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30 Days OTP Challenge

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How did it become like this? Hyuuga groused; face flushed red. Kiyoshi remained blissfully unaware, judging by the leisurely ambling gait, complete with the carefree swinging of their enjoined hands.

“I hate you,” the shorter brunet muttered.

Kiyoshi appeared astonished at his revelation – as if he had not grumbled the exact same phrase ever since Kiyoshi first appeared before him. Otherwise, their center looked very much like his usual self with that moronic grin. “Why?”

“You got us lost, idiot!”

“Ehehe.” He remained unrepentant, even hazarding a cheeky retort, “But Hyuuga didn’t object?”


It’s true. He was too busy denying the sudden racing heartbeat to care which direction his charge was taking; the twists, turns and forks slight to his plight when Kiyoshi held his hands. “This way, I won’t get lost. Haha.” Kiyoshi claimed.

“Your fault,” Hyuuga mumbled, looking about the place for a clue as towhere they are – anywhere but Kiyoshi’s face.

“I still hate you.” His face was burning, but he felt the need to reiterate, to deny even a drop of feeling for this airheaded moron.

Anyway, they were still lost, and it’s all Kiyoshi’s fault. He deserved all the scorn Hyuuga can spill.