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little lady tales

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The fourth time Marinette almost gets flattened by the same blonde jogging guy, she doesn’t let him do the usual quick halt, throw out an apology move. She reaches out and yanks him in by the lapels of his jacket. A yelp escapes him as she pulls him close, leaving barely half a foot between them. There’s a lot of green and gold in his eyes, but she can’t even take the time to admire them because it’s seven in the freaking morning and she’s on her way to an awful biology lecture and why does this guy have it out for her?

“Your energy insults me,” she hisses. There’s no hiding the tired disgust in her voice.

“I’m…I’m sorry?” His has his hands up in surrender and makes no move to throw her off. Good decision on his part. Early-morning-before-coffee-Marinette shouldn’t be messed with.

“Just watch where you’re going. This is the fourth time you’ve almost ran into me, it’s only the second week of semester, and I do not want to deal with this anymore, okay?”

Her hands unclench from his jacket as she starts to lose some steam, the adrenaline of their almost collision withering to nothing. She lets out a huge sigh and looks down to pout at the sketchbook she dropped.

The guy still hasn’t left, and his face is suddenly in her line of sight as he crouches down. He picks up her sketchbook carefully, smoothing down a page that had been bent at an odd angle, and casts her nervous glances. Yup, his eyes are definitely nice—actually, his whole face is not bad at all. Her cheeks warm as she watches him continue to wipe off her sketchbook. Finally, he approves his cleaning job and stands.

“I am really sorry. I’ll try to be more careful.” He offers her the sketchbook, eyes locked on the ground. “Yo-you’re a lovely artist.”

Suddenly he’s nervous, which makes her nervous, and she snatches it back while backing away. “Thank you don’t run into anyone else!”

Marinette wouldn’t call her retreat a full on sprint, but she definitely wasn’t holding back. The mortifying details of their exchange refuse to leave her even as she grabs her coffee, sits through her lecture, and heads home. He probably thinks she’s some rude, inconsiderate jerk. Who just grabs someone like that?

She groans. “I’m such an idiot.”

Two days later she carries a bag of fresh blueberry muffins as she heads off to her lecture. Their collision point looms ahead, and Marinette walks even slower as she rounds the corner. There’s no rushing body, no flash of golden hair. She wilts in disappointment and then notices someone sitting on the curb.

His legs are crossed at the ankles, and one foot taps repeatedly, almost like he’s nervous.

“Um…hi?” Marinette steps closer. He jerks around at her voice and stares up at her, mouth gaping.

“You’re here!” Grabbing at something next to him, he jumps up and lets out a breathy, “Good morning.”

“Yeah, I have an eight am lecture,” she drawls. “Good morning.” There’s definitely two coffee cups in his hands, and she wonders if one is for her.

“Oh. That explains the crankiness.”

She scowls. “Well not everyone can get up and go for a jog, you exercise monster.”

The grin that splits his face is adorable and almost mischievous as he lets out a chuckle. “Definitely not a morning person. Coffee?” He offers one of the cups.

A little thrill runs through her—he had gotten her coffee—but she can’t let him win yet. “I don’t take coffee from strangers.”

His smile falls. “Oh. I’m sorry, I just thought you might…” he trails off, frowning at the cup like it had just spilled all over his clothes. Oh, he was a fun one to tease.

“I’m Marinette.”

He looks up at her with wide eyes.

“Now that I’ve properly introduced myself, I’d like to offer you a blueberry muffin. Want one?”

She smiles up at him, head titled to the side as she holds out the bag. Her teasing is reciprocated in equal amount as he narrows his eyes at her, one corner of his mouth curled.

“I’m Adrien,” he almost purrs, wrapping his hand around her own outstretched one. They hold the muffins together. “And I’ll only take a muffin if you accept the coffee.”