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'Damn, I like those boots.'

Sonic crouched in front of the display window, pressing his face to the glass and shielding it from glare with his hands.

They were black (of course), half-inch, belted, ankle boots.

The buckles were butterflies. 

But not just any butterflies. They were Papilio androgeus. Queen Swallowtails.

And the designer, brilliant as they were, had replaced their blue coloring with purple

He squeezed his face impossibly closer, as if somehow hoping he could phase through the window.  He heard Genos come to a stop behind him.


They had been headed to brunch in one of M-city's more quiet districts. The restaurant in question was a quaint, family-owned establishment on the edge of town that Genos frequented quite regularly. The outing had been the kid's idea; he had figured they would receive the most privacy between the morning and lunch rushes.

They were becoming almost disgustingly domestic in their relationship, to the point where Genos didn't care about whether or not he was seen with Sonic at his side. This did not, however, completely abolish the need for the ninja to disguise himself. He was, after-all, on the Hero Society's radar ever since that one mishap with Saitama. They had been attempting to half-halfheartedly gain information on his whereabouts ever since his inevitable escape, posting his likeness on various news sites and bulletin boards.

Not that it took much to disguise himself from the general public: some concealer over his tattoos and contouring of his face, green eye-contacts, a different hairstyle (braided), and a change of wardrobe.


In fact, his present outfit would go perfectly with those boots. Black skinny jeans, a lightweight collared jacket, and boots with butterfly buckles?

'Oh yes.' He had to have them. Sonic's breath fogged up the glass


Genos leaned in, examining the object of Sonic's fascination.

"You have a thing for butterflies."


"Come again?"

"Moths and butterflies," Sonic replied "They're interesting...and pretty." As his eyes wandered over the price tag he scowled. 

 "I'd imagine the infamous Speed-of-Sound Sonic would look rather intimidating adorned in pretty butterflies," the kid said with a good-natured smirk. Sonic ignored him, standing abruptly and moving away from the store-front while shoving his hands into the pockets of his jacket.



Genos's jab hadn't upset him, not in the least. It was just that the boots were too god damn expensive for his current budget.

For some reason, for some stupid, asinine reason, he had been hesitant to take assassination jobs ever since their relationship had begun. It was like being around the kid made him make the dumbest, most goody two-shoes types of decisions. Oh, it wasn't like he hadn't murdered anyone recently. But the assignations he worked now were...slightly less morally ambiguous than some of the others he had carried out in the past. His last hit? A man that had beat his son and wife black and blue. The bastard had put them in the hospital; damn near killed them too.

It had come up in one of his recent conversations with the hero. And he had looked...well, happy was a bit generous. After-all, even such 'paid-vigilantism' was still murder. Relieved was a better fit. Sonic knew Genos wouldn't openly criticize his line of work anymore, especially considering recent revelations of his own past. Still, Sonic was good at reading people (even if they were cyborgs). And whenever his career came up in their conversations, Genos radiated vibes of discomfort and displeasure. So it was nice seeing him wearing some other emotion for once.

'Too bad taking jobs from middle-class, grief-stricken brothers doesn't exactly pay the big bucks. Or help with my reputation.'

(And if there was anything Sonic hated more than being frugal, it was the thought of people mocking him for going soft.)


"I was just teasing," Genos said, having caught up to him.

"It's not that."

"Then what-"

"Nothing. Don't worry about it." He shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes at the  other man's exasperated stare. "Really Genos. I was just doing a bit of window shopping was all."

The kid's expression changed to one of his hilariously disbelieving ones. 'Yeah, he really knows me better than that now,' Sonic realized, bitterly.


"You looked like you wanted to get them."

"I obviously didn't. I was just looking."



"Hold on."



But the kid was gone before Sonic could get another word out, jogging back in the direction of the shop.

'Oh NO he's not.'


The kid opened the glass door and disappeared inside. The silver bell at the top of the entryway chimed cheerily as if to mock Sonic for his embarrassment. 


The ninja had to try, had to practically restrain himself from bolting after Genos at anything other than a normal pace. He didn't follow after the cyborg, choosing instead to peer through the window once more.

Genos was talking to the rather star-struck looking clerk at the front counter.

'He wouldn't.'

The kid gestured in Sonic's direction, pointing at the boots; Sonic was too taken-aback to avoid meeting the clerk's excited gaze.

'He can't be serious.'

The clerk nodded and smiled brightly at Genos's words, bobbing their head up and down in some kind of agreement. Genos turned back to the window and met his boyfriend's scowl with a grin. He beckoned for him to come inside.

'...he IS.'


Sonic mulled over his options. With the exception of slight variations in how he carried them out, he really only had two: either to spurn to invitation to come inside and try and save what little pride he had left, or to humor the kid.

'There's something wrong with me,' Sonic thought as the little silver bell chimed behind him.


Shoulders hunched, he wandered stiffly over to Genos's side, doing his damnedest to avoid meeting his gold gaze. The clerk smiled at him pleasantly before leaving the counter and heading briskly to the back of the store. Genos reached for Sonic's hand; he made a half-assed attempt to swat it away before allowing his fingers to be intertwined as the hero led him through the store.


"What do you think you're doing?" Sonic whispered, voice laced with irritation.

Genos's grin only widened, and god Sonic hated when he did that (not really of course. The kid's grin was wonderful, endearing, but he'd be damned if he'd let himself be swayed by it).

"What do you think I'm doing?"

"Being a moron," the ninja muttered as they finally stopped in front of their destination. 

Genos only laughed.


"Okay, these should work," the clerk said, pulling a rather nice-looking box off the shelf. He passed it to Genos who in turn passed it to Sonic. The ninja looked blankly at their expectant stares.

"...okay, okay, fine. You can stop holding your breaths," he said, sitting down harder than was necessary on the stool behind him. Genos grinned again; the clerk beamed. In spite of his previous reservation, Sonic couldn't stave off the feeling of excitement that came as he un-boxed the boots. He managed, however, to maintain his disinterested expression until he had slipped them both on.

It was hard, after-all, to not smile at his reflection in the mirror. Sonic had been right; they did pair well with his current outfit. 'Gives my ass a nice lift as well,' he thought smugly, noticing his backside in the mirror across the isle. 


"I hope you don't mind me saying this Mr.-...," the clerk began.

"Souta," Sonic supplied, turning to admire himself from a different angle. They were quite comfortable, and the buckles really were adorable.

"Mr. Souta, those look fantastic on you. Really, genuinely." And oh, bless them, they were blushing. To their credit, they hid it fairly well; their cheeks only tinted slightly pink.

Genos was a different story.

"They are very aesthetically pleasing on you," he said in agreement. His cheeks were red.


And oh that was cute, it really was precious. But regardless of how stunning he looked in them, or how adorable Genos was when he was flustered, Sonic most definitely, most certainly  wasn't going to allow himself to be a charity case. There was absolutely no way he was allowing the kid to buy him the boots.



"No, no-no-no, you're not paying for anything else today!"

"Too late," Genos replied, handing the waitress a generous wad of cash. She was a cute, mousy little thing, all curly hair and freckles.

"At least let me tip!" Sonic growled, digging in his wallet for his own money.

His boyfried, damn him, ignored him, turning instead to look at the waitress. Her brown eyes seemed to grow impossibly large at Genos's smile and softly spoken "Keep the change for your tip."

"Th-thank you Mr. De-Mr. Genos sir!" she spluttered before hurrying away.


Defeated, Sonic dramatically slapped his wallet down on the table. It made a pleasing smack as it connected with the metal wire, accurately conveying his annoyance. He kicked his feet onto an empty chair at the table adjacent to theirs, taking a few seconds to look over his new boots in approval (he couldn't lie; he'd been more than pleased when Genos had bought them despite his protest) before crossing his arms and glaring daggers at the man sitting across from him. "Listen, Genos-"

"Sonic, really, it's fine," the younger man interjected. He was looking at Sonic now, his expression surprisingly attentive. "I already told you, the Hero Association more than compensates me for my work." He took a sip of his tea before continuing, "I have a feeling you've been taking low-profile jobs in an effort to make me more comfortable about your career choice. I can't imagine they pay as well as your previous work."

"What they pay isn't really your business kid. Besides, I'm well off enough to pay for my food. I just like to stay on a budget."

"Did it ever occur to your that I might like spending money on you?"



Genos shrugged his shoulders, breaking eye-contact with his partner to regard his boots. He reached idly out to play with one belt-buckle, slipping his surprisingly agile fingers under and through the clasp. "I've never really had this much money before. And now that I do, I don't really have a use for it, beyond material gain. But I'm a rather frugal person." He paused, trailing his fingers over the middle and then top buckle. "Saitama-sensei is as well. And most of the other people I choose to spend my time with earn as much as I do, with a few exceptions."

" don't have to buy my love Genos," Sonic said gently. He crossed his legs, putting the one Genos was inspecting on top.

Genos's fingers moved past the lip of the boot and made their way up his leg. "I know. I'm not that naive." He traced the seam of his pants, leaning over as he reached Sonic's thigh. "I like making those who are most important to me happy. And I realize shows of wealth are hardly a stable foundation for a relationship. But you should have seen your face when you tried the shoes on. You glowed."

Sonic was fairly certain his face was glowing.


He grabbed at the hand Genos had moved to his thigh, clasping it between both of his. The younger man looked up suddenly, as if snapped from a trance. Sonic supposed that in a way, he was.

"Genos," he started, attempting to gather his composure. "I do like pretty things. Things that are shiny, clothes that show off my ass, and moths and butterflies. And I like when people buy me pretty things. Who am I kidding? I love it. But as much as a narcissistic bastard as I am, I need you to know that you, of all people, are not required to stroke my ego."

"I'm not doing it out of obligation, nor out of pity, I can assure you. I legitimately like watching you preen over gifts." 

"You're too good to me, baby-doll," Sonic quipped.

"What can I say? You're the light of my life, honey-bunch," Genos shot back cheekily. 


The both laughed, the sound ringing through the gated courtyard. Genos moved his free hand up to clasp Sonic's. And they sat like that for a while, grinning like fools, holding each other's hands.

Sonic shifted positions first, pulling his legs off of the chair and leaning forward. "Well, I guess there's only one thing left to ask," he said. He brought both of their hands to his chest, and adopted what he hoped was a serious look. "Genos."


Sonic stared deep into his eyes. "Will you be my sugar daddy?"

The kid made a choking noise.