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Dark As Knight

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Emma woke up to whimpering, and felt the bed bouncing every few minutes. Emma blinked a few times thinking that she and Regina had overslept, but after a moment she realized it was still dark, and figured that Regina was just having a hard time getting comfortable.

Emma wasn't going to agitate her lover anymore than she probably already was so she closed her eyes and tried to allow sleep to take her back to the land of peace, but Regina's whimpering as she tossed and turned, weren't doing anything but waking her up more than she wanted to be. Emma rolled over and sat up on her elbows.

"Regina? What's wrong, Beautiful?"

She got a nearly feral growl in return as frustrated and tired brown eyes met her own, "You breathing."

"Uh, what did I do this time?"

"You did this to me! I'm so grotesquely obese that I can't even roll over, look at me! And my nipples are aching right now, and it's hot, and you're breathing so god-damned loud it's hard to hear myself think!"

Emma wisely chose not to respond to anything, she knew her pregnant wife was just tired and frustrated. The blonde pushed aside the thin sheets and got out of the bed—she went toward the balcony doors stark naked and pushed the doors open. The breeze immediately swept into the room, cooling off herself and most importantly Regina; who was now slumping against the horde of pillows with a content look on her face but she still looked tense. Emma waved her hand towards the fire place and the dying fire came back roaring to life and brightening their bedchambers somewhat.

Regina watched her blonde knight curiously as she went into their shared bathroom, "What are you doing Emma? Come back to bed!"

She didn't get an answer, it was as if Emma was suddenly mute. She emerged from their bathroom suite a few minutes later with goblet filled with cold water. Regina took the tumbler warily, wondering if she might have pushed Emma a bit too far, but the blonde looked far from upset; she seemed amused as she watched Regina drink the water intently. If Regina didn't know any better, she would've suspected that Emma poisoned her drink. When she was finished she handed the cup back and Emma set it aside on the nightstand by one of Regina's books.

Emma quietly pulled back the sheets, revealing Regina's naked and very pregnant body. To Emma Regina was just as beautiful as she was before she was pregnant, maybe even a little more now. Regina's glow is what kept Emma calm whenever her lover went on a tantrum or became this monster towards her, because she knew that the brunette didn't even know what she was doing most of the time, and apologized after—then blamed Emma for causing her episode.

Emma climbed onto the bed, sitting at Regina's feet and pulled them into her lap. Curiously, Regina watching her lover's strong, pale hands gently knead her sore feet; and she admitted that it felt nice. Calloused hands made their way along her bare leg, still being gentle as possible—but despite the loving tenderness Regina felt the blonde's tension.

"Emma, what are you doing?"

Still the blonde remained silent and it was both worrying and annoying Regina, though she knew that Emma would never hurt her. Emma's impromptu massage had the Dark Queen completely relaxed against the pillows as she reached her sore breasts, particularly her nipples, that she constantly complained about. Propping herself up to the right of Regina, Emma took the first hard nipple into her mouth without warning. The Evil Queen's eyes shot open before they closed again, Emma's wet mouth felt like heaven around her seriously inflamed breasts. It seemed as if the blonde was trying to swallow her entire breast into her mouth as her other hand fondled the other. It's been weeks since Regina allowed Emma to touch her sexually and she was regretting it now because she sounded like a virgin in heat, and the blonde hadn't even touched her womanhood yet. Regina reached down past her smooth round belly and ran her fingers through her slick folds and her other hand grasped the back of the blondes head; pulling her closer to her chest.

Emma pulled her mouth away with a 'pop' and reached up to kiss her lover. The Dark Queen accepted her Dark Knights kiss, it was soft and caring for a moment before Emma pressed her body against Regina's and their kiss began to escalate. Regina moaned into her loves mouth, feeling Emma's naked body against her own and her hard eight inch penis pressing against her thigh had her mind and body craving her touch more than ever, but with her belly Regina wasn't leading the dance, Emma was.

Emma broke their kiss, teeth pulling at Regina's full bottom lip. The Evil Queen brought her fingers from between her legs and rubbed them over Emma's pink lips until the blonde grabbed her wrists and licked her fingers clean, both moaning in need. Emma rolled away from Regina and stood once again, tall and proud and extremely excited. Emma reached forward and grabbed Regina by her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed roughly, but carefully. She placed the brunette's legs over her shoulders as she knelt between her open legs. Emma buried her face in Regina's dripping and aching pussy, licking and sucking vigorously. Emma wrapped her arms firmly around tanned thighs as she ran her tongue up and down Regina's then inside of her as far is it would go, savoring the heady scent of her arousal and taste. Regina's hands were holding blonde locks tightly as her hips began moving against Emma's face. Within moments, Regina's creamy come was down Emma's throat, but the blonde didn't stop; she continued to make Regina come until the monarch couldn't take anymore and pushed her head away.

Emma stood slowly with Regina's feet now pressed against her shoulders, her face glistening. She watched Regina's chest rise and fall as she tried to catch her breath. Emma set her right foot on the bed tucked into Regina's side and dropped the woman's leg onto her thigh just as she slid all eight inches of pure hard muscle into her lover. Regina instinctively grabbed Emma's leg and dug her claws into the blonde's calf muscle.

"I missed being inside of you like this." Emma eased her hips back, then forward before she slipped out. She did this several times, enjoying Regina's incoherent moans. Emma set an agonizingly slow pace, going deep and strong each thrust. Emma knew Regina didn't want it slow, she could see it in her beautiful brown eyes and her body seemed to be pulsing with need, but she was so hot, so wet...and so tight; Emma wanted the feeling to last all night. She even ignored the fact that Regina broke skin on her leg as she silently begged her to fuck her like she meant it.

"If you don't fuck me, I'll find someone else who will!" Regina growled in frustration, trying to raise her hips to meet Emma's, to force her to go faster.

Emma's lips twitched, green eyes looking down at the brunette with her head tilted to the side. "Oh I'm sure there are plenty in line to have their fill of the Evil Queen, but they won't please you the way I can. They don't have the power of darkness inside them that I have. They can't give you what. I. Can." Emma accentuated each word with a hard thrust, and she kept going and going. Emma felt Regina's body convulse continuously and Emma was struggling to keep her primal stride going as she was starting to hurt from the strain.

Regina, who was completely satisfied, regarded the blonde whose body was sheltered with sweat that glistened under the light provided by the fire. "I want you to come inside of me."

It took half a minute for Emma's euphoria to overwhelm her and she exploded into the depths of Regina's sex. She pushed until she could go no more, thick strands of hot come shot out of her. It felt as if she were emptying everything she had left into the woman she loved.

Neither said anything for a while, both simply trying to catch their breaths. Finally Emma lowered her leg back to the floor and she took a step back. "Turn over."

Regina's eyes shot open, she was sure Emma was finished after that. "What?"

"Get on your hands and knees. I'm not done with you yet."

Regina glanced down Emma's toned body and saw that her member was still rigid and covered in their combined come. As quickly as she could, she scooted back towards the horde of pillows and got on her knees and rested her upper body on the pillows comfortably. Her backside was completely exposed—she felt hands on her ass pulling her down, and Regina groaned loudly as soon as her nether lips felt Emma's firm tongue part her slick folds. Regina rolled her hips down and Emma gave her what she wanted. Hands splayed across the Dark Queens lower back, Emma raised her head a bit and sucked her clit into her mouth.

"There...just like that!" Regina rasped, rolling her hips harder until she came. Emma wouldn't let up even as Regina tried to get away. Emma had her way with the brunette until she was tired, and that was well into the wee hours of the next morning.


Unsurprisingly, Emma was awake before Regina and she was tired. It was still early in the morning but the sun was rising. Emma pushed aside the covers and climbed out of bed and went to use the bathroom. When she came back out she saw that Regina was awake and sitting back against her pillows, rubbing her bare stomach.

"Sorry, did I wake you?"

Regina shook her head, smiling softly. "No dear, my mind is just a little busy at the moment."

"Want to talk about it?" Emma shrugged on a robe and sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing the top of Regina's thigh through the sheets. "I may be able to help."

Regina was quiet for a moment, thinking of a way to approach the topic without offending the blonde. Though Regina knew that it would be best if she didn't play around it, it would only serve to irritate Emma. "How did Snow and Charming know that you were a girl?"

Regina winced when she physically and mentally felt Emma withdraw from her. Her green eyes dropped down to Regina's extended belly and she sighed, looking away. "I'm not too sure. Though I remember when I was young and asked...Snow mentioned the Blue Fairy helped."

The Evil Queen rolled her eyes, "Of course, the Blue Fairy" Regina spat the fairies name as if it were poison, "I should have known, but how did they know you were not a little boy but a little girl?"

Emma knew Regina was asking because there was a chance that their child could be a little girl and inherit her unique gene, but she hated talking about it—because she wasn't even sure herself, her mother never really answered it for her when she asked. It saddened Emma that she had no real answer to give herself or Regina. "That's a question only two people can answer...the Blue Fairy and Snow White."

Regina sighed, shoulders slumping. "Of course."

"The Blue Fairy used magic why can't we?"

"The Blue Fairy used light magic. There isn't any light magic on these lands anymore—at least not pure light magic. Light magic provides blessings...Dark magic provides curses."

Emma shrugged, not understanding why Regina was so against using dark magic to figure out the aura of their child. "I understand the differences between light and dark magic, but I am not understanding what you're afraid of?"

"Our baby may have been created out of Dark True Love, but there's a chance that she...won't possess darkness like we do...what if our child is innocent and we use dark magic, and taint her perfect little heart?"

"We can't guarantee that. We can't guarantee any of that. But I think you're overreacting because you're scared."

Regina scoffed and waved off Emma's comment immediately, "I am not scared! Lady Swan. I am concerned. I know what your parents put you through and I do not want to go down the same path."

Emma's eyes narrowed but she understood the brunette perfectly, "Well, we won't. Snow and Charming knew I was a girl—yes, and they treated me as such. But they also decided to ignore the fact that part of my body was man. They refused to acknowledge my needs and wants. Hence their current situations. Dead and comatose. Regina..." Emma reached out and took one of Regina's hands, intertwining their fingers over her stomach, feeling the flutter of magic beneath her skin. "We aren't going to do that."

"But Emma what if we make a mistake!" she hissed worriedly, "What if we are completely wrong and our child grows up to hate us because of it—or is too scared to tell us we were wrong and-"

Emma's eyes widened as she shook her head. She quickly leaned forward and silenced Regina with a chaste kiss. "Regina! If he turns out to be a she, then our child will tell us. You and I are having a child together Regina, I don't think scared is part of their gene pool." Emma tried to smile but Regina simply wasn't having it, so Emma sighed and tried a different approach. "Regina, take it from someone who knows what to look for...if our child happens to be the opposite gender than what we assumed, at least one of us can spot it and help. But until that happens...we just have to be the best parents we can possibly be."

"I don't want to be the best we can be!" Regina hissed mockingly, eyes narrowed as her hormonal rage began to rear it's ugly head. "I want to be the perfect mother, and not knowing my baby's gender is a bad start! Why are you not concerned about this Emma?!"

The blonde sputtered. "Regina! I'm the epitome of gender confusion and neglect from parents who chose to ignore who and what I truly was, they chose to ignore what I wanted and what I needed. I needed love from them, and I needed understanding, and support. But you know what I got? Dresses and scolding for not being the perfect young lady. " Emma spat mockingly as she got to her feet. "And right now, you're about to do the same thing to our child that Snow and Charming did to me. You just don't know it yet, but I know it." Emma snapped her fingers and she was no longer wearing her robe but her Dark Knight Armour.

Regina knew she had hit a nerve and the blonde was getting ready to bolt, "Emma-"

"But I mean, yes...they got my gender right, though. But that's in thanks to the Blue Fairy. I am a woman, but I'm tomboy at heart. Though for a time... I was groomed into who they wanted me to be. I was the perfect princess for the White Kingdom. I had all the dresses and the beautiful blonde hair and green eyes. I learned tea time when I wanted to play with a sword. I learned how to match slippers and dresses when I wanted to be shining my own armor. I learned how to stay clean 8 hours a day when I wanted to be rolling in the mud and falling out of trees. I didn't grow into myself until I went missing for five years. Is that what you want for our kid? To make them miserable? Because it sure as hell seems like Deja Vu to me."

"Emma I didn't-"

"It may not be light magic Regina—but we do have a blessing...and if you taint that with your own ignorance, then you're no better than Snow White." Emma disappeared in a cloud of black smoke, leaving a regretful Regina alone in their bedchambers.


Emma walked into Apache's stable, smiling when the intelligent animal seemed to suddenly spring to life when he laid eyes on her. Emma pushed down her hood and shooed away the stable boys, and them seemed very eager to get away as quickly as possible. Emma patted the side of his neck, "You and I are going to go see an old friend of mine. It's quite the journey, you up for it?"

Apache huffed, seeming offended that she even asked. Laughing, Emma saddled him up and led him out of the stables. The sun was now higher in the sky, casting a beautiful orange glow across the pastures. Emma mounted her loyal steed but before she left, she glanced back at the Dark Kingdom, sighing. She wasn't angry with Regina in particular—she was mostly angry at the memory of her parents, of the controlling torture she had to endure. She knew that Regina would never force their child into situations that would them uncomfortable or ignore their special needs—if it came down to it—but Emma's repressed memories and emotions were starting to surface and she needed to get away for a while.

Turning away from the kingdom, she dug her heels into Apaches side and they quietly escaped the confines of the Dark Kingdom.


Pocahontas walked into the Throne Room with her head held high despite her wildly beating heart. Regina sat on her throne looking as regal as ever and glowing brighter than she has in several weeks. She looked beautiful and terrifying all at once. Pocahontas stopped at the foot of the steps that led to Regina's throne and bowed.

"Good morning, Your Highness." Pocahontas stood straight and at attention, least she get yelled at for slouching.

"Good morning Captain. Have you seen my champion this beautiful morning?"

Pocahontas shook her head, "No Majesty I have not. But I've been hearing through the grapevine that the Dark Champion had visited the stables at sunrise and rode off with her steed."

"Right." Regina's lips tightened and she looked off to the side with a peculiar look that most never wanted to be on the receiving end of.

"Is there something wrong Majesty?"

"Not at all dear. In the absence of my Dark Knight, you will hand your duties to Lt. Lancelot and you will temporarily stand by my side until Lady Swan returns."

Pocahontas blinked and swallowed her nerves, her? Alone with the Evil Queen until Emma returned? Until who knows when? "Of course Your Highness, it'll be my honor. I shall be back momentarily." Pocahontas bowed and turned to leave.

"Where do you think you're going? Send a messenger Captain, are you daft? You are not to leave my side until the Dark Knight comes back."

"Of course Your Highness, my mistake." my mistake was saying yes. Pocahontas called for a messenger then gave him a few schillings and sent him away. She positioned herself to the left of Regina's throne and tried not to think about the rest of her day. "If I may Your High-"

"You may stand there quietly Captain."

Pocahontas simply nodded and cursed Emma in her head, she cursed her straight to hell. She just hoped court wouldn't drag on but with her luck, it would.


It was lunch time by the time Emma decided to give Apache a break—though they were already at their destination. She hadn't been to this place in what felt like years. Despite the summer sun, this place had an air of eeriness and she could feel the temperature drop as she and Apache slowly walked towards the fog that seemed to be alive and waiting for them. Emma slid off her companion and led him through by his reigns. The ground was as soft and alive as she last remembered it, the soil was so black it looked like hot tar but it smelled so rich, and so natural. The mountains were still as big and intimidating as she remembered them to be and the town never changed. It was still run down and empty.

Emma saw the familiar blacksmiths shop that had smoke coming from its chimney. She made her way across the muddy ground and tied Apaches reigns to the hitching post. She could hear the familiar rhythmic clanking of Rulf's heavy hammer beating down on hot iron. Suddenly it stopped and Emma knew that he felt her presence, and unlike the first time they met— Rulf came to her. He still looked the same, his eyes were still blacker than night and his hair was still silver and in a tight ponytail behind his head and he still carried around his hammer. Neither of them said anything, Rulf's dark shiny eyes were taking Emma in. Taking in her new armor, the hardness in her eyes—the wisdom...the turmoil.

"Yer lookin' good." he finally spoke, "And ya been busy..." he made his way down the rickety old steps but they weren't so old that they couldn't support his massive weight. "But yer troubled ain't ya?"

Emma nodded, "Yes. I just decided to come home. Uh, how have you been old man?"

Rulf simply stared at her for a few more moments—it was a look that used to unnerve Emma but she was used to it. He wasn't a very social being. "How long ya plannin' on stayin' round here?"

Emma shrugged, not at all bothered her deflected her question. "I don't know..." Emma rubbed the side of her neck. "Until my mind settles again I suppose."

"Hm. Yer gettin' weak."


Rulf tilted his head to the side as he dropped his hammer onto the last step. Apache bristled when Rulf roughly took Emma's face in his calloused hands but Emma held her ground. "Yer been usin' magic to heal ya'self...only the weak use magic fer healin...only the weak get hit!" he spat and pushed her back. Emma lost her balance and fell flat on her ass, but she made no move to get back to her feet. She felt like that scared little girl again, but she recognized her anger for what it was now—and her shame. Rulf was right... Emma had become weak...she had become civilized. All the scars she had proved nothing if she couldn't handle new ones, if she couldn't cope with a few more here and there.

Emma looked back up at her mentor, the man she had come to see as a father figure—but not quite so fatherly. "I would've lost my leg."

Rulf's beady black eyes narrowed and she could see the rage in them. "Ya deserved it if ya let em get so close to ya! Have you learned nothin'?!" he roared down at her, his massive frame looming over her fallen one and Emma lowered her gaze to the ground, she could feel it's raw power beneath her. She could feel the roots beneath the soil licking at her bare flesh.

"I'm sorry, I lost part of myself...and I'm sorry."

Rulf reached down and pulled Emma to her feet with ease, and steadied her. "Ya lost part of yer self long ago lass...ya became strong, but now yer weak...but not as weak as ya were. But yer troubled too ain't ya? That's why ya here?"

"Just a tad...I just have a lot of things a lot of things on my mind these days Rulf."

"Yer scared."


Rulf stared down at Emma a while longer, he took her face in his rough over used hands and began turning her face this way and that way. "Yer scared of parenthood...yer scared of bein' like yer parents. Yer scared of failin' ya offspring."

"H-how...but, what?" she wasn't all that bothered by his need to physically touch her and push her around, it was his way of showing that he cared—deep down inside, it was just another way of him communicating with her.

"I can see it in yer eyes...ya fear. It's a sickness...its plagued yer mind since ya found yer Dark True Love. Since ya Evil Queen became with-child."

Emma looked down, "How do I get over this sickness?"

"Ya don't." With that he turned, picked up his hammer and went back into his blacksmith shop, leaving Emma and Apache outside—confused. All that huff and his only answer was to shrug. They didn't get it. Emma sighed, shaking her head. She had to figure out how to get over her own fear of failing before going back to Regina. She turned and walked across the path to the saloon.


Emma walked into the saloon slowly and looking around, it all looked the same as she had last left it—smelled just as bad too. She approached the bar and pulled down a stool and sat down. She wiped the counter with her hand and her nose was tickled with the amount of dust that began floating around. She laid her head down on her arms and tried to relax her mind before she got a headache.

"I would've never pegged you one for the slums...but looks can be deceiving."

Emma looked up and saw Peter Pan sitting on the counter in front of the liquor shelf looking smug and too puerile to be innocent. Emma sat up a little straighter. "What do you want Pan?"

Peter pretended to be offended by Emma's short tone, "Trouble in paradise? Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news Emma, but it's about to get worse."

Emma's eyebrows dropped in confusion, "What do you mean Pan?"

Peter leaned back against the wall, "That is going to cost you love...say the heart of the truest believer."

"I saved your life."

Peter shrugged, waving his hand loosely. "Yes, and now I'm here to return the favor."

"Yet you're here trying to negotiate the heart of some poor soul."

Peter leaned forward with a devilish smirk, green meeting green. "Oh believe me Emma, when I tell you what I'll be all for giving me his beating red heart."

"Tell me something Pan, why do you want his heart so badly?"

Peter leaned forward conspiratorially, "With the purest heart in the Enchanted Forest, anything is possible."

"Anything like?"

"No more light magic. Ever." Emma blinked in surprise, then she smiled.

"You have my undivided attention Pan."


The longer Emma stayed away and ignored her calling, the more irritated Regina became. She couldn't sit still and after the first two healers disappeared into the unknown when they tried to tell her to sit down, no one dared mention the Evil Queen to sit down and relax, not even Belle. Pocahontas was doing her very best to make sure her majesty kept hydrated and calm as she could be in her situation—and one question still remained, where the hell was their champion?

"Captain?" Regina suddenly stood, well as suddenly as she could in her state.

Pocahontas pushed aside her musings and gave her full attention to the Dark Queen. "Yes Your Majesty?"

"I'm going out for a while. You're relieved of your duties for the rest of the day."

Pocahontas' eyes widened comically, "Uh, ah...I don't think that is a wise idea Your Highness. I-"

"It's quite alright Captain, Emma's magic is calling to mine. I will be fine, inform Belle of my absence."

Before Pocahontas could get another word in, Regina was gone. Pocahontas bowed mockingly to the fading purple smoke and turned to leave the Evil Queens study to go find Belle.


Regina found herself standing in the middle of a very filthy and clearly abandoned saloon. It made her skin crawl. She saw Emma sitting at the bar, facing her leaning back on her elbows casually with her legs swinging back and forth feet barely touching the grimy wooden floor, her tight leather jeans hugging her toned legs perfectly. Despite Regina's clear irritation towards the blonde, she smiled at the sight of seeing her again. Regina walked up to Emma, and Emma met her halfway. Emma was going to say hello but she suddenly found herself looking at the entrance of the saloon and a stinging sensation left on the side of her face.

Emma chuckled and pulled Regina into a hug that was immediately returned. They both pulled back and stared into the others eyes. Neither women were going to apologize verbally but their emotions were in their eyes and they understood each other with needing words.

Emma sighed and stepped out of Regina's embrace to pull a chair from the table and set it down on the floor properly. She dusted it off with her hand, smiling sheepishly. Regina sat down and Emma pulled down another chair and sat down with across from Regina.

"Emma," Regina started, "You were right—about earlier."

The blonde made a show of being shocked and nearly falling out of the chair, "Wow. Who are you and what have you done with the real Regina?"

"Very funny dear."

"I think we'll be okay though...being parents. We've both had bad experiences growing up with overbearing parents, so I guess we know what to do...and what not to, right?"

"'re right—once again. I was just-"

"I know, you were just scared. I am too, but we have each other. So there's nothing to be afraid of. Besides...we highhandedly banished light magic from the Enchanted Forest, we are already awesome parents."

Regina sighed, and brushed some lint from the body of her dress. "Yes, if only we can destroy it then we would be the not only the strongest rulers of this world, and most feared...but our child will have everything they could possibly imagine."

Emma shifted in her chair, clearing her throat. "What if I told you I had a way?"

A delicate eyebrow arched, "A way to do what?"

"A way to destroy light magic. Forever."

Regina sneered, "How?"

"Before I tell you, I want you to meet someone." Emma stood and held out her hand, which the Evil Queen immediately took and was pulled to her feet with ease. "Two people, actually."


The Blue Fairy was standing in the middle of the map that was laid out on the table, a map of the entire Enchanted Forest. There were marks that were crossed out, places where they have looked and failed and marks that were circled, places where they had yet to look. The search for Snow White has been non-stop since the destruction of the White Kingdom. The rag tag group that represented good refused to believe that Snow White was dead. The Evil Queen paraded the Charming's head on a spear in front of her castle gates, she paraded Mulan's head right next to his before putting them away in her sick vault they all knew she cherished. If Snow White was dead...her head would've been on top of the Evil Queen's palace being picked at by the buzzards.

But the simple fact of the matter was... the Evil Queen and Snow White had too much animosity for Snow's death to be so...simple.

Robin Hood drank his ale and scratched his head, "I'm starting to lose hope Blue, perhaps Snow White truly is dead...we should just tuck tail and run before-"

"No!" Jiminy Cricket tapped his small umbrella on the edge of the worn wooden table, "We mustn't lose hope. We have to believe that Snow White is alive because in our hearts we know it to be true. We just have to look a harder."

"Yes." Blue fairy chimed in, transparent blue wings fluttering. "Have a little faith in little Henry, I know he will help us find Snow White."

Will Scarlet looked around the table, at everyone else that was brave enough to go against the Dark Queen's rule. "The Dark Queen and her puppets have taken everything from us. I think it's only fair that we return the favor."

Geppetto glanced at his son, Pinocchio who was standing next to his father. Geppetto nodded, "I believe that Prince Henry can lead us to Snow White, who in turn will help us defeat the Evil Queen. Evil never wins. Never."

"But with all the kingdoms in alliance with the Dark Kingdom, I don't see how good can beat evil anyway! Snow White won't even stand a chance with a strong army!" Robin all but shouted in frustration. "Your hope and faith won't win a war with the Evil Queen! We need an army, and bloody big one! Or else a lot of good men will die in vain."

A high pitch giggle erupted from the door way, "Perhaps I can be of assistance Dearie."

In a split second Rumpelstiltskin found himself staring down the wrong end of a few very sharpened arrows and swords from Robin Hood and his Merry Men. They stood around the table protectively but he merely smiled, he wasn't worried about them hurting him. No one could hurt the Dark One.

"What are you doing here Roach?" Robin frowned, looking down his arrow—arm shaking as he wanted to release it into the Dark One's chest, but he knew he wouldn't make it...and would evoke the Dark One's wraith upon them.

"I couldn't help but overhear you need an army to take down the Evil Queen. Just so happens, oh Robin Hood...I have an army!" he clapped his hands together in front of his chest, "An army that is much larger than the Evil Queens!"

The Blue Fairy flew around the merry men and hovered in the air between them and Rumpelstiltskin, "Why are you here Dark One? We don't make deals with evil!"

Rumpelstiltskin smirked, "Even if you had a sure way to take down the Evil Queen and restore the balance between good and evil?"

"Why do you care so much Dark One?" Robin asked suspiciously, "As far as we know, you're on her side."

"Oh I was Dearie..." Rumpelstiltskin's smirk turned into a small frown as his big eyes began to build with rage, "Until she stole from me. She took something that belonged to me, and no one steals from me without consequences."

"I don't believe him." Will Scarlet commented, and there were murmurs from the Merry Men that agreed.

"Say we do believe you want revenge on the evil bitch, what's in it for you?" Robin Hood asked, ignoring the Blue Fairy's glare.

"I get what is rightfully mine and move along Dearie. This is once in a lifetime offer, the Dark One doing something nice! Unheard of!" he jumped a little in excitement, laughing lightly. "You'd be a fool not to accept it...are you a fool Robin Hood?"

"No I am not. We accept."

"What?!" the Blue Fairy and several others in the over crowded cabin yelled, "Are you out of your mind Robin? Do you realize what you have just done?"

"Yes, I just ensured that we win against the Dark Queen." he lowered his bow and arrow and approached the Dark One who was doing a very poor job of hiding his smugness. "How do we call upon this army when we need it?"

Rumpelstiltskin twirled his fingers in the air and suddenly there was a handcrafted wooden whistle sitting in the palm of his scaly hand. "You simply blow this whistle, and you will have an army at your disposal. Blow it not in vain, it only works once."

"Where will you be when it happens?"

"I will be watching Dearie. I'm always watching." and he was gone, leaving the resistance in the cabin in shocked silence, minds still reeling about what just happened.

Robin curled his fist around the wooden whistle and sighed, keeping his back to the group. "It was for the best."

No one said anything. They didn't know what to say. They had an advantaged though for better or one was sure.