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The Sweetest Reward

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“Kookie, I’m home!” Jimin called out to his apartment as he removed his shoes and coat at the door.

It has been a year since he was nearly mugged by the young boy and his boyfriend, Min Yoongi. It’s been six months since the three of them started dating. At first Jimin was apprehensive.

What if it was just the two wanting a one time threesome? What if one of them ended up getting jealous and not wanting the relationship anymore? What if they both decided that they didn’t actually like Jimin? Considering Jimin’s not so great past with love, he felt he had every right to be a little scared.

Jungkook and Yoongi had proven themselves to Jimin and he found himself in love with two of the most loving and caring men he’d ever met. Although Jimin did have a few stipulations before he agreed to being in a relationship with the two…

“Kook-ah,” he sighed as he spotted the young boy counting money from his latest mugging, “we talked about this, bun. You promised you’d stop stealing and get a real job. Yoongi did it, why can’t you?”

The boy snorted as he separated the money in half, one half going to their New Apartment!!!~~~ jar and the other going to their Rent/Bills :( jar. “Because Minnie, he is boring and old and responsible and I am none of those things. Plus getting a job these days is really hard. What do I put on my resume, past experience in mugging and playing video games?” And Jimin wasn’t looking at Jungkook but he could hear the eye roll in his voice as the boy threw himself back down on the couch.

Of course Jimin knew it was hard to get a job right now, but Jungkook knew how important it was to him that he stop his life of petty crime. A month into their relationship Jimin sat the two down and told them he no longer wanted them robbing people and that if they wanted the relationship to work they’d find real, honest jobs.

It was easy for Yoongi. His friend Namjoon had just started his own record label and had been begging Yoongi to come on as a producer. Now that Yoongi had a reason, he readily agreed to Namjoon’s offer, also taking on a part-time job as a pizza delivery boy until the label got off the ground.

Jimin sighed as he lifted Jungkook’s head to settle on the couch, gently placing the boys head in his lap. “C’mon Kookie, my hyung just opened up his own cafe and really needs help around the place. It’s just him right now and since I’m his favorite dongsaeng I can get you an interview, easy as pie.”

“I’ll think about it, hyung.” Jimin heard Jungkook as he turned on the couch and nuzzled his nose into Jimin’s stomach.


Jimin’s next off-day found him and Jungkook walking hand-in-hand to Seokjin’s new cafe.

“Trust me, Kookie, it’ll be fine. You’ll love it and Jin-hyung and he’ll love you!” he had Jungkook’s hand in a death grip as he pushed the door to the cafe open and - oh, no.

“Hyung,” Jungkook hissed, “this place is pink. Crazy, five-year old girl pink.”

And Jungkook was right. It was floor to ceiling pink. Pink wallpaper, pink floor tiles, pink tables, pink chairs. Pink, pink, pink.

Inside Jimin was groaning, ready to die, but on the outside he just flashed Jungkook a smile as he pulled the reluctant boy further into the cafe. “Oh come on Kookie, it’s not that bad. Besides, remember our deal?”

Jungkook’s eyes glazed over as he remembered the deal he had with Jimin and Yoongi.

“Keep a job for a week -“ Jimin murmured, his lips connecting with Jungkooks, “-a month” Yoongi cut in, “-a month and Yoongi and I will do whatever you want in bed.”

“Whatever I want?” Jungkook lifted an eyebrow at the two as their tongues danced.

Whatever you want.” Jimin confirmed as he pulled away from Yoongi and sank down on Jungkook’s cock.

Jimin knew Jungkook couldn’t disagree, he was only 20 years old with the sex-drive of a 16-year old. Maybe it wasn’t a very ethical way to go about putting Jungkook on the right path, but it was important to him okay? He didn’t want to get a phone call in the middle of the night saying Jungkook had been injured because he had picked the wrong person to rob, or worse that he had been caught and was now in jail. He was trying to make sure their happy little trio stayed a happy little trio.

As Jungkook was busy daydreaming about everything he could make his hyungs do, Seokjin emerged from the back. Although there was a bit of flower in his hair and on his cheeks he was still as immaculate as Jimin was used to, decked out in a crisp white button down with the sleeves skillfully rolled up to his elbows and black jeans. His apron matched the interior of the cafe perfectly, a soft shade of pink protecting the front of his body. His eyes lit up as he took in Jimin and the pouty boy next to him.

“Hi Jimin-ah. I’m so glad you could make it. This must be Jungkook.” His voice was soft and airy, oddly comforting but still very commanding.

Jungkook shifted his eyes away from the tall, beautiful man to flit around the cafe again. Jimin nudged Jungkook with his elbow as he shot Jin his megawatt smile, “Mhmm, this is my little Kookie! I’m so glad you’re letting him work here hyung. I promise he’ll be a good worker and he’s really good with money! If you have any problems with him you can just tell me or Yoongi-hyung.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes at Jimin’s rambling and turned back to see the man - Seokjin - giggling behind his hand. “Hyung, stop talking. I’ll be fine, please leave.” He turned the small boy around and shoved him towards the door as Jimin called out a goodbye to his hyung and that he’d be here with Yoongi at eight to pick Jungkook up.

Jungkook huffed and turned back to the statuesque man behind the counter. He quirked an eyebrow and leaned in closer to the man, “I think we’re going to have a lot of fun, hyung.”



“Come on, Kookie, more. I need more.” Jimin whined as Jungkook placed kisses along his length, bringing him to a half hard state.

Jungkook pulled back and pulled a rubber cock ring out of his pocket, gently rolling it on to Jimin who looked at Jungkook in a state of shock. Jungkook looked up at Jimin with a sly smile.

“I have to go get my check. I’ll be back in 15 minutes. Hyung should be home any second. Don’t touch yourself.” Jungkook leaned down and place another light kiss on Jimin’s tip before he stood from the couch and grabbed his jacket, leaving their apartment with a heavy chuckle.

Jimin let out a cry of frustration at being left in that state for who-knows-how-long, alone, waiting for one of his boyfriends to come home and he wasn’t even allowed to touch himself. Jimin doesn’t know how long he laid on the couch with his hands fisted in the cushions before the lock in the door turned, signaling Yoongi was home.

“Hey, baby. I just got a text from Kookie saying he left me a present?” Jimin let out a long whine, waiting for Yoongi to look up. “Oh, shit.” Yoongi muttered before approaching Jimin on the couch, already shucking off his clothes. “Kookie is such a bad little boy,” Yoongi breathed, his hands running through Jimin’s hair, “But you my little butterfly, you’re daddy’s good baby, huh?”

Jimin whined again, his cock getting harder at the praise from Yoongi, “Yes, daddy, I’m a good boy.” He squeezed his small hands into fists, trying to follow the one rule Jungkook had left him with.

“Mmm, I know you are. So why don’t you get on your knees and show daddy how good you really are?” Yoongi murmured, all of his clothes already removed, as he sat on the couch.

Jimin slid to the floor, his hard cock bobbing as he leaned over to engulf Yoongi’s already hard length in his mouth.

Jimin hollowed his cheeks around the thick dick in his mouth, he knew that Yoongi liked it best when he got right to it instead of taking his time. He pulled back up with a light scrape of his teeth against Yoongi’s underside.

“Ah, shit - Jimin, fuck.” Jimin moaned around Yoongi’s cock as the fingers in his hair tightened and pulled - just the way he liked it.

Jimin didn’t know he liked pain so much until he met the mint-haired man. He’d never been with anyone so rough until Yoongi and Jimin loved it. He also loved that Yoongi’s roughness was balanced out with Jungkook’s sweet gentle approach in the bed room. He wasn’t surprised that the way they had sex matched the first impressions Jimin had of them. Jungkook sweet and adoring to Yoongi’s fast and commandeering.

Jimin swallowed around Yoongi as his wet eyes opened and shifted up to look at the beautiful man above him. He wasn’t surprised to lock eyes with Yoongi, the mint-haired man was always looking at him, his deep brown eyes always staring into him whether they were having sex or not.

He pulled back for air and gave the head a few kitten licks and was about to go back down when the front door burst open. He and Yoongi broke their eye contact to stare at Jungkook, who was giving them an equally bewildered look.

“Yah, what the hell is wrong wi-“ Yoongi was cut off by Jungkook slamming the door closed and stomping over to the two of them.

“I can’t believe you started without me. It’s my reward and you start without me! Unbelievable!” Jungkook grumbled, pulling off his clothes, his cock already half hard.

He wasn’t as thick as Yoongi, but he was just as long and Jimin’s mouth was already watering at the thought of swallowing it down. He shuffled on his knees to Jungkook and breathed over his cock, still covered by his boxers. His small hands came up to remove the article of clothing as Yoongi pulled Jungkook down onto the couch.

Jimin watched as the two began a rough kiss, Jungkook’s hand encircling Yoongi’s cock. He loved the difference in how Jungkook and Yoongi interacted. Jungkook treated him like a porcelain doll while he wasn’t afraid to get rough with Yoongi. He loved watching the two of them, both rough and demanding, but he loved joining the two even more. He wrapped his own hand around Jungkook before moving forward to give the tip a kiss. His lips were still covered in Yoongi’s pre-come as he wrapped them around Jungkook’s head.

God, Jimin.” Jungkook broke from the kiss to look down at Jimin who wasted no time in swallowing his whole length down.

He hummed around Jungkook as Yoongi slid off of the couch to rest behind Jimin. He pulled the small boys hips up so they were high in the air. Jimin pulled off of Jungkook and let out a whimper as he felt Yoongi’s tongue prod at his entrance.

His breath fanned over Jungkook’s lap as he pushed back into Yoongi’s mouth, “Please, daddy,” he whined as he stroked his hand up and down Jungkook’s length.

He heard as Yoongi opened up the lube they kept hidden under a couch cushion - good thinking, Jungkook - and poured some onto his fingers. He sighed as he felt the tip of Yoongi’s finger enter him, sliding in along with his tongue. Yoongi pulled back as he slid a second finger into Jimin who was still loose from having them both inside of him last night and Yoongi inside of him that morning. 

Jimin let out a soft moan as the fingers inside of him scissored him open. Jungkook ran his fingers through Jimin’s hair and shushed him as the small boy let out a high keen when Yoongi crooked his fingers just right, finding that perfect spot inside of him. Jimin pushed his body back onto Yoongi’s fingers as the man pistons them inside of him, his fingers continuously brushing his prostate. He turns his head and bites into Jungkook’s thigh at a particularly hard thrust of the fingers. Jimin was loud and the last time they had done it in the living room their neighbor complained.

“I think he’s ready, daddy.” Jungkook cooed, his eyes not leaving Jimin as the orange-haired boy bit bruises into his thigh.

Yoongi pulled his fingers out and spread a generous amount of lube on his cock as Jungkook leaned down and showered Jimin’s face with butterfly light kisses. Jimin looked up at Jungkook with tears in his eyes as his hard cock strains in the rubber cock ring. It was part of Jungkook’s reward for working in Jin’s cafe for a month so he couldn’t complain.

“Kookie, please can I -“ Jimin’s begging was cut off by a long moan as Yoongi roughly entered him from behind.

“Stay quite, Minnie. I’ll let you know when you can come. Now let me watch daddy fuck you.” Jimin had no idea how Jungkook could keep such an innocent look on his face while saying such things.

Jimin let out a sob as Yoongi pulled out and mercilessly pushed back in, one hand tight on his hip and the other around his neck. “Be a good boy for daddy, hmm? Be a good boy for daddy and baby, butterfly.” Yoongi hissed above him, “Daddy’s gonna fuck you so good while baby watches.” Yoongi continued to snap his hips forward at a brutal pace as Jimin’s mouth fell open in a silent moan. “This is baby’s reward and baby gets what he wants. He wants to see you cry from daddy’s cock,” the hand around Jimin’s neck tightened as Yoongi shifted slightly, his cock hitting Jimin’s prostate with each thrust in, “baby wants you to cry. He wants you begging to come.”

Jimin let out a low whine as his eyes locked with Jungkooks as the boy pulled something from between the couch cushions and then -.

“OH, God, Jungkook please, let me come.” Jimin screamed as the ring around him started vibrating. “Please baby, please. I’ll be so good I promise. Please.” Jimin wailed as the vibrations got more intense and Yoongi’s thrusts got rougher.

“Daddy has to come first, Minnie. Let daddy fill you up. I want you to ride me while daddy’s cum leaks out of your abused hole.” Jungkook commanded, his hand slowly pulling at his own cock as he watched Yoongi choke Jimin with one hand while his thrusts got sloppier but no less brutal, “Daddy’s fucking you so good Minnie, you won’t be able to walk tomorrow. You’ll have to get someone to cover your dance classes for you, you won’t be able to feel your legs for days.”

Jimin whimpered as Yoongi’s hand tightened around his neck at Jungkook’s words. Jimin was already over the edge- the glorious vibrations on his cock and Yoongi’s savage thrusts enough to satisfy him, but hearing Jungkook be so demanding towards him was enough to set him off. If only I could come.

“Yes, yes. Daddy fuck me so good, so hard. I want you to come daddy. I need you to come, please. I need to feel you fill me up, daddy. Want your come inside of me as I ride baby,” Jimin couldn’t hold back the words from tumbling out of his mouth. He knew he was supposed to be quiet but it was just so good, “Fuck me daddy, fuck me.”

“God, Jimin, I love you so much. So tight, always so fucking tight. As if me and baby are the only one’s who’ve had you. The only ones that’ll ever have you.” Yoongi rasped out as his thrusts became even more sloppy, his pace almost sadistic

“Just you daddy, just you and baby. Only you and baby. All I need. Please daddy, please come I want you to fill me up.” Jimin knew Yoongi was about to come and that was all he could think about.

Yoongi pushed into Jimin one more time before letting out a long, loud moan, his hand tight around Jimin’s neck. Jimin fell forward at the harsh thrust, his face right by Jungkook’s cock that looked painfully hard. A whimper escaped his lips at the feeling of Yoongi’s come spilling into his ass, his tongue coming out to give Jungkook’s length a kitten lick. He gave a weak protest as Yoongi pulled out of him, a bit of come escaping down Jimin’s thighs with his cock.

Jimin gave a soft cry, his hips moving to nothing except for the ring still vibrating around his cock. He loved being filled by Yoongi and the feeling of his warm come running down his thighs just made him more aroused.

Jungkook pulled Jimin up by his armpits, the small boys entire body feeling like jello even though he still hadn’t come. Yoongi was laying on the floor spent, his cat-like eyes watching the two as Jungkook settled Jimin in his lap. Jungkook let out a soft curse as the vibrating ring on Jimin came in contact with his own cock.

“Jimin-ah,” his soft, sweet voice called, “you want me to fuck you nice and hard like daddy? You want to cry for your baby, hmm?” Jimin let out a soft whimper of agreement, his head nodding against Jungkook’s chest. “Yeah, I’m gonna ruin that sweet little hole, Jimin. Gonna fuck you so hard, Minnie, you’ll feel it for days.”

Jimin held back a sob as Jungkook’s long, slender fingers entered him, not needing to prepare him since Yoongi had fucked him open well enough, “please, baby. Let me come, I need to come.”

Jungkook just shook his head as he leaned Jimin up and positioned the boy above his cock. Jimin cried as his body was harshly lowered on to Jungkook. He heard Yoongi murmur something, but couldn’t comprehend, his mind was clouded at being entered again. Jungkook changed their position a bit, his ass on the edge as Yoongi sat up and swiped at some of the come leaking out of Jimin’s hole and on to Jungkook’s cock.

Without warning Jungkook lifted Jimin and slammed his hips back down causing Jimin to throw his head back and cry out, “Oh god, Kookie, so good. So good, Kookie, harder yeah. Fuck me. Fuck me so good. So hard Kookie,” Jimin continued to babble as Jungkook continued to lift and drop him back down onto his cock roughly.

Jungkook let out a low moan as Jimin began circling his hips and Yoongi’s finger, covered in his own come, entered him as he moved Jimin’s small body up and down.

Jungkook had prepared himself before leaving their apartment. He had done it in the bathroom before emerging to tease Jimin. He knew Yoongi would tease him about being so eager, but being fucked by Yoongi while fucking Jimin was his dream and he didn’t want to waste a single second.

Yoongi smirked at how readily Jungkook’s hole sucked his finger in, making it easy for him to ease a second and third finger in soon after. “Baby’s been bad. You finger yourself open thinking of this, hmm? Did baby touch himself thinking of daddy?” Yoongi quirked his fingers just the right way causing Jungkook to thrust up into Jimin, who had started lifting himself up and down when Jungkook became too preoccupied.

Jungkook shook his head and clenched his eye shut, Yoongi curling his fingers again at the same time Jimin came down particularly hard. “N-no, no daddy I swear I didn’t touch m-myself. Swear I-I — oh” Jungkook was cut off by Yoongi entering him and Jimin picked up the pace of fucking himself on Jungkook’s cock.

“T-tell the truth, baby. Tell daddy the truth.” Jimin whimpered, Yoongi’s hands coming around his body, one on his nipple the other on his painfully hard cock.

Jungkook opened his eyes and made contact with Yoongi who was looking at him with dark, lust filled eyes, his mouth latched on to Jimin’s neck. “I-I wanted to be ready for you, daddy. I w-worked so hard.” He cried out as Yoongi began thrusting into him, “Wanted you to-to slide right in. Nee-needed to be filled immediately.”

Jimin let out a long moan, the thought of Jungkook fingering himself open along with finding the right angle to allow Jungkook’s cock to hit his prostate over and over too much for him. “B-baby please I want to come, let me come.”

Jungkook nodded and moved his hand to remove the ring from around Jimin. “You can come. Come all over me, paint my chest with your come.”

Jimin let out another high pitched moan, his come shooting out as soon as the ring was removed from around him. He continued to rock his hips on to Jungkook as Yoongi picked up the pace of his thrusts, “C’mon baby, fill me up. Mix your come with daddy’s, I want to feel you inside of me.”

Jimin could feel as Yoongi shifted behind him to thrust up into Jungkook, the pale mans hands wrapping around his hips and roughly moving him on Jungkook’s lap. “Look at him, baby. Look at this pretty little butterfly we caught. He’s just for us baby and he’s begging for your come.”

Jungkook’s head was spinning, he cock was in Jimin’s tight hole that clenched and released around him while Yoongi continued to abuse his prostate. “God,” his mouth opened in a long, drawn out moan as his hands overlapped Yoongi’s on Jimin’s hips.

Jimin’s eyes closed in bliss as Jungkook’s come mixed in with Yoongi’s in his ass. He fell forward on to Jungkook’s chest as he felt Yoongi release his second load on his back.

Jungkook sighed as he rubbed his hands up and down Jimin’s sides. He opened his eyes and looked straight at Yoongi, “Thank you. Both of you.”

“We’re so proud of you baby. I told you you could find a job and keep it.” Jimin mumbled, his nose nudging against Jungkook’s neck. His pillow soft lips pressed light kisses along the boys neck.

“Come on, Jimin-ah, let’s get you cleaned up and off to bed.” Yoongi stood from his position on the ground, his breath finally caught. He lifted the smaller boy into his arms and shot Jungkook a look, “Stay,” before walking down the hall towards the bathroom to run Jimin a bath.

A small smile graced Jungkook’s face as he listened to the two loves of his life. Yoongi’s voice was still commanding, but infinitely softer as he asked Jimin which kind of bubble bath he preferred. Jimin’s sweet, sugary voice was noticeably rougher than usual with an obvious tiredness seeping through. Jungkook closed his eyes and leaned his head back on the couch as he waited for Yoongi to come back for him, Jimin’s come slowly cooling on his chest.

We’re going to get another complaint tomorrow.