He exclaimed.

“Get in the car.” Yoongi replied.

"Hyung, let's go for coffee tomorrow!" He said loudly, his blinding smile replacing the prior confused look on his face. 

"No." Yoongi said. 

"You like me, don't you?" Jimin asked happily. 


"I'll pick you up at 5." 

"Jimin, seriously_" 

"_Be mine, okay?" 

"Don't be weird." 

"Drive safe!" 

“I told you and Hoseok that I don’t want to see either of your faces for a month after this so no.”

“I’ll wait for a month then!”


“_I’ll see you later!”

“Oh my god.”




Chapter Text

*Felix Felicis: A potion nicknamed as ‘liquid luck’. (Harry Potter reference)


Although Hoseok had hated it the most, none of the others had liked the car ride back to their university much more than him.

For Yoongi, it was torturous driving when he could feel Jimin’s eyes piercing his soul from the backseat the whole time. He hadn’t been able to focus on any conversation that took place because it was hard enough to drive when his whole body was mentally dancing with happiness.

Jimin had asked him out on a date. Who gave a shit if some singer from some band was rumoured to be dating three people at the same time?

Jimin had asked him out.

He had limited his usage of the rear view mirror, knowing that his eyes would search for Jimin’s silhouette in the back instead of any cars and that had caused quite a few scares to Jin.

Jin had no reason to hate the drive back if he looked at it rationally. Only a few hours ago, he had the best day of his life. Jungkook was his boyfriend now, he had had an amazing time on their short trip and he had made some great memories.

So why did he dislike the drive back?

The answer was simple.


Unlike everyone else, he was in his final year and after this he would be out in the world, trying to get a job good enough to pay for the new apartment he wanted to buy (or rent), overlooking the Han River. Sure, these exams weren’t his finals but unless he did well on these, he would surely not be cut out for his dream job. And until he could have his dream job, he would have to work a regular job but one that paid well nonetheless. To get a job of this sort he needed to have good scores to talk about and for that he needed to stay away from distractions. Which was why dating at this time was not only distracting but highly impractical.

It was stupid to worry about this immediately after him and Jungkook had got together but he couldn’t help but worry as he stared at the calm expression on Jungkook’s visage as he tried to sleep with his head on Jin’s shoulder. It had made his heart ache.

Dating meant giving time to someone and he didn’t have enough time at all. He had endless assignments waiting for him in addition to all the revision he had to do. Since he hadn’t been required to join any conversation during the car ride, he had resorted to let his worries torture him.

Taehyung and Namjoon probably hated the car ride back the least but they hated it nonetheless, thanks to Jimin who actually through a fit when the two insisted that he sit in by the window.

“I don’t care. I’m sitting in the middle.” He had insisted and had climbed on Namjoon’s lap when the two had tried to deter him.

“Why are you coming between our relationship, you traitor?!” Taehyung had asked several times but to no avail.

Jimin hadn’t cared, he was going to sit in the middle so Yoongi could get a clear view of him as he drove and he could get a better view of him as well.

Now that he knew that the feelings that had been bothering him for some time were returned, he couldn’t contain the desire within him to stare at Yoongi as much as he could for as long as he could and if it meant that Taehyung would be mad at him for a few hours, he would take it without a second thought. Especially since Yoongi had decided already that he didn’t want to see Jimin for a month so he was going to see him as much as he could for now.

He had stared at Yoongi shamelessly throughout the drive and had made him uncomfortable. An uncomfortable and flustered Yoongi hyung, he had realized, was better than any birthday present.

Jungkook wanted nothing more than to sleep with his head resting on Jin’s perfect shoulder but the constant argument between Soyoung noona (as she had asked to be called) and Hoseok hyung had driven away any thoughts of catching up on lost sleep.

Usually he could sleep through the loudest interactions but the constant muttering from Hoseok paired with Jin’s sighs (which had caused his heartbeat to speed up without warning), Jimin, Taehyung and Namjoon’s babble and Soyoung’s retaliations to Hoseok’s accusations had resulted in him not getting more than a few minutes of rest.

As for Hoseok and Soyoung, neither could decide who regretted sitting in the car more.

Hoseok had something to say to every word that came out of Soyoung’s mouth and her sassy replies weren’t lagging anywhere in terms of their ability to cause Hoseok to become even more unlike himself.

“What do you mean by that?” Hoseok had shouted from the back.

“Why do you care, please just_”

“_Please? Are you kidding me? Since when did you decide to be polite_”

“_Since I realized that despite being older than me, you’re no better than a child!”

(That had caused the breaking out of laughter)

Aha! So I am older than you! Which means_”

“_Don’t even try.”

Soyoung had hated how the more she said to Hoseok the less she felt like her words were true.

He was neither ugly nor stupid (she had just said it to get on his nerves) and though he was childish, it was obvious that it made the others like him more.

Not that she was a bighead but she hadn’t been called ‘average looking’ since she had hit puberty so it bothered her a lot when Hoseok used the words.

She wanted to hit him and wipe the heart shaped smile that he wore every time he spoke to anyone else off his face.

She was partly relieved and partly disappointed when they dropped her off first.

The minute the car sped away she frowned and began to wonder why she had given Hoseok such a hard time.

She sighed when she realized that her prior declaration on Hoseok’s attractiveness had been messed up.

He sure does look hot with his hair up like that, she thought grudgingly before shivering in the cold. It was much cooler here, it seemed.


It had been torturous but somehow the seven young men had made it back and six of them were now in the process of trudging up the stairs with increasing gloominess at the thought of morning classes.

“I have to write a fucking essay by tomorrow.” Taehyung whined.

(He had become extremely whiny the minute Namjoon had stepped out of the car and waved before disappearing into his apartment at top speed.)

Why? Because of Park Jimin, his traitorous best friend. 

He hadn’t even been able to get a goodbye kiss because Jimin had shrieked when the two had leaned forward to kiss in front of him.

“Not in front of me!” He had shouted and pushed the two apart.

“You didn’t have a problem when Jin hyung and Kookie were making out!” Taehyung had grumbled and the said two had turned a ripe red.

“That’s because they both are hot, you both on the other hand_”

“_That’s not what you said when you confessed to me!” Taehyung had interrupted.

“Or me!” Namjoon had added. “I distinctly remember being called piece of hotness.”

“Yeah, you actually said you wanted to lick my_”

“_GET THE FUCK OUT ALREADY!” Yoongi had yelled, effectively shutting everyone up.

Jimin’s mood had improved considerably since then.

Back at the present, the six boys were saying their goodbyes.

Hoseok was the first to leave after saying a somewhat confused goodbye to the others, his throat sore from how much he had yelled.

Jin took Jungkook’s hand and led him to the roof without a word.

Yoongi was about to rush into his room when Jimin caught hold of his hand.

“Go, Tae.” Jimin said cheerfully. Best day of my life, he decided.

“I hate you so much right now, Jiminnie.” Taehyung said, hugged an awkwardly standing Yoongi and stuck out his tongue at Jimin before disappearing behind his door.

“What?” Yoongi asked, not unkindly. His eyes were glued to the floor and an unfamiliar heat was rising up his face.

The last thing he wanted was for Jimin to bring up his reckless driving.

Although I should ask him why he wouldn’t stop staring at me. It was his fault.

“Since you said we can’t meet for a month from now onwards, I just thought I’d make sure that you agree for our date one month from now.” Jimin said seriously.


Yoongi turned redder at his own words. Could he not say anything other than what?

Before he could say anything else, Jimin leaned in and gave Yoongi a feather-light kiss on his cheekbone.

“See you in a month!” Was the last thing Jimin said before leaving Yoongi standing there.



Jungkook could tell just from Jin’s expression that something was wrong. Jin had already let go of his hand so his suspicions had increased even more.

I haven’t even been his boyfriend for a whole of twenty four hours and I’ve already upset him, he thought mournfully as they climbed up to the roof.

He shivered in the cool air and was pleasantly surprised when Jin pulled him closer to himself.

His eyes snapped up at Jin who was looking at him carefully.

He turned pink and looked away.

Why the fuck am I so shy? He wondered.

He wasn’t shy around his friends, ever. With girls, yes, with strangers, double yes but with friends... Never.

Unless of course, it’s Jin hyung.

Jin was contemplating his life as he stared at Jungkook.

I’m really, really stupid. He decided. The proof had been staring at him in the face for so long and yet he had failed to see it as it was.

At first he had just assumed that Jungkook was shy in general, which he was to an extent.

How did I not notice before?

Jungkook had always been a tad bit shyer around him.

Had Jungkook been harbouring these feelings for a long time?

He didn’t know whether to be happy or miserable about the revelation.

“Kookie?” He said after he had made the younger boy turn redder than your average apple with his staring.

“Yeah?” Jungkook asked, his eyes fixed on the clouds in the sky.

“You know that I’ve got exams coming up soon, right?” Jin asked.

“We all do, hyung.” Jungkook answered with a small smile that failed to reach his eyes. He was now staring at one of the buildings in the distance, his heart pounding hard enough to drive away all sensible thoughts.

He couldn’t have recalled what the building he was staring at was even if you gave him gold for it. The building wasn’t remotely fascinating but it would have to do because the person standing beside him, his boyfriend (at the moment, at least) was so beautiful that his thoughts would become even more irrelevant and scattered if he chanced a glance that way.

Jin sighed loudly when Jungkook continued to stare at the medical centre.

“Yes, we all have exams.. But this is my last year. My last chance to prove myself before I’ll be out there.” Jin said.

Jungkook gulped and turned his attention to Jin. His eyes were bright and focused but his hands were fisted at his side as if he was trying to be firm.

Such beautiful eyes, Jungkook realised again.

“I have assignments and revision to do plus additional things like field trips to take my time.” Jin went on. “I really have to be focused and not waste my time on_”



“I got you.. You can’t be with me.” Jungkook said and it was like a punch to his gut.

Twenty four hours of happiness.

At the moment he was sure that if someone gave him a piece of paper and a pen, he could write the most beautiful and heartbreaking song of the century about the heart rendering story of a young boy whose crush was returned for less than twenty four hours before academic pressure stole everything from him.

Curse the fucking education system_

“_Jungkook, were you not listening last night?” Jin interrupted his thoughts and smiled.

He had given Jungkook the wrong idea.

“Huh?” Jungkook asked quietly, his head still full of dramatic ideas.

“Am I that bad at kissing?” Jin asked with a hint of a blush.

“What? No!”

“Did you not get it then? I like you, Jungkook. You have been eating away at my thoughts for the past few months and I’m seriously, really happy that you return my feelings. I’ve been thinking about nothing except for you, if I’m to be honest.” Jin managed to get out.

“B-but_ your exams_”

“_I was saying.. I cannot afford to waste my time so.. Please don’t be mad if I have to spend more time studying and less time on you. Please don’t be mad when I can’t come out on trips like this one for the next four months...” Jin trailed off and his eyes widened when a snowflake landed on Jungkook’s head.

Sure, it was almost December but snow this early was rare.

“So you.. You want to be together?” Jungkook asked, not quite daring to believe it yet.

Jin was staring at the top of his head. Damn, is it colder than usual today? He wondered.

“Let’s go inside, it’s snowing.” Jin said and started walking back. He didn’t want Jungkook to become sick again.

“What, no wait_” Jungkook stopped Jin from disappearing down the stairs by grabbing his arm. “Just tell me yes or no real quick and I’ll_”

Jin interrupted him by pulling him close by the back of his neck and planting a long, hard kiss on the mouth that conveyed what all the kisses, all the words and all the signs hadn’t. It hadn’t truly been that long but Jungkook’s insides warmed up despite the cold when Jin kissed him again. He couldn’t get enough of it, he was sure now.

“I’ll make time for you.” Jin promised. “I’ll take Yoongi’s help for the assignments and study as hard as I can. I’ll take you out on a proper date once these exams end.”

Oh my god, did I swallow a river of *Felix Felicis? Jungkook wondered.

If you had told him a few months ago that he and Jin would be together someday soon, he would have called you mental.

 “Will you really?” Jungkook asked, even though he knew the answer.

“Of course! I’ll still get good marks and all.” Jin said and smiled.

The snowflakes had begun to settle on Jungkook’s head now.

Just some more and he’ll look exactly like a rabbit, he thought with his eye crinkling smile.

“And if you don’t?” Jungkook challenged with an amused smile.

“Don’t what?”

“If you don’t get good marks?”

“Really, this kid_”

“_I’ll just have to go to Seoyeon then_”

“_Hya! Decide your sexuality before_”

But Jin never got to complete his sentence because Jungkook broke out in a fit of giggles; his back bent as he tried to catch his breath, staring at a pink faced Jin who looked like he was wearing a halo made of cotton.

“I’ll get good marks, you wait and see.” He told Jungkook with fake dignity and it only made the younger boy giggle more.

“Get your ass here.” Jin ordered, sounding mildly exasperated, before yanking Jungkook to him.

Jungkook had been expecting a hug or another kiss, not this.

“Hyung!” He heard himself exclaim, eyes on the smirk on Jin’s face.

Jin had lifted him up in his arms bridal style, effectively cutting off his laughter.

A part of him wanted to thrash around till Jin let go but the other part was too ecstatic to pay attention.

Jin was actually, physically carrying him.

“Hyung, I’m not your bride!”

“I know.” Jin said happily.

“Seriously, put me down!” Jungkook said but even as he said so, he was laughing.

Jin gave him another knowing smirk and turned sideways as he walked through the door.

“Jin hyung, you know this is embarrassing right_” Jungkook began.

“_It’s only natural that I teach you a lesson for laughing at me.” Jin interrupted him with a shrug.

Jungkook chewed on his lip as Jin held onto him while descending the stairs.

‘We’re going to fall and break our necks, hyung!” He protested when Jin almost missed his footing.

“We won’t Kookie. I won’t drop you.”

“You will! We’re going down a staircase, hyung!”

“Relax, Jungkookie. I haven’t gone to the gym in forever so I should compensate somehow.”

“So you’re going to carry me down the stairs?” Jungkook asked with a scoff.


Jungkook buried his head into Jin’s shoulder and blushed as two people from his class crossed paths with them, holding bottles of Andong soju in their hands.

“You’re too young to drink!” Jin scolded as Jungkook turned redder while looking at the gaping boys.

“Hyung, let’s go!” He begged and Jin frowned but obeyed.

“Jeon Jungkook is dating Kim Seokjin?!” They heard one of the astonished duo say.

Jungkook wanted the floor to swallow him.

Jin turned around again to his dismay.

“We are.” He responded and Jungkook knew that he was going to be burnt by the time they reached his room. Judging from how hot his face was, he was surely on fire.

“You’re too young to drink but I’ll let it slide this time. Don’t go to the roof, it’s snowing.” Jin said and offered a charming smile before turning around.

Jungkook decided to keep his face well hidden till they reached his room and of course, his luck sucks so Taehyung had to open the door to keep the trash out before Jin could put him down.

“Oh my god, I am interrupting something!” Taehyung exclaimed, widened eyes on the couple which looked like they had recently got married.

“You’re not!” Jungkook yelled hastily and struggled to get Jin to let go of him but Jin seemed too surprised to let go.

“WAIT!” Taehyung yelled and before either of them could react, Taehyung had clicked a photo of them and was now busy typing away on his phone with his tongue peeking out from the corner of his mouth.

“Ahh, Operation Jinkook was a total success! I’ll just put it on the group and_”

“_What group?” Jin and Jungkook asked simultaneously and to Jungkook’s relief, Jin put him down.

“Huh..? Oh our Whatsapp group where we came up with the plan to get you two stubborn, blind mules to...” Taehyung trailed off suddenly and his head snapped up from his phone to look at the couple in front of him.

What?” Jin and Jungkook asked incredulously.

“Nothing, nothing! Hyung, do you think you could carry me too?” Taehyung asked Jin, trying and failing to change the subject.

“Tae, what the fuck_” Jungkook began, trying to snatch Taehyung’s phone.

“NO!” Taehyung wailed dramatically, clutching his phone to his chest and slowly backing towards his room like he was being cornered by the meanest bullies. “I won’t let you take my phone! You can take my life but not my phone!”

Both Jungkook and Jin followed promptly.

“I’ll distract him, you get the phone.” Jin whispered and they proceeded to do just that.

Jungkook walked forward with purpose just as Jin grabbed Taehyung and expertly displaying his strength, picked Taehyung up the same way he had picked Jungkook.

Jungkook could swear that he heard imaginary people go “Whoaa!” At Jin’s strong arms.

“So..?” Jin said with what he hoped was a pleasant smile.

“Whoa, you can pick me up too! You’re so strong, Jin hyung! Finally I can make hyung jealous! Kookie, take a photo and send it to Namjoon hyung!” Taehyung said, stupidly holding out his phone to Jungkook who took it with a roll of his eyes.

“Really, Taehyung. You’re getting stupider with every passing day.” Jungkook said and turned around, pressing the Whatsapp icon.

“What? No! JUNGKOOK!” Taehyung yelled, reaching out in vain as Jin tightened his hold on him.

“Hyung, let me go!” Taehyung exclaimed, pushing Jin’s chest with one hand. “Shit, you have a nice chest!”

Jungkook almost, almost hit Taehyung then and there.

His jaw dropped as he read the ongoing chat on the group and he completely forgot about the two standing behind him.


Operation Jinkook was a success!

Chim: GUYS!! After so much hard work, we finally did it!! Jinkook is together!


Hobi: YESS! I’m sending the photos and videos!


Joonie: We’re waiting with bated breath! :)


Yoongi: You took quite some photos, it seems.


 Chim: Hi, Yoongi hyung :-*


Hobi: *Pukes.


Hobi:  Here’s the first one.

Below was an image of Jungkook staring devotedly at Jin as they walked up the trekking trail.


Chim: SO CUTE!! Hyung, you should at least return my affections.. Kookie looks at Jin hyung so nicely.. You never look at me like that :’(


Yoongi: ....


Hobi: Does that mean you guys are over already?! ^_^


Yoongi: Shut up Hoseok. Jimin, why are some of your clothes in my bag?


Chim: Idk...? Too bad.. One month without my favourite underwear.. *Sighs.


Yoongi: -_-


Joonie: Why are we ignoring this?! Jin hyung and Jungkook! They can’t get cuter.


Hobi: There’s more!! *Smirks.

Following that were two photos of Jin and Jungkook, the first one showing Jin staring at Jungkook as they watched the movie (apparently taken by Namjoon) and the second one of Jin and Jungkook heavily making out in their room, eyes shut, bodies pressed against one another’s, hands clutching each other possessively and lips connected as if stitched together.

Jungkook turned redder as more photos and videos began pouring in; ones he didn’t even know had been taken. Some of them were from much earlier too, like a photo from Yoongi and Jimin’s one on one basket ball match and another from when Jungkook had just dyed his hair brown and he and Jin were talking during their English class but most of them were from this afternoon when everyone had witnessed them kissing.

Jungkook jumped when someone touched his shoulder and almost dropped the phone.

“H-hyung!” He stuttered once he saw that it was Jin who was looking at him concernedly as he backed away.

“What’s wrong?” Jin asked, curiously eyeing Jungkook’s red face and the phone in his hand, which he noticed suddenly, was making too much noise as each message was received.

“Um_ uh_ where’s T-Tae?” Jungkook asked, looking anywhere but at the phone as if the obnoxiously loud pings were inconspicuous.

“I sort of.. Tricked him..” Jin admitted embarrassedly and Jungkook’s eyes widened when he heard the loud banging of Taehyung’s room’s door and his voice from inside.

“This is mutinous! Jin hyung! How can you do this to me_ Kookie_ let me out!! Your boyfriend is unbelievable_ Namjoon hyung is going to kill me!”

Jungkook turned away from the door and his heartbeat sped up when Jin moved closer and_

Managed to take the phone from his hand.

“Whatthefuck.” Was the first thing Jin said and Jungkook knew that his hyungs were in trouble because Jin hyung was swearing.

Jin scanned the photos, videos and the messages of the others with disbelief written on his face.

To Jungkook’s mortification, Jin began to read the chat out loud.

“Jimin. Yoongi hyung, are you ignoring me? Hoseok. I’m done with this shit. Namjoon. How much self control do you think Jin hyung has? Tae? Why aren’t you answering? Yoongi. Come and get your clothes, Jimin. Jimin. But One Month, hyung? Yoongi. Jin has no self control, he will be_ WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? ... Jin hyung looks like he’s about to fuck Koo_ YOONGI, YOU’RE DEAD!”

And Jungkook caught Taehyung’s phone in time because Jin rushed towards the door with a murderous glint in his eyes, almost throwing the phone in the process.


Operation Jinkook was a success!!

Chim: He does look like he will fuck Jungkook! Our poor, innocent kid! How long until they’re in each other’s pants?


Yoongi: Not too long, I’m guessing.


Joonie: Shit, he’s actually clutching Jungkook’s ass in the last picture, did you see?


Chim: I’d clutch that ass too ^_^


Yoongi: Jimin, I swear to god.


Tae: Yoongi hyung, I hope you have an excuse ready.


Yoongi: What? Why?


Joonie:  Tae!!


Tae: It’s Jungkook. Jin hyung is on his way.


Hobi: What?


Yoongi: What are you talking about_ JUNGKOOK? Why are you on our group.. Oh..


Chim: Kookie, did you steal Taehyung’s phone?


Tae: Not exactly. I can’t believe you guys.


Chim: Holy shit it’s Jungkookie! Kookie, I’m sorry! I won’t touch your ass, I swear!


Tae:  -______-


Hobi: I hear shouting.


Yoongi: Fuck.


Yoongi: Fuck!


Yoongi: I’m dead.


Yoongi: Jimin, how to be cute, help me out. ASAP.




A loud shout was heard from the room three doors away from Jungkook.


Tae: You guys brought it on yourselves. *Shrugs.


Joonie: Is Taehyung alive?


Tae: For now.


ChimChim: I’m so glad we’re roommates, Hobi hyung.


Hobi: Believe it or not.. So am I..


Joonie: Jungkook, don’t hurt him..


ChimChim: I’m definitely not seeing Yoongi hyung for a month then :(


Meanwhile Taehyung continued to blabber from his room. “.... Let me out already, this is practically assault! It is too low a trick for you, Jin hyung! How can you try to seduce me to lock me up in my room?”

Jungkook glared at the door.

You’re not getting any piggy back rides this time, fucker.




On one windy, April day, Jungkook realised that it had already been four months since Jin and him had begun dating.

The summer semester had started last month and he was already burdened with assignments and submissions.

It was around noon and Jungkook was alone in his room, his phone in his hand and his mouth forming a frown as time ticked by.

Jungkook didn’t usually lie but the idea of third wheeling on anyone’s date had had him saying three consequent NOs to his friends who felt guilty about taking off without him.

It hadn’t been too big of a lie, just a tiny white one which had spared him of two to three hours of torture.

Jimin and Yoongi, Namjoon and Taehyung and Hoseok and his new girlfriend (he finally got the courage to ask Soyoung noona out) had each gone on separate dates and Jungkook was so grateful for it that he practically pounced on Jin the minute he came in through the door.

Jin had only gone home for two weeks but two weeks were too long to bear, especially when the rest of his stupid hyungs couldn’t stop talking about their boyfriends/ girlfriend for more than fifteen minutes at a time.  

Although Jin wanted to tease the younger boy, he couldn't because he himself had been dying to kiss Jungkook. The sexual tension between the two had been mounting since a fortnight, when they had all gone to see the latest Marvel film and have a celebratory dinner for Jin.

Jungkook had worn leather pants that had left Jin speechless and twice as aggressive towards any guy or girl who had had the nerve to stare at his boyfriend for more than three seconds. 

He crushed the younger boy to him and turned him around so he was against the door and kissed him hard enough for his lips to swell.

“You’re late.” Jungkook scolded between kisses and Jin smiled sheepishly.

“Sorry.. I missed my bus.. But mum sent food for you.”  

Jin had missed Jungkook like crazy.

He had spent his whole time at home bugging his parents and his older brother by telling them tales of his boyfriend.

“And he looks like a bunny when he smiles!”

“Did I tell you that he has the cutest laugh ever? You would love his laugh, eomma!”

“He is really smart, you know! Despite being younger than me he was in my English class!”

“And he’s even good at girl group dances! You and him can dance together, eomma.”

“His favourite colour is red! Yours is too, right hyung?”

“And abeoji! Remember how you wished I had taken Politics? Jungkook has taken Politics, you can talk to him about it...”

“He likes my cooking.. I wonder how much he will like yours, eomma!”

“You have to hear him singing, he has such a great voice!”

“What do you mean no one can be good at so much? Hyung, why would I lie?! Jungkook really is talented!”

Jin’s mother had asked for Jin to bring Jungkook home and Jin had been ecstatic till he had remembered that the summer term had started and Jungkook was too busy to meet his mother just yet.

Two whole weeks he had been restless, lying awake in his old room at night, deep in thought.

When he wasn’t talking about Jungkook, he was thinking about him.

He had felt envious whenever he had thought about Jungkook and the rest of his friends in Seoul.

The memory of that caused him to tighten his hold on Jungkook as if to remind himself that he was finally here and kissing Jungkook, who belonged to him and him alone.

They had been kissing nonstop for some time, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths and Jin knew that Jungkook would be quite a sight when they stopped.

Jin loved it when he made Jungkook look like he had been wrecked by him, even though it made him blush when their annoying friends questioned them. Already their lips were swollen and saliva slicked and Jungkook was sure that Jin’s hold was going to leave dents in his skin.

After a lot of experimenting, Jungkook’s hair was back to black now and in Jin's opinion, it made him look even sexier. In the past few months, Jungkook had grown taller, now only slightly shorter than Jin, more muscular and his cheekbones had become sharper and more prominent.

He could be mistaken for some heartthrob idol, Jin decided.

The younger boy was no less aggressive than he was if he was to be honest but Jin knew that Jungkook liked it when Jin was in control of them.

Jin led Jungkook to his room and pushed him onto his bed, never once letting go of his perfect lips, the taste of which he had memorised like the back of his hand. Jungkook’s hold on his hair was borderline painful and Jin knew that it was Jungkook’s way of punishing him for being late.

When they ran out of breath, Jin continued his relentless attack by kissing Jungkook along his jaw line and then sucking on his earlobe, drawing soft moans from his throat.

Then he started sucking on the skin of his neck, not caring for once if he left marks on Jungkook's unblemished skin. He had wanted to do this since the time he had seen Jungkook adorned in leather pants.

Jungkook loved the feeling of Jin's lips on his skin and it filled him with pride when Jin ever left marks on his skin the way he was now. He knew that Taehyung would tease him (after asking him how the hell he had got them when Jin was supposed to be at home.) (Maybe his white lie was slightly bigger than he had thought.)

When Jin found his sweet spot, he moaned unintentionally, louder than before, squirming beneath Jin and Jin smirked against his skin before repeatedly sucking and nibbling at the same place. He found Jungkook’s hands and pinned them to the bed so that he would be unable to move.  

"H-hyung!" Jungkook stuttered, his breathing becoming even more erratic and heat pooling in his stomach. He was already half hard. Jin didn't stop though. He was now nibbling harder and Jungkook’s moans were becoming more desperate. His jeans were too constricting and he wasn’t sure he would be able to take it for much longer. Jin stopped for a moment before running his tongue over the marks he had made. Jungkook involuntarily bucked his hips, eliciting a beautiful gasp from the older boy that was enough to drive him mad

...But of course. 

He scowled when Jin got off of him immediately as he knew he would and blushed and apologised repeatedly.  

He wished he had shut his mouth. 

"Sorry.. I didn't mean to take it that far.." Jin said as usual, his skin flushed.

Both had boners at this point.

"Kookie, are you okay?" Jin asked on seeing the scowl on his boyfriend's face. 

"I went too far, didn't I_" He began worriedly but Jungkook had had enough of not taking things far enough. 

"_It's not nearly far enough!" He interrupted agitatedly, glaring at Jin, whose eyes widened. So he had misinterpreted Jungkook's scowl. 

"Kookie, listen to me.. We don't have to_" Jin started to say. 

But Jungkook was so done with words. 

He took Jin by surprise by pushing him down, climbing on top of him and reattaching their lips, his hands on the bed, beside Jin's head. 

Jin immediately began to protest and tried to stop him but Jungkook hadn't read gay erotica for no reason. 

Jin moaned when Jungkook ground his hips against his and tugged at his hair. 

"J-Jung-Jungkook... What_" He stuttered, hoping his words were comprehensible. 

Jungkook paid him no mind and did exactly what Jin had done to him. He kissed along Jin’s throat and sucked on his sweet skin, causing Jin to moan harder.

All the while he kept grinding his hips against Jin’s, eliciting beautiful moans from Jin’s mouth.

Both wanted, no needed more.

Jin's eyes were wide open because Jungkook was being relentless and this behaviour was new. Usually when he suggested that they stop Jungkook agreed without a protest.   

He moaned again at the friction and let go of his self control, bucking his hips to meet Jungkook's and cupping his bottom, making him moan against his neck in return. 

The friction between them was exactly what they needed but Jungkook knew that Jin wasn’t going to give him what he wanted so easily.

He was panting heavily and staring at Jin with his eyes filled with desire. His pupils were dilated, his lips were parted, wet and swollen, his neck was already showing signs of Jin's possessive affection, his hair was messed up and his chest was rising and falling rapidly. 

Jin felt so lucky in that moment that he couldn't help but smile at Jungkook.

"I'm ready, alright?" Jungkook said with a pout, moving so he was straddling Jin's hips. 

He knew that Jin always stopped things from going too far because in his eyes Jungkook was still not ready. 

"Y-you might think so right now, Jungkook_" Jin started, sounding like he had just learnt to speak.

"_Is it because you still think I'm a kid?" Jungkook asked, feeling an all too familiar sadness filling him. He couldn't look into Jin's eyes out of fear of his suspicions being confirmed through Jin's gaze so he stared at Jin's moving chest instead.  

When would Jin stop treating him like that? He was Jin's boyfriend first, right? What did age matter?

Or was it because.. ? 

Lately he had begun to think that he was more right in his other suspicions.

He had never voiced them out loud but he couldn’t hold it back anymore.

"Or is it because you don't want to have sex with me?" Jungkook went on, cheeks red and heart filled with dread. Tears were threatening to fill his eyes so he quickly blinked them away.

"Who told you that?" Jin asked, gently lifting Jungkook's chin and looking into his beautiful, defiant, fierce yet innocent eyes. 

"It's true, isn't it?" Jungkook asked, slowly taking Jin's hand off his chin and getting off him. 

He was no longer hard.

"Of course not!" Jin exclaimed but Jungkook had been nursing these doubts for a long time and it was hard for him to believe otherwise now, now that Jin had stopped him for the fifth time from doing anything more than kissing. 

"Jungkook!" Jin exclaimed, following his boyfriend out the door and into the living room. 

"It's okay." Jungkook said, about to go into the kitchen to make himself some coffee when Jin pulled him in for a hug.

"Why would you think I don't want you?" Jin asked tentatively. 

Jungkook was already embarrassed for bringing it up.

He felt like a child. He wanted nothing more than to lock himself in the bathroom and cry.

Way to go, Jeon Jungkook. Continue like this and pretty soon no one will be able to distinguish between you and a preteen girl.

"I'm sorry, it's okay. Please forget it." He said, trying to move away but Jin refused to let it go, especially when he noticed that Jungkook’s eyes seemed glossier than usual.

Guilt began to gnaw at him.

"I do want you.. I_ it's scary at times how badly I want you." He told Jungkook hastily.

He had never felt so much for anyone else.

His mother had already given him the talk.

No, not the sex talk, the other talk_ all because of how much he had spoken about Jungkook.  

Jungkook didn’t answer Jin since he didn’t think it was quite possible. The memories of all the times Jin had stopped them played in his mind.

"Jungkook, don't you believe me?" Jin asked, feeling surprised and a little hurt at the silence he was receiving. 

"I.. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't want me_" Jungkook started to say quietly.

"_What are you talking about?!" Jin interrupted, pulling back a bit to look at Jungkook's blushing visage.

Jungkook wouldn’t meet his eyes now.

"Are you going to make me say it?" He asked with a sigh when Jungkook remained silent, eyes fixed to the ground. 

"Say what?" Jungkook asked, peeking up through his lashes and filling Jin's stomach with butterflies. 

Jin suddenly felt like an idiot for bringing it up but he knew that if he didn’t say it, Jungkook would continue to think that Jin didn’t want him, which was ridiculous.

So he said it.

"That.. That_ I think of you when.. When I.." Jin trailed off, unable to admit something that made him feel so vulnerable. His cheeks were red and his eyes couldn't meet Jungkook's. 

"When you what?" Jungkook asked, not comprehending at once. 

"When.. When I jack off.." 

Jungkook's eyes widened in surprise and warmth filled his cheeks and his stomach. 

A mental image of Jin jerking off (one he had had many times) while thinking of him filled his head, and he imagined Jin stifling his moans_ and thinking of a most probably naked Jungkook.  

His stomach once again pooled with heat.

He couldn't stop himself from kissing a surprised Jin again, his whole body flushed by now and his hands clutching Jin like his life depended on it. 

Jin was taken aback but grateful that Jungkook wasn't mocking him so he let go and kissed Jungkook back, trying to convey that he very much wanted Jungkook as well. 

When Jungkook pulled away abruptly he whined in surprise. 

"You want me but you don't think I'm ready, is that it?" Jungkook asked, not giving himself the time to blush over his proclamation. 

Jin started to say that it's only because he didn't want Jungkook doing something he didn't want to when Jungkook went on, saying something that made his mouth fall open and his cheeks turn into a cherry red.  

"... I am ready, I swear_ I even.. I even stretched myself for you the other day.." 

Jungkook blushed as he admitted it but it was true so Jin didn’t even have to worry too much about that.

He hadn’t intended to do it but he had been lying on his bed for an hour feeling restless and his imagination had attacked him with a perfect scenario that had resulted in him pushing down his pants to grab his leaking erection. Jin had already been gone home for a week and to Jungkook it had been like a month.

He had been about to take hold of his cock like he had so many times, when he had had another thought.

If Jin and him ever got to that stage, then there would be more than just grinding against one another.. There would be penetration too, right?

So while he had held and tugged at his cock with one hand, he had used the index finger of his other hand to hesitantly begin stretching himself open. 

It had been strange and new and maybe even uncomfortable at first but pretty soon his breathing had become ragged and he had begun to squirm against his finger. 

He had been afraid to put another finger so maybe he wasn't exactly stretched open but if Jin was worried about that_

"J-Jungkook_" Jin stuttered, his breathing heavy and erratic.

Jungkook had been so lost in his thoughts that he hadn't noticed the expression on Jin's face. 

"Did you really?" Jin asked, pressing his forehead to Jungkook's. 

"I.. A bit.." Jungkook admitted. 

Jin's eyes widened in surprise and the look he gave Jungkook was enough to send him over the edge. Jin looked like he wanted to ruin his innocence or something.

And Jin pulled away.

"I'm sorry_" He began, feeling like he had entirely lost his control even when he hadn’t.

"_Hyung_" Jungkook began to protest.

"_I want it to be.. Be more than us doing it in our rooms_ I'd rather_ that's not how I want it to be.. I want it to be special." Jin mumbled, his eyes scanning Jungkook's face to make sure that he understood that Jin did want him, he wanted him so much_ but_ they weren't even prepared! 

Jungkook's face softened at Jin’s words and he smiled slightly.

Of course, he had been stupid to think that in just two weeks Jin would lose his control. He had been even stupider to think that Jin would have sex with him in his room with his textbooks and notebooks lying around. Jin was someone whose feelings had depth and he didn’t act on his whims.

Nonetheless, he had been unable to not get his hopes up when Jin had led him to his room and pushed him onto his bed.

But special was good, right? 

"Okay." He said. He could live with that for now. 




“How could you lie to me, Jungkook?” Was the first thing Taehyung said when he walked into his and Jungkook’s room.

It had already been an hour since Jin had left and Jungkook’s mood was not improved by Taehyung’s nagging.

“You said you were going to study so I left you alone_” Taehyung started.

“_Tae, did you really think I wanted to spend my afternoon watching you and Namjoon hyung making out?”

“But Jimin_”

“_Or hear Jimin hyung and Yoongi hyung cooing at each other?”

“Hobi hyung_”

“_And Soyoung noona have started going out recently. It’s awkward enough as it is without me following them like their adopted kid.”

Fine! But you could have told us Jin hyung was coming a day earlier!”

“I just.. I wanted to spend time with him!” Jungkook said with a sigh and Taehyung’s face softened.

He sat down beside Jungkook on his bed and patted his thigh comfortingly.

“Judging from your expression things didn’t go too well?” He asked gently.

“No, it’s not that.. Can we.. Talk about this later? I’m really hungry.” Jungkook responded and luckily his stomach grumbled at the moment.

“I got you something!” Taehyung said cheerfully. “Now, who is your favourite hyung?”

Jungkook rolled his eyes but said that it was Taehyung, causing the older of the two to flash his signature rectangular smile.

“Where is Jin hyung then?” Taehyung asked as Jungkook heated the takeout food in their microwave.

“He said he was going to check out a few apartments by the Han River. He’s crashing at his cousin’s place tonight..”

“He has another interview soon, right?”


“Don’t worry, Kook..”






Jin spent the rest of his day regretting his words to Jungkook.  

The rest of his day was spent with an overly optimistic agent who showed him several apartments that were way over his budget and none with the view he wanted.

Finally at six in the evening he had called it a day and caught a bus to his cousin’s house on the other side of the city.

At night he found himself lying on the unused bed in the unused guest room at his cousin’s place, wondering what if. 

He knew that what he had done was right but Jungkook's words had unlocked another level. 

Jungkook had even gone as far as to open himself up for him_ 

Jin tried and failed at not picturing it. 

"Jungkook, you're shocking.. And incredible." He whispered to himself as he lay awake that night, listening to the sound of his own intermittent breathing. 

To think that Jungkook had been sprawled across the bed with his fingers in himself while he was rotting in his hometown was unimaginable and unbearable.

Never would he have imagined that he would want to have sex with Jeon Jungkook, his friend who had become so much more, all because of a drunken kiss. 

He really was grateful to the forces that had played their role in bringing him and Jungkook together. 

All that was wonderful but his throbbing, leaking cock wasn't. Not when Jungkook had filled his head with ideas. 

He was so tempted to walk out of his room, catch a bus to the college campus and fuck Jungkook awake.

Jin.. What is wrong with you?! You can't do something like that!

Jin groaned and turned over. He didn't want to jerk himself off, he wanted more than the mediocre pleasure he got from imagining his boyfriend naked while masturbating. 

He wanted to see his boyfriend naked and actually do something.




Jungkook was faring no better in his room back at the university.  

His mind refused to remove the look that Jin had given him when he had heard that Jungkook had stretched himself for him. 

Jin had looked at him like a bloody sex God and it had shaken him to the core without him realising it. Jin had looked like he was ready to fuck him there itself. His eyes had looked like that of a sex hungry animal

He had loved it. 

Jin usually was so composed and in control (except when he was being silly and cute) that the raw desire on his face had seemed foreign to Jungkook. He had wanted to beg Jin to do it already. 

It was so annoying!! 

He wanted to go over to Jin’s cousin’s house, wake Jin up and tell him that it would be no less special if they had sex on the freaking kitchen table but please_ because he was so sexually frustrated... 

When and how was he going to fall asleep? 




A few days later Jin found himself at Namjoon’s apartment complex. Namjoon was supposed to study for a test but Taehyung’s words were echoing in his mind so he put down his textbook and turned his gaze to Jin who was reading some novel. 

"Hyung." Namjoon said, causing Jin to look up from his book.

"What?" Jin asked, brushing the hair out of his eyes and raising his eyebrow at Namjoon. “Want some help?” Jin teased making Namjoon smile.

“No thanks but I appreciate the offer.” He said.

“As expected.. The smart Kim Namjoon doesn’t need my help. So what is it?” Jin asked and put his book aside as well.

"Tae said that Jungkook acts awfully frustrated these days." Namjoon told Jin.

"Frustrated?" Jin asked, immediately wondering if studies were getting to his boyfriend.

He hadn’t even asked Jungkook about his studies.

In fact, Jungkook had been so busy that since that day they had only met twice.

Namjoon shook his head and rolled his eyes, reading Jin’s misinterpretation clearly.

"Sexually frustrated." He clarified and Jin's eyes widened. 

"Namjoon!" He scolded, blushing and glaring at his novel.

Why were their friends so interfering?! 

"Hyung, he's not a kid, you know that, we have been over it. And Yoongi hyung is already irritated with how much you have been sighing and moaning_"

"_Stop right there!" Jin exclaimed, touching his red face and shaking his head expressively. Yoongi’s new roommate was yet to arrive so he had stayed in his old room as it was closer to the river than his cousin’s place.

He hadn’t been that loud..

Or so he had thought.

Namjoon rolled his eyes and smiled. 

"What are you waiting for?" He asked. He was genuinely curious. He had seen the sexual tension between the two when they had gone to see that movie_ which one was it...? Anyway; he had seen the possessiveness in Jin's eyes and had seen the glare he had sent Jimin's way just for saying that Jungkook looked hot. 

"What would you do if you were in my place?!" Jin demanded when his blush had died down somewhat. 

He was going to kill Yoongi! They better not be discussing his sexual life on their stupid Whatsapp group, those brats! He had asked them to delete the stupid group countless times but none of them had complied.

Namjoon looked surprised but as usual he decided to give a calculated answer. 

"If I was dating someone who was five years younger than me but an adult and if I felt for them what you feel for Jungkook; I wouldn't be asking myself twice." 

Jin glared at him. 

"Taehyung is only a year younger than you so you don't know!" Jin said sulkily. 

Namjoon sighed. "Yes but he acts like he's younger than Kookie so...?" 

Jin wondered if he should tell Namjoon the real reason but he was afraid of being called old school. 

"Hyung?" Namjoon asked, shaking him. 

Well, I might as well just say it, he thought and braced himself.

"Have you had sex with Tae?" He asked, making the younger boy blush. 

"Yes.." He admitted. 

"And have you told Taehyung that you love him?" Jin asked and Namjoon's head tilted to the right in confusion.

"Yes, of course..." Namjoon trailed off as he understood. 

"Do you love Jungkook?" Namjoon asked. 

Jin looked unprepared to answer but he managed to stutter it out. 

"Wha.. I. Y-yes.. But he doesn't know that! Don't tell him!" 

Namjoon smiled widely, his dimples making an appearance.  

"I won't, but why don't you?" He asked gently.

"What if he doesn't feel the same?" Jin demanded with a cute frown. 

Namjoon sighed. "Hyung, you know he had a crush on you for a long time, right?" 

Jin rolled his eyes. "Yeah but a crush is a crush. L-love isn't something to joke about..." 

"And you think Jungkook would do_ what? If he found out?" Namjoon asked with a blank face. 

"Freak out?!" Jin exclaimed. 

"Hyung, don't be stupid." Namjoon said exasperatedly. 

"Hey!" Jin exclaimed indignantly. 

"Sorry but come on! Are you really as blind as to believe that he doesn't love you? He has had feelings for you for a very long time!" Namjoon said. 

"Whatever. I'm not.. Not going to have sex with him until I tell him how I feel." Jin said stubbornly. 

Namjoon grinned. "Suit yourself but Yoongi hyung is going to be considerably irritated if you keep on making noises in the night, you know it's hard for him to fall asleep_"

"_Hya, get out!"
“But it’s my room!”

Jin threw a pillow at Namjoon’s face and he promptly fell off the bed and broke the night lamp.





"Jungkooooook." Taehyung called as he barged into Jungkook's room while he was changing.

Jungkook didn't even bother to be embarrassed anymore because that would only make Taehyung happier. 

"Whoa Kookie, you have a nice butt." Taehyung said with a smirk. 

"What the hell do you want, Tae?" Jungkook demanded. 

Taehyung had only seen his butt like a hundred times. 

"Listen! I can help out with your sexual frustration!" Taehyung said with a grin.

"Thanks but I'd rather die than have a threesome with you and Namjoon hyung."

"Ha ha ha, so funny!" Taehyung said, rolling his eyes. "As if we'd invite you. I meant I know how to make you so hot that Jin hyung will lose his mind! Then you can seduce your way into his bed!" Taehyung explained.

Jungkook sighed as he pulled on a shirt and sat at the edge of his bed.

"Jin hyung said he doesn't want it to be like that." He said to Taehyung who was wiggling his eyebrows.

"Like what?" Taehyung asked confusedly. 

"Like_ like we're sex crazed or something. He said he wants it to be special.. I think he's saying that because it will be my first time." Jungkook said and although it frustrated him no end, it also made him feel warm inside. 

"Wow, you guys are like relationship goals or something." Taehyung said, wiping fake tears from his eye. "But won't it be special anyways because it's you and it's him?" He asked. 

"That's what I think but.. Jin hyung doesn't. Frankly.. I think it's because he thinks I'm too young." Jungkook said and grabbed his cat pillow and banged his head on it. 

"Which is why you have to seduce him!" Taehyung concluded.

"I wore those leather pants like you asked me to and he stopped me that night too." Jungkook said sadly.

The memory was still fresh in his mind. They had come home a little after twelve and Taehyung had stayed over at Namjoon’s place so Jin and Jungkook had been able to spend the night together before Jin left for the fortnight.

It had been similar to what had happened a few days ago except Jin had said that they should sleep even before Jungkook could so much as get hard.

"Yeah but didn't you see the way he looked at you? Like he would rip anyone to shreds if they so much as glanced at you." Taehyung said and Jungkook tried to recall the exact expression on Jin's face. 

Jin had looked pretty pissed when the girl at the ticket counter had tried to flirt with him. 

"Maybe.." He trailed off. 

"I'm telling you, seduction is the way to go!" Taehyung said and to Jungkook's amusement, he handed him his phone.

He read: How to seduce an older man? 

"Jin hyung isn't an ahjussi!" Jungkook said with hysterical laughter. 

"I didn't write that!" Taehyung said indignantly. 

"Look at this: want to seduce a boring, rich and old man? You have come to the right place! Once you marry him, his wealth will be yours and before long he will die_" Jungkook spoke, shaking with laughter.

"_Okay okay, sorry." Taehyung interrupted quickly and laughed as well. 

He took his phone and typed something else before handing it to Jungkook. 

Jungkook read: How to convince your older boyfriend to have sex with you? 

"Check wikihow." Taehyung said and Jungkook clicked on the link. 

They both skimmed through it but it was all about how to tell your boyfriend. Jin already knew that Jungkook wanted to take their relationship to the next level. 

They came across another one which said 'make him ache for you' 

"Perfect!" Taehyung said and tapped on the header.

"Tae, this is for women. And that too for those relationships which have already taken the next step." Jungkook quoted. 

"Doesn't matter, let's just read it for tips!" Taehyung said cheerfully. 

"Say the one thing that drives him nuts." Taehyung read. "What will?" 

"I don't know." Jungkook shook his head. 

"They're referring to names. Seokjin?" Taehyung asked. 

"I doubt that!" Jungkook replied and shook his head. 

"How about Daddy?" 


"Then what?" 

"I'm sure it's not that!" 

"Namjoon hyung said that Jin hyung is pretty kinky, he may be into more than just that you know_"

"_Tae, shut up and read." Jungkook groaned. 

"As lovey-dovey as pet names make him feel, they still don't compare to the electrifying rush your man gets when his name crosses your lips. "Just hearing it is an aphrodisiac," says body-language expert Eve, author of XYZ. "It ratchets up his desire because the message you send is 'It's you I'm thinking about and no one else.' And men need to hear that — it's tied to their primal urge to beat out all the competition." Taehyung finished with an amused grin. 

"Will it work..?" Jungkook asked, sounding doubtful. 

"According to the example, you will have to say something like: I was arguing with Tae, Jin hyung... He was saying that I’m good looking but I told him that he looks better.." Taehyung said while studying the article. 

Jungkook snorted. "Okay, what else?" 

"Some shit and then... Just by stimulating his nerve endings when he's not prepared for it, you create a positive physical connection that leaves your man wanting more. Even better, your guy subconsciously gets hooked on those mini-moments of excitement and craves them when you're not around." Taehyung read. 

"Okay.. I guess I can do that?" Jungkook wondered. 

"Sure you can! Ooops, sorry Jin hyung, didn't mean to touch your crotch, I thought I saw something there!" Taehyung enacted and Jungkook looked at him like he was crazy. 

Taehyung smiled his signature smile. 

"Chuck it, Tae. None of that is going to work.. Besides, if Jin hyung wants to wait then I'll respect his decision." Jungkook said, looking away from what he deduced to be shitty tips. “None of these are for guys anyways." 

"How can you decide that?!" Taehyung demanded. 

Jungkook rolled his eyes and pointed at the second paragraph which suggested to 'rub your breasts against him'

"Okay, you have a point." Taehyung agreed and sighed exaggeratedly. "But it pains me to see you so sexually deprived, Jungkookie." 

Jungkook rolled his eyes. "I'm not desperate, Taehyung. It's just.. Hard to control the way I feel around Jin hyung. It doesn't mean I want sex. I have gone without it for eighteen years, you know." He said sarcastically. 

Taehyung smiled. "Then what do you want?" 

Jungkook looked at him weirdly. 

"What do I want? Jin hyung, obviously." 

"What do you want from him?" Taehyung asked. 

"I'm not telling you what I want_"

"_Not sexual things, idiot! What are you after?!" 

Jungkook tilted his head in confusion.

 "Oh my fucking god he is so oblivious!" Taehyung complained to the skies. "Never mind. Pleasure yourself all you like. Maybe you will realise one day."

Taehyung walked off with that and Jungkook snorted. "Someone is a bit moody today!" He called after his best friend who stuck his head inside and stuck out his tongue. 

Jungkook sighed and leaned back on his hands so he was staring at the ceiling. 

What did he want..?

He looked around for his phone and grinned when he saw that he had a message from Jin hyung.

Jungkook! Ice cream? :) 

Yes! He texted back quickly. 

Good, I'll see you at 9?

Okay :D

He loved it when he hung out alone with Jin hyung like this. When all of them hung out together, it just couldn't compare to how it felt when Jin's attention was on him and him alone. 

The age gap between them was nonexistent at times like these because they could speak about anything and everything. 

Jin was good at making him smile and he always made him laugh. 

They weren't the most similar couple but that was okay because even if their preferences didn't match completely, their thoughts did. 

Jungkook felt his excitement mounting. Immediately after dinner he got changed and took his phone and wallet. 

Jin had told him that he liked black hair on him so he had forbidden Taehyung from experimenting with his hair for the time being. 

He preferred it that way too because he found it exhausting to dye his hair. (Even though Taehyung did it for him) 

He met Jin at the pre decided time with a big smile on his face. 

Jin's face lit up at the sight of Jungkook's grin and his heart beat faster in an exhilarating way. 

He didn't care who was watching them then. He quickly pulled the younger boy closer to him for a bone crushing hug. He had to feel him in his arms. It was incredible how he felt then. 

"Did you miss me?" Jungkook asked teasingly. He had become a lot more confident since then. 

"You don't even know how much." Jin admitted and Jungkook's cheeks turned red with happiness. At times like these, it was hard to believe that just five months ago, Jin had been an unreachable dream. 

When Jin had kissed him while being drunk, Jungkook had been sure that this was the worst thing that could have ever happened to him. 

He had been sure that his one sided crush would be nothing more than just that and that when he would grow older, he would think about his pathetic crush on Jin with fondness. 

But the tables had turned and thanks to Jin's curiosity, he had figured out the true nature of his feelings for Jungkook. 

Jin pulled away and they smiled at one another before walking. 

"Did you hear that the history teacher is retiring?" Jungkook asked Jin, unable to keep the happiness out of his voice. Jin laughed and nodded. 

"He wasn't all that bad though." He teased Jungkook. 

"Actually he wasn't." Jungkook agreed and Jin raised his eyebrow mockingly. Just last week Jungkook had been boasting about his Politics marks, saying that he was so glad he had shifted from that horrible class.

"He actually called me out of the library the other day. I was so freaked out at first but then he apologised!" Jungkook exclaimed.

"Whoa, really? What for?" Jin asked. 

"He said that he heard these two girls_" Jungkook cut off suddenly and looked sheepish. 

Jin frowned cutely. "He heard those girls say what?" 

"Oh nothing." Jungkook said embarrassedly. 

"Kookie." Jin said and raised his eyebrow questioningly. 

"That he heard two girls saying that.. They hoped I would return to taking history now that he's retiring..." Jungkook said in a much softer voice. Jin scoffed.

"I should ask the professor who those girls are." He said and rolled his eyes. "I'm really going to announce that you're mine." 

Jungkook's smile was absolutely radiant. 

"You know girls say the same things about you as well?" Jungkook asked. 

Jin shrugged. "I’m out of here though and.. You don't get as jealous as I do." He said. 

"I do!! I'm just used to it because I've dealt with it for a longer time. Besides, it's not just girls, it's guys too!" Jungkook told him with his eyes narrowed. 

Jin smiled and pulled Jungkook closer. "I guess we both need to be as blatant as Taehyung and Namjoon and Yoongi and Jimin. That's when people will stop pining after my boyfriend."

Jungkook blushed. "Those four are way too public about their relationship!" 

"That's true." Jin acknowledged. 

The other four went too far, in Jin and Jungkook's opinions. 

Taehyung and Namjoon had already been thrown out seven times for too much physical contact during classes. 

And Jimin couldn't go a single day without doing something absolutely cheesy and romantic for Yoongi like spray painting random lines from Yoongi's songs on walls in deserted parts of the city and then taking photos of them and making a collage. As for being worried about what would happen if he was caught? (The sacrifice is worth my love.

The result? Yoongi had changed from a dark, sexy, basketball champion to a lovesick puppy. 

(He had always been a lovesick puppy for Jimin in Jin, Hoseok and Namjoon's eyes but he would kill them if they so much as tried to tease him about it.) 

Jin looked over at the pleasant smile on Jungkook's face and pondered over what Namjoon had said. 

Could it be true that Jungkook was already in love with him? 

Was Jin that lucky? 

But Jin remembered what it felt like to be eighteen. 

When Jin was eighteen, he had the craziest misgivings about love. He had been dating someone who was older than him then and he had been all the things that Jungkook was now.

He had mistaken lust and infatuation for love and had spent a good time chiding himself after the inevitable end to that relationship. The last thing he wanted was for Jungkook to do the same.. 

He sighed softly and was surprised when Jungkook took his hand (tentatively) as if he knew it would lift his spirits at once. 

So was Jungkook in love with him or was he blinded by lust like every other teenage boy? 

"What flavour do you want?" Jungkook asked and for a moment Jin's mind went elsewhere. 

"What?" He asked with wide eyes, his thoughts still on the topic on his mind. 

"Yeah, what flavour? I know you love chocolate but which one? Their chocolate and almond one is very good." Jungkook went on before glancing at Jin's shocked expression. 

"Oh!" Jin said suddenly and Jungkook blushed when he realised what had been going on his boyfriend's mind. 

"I was talking about the ice cream!" He said hastily. 

Shit, Jin hyung didn't think that he thought about sex all the time, right? He knew that Taehyung was feeding Namjoon some false information..  

"Yeah! No! I mean_ I know! Y-yeah, chocolate with almonds sounds nice." Jin stammered before cursing himself mentally.

It had been four months and yet neither of them had learnt to brush aside the awkwardness.

They walked in silence for a while, both lost in their thoughts.

It was a windy night.

“We’re here.” Jungkook announced, bringing Jin back to earth.

“Hm? Yes.”

They bought their ice cream and luckily forgot about the awkward incident.

“Did you like any of the apartments?” Jungkook asked Jin.

The two of them were sitting on one of the benches near the ice cream place.

“Not really.” Jin said. “Some were nice but until I get a job I can’t afford to pay for them. The rent is pretty high.”

Jungkook nodded in understanding. “Yeah, everyone wants an apartment facing the Han River.”

“I’ll find something, don’t go worrying about it.” Jin said and smiled.

Jungkook nodded but he knew it wasn’t possible. “I’ll come with you tomorrow, if you like. You know.. You could benefit from my expertise.”

Jin laughed and nodded. “Okay, Mr. Expert. Where do you suggest we start?”

They spent the rest of their time talking about different places they could check out.

Unfortunately for them, Jungkook’s sociology teacher sprung up an additional last minute assignment on his class and as a result of that he wasn’t able to accompany Jin and give him his expert opinion.

All the same, Jin finally found the perfect place that was slightly over his budget but would do.

The next few days were spent in shifting all his things from his room and from home and finally on the next weekend, he found himself staying the night at his apartment.





“I love the view, hyung, can I please stay here?” Jimin asked the minute Jin pulled back the curtains to reveal the beautiful blue water of the river.

“It’s a nice place.” Yoongi agreed. “The rent is cheap if you consider the fact that it’s furnished.”

“Wow, this is so much better than my place.” Namjoon complained, pushing aside Jimin to see for himself and managing to topple a newspaper stand.

Taehyung could just nod in agreement as he stared openmouthedly at the glistening water.

“Soyoung would like it too.” Hoseok agreed, his eyes glazed over, leaving the others in no doubt that he was lost in thoughts of his girlfriend.

The only person who remained silent was Jungkook.

“What’s wrong, you don’t like it?” Jin asked worriedly.

Jungkook looked surprised at being questioned suddenly.

“N-no! It’s really beautiful.” He said, cursing himself mentally for staying quiet for so long.

Jin smiled but wasn’t exactly convinced.

When the others decided to raid the kitchen, Yoongi, who had as usual, expertly read the doubt on Jin’s face turned to him and raised his eyebrow questioningly.

“W-what!” Jin exclaimed.

“You look like you don’t think Jungkook liked your new apartment.” Yoongi stated.

Jin shook his head. “What’s not to like?” He replied, sounding extremely doubtful.

“I’m sure he did, Jin. Chill.” Yoongi comforted, leaning against the window and sighing contentedly.

“But what if he didn’t?” Jin asked, his eyes fixed on Jungkook who was eating quietly among the other four who were almost violent in comparison.

“What if he didn’t?” Yoongi questioned. “You’re the one who will be living here, not him.”

“But that’s not true!” Jin exclaimed loudly and blushed at his knee jerk reaction.

The other five turned to him and he waved it off awkwardly as Yoongi smirked at him.

“Don’t worry hyung. I like it too.” He said.

Jin scoffed in response. “Who cares if you like it?”

“Gosh, I’m hurt. Of course it matters whether I like it or not! I’ll be your roommate in a year again.”


Yoongi laughed at Jin’s responses and Jin glared at him.

“You’re thinking about a future with him aren’t you?” Yoongi questioned and Jin shook his head expressively.


“You can tell me, Jin.”

Jin chewed on his lip as he debated the question and nodded shyly, his gaze on Jungkook, who was being bothered by Taehyung and Jimin for his silence. Just as he nodded, Jungkook finally cracked his eye crinkling smile, pushing both Jimin and Taehyung away from him as they tried to kiss him.

And no, Jin wasn’t filled with envy at the sight or anything.

Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“I told you_”

“_Shut up!”

“But it is true. If you had only listened to me back then_”

“_Yoongi, I swear_”

“_So you are thinking about Jungkook and you in the future.”

Jin frowned at the sudden change of subject but nodded.

“You know that I’ve been looking for a new apartment for some time now.. I lied when I said that I didn’t find the perfect one until this one.”

“What do you mean?”

“There was one which was perfect...” Jin trailed off and turned his attention to Yoongi.

“What happened then?” Yoongi asked as Jin regarded him.

“It was perfect.. For me.. But not for Jungkook.”

Yoongi’s eyebrows shot up at the response and Jin bit his lip.

“He’s neater than I am. He likes open spaces. He hates cramped places and that one was smaller than this one. The interior wasn’t as impressive as this one. The landlord wasn’t as pleasant either. Also.. Although there wasn’t too much difference.. This one was closer to the university.”

Yoongi was pretty amazed at the words that were leaving Jin’s mouth.

Closer to the university?!

Did that mean what Yoongi thought it meant?

“So I picked this one. The view was slightly better there, not as many buildings in the middle but I knew Jungkook would like this place better.. Then why is he silent? Why doesn’t he like it? I thought he would like it. That’s why I chose this one! But he’s silent.. Did I misread him?”

Jin looked so dejected that Yoongi couldn’t help but pat his shoulder awkwardly.

“Relax, hyung. He’s probably got a lot on his mind is all. It doesn’t mean that he didn’t like it.. But are you serious about the university being closer thing? If you get the job you have an interview for then won’t it be further from here? Isn’t Gum Publishers far from here?”

Jin just shook his head. “It’s on the other side of the city so it’s far regardless.”

“Then did you say that because this way you can meet Jungkook easily?” Yoongi asked but he knew the answer even before he asked. He just wanted to hear Jin say it himself.

“Yoongi, I want Jungkook to live with me.”

Jin’s eyes widened at his own boldness and he quickly glanced at Jungkook to make sure he hadn’t heard.

“Wow.” Yoongi said, his eyes as wide as Jin’s. “Shit, Jin. You’re in pretty deep.”

“Why is that so surprising?” Jin asked somewhat defensively.

“Surely you haven’t forgotten Jang Kiwoon?”

Jin frowned at the name and turned away. “I was stupid back then.”

“It was only a year ago_”

“_Your point?” Jin interrupted pointedly.

“I’m just wondering because you haven’t even told him that you love him.”

“How do you know that I haven’t?”

“Jin, please. I’m your best friend..”

Jin raised his eyebrow.

“Also Namjoon may have mentioned it once or twice..”

Jin rolled his eyes. “I know. I know it sounds insane but.. It feels right. You don’t know how horrible it was to stay away from him for two weeks even. My brother told me that I sounded like a maniacal fan because I couldn’t shut up about Jungkook for two minutes. I bugged the hell out of him.. I can’t stay away from him. I don’t think I can bear it if he’s living_”

“_Ten minutes away?”

“I cannot.”

“What does he want?”

“Why would I be worrying if I knew? I don’t know. If he doesn’t like the apartment_”

“_Jin it’s not about the apartment. As long as he likes you, it shouldn’t matter.”

Jin frowned again at the use of the word like.

“Tell him how you feel.” Yoongi advised.

“How?!” Jin groaned in frustration.

He had never told anyone he liked them first, let alone loved them.

“Jin the boy adores you. He has for a long time_”

Jin sighed and thankfully Jimin returned with chocolate which he insisted on feeding Yoongi.

None of them understand, Jin thought miserably.

Dating someone and wanting to date someone are two very different things. Jungkook liked him, sure, he wasn’t so stupid as to not be able to tell that but did Jungkook feel the warmth he did every time he looked Jin’s way?

Jin decided to leave Jimin and Yoongi alone and took the passage to the left where his (and Jungkook’s, he had hoped) room was.

He was pretty surprised when he opened the door and found Jungkook standing in the balcony. He was staring at the road billow, the wind messing up his hair. The jeans fit him so well it was like he was advertising them.

Jin shut the door behind him and walked forward quietly.

“Jungkook-ah.” He said, startling the younger boy.


“Did you really not like the apartment?” Jin asked, walking out himself and nodding at the road with its bustling traffic and the river beyond that was perfectly tranquil in comparison. The weather was extremely pleasant and cherry blossom trees along the sidewalks made the scenery look like it was straight out of a painting. Jin’s heart fluttered at the beautiful sight.

Or maybe it was because Jungkook was beside him, he couldn’t quite tell.  

Maybe Jungkook’s opinion shouldn’t matter to him as much as it did but he couldn’t help it. If Jungkook said he didn’t like it, he would immediately move out regardless of the consequences.

“Why would you think that?” Jungkook asked, moving so he was standing closer to Jin. “It looks like I’ve walked into a painting.” He said, voicing Jin’s thoughts.

Jin let out a breath he had been holding and wrapped his arm around Jungkook’s waist, pulling him closer still.

“You have been quiet.. I thought it’s because the place doesn’t meet your expectations. Is it because of studies?” Jin asked concernedly, going back to Yoongi’s words.

“No, it’s not that. I’m sorry, I know I seem down. It’s just because..” Jungkook sighed before continuing. “I wanted to come with you when you went apartment hunting. I was of no use at all; I couldn’t even help with the shifting! And I know it sounds stupid but I wish I wasn’t seeing this place for the first time.. With everyone else. I wish I knew it as well as you did. As your boyfriend I should at least_”

“_That’s what’s been bothering you?” Jin interrupted, sounding relieved. “So you don’t hate it? You don’t think it is cramped or_ or not good enough?”

Jungkook shook his head confusedly. “Not at all. It’s perfect. The wall art is unique too. In fact, if you put up a few photo frames along the walls, it would be even better! We should also get a nice bookshelf_”

Jin interrupted Jungkook’s words again, this time with a hug.

“I’m sorry Kookie. I didn’t think it would upset you to be seeing this place for the first time with everyone else but I guess I’d have felt the same if I had been in your place. Thank you for telling me. It doesn’t matter that you couldn’t help me then. You’re here now and that’s all that.. Matters. We’ll look up bookshelves online. And I have photos too which I want to get framed.”

Jin pulled away to find himself looking at a blushing Jungkook.

“Let’s do that.” Jungkook agreed and Jin smiled radiantly.

“Jin hyung, where is the glassware?” Jimin asked, sticking his head inside and ruining the moment.

“Drawer on the left_ wait a minute. What on earth are you all up to? Why do you need glassware_”

A loud noise that could be nothing but the sound of breaking glassware cut of Jin’s words.

 “Ooops. Guess we found it..” Jimin said with a scared laugh.

“Is Namjoon in my kitchen? Who the hell allowed him there?”

Jin rushed outside and Jungkook followed with Jimin, both giggling as they heard profuse apologies from Namjoon and Hoseok and Jin’s shouts of “It was new!”





As days flew by, Jungkook began to realize that Jin would no longer be there if he knocked on the door three rooms away or if he got five minutes earlier to his English class. He sat behind Hoseok and Namjoon in class and spent his free time with Seoyeon and her friends who had become his friends as well. At first it had just felt like Jin was on a vacation, which is why he was missing but now he had realized that him and Jin would never be in the same class or housing again.

 The work load began to ease as May approached and the weather became even more pleasant. Luckily for Jungkook, fifth of may fell on a Friday that year meaning that they had a longer weekend than usual. Jungkook had spent a lot of time at Jin’s new house since he had first seen it. As he had told everyone several times, he couldn’t study better anywhere else.

To Jin’s surprise he had got a call from the company he had first given a through-campus interview for and was told that they would be happy to hire him. Out of all the companies he had given an interview for, this one was easily his favourite. Compared to the others, it was also the closest to his dream job.

World Tourism Affairs was a multinational company that dealt with the issues of tourists visiting places with one or more than one regional language. As Jin had explained to his friends, “We get a lot of tourists nowadays but very few of them can speak Korean and not all Korean people can speak fluent English or French or other widely used languages. World Tourism Affairs hires those people who can provide information about the country to international tourists and helps them find places to stay, to eat and to visit. They have also collaborated with famous tourism companies in different countries so as to get more tourists.”

Since Jin had a Masters degree in English his role like many others was to cater to those tourists who spoke English. Jin’s job also required him to do some field work. His role was to collect information on tourist places in the city and to create a detailed report which would have to be approved by his seniors before it was to be uploaded on the company’s website and published in their magazine.

“Hyung, this is almost like your dream job!” Jungkook had said and Jin had nodded elatedly. He wasn’t a food critic but the job would require him to test different restaurants and food places and write reviews on them in addition to his other duties.

The pay was good too so Jin’s worries about paying the rent had vanished as well. Everything was perfect..

Everything but the fact that he still hadn’t told Jungkook how he felt.

Which is why he decided to make use of the long weekend that was approaching.

“Jungkook will you be free on the fifth?” Jin asked when Jungkook answered his phone.

“Huh? Yes! I’ll have to finish one assignment in the morning but I’ll be free in the evening.” Jungkook told Jin, waving goodbye at Choi Ingook, his new friend before entering his room.

“Great! I’ll meet you at five.” Jin said and smiled to himself.

“O-okay.. See you!”

Jungkook finally had something to look forward to.





Jin had been told in the past that he was a romantic soul so he hoped that whatever he had come up with would be enough to make Jungkook happy.

Initially he had decided to take Jungkook out for dinner at a fancy restaurant but the idea had seemed too cliché for him to stick to it.

So many books spoke of fancy suits and pretty dresses and expensive bottles of champagne. Jungkook and him weren’t in a relationship like that. Awkward exchanges, too loud laughter, incorrect ideas, a lot of blushing and smiling was what described them better. If Jin was going to tell Jungkook that he loved him, he would rather do it when they’re cuddling on the couch than do it in the middle of a too-posh-to-be-affordable restaurant over a glass of sweet tasting wine.

He knew he was a kid at heart and he knew that Jungkook too had a child’s nature hidden beneath his quiet, shy exterior.

His friends had been useless so he had had to come up with it himself but a fun day at an amusement park followed by street junk food that’s definitely not good for your health seemed like a nice kind of date.

“Where are we going?” Jungkook asked excitedly the minute he spotted his boyfriend in the distance, wearing a smile.

“Nice to see you too.” Jin said sarcastically, ruffling Jungkook’s hair. “You’ll see.”

“We’re taking the subway?” Jungkook asked curiously and Jin just nodded, not giving anything away.

Naturally the closer they got the easier it became for Jungkook to guess where they were going.

“We’re going to Seoul Grand Park?!” He asked, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

“You haven’t been there before, right?” Jin asked, even though he had heard from Taehyung that Jungkook hadn’t.

“No! Wow, I’m so excited my heart is beating faster.” Jungkook said and laughed, his hand on his chest.

Jin’s heart throbbed in his chest at the smile on Jungkook’s face.

He had figured that they could go to a proper amusement park some other time. The Seoul zoo had more than enough to keep them occupied.

Jungkook’s excitement was contagious and pretty soon both found themselves chattering zealously about the different animals they were sure to see and the theme garden within.

They got several disapproving looks because of how loud they were but neither of them noticed or cared.

Once they reached the park, they bought their tickets (Jungkook teased Jin because his ticket was cheaper than Jin’s by 1000 won) and entered, consulting the map as they went. They had decided to check out the zoo first.

“Where should we go first?” Jungkook asked as they regarded the map.

“Anywhere but at the insectarium..” Jin said with a shudder and Jungkook chuckled, making the older of the two pout.

“Then should we see the flamingos first?” Jungkook asked and Jin nodded, feeling considerably relieved.

The flamingos were beautiful and Jin couldn’t stop admiring their beautiful pink feathers.

They ended up visiting the zebras and giraffes after the flamingos and then went on ahead to the ape pavilion.

“Not being disrespectful to you but you look exactly like my best friend Kim Taehyung.” Jungkook told one of the monkeys, causing Jin to burst out in hysterical laughter. “And the one on the right, he looks like Namjoon, doesn’t he? Look he even caused the rock to topple.” Jin said, making Jungkook giggle in agreement. “The gorillas over there look like Jimin hyung and Hoseok hyung when they’re arguing.” One of the two had a striking resemblance to Jimin.

The zoo had several restaurants selling various cuisines. They ate first at the Giraffe Food Square which offered different Korean food.

“How does Pork Bulgogi with rice sound?”


They decided not to eat too much at one place but to have a little from each place.

They ate again at the Tiger Food Court, making sure to click photos of whatever they ate and even managed to eat at the Botanical Garden Food Court.

Time flew by faster than they could have expected and they had only seen half the animals in the zoo by the time the closing time arrived. They had taken the tiger road so they had been able to cover quite a few animals in two hours but plenty still remained.

Seven o’ clock had arrived too fast.  

“Hyung, can we come again?” Jungkook asked, waving one last time at the haughty lion before turning away.

“Of course. We can come whenever you want.” Jin replied and took Jungkook’s hand as they walked out.

“Then let’s come tomorrow. Or let’s just live here. I don’t want to go back to college. Jungkook said, sighing as they went.

Jin felt terrible on Jungkook’s behalf. “Let’s see the rose garden before we go!” He said, hoping to lift Jungkook’s spirits.

It was a bit of a detour but both wanted to prolong the time they spent together.

“Isn’t it absolutely beautiful?” Jin sighed and Jungkook nodded in response. “Gorgeous.” It was stunning indeed. Several people were standing where they were, clicking photos and posing happily. In comparison, the two looked morbid. 

There was also picnic area nearby and Jin wished he had thought of having a picnic earlier.

“Let’s stay the night the next time we come. There is a campsite too.” Jungkook told Jin when they sat on a bench.

Jin nodded.

It felt vaguely like a great day had come to an end but Jin still had something he had to say to Jungkook.

He opened his mouth to speak but Jungkook didn’t notice. He was still talking about the park.

“Let’s all come here and stay the night... Or should we stay tonight? Just you and me..? I don’t want to go. Do you think we could stay?” Jungkook asked, suddenly turning towards Jin.

“I-it requires prior booking.” Jin mumbled. God, how had he not noticed before this how incredible Jungkook looked today?

The tight fitting clothes Jungkook wore were going to be the death of him. Jungkook’s V-neck shirt showed ample of his pale chest too and Jin felt as if Jungkook was naked.

Don’t stare, Jin. He chastised himself mentally, almost forgetting that he was supposed to tell Jungkook how he truly felt.

Incredibly, Jungkook had not noticed Jin’s lack of attention at all and was still talking although it was no longer about the park.

“.. I don’t feel like attending English anymore. There’s nothing to look forward to. I also keep almost knocking on Yoongi hyung’s door. I actually knocked when I got my Politics marks, I had completely forgotten that you wouldn’t be there and hyung looked so sorry for me.. I really can’t not have you there, Jin hyung.. Even with Seo’s friends, I always feel lonely without you.”

It was clear that it was hard to say all this but Jungkook didn’t look like he was going to run away, like he might have earlier.

 All the distracting thoughts vanished from Jin’s head the minute he heard Jungkook’s words.

“Taehyung keeps saying that you’re not that far away.. But even if it’s 15 minutes away I can’t bring myself to come to terms with it.. What do I do?”

Jungkook was biting his lower lip and staring at Jin.

Jungkook..” Jin whispered but he found he couldn’t continue.

Jungkook had just voiced all the things Jin thought himself.

Countless times he had woken up with a smile on his face, thinking about going to his English class and seeing Jungkook_ or dropping by at his and Taehyung’s room for a good morning kiss when he had remembered that Jungkook wasn’t so close anymore.

“It’s not cold anymore but it feels cold when I keep looking around uselessly for your silhouette and you’re nowhere.. I keep waiting for the weekends so that we can meet but the weekends pass by in the blink of an eye and_ and I hate Mondays, I swear to god. I don’t feel like getting out of bed. It hurts so much.. The pillow you gave me is not enough. Having you fifteen minutes away from me is not enough.”

Jin could feel Jungkook’s pain as if they were connected by some invisible force. He was aching to reach out and hug Jungkook. To comfort him saying that he would come and meet him every day if that’s what he wanted.

Jungkook took a deep breath before he spoke again.

“Taehyung asked me what was it that I wanted and I didn’t understand it at first.. But when I’m alone with you it hits me so hard.. I..”

Another much needed pause.

“I-I think I l-love you, Jin hyung.”

A few seconds of total silence passed.

It was stupid, really that Jin’s eyes should fill with tears_ almost absurd_ but they did anyway and he laughed softly at the irony before wiping his eyes.

He had been so worried.. For no reason at all.

It was good that things worked out the way they did.

“Jungkook..” He gulped. “Shit, if I had known you would say that to me.. I.. It would have saved all the worrying I did.” Jin said and Jungkook could only stare as his heart pounded against his chest with a new kind of ferocity.

“I love you too, Jungkook.. So much that it hurts.”

If Jungkook’s blood hadn’t been charged with adrenaline, he might have fainted.

He leaned in the same time Jin did and the couple shared one of the sweetest, most meaningful kisses they had ever had.

It was a perfect kind of kiss with all the warmth one could only associate with love. Their lips moulded together like always. There were tears in their eyes which they blinked away because there was no room for tears of any kind. Both pulled away after the brief kiss and smiled at each other.

The sweetness didn’t last very long.




By the time they got to Jin’s place, all gentle, caring thoughts had evaporated. Even the air between them was boiling.  

It was ridiculous how fast their mouths found each other’s the minute the elevator doors shut behind them. They barely registered the opening of the elevator doors or their reaching Jin’s house. The key was shoved in the lock vehemently and the door was kicked open unceremoniously. The two young men stumbled through inside and clumsily shut the door behind them, moving as if drunk and with no sense of direction. Twice they collided with furniture as they couldn’t be bothered to turn on the lights. They fell over the newspaper stand too but they couldn’t care less.

Within seconds, Jin had caged Jungkook against the very window the others had been admiring the view from the other day and was currently in the process of undoing him with his warm lips alone.

Incoherent words and sounds spilled from Jungkook’s lips as Jin attacked his senses, his scalding lips everywhere on the exposed parts of his skin. His lips, his face, his neck, his ear lobe, and his chest_ everything was at the mercy of Jin’s persuasive mouth.

Jin found himself lauding every part of Jungkook with his mouth alone. He sucked hickeys onto his neck and collarbone, pausing only to soothe the area with his tongue before nipping at it. It felt as if they had been shoved in a human sized oven which was slowly heating them up from the inside till it was too hot to bear.

Clothes were shed like leaves during autumn and tossed away for being so restrictive.  

If either of them noticed the world outside, the traffic and the lights shining on the river below, they didn’t care.

Each time Jungkook whimpered, blood shot straight to Jin’s dick.

The lack of clothes between them made everything much more real. The passion between them was so real that all great love stories paled easily.

“J-Jungkook.” Jin stuttered out when their exposed, hardened cocks rubbed against one another, leaving them panting heavily into each other’s mouths.

“Bed-bedroom.” Was all Jungkook could say.

They made it to Jin’s room without wrecking the house any further (miraculously) and didn’t bother to shut the door behind them as they turned on the lights (somehow) and fell onto the bed. Jin didn’t notice his phone falling onto the bed or the fact that he had accidentally unlocked it while taking off his clothes.

Hell, he would have tossed it along with the clothes had he not needed it for work.

Jungkook had a lone sensible thought that the bed was unbelievably soft and light, as if he was bathing in silk before Jin was kissing him again, even more ardently. The bed seemed to swallow them up as they made out, their nails leaving marks on each other’s bare skins.  

Their tongues danced together in between before Jin pushed his tongue inside Jungkook’s mouth which was even hotter than the room. He ran his tongue over the roof of Jungkook’s mouth before it met Jungkook’s tongue again.

He couldn’t recall one time when he had felt this good.

He had already gotten on top so it became even easier to grind against Jungkook in that position. The friction and heat between them was extraordinary. All their senses were heightened so every time their unclothed skin received friction from the silk bed sheets, it caused them to moan out loud.  

Jungkook had his head thrown back and his lips parted at the wonderful sensation that he had only imagined so far.

His exposed skin was covered in sweat and flushed but enchantingly beautiful. His nipples were erect and his abdomen was embellished with his hard earned abs. The purple bruises on his skin stood out like a sore thumb.

Jin was appropriately entranced at the sight below him.

He pressed Jungkook’s hands down so he couldn’t use them before kissing and biting down on his collarbones. The anticipation building up was enough to send Jungkook over the edge. He moaned and whimpered as Jin kissed him. Jin decided to abuse Jungkook’s highly sensitive nipples next, first with his lips then with his tongue and lastly with his teeth.

“P-please.” Jungkook kept begging, almost sobbing because of how it felt. He was practically shaking and Jin knew that if he didn’t slow down, Jungkook would come. So he returned to grinding against slowly, leaving his beautiful skin for later.

He was surprised when Jungkook stopped him from grinding down by clutching his hand which was resting beside his head.

“W-what’s wrong?” He asked Jungkook, his breathing intermittent.

“I want you in my mouth.” Jungkook stated and was pleased with himself for not stuttering once.

Jin’s reaction was immediate. His skin became red as if he had caught fire and the throbbing in his cock became even more painful.

“Y-you don’t have to.” He told Jungkook, panting and feeling vaguely like a dog that had been running for too long.

Oh god, even the idea of it makes me feel crazy.

“I know I’ve never done it before but I won’t get better until I try.” Jungkook said and Jin almost groaned at the ‘This is so Jungkook’ statement.

Luckily, it was still sexy. Jin rolled them over so Jungkook was on top.

“I didn’t say it because I thought you would be bad at it. You just don’t have to, Kook_ Ah.. Fuck.” Jin cut off his admonishing when Jungkook took him into his mouth tentatively, and licked the head of his cock kittenishly.

Jungkook pushed Jin’s legs apart and settled between them, never letting go of his cock. He didn’t quite know what to make of the taste of Jin’s pre come but his soft cursing and moaning urged him on. He pulled off momentarily and licked up the underside of his cock, marvelling at how thick he was and Jin bucked up before apologizing. Jungkook shrugged it off and held Jin’s hips down, his nails indenting Jin’s beautifully tanned skin. Jin’s naked body was even better than Jungkook’s imagination and Jungkook was tempted to worship every inch of his skin.

He had meant what he had said. Sure, he was a beginner but he would be damned if he didn’t excel at it soon enough.

So he continued to suck on Jin, slowly taking more and more of him into his mouth, almost wincing when his gag reflex hit him.

Jin had to physically stop himself from bucking up again at the sensation of Jungkook’s shy but determined tongue on his cock.

He could hear himself moaning in delight as Jungkook tongued his slit. When he looked down and saw Jungkook positioned between his legs with his mouth going further and further down his dick and his cheeks hollowed, he nearly came.

“S-stop_” He begged although his mind and his dick asked him to shut the fuck up. Besides, Jungkook was gagging.

Jungkook pulled off with an obscene pop and started to protest despite having difficulty breathing.

“Some other day, Jungkook_ I don’t_ I don’t want to come just yet.” Jin explained and flipped them over again (with difficulty) before Jungkook could protest further. His cock was now slick with Jungkook’s saliva.

“Jungkook.. I need to know. Do you want this?” Jin asked, his eyes intense and piercing.  

Jungkook nodded without a moment’s pause and his heartbeat sped up as he anticipated Jin’s next move. He almost purred in delight when Jin leaned over him and grabbed lube and a condom from the bedside drawer.

“T-that day when you said.. When I realized that you wanted me as much as I wanted you, I went and bought these.” Jin explained somewhat shyly and Jungkook flushed with delight.

So while he had been assuming that Jin didn’t want to have sex with him, Jin had been making sure that they would be prepared when they did have sex.

It paid off to have an older boyfriend.

Jungkook waited for Jin to finally relieve him from the pain but the older boy just bent down and kissed him again.

“H-hyung!” He protested in between kisses but if Jin heard him he didn’t show it.

Nonetheless, kissing Jin was one of the best feelings in the world so he didn’t protest for a long time.

He was pleasantly surprised when Jin lifted his head off the bed gently and pushed a pillow underneath.

He couldn’t help the laugh that escaped him. “You’re unreal.” He said and Jin knew he was being praised.

“Shut up.” Jin mumbled, embarrassed all the same.

With that Jin uncapped the tube of lube and pressed the edge so some of the clear gel landed on his palm. He warmed it up and slicked his fingers before looking back at Jungkook below, breathing erratically and staring at him, his eyes filled with desire.

“Y-you’re sure?” He confirmed and Jungkook nodded quickly, spreading his legs further in spite of there being no need for it.

Fuck, he’s beautiful, Jin thought and had to exhale once or twice before proceeding.

He slowly inserted his index finger into Jungkook’s hole and was (not exactly) surprised at the ease at which it went through.

He almost asked Jungkook whether he had stretched himself again but stopped when he looked into Jungkook’s dark, lust filled eyes. His own cock twitched as a reminder and he gulped.

“G-go on.” Jungkook stuttered and Jin took a deep breath before pulling his finger out and reinserting it.

He couldn’t bear to hurt Jungkook so he tried to be as thorough as possible. Second finger, scissoring motion, third finger, scissoring motion.

Jungkook looked like he wanted to kill him.

He could feel Jungkook’s prostate at the tip of his middle finger. In the back of his mind he wondered if he could make Jungkook come by stimulating his prostate with his fingers alone.   

“H-hyung!” Jungkook begged. He had pre come dripping on his stomach and he looked like he would really murder him if he continued with this torture.

“Okay okay.” Jin muttered before pulling out his fingers and making Jungkook whine unintentionally.

Carefully he ripped open the packet and rolled the condom over his dick.

Some more lube and_

"Kookie, are you really ready? You know we don’t have to." Jin said for what seemed like the millionth time. 

"YES! God, yes. I would have said yes six months ago so hurry up and put your dick inside me!" Jungkook said, failing to hide the mild annoyance in his voice. 

Jin smiled a quirky, lopsided smile at the declaration (and the order) and pressed one more kiss to Jungkook's forehead before beginning to enter him. 

In that moment Jungkook could finally allow himself to show the adoration that he had hidden so skilfully (or so he thought) for so long. He could finally let his eyes shine with the depth of his feelings, his affection for the young man who was positioned on top of him, his hair a complete mess, his bare, tanned torso shining with sweat, his too-plump-to-be-real lips parted and swollen and his breathing completely erratic. 

He had never dared to look at Jin like that before, knowing that his eyes were filled with enough love to scare off anybody. 

But now he could look at Jin like that and not feel like blushing and turning away. Jin’s gaze on him was equally filled with love.  His eyes widened when he felt the new burn inside.

It was very new.

"Should I stop?" Jin asked with difficulty, albeit immediately.

Stopping sounded about impossible at the moment but he would if that's what_ 

"No, p-please. Please go on_ I can take you." Jungkook begged. "Slower." He added before Jin could give him the don't-fuck-with-me-this-is-no-time-to-pretend-to-be-strong look.

Jin smiled and continued, his eyes widening at how unbelievably constricting and tight it was.

"Oh Jungkook.." He gasped without knowing. 

Jungkook was hurting, sure, but it wasn't the bookish 'faint worthy pain'. It was a stinging kind of pain and his body wasn't used to this intrusion so it hurt a lot but he could bear it. Jin’s cock was obviously bigger than his fingers had been.

"Oh fuck." He cursed without meaning to but even as he said it the pain had begun to recede. 

Jin was losing his mind as he stared at Jungkook who was lying beneath himself, his eyes shut, his teeth clutching his lower lip and his face contorted with pain. 

“I’m sorry.” He whispered, bending slightly and pressing open mouthed kisses on Jungkook’s chest. He could taste the saltiness of his skin but it didn’t put him off in the slightest. He kissed Jungkook’s right nipple and sucked on it, pleased when Jungkook whimpered.

"Jin." Jungkook moaned suddenly, his eyes wide open and with lust clouding them. Jin pulled back to look at Jungkook and saw that he didn’t look like it hurt anymore.

Oh damn, it's so nice to hear him moan my name. Jin thought belatedly, his cock now begging for friction against the tight walls. He was fully inside Jungkook now, the head of his penis touching the semi firm erectile tissue that was Jungkook’s prostate.

"Jin, move_ move_" Jungkook begged, his hand inching towards his cock. 

Oh my god. Jin thought as he realised. 

He called me Jin, not Jin hyung. 

This was the first time Jungkook had ever addressed him like that. 

His eyes darkened and breathing quickened without him realising it. 

He bit his lip but decided against saying anything. 

Slowly, so as to not hurt him more, Jin pulled out and after a moment's pause, re-entered. “Try to_ try to hold it in.” Jin advised. Jungkook gave no indication of having heard him.

Jin repeated his actions, going faster this time.

"Shit_" Jungkook swore, his back arching and his eyes rolling to the back of his head as the stimulation increased with every thrust.

Shit, Jin agreed. It felt too good to be true. 

He repeated his actions with less care this time and for that, Jungkook was grateful. 

Jungkook looked incredible like this, sprawled naked on the bed beneath him, back arched, neck exposed fully, head pressed against the pillow Jin had placed so carefully and hands fisting in the sheets. 

Incoherent words of praise slipped past Jungkook's parted lips as Jin worked on them. 

Everything was beautiful in that moment and even the noise of the cars honking below couldn't put them off. 

"Shit, Kookie you're so tight_"

And of course he was. Jin’s cock hit Jungkook’s prostate on its way in and way out. The bed inched forward with each thrust till there were visible marks on the wall. Jungkook knew he wasn’t going to last long even though he had done his best to summon his self control after Jin’s words of advice.  

Neither of them knew how loud they were or how many words left their mouths.

Jin had already said “You’re so perfect.” Seven times but he had no clue.

“Jin hyung_” Jungkook gasped and Jin knew that Jungkook was close.

He quickened his pace even more and balanced himself on one hand while using the other to bring Jungkook to his peak. Jungkook was practically sobbing by then as he felt a prickling sensation that was pleasurable but on the verge of being painful.  

Both gasped garbled versions of each other’s names and came together, Jin came when he felt pleasure shooting through his cock, inside the condom and Jungkook came on his and Jin’s stomachs and chests.

The force of their orgasms was so powerful that both remained gasping and shuddering for some time, unable to say a thing as they lay together.

It was Jin who got up first. He placed a chaste kiss on Jungkook’s swollen lips before getting off the bed and searching for a washcloth.

As was obvious, Jungkook stayed where he was but leaned on his elbows, eyes fixed on Jin’s perfect ass as the older looked for something, presumably a cloth.

Jungkook collapsed back down and stared at the ceiling, breathing still ragged and now acutely aware of the lube between his thighs and the come splattered on his chest and stomach.

His eyes were threatening to shut when he felt something cool between his legs. His eyes fluttered open to reveal an I-just-had-sex-and-I-still-look-like-a-supermodel looking Jin tenderly wiping his thighs and his entrance. His hair was plastered to his forehead but not in an unattractive way.

“Hyung.” He hummed contentedly, a lazy smile gracing his features.

Jin didn’t look up but he smiled as well.

Jin had cleaned himself already, it seemed.

While Jin took care of him, Jungkook continued to stare at his boyfriend, who, in all his naked glory looked like the hottest Korean model to live.

Jungkook could think of a thousand times he had dreamt of this scenario and there were a billion things he wanted to say but Jin was speaking.

“Come on.” Jin said and offered his hand.

“What?” Jungkook pouted. “Why?”

“Come on.” Jin repeated with a smile and pulled Jungkook off the bed with both hands.

“I’m so tired.” Jungkook declared and Jin hummed in agreement as he dragged Jungkook outside.

“Where are we going?” Jungkook asked. He didn’t even notice the fact that all the lights were on.

It was strange how he didn’t feel self conscious at all despite being completely naked for the first time in front of his boyfriend.

Maybe it was because of how Jin had looked at him while they had made love.

Jungkook’s heart fluttered at the realisation.

They had actually made love. He could distinctly remember Jin moaning several times that Jungkook was perfect and he loved him so much.

Jungkook smiled.

Jin led him to second bedroom which Jungkook hadn’t seen more than once or twice.

This room was a lot like the other except_

Jungkook’s mouth fell open and all previous thoughts of collapsing onto a bed vanished. His heartbeat sped up further as he took in his surroundings.

“Hyung!” He heard himself exclaim. His voice almost got stuck in his throat.

“Do you like it?” Jin asked, wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s waist from behind and pressing gentle kisses to his shoulder.

The room didn’t look very much like the other room anymore.

For one, there was a queen sized bed in the middle, against a dark red wall. The bedspread, to Jungkook’s amusement was an Iron Man bedspread. There was a study table in the corner and a floor length mirror beside the room door. The only things that didn’t surprise him were the bookshelf beside the bed and the photo frames hung up on the wall. They were photos of Jin, Jungkook and photos of all of them together.

The bookshelf held only Jin’s books at the moment.

“We’ll still add more of your stuff.” Jin said matter-of-factly, squeezing tighter and turning them a bit.

Jungkook then noticed the closet on the right beside the door that led to the washroom.

“B-but_” He stuttered, not knowing what to say.

Jin pulled away and led him to the bed.

“I would prefer it if you slept beside me in that room but.. If we fight I’d rather you slept in a room that will remind you that.. That you love me.. So I made changes to this one.”

Jin looked so shy, so afraid that Jungkook’s heart turned to mush.

“Will you stay with me? It’s close to the university too! Plus it’s not cramped and.. And you liked it, right?”

Jin wanted Jungkook to stay with him? To live with him like his roommate_ his boyfriend?

“Are you afraid you will be lonely?” Jungkook teased with an eye crinkling smile.

“I’d rather wake up with you beside me than with you ten minutes away..” Jin said seriously and chewed on his lower lip, wondering what would Jungkook’s answer be.

“Wow.. I can’t even believe any of this is real.” Jungkook said and sat down on the bed, looking up at Jin.

“It-it’s okay if you don’t want to.” Jin said hastily.

“But I do. I want to stay with you.. One room away sounds even better than three rooms away.”

Jin let out the breath he had been holding and sat down beside Jungkook.

“I’m really so grateful right now.” Jin whispered, again feeling like he was going to cry tears of happiness.

God, why was he so emotional?

Jungkook turned Jin’s head so he was facing him and pressed a light kiss against his lips.

“If I wasn’t so tired right now, I’d have squealed so loudly.” Jungkook mumbled against Jin’s lips and sighed at what he considered to be the loss of his childhood.

“Right! Sleep!” Jin said with a smile and Jungkook smiled as well as he got into the covers.

“We’ll just wash those bed sheets tomorrow.” Jin said with a yawn before crawling in beside Jungkook and pulling him closer.

“Hyung.” Jungkook said.


“The lights.”

“I’m your hyung!”

“But this is your house!”

Our house now, remember?”

“But I bottomed!”

“Ugh, fair point.”

Jungkook laughed as Jin got up with a grumble and turned off the lights before climbing back in and throwing the iron man bed covers over themselves.

“Kookie?” Jin said once he had snuggled up to Jungkook again.

Jungkook already knew what Jin wanted to ask and it made him smile.

“Yes. It was perfect. I’ve never felt like this.. You didn’t hurt me at all. You’re really good at it.”

Jin sighed in relief. “I’m glad. It was.. Incredible for me too.”

Since they were spooning now, Jin couldn’t see the delighted smile that appeared on Jungkook’s face before disappearing.

They both knew that they hadn’t said half the things they wanted to but they could always say them the next time.

“Can I ask you something, hyung?” Jungkook asked after a few minutes.

“Go on, Jungkookie.”


“Was what?

“Was Jang Kiwoon your.. First?” Jungkook asked and waited with bated breath.

Jin’s eyebrows shot up in surprise and the frown that always appeared when anyone mentioned his ex returned.

They had talked about him and Kiwoon before but Jin had never touched on how intimate they had been.

“No.. Jungkook. He wasn’t my first.”

“Oh.. Okay.”

“You were.”


“Goodnight, Kookie.”

“Uh... Goodnight, hyung.”

“Oh and Jungkook..?”


“..I might have to.. Punish you if you call me Jin again.” Jin whispered before nibbling on Jungkook’s ear.


Jin could only laugh in response, amused at how Jungkook had taken his joke.

It was a joke.







The Next Day, on Jinkook


Yoongi: Guys.



Chim: This group has been inactive for some time, hasn’t it? Sup, hyung?



Yoongi: Jin is asking Jungkook to move in with him.






Chim: No fucking way!!



Hobi: Oh and.. Soyoung and I went to Seoul zoo yesterday and we saw Jin hyung and Kookie kissing sweetly. They had come out on a date it seems. We didn’t disturb them, naturally ^_^



Joonie: GUYS!!  



Joonie: OH MY GOD. Jin hyung called me accidentally last night.  They were fucking.



Tae: WHAT??



Yoongi: What.



Hobi: Shit that escalated quickly.



Chim: Yoongi hyung, let’s ask them to make a sex tape.



Tae: My baby boy!! What happened to him?! The corrupt world has got to him!



Hobi: Weren’t you the one pestering him to seduce his way into Jin hyung’s bed?



Chim: But seriously, isn’t that too quick?!




Joonie: You and Yoongi hyung had sex on your third date. -_-



Hobi: Jin hyung sent me two photos..?



Hobi: One of them is captioned, “Saw Tae and Joonie at the zoo yesterday.” And the other says “Saw you (as in me) and Jiminnie arguing too.” I’ll send the photos once they download.

Hoseok sent the images.



Yoongi: Damn, it does look like you guys XD



Tae: That ungrateful brat.



Tae: A monkey?!



Joonie: We actually do look like that.. Damn. The second one looks clumsy.



Chim: Why am I a gorilla? What the hell!?



Yoongi: Don’t worry baby, gorillas are strong. :-*



Hobi: *Pukes.



Hobi: I’m deleting this group. Jinkook, my foot.



Tae: Jungkookie.. He is no more my innocent best friend. :’( Or roommate!! :(



Hobi: Oh wait, Jin hyung sent a photo of a meerkat. It’s captioned, “Unfortunately we didn’t see Yoongi at the zoo.”



Chim: AWWWW, you do remind me of meerkats!! ^_^



Yoongi: -_- Delete the damn group already.





Three years later, Jin finally got his dream job of a food critic and now worked as a journalist for a food magazine.

Jungkook graduated with flying colours (as was expected of him) and decided that he wanted to pursue his Masters from another university. His relationship with Jin became even stronger with time and the two now read each other like they read their favourite books. They even adopted a cat and named him Tony after Jungkook’s favourite Avenger. Jungkook and Jin had quite a few fights during this time period but the duo never slept apart.

They both argued that the Iron Man bed was for sleeping while the other was solely for their other bedroom activities.

Their apartment was now their home and their cat was their baby.

The walls were adorned with more photo frames as the years went by and another bookshelf had to be purchased to store all the couple’s books. With time they bought a TV, an expensive video game player and other electronic equipment which was kept well out of the reach of Namjoon. They travelled whenever they got time and added even more memories to their list.

Sometimes Jin forgot that once upon a time, he had seen Jungkook as his younger brother and had been against the idea of kissing him.

Jungkook always reminded him of that when he got jealous.

Their relationship had plenty of ups and downs like all relationships but their support and love for each other never wavered. They knew that ten years into the future, or even more, they would still be together.