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Dark As Knight

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Rumpelstiltskin sat at his beloved spindle, threading his sacred golden thread, and humming happily to himself. He had put his own agenda back on track and now all he had to do was sit back and watch, knowing his pupil was smart enough to make the right decision when the time came. He felt a sudden chill crawling up his spine, and the Dark One paused briefly. His smile dropped slightly as he continued to weave his golden thread.

It wasn't long until the double doors of his dining room flew open, and the Ice Queen walked in as if she owned the place… The frosty woman made quite a spectacular entrance, almost bold enough to dare and compare to one of the entrances of the Evil Queen. Almost, but not quite... "Hello old friend."

"I don't remember inviting you into my home." Rumpelstiltskin never took his big eyes off his spindle, acting as if he was unaffected by her sudden intrusion.

The Ice Queen ran a long finger along his dining table, grimacing at the amount of dust she found lingering there. "I don't remember asking."

"What do you want?"

The Ice Queen strolled in front of his spindle, waving her hand over and freezing it, as well as his hands. Rumpelstiltskin, abhorring the feeling of not being in complete control, tried to jerk his hands out of the ice, but it was no use. The bitch's powers were amazingly strong. He kicked himself mentally for not catching her presence and giving her the opportunity to make him look like a weak fool. He wouldn't allow for this to happen again. Never a dull moment, I guess I must always be on the alert, he thought to himself. "I want to know why you gave Ares' whistle to those that are against people like us. You have no idea what a war like that could do to the Enchanted Forest you repulsive imp!"

Rumpelstiltskin glared and growled low in his throat, "Oh I know what it could do, but it'll never get that far. I've seen it."

The Ice Queen leaned forward on the frozen spindle, frowning. "Even seers can be wrong. Isn't that the same mistake that you made all those years ago, paving the very path to becoming the Dark One in the first place, Rumple?" The icy tone in her voice grated on the man's nerves, but he refused to let it show. He needed her to believe that he wasn't rattled, and was on his A-game.

Rumpelstiltskin ignored her jab and smiled, "I thought you didn't like the Evil Queen, dearie? You have your dear ol' Elsa back, this is none of your concern."

"I don't like that bitch, but I do not like my peace being disturbed. Even if that means killing you, I will do it. For my Elsa."

Rumpelstiltskin laughed, "You can't kill me, but you can die trying."

Ingrid's eyes narrowed, "What are you doing Rumpelstiltskin? If Robin blows that whistle and they go to war...nobody, as well as nothing will survive."

"Yes, I know...and so will Regina."

"So why do it? Have you finally lost the last sane part of your mind?"

Rumpelstiltskin leaned back on his stool as far as he could, lost deep in thought, and pleased with himself at the same time. Coming back out of his thoughts, he gave the woman another one of his ever cryptic riddles. "I was never sane to begin with giving Robin the whistle is not the craziest thing I have done, not yet."

Ingrid's eyebrows dropped with suspicion, "Should Arendelle be worried?"

"Everyone should be worried. The Evil Queen is soon to be a mommy...what do mommies do when their young are threatened?" he sneered at the older blonde.

The Ice Queen stared hard at him, trying to figure out what his game was, but he was just too smug... She knew that whatever it was, it was not going to a blessing for anyone but him. She knew all too well what parents did when their babies were being threatened. They did anything and everything possible, without a care for anyone else.

Slowly, Ingrid freed Rumpelstiltskin, and was about to quietly make her leave. She must go and prepare Arendelle for the worst. She felt that her business was finished with the imp, and was satisfied with the outcome of her "little visit". She wasn't completely thrilled with the knowledge that she had gained, but it was necessary. Time to move on…

Rumpelstiltskin stood and watched the Ice Queen make her exit towards the same double doors that she had entered through and he made a split-second decision to throw her a bone. "I can guarantee...that whatever happens..." he trailed off, waiting for the Ice Queen to look back at him, as he smiled the biggest, most devious smile she's ever seen on his creepy, crocodile-like face. "It will be out of this world."


Emma stood off to the side as she watched Regina talk to Rulf and Peter Pan. Emma wasn't worried about Regina meeting Rulf or Pan, she actually had a feeling that they'd get along quite well together—twisted minds and all.

Emma's arms were crossed over her chest with her hood pulled low, but not so low that it would impair her vampire-like, night vision. She could tell that Regina was enjoying talking to the two newest allies of the Dark Kingdom, but she wasn't following the conversation like she should have been—instead, Emma was thinking about how beautiful Regina looked while pregnant. She was gorgeous before, but Regina was too amazing for mere words and the blonde could see that the Evil Queen was absolutely glowing. Everyone who had eyes could see it...and Emma felt a sense of pride that she was the reason that Regina glowed the way she did.

Regina still wore those teasing dresses with unique designs and material that no one else seemed to find—but they were tailored around her stomach now, and Emma just couldn't help but admire the woman she loved. It never ceased to amaze her that this woman was now her life. Her lover, her best friend (something she never expected to have), and her partner in crime… What a difference from her past life under the White Kingdom's oppression.

Just then Regina looked her way—meeting her eyes, despite the hood being pulled low. Regina smiled and Emma couldn't help but smile back. Peter Pan just smirked, and Rulf grumbled under his breath. "Your bond is extremely strong. A connection like yers' is a rare thing, indeed. The land...It has a gift for you. For you both."

Regina looked at him curiously, " What sort of gift?" She remembered Emma telling her that Dead Man's Land was more than just real estate—it had its own mind, and Rulf was its vessel.

Rulf tilted his chin in Emma's direction and Regina followed his gaze. Emma was no longer standing in the distance watching them, she was now kneeling in the middle of the street, fingers stroking through the black soil of the ground. If Regina didn't know any better, she would think Emma was playing in dirt. She looked back at the man who had helped Emma transition into the incredible person she now is.

"I've never gotten any gifts."

Rulf looked at Pan with those beady black eyes of his, "I guess It don't really like you too much, boy."

Regina carefully made her way to where Emma was...since she was wearing impossibly high heels that she refused to give up, walking through the sticky mud was actually quite arduous, a feat she would just blame on her pregnancy and the great difference in her center of gravity, causing her balance to be affected. Her belly was huge, but nobody dared make mention of that fact to the Queen... When she reached the blonde, Emma was just getting back to her feet. Her hand was wrapped around something, but she quickly pocketed whatever it was that she had dug from the ground.

"Is there something wrong darling?"

Emma shook her head, pushing the hood back some. "Not at all, everything is fine. I think we should be on our way back to the kingdom to prepare a unit for an ambush."

Regina decided not to push her lover about what she had in her pocket. Not when they had company. She trusted that whatever secret Emma was keeping would be revealed at the proper time. It was so out of character for the Dark Queen to let things slide, but with Emma, things were different. She was her other half. She completed her. The Queen started thinking about having her wicked way with Emma when they were in the comfort of their home, alone. "I'll wait with Apache, my dear."

Emma nodded and walked past Regina to go tell Rulf and Peter Pan that she was leaving. Rulf simply grunted and sauntered silently back into his shop, because he wasn't one for goodbyes. Peter looked at Emma, a small smirk still sitting on his face.

"What? You want to come with us tonight?"

"No, but I will be watching from a location closeby. When the time is right...Believe me…I will be there, ready to take what you promised me."

Emma shrugged, turning and walking off the porch. "See you tonight...or not."

Peter snickered, "Remember, do not damage his heart." he called after her before disappearing.


Queen Regina and her Dark Knight stood at the head of the table looking every bit like the power couple they were perceived to be. Emma had explained to their small circle of friends what Peter Pan had told her. She informed them that even though their demolition of the White Kingdom was successful— Snow White still had tricks up her sleeve, even as she lay seemingly helpless, far away from all civilization, in a glass coffin.

"That little shit!" Pocahontas growled, breaking the silence. "A child? A fucking child can bring down this entire kingdom?!"

"His actions can." Regina corrected tersely as she rubbed her stomach. She was thankful that she had decided to have this meeting in the war room surrounded by solid walls with a multi-layered, steel door. Outbursts like the one her Captain had just demonstrated weren't meant for wondering ears. "If they find Snow White before we can stop them...well let's not let it get to that, shall we?"

Belle and Red nodded, and Pocahontas sneered in the werewolf's direction. "Hmmm."

"What?" Red snarled, tensing.

"This is your time to prove your loyalty to the Dark Kingdom, Wolf."

"After all this time, you still do not trust me?"

Pocahontas scoffed, raising a fine brow. "Not yet I don't. Not until you prove yourself in battle tonight."

Lancelot stood, slamming his massive hands on the wooden table. "We do not have time for battle, why can't we just kill those no-good kids now and hunt down the rebels?"

"Because, you imbecile, we have no idea who those fucking rebels are." Emma snapped, uncrossing her arms, just to give them something to do. Her energy was building up and she needed some release. "We kill those kids now, and we might not ever know who and what has been growing under our noses until it bites us in the ass! I recommend we use two units. One ground unit and one archery unit. The archers will take to the trees and cover us on the ground and-"

Lancelot shook his head, "I disagree with that strategy. They could be expecting us, if they're smart enough to get past the walls of the Dark Kingdom, who is to say we underestimate them? I know my army, we don't need two units...we just need one. A ground unit, no need to involve the archers. They'll be useless," Pocahontas gave him a glare that was nothing in comparison to the glares she had given Red. "Our men are big, and brutal. We can have this issue squashed within an hour. Rebels against fully armored men, girded to the teeth is nothing."

Belle's eyes widened slightly before she rolled them, Emma simply glared at the man. He was her friend, but she wouldn't hesitate to remind him how and why he was no longer the Captain. They were wasting precious time arguing in the war room when they could be preparing for mobilization on a small issue that had potential to become their downfall. "Lancelot I understand your concerns but I am the Dark Knight, this is my army. I-"

"I am not disputing that I was-"

"Lieutenant!" Emma snapped once again, but it was much sharper than the last one. "This is my army. If I want to use a ground unit as well as an archer unit, I fucking will! This issue that can be squashed within an hour that is nothing, as you so tactfully put it, can backfire into becoming the Dark Kingdom's downfall. Unless you want to be a stable boy next, sit the fuck down. Right. Now. And you're off this mission, Lieutenant."

Everyone's eyes widened comically, they had never heard the blonde sound so...savage before, especially directed at one of them. The fire in her green eyes was nothing like they'd ever seen before. It was almost as if her eyes were glowing bright with anger...and something else. Lancelot was slowly sitting down until his wife ungracefully yanked him down into his seat by his collar.

Emma stared down at the table, taking a few deep breaths to slow her erratically, racing heart. She gently moved her hand away when Regina tried to take it. "Captain, pick an archer unit of your choosing and be waiting in the trees outside the stables by nightfall. That is the only way anyone can get in undetected and the only way they can get out."

Pocahontas bowed her head, "Yes ma'am. I'll bring two scouts in case they use magic to throw off the wolf's nose." Red wanted to be offended, but even she had to admit that was a good idea.

Emma nodded, silently agreeing, "Red and I will lead the ground unit. No heavily armored men, they'll be too slow. I will hand pick the most nimble and capable soldiers that I feel are best for this mission. I have a feeling this mission won't be as easy as the others." The Dark Knight looked at her Captain and best friend, "Stay on your toes."


Emma turned to Red, also making brief eye contact with Belle. "Meet me on the training grounds after dinner."


The Evil Queen tore her eyes from her lover and most dedicated soldier. She addressed her other tense soldiers and adviser with a forced smile. "If there is nothing else, we will see you all at dinner." She quickly took the blonde's arm and they instantly vanished in a cloud of black and purple smoke.

Almost immediately, Lancelot found himself under the intense glare from his wife. "I wasn't trying to undermine her I swear it, I was just-"

She stood and opened the steel door. "You're not getting any for a week."

"A week?!" he cried after her, ignoring the snort from Red.

"Two!" she threw over her shoulder.


Emma sighed loudly as she sat on Regina's bedroom chaise lounge chair, her face was in her hands and she felt a sense of anger. Anger towards Henry for taking advantage of her kindness, only to turn around and stab her in the back, though she shouldn't be surprised...he was his mother's son after all. She was thankful she had gotten rid of anything and everything that those people had given to her. It wasn't much, but the point that counts. She was mostly angry at herself, how could she have been so stupid to not kill him when she had the chance? Now she can't, because they needed him to find those other bastards that still held onto the hope that they could dethrone the Dark Queen. She wanted them all dead. Emma mostly wanted them all to suffer though, for even threatening her family.

Emma suddenly jumped to her feet and threw one of her daggers at Regina's largest mirror that was perched above her vanity. "Goddamn it!" she shouted, and sat back down with a deep sigh before laying down, eyes closed.

Regina slowly walked over, her heels clicking on the stone floor softly. She wasn't afraid, because she knew Emma would never inflict any harm on her or their child. She carefully lifted the blonde's head and sat down, and placed Emma's head in her lap and began running her fingers through her hair. "Talk to me dear. Breaking my mirrors doesn't solve anything except upsetting the poor genie trapped inside."

"I'm scared."

Regina didn't even flinch, "Of what? Dying?"

"Failing...I mean it's not just us anymore, I'm not just doing everything I do for you or for me, but to make sure our child has a future inside these walls, always feeling safe, not out there on the run, because Snow White and her followers are on our asses for being who we are. We need to win… to finish this."

Emma sat up, digging something out of her pocket. "I wasn't sure when would be the right time to give this to you...but now seems to be the time."

"Does it feel right to you dear?"

Emma paused, hand closed tightly over whatever it was that she held. She looked into obsidian eyes and kissed the brunette passionately, but pulled away before they got carried away. "Yes, it feels right to me." Emma opened her hand. Lying side-by-side were two flawless black rings. One was a wedding band with nothing on it except the coat of arms insignia engraved with light purple coloring. It was so small, yet so significant and Regina wondered for a moment how she had not discovered this fine jeweler in all these years, until she remembered where it came from. The ring sitting next to it, with its proud pomegranate gem, was a little more elegant to fit her character, and it too had the coat of arms insignia. They were two beautiful and rare rings that didn't necessarily shine in the light, but they were not dull either.

Emma cleared her throat nervously, and Regina quickly placed her left hand over the blonde's mouth before she had a chance to say anything. "Don't say anything...just make love to me, please."

Viridian met obsidian and they stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, until Emma broke their eye contact and made love to her woman, right there on the chaise lounge chair.


Later that night...

Henry, as promised, met Grace by the stairs with his mother's old red riding scarf, wrapped securely around his neck. The halls were eerily quiet, but there was nothing that seemed out of the ordinary. His night guard was sleeping on the job by the boy's door and Henry had no problems getting to Grace. He joined her on the on the third step with a small smile.

Grace smiled back, seeing the scarf around his neck. "It's pretty."

Henry nervously played with the lose threads, "Do you really think my mom is alive? Especially after all the time that has passed?"

"The Blue Fairy thinks so, and I believe in the Blue Fairy, so yes. Are you ready to escape this hell forever, Henry?"

"How are we going to get out of here without getting caught? There are gates, and guards everywhere!"

Grace smiled and got to her feet, dusting off her brown dress. "We just have to go to the stables and go to the forest, the rest will be taken care of there."

"Did the Blue Fairy tell you all of this?" Henry asked as Grace pulled him to his feet. "Do you know where to go?"

Grace nodded, "Yes, now hush Henry before we get caught!"

Both children were unaware that two figures were patiently following them through the shadows, they proved to be quite skilled at sneaking about the castle when everyone was sleeping. They had used the kitchen's backdoor to get outside and made a quick run to the stables, but they dared not go in since it was crawling with night shift stable boys who were alert to anything to get a promotion. After they got past the stables Emma stopped tailing them and went to join her team on the ground, who were waiting for her. She made sure not to startle them as she made herself known, but Red had made sure they were aware of her presence.

"Alright. The archers are somewhere in the trees and in position...we are going to spread out and keep a safe distance. Do you understand? I don't want them spooked just yet. Keep in contact. Remember, night creature sounds only."

She got nods in return, Emma took a deep breath and gave the hand signal for them spread out and follow Red.


"We don't have much time, were you followed?" Robin asked as soon as both children stepped into the small clearing that was a bit of a distance from the Dark Kingdom's stables.

Grace shook her head, "Nope. We're stealthy."

Will Scarlet rolled his eyes and took a swig from his flask, eyes wide for any unnatural movement. "Yeah right, let's get movin' huh. I don't like being in the Evil Bitch's territory."

Robin nodded and took point in front of the children, while Will picked up the rear.

As the small rebel group trudged on, two units from the Dark Kingdom swiftly following, they were not far behind. Keeping their distance; all the while, maintaining visual the entire time. It wasn't until the small group crossed the creek that Emma signaled her group for a halt, using the barn owl call. She could sense that something wasn't right any longer. It was almost as if they were walking right into a –swft!

Emma caught the poison tipped arrow with her left hand before it pierced her neck. She snapped the arrow in half and let it fall to the ground at her feet. The man behind her dropped to the ground, he had four arrows sitting in his chest, and Emma had a strong inkling that they were poisoned. "Damn...I hate when he's right."

"Attack!" someone yelled from the darkness, but Emma could see them just as clearly as if the sun was high in the sky. She reached down and picked up the dead soldier's axe and flung in the direction of the closest Merry Man, striking him in the face with so much force it went straight through, a clean kill.

"Kill and move forward!" she yelled out, "We cannot lose the boy!"

"Yes ma'am!"

"Red, go now! Pocahontas needs you more than I do right now, I'll catch up." she told her over the loud, terrifying screams of battle and the piercing clangs of multiple swords clashing against one another.

The wolf nodded and tossed another one of the Merry Men behind her that she had trapped between her massive jaws. A wild-haired man came out, screaming like a banshee, with an axe held high above his head. Emma punched him in the gut, stopping his charge and grabbed him into a choke hold, while swiftly forcing him to the ground.

"Where is the campsite, buzzard?"

"I ain't telling you shit traitor!" He wheezed, struggling to breathe.

Emma heard a howl and explosion in the distance and sighed. She said nothing else, but ripped his throat out. She stood and ran towards the distressed howling. Instinct kicked in, and she ran with everything she had. Soon, the Dark Knight heard the sound of a real battle occurring and she could smell, rather than see the fire. She didn't take the time to take in the scenery before her, she didn't take the time to observe just how big the rebel's camp really was or how disturbingly close it was and they never had discovered it. But what Emma did see was two groups leaving the camp site in two different directions, and one group was with Robin Hood, the Blue Fairy, and Henry…riding away on horses at full speed. The scarf was no longer around Henry's neck, but with her heightened vision, she quickly was able to see that it was floating directly in front of the horse. "Damned locator spell! Damn that fucking Blue Gnat!"

Before she had a chance to chase after them, she was tackled to the ground. She lost her grip on her sword and it fell somewhere above her. The man on top of her was a brute and he wasted no time jabbing her in the face and torso repeatedly. Emma was able to roll him over, but never had a chance to land a punch, because he kicked her off, and she was airborne several feet before she landed on the roof of a hut and went crashing right through the structure as if it were made of nothing but flimsy matchsticks.

She felt an aching pain on the side of her right thigh and saw that it had narrowly missed impaling her leg, though the graze didn't feel all that great either, and she was sure she would have splinters, but she's had much worse. As Emma got to her feet, a few nails fell to the floor and she finally felt the uncomfortable feeling across her upper back. It was fairly obvious that whoever had the nerve kick her through a hut was clearly in possession of some sort of magical assistance. She walked out through the front door and saw him standing there waiting, and from what she could see, every single home had been set aflame, and was burning to the ground. The next thing she noticed, was that there were more dead bodies than there were bodies willing to fight surrounding them. To Emma it was like being thrown into the pits of hell, and not knowing a damned thing about her opponent.


Regina sat with Belle and Lancelot in her study, none of them were talking, but all of their eyes were fixed in the direction of the forest, where they saw a small flicker of light from the explosion that most likely woke the entire kingdom. Emma was right, the rebels had been growing right under their noses...and if it weren't for Peter Pan they'd still be none the wiser. Regina rubbed her belly soothingly, the flutter of magic dancing in her stomach did nothing to ease her worries...and if she didn't know better, she would've thought their child was worried as well.

"I don't like this. I should be down there." Lancelot shook his bald head in frustration. "They walked right into a trap! I told her if we had-"

"You would've walked into a trap as well!" Belle all but yelled at him, "And you'd be good as dead."

Regina was staring down at the ground, barely listening to her two friends and trusted royals argue over whose idea was better than the other, when she saw something running across the field towards her castle. It took her a split second to recognize it was Red, and without warning Regina was gone.

Red was naked by the time she got down there, naked and covered in blood, it was unknown as to whether it be her own or someone else's, but regardless, she looked filthy. However; the Evil Queen ignored all of this, "Red, where are the others? Is it over?"

Red shook her head, still panting. "N-no! The fight...they were expecting us. Emma sent me back...she only said to me, Plan B, what in the hell is Plan B, Regina?"

Regina sucked in a large amount of breath and her face hardened, "It means I have to go and visit an old friend. Go back, I'll send Lancelot and two ground units."

Red looked as if she were about to question Regina more about this 'Plan B', but the Evil Queen was gone yet again. "For a pregnant woman...she sure does move quickly." Red said to apparently nobody but herself, then shifted back and ran back towards the battle.


The warrior had Emma locked in a reverse headlock and was repeatedly softening her torso with his massive fists. He then swung low and delivered a severe uppercut that connected with Emma's chin, sending her flying once again. She landed with a hard thud on her back, sending those nails deeper into her skin and knocking the air from her lungs. She was having no leeway in this fight, but she refused to be defeated. Emma rolled onto her right side, and saw her sword lying by the fire. She scrambled to her knees and leaped for it, just as she felt the tips of her fingers brush the leather wrapping of the hilt a large hand grabbed her by the collar. Emma pulled out a small silver blade and reached back to stab him. Judging by his cry, she hit her mark. It was the 2 second break that she desperately needed to regroup. She had just enough time and leaned forward to grab her sword. Emma brought her legs from beneath her into a sitting position. That unrelenting bastard was choking her with her own collar, but given her position beneath his crouching form that was hovering over hers, his neck was unprotected. Perfect! She saw her opportunity. Emma flipped her blade and drove it right through his skull and pulled it free by yanking it forward, and the end results landed right on her.

Emma planted her feet firmly on the ground and pushed back against his body before it could topple over and possibly break her in half. She was half-lying on top of him, and half on the dirty ground, trying to catch her breath and get the blood out of her eyes to stop the stinging. Emma would have loved nothing more than to just lay there for a very long while, but she knew the mission was not yet complete.

Like the true Champion that she was, Emma was immediately back on her feet and put her sword on her back as she collected her blades and any weapons he still had on his person, from the creatures body. She spit on his corpse then stopped in her tracks. Standing at the tree line in front of the trail that Robin Hood and the others escaped, were a dozen more of these men-like creatures. There was rustling in the bushes behind her and she turned her body slightly, keeping one eye on them and the other on the bushes. She was relieved to see Pocahontas and Red burst through, followed by Lancelot and two ground units, heavily armed on horses and ready for battle.

Lancelot ran over to her and threw her arm over his shoulder, "You look like shit Champion, I guess we were both wrong about this situation, huh?"

Emma nodded, patting his plated stomach. "Yes, and I apologize for not listening."

"Me too. I brought Apache, and your boy is most definitely ready for a fight."

Emma smiled, "Good. I'm ready to kill two worthless little humans and a fucking annoying fairy. Be wary of these creatures Lt, they may look like a man...but they possess not only magic, but the strength of a demon. Destroy them by removing their heads."

Just then, one of the creatures let out a massive battle cry and they charged. Emma quickly removed her arm as Lancelot drew his sword and yelled for them to attack.

Emma approached Red and Pocahontas who looked like they'd been through hell and back. Pocahontas glanced at the wolf, still plucking leaves and twigs from her hair. "The wolf is alright in my books now."

Emma simply smirked and a soldier stepped forward and handed Emma the reigns to her horse, she thanked him and climbed on, watching him run into the battle with his own weapon at the low ready. She saw that Pocahontas climbed onto her a horse as well, "You're riding with me?"

"We both are."

Emma nodded. "We must ride hard and fast, they have a head start."

Pocahontas nodded, "Then let's ride."


Despite Emma's aching back or the stabbing pain from both sides of her rib cage she still rode Apache like she's never ridden him before. The young horse was pumping so much power, his hooves had disappeared and it was as if he and Emma were ghosts from a scary story that parents told their children to keep them from sneaking out at night.

Red barked several times and she picked up the pace with Pocahontas right behind her, Henry's scent was getting stronger. The trio found themselves split up as the trees became thicker and the vines became thicker as if they were just waiting for someone to hang themselves. Pocahontas was the first to break free of the dreadful forest and was mildly surprised to see that they were now running across plain fields with small hills. She saw a small light in the distance, and couldn't make out what it was. Emma; however, saw exactly what it was. They had successfully made it, and were already inside the barn. The realization was disturbing, but she refused to fail. Her Queen and child were depending on her to come home safely. Yet, she knew it wouldn't be long until that annoying Blue Gnat discovered how to uncover Snow White's coffin.

"How far?" Pocahontas yelled

"An hour, hour and a half." Emma growled.

"Can you use magic to get us there faster?"

Emma had some energy left, she reached out and grabbed the Captain's arm.


The Blue Fairy had just broken the code to Regina's impressive concealing spell. In a matter of seconds, the mirage of hay glimmered away, revealing her dear friend trapped in a glass coffin. If it weren't for her breathing, they all would have believed that she was truly dead.

Will Scarlet frowned, "She ain't dead is she?"

Henry pushed his way between the Merry Men , and pressed his face against the glass to stare at his mother. "She's alive! She's alive! My mom is alive!"

"Too bad you're all about to be dead very soon."

They all turned and saw the Dark Knight and the Captain of the dark army standing there with their sword and bow drawn. Robin smirked as two of his own men covered the barn's entrance with their bows and arrows. "So, I see that you have survived our little surprise...but just barely."

Pocahontas smirked, "It was a nice surprise, but we're still alive so it wasn't that good."

"You might as well turn around, we've won already. We found Snow White and we have an army waiting for her command." he said with an air of cockiness, believing that they really had defeated the Dark Kingdom this time…

Emma's eyes narrowed, "Over my dead body."

Will grinned, "You'll be dead soon Champion, don't you worry. Maybe I'll show that Queen of yours what a real man can do, huh?"

Emma's eyes narrowed, "What?"

"She is a bit of a whore I heard...she might like it don't ya think? I mean, she is shagging you isn't she? And I've never had a pregnant woman between the sheets before. I'll enjoy it."

Emma's grip on her sword tightened, "You're going to regret ever saying that Will Scarlet!" she took a step forward, and Will met her head on. Pocahontas quickly rolled out of the way of the incoming arrows and took out the two amateurs standing at the entrance of the barn. As she rolled behind the hay, she found herself face to face with two of the Merry Men.

She stood up straight to her full height, "How many of you fuckers are there!?"The oldest one, who was still young in Pocahontas' eyes, grabbed his crotch and licked his dry lips. "There's a lot of us might as well give it up." then he laughed and nudged his buddy, "Hey get it...give it—unnh!"

Pocahontas had jammed the sharp end of her bow right into his groin and kicked him in his chest so hard, his heart stopped beating—as if the groin shot wouldn't have killed him anyway. The other boy swung and Pocahontas leaned back, but he still clipped her chin. She caught his outstretched arm and brought it down on her upcoming knee. He screamed in agony as his humerus snapped with a sickening sound and tore clean through his skin. Pocahontas spun him around with his now limp arm, she wrapped her forearm around his throat and drove her knee into the center of his spine until she was absolutely sure that he would never walk again.

Meanwhile; Emma was taking on Robin Hood and Will Scarlet with nothing but pure adrenaline, she was knocked to the ground as a foot caught her legs. Will slammed his own foot down onto her stomach, laughing with triumph. "Some Dark Knight. She's probably just the Evil Bitch's, personal whore."

Emma smirked and tapped the heel of her boot on the ground and a shiny blade popped out at the toe from the sole. She twisted under his foot, making him stumble and lose his balance, and drove the blade into Robin's right calf muscle and purposely broke it off. He cried out and tried to stomp her, but she quickly rolled out of the way again, and agilely got to her knees.

Emma managed to get a hold of her fallen sword with her left hand and thrust it backward towards Robin. The black blade penetrated his midsection and projected through his back, spraying blood on Will's face as he struggled to get to his feet to save his friend, his brother. Pulling her cutlass forcefully from Robin's body, Emma spun around to her feet and brought her deadly weapon down on Will's neck and partially severed his head from his body. Emma yanked her sword away and waited until he was back on his knees, looking up at her with hate-filled eyes. His lips were trembling but not with fear, he was trying to speak, but was unable to.

"Who's the bitch now?"

She chuckled and kicked his head off, and watched it roll behind the stacks of hay. She looked around to see if there were more bodies for her to beat up, but it seemed as if Pocahontas had taken care of them all. Suddenly, Red came running through the doors wearing...dead men's clothing.

"What? I didn't feel like walking around naked all night."

"Not like either of us wanted to see that either." Pocahontas chimed in as she tossed aside a severed head of her own, as if it were nothing. "So what's next?"

"Well, we kill those two." Red stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Ah ah, his heart belongs to me. You promised Emma." Leave it to Peter Pan to appear out of thin air after the fight.

Peter Pan looked smug as ever, Emma rolled her eyes. "Nice of you to show up."

"I said that I will be watching from a location closeby, never said I'd fight.…So, where's the boy?"

"Over there." Red pointed behind him, where the Blue Fairy was struggling to lift the glass lid of Snow White's casket, while Henry was cowering behind it. He was so pale and so terrified he even peed himself. He had just witnessed the deaths of the only people who were good like his mother, he knew his life was also most likely coming to an end just as theirs did.

The Blue Fairy stopped what she was doing and stood on top of the casket in a protective stance in front Henry as Emma and Red approached. Emma picked up the fairy by her wings roughly, and she brought her to eye level. "What happens if you clip a fairies wings, Red?"

The wolf shrugged, with a sharp grin. "I don't know, let's find out."

"Red...what happened to you?" the Blue Fairy cried, tears rolling down her cheeks. "What has the Evil Queen done to you? This is not you Red, you have to fight it!"

Emma shook the fairy that was dangling between her fingers in amusement, "What? This is who she is you little bug. We just helped her become who she was meant to-argh!" Emma released the Blue Fairy and rubbed her eyes. The fairy had thrown a sizable amount of fairy dust into Emma's eyes. It was enough to blind a regular, non-magical human being. Emma stumbled over a body and knocked the case over, falling to the ground with it. Red snatched the Blue Fairy out of the air just as she screamed at Henry to wake his mother up. The wolf ripped both of the Blue Fairy's wings from her back like it was paper and dropped her on the ground.

Peter Pan used the shadows to get to Henry, but he missed grabbing the boy by inches as he dropped to his knees on the glass, and kissed his mother's forehead. The force of the light magic that emanated from the two knocked everyone off of their feet, and shook the entire Enchanted Forest.


Red had pulled Emma from the glass and got her away from Snow White who was slowly coming to. Pocahontas helped the wolf with their red eyed Dark Knight, it was obvious Emma's eyes weren't 100 percent, but at least she could still see. They heard more shouts outside, and horses running around the barn. Apache came inside the barn, he had dried blood on his hooves and Emma was a bit curious about that. He stood next to them, tall and proud. Robin Hood, who was holding his stomach tightly, was now leaning against a pillar. He looked pale, but not deathly pale...not like Emma wanted him to be, though his lips were stained red with his blood, so she may have hit something serious.

"I told you, we've won. Evil will never win, you should know that by now..."

"Red?" Snow White whispered hoarsely as she stood on unsteady legs, her throat painfully dry. She pushed her son behind her, but kept him close. "What has she done to you?"

"Gave me a place to call home without being judged everywhere I go. Taught me how to be at peace with my soul...and how to live."

"Terrorizing innocent people is not living Red, how could you let yourself fall so low?" Snow argued with her long time friend, still unable to grasp that she was not the wolf she had left behind. "So much as changed since I've been gone...but where is my husband?"

Robin looked away, cold gaze on Emma. "Ask your daughter."

Emma's adrenaline was wearing off and she was becoming aware of the brutal paces that her body had been put through. Red felt her body getting heavier, but she was more than capable of supporting both of their weights, but by the sounds of things outside...there was another fight about to happen, and Emma was out of magic to get them out of there...let alone assist with the fight, the Wolf and the Captain knew they were outnumbered and this was beginning to look like the end for them.

The blonde sniffed arrogantly, and laughed. "Last time I saw the shepherd...he was chopping wood in the middle of the storm after running away the night of the raid with that brat of yours. I tracked him down and jumped him...He couldn't fight for shit, and I cut his head off...I made that piss ant behind you work for his life."

Snow White shook her head, tears threatening to spill. "You're no daughter of mine. You never were, and you never will be. I should've gotten rid of you when I had the chance. I never should have kept you."

Emma scoffed albeit painfully, Snow White's words seemingly bouncing off her skin. "You're head is going to look real nice in my collection room, the one I share with Regina. Sitting on the wall between the Huntsman's...and your husband's, Mulan's was up there...but I dropped it in the fireplace."

Robin snarled, eyes fluttering as he struggled to stay conscious-determind to see this through. "Enough of this talk, you three die right now! Merry Men attack!"

More than two dozen men came running in with various weapons, shouting obscene things at the Dark Kingdoms soldiers. Red tightened her grip on Emma, bracing them for impact. Although Pocahontas had no more arrows, her compact bow would make a fine weapon. Just as the first male reached the trio and Apache reared back on his hind legs to stomp him...time seemed to slow down to a complete stop. Everything and everyone had ceased to move except for the Dark Kingdom's soldiers and Snow White.

There was a woman standing between them, dressed with brown hair pinned elegantly on the top of her head, she wore a long black, heavily threaded cape, with silver buckles in the front, with black gloves. Her lips were as red as apples and her eyes...her eyes were brown, filled with wisdom, time and amusement.

She turned and Snow White gasped, nearly taking a step back and knocking over her son who was frozen in time. "Cora?" Red and Pocahontas' eyes widened with surprise and horror.

"Snow! I see you've grown out your hair, it looks...nice."

Snow was about to speak but the older Mills waved her hand and Snow White became a victim of time freeze.

Suddenly the name clicked in Emma's foggy brain, "Cora? As in Regina's mother Cora? Holy hell, what the hell are you doing here?"

Cora turned and eyed the blonde carefully, as if she were appraising her. Emma pulled away from the wolf and stood on her own two feet, taking a tentative step forward, not because she was scared of the woman, but she wasn't sure how steady her legs were anymore. Cora simply smirked, "You're much better than that damned stable boy my daughter tried to run away with. You have more...bravado than he did, and you're just like her. Perfect match."

"You've been watching us?" Emma asked warily, not sure if she wanted the answer.

"From time to time yes, I just wanted to make sure my daughter wasn't settling for an imbecile."

Pocahontas snorted, "She has her days."

Emma rolled her eyes but ignored her friend, "Doesn't explain why you're here...right now. No offense! But you just don't seem the type to 'pop in' and save people."

Cora came closer to Emma, pleased when the blonde showed no fear. She was positive Regina told her how powerful she was, as if stopping time wasn't the perfect example. "I want to make amends with my daughter, and be in my grandchild's life."

"Saved by the in-law, way to go Swan."

"Yeah, yeah...just get us home please."

Cora crossed her arms and a large cloud of smoke surrounded the group, including Apache. The smoke was similar to Regina's but a tad lighter and smelled different. Emma just hoped Regina wouldn't blow her lid when she sees her mother...but the blonde knew that was just wishful thinking.


Deleted Scene (LOL)

"How are you dear?" Maleficent eyed her friend with a smile as she moved in front of her roaring fireplace, making her way to the chair that was a small table away from Regina's.

"I'm doing fine."

Maleficent poured herself some wine, her scepter held firmly in her other hand. "Are you? Your Dark Knight has failed you tonight. If it were me I'd be simply tortured, knowing that Snow White is awake and probably looking for your head on a silver platter." Maleficent sat down, unaware how Regina was looking at her. Belle shifted uncomfortably by the door.

Regina sighed, running her hand over her suede covered stomach. "One minor problem, nothing I cannot fix."

"I remember when Snow White ruined everything for you, and at the very same age you were...she married and found her happiness!" Maleficent giggled as if it were a funny thought that just passed through her mind, "Now her daughter is the same age as you both were in those days, and you've corrupted her. Strange coincidence it seems doesn't it?"

"Yes, also the same age you were when that Sleeping Beauty got the best of you, my dear Maleficent."

Maleficent lowered her goblet to the table, glaring back at Regina. "I soldiered on...though not many can say they've had the strength to do that, wouldn't you say Regina?"

"Enough games!" Regina snapped, her tone taking full authority. She was done with this conversation. "You know why I'm here...I need my curse back."

"It's not yours anymore." Maleficent smirked, "A deal's a deal. I traded you my sleeping curse."

"Which failed. Undone by a simple kiss." Regina sneered, unimpressed. Her brown eyes slid over to Maleficent's scepter, "Now please. Return what's mine."

"The dark curse? Really? You must know that not even its unholy power can protect you from your fate. Have you considered going into hiding?"

Regina's glare hardened, and she leaned forward. "I need that curse. I know you keep it hidden in the orb above your staff."

"Hidden for the good of all, old friend. Whoever created that monstrosity makes the two us look positively...moral." Regina raised a brow, making a sound close to a short chuckle. She leaned back in her chair, coming up with ways to take the curse from Maleficent if she wouldn't hand it over. "Who did give it to you?"

Regina stood, magic dancing at her finger tips. "Where I got it is none of your concern. Hand it back!"

"Must we do this?"

"Alas we must." Regina drew the fire from the fireplace and Belle knew right then and there Emma was going to kill her for letting Regina get involved in a magical fight with one of the most powerful witches in the Enchanted Forest.