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Five Times Kissed

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Kiss One

"You seriously got me good that time, Hikawa." Seiji stated, a wide grin on his face in spite of the fact that he was currently on the dojo floor, staring up at the ceiling. "I saw stars there for a second."

"Well, consider it revenge for our last match, Sagara." A likewise grin split Iona's lips, as she held out a hand towards him. "You need some help there?"

"Maybe a little." Taking her hand, Seiji pushed up as the purple haired girl pulled him forward, the two of them getting him back on his feet. "I guess that means you win this time, Hikawa. We'll go with your idea of going to the amusement park, then."

"Good." Nodding her head, Iona folded her arms in front of her chest. "There's a roller coaster there I've been wanting to check out, so there was no way I was going to lose this match." Smiling up at her boyfriend of several months, she moved her hands to her hips. "Well, we can always go to the zoo some other time, Sagara. Of course, you'll have the win the right to pick our next date location from me first."

"I'll take you up on that challenge, then." Seiji grinned. "But, before that..." Leaning down, he carefully tilted Iona's chin upwards a bit, giving her a quick peck on the lips before pulling back. "Your victory reward."

Iona's only response was her increasingly reddening face, and a rather high pitched squeaking sound.

Kiss Two

"Seriously, it's only a kitten, Sagara."

Granted, Seiji's fear of cats didn't surprise her at this point- but even though she had gotten used to it, it was still always something to see the six foot four college student all but cower in fear even from the tiniest of kittens. She'd asked Hiroko about it once, and she said it was the result of trauma he'd experienced as a child- that must have been one hell of a traumatic experience, then.

"You don't understand, Hikawa." Seiji's eyes narrowed, as if he hadn't just let out a yelp the moment the kitten had approached the two of them. "You can't trust them, even the baby ones."

"Again with that?" Iona could only sigh, leaning down to pick up the kitten. "Well, I suppose it can't be helped. I'll take this little thing back to it's yard. Wait here one second, Sagara."

Scurrying towards the yard in question, Iona carefully placed the kitten down. It paused briefly to meow at her, before it hurried back towards it's waiting mother. Having taken care of that, Iona headed back towards her boyfriend, giving him a wry grin. "Alright, the mean devil kitten is safely sealed away, Sagara. You can stop hiding now."

"I wasn't exactly hiding." Seiji frowned a bit, before he reached out, taking Iona's hand. "But thank you, Hikawa."

"You're welcome." Iona said, carefully linking her fingers with his, her wry grin turning into a soft smile as she glanced up towards him. Standing on her tiptoes, she carefully planted a kiss on his cheek, before pulling away. "Let's go."

Kiss Three

"I see Hime managed to get a hold of you today."

Iona could only blink a little at Seiji's choice of outfit today- his usual red hoodie was missing, and instead, he was dressed in a rather stylish outfit. This was the clear work of the Blue Sky Kingdom princess- especially considering that today was their first year anniversary. There was no way someone like Hime would put up with Seiji wearing his hoodie and sneakers to such an important date.

"Yeah." Seiji laughed a little, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head. "She was practically lying in wait for me. That's why I'm bit late. Sorry, Hikawa. I hope you weren't waiting too long."

"No." Iona shook her head. "I only got here about twenty minutes ago, and the weather's nice, so I didn't mind the wait." She told him, before giving her boyfriend another good look. "Besides, I can't really argue with Hime's results, so I think the wait was more than worth it."

His face turning almost as red as his favorite hoodie, Seiji's hand dropped to the back of his neck. "W-well, I t-think for now we should head on, right? We might be a bit late to our movie at this rate..."

"One thing first, Sagara." Iona reached out, taking his hand. Standing on her toes, she gave him a quick kiss on the lips, before pulling back, a bright smile on her face. "Happy anniversary, darling."

Kiss Four

"Seriously, what have I said before about overworking yourself?" Iona huffed, folding her arms in front of her chest as she glowered down at Seiji. "For someone who gives out good advice, Sagara, you sure are terrible at following it."

"Sorry for the trouble, Hikawa." It was all the brown haired boy could manage to do, giving her a sheepish smile, poking his head out from underneath the covers. It was true that he had been working harder than usual lately- but the didn't exactly expect to collapse like that.

"You don't have to apologize, just be careful." Iona said, heaving a sigh. "Don't you know how scared I was when I got that phone call? Fainting in the middle of the sidewalk... You can't push yourself so hard, Sagara. It's alright to take breaks sometimes, you know."

"I know." Seiji nodded his head. "I'm sorry, Hikawa. I was trying to be careful, but I guess I got a bit carried away. But thank you."

"It's alright." Iona pulled up a nearby chair, placing it next to Seiji's bedside, and took a seat in it. Reaching out a hand, she brushed a few stray hairs away from his face, before giving his forehead a light flick. "But seriously learn from it this time, Sagara. This is the fifth time something like this has happened since I've known you. You're going to worry everyone else too, not just me."

"R-right." Seiji nodded a little. "Sorry."

Heaving another sigh, Iona leaned over, placing a light kiss on his forehead. "I said not to apologize, right? Just get some rest. I'll watch over you, so you don't have to worry about a thing, Sagara."

Kiss Five

They were dimly aware of the sound of crying from the audience, although they couldn't quite make out who. Maria, possibly, Hime would have been a good guess too- of course, there was also the option of Phantom, since apparently, as it turned out, the former Precure Hunter was the type to cry at wedding no matter what.

There was cheering too, it was a very happy occasion, after all. Excitement and the sound of clapping filled the air, but those sounds didn't matter to them.

The only thing that married in this moment, in this space of time, was their lips pressed against each other. There was the feeling of Seiji's arms wrapped around Iona's waist, and Iona's arms wrapped around his chest.

As they parted, Iona's white veil fluttered slightly in the breeze that wafted into the dojo from the open doors. Naturally, if they were going to get married, there was no other place to do it than in the place that was so important to the both of them- the dojo. As much as Hime had protested, feeling that it wasn't romantic enough, she had quickly agreed to help them plan their wedding anyways.

And the result was beautiful.

But right now, all that mattered was the kiss, the first they shared as husband and wife.