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When the Darkness Fades

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When The Darkness Fades Chapter 4

Hermione smoothed her hands down the pink sweater and tight white skinny jeans that she had changed into.

Her eyes fell to her light pink ballet flats as she fidgeted in front of the mirror.

She was quite sure that she hadn’t worn any type of clothing that was pink since her infamous Yule Ball gown.

Wondering what the boys would think of her sudden liking for more cheery colors, she turned and headed out the door and down the steps as she made her way to the garden.

When she stepped out into the backyard, she gasped at the beautiful sight of both magical and muggle flowers.

As she walked deeper into the garden on the cobblestone path, a smile lit up her features when she saw that Blaise, Draco and Theo were all seated at a large wrought iron table with matching chairs that sat beneath a tunnel of flowers and had also changed out of their formal attire.

Blaise spotted her first as he gave a wave when she approached.

“Oy! Hermione! We’re over here!”

Taking a seat next to Draco she rolled her eyes and crooked an eyebrow at her Italian fiancé.

“Really? I mean it’s not like I was just standing a few feet in front of you or anything. How in Merlin’s name could I miss you bunch?”

Draco started to chuckle as Blaise sent her a playful scowl.

“Glad to see that your wit and sense of humor hasn’t dried up after finding out your bloody stuck with us forever.”

Theo snapped his fingers and a small female house elf appeared in front of them.

Hermione was surprised when Theo smiled and introduced them to the little creature.

“Hello. My name is Theo and those blokes over there are Draco and Blaise. We’re the Masters of the Estate now and that gorgeous woman right there is our new Mistress. What might your name be?”

The little elf squealed and jumped up and down making them all share a look.

“Hello Masters and Mistress! My name is Ellie and I’ll happy to serve you while you stay at the manor. Is there anything that Ellie can do for you, Master Theo?”

Theo nodded and leaned over making sure that the elf could hear him clearly.

“Why yes you can. I would like you to bring us some beverages please. It’s a tad warm out today.”

Ellie nodded and gave her new Masters and Mistress a huge smile.

“Yes sir. Ellie will bring them momentarily.”

She squeaked before she disappeared with a loud pop.

Turning his attention back to the table, he waved a hand in the air as a slow smirk spread over his lips.

“So…Now that we’re all here and settled, why don’t we go over some house rules that we think should be applied in this situation, shall we?”

Hermione felt a bit of nervous energy bunch deep in her stomach as Draco pulled out his wand and muttered a spell that made a piece of parchment and a quill appear.

“Alright so, since we’re going to be living in close company from now on I suggest we have a personal space rule so that if one of us, aka you Hermione feel like we’re bothering her too much you have the right to escape to wherever you like as long as you return back to the manor no later than midnight every night.”

Draco drawled as they looked over at Hermione for her reaction.

She nodded and leaned forward onto the table.

“I think we should also make a rule that no matter who our friends or families are we need to treat everyone with respect, and let go of past grudges.”

Blaise sighed an overly dramatic sigh as he leaned back in his chair so it only stood balanced on the back legs.

“I guess that means we’ll be seeing a lot more of Potter and the Weasels whether we like it or not. I suppose I can act civil towards them but that’s all your getting for now little witch.”

He said as he shot her a fake glare.

Hermione shook her head before dropping it down onto her folded arms.

“Honestly…You lot are going to be the death of me. How on earth will I not end up hexing you all?”

The boys looked down at her as Draco momentarily stopped writing.

“I’d sure hope you wouldn’t hex us. Because I’m making a side note on that rule that states if we are attacked and need to act in self-defense, we will not be punished.”

Raising her head slowly she fixed him with a no nonsense stare.

“ONLY in self-defense. If I find out that any of you have drawn your wands on any unsuspecting persons, you will be sleeping in the garden shed until further notice.”

Giving a shrug, Draco finished writing down the rule before he turned to Hermione with an unreadable expression.

“I would like to propose that it be a mandatory rule that we shall all sit down in the dining room each night and have family dinners together. I really would like to make this seem as if it’s a normal marriage in some way or another.”

Just as Theo, Blaise and Hermione were about to argue over the dinner rule, a loud pop made them all jump as Ellie waved a hand and levitated a tray full of summer time drinks down onto the table in front of them.

“If Master and the Mistress are not needing anything else, Ellie will be in the kitchen.”

The little elf said before she disappeared once more.
“Oh, they have raspberry lemonade. That is most definitely one of my favorites.”

Blaise murmured as he took one of the pink drinks and sipped it before grinning.

“Tastes just like I remember it.”

The others took their various drinks as they all argued but mostly negotiated a firm set of house rules.

Just as they were getting into a good flow of mundane conversation, a white stag patronus appeared in front of them as Harry’s voice sounded loud and clear.

“Hermione! We haven’t heard from or seen you since you left for the Ministry this morning! Molly’s practically in tears worrying. You need to come home now so that we all know you’re okay. Oh, and Molly just told me that dinner is at 6:00 this evening. Now get your behind back her Mione before we all go nuts worrying if you’ve keeled over and died or not.”

He said before the patronus dissipated into the air.

Theo slung his arm around Hermione’s shoulders as she turned ghastly pale.

“Looks like the Weasels need you. Go on and head over there. I expect Mama Weasel is going to have a bloody fit. If you don’t I expect they’ll send a Howler next.”

He said before he laid a small kiss on her temple.

Draco and Blaise shared a look before they too leaned forward and gave her a reassuring smile.

“It’s alright, love. It’s not like we’re bloody going anywhere anytime soon. Just come back to us before midnight, okay?”

Draco said as she nodded quickly and gave them all a worried look.

“Thank you all for making this so easy for me. I do appreciate your efforts. I promise to be home on time as soon as I find an excuse as to why I’m not going to be staying at the Burrow tonight. Behave yourselves while I’m gone. And for the love of all things great and wonderful, don’t burn down the entire estate. I really am starting to like it here.”

She said as she apparated off to the Burrow.

Once she was gone, all three of the boys looked at each other before their eyes fell on the extravagant manor that sat high and mighty in front of them.

“Well that went better than expected. I would harbor a guess and say that she just might be warming up to us.”

Blaise said as Draco and Theo nodded in agreement.

“Well lads, I propose a toast to our beautiful bride. May we all survive the next 100 years of our lives with our humor and every limb still attached to our bodies.”

Draco drawled as they all raised their glass and clinked them together while the late afternoon sun began to sink below the horizon.