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Leaving Storybrooke

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After defeating the latest villain, Emma takes Regina on a road trip AU. This is a mix of songs Emma would play and sing really loudly to (and probably awfully off key) while looking at Regina as if she’s her whole world (and she is). Regina would roll her eyes, but smile lovingly at her dorky wifey and stare back with heart in her eyes.


She's So High | Tal Bachman

Kiss Me | Sixpence None The Richer

Maybe I'm Amazed | Jem

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic | Sleeping At Last

Sinners | Lauren Aquilina

Fire N Gold | Bea Miller

New Romantics | Taylor Swift

Like I'm Gonna Lose You | Meghan Trainor (feat. John Legend)

You Are Enough | Sleeping At Last

You're All I Have | Snow Patrol

The Lucky Ones | Lana Del Rey


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